Ladies' Night III

Another Ladies' Night at the Cascade Terrace Tea! If a gentleman decides to drop by uninvited, please expect teasing!


July 23, 2019, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Celenia Lucrezia


Gureylain Kiros Luthien



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Cascade Terrace Tea - Tea Gallery

Largesse Level



It's early evening, and the soon-to-be-renamed Ladies' Night is just beginning. Celenia Laenorin has spoken to the owners of the Cascade Terrace Tea Gallery and asked if she could have Ladies' Night here again. They agreed. There's a lot more seating in the place tonight, and the redheaded hostess is dressed in a pair of leggings and a tunic. Her long hair is braided around her head like a crown.

She sits near the window, waiting patiently for people to arrive. She already has some tea, a black tea with apricot in it as opposed to her usual herbal fare.

Lucrezia bounces inside, her dark curls running down her back as she looks around the room, seeing Celenia and waving as she comes to sit by her. "Oh good, you're here. How are -things-?"

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The room is filled with more seating and the tables are briefly rearranged for Ladies' Night, to allow clusters of people to form.

Idril, a large Faenor snow wolf, Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny, Trixie, a playful little ice elemental arrive, following Luthien.

Did he know it was Ladies Night? No. The tea-house looked clear so it was likely a good time for a cup, that wouldn't dull his thoughts at least. Gureylain flows into the gallery like smoke, pausing at the lack of... well most patrons and it being only a... few... hmmm.
His hood is up and his face is shadowed while the cloak itself hangs as if it were weighted, concealing all of him as it pools about the floor. He remains stock still for the moment... and then decides to enter, flowing into the gallery and begins looking for a seat.

Kiros is quiet as they enter, looking around nervously at the crowd. They offer shy smiles and nods, but seem set on slipping off to the side to watch people come in, for now. They're wearing a long pink and purple dress, hands and forearms covered with gloves, with a few small flowers braided into their hair around one ear.

Celenia waves to those incoming, before smiling at Lucrezia. "Things? Things are well, but I don't understand why you're stressing the word," she says, laughing. Then she waves Kiros over. "Hey, you're Kiros, right? C'mon in, have a seat," she says warmly, before nodding to Gureylain.

Lucrezia gestures to the newcomers--smokey gent and flowerfriend. "Come join us! I'm Lucrezia." Turning back to Celenia, she sighs dramatically. "I think I'm just desperate for gossip. Stories, rumors--anything."

Luthien comes in with her entourage of a happy little snowflake, her wolf, and her little bunny. She spies one person she knows - Gureylain. "Hey Gureylain!" she calls out. "What's good?" She gives the others a shy smile, running a hand through her short hair. "I thought I'd try to meet some new folk. Hi. I'm Luthien."

Kiros nods towards Celenia, smiling softly. "Um--yeah. Kiros." They inch closer to the others, picking up one of the teacups to hold between their hands, though mostly just to have something to fidget with. "Nice to meet you all..."

"I'm Celenia," She says to Kiros and Luthien. "Come in, sit." And then she smiles at Lucrezia. "I don't know any new hot gossip." She shrugs, laughing a little. "And I probably can't stay long tonight. Sorry, friend." She squeezes Lucrezia's hand gently, before sipping at her tea. "Order what you'd like. Gureylain, that includes you. The bill is on me tonight."

Lucrezia says, "I'll take what I can get--even a little gossip is better than none."

"Just hot water and a cup for me... I make my own." number of pouches set on the table and a bit of muslin cloth. "If anyone wishes to peruse... I collect constantly, and am happy to share." looking to those who don't know him, "Gureylain of Rylanth... My apologies." waiting until all are seated before he dares.

"I got Zaltar to eat goats balls soup? Is that... gossip?" asks Luthien. She orders a mead, and says, "Thanks, Celenia! Nice to meet you!"

"Goat balls? Like the eggs a goat hatches from?" She receives a cup of green tea with a smile to the server. "Gureylain--what kind of deliciousness are you keeping to yourself? Is it like that Duindar leaf? I keep wanting to try that..."

Celenia grins ruefully at Luce. Then she nods at everyone and leans back, a small smile on her face, as she watches the genteel chaos unfold.

Kiros sips their tea, distracted momentarily looking at Luthien's ice elemental, smiling brightly. Apparently more interested in the elemental than the animals. Inside their purse is movement--and out wiggles their own little tree elemental, covered in pink and white flowers. It clutches onto a length of colorful ribbon. Though the mention of goat ball soup has Kiros coughing in surprise, trying not to laugh.

"No, like... when you see a male goat walk, and he's got his dangles waddling?" explains Luthien. "I'm sorry, I breed animals and ... anyway! You can make a soup out of those. Most people are afraid to eat it, but he said he'd try it." She holds her hands in the position of said danglings, in case it wasn't clear. Trixie is shining and sparkling her brightest1

Lucrezia covers a giggle. "Oh, dear. Oh no." She dissolves into blushing laughter.

"There is a tea that grows in the forests, near spring, south and west of Torendaar..." Gureylain indicates one pouch, "I cut and dry it..." and he begins going from pouch to pouch, naming off what is available while a bony hand points. "The last of the early spring wintermint blueberries, raspberries, strawberry, winter honey - when it's thickest and richest - still in some comb. Sugar-leaf, a bit of cocoa..." he pauses momentarily at goat ball soup, whatever expression had lost in the shadows of the hood. "Er... maple sugar. "I like variance in my tea... please help yourself to any, I have plenty of cloth for steeping pouches.

Kiros looks over at Gureylain and smiles softly. "That... sounds nice." Then to Luthien, "It sounds like an... interesting dish..."

"I mean. It's actually a pretty good stew. I don't like to waste any of the animals I hunt. It has parsnips and winter carrots and it's actually pretty good when you're hungover, if you can get past the chewiness." Luthien smiles gamely, and then looks at Gureylain. "It sounds pretty good. It's not mead, for certain, but... I'll try some if you're sharing!" she says, asking the attendant for a cup of hot water.

Lucrezia says, "Mmm, and you gather these ingredients all yourself? That's most industrious. Here I thought all the Lorandi just did needlepoint and gave each other titles."

"I spend more time in the woods and fields than inside walls and parlors. I eat and drink in forest... I carry no provisions in, but usually walk out with a fair amount" there is a smile in Gureylain's tone, "And I enjoy tea, especially in the wild. When you can only get mostly warm, regardless of the fire and the shelter. Hot cup, better than a bonfire sometimes."

Luthien giggles at Lucrezia. "The Lorandi are good hunters though," she says. "Or at least this one is. Did you know he can throw two arrows at once hitting two different targets set far apart? You're so modest Gureylain! But don't you have a fancy title?" she asks.

"Do you?" Lucrezia asks, batting her eyelashes over her cup of tea.

There is a moment, and Gureylain allows himself a sigh, "I have been given title." prepping his own tea bag and setting it in his cup to steep. Lips pursing as he leans, allowing his hood to fall back, showing his face to be recovering from gaunt and starved to just drawn and exhausted. Dabbing a pinky in his honey and then the maple sugar before tucking the combination in the corner of his mouth.

Lucrezia sips her tea as the crowd thins out. "Well, that's impressive, I suppose. I can only spear one fish at a time."

"I mean, I think it's what happens in the Lorandi, yeah?" She smiles at Lucrezia. "Spearing fish must be great! I like archery. And spears. I like hunting in general, though I'm a master animal trainer," she says. She finishes her mead and stretches out.

"It all depends in the Lorandi, if they feel you're warranted title." Gureylain shrugs bobbing the tea bag, casually. "I've never spear fished, personally. I'm going to go on a bear hunt soon though. Good meat, better fur."

"BRING ME!" says Luthien excitedly. "I've never hunted bear! When can we go? You wanna go now? We can all go!"

Lucrezia giggles. "Bears. Like sharks with fur. They must look so silly."

Idril, a large Faenor snow wolf, Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny, Trixie, a playful little ice elemental leave, following Luthien.

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