Gureylain's Initiation Ceremony

Lord Gureylain Rylanth wishes to join the ranks of the Priesthood of Brundir. Join the High Priestess Ayalith Sedriel for the ceremony to welcome him into the fold.


July 8, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Katara Rawlin Arminel Caelia Seren Dunlain Gureylain Qahir



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Shrine of Brundir

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As the hour of Gureylain's initiation approaches, the temple is cast in a soft morning glow from the open ceiling above. The sun is not visible above, but the fraction of light casts an almost magical spell over the interior of the shrine. The high priestess stands near the door, a bright smile at her lips, clad in her blue robes that signify the order. She greets those who filter in, welcomes them, indicates chairs lining the outer rim. The Shrine itself has been altered little, save for the placement of a Globe of Stars at the center on a small pedestal.

King Wisequack the duck arrives, following Arminel.

Katara had made their way into the space. The priest/ess wore their own robes - that of Acharon's group. They settled as they would into the lower chairs, staff over their lap to give them plenty of space.

Rawlin stands off to one side with Chubbles on a leash in one hand, Loranna the lioness seated next to him, and then Tiris the owl perched upon one shoulder. He is also very clearly wearing a marriage circlet. He glances to the side as if awaiting the arrival of someone, all while still giving Gureylain proud little glances. As for his animal friends, Tiris and Chubbles both seem to be napping, but Loranna has a half-lidded gaze as she looks forward.

Arminel arrives, ducking through the doorway a few moments before the ceremony is set to begin. Perched atop his shoulder, as though it were a perfectly normal thing, is an absolutely -adorable- little duck, covered in white feathers, sporting a brilliant yellow beak. The little creature makes an occasional 'quack' sound, as wonderfully charming as it is, usually when the Lorandi is just speaking to greet someone. The Serannar simply ignores the noises, as though this were an entirely normal thing, moving to select a seat nearby Rawlin and the Rylanth's small menagerie.

Caelia arrives in a owl on her shoulder and while adorned in her very simple clothing. She peek over the temple and has a gentle dimpled-smile that touches her brown eyes. Her brown hair is gathered int a braid. Even her leggings are brown.

Not far behind Rawlin, Seren arrives with Orole upon her own shoulder. She pauses to look about and smiles as she spots the King and Rawlin before heading their way. Her own circlet matches the one upon Rawlin's brow, the dreamstone glimmers, shimmering with its own light. "Your Highness," she greets Arminel as she gets close and then slowly lowers to settle down beside the High Priest, her hands moving to smooth her skirts her gaze lingers on him as she leans in to greet him with a kiss to his cheek an a few soft words. Her hand lifts and she motions Caelia over towards them.

"Welcome," Ayalith greets those still filtering in with a friendly smile. Rawlin is given an extra little wave as he moves to the side. Katara is nodded to. "We will begin shortly," she offers to another who moves past. And that shortly is apparently now-ish, and she turns to leave her post at the door... just as Arminel and his adorable little duck make themselves known with a quack. The high priestess laughs, the sound quick and short, and her hand flies up to cover her mouth as she pretends to cough. "Apologies," she murmurs through twitching lips that threaten to turn into a full grin as she turns to make her way toward the center of the shrine. She stands beside the pedestal, composing herself quite nicely with the smoothing of hands over her robes and a few deep breaths. Once handled, she smiles and her voice lifts to fill the hall, "Welcome all to the initiation of Lord Gureylain Rylanth. He seeks to join the Priesthood of Brundir, and should he accept the responsibility set before him today, we will welcome him with open arms."

Arminel casts Seren a smile, dipping his head a polite greeting to the Rylanth. "Lady Seren," he greets, a knowing, amused sort of smile to his features. He leans to give Rawlin a slight nudge to the shoulder. "Wake up, she's here," the King stage-whispers.

"Quack," agrees the duck.

Dunlain slips in behind elves, owls, and others and finds a place near the back of the temple. He's gently dusting off his Templar tabard and has a small sack that he sets down with a glass *clink* between his feet.

Standing where he can look up into the opening in the cieling is Gureylain, his hood and cloak off for a change. Hands folded before him and still save for the periodic blink of the eye and twitch of his lips as he speaks wordlessly.
His cat stands nearby, but for once she is still, large eyes slitted tight in the light, tail flicking and purring happily. When Ayalith speaks he turns towards her, face impassive though there's a tension in his posture that belies the liklihood of tightly controlled emotion.

Katara tap-tap-taps the wood of the staff in their lap. The blind one only tilts their heads at the sounds around them before they focus on Ayalith's voice. A little smirk plays against their lips.

Nobu, Favored Lizard arrives, following Qahir.

Rawlin stares at Arminel and his duck companion before giving a slight shake of his head. Then seeing Seren approach, he holds out an arm and smiles to her before leaning in and kissing her cheek and murmuring a few quiet words. Then it is beginning and he turns to watch Ayalith and Gureylain, a proud smile crossing his features.

Once most have found their seats, Ayalith continues the ceremony. Throughout, she wears a warm expression, clearly pleased that another joins the forces of Brundir. She looks fondly toward Gureylain at intervals, a hint of pride for the much older elf. "Before he even expressed interest in joining the order, Gureylain left this globe in the shrine," Ayalith says, touching a hand lightly to the beautifully crafted globe beside her as she speaks. "He has spent much time beneath the stars in his journeys through the forest, marveling at the glory of Brundir, and using his inspiration to bring this for others to enjoy. Already, before he even had an official responsibility, he wished to honor Brundir." She pauses to let the wonder of the globe take center stage for the moment, stepping aside so that all might see. "Is this not the type of elf any shrine would be blessed with having?" she asks, although not really a question she needs an answer to. "Gureylain, please step forward," she says at last, indicating that he should join her at the dead center.

Caelia has a gentle smile for Seren, starting in her direction and joining the Rylanths. She looks to Gureylain, looking all proud of him and excited for him. Her cheeks are a touch pink and her brown eyes are bright.

Likewise, Arminel's attention turns to the center of the shrine, gaze resting on the pair of figures there at the center of the ceremony. The duck atop his shoulder, however, waddles counter-clockwise, turning to stare loomingly at the Rylanth pair. It's beady, black little eyes stare unblinkingly at the two.

Glancing back at Arminel after he nudges Rawlin 'awake', Seren grins and then slides her arm into Rawlin's her gaze lifting to look back at Arminel. A brief wink is given before that laugh lines fade a bit at the quack. She coughs a bit, clearing her throat before she reaches her free hand over to Caelia when she joins them. "Cousin," she whispers to not interrupt Ayalith as she begins. She goes to squeeze Caelia's hand before releasing it an lifitng her had when Gureylain is called up.

Gureylain's eartips redden slightly at the comment on the globe, lips tightening into a line as he steps towards Ayalith as bidden. Hands falling to his side, taking a long breath as he braces himself. He's silent still, for now, corners of his mouth rising ever so slightly.

"The balance of our world, for both mortal and immortal alike, rests in Brundir's hands," Ayalith begins, reaching out to take both of Gureylain's, and to lift them so they hover like balances of their own between them, palms up, her own steadying beneath his. "He guides us and brings light into our world," she continues, glancing up toward the opening in the ceiling before adding, a touch of amusement to her tone, "both literally and figuratively. It is by his grace that the stars, our souls, shine. It is by his grace that the sun rises." She looks down to Gureylain again, smiling brightly, "He tends to the wheel. It is /our/ job, as priests of his order, to act as guardians to all he holds sacred."

Dunlain watches the goings, gently shifting in his seat and adjusting his tassets to better fit his position. When Gureylain is called up to the center, Dunlain's attention is fully on what's being said.

Qahir enters just a bit late, his amber gaze shot to and fro for a few beats. He eventually settles his attentions onto an empty chair, and he immediately sits himself down in it. He continues looking around for a few more moments, but all of his attention is set upon Ayalith and Gureylain as they speak.

Caelia gives Seren's hand a gentle squeeze in return. She listens to Ayalith, seeming with close attention. The girl does seem a bit baffled and the more empathic might realize she doesn't know much about the gods.

Rawlin doesn't look at the duck and its beady eyes. The duck that is staring at he and Seren. Or maybe it's more Seren it's staring at. Either way, he looks forward as the ceremony continues. At the mention of the globe, he shifts his gaze towards it and nods approvingly towards Old Elf Gureylain, and then he settles in to listen to the rest of the ceremony.

Hands remaining where they are placed, the old elf may possibly even make sure they're perfectly level out of habit, the grin growing a fraction as he nods to her words. Perhaps he is remaining a point of balance, old to young, initiate to high priest. Silent while she speaks. The Old Wolf of Rylanth keeps focused on Ayalith as she leads.

"Lord Gureylain Rylanth," Ayalith says his full name, titles and surname included for the formality of the ceremony. "In becoming an initiate of Brundir, you agree to commit your life to Brundir's service, to protect the sanctity of the soul, to look to the stars for guidance and knowledge, to work toward becoming a guardian of balance, to protect the honor of the Holy City." She pauses, olive gaze searching his (which has her craning her neck a bit because the old elf is tall), her hands still resting beneath his own. "Do you accept this burden?"

Katara regards the initiate at the potential to place this burden. Well, sort of. It's at least faced that general direction.

At the question, Gureylain's whiskey hued gaze remains on Ayalith as she questions him. Head canting to one side. He'd asked for this, talked of it, but when the question is posed he is forced to take a moment to weigh things out before he nods at last.

"I accept it."

No grand speech or exagerated gesture. A plain answer for a grand thing accepted. Perhaps another balance? For House Rylanth, and some others it should likely not be a surprise that such a thing be taken with such quiet acceptance.

Ayalith squeezes Gureylain's hands when he accepts, her smile widening. "Then we welcome you, Lord Gureylain Rylanth, Initiate of the Priesthood of Brundir." She steps takes a few steps back, hands falling away from his, and letting him stand at the center of the shrine, the glow of the morning sun a soft spotlight. "I ask that we all send our prayers to Brundir, asking that he bless Gureylain in this journey, and guide him on his path." Her head lowers, obviously engaging in a prayer of her own. Once all have had the chance to send their words to the god, she speaks again, "And since Brundir believes that there should be balance in all things, we should raise a toast to Initiate Gureylain." And with that, other initiates clad in yellow robes come out with trays of alcohol - whiskey, wine, rum, whatever tickles the fancy. She plucks a glass of wine from one herself, and lifts her glass in salute. "To Initiate Gureylain."

Ayalith is overheard praising Gureylain: The newest initiate!

Arminel continues to take in the scene before him; whether unaware, oblivious, or simply ambivalent about the behavior of the duck perched atop his shoulder. By now, the beady-eyed little terror has begun to tip-toe precipitously forward atop the King's shoulder, towards the Rylanth pair. It begins to lean, ever so slightly, in their direction.

Whatever the devious duck has planned is interrupted by the King standing and reaching for a passing glass of wine. "To Initiate Gureylain!" he calls out, a pleased smile on his features.

"Quack," echoes the duck.

Caelia is overheard praising Gureylain: Yay, following the god and super awesome!

Caelia is overheard praising Ayalith: Great Ceremony!

Dunlain watches intently as the ceremony continues, and when Gureylain paused, Dunlain had slid to the edge of his seat ever so unconsciously in anticipation of something amazingly news worthy to happen. But, alas, the old elf accepts in a humble and befitting of himself way. Dunlain then accepts a glass of whiskey when they come around and he raises his glass to salute as well, "To Initiate Gureylain." taking a drink when appropriate and then setting down the glass to clap loudly, at least there's cause for celebration in a positive light today.

Silence falls over the Rylanth section as Gureylain takes his oaths to Brundir, Seren's arm tightening upon Rawlin's at that very moment but she honesty can not help glancing down at the duck. She shifts a little, as if warring with the idea of returning that pupiless black gaze. Clearing her throat, Seren reaches out to take a drink as they move around. She lifts it up into the air an is amongst the other echoing Ayalith. "To Initiate Gureylain Rylanth."

Arminel is overheard praising Gureylain: Congratulations to the newest Initiate to Brundir's priesthood!

Rawlin smiles as Gureylain takes up his place in one of the priesthoods, even if it is one that suffers the presence of goats. He reaches towards the tray of drinks as it passes by and waits for Seren to do so as well before lifting it in the air. "To Initiate Gureylain, may he serve well!" Glancing to his wife he smiles at her and then drinks his wine. "Perhaps Initiate Gureylain would care to bless us with a speech?"

Rawlin is overheard praising Gureylain: To Initiate Gureylain!

Seren is overheard praising Gureylain: To Initiate Gureylain!

Katara is overheard praising Gureylain: Good to rise the the challenge of Acharon - to realize your potential.

Dunlain is overheard praising Gureylain: To Initiate Gureylain

"I think that would be quite appropriate," pipes up the other priest/ess.

Caelia ohhs softly. "Oh, a speech!" She says, seeming to like the idea of such. "That seems like a huge part of following the gods, knowing how to speak and give speeches." Caelia adds, but she likely doesn't really know.

Taking a glass of wine as a tray goes past, Gureylain blinks when he is asked to speak. Pausing and taking a brief sip, the Old Wolf turns his gaze ever so briefly to Rawlin before he looks about, making a clicking sound out of the corner of his mouth, ears perking as he checks for how the temples excellently designed accoustics carry sound.
"I existed without balance for long years, not realizing my need and perhaps even scoffing at the idea, perhaps that was where I was supposed to be to learn. As lives come and go, moments are their echo, joy and sorrow, rage and peace. Something comes into the skein of your life, and as the thread is pulled it eventually leaves."
He takes another sip from his goblet, looking at the others, "Balance has been something I sought for long years after threads came, were cut and tied off, to make way for others. Each has pulled me to the center though, when I would waver to one side or other. Balance is never truly achieved though, it is a goal but it's unobtainable nature becomes method to guide oneself and others. Am I leaning too far in one direction?"
Gureylain's expression returns to neutral once more, eyes seeking each out.
"I will never know balance but I will seek it, touch it, possibly see it, and I will aid others to the same, and acknowledge that the center of the path is that what keeps us where we should be, where we can't be... But where we must strive to take a step upon, when we can, to keep us from wavering too far to one side."
The glass of wine is finished, and the Old Wolf becomes still as stone, even his blinking halted.

Katara mutters, "By the gods, I think he finally died. The speech did him in."

Ayalith laughs softly as all of those gathered call for a speech, something she hadn't even required of the old elf. But then he steps up to the challenge, and she cheers by clapping one hand against the knuckles of her wine holding hand, careful not to spill. "Hear, hear," she says warmly, and takes another sip of her wine before moving to rejoin Gureylain. "Well said, Initiate," she uses his new title, touching his arm briefly. "Have another. Enjoy yourself." She steps away then, seemingly content to fade into the background a bit so that this moment is more his than hers, as it should be. She moves to join Eternity, who has been staring intently at a certain duck. Perhaps memory of a time when the two were both under one master's care still traumatizes the goat?

Arminel casts the old Rylanth a glad smile, dipping his head approvingly. The King takes another drink from the wineglass before settling down into his seat once more. His duck seems pleased by this, settling down atop his shoulder in a seat, almost in the same motion. "House Rylanth is represented well today," the Serannar comments, glancing back to the newlyweds at his side. "I'm sure the Marchioness would be proud."

Echo the Dusky Snow Wolf, Mirage the Silent Raven, Shiver the Boisterous Ice Elemental arrive, following Freyvidr.

Caelia listens to Gureylain's words, looking all impressed with her cousin. She eventually slips quietly out.

"Well said, Lord Initiate!" Rawlin calls out as the Old Wolf goes into quite a lovely speech. "May you serve Lord Brundir for many, many, many years and continue to help others as you have already been doing so." He quickly finishes his wine, hands it to an initiate and then removes his arm from Seren's and applauds the old woodself.

"Well said, cousin," Seren says, just loud enough to be hear after he finishes. She sips at her drink again and glances aside at Caelia as she slips out. "A family of quiet figures," she murmurs, "Well not anymore." This is said after she glances up at Rawlin, a knowing smile grows across her lips. Arminel's comment draws her gaze, the Regent giving a nod of her head. " is good to see so many of us out," she intones. She is far less quick to finish her wine, taking a sip from it once more to enjoy the flavor.

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