Learning Fair

To honor the God of potential and improvement, the priesthood of Acharon and Order of the Barbed Star (Chaos Knights) are sponsoring a festival of teaching and learning where the citizens of Aarandor can learn new skills, explore and receive lessons from teachers and experienced experts. Learn to dance, paint, wrestle or call on the lifewell! There's so much to experience in this world!


July 14, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Alethia Diagones Dunlain Katara Celenia Erotas Shamash(RIP) Nerivyre Caelia Rivek Gureylain Melindra Deoca Qahir Forwen Alakir



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Artisan's Round

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Belstrom stands on a small box and raises his voice to address the crowd, as vendors of fried food and bright ribbons wander about. "Welcome, one and all, to the Learning Fair! Many are here to share the great knowledge and skills they've been blessed with and I would encourage you to introduce yourself, and the skills you seek, as well as the ones you have to offer. Don't be shy--Lord Acharon encourages us all to expand our abilities, grow and develop, evolve and adapt. Blessings to you all! I will be announcing and introducing several of our experts in the next few moments, but don't feel the need to stand by silently. You are unbound from social expectations tonight. Meet a stranger. Learn something new. Glory to Acharon!"

Alethia immediately stands next to Celenia, once Belstrom stands on his box. Meeting strangers is evidently not her forte, so she picks the very last acquaintance made, since the Faenor wolf pup at her feet probably doesn't count either.

The little Head Scholar of the Ishtari comes in, carrying a few books. Diagones is bending over the books a little, with them gathered up in her arms. She spies a few people she knows and offers smiles, if not waves, with full arms. A small tree is following her, with her branches caught up in Diagones' hair. One of the branches keeps wrapping around Dia to reach for the books and Dia says, in a loud whisper, "Hush, Willow, don't make me drop these...."

Lyth, a tiny Tawny owl with black eyes arrives, following Caelia.

Belstrom gestures to the blindfolded elf nearby and introduces them. "This is Priest Katara Geminiel, and they are adept not only in the study of gods and the lifewell, but restoration, making bland jokes, telling people what to do and not running into things. All -very- useful skills, or so they tell me."

Dunlain enters in right as the announcement is made and proceeds towards one of the fried food vendors. He's decked out in full armor and Templar regalia, but he is able to fit fried meat on a stick through the opening.

"Especially not running into things," proclaims the blind priest. "Most useful life skill I've ever come across."

Celenia smiles to Alethia, before waving to Diagones. Then she smiles shyly before mentally bolstering herself and calling out from near Belstrom. "I can teach Empathy, Leadership, Mysticism, Propaganda, Restoration, or Theology to one person. I also am a mildly skilled teacher, and am looking for more instruction in that area. Diplomacy instruction would also be welcome."

Erotas comes strolling up. The old Kinlector seemed to be maybe recently up from a nap, hair mussed, toga wrinkled, and yawning wide.

Belstrom says, "The beauteous priestess of Aereth would like it known that she is not the descendant of a thief. I can vouch for her. Very honest except when asked if one seems tipsy."

Silence rules Shamash as he listens to the introductions and greetings, staring from one figure to the other in turn. He blinks once, twice, and then lifts his head, the heavy braids of his hair falling behind him. "I am Shamash Sedriel, priest of Rithor," he announces, raising his right hand and clutching the loop of beads and crystals wrapped around it. "And all the lessons of pain are mine to share. I can provide a training regimen to deaden the nerves, thicken the skin, and render one's mind proof against harm." The sheer extent of scar tissue that shows on every inch of exposed flesh is testament to that. "I have some skill in the ways of abjuration, as well."

Nerivyre brushes himself and walks up to Celenia. "Sister Celenia. I would be honored if you could share with me some of your knowledge on Theology. I myself am very interested in the workings of the divines, and so I believe I could benefit greatly from the guidance of someone as knowledgeable as yourself."

Belstrom says, "Not enough, by the look of it," Belstrom grins and greets the Thalerith priest with an offer of a clasped hand. "Thank you for being willing to share your strength. In struggle, strength. In strength, life."

Diagones walks over to stand by Belstrom, and says, "Greetings. I'm Diagones Egilion. I can teach you how to investigate the unknown, balance your books and increase your household income (economics), and I can teach about leadership and teaching both." Willow wraps a tendril around Belstrom's leg, before Diagones can get away. She smiles at the little tree, and shifts the weight of her books to her hip. She glances about and then walks closer to Celenia, sure that Willow will follow. Won't she?

Caelia arrives at the learning fair while adorned in a simple ivory blouse and leggings. She peeks over the area, trying to get a sense for things here.

Rivek was curious of course, about what his Uncle was up to this time, and so the man finds himself making his way to the Fair, looking about.

Belstrom pats the tree elemental affectionately, giving it something from his pocket.

Alethia speaks up, her voice husky and somewhat serious, looking glad to see Diagones. "My name is Alethia Reid. I can teach someone about hunting and survival in the wilderness, if they would like."

Katara has settled themselves to the side. This old dog wasn't looking to learn new tricks. They yawned into a hand. "Come one, come all. Learn how to talk down to people and make them realize you're better than they are at things."

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The artisan's round has been taken over by a Learning Fair--small booths of vendors and those giving lessons are scattered about, but mainly people are introducing themselves and their area of expertise and finding teachers for skills they may not have known were even available before. Fried root vegetables and meat on sticks is the most popular item at this fair, somehow.

The Devrien thug starts Katara's way, curious as... Well, they looked blind. "Sounds like something I do fairly well already, but I'm curious as to your own take on it," Rivek fumbles with a slight chuckle.

To Shamash, the Faenor huntress gives a curious glance, and Alethia moves over to him slowly. "You look like you're hard to knock down."

Celenia looks up and smiles at Diagones. "Hello, my friend. How are you doing?" she asks of the little Ishtari.

"Rivek, Dunlain--come to teach how to defend oneself and investigate crimes in totally legal and legitimate ways?" Belstrom smirks at his nephew and cousin. "It's true--Katara tells me I'm wrong better than almost anyone."

Shamash tilts his head and stares at Belstrom. "Do not misunderstand," he clarifies, tone patient and kind. "Most of my scars are self-inflicted. One cannot master a thing they fear." The monk shifts his weight and adjusts his sleeve, pulling it back down to obscure the mottled flesh that was visible on the forearm. It is during this bit of grooming that Alethia nears him, and he turns about to face her fully, peering down. "It's the getting back up I'm really good at."

Looking Belstrom's way, "Perhaps later, Uncle," calls Rivek. "Besides, why would I want to teach someone how to be more difficult for me to deal with?"

Willow follows Belstrom around if he moves. She takes the offered treasure and flips it around in her branches, putting it back in Belstrom's pocket then taking it out again. Meanwhile, Diagones says to Celenia, "I'm well! Just thought I would come and see if anyone wanted to learn some of the more academic skills I can teach. How have you been, friend?"

"It's because I have the most practice - and Belstrom gives me more reasons every day to do so," quips Katara easily enough with a little smirk. It might be a friendly barb. Maybe. "You. You're the one who threw live snakes at me until I stopped getting bitten, right? Rivek? I need you to give me your best insults. Pick an easy target, like me or Belstrom. We'll work from there."

Dunlain finishes stuffing his face with weight-gain causing fair foods for long enough to reply, "I came to see some heated debates and watch librarians loose their quiet." a pause, "Oh, and fried foods are a must. Did you see the puffed potatos?"

"I've been quite well, thank you, Diagones!" Celenia says. "I'm wondering if you can teach me more about the instruction of others, actually, if you have a moment."

Alethia pauses to look over and dead-pan stare at Rivek. She doesn't even bother asking if this snake-throwing story is true.

Erotas says in Dwarven, "Garwen's chilly middrift, I'm tired.""

Belstrom says, "Kinlector Erotas, greetings," Belstrom says, offering the sleepy Duindar a hand. "Er...thank you?"

Dunlain glances at Erota, "What did you call my mother?"

Abbasah, a fierce, tiny sand cat, Mischief, a fluffy orange tabby kitten, Kahina, the Painted Dog, Akin, the Painted Dog, Enyo, the fierce plains lioness arrive, following Melindra.

Alethia swivels a stare as Belstrom says the name Erotas, blushing abruptly, before she looks back at Shamash with a polite Faenor-y little throat clearing. "Your scars are very impressive. You.. injured yourself on purpose?"

Diagones arches her eyebrow at Dunlain. She maintains her quiet quite well as she replies to Celenia, "Of course, my dear. Let's talk a bit about teaching methods. Different people really respond better to different things." She goes through some information about rewards and reinforcements. She hears her Uncle talking, and lifts her hand in greeting.

"You tell Belstrom why he's wrong? Something we have in common, it seems," Rivek quip backs. A nod then, "Aye, that was me. You can do it with wasps, too. I recommend it," he states. He tilts his head then, watching the blind Priest, and "Why the fuck should I? I already wrote it down for you."

Eventually making his way to the fair, Gureylain is fully clad for ranging than socializing. But the when is he ever set to be social. The Old Wolf has his hood up and drawn far forward to conceal himself, his cloak is closed and he glides like a stormcloud as he looks from point to point, studying the people gathering for the fair.

Celenia smiles warmly and listens to Diagones, nodding slowly. "I see." She asks a few clarifying questions, but is mostly content with her teaching for the day. "Thank you, friend.

"Oh, hey, it's that girl marrying my nephew. HELLO FUTURE NIECE," calls out the suddenly more awake Duindar. Then he looks to Dunlain. "Unless your mother's Garwen, her purity is in tact. Worry not."

Alethia turns scarlet.

The small Filinnar huntress makes her way into the Artisan's Round with her bevy of animal friends. Red wavy hair an unruly mess, shoving a large lock of it from her eyes. Sage colored eyes picking out Rivek, Melindra heads her way towards the Devrien.

"Often," confirms Shamash, shifting his weight and turning to place Alethia fully in his shadow. Facing her as he is, the contours of his body are more readily apparent, including those portions not covered by silk or leather. "But don't let me distract you from your romance. You can seek me out again another time."

Alethia says, "My r- there is no romance-- yes, I, yes, I will. Thank you."

"Hmmmm... Weak. Go for the things they're not obviously concerned with. I'd also recommend subtle threats against their livelihood. Considering how much of an obvious thug you are, that should be easy," says Katara to Rivek with a smile.

"Good," Shamash replies, and turns away from Alethia.

Alethia says, "Kinlector Egilion, it is an honor to meet you in person. Your note was very flattering. Have you come here to teach?"

Dunlain chuckles and finds the man selling puffed potatoes... on sticks! "I'm going to have a tree's worth of these after all this food." He's already collecting other treats on little wooden skewers.

"Mmmm, well, that's something I have experience, to be sure. You'd be amazed at how often things catch fire if left unattended. Stairs are rather treacherous things, too, but then... Well, I'm sure you already know that, Rivek states. A glance to Meli then as she joins him, giving her an upnod.

Celenia mutters, "... miss you, and ... ... can talk in private ..."

Celenia mutters, "Yes, ... really must. Perhaps later ... week?"

"Of course. More people need to curse in more languages," says Erotas as he comes directly over Alethia, casting an arm around her before looking up to Shamash. "Who was that? Your other lover? Don't worry - every other Egilion besides me seems to not care about that sort of thing."

Alethia checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Alethia struggles to find something suitably polite to say, and only manages to kind of stutter, "Wait, I- no-"

Celenia blinks. "Who's teaching languages?" Celenia says loudly, looking up. "I'm interested in Celestial at the least!"

Diagones checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

"I have no interest in the woman," Shamash explains to Erotas when he approaches. "She lacks focus."

Belstrom clears his throat, offering Celenia an arm as he interrupts the Alethia-Erotas-Shamash cart-wreck. "Erotas teaches languages, I believe, my dear. Quite ably."

"A moment, Celenia," says Diagones. She walks over to Erotas with a purposeful stride, a hand levitating her books next to her to enable speed. "Uncle!" she says, her voice somewhat sharp. "You're here to teach languages? Come over here. You remember Celenia. Come, teach her languages," she says, sniffing at her Uncle suspiciously. She gives Alethia an apologetic look.

Katara had opened their mouth, but they may be overhearing something. Or maybe Rivek's insults were just *that* cutting. "Wasps would be a welcome reprieve. Maybe there would be enough of them to finally scare people into action."

Glancing about Melindra pauses to give Rivek an upnod back. "What'd ya come here for?" She questions the Devirn in her usual growl-y voice. Still looking over those all gathered there. Spying Gureylain her eyes narrow for a moment, watching the Lorandi Ranger.

Celenia takes Belstrom's arm. "I'd love to learn any language," she continues, still staring at Erotas. "But especially Celestial."

Alethia takes a deep breath, her eyes sparking with temper before she manages a suitably pious nod to Belstrom when he walks over. "Oh, you know each other. Of course. Maybe you can help me break it to the kinlector that I am not currently seeking a husband."

Rivek just points to Katara there, because he gives no fucks if pointing is rude. "It seems me and the Priest here both like bossing people around," to Meli. "Uncle Bel, in particular. You?" he asks. A look to Katara then, and "Action sure... But most people just flail around aimlessly without the wasps, at least I find."

Caelia is here at the training fair. The girl seems to be on the quite side. "I m eventually going to be looking for teachers in the social arts and am to look for who I might ask for help with such in the future."

Celenia looks sympathetically at Alethia. "We should have a club for those of us not looking for a husband at the moment," she says to the other elfess.

Belstrom says, "I've heard Erotas is quite the expert in foreign tongues." Smiling, he gestures to Alethia. "I've tried, to no avail. She wants to run free as the wind.""

Erotas grinned over to Alethia. "Well, no loss there, girl. Oh, yes, this is Diagones. She'll be one of your cousins - Diagones, this is the girl I selected for Kenthadus. I figure the more the merrier family-wise." He looks to Celenia. "How's your throat? Can you sing? It's used best for that sort of thing." Then he seems to ignor Alethia's attempts to save herself.

"Her too, huh? Who next?" asks the Kinlector towards Belstrom.

Caelia looks over to Celenia. "Oh, I could join that, I'm not looking for a husband or a wife either!"

Celenia stares at Erotas. "I can sing quite well enough. Why?" She's cold toward him, but polite.

Gureylain frowns at the shouting, going, and goings on about languages. Soft voice projecting towards Celenia, "You know, you should have asked me, I would have been happy to teach had I known..." speaking in the language in question.

"Uncle, Alethia is not up for an arranged marriage," says Diagones, firmly. "Though you're too kind to think of her. Come, let's go over here," AWAY from Alethia, "to learn some languages."

As the gossip continues, there is a twitch in Shamash's mostly-impassive face, and a brief look to the chatterboxes who he seems to have found himself mixed in with. With a rather profound lack of tact, he simply walks away from them with a grunt.

Overhearing the other conversation, Rivek calls out to Alethia. "Uncle Bel so bad in bed he made you go celibate, then?"

Celenia then glances to Caelia much more warmly. "We might have to form this club indeed." And then she looks at Gurey, head tilted to a side. She doesn't understand.

Alethia turns slowly toward Rivek, looking either mortified or very realistically about to strike him with something sharp.

Caelia waves over to Gureylain, giving her him a arm and dimple-framed smile. "It sounds like a good club. I believe in as much freedom as possible, including from spouses."

Belstrom smirks at Erotas. "Excuse me. I have to prevent my nephew's death before I can consider another. And I think you might be too old for my tastes, really."

Alethia says, "Say that to my -face-, you horrible sand-ridden--"

A glance to Katara as they are mentioned, "Hey Katara," Melindra growls out. A loud sudden snort at Rivek's shout to Alethia about Belstrom. "Probably," she comments, re: celibate. "Hoping to find some one to help me improve my survial skills."

Celenia shakes her head and tilts it at Erotas, waiting, growing impatient.

And then Alethia speaks and Melindra's cold gaze focuses on the Faenor, "He just did ice-bitch."

"I think I just did," Rivek calls back to Alethia, apparently not worried about the woman's threats in the slightest.

"I like her. She's violent and direct," says Erotas as he's slowly peeled away by Diagones. "There was someone back *there* who was looking for education, but if you want to deny someone actually learning something..."

Dunlain finds another vendor selling a ball of puffed rice dangling from a string attached to a stick, he pulls off his helmet and yet still has issues with eating it. "This food is problematic."

Belstrom says, "Melindra, this is Alethia--you both like animals. Discuss." He nearly thrusts the little Faenor toward the smaller, meaner Thalerith female. "Rivek--I could use just a touch of quiet. Can Katara teach you that?"

Willow follows Belstrom around, like a little tree shadow.

"Doubtful," Rivek replies to Belstrom, with a somewhat arrogant smirk that says he knows exactly how much shit-stirring he's doing, and doesn't care.

Celenia actually begins to tap her foot at Erotas, impatient.

"Ah, Melindra-" But then they're cut off. Katara's head tilted. "Generally if you want someone to shut up, you need to knock them unconscious. If you want your relative to be quiet, Belstrom, set to the task."

Caelia notice a tree elemental and her brown eyes widen. "Wow..." She says. She gives the tree a sheepish smile. "I like trees very much, I'm Caelia."

Alethia is pushed toward Melindra and eyes the other woman, her amber eyes blazing. She manages to not spit this in her face, "I'm the one that can teach you survival, if you want to try that again."

Caelia looks to Katara. "Or you hold your hands over your ears or you whistle really loud or you sing or you..just leave the room."

"The little tree is Willow. She's a baby, and has quite a liking for the High Priest," says Diagoens to Caelia, kindly. She's also backing slightly away from the action, possibly realizing she's about half the height of these ruffians.

Celenia slowly and carefully positions herself between Diagones and the people about to throw down. She can't fight but she's taller than the Ishtari, so that counts for something, right?

The Old Wolf of Rylanth flinches at Caelia's comment about spouses. His expression lost as he ducks back into his hood, his expression lost fully in shadow. His voice is incensed though, "Peace, less you want the Templar to rain down on this gathering..." projecting and allowing the local accoustics carry his words, the opening of his hood focusing between Melindra and Alethia.

Belstrom clears his throat, smiling at the templar. "It's a good point. We don't want to get in trouble with the templars." He puts a hand on Alethia's shoulder, drawing her back from the staring contest with Melindra. "Rivek, care for some teaching--blade vs blade?"

Caelia has the grace to blush in response to the old wolf's flinch and she gives him another dimple smile almost as if trying to charm her kin into not worrying. It might not work. She seems a bit confused. "Wait..are they fighting at the fair?"

The large lioness that was casually cleaning her paw, glances up to watch Alethia. Golden-Amber eyes fixed on her, like she was considering her next meal, and Alethia might be it. Melindra's lips curl a touch as she bares her teeth a little. "You think you are big and bad and scare. And you're not." And then a flicker of her gaze toward Gureylain, a roll of her eyes. "Bring them. I have done nothing wrong. Oh look there is one right there, looks like they don't care that I said bitch."

Caelia then peek over to Diagones, seemingly grateful as she explains about the tree. "He must be very special to be followed by a tree."

"You can't learn how to fight without fighting," calls the Kinlector Erotas. "So fight away! No Blood Templar's going to pretend anything's wrong with that."

Celenia turns to Diagones and Caelia. "I should see if I can charm one to me," she says to her friend Dia. "I would love a little tree." She is frustrated, though, and it bleeds through her words. The redhead doesn't like to be ignored.

"He brought her a bucket of... fertilizer. She very much appreciated it, and now he can do no wrong in her eyes," says Diagones to Caelia. She's watching with curious, wary eyes, from as far away as she can.

Katara seems to stand back, letting the chaos unfold all around them. Maybe because they were one of the people teaching how to get out of the way of nonsense did they not seem particularly concerned.

Rivek is watching the pair of Melindra, and Alethia, amusedly. Eventually, he looks to Belstrom, raising a brow. "You sure about that, old man? I can if you wish, though... Just be ready to yield when it gets too much for you, hmmm?"

Caelia sucks in soft breath and then another breath as she listens to Melindra's words. "I think you should be more polite to Lord Gureylain." She then turns to Celenia. "I think that can charm one, if anyone can. She then looks over to Dia, nodding in response to her.

Celenia smiles to Caelia. "Thank you. I hope so. They are adorable."

"True enough. Just don't kill someone and you should be okay, long as it's consentual fighting there's no crime. This is a learning fair afterall." Dunlain states loudly, he gives up on the puffed rice ball and proceeds to move on to the next skewered food item, this one a butter pastry that is coated in egg and crumb, then fried. "Oh, it has cream in the middle! How did it not melt?"

Katara cackles all too suddenly.

Nobu, Favored Lizard arrives, following Qahir.

Willow pats Belstrom's shoulder and then toddle ambles over to Erotas, tugging at his robes with three long branches.

With hi features concealed, Gureylain's expression is lost, but Dunlain's comment causes the hood to turn his way and then back to Melindra. "Peace... is all I ask. This is neither time nor place."

Deoca has a brisk gait when he walks, and yet thanks to the long flowing robes of his Priesthood (Glanor) and his lanky frame, he seems to glide a bit as he goes. He smile and nods and shakes the occassional hand as he starts to go around and mingle. When he comes across an elf suffering a recent loss, like many of the Duindar and Faenor thanks to the battles, they might even get a hug.

Belstrom smirks and pulls off his cloak. "The templar says ok. The tree says ok. Just a little exhibition match. No better way to learn than to take a few hits. Aly, love?" He hands her the cloak. "Don't marry anyone in the meantime, hm?"

Caelia looks over to Deoca, having a warm and dimpled smile for the priest. "Greetings, high priest!" She says.

"...She hasn't even done anything besides be blunt," Rivek notes to Gureylain. "If anything, it's the Reid that's losing her shit," with a shrug, before moving off the side a bit.

Belstrom says, "And Erotas, if you could teach the redhead this language, that would be great."

"Alright, Uncle..." Rivek nods to Belstrom. "Just remember to yield before you're dead, eh?"

Rivek wields Talon.

Belstrom wields Bronze Steel Shamshir.

"This is a learning environment," Shamash concurs, having found himself comfortably settled away from the aroused tempers. "And humility is a lesson all stand to learn. What is the harm in some exercise? Recreational, of course. As a priest of Rithor, I would welcome the opportunity to witness their bravery."

Celenia shakes her head and is about to move away--not leave, but move--when Deoca arrives. She blinks, but smiles at him. "Hello, High Priest," she says. Then she nods emphatically at Belstrom. "I am absolutely waiting impatiently to be taught this ... this.. ugh. I am trying not to swear, but please teach me the language, Kinlector," she says, exasperated.

Belstrom says, "It's been a while. But I think I remember how this goes."

Dunlain calls out, "That's what she said!"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Alethia is handed Belstrom's cloak before she can snap something at Melindra, which is -probably- why Belstrom actually did it, and she glances at the two Devriens as they start drawing weapons. Glaring, inexplicably, at Belstrom.

"I'd need to want to do that, and patience is a lesson one needs before they can learn a language," says Erotas as he turns to look to the fight breaking out.

"I expect no peace. It's a world in which combat is needed. Now clear a circle or get cut," comments Katara as they move less close to the fight.

Abbasah, a fierce, tiny sand cat have been dismissed.

Mischief, a fluffy orange tabby kitten have been dismissed.

Kahina, the Painted Dog have been dismissed.

Akin, the Painted Dog have been dismissed.

Enyo, the fierce plains lioness have been dismissed.

Celenia just shakes her head and moves to sit somewhere away from the fighting.

Deoca smiles through a face tense with the empathic pain of comforting people. His hand is raised in pleasant greatin though, as he switches gears to great both Caelia and Celenia. "Hello to you both." His hands then move behind his back as the shuffling around draws his attention, "Oh, is there combat training to be had?"

Gureylain sighing and circles the combat avout to break out, heading for the outskirts, muttering, "World of violence maybe, but why is it we have to always be at one another's throat." he sets down on a convenient sitting area hands on his knees. "Champions meeting the gods, monsters rampaging, and mad, cackling, manipulators laughing at it all." leaning forward, elbows on his knees, head down.

Qahir arrives with a half-eaten loaf of bread in one hand, and the reigns of his lizard in the other. He stops, though, when he catches sight of what looks to be an ensuing melee. To Forwen he asks, "Who do you think is fighting?" Then he looks down to her, asking, "And who do you wanna bet on winning?"

Alethia sits down next to Celenia, looking less effectively demure than before. She holds Belstrom's cloak like she wants to throw it into a fireplace instead. "High Priest Deoca is here. Maybe he knows the language?"

Celenia smiles at Alethia. "He may. But I think I've lost my taste for learning anything now. But thank you," she says kindly to the other woman.

Diagones is sitting near Celenia as well, murmuring quietly to the redheaded Duindar. She greets Alethia when she sits.

Erotas makes his way out in the madness.

Seizing a spot of prime real estate to watch the inevitable, Shamash finds himself near the end of the bridge, resting against a rail overlooking the babbling waters. A faint breeze stirs across him, tempering the heat, and he seems quite content to simply observe now.

Ribbons! Dunlain has collected a few different ones from the vendor while he wanders the fair on the prowl for all things high-calorie and bad for your thighs. His arms are filled with twigs stuffed in meat, potatoes, pastries, veggies, chocolate, and a few other assorted items. Basically could be a vendor now himself if everything didn't have a bite or two taken out of it. He moves into the outter circle forming around the pair of his family members engaging in a bladed stand off. "I wonder which one of them I'll have to arrest this time..." a pause, "Real toss up. My money is on Melindra, but then I've been wrong before."

Deoca is either close enough to do so naturally, or perhaps is possesed of super-elven hearing, but he does smile at Alethia's words and move closer to Celenia. "There is only one language I'm currently confident enough to teach, other than our native tounge, and that is the celestial language of our Gods, if that is what you seek."

"Hello, Diagones," Alethia murmurs to the petite Duindar, giving her a rather beset look. When Deoca approaches she smiles to the older priest softly.

Forwen walks beside Qahir, the girl looks like a child beside the man. Not that he is particularly tall, which he is a bit but she is also rather short, shorter than most that can claim adult at least. Which might be why she keeps popping up on her tiptoes trying to see around, the movement setting her red curls to waving wildly around her head. "I don't know, I can't see. Not going to bet if I don't even know what is going on."

"You can't see? Me neither," says the blind Katara towards the voice of Fowen.

Alakirsaunters up and leans on the bridge watching the fight, "Ah, Rivek, when you're done playing games, I have something for you."

Celenia looks up at Deoca and smiles. "I would appreciate that," she says, but she sounds a bit tired. "I don't think it would be a good day today, however; let's try for another day soon. Although!" she says. "If you would like to sit and talk theology, I'd be happy to do that instead." And she grins at him.

Diagones rises and moves over. "Please, High Priest. Have a seat," she says, offering space next to Celenia. She moves to find her elemental, who is circling wherever Belstrom is about to fight with vibrating leaves, and takes the little tree in hand, bringing Willow over near Alethia.

Alethia stands up abruptly, right as Celenia shows up with Willow. She throws a distressed look at Diagones.

He harrumphs at the response, and shakes his head. "Don't be like that." Qahir stops, not adding more and simply chuckles. "Fine then." He leans forward to Forwen, and pats on his right shoulder. "I'll get you the best seats in the house because I always know how and when to pick a winner."

Deoca smiles and dips his head in a combined bow and nod to Celenia. "That is fine. It is not a quick thing to teach after all, though if you have any particualar passages you'd like translated, we can arrange to do that and meet to start lessons."

Diagones mutters, "Surely he will stop this madness? He's going ... bleed out. Where ... Thorin? We ... a ..."

Diagones says some quiet words to Alethia, watching the scene with her blue eyes darkening, narrowing.

Celenia smiles at Diagones thankfully, before turning her attention to Deoca. She smiles and shakes her head. "Not yet. I'm just interested from a scholarly standpoint, which, you know. I want to join the Ishtari," she adds, gesturing to Diagones with another smile before looking back at Deoca.

"No one is going to bleed out," calls the blind priest. "When they're gurgling, I'll step on them. Unless Deoca - I think I hear Deoca - wants to guide me to them to get them back up."

When the fight starts... Well, Rivek moves in, and with a quick feint, ends up almost disemboweling his Uncle. Belstrom is still alive, but it seems the Priest is definitely not looking too good.

"They have agreed to this," spits Shamash, gaze steadfast on the combatants. "Enough of these worried mutterings. If you care for either of them, respect their valor."

Forwen gives Qahir a push towards where people are sitting. "Go go, I am following." using the bigger elf to part the crowd so she can follow in his wake. As people start talking about someone bleeding out, she hisses. "Well it's not going to be hard to pick who is going to be the winner if one of them is dead by the time you decide."

Rivek checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Alakirsighs, and shakes his head with a bemused smile, "Rivek, what started this family arguement?"

Alethia spots Alakir and grits out, trying to be polite. And calm. "Maybe you could stop this."

"High Priest Deoca, maybe you could see that someone tends the High Priest's wounds?" says Diagones. She can't quite take her eyes off the combat scene. The little High Scholar is, perhaps, not used to this.

"You should perhaps end this now, Uncle, unless you want to pass leadership of the Priesthood to Katara," Rivek remarks.

Belstrom is badly injured, grunting as blood seeps through his leather cuirass. He manages to cut Rivek's arm decently, but he is, in fact, slower.

Celenia is distracted from her discussion with Deoca by the fight. She stares in horror, green eyes filling with tears.

"Bleeding's only part of the fun," an unsurprising resposne from a Filinnar. Qahir then gives the shorter elf a hip check as he moves forward. "Look at like this, Forwen. Somebody bleeding doesn't mean the fight's over." He looks around, still moving forward so the two of them can get a good sight of it. "It just means we got here right on time."

"If he says yes, you're all witnesses," comments Katara with a wry grin. It seems they are quite used to... Thalerith problem solving.

Deoca laughs very softly, but speaks louder so Katara can hear him plainly. "I am here, but I am sure you would not be short of guides if needed."

Alethia checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Alakirsmiles at Alethia, "I somehow doubt that very much. It seems they both have their hackles up. It's damned near impossible to stop either of them when that happens. One of them will fall unconscious, we'll heal them then."

Diagones checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Alethia stands up slowly, watching the two Devrien cut at each other. She clenches one hand into a fist and walks past Alakir, moving closer to the fight.

"Yes, but I happen to know you need some hands on instruction in the art, and I happen to be a master, cousin," quips back Katara to Deoca as they seem to be ready for some body part to come flying.

Diagones follows Alethia but calls out, with her eyes welling with startled, worried tears, "Belstrom! Please!"

Gureylain just sighs while he watches, silent again, still as a deer listening for wolves where he perches.

As his uncle cuts him a bit, Rivek moves to just slam his heel into Belstrom's chin, to try and disuade him. Not using the blade this time, because... Well, Murder is against the law, and not his intent.

Belstrom attack Rivek

Breakging free of the crowd, Forwen gets her first glimpse a the fight going on and comes to a complete stop. "Qahir..." blinks, staring at the fight and those looking like they are going to try and get involved, her teeth worrying at her bottom lip.

Alakiroffers an arm to Alethia, "I assure you that we'll step in before anything...drastic happens."

Belstrom puts one hand over a good cut through his gut, focused on Rivek. When Rivek slams his foot into him, he stumbles back two steps, spitting blood to the side, but his blade catches Rivek's leg and drags down it. Belstrom hits the ground unconscious before he can even appreciate the injury.

Alakirsmiles at Alethia, "There, you see? Nobody dead, argument settled, and we can heal them and leave scars for remembering it by."

Alethia takes Alakir's arm, but she looks white and angry. "It was supposed to be sparring, not a disembowling."

Shamash watches as Belstrom hits the ground. The big lug leans forward, pushing through with all the grace of a bull, and stares down at the prone and unconscious figure. "A valorous spirit," he mentions, "but a weak body. Remember your lesson when you wake."

Dunlain steps forward through the circle of others to crouch nearby to and inspect Belstrom, "He's breathing... so, still not a crime." he straightens, "Alrighty then, someone with magic come fix the priest. Someone with medical knowledge, come make sure Rivek doesn't bleed out."

Alethia glares at Shamash, a surprising amount of fire in her amber eyes. "He's a -priest-."

"He's a -Thalerith-," Rivek states to Alethia. "He knew what he was getting into. Even if he did try to get himself killed."

Celenia stands up and walks over to Belstrom. "I will heal Belstrom," she says quietly. "If no one minds."

Alakirlooks at Alethia with a bemused but sympathetic smile, "It's a Thalerith sparring match, so there's bound to be some amount of blood, and possible maiming."

A pause then, and "This means Belstrom has to wear that stupid fake beard."

There's an unreadable emotion on Diagones' face, and then she glares daggers at Shamash, and then Rivek. She presses her lips into a thin line, and it's a good thing she's positively tiny, because she's a fury, at the moment. She whirls around, and goes to look for her books. Her tree follows her, pulling at her hair.

A few of the faces are familiar enough to Qahir. He offers no words of reassurance for Forwen initialyl, but then stuffs his bread into his mouth to pat her on the shoulder. He takes a large bite of it, and after swallowing that down he notes, "One of 'em's family," he states simply. "Two of 'em are even from my kinship, and..." His voice trails off, and then he continues moving to look for something else. "C'mon. I need to find somebody here."

Shamash turns on Alethia. "As am I, girl. If you have a point, make it clearer."

Alethia says, "My point is this event is supposed to be about teaching. Not showing off your savage customs. And I am not a -girl-."

"A priest who chose to fight. Belstrom is learning, and coming to understand the potential for loss of life," says Katara evenly. "A great many priests do make battle. And fighting is part of teaching. We live in an age in which the world itself is animated and tries to kill you."

Gureylain stands after a moment, impassive to the violence and injury, and Alethia's words draw his attention. "Warrior and priest are not exclusive of eachother." he frowns, "I am going to the tea house. If one wishes to learn the methods of surviving in the wilds, or perhaps means of being unseen, or archery... I can instruct.. over a pot of herbal..."

"Forgive me, boy," Shamash offers, inclining his head to Alethia. "All the same, he did learn. All of us learned something today."

Forwen blinks, watching everyone seeming to bicker. "Sorta sounds like a nursery out there huh?" said softly to Qahir before reaching up and taking hold of one of his belt lopes so she can follow along without getting lost. "Who we looking for?"

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar arrives, following Sylindra.

Celenia looks up at Gureylain. "I'll come in a moment to join you.

Alethia eyes Rivek. She sounds calmer, more polite, "Yes, of course. We have all learned something."

"Didn't you learn something?" Dunlain asks of Alethia, "They showed you something you didn't necessarily know before, learn from it." he then shrugs, "Best part is he's not dead and I don't have paperwork to do." he looks to Rivek, "Thanks for not killing him, congrats on the win."

Katara tilts their head to look at Shamash. "That is... quite a few options left out."

Belstrom blinks a few times, wincing as he wakes up and finds the redhead healer leaning over him. "Oh. I lost, eh?" He nods. "Ah well."

Katara can't help but laugh as Dunlain crack jokes.

"Trust me, it was hard not too, when the idiot kept attacking," Rivek remarks to Dunlain. "It was like he -wanted- me to kill him."

Alakirlooks to Rivek and holds up a satchel, "Rivek, I believe you were looking for something like this?"

Celenia looks at Belstrom, lips thin. "You're alive and that's enough." She turns and walks away, back ramrod straight, eyes filling with tears again.

Diagones has picked up her book and is reading it. Or, it's open in front of her face, anyway. Willow is trying to braid her hair. It's looking a little more like a birds nest every moment.

"Hmmm? Perhaps... Send it to Nasherat, will you?" asks Rivek, to Alakir. "I'm heading back there myself, right now, anyhow. I need a fucking drink."

Dunlain nods, "I saw that. I wondered if you would restrain or not... almost bet on it." he shrugs, and looks at Belstrom, "You didn't fall without first inflicting some damage, there's honor in at least swinging on the way out."

Alethia turns away and walks over to Diagones, putting a hand on her teeny shoulder.

Celenia walks to Diagones and puts her hand on the other shoulder, sympathetic. She looks at Alethia, too.

Belstrom says, "Yeah, yeah, honor," Belstrom seems to be watching something else as he hauls himself back up. "Alright." He nods to Rivek."

Shamash turns his head to look down at Belstrom. His eyes roam the man's figure, watching the trail the oozing blood makes before it is stilled. "You have courage," he says, "but you lack the body to do it right. Should you ever wish for lessons in the enduring of pain, seek me out. I would be pleased to give your soul a worthy vessel."

Alethia turns her head slowly, looking at Shamash.

Belstrom says, "Thanks, friend. Appreciate it. Mostly wish I had a clean shirt right now, but that's life."

Alakir watches Alethia slide her arm free, and chuckles softly.

Diagones puts her hand over Alethia's, her little fingers interlacing, briefly. She also gives Celenia a smile, but must keep one hand on her book. Then she turns and looks at Shamash too.

Dunlain looks at Shamash, "You know... I'm going to have to come train with you as well." a pause, "I'm getting old, and I don't to loose in a fight due to a single stab."

"Alethia? Diagones? Tea's on me," Celenia says, looking at the two women--first Diagones, then Alethia. "If you care to. I'm going regardless." And she squeezes Dia's shoulder before heading to the teahouse.

Eylam, the golden eagle leaves, following Celenia.

And with that, Rivek heads home. He needs a drink, after all.

Belstrom says, "It was a good stab," Belstrom feels compelled to point out. "But yeah, I could use some thicker skin."

A pleased sort of rumble emits from Shamash. "I do not have any shirts to share," he apologizes, "but I'm sure you'll manage." The towering monk turns away from the bloody scene and returns to his earlier position by the bridge, looking to Dunlain en route. "All are welcome. Torment purifies."

Belstrom watches Celenia, and the others a moment. "Hey, Aly. Can I have my cloak?"

"Come and get it, if you can walk." The Faenor eyes Belstrom with a neutral to sharp look.

Belstrom puts one hand over a good cut through his gut, focused on Rivek. When Rivek slams his foot into him, he

Belstrom puts one hand over a good cut through his gut, focused on Rivek. When Rivek slams his foot into him, he

Dunlain checks around and then slinks off back to the vendors before they leave for the night, he basically buys out the butter pastry guy.

Dahsk, a wolf pup have been dismissed.

Belstrom walks slowly to Alethia, maintaining a reasonably even gait. It does not look enjoyable.

Alakir grins as he Sylindra, "Auntie Syl, glad you could make it."

Diagones stands with Alethia. She chews on her bottom lip, and doesn't look at Belstrom as he walks over. As Celenia leaves, Willow moves to Diagones' side and starts petting at Alethia, too.

"Do you think Acharon is pleased?" Alethia sounds neutral, her Faenor iciness recovered. She drapes the cloak over Belstrom, and glances down with a sigh at the tree elemental.

Alakir looks at his uncle with a wicked smile, "So, was that teaching Rivek the time honored practice of how to bleed, uncle?"

Dunlain shakes his head, "No, he was teaching Rivek restraint."

"On account of Rivek not finishing the job." Dunlain adds as an afterthought.

Belstrom says, "I think Acharon doesn't care if I live or die, love. Only progress." Smirking at Alakir, he finds a flask in his cloak pocket and takes a long swig. "Thanks for watching Aly."

"Like a nursery?" Qahir asks. A soft shrug follows, and he continues leading the other elf and the krilker along. "A healer. I've been on the lookout for a little bit of training for, well, when I'm out training animals. Mainly for the occasional scratch and scrap, and if anything else goes bad."

Alethia eyes Alakir dryly. "Yes, I should have fainted without your nephew at hand."

Alakir shakes his head ruefully, "Well, after the beating that was thrown to me last week, I hope this doesn't become a family trend."

Deoca continues his mingling, learning a little here and there but mostly trying to be the good Councilmember who meets people and makes them feel welcome and at ease and all that. Not that he's up for re-election or anything.

"Doesn't care if you live or die?" asks Diagones. She fixes Belstrom with an incredulous stare. "Is it Acharon who feels that way, or his High Priest?" She clenches her hand, and then takes Willow's tendril from Alethia's arm. "Come, Willow. We should probably head back to the library." She reaches over for Alethia's hand for a moment, murmurs something.

Alakir laughs at Alethia's comment, "I am quite sure you've seen far worse than that. Could be I was taking your arm to steady myself."

"Dia, it was just a fight--" Belstrom rolls his eyes.

"Should any wish for the instruction I have offered," Shamash mentions, "merely seek me out. This is no fitting place for lessons; I will be in Thelos for a little while yet, and will find a more fitting spot." Beyond that, the priest seems content to stare over the bridge at the water, watching the rocks be beaten smooth by the endless current.

"Otherwise, you keep getting bit and am tired of getting razzed when you go to get it fixed." Forwen interprets Qahir's comment. Still bouncing to her toes every now and then to see what she can see. "Here is an idea. Don't get bit."

Diagones nods to Alethia, squeezing her hand for a moment. She says something quietly to Belstrom, and takes Willow home.

"It's Acharon," says Katara to the question of if Big A cares if you live or die. "You are potential, emotion, and ultimately what you do with that is up to you."

Sarina, a small grey and white cat, Willow, a small tree elemental leave, following Diagones.

Alethia seems to relax slightly, Alakir's easygoing nature doing the trick. She tucks something into a pocket of her dress and looks at Katara

Alakir smiles at Alethia, "So, how are you, Alethia, it's been a minute, hmm?"

Alethia says, "Fine. I'm fine. Just distracted. Your uncle healed me recently after a severe concussion, it's-- been a week."

Dunlain hms softly, and then holds out a butter pastry on a stick to Katara, "About six inches from your face is a butter pastry fried in egg and crumb with cream filling that hasn't melted in the process, you're welcome to try if you'd like."

Alethia says, "And the Egilion kinlector has apparently engaged me to marry a nephew of his, which is-- how are you, Alakir. Prospering?"

"I promise you, Templar," says Katara, "If what goes in my mouth is not what is advertised, I will drown you, bring you back to life, and drown you again. You can consider that an oath." Then the blind one leans over and to bite into the treat while playing the best version of 'what's in my mouth'.

Alakir shakes his head. "You with a concussion, Belstrom trying ever so hard to have his insides see the outside and I collected a few broken ribs. A week indeed."

Belstrom glances at Alakir with a frown.

Alethia says, "Who could think to break your bones? You're the only Devrien with any sense."

Alethia glances slowly over at Katara again, finding this strangely endearing.

Alakir smiles a wry smile at Alethia's mention of marriage and the obvious change of subject, "Always prospering, always ahead." He waves off her concern, "Thank you for the concern," he grins, "and compliment. It was nothing, merely a spat over money owed. One that will be sorted in due course."

"Because that's just the way it goes," Qahir answers, as if nothing else will make sense. "Some of them bite as juveniles, and can be a bit bitey even when they're mature." He stops a moment to give Nobu a few scratches on that scaly head. "But not you, Nobu. You're better than the rest." He then points out the object of his academic hunt, and nods in the direction of Katara.

Surprise! It was a butter pastry fried in egg and crumb and filled with non melted cream. Dunlain chuckles at her 'oath', saying "I would never do something improper in public."

A little bit of time passes, all the while Shamash's focus on the stones and the water. Eventually, though, he turns and silently ambles off back the way he originally came hours ago.

Alethia says, "You make the life of a merchant seem more exciting than I had assumed. Or is this not really merchant business."

Belstrom clears his throat and stands up, with a smile. "Alright. Back to learning."

Alakir says, "Merchant life can get a bit rough, when one side decides they don't owe what they owe. They will certainly give us what they owe in the end.""

Forwen gives the lizard a look at Qahir scratches it's head then shakes her own, setting those curls bouncing. "That doesn't change the fact that you are getting tired of being ribbed." points out then lets go of his belt when they reach their destination.

Alethia stands back a little ways, watching Belstrom as she replies to Alakir. "You sound like you're teaching yourself. Are you here to learn anything?"

"Mmmmm..." They pull back, mouth full, no one drowned. That's just very, very handy. They chew over that for a moment. "But in private, you would. I hear you, Templar, but perhaps later. When you've grown a bit more hair on your chest." The blind one doesn't quite see Qahir's nod, but maybe someone else will help!

Alakir ponders the question for a moment, and then nods, "If there is anyone adept at getting people to what they want of them, or how better to navigate the streets, I would not turn it away."

Alethia says, "Ah. I can teach you how to skin an animal or make a shelter in the snow, but the gods know I can't get anyone to do what I'd wish they'd do."

"HAH! /More/ hair on my chest?" Dunlain laughs quite heartily, "Well now that's just sugar spinfluffed onto a cone." his laughter slows into chuckles, "That was great, thank you." He looks at Alakir, "I can teach you the ways of the city street if you wish, I'm not the best teacher, but I am familiar with how to surivive in an urban environment."

Alakir says, "Any knowledge, Dunlain. I know my way about, but have a feeling I'll need to be better.""

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar have been dismissed.

Dahsk, a wolf pup have been dismissed.

Sloane, a dark grey snow wolf, Thunder, a prized Palinnar Warhorse, Snorri, a small Ice Elemental arrive, following Kenyon.

Alakir listens to Dunlain cover some of the finer points of street savvy and nods as it starts to fall in place, "Ah, now that makes sense. It also explains what I was doing wrong."

Sloane, a dark grey snow wolf, Thunder, a prized Palinnar Warhorse, Snorri, a small Ice Elemental leave, following Kenyon.

"Hush it, short-" Qahir clears his throat, and is quick to throw on a polite visage. "I don't mean to interrupt anything, but Katara," he says to the blind one, currently unaware of the perception or lack thereof, "you were suggested when I was looking around for teachers of restoration."

Forwen arches her brows when Qahir starts on short, her blue eyes narrowing, just before she quietly kicks him in the ankle. With her hands behind her back and a smile plastered to her lips. If Qahir looks down after she kicks him, the girl just smiles back, points to Nobu, blaming the lizard.

"Ah, yes. I'm quite fond of that trick. It keeps people from literally tripping over their guts. Do you know any particular other magics already or will this be your first foray into tapping the lifewell?" asks Katara of Qahir.

Dahsk, a wolf pup have been dismissed.

Caelia has been very quiet for a while, but she is settled some place quiet and has roasted root veggies on a stick. The girl watches the gathering, while looking a bit shyly overwhelmed, but still cheerful.

Belstrom mutters quietly to Alethia.

Dunlain nods towards Alakir, "You'll get the hang of it quickly, find me back home some time and I can go over other stuff with you." he then gathers himself up, setting the partially eaten pastry for Katara next to her. "I put the rest of the pastry to your left, have a good rest of your day." he then catches the sticks with meat vendor on his way out, buying a few more items and then leaving.

"Tri-" Qahir doesn't get the rest out as he shoots a glare down to Forwen. He loosk back to Katara, smiling briefly. "I don't think I've seen someone trip over their guts. Is that something that can really happen? Because if they can keep walking when they got all that hanging out they-" He clears his throat again, and rubs at the back of his neck. "But, yes. I do know some magic. Namely evocation."

Forwen doesn't say a word, she could not even be there as silent as the girl is being. That doesn't stop the beaming smile up at Qahir when he glares down at her or the way she is watching Katara as the woman questions Qahir.

Sloane, a dark grey snow wolf, Thunder, a prized Palinnar Warhorse, Snorri, a small Ice Elemental arrive, following Kenyon.

Sloane, a dark grey snow wolf, Thunder, a prized Palinnar Warhorse, Snorri, a small Ice Elemental leave, following Kenyon.

Katara dipped their head to the departing one, picking up the treat. "You wouldn't believe it, but I've seen it myself. It's quite the sight. Hilarious, really." They consider. "Let me guess - fire? Is that what calls to you? What element do you use to rip and tear?"

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