Aeran HoH Meeting II

With Exploration underway, it is time once more for the Aeran Heads of Household to gather together, to meet, discuss some of their discoveries- should they wish, and plan for the general future. There are interesting times afoot and the Households need to be informed. This meeting will serve as a means of strategic planning between the Aeran Heads of House or their designated Right Hands to discuss various issues of importance.

OOC: Come prepared to discuss any topic of interest that you feel your House would share, including any additional squares you might be exploring if that's something you plan on doing. Exploration is done one hexagonal space at a time, you can click on the Aeran area to expand it:


July 12, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Talien Selandriel Vindal Octalin Elleth Lucrezia Rythadrien



The Whispering Tides - Lorawin - Lorawin Keep - Wavebreak Chamber - Seacrest Hall

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Darinel arrived a bit early to make sure there were refreshments and snacks for the meeting. Those Alcaldia, always thinking of food! Once all that was arrange, she settled into one of the chairs at the driftwood table, waiting for others to begin arriving.

Talien pushes open the doors leading into the chamber, making his way inside with his typical quick, proud gait - shoulders back, chest out, head high. He carries an array of parchments and various papers under one arm, and makes his way towards the driftwood table. He offers a nod and a slight smile to Vindal and Selandriel in turn, "Brother, sister." He bows his head politely to Darinel as well before seating himself.

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Selandriel walks in with Vindal and then she walks over to the table, nodding at Talien as he arrives, a little smile curving her lips. "Brother. Darinel. I haven't talked to you in awhile. Is everythign good with you?" She nudges Vindal to sit with her, a new matching circlet on both of their heads.

Vindal dips his head toward his brother first, and then Darinel second. "Brother. Kinlessa. It's good to see you both." He pulls out the seat next to Selandriel and settles down in it, turning his attention back up to regard his brother for a moment, before looking aside toward Selandriel, and then back out toward the room at large.

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Darinel glances between Selandriel and Vindal, her expression curious. "Good evening, and thank you for coming," a smile curls lightly on her lips as she speaks her greeting. "It has indeed been awhile," she remarks to Selandriel. "Things have been well enough. I see congratulations are in order?" though it is a remark, it is definitely posed as a question. "I've been quite buried in paperwork of late, and hadn't heard any announcements, else I'd have sent a gift along."

"I know the feeling," Talien murmurs as he sets his own stack of papers before him, leafing through them until he pulls out a map.

Selandriel gives a shake of her head. "We kept the ceremony just to family, but there will be a big celebration soon. Lucrezia and Loralyndra are planning it. Though I'd prefer if we had the focus on celebrating Captain Eros' life."

Talien looks up as Octalin enters the chamber, nodding to him before glancing around at the others. "Four of the kinships and the Trident are represented - I believe we have enough to get things under way?"

Shortly after the others have come and settled, Octalin arrives and joins them at the table, "Hello Kinlessas, Admiral, and Wave Speaker." The Kinlector says, greeting and taking his seat to hear the briefing.

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Vindal didn't come with any papers of his own, and he just looks aside toward Selandriel and presses his lips into a little smirk. He then nods toward his brother. He looks back toward Octalin. "Wave Whisperer, Kinlector. Wave Whisperer." He shakes his head, glancing toward Darinel. "How is your mother doing, anyway? I haven't seen her in a while myself."

Darinel gives Selandriel a consoling look. "I was saddened to hear that both he and Elder Agis decided to return to the Wheel, though I'm sure they are both happier for the decisions they made. Their souls will assuredly help guide the new life that Brundir grants them, when they find their way into the world once more." Or so she hopes. "I do hope that people were able to find the teachings of Elder Agis useful that I passed along to the Kinship. They are the stars that guide us, and help us explore this land." It seems she'd been waiting for the representative of the Nerea family before getting started, chatting here and there with those present already as they wait. She's seated at the driftwood table, and others are getting settled.

Darinel notes to Vindal, "Busy as ever." But rather than speak on her mother, she nods to Talien's words. "Thank you all again for coming tonight," she addresses those who made it. "Like the last meeting, I wanted to settle down and speak to the various Heads of House and talk about exploration, and to use this opportunity to share any findings, if any are so inclined, and coordinate where each of us is going to start exploring next so we're not stepping on one another's toes." A pause, "I'd be happy to go first with Alcaldia's discoveries, of course."

Selandriel smiles at Darinel and then nods at her assessment of Eros and she also didn't bring papers, but she did bring the water lizard crawling beneath the table. "I don't mind sharing ours as well."

Elleth walks into the Hall looking more worn and harried than ever. She doesn't give much to ceremony, just making her way to her seat without saying anything in greeting.

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Talien raises his brows slightly, his gaze following Elleth to her seat. Those dark brows furrow as she seats herself wordlessly, and he offers her a polite nod. "Captain."

Octalin presses his lips in a polite smile, glancing over to the other two Kinlessas. He gestures to Darinel to start with Alcaldia, "Please Kinlessa Darinel." He says as he turns into his pack, drawing from it a folder with his and Shakian's exploration notes that he sets on the table. Clearing his throat, Octalin adds, "Me too. Nothing has changed from the last report though."

Elleth looks up towards Talien, quietly responding 'Admiral', before her gaze shifts back to her hands, now clasped together on the table in front of her.

Darinel gives Selandriel an encouraging smile. "As you know, we traveled south. We went over land since there wasn't a need to take a boat. Going directly south, you first encounter a set of bogs, where you'll sink to a certain point before you get stuck. Thankfully, we Aeran have been in enough marshlands to know how to get out of such situations. But, further along we found evidence of large alligators, that were not afraid to attack people simply walking along the shoreline. We eventually dispatched the creatures, and were able to climb up to a set of cliffs, where we made our way to the top of a waterfall, with a large pool beneath it - and something glinting under the pool. The waterfall was not so high that we could not jump into the pool, and so we did. Beneath the water we found a source of minerals that can be used for metalsmithing. We dubbed the area Bidal falls, named after my father. It is our intention to settle it, and we are planning to build a stone keep there when we do, given that it is at the mouth of the river we believe travels down to Isalspire."

Talien shifts his gaze away from Elleth after a moment and looks towards Darinel. "What sort of mineral was it that you found, Kinlessa?" he asks with a raised brow.

Vindal offers Elleth a dip of his head when she comes in and settles down at the table, but then his attention is offered to Darinel, listening to her account.

Darinel settles back in her seat, turning her attention first to Talien. "The sort that will allow for armor and weapons to be made from it. In fact, we'll be gifting a portion of it to the Aeran cause to help with the Watchers, along with economic resources and social favors to help with the defense of Lorawin."

Talien bows his head slightly towards Darinel. "As representative of the Trident I thank you for your house's contribution to the cause, Kinlessa. Now more than ever is such patriotism needed."

"Once we have settled the area, we will either travel northwest of that area, or southwest and continue down the river." Darinel adds to the conversation. "However, I firmly believe an established foothold needs to be made before we go further than the area we've already explored. We've enough resources and silver to build a wooden keep right now, and enough resources to build a stone keep - but only half the silver. We've plans for providing the other half, assuming they are a success." With that she turns to Selandrial. "Would you like to go next?" she asks. "Assuming, of course, they are no further questions."

Selandriel nods at Darinel as she leans back. "As you know, we went by sea, across the river from where Darinel went. We found a spot atop a high cliff that can be a security lookout for the mouth of the river. We are ready to build a stone keep there, I think now. We have been gathering all the resources and it should be ready soon. As for the rest, just outside this spot, we found the flagship of the Crossing. There were no bodies, but it was the Ithiriel's ship. Volith knew immediately."

Talien leans forward slightly, peering at Selandriel. "The finding of the Ithiriel's flagship has caused quite a stir, and started many rumors. Will House Marindur assent to a formal investigation of the area on behalf of the greater Aeran people? This is, as I need to tell none of you, quite the find, especially for our people."

a floppy yet regal ginger cat named George arrives, delivering a message to Elleth before departing.

Elleth takes the scroll from the messenger with a nod before waving them away. She unrolls the parchment reads it quickly, raising a brow, and then sets it re-rolled on the table.

Octalin follows Elleth with his gaze briefly but does not say anything, as Darinel gives out her report, he turns to her as she speaks. Everything about the report caught his attention and he raises his hands in a soft clap, "Very good work." He says, turning to listen to Selandriel next. He frowns but nods, appreciating the work of Selandriel's house.

Standing up, Octalin passes around various drawings of the watcher, a harbor from a passing view, of an island with a grassy knoll and a protruding massive stone, and a finally a drawing from the top of that protruding stone. He says, clearing his throat, "Initially me and the chief had device a plan where we would meet at the center of the island across the river delta but those plans fell through and my brother decided to just come with me, north to the Whispering Tides. The Watcher has been someone I have been tracking since my return to Lorawin. I am sure you are all aware of the story, if not, I will be more than happy to share it. After my vision from Torth, me and the chief, my master of sails, and my right hand left following a second sighting of the watcher by me, sailed north where we discovered a harbor. Before arriving that harbor, the Watcher harassed us and demanded we return what was taken." He grows quiet, reaching for a glass of rum to wet his throat, "We pushed through and saw a harbor we wish to settle and across from it, on a seperate island," He interrupts himself and points to the picture, "There, the watcher spoke to me again and told me about the Sirens who attacked us when we moved from the ships to land. The Watcher told me that the spear that was taken from the whale belongs to them, the Sirens, who attacked us underwater using a high pitch. The watcher itself has complete domain of water."

Selandriel:gives Talien a nod. "I want to talk to Volith about it, but we don't object to such a thing. We just want to make sure that visits are limited until the proper authorities can get the information that they needed. It looked like they grounded it.. and swam off. There was nothing left behind to indicate that anyone died in that location. Doesn't mean that the fish didn't get them, though, either."

Darinel does sit up a bit when the flagship is mentioned. "I know my mother took it rather hard when she heard about the Ithiriel's passing. She was very near to dying herself from sickness. I second the Admiral's interest in what might have been there, though mostly for my mother's sake." A pause, "Do you know where Marindur would like to turn its attention next? We'll be neighbors, so I definitely don't want to step onto your toes if you're looking to explore a particular area." She then grows quiet as Octalin starts explaining his discoveries.

Vindal listens with interest as everybody speaks, and when Octalin finishes he speaks up. "Though the spear is not the only thing that was taken," Vindal says. "There is also the matter of a sword which I retrieved from the water north of the island shortly after we arrived. It seems to belong to the Watcher, as it's inscribed 'Steward of the Seas' in Celestial."

Octalin nods, bowing his head respectfully to Vindal, "Yes, the Watcher made it clear that the spear was not their interest and in all times we encountered it, it gave us a warning. It is my understanding that if it wished to hurt us, it could have."

Selandriel squeezes Vindal's hand and then looks back at Darinel. "We don't want to only stay at the coast. If it works with you, Kinlessa, I would like Marindur to take the south bank of the river and work up to the west. Will that work with what you are planning?"

Elleth nods silently as she listens to Octalin and Vindal speak - the issue of the Watcher being what has consumed her day and night. She will busy herself with exploration and expansion once the people of Aeran are safe. She doesn't speaks and keeps her council to herself, knowing if they want her opinion they will call upon her.

Darinel glances between Vidal and Octalin, then hazards to ask. "So it is the sword they are looking to gain back? Or is it something else?" Then Selendriel is grabbing her attention again. "I think we might be able to make some sort of arrangement to make that work, but that's a conversation outside of this particular meeting." Which is to say, there's a good chance she's willing to work that out.

Talien nods to Selandriel, "My thinking exactly. The Trident will begin working with House Marindur on beginning said investigation. Thank you for your agreement, Kinlessa." The Admiral's expression tightens just slightly as Octalin retells his efforts and findings. His gaze flicks momentarily to his brother before he speaks up. "It has come to my attention that some have been... less than enthusiastic with the way the disseminating of the information regarding the Watchers was handled. Without casting any blame, I would like to request that any further discoveries of such magnitude be brought before the Trident as soon as elvenly possible, so that we, as a people, may react accordingly. I have received word for some members of our kin who have gone so far as to feel the information was kept from them, and I simply wish to avoid such in the future." He looks around at everyone gathered for agreement, or not, as to this proposition.

Selandriel clears her throat and she looks at Vindal and then at the others. "I heard it once. The shriek. It knocked me cold and I woke up on shore. Something rescued me. I woke up on the shore and I was alive, obviously. It was not a comfortable experience. They need only shriek to kill us all en mass."

Talien's visage darkens as Selandriel shares her experience, and he reaches up to run a hand into his short-cropped hair.

Vindal glances toward Octalin, and then back toward Darinel. "It is my understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong, Kinlector, that the _Watcher_ wishes the return of the sword, but the Sirens wish the return of the spear."

Darinel gives Vidal a thankful look. "Which leads to - are the Watchers and the Sirens working together or against one another? I think that might be an important thing to know, particularly when strategizing. And," she looks to Selandriel. "Do you think it possible that stuffing ones ears from wax plugs would help against their screams?"

Selandriel shakes her head at the question. "I don't think so. It was the vibration as well as the sound. Not as strong, but I would not think that we could easily take them on."

Octalin frowns to Admiral, "The second we arrive, House Nerea submitted a report to first leadership of Aeran and second leadership. I then was approached by Vindal and Elleth." He takes another sip of his rum and says, "I will never pass information to the left or the right." Turning to the two kinlessas, "That responsibility falls on Aeran and Aeran alone. We need to consider the effect news may have on the population and our neighbors. No info was withheld from my part. When asked, it was freely given but if we do what we want without consulting Aeran first, then what is the point of Aeran? That includes how information is processed. We do not have all the pieces to start creating panic." Octalin sits down and says to Darinel, "The Watcher does not care about the Sirens. My impression was that to it, they are just like us, another set of bugs."

Octalin says, "The spear belongs to the Sirens, the sword belongs to the Watcher or Guardian of the Seas."

Octalin raises his hand interrupting, "And our tattoos protect us from the screeching or at least that is what happened to me and Shakian. Protected is used loosely but it helped us swim out of their effect."

"As I said, Kinlector, my words were in no way an attempt to cast blame upon anyone present, or anyone otherwise. What's done is done, and what's important is what we do from this point forward. That being said, what I've told you all about being approached by concerned citizens regarding the matter is true, and it is true that I, personally, did not hear of the report for some time. From my perspective, it was a series of misunderstandings which fall on no individual's head which lead to what occurred. All I ask is that information of such importance be brought directly, immediately, before a member of the Trident - myself, Velandria, or Rythadrien in the future."

Darinel raises a brow ever so slightly at Octalin. She thins her lips together just so, but doesn't comment. "So, we're actually looking at two very different potential battlefronts. The Watchers who are the keepers of the sea, and the Sirens who are - other, and have different motivations. That's very different than what anyone else has faced." And this causes her brow to draw down in concern. She looks to Talien the, and includes Vindal in her look as he is a Second among the Trident and speaks for the Wave Speaker in her mother's absence, "Does this mean we're also handling them at the same time, or are we dealing with the Watcher first, and then focusing on the Sirens depending on how the Watchers react?" Soooo many questions!

Elleth speaks up for the first time in a while, her voice a bit hoarse, probably from shouting orders. "Kinlector Octalin, is the spear magical? What I mean to ask is, would we be handing the Sirens back something that they could then use against us? If it is purely sentimental then I see no harm in returning it. But perhaps the Gods saw fit that they not have it in their possession which is why it ended up in ours." She says this in a very neutral manner, more curious than anything on others opinion.

"I am presently working to ascertain exactly the answer to that question, Captain," Vindal says. "Both with regards to the spear and the sword. It is our intent to return what's theirs to each of them, as a show of good faith. But," he pauses, glancing toward his brother. "We want to know what it is we're giving back."

Talien raises his hand and gestures to Elleth, "I had similar questions regarding these artifacts and their potential usage. The idea of returning a potential weapon to our potential enemies is, according to most military doctrine you will find, generally not a wise decision. I have requested of my brother that the artifacts be examined for potential uses beyond the obvious."

Octalin gestures a motion of surrender, bowing his head in submission but turns away to fill his glass with more drink, taking a swig before sitting back to nurse it. His attention drifts about the others and their questions. He looks to Talien and Vindal first before saying to Darinel, "The Sirens are of less priority. Yes, they make swimming dangerous but are no-where near the multitude of damage a Watcher may cause. It should be imperative that we resolve our issues with them and it told us what it wants for it to leave us alone and that is the sword which we intend to return it. The Sirens are a wild card but I believe we can communicate with them. They speak a strange but familiar language that I think is celestial. With the spear, we could try to open a channel of dialog and both can be done at the same time." He shrugs to Elleth, "I do not believe the spear is magical, no."

Lucrezia enters quietly, shuffling to the back of the room with parchment in hand.

"I am curious, too, as it sounds as if the Faenor and Duindar both faced Watchers who could create or recruit minions of some sort or another," Vindal says. "Are you sure the Watcher was entirely disinterested in the Sirens, Kinlector?"

Octalin nods to Vindal, "We lost the watcher and were able to summon it to us - that was when we discovered that the spear was not the item in question. It explicitly told us to forget about what the Siren wants and focus on what it wants, which was, their words, what the Wave Speaker took."

Octalin says, "It got annoyed."

Darinel nods to Octalin, her expression thankful for the information. "I am helping the Lorandi with their Watcher problem, in a fashion, offering them resources and such to put to good use. In return, High Priest Rawlin has offered to teach any Aeran that wishes to learn the Celestial language so we can better communicate with our Watcher." She seems to have run out of tactical questions to ask with regards to the Aeran Watcher situation. Though, she does ask, "Where would House Nerea like to explore next, once / when / if we resolve the Watcher and/or Siren situation?"

Talien glances towards Lucrezia as she enters, nodding once in her direction before refocusing. "We do seem to find ourselves in a unique situation compared to the other kinships, yes. The potential power of a being that can control water is nearly unfathomable with that being surrounded by nothing but water." He reaches up to rub at his eyes a little, sighing. "We need more information."

Talien opens his eyes after a moment and looks towards Vindal, "You said the sword's inscription was 'Steward of the Seas,' correct?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucrezia before departing.

Talien says, "I've spent no small amount of time wondering whether that refers to either the powers of the owner of the object, or the powers of the object itself...""

Vindal nods. "It's an interesting question. One which I am investigating in the time between now and when we take it back. That said," he glances toward Octalin. "It sounds as though the Watcher has a fearsome command of the sea without it."

Octalin clears his throat again and says, "We intend to secure the harbor and prepare it to support the expedition parties of the other families. The island across it has no use but I think, a lighthouse would be great there so that it could serve as our forward observer to dangers coming into the delta. House Nerea's objectives are in settling the harbor so further exploration hasn't really been discussed among us." He clears his throat, "We have a great opportunity here of creating an alliance with this Steward of the Seas and hopefully the Sirens as well. They could just be another kind of elf... Or Aeran. We have the opportunity of righting our wrongs and not starting our story with blood but with peace."

Talien sighs and nods his head, "That does seem to be the case, yes." He pauses, then looks around to each face at the table. "I won't lie to any of you - the chances of us, militarily, defeating such an opponent, with such powers in its own territory are... grim, at best. Our people have had the ability to dive beneath the waves for nearly no time at all, in the scheme of things. It is my opinion that we must do everything we can to proceed diplomatically, at least in regards to the Watcher. That being said, as my brother noted, it will do no harm in finding out just what we are returning before we return it."

Octalin bows politely to Talien, "Thank you Admiral."

"I think a diplomatic approach is a smart idea, in no small part because if we can gain the Watcher as an ally, he'd be a pretty good ally to have on hand in times of trouble. We could work together to defeat raiding foes. Potential pirates. And," though Darinel doesn't like to invite trouble usually, she adds more quietly. "the Host, should it come to our shores."

Talien's lips curl downwards immediately as the word 'Host' is spoken.

Octalin scoffs, "Attacking Lorawin would not be a simple effort. At a minimum, it would be costly. I made sure of that." He says, disarming the talk of host and raiding parties.

Elleth nods as the talk turns to keeping their approach diplomatic. She fidgets with the scroll in front of her for a moment, only a brow raising when Octalin makes his statement.

Darinel turns her attention then to Talien. "I think we've all a better understanding of what House Nerea has found. As House Reymar's representative, is there anything you'd like to share in terms of exploration as its Second in command, Admiral. Or, at least places you'd like to look to next so we neighbors do not wrest anything away mistakenly?"

"... As to these so-called Sirens," Talien begins again, after a moment's pause, "I believe more information is required before any steps are taken in regards to them, diplomatically or militarily. Again, the idea of fighting a foe who lives in the water in that territory... it won't end particularly well." He looks towards Octalin, then, and nods. "Our chances are considerably better from a defensive perspective, yes." He looks up into the gallery, towards Lucrezia. "My sister is taking efforts to ensure this, as well."

His attention turns towards Darinel, then, and he nods to her. "By all means, Kinlessa. Unfortunately for house Reymar, our expedition was not nearly so exciting as the rest. We attempted to follow the northern coast but were caught in a storm and blow rather wildly off course. We did, for what it's worth, discover these lovely creatures, however." He gestures to the various eelhounds in the chamber. "Next, House Reymar will reattempt our initial goal, with the aim of finding a defensible position to set down a keep. In the long term, I would like our House to continue along the coast, potentially connecting us with the Thalerith's new port settlement."

Octalin has his attention drawn when Thalerith is mention, he smiles and nods approvingly.

Lucrezia makes notes as she listens to the meeting, nodding along.

Vindal smirks at his brother's remark. Yes. Connecting with the Thalerith's new settlement.

Elleth covers her smirk with her hand and says nothing.

Talien just... purses his lips, and shakes his head a little.

Darinel gives Talien an approving look; not that he needed her approving look, but he has it none the less! "I certainly think that's an excellent plan. It also allows us to define borders along the sea with them, or. . . at least hopefully!" She tries to put a cheerful spin on it. It's probably not her best attempt. Then she sees Vindal gesturing her way and she inclines her head to him. "Yes, Wave Whisperer?" she asks.

Talien speaks up before Vindal can answer, "That is a concern as well, Kinlessa - the quicker we move down the coast, the more territory we can potentially claim, as opposed to the Thalerith."

Lucrezia raises a hand hesitantly. "If I could take a brief moment, kinlectorae?"

Talien looks up, and gestures to Lucrezia.

Darinel nods to acknowledge Talien's words. "Indeed. With hope we'll not need to fight over that last bit of land claimed along the coast." That's a worry certainly been nagging at her. She glances over at Lucrezia. "I believe Wave Whisper Vindal had something he wished to bring up. After he goes, we'll be glad to hear from you."

Talien reaches up to massage the bridge of his nose with two fingers.

Vindal glances toward his brother, and then his sister, and then Darinel. "In this, I come before you as both Wave Whisperer and an Elder of Aereth's priesthood. My cousin, and Initiate, Sister Nalaea Reymar, was blessed with a vision from Our Lady Aereth. She was exhorted to explore south along the coast past the river delta." He glances toward Selandriel, and then back toward the others. "We would like to, with the help of the houses, launch and expedition on behalf of the Priesthood, to seek what it is She wishes us to find." Beat. "Perhaps to build a holy site."

Talien looks up as Vindal speaks, looking momentarily relieved. "It is quite the vision, having heard it from her," he agrees. "As a side note regarding Nalaea, she has been named by the Trident as the ambassador of the Aeran people to Thelos, and her ideas regarding exploration are fully supported."

Octalin nods, "I made the offer to Agis before he left but I will make it to you all of the faith, House Nerea will support faith in whatever expedition they wish to partake. Though the south is more in the realms of you two Kinlessas, we wish to help but will especially fund any trip to the island across the delta once the situation has been taken cared of."

Selandriel p

Lucrezia says, "It's possible no one knows this yet, but--is anyone aware if the sirens or watchers are followers of Aereth? Or any gods?"

Talien raises his brows, glancing at the others silently.

Octalin looks to Lucrezia and says, "Torth revealed the Steward of the Seas to me in a vision the second time I saw it."

Octalin says, "It is why I am so inclined to see this taken cared of."

Darinel listens to Vindal with a light expression, then glances over at Selandriel, then back again. "I think we might be able to work something out. House Alcaldia strongly supports Aereth, as you know, with my cousin Tykalos and my mother being quite involved with her." A pause, then she looks over to Lucrezia. "High Priest Rawlin mentioned that the Watchers are tied to the Oracles of the Gods today, so there is a strong possibility that ours is tied to the Oracle of Aereth. He and I were discussing the Watchers as the Lorandi are accepting outside aid, and House Alcaldia is giving it."

Darinel adds to Lucrezia, "And, of course, you are also free to bring up your matter now that Wave Whisper Vindal's is requested."

Lucrezia nods. "I see. Sometimes a shared faith enough to bridge a diplomatic gap, if there is one." Shrugging hopefully, she smiles at Vindal. "Of course I expect the mission for Aereth to be blessed and go well."

Lucrezia says, "Oh, yes." She shuffles her parchment a moment. "I appreciate the support you've shown, individually and collectively for the civil defense preparations. Please, don't hesitate to speak with me if you have specific concerns about your people who may need evacuation. I do have one very specific need, if anyone can help--I'm looking for a prestidigationist who is not otherwise engaged in the fighting or diplomatic efforts in this, and will be staying in the city. If you know of one, please, I need to speak with them as soon as possible. Secondly, I'd like to remind everyone who has been or will be engaged shortly in exploratory expeditions--please send me a report for the harbor log, so we can build the official map giving appropriate credit to the explorers. I've received reports from House Marindur, but not House Nerea or Alcaldia." Lucrezia smiles pleasantly. "I know it's a busy time, but the sooner we write the logs, the more accurate they'll be."

Octalin bows his head to Lucrezia, "I will make sure you have ours, once we have resolved this issue. We want to be well informed."

Artemis, a green-winged macaw parrot arrives, following Rythadrien.

"Having mentioned the Lorandi," Talien speaks up, glancing around. "I have been in contact, and working with, their King for some time, now. The two of us have agreed to a formal military alliance between our kinships. I believe his closing words were something along the lines of, 'the Lorandi will not see Lorawin fall, even if we have to march to the coast ourselves." He looks to each face in turn, watching their reactions.

Octalin nods to Talien, "The Lorandi has been very involved in our matters. I have a good feeling about our future cooperations."

Vindal dips his head toward all of those gathered, smiling at the reception of his request. He'll surely follow up more later. His attention then turns toward his sister, and then his brother, listening to them.

Lucrezia says, "Thank you, Kinlector Nerea."

Elleth glances over to Talien, nods, then her eyes are back on her hands.

There's nothing like making an entrance with a parrot in your wake. Ryth throws open the doors and saunters in to the Hall, thumbs hooked in his belt. "All right, loves," he drawls, a grin lying crooked on his lips, "Who missed me?"

Octalin raises his hand, "Left me stranded, brother. Even took out the nice bottle for our card games."

"I will send the notes that I shared this evening with the rest of the Heads of Household. While having reports to look back on are good, sometimes it's also beneficial to just talk about things too, so we can later work out potential negotiations over land matters people have explored." Darinel casts a look in Selandriel's direction as she says this, as an example of such a thing that might be taking place. She looks back to Talien when he speaks, and doesn't seem surprised at the comment for alliance. "I have heard a time or two that the Lorandi were interested in allying with the Aeran people. They've also offered us aid, or at least through High Priest Rawlin, beyond just teaching people Celestial. They are willing to set up triage tents and other such things in Thelos should we have need as we handle our own issue with the Watchers here, much like I'll be helping them. Lord Zedmir also offered aid. So, it might be considered if we wish someone to coordinate outside aid as well, if we're open to it. If anything, it'll allow us to accept additional resources to be put to use for various projects."

The grin doesn't fade as Ryth crosses to Octalin; he embraces the other elf with real affection. He keeps an arm slung around his shoulders as he turns to Darinel, listening intently.

Lucrezia smiles, inclining her head to the Chief, blue eyes sparkling. "Chief. I'll have notes on your desk tomorrow morning."

Ryth lifts his chin at Lucrezia, tossing her a wink. "I had no doubt, darling."

Octalin hugs his brother with his one arm, offering his glass up to him, "Sit down Chief, this is a formal meeting."

Talien looks up from the table to Rythadrien as he speaks up, offering him a slight nod. "Chieftan. Good to see you up and about again." He turns his attention towards Darinel, then, and nods to her. "You will be fully supported by the Trident..." he pauses, and glances towards Rythadrien, "As I imagine the Chief will agree, in any efforts to provide help to the Lorandi, or any of the other kinships, as it is needed. The High Priest's efforts are noted, and greatly appreciated - I will take the time to thank him personally."

Darinel grins at Octalin. "That's just about to end. Considering we've been at this for two and a half hours, I was about to call it, unless anyone has anything else they want to bring up?" She nods an acknowledgement to Talien's words. "Thank you. And I'm sure he'll be glad to hear of it as well."

Elleth shakes her head once to show she has nothing to add.

Obedient, Ryth slides languidly into a seat. His attention lingers on Talien, brow furrowing in thought. He nods, then. "Yes, Of course. I wouldn't deny aid, especially on such wise counsel."

Vindal likewise shakes his head. Nothing more from the Wave Whisperer or Marindur.

Octalin nods, nothing for him to add.

Lucrezia shakes her head too, uncertain if she's being asked, but not wanting to hold things up.

Darinel's eyes slowly go around the room as she waits for all the house reps to chime in or not as they are wont to do. "Excellent," she says, after the majority indicate there's nothing more to be said. "And, I want to remind you all there's a meet and greet mixer again tomorrow evening now that I'm no longer buried in miles of paperwork and can see over the top of my desk once more. Hopefully, I won't disappear again and have Shakien haphazardly end up hosting in my stead." She blushes a bit, as that happened the last few times.

Talien shakes his head, "I believe that covers everything." He pauses a beat, then adds, "Though I would like to remind everyone that, for safety reasons, it has been asked that any efforts to explore the area known to be inhabited by the Watcher be brought before the Trident, as well as any further efforts to communicate with it."

Darinel hastily adds, "Meeting adjourned."

Octalin nods to Talien, understanding.

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