Laenorin Family Dinner II

Alexandria Laenorin, daughter of the First Citizen, is hosting a family dinner for the Laenorin family. Yes, she understands this involves crowds, and yes, she understands she might need to talk during the event. But, at least it's family, right? Dinner is meant to be a picnic of some of the best cooked meats around, hunted by Alexandria herself. Be there, or be square! Family friends are invited to attend as well.


July 21, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Celenia Kythaela Cordelia



Syreian Split - Isalspire - Laenorin Estates - Verdant Courtyard

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Eylam, the golden eagle arrives, following Celenia.

It's time for the Laenorin Family Dinner, and Alexandria was caught up in something or other and is late. But, undeterred, Celenia has decided to forge ahead with what meat's been caught already, along with the side dishes she can whip up super fast. She's a good cook, luckily! After the last dish has been set out, she sits with a plate and a goblet of wine, and sighs contentedly. Hard, harried work to be sure, but something worthwhile.

Kythaela would have helped with the cooking, but she can't cook. But she helped with the hauling to and fro and getting things ready in the dining area. She stands behind her sister as it's all done. "Take a break, sis. Are you doing ok?"

Cordelia climbs down from her second story balcony, lithely jumping from branch to branch to the courtyard below. Shes not much one for ceremony - especially with family affairs so shes dressed in her normal climbing gear.

Cordelia checked dexterity at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Celenia nods. "We're done, Kythaela," she says warmly. "I am going to sit, and eat, and everyone can come to me." She grins. "It was a lot, but I'm happy to have done it, and Alexandria will hopefully be pleased that things went on anyway." She watches Cordelia with a fond smile. "Hey, Cordelia," she calls to her. "Come eat."

Cordelia lands softly on her feet, her knees absorbing much of the shock of the final jump to the ground. She brushes the dust off of herself and smiles over as she is greeted. "Oh hello! Good evening to you both! I hope I am not too late." She finds a chair opposite of Celenia and sits with a sigh. "Wow this all looks increadible!"

Kythaela settles down next to Celenia and then looks up as Cordelia joins them. She nods at the other woman. "Hello. Dig in. I don't think we're resting on formality."

Celenia inclines her head. "Thanks. Alexandria is running late, so I kind of took initiative. In other words, you're not late at all," she says, smiling at Cordelia. She nods her head in agreement with Kythaela. "It's true. Come and go as you please, sit where you like! Just eat your fill and I'll be happy," she says.

Cordelia pours herself a generous amount of wine and grabs for a large roll. "Well this is splendid. I'm glad we were able to come together and at least share food and conversation. It's been far too long."

Kythaela reaches to start filling up her plate as well. "It really is. I appreciate being able to get together with all the craziness going on."

Celenia nods her agreement. "It has, I agree." And she smiles at Cordelia. Then she looks at her sister. "I haven't seen you in ages, speaking of. How are things?" She nods her agreement about the craziness, sipping from her wine and nibbling at food from her already-filled plate.

Cordelia nods in agreement to both as she munches on the roll and various foods to her plate as she listens. Her eyes dart about briefly to see if she catches anyone apporaching. She had hoped her sister would make the time for dinner and doubted the attendance of the perpetually gloomy Senator. The young elf doesn't dwell too long on this and focuses her attention back on her current company as they chat.

Kythaela looks up at Celenia in surprise. "Me? I went with Theleria on the diplomatic mission." She reaches down under the table and picks up a tree elemental and offers it to her sister. "The Watchers taught us how to summon these. It's name is Tamarisk."

Celenia smiles over at Cordelia. She's about to say something when she looks over at Kythaela's little tree elemental. She melts. "Oh, my goodness. May I hug you, Tamarisk?" Because she always asks first. Assuming things are sentient is one of her downfalls. If Tamarisk doesn't reply she'll look at her sister with big, hopeful eyes. "I should get one."

Cordelia leans across the table with great interest. "Oh wow! I had wondered where you had gotten that. It's delightful." She waits to see if it gives out hugs - looking on hopefully too.

The little tree looks at Kythaela and then walks over and holds up stick-like arms toward Celenia. "They don't talk. But they can understand basic things. I tried to teach it to stab people with its branches, but yeah, that didn't go well. But I have been working on delivering messages and things and that might be possible."

Celenia laughs and nods at her sister, even as she picks up Tamarisk and hugs him for a long moment. "You are adorable. Go hug Cordelia, now," she says, setting him down again. Then she looks up at Kythaela. "Only you would want a tree to stab someone." But her tone is fond.

Cordelia lets out an "Eeeee" of delight as the tiny tree grants her a leafy hug as well. "I simply must have one! Its so kind and cute!" she babbles and fusses over the little tree for a moment patting and fluffing its leaves for a moment before remembering that its not a doll and shes at dinner. Her cheeks flush and she clears her throat before hastily sipping her wine.

Kythaela nods to the elemental and it walks over, arms up to hug Cordelia as well. "They are not that smart." She grins at Celenia. "Well, it could be a sleeper to defend you if I could make that work. But I could not."

Celenia grins at Cordelia. "You're fine. Tamarisk is super cute, and I'm barely keeping from fawning oer him too." Then she looks to her sister. "Oi." She laughs. "I need to learn Abjuration."

Cordelia smiles gratefully over at both before continuing her meal. She nods in agreement with what Celenia says adding. "Yes I am barely getting the hang of restoration. Lu has tried to teach me some abjuration but nothing too serious."

Kythaela looks up at them both. "I know a bit of all of those, but I must admit that evocation is my foremost skill. I have been meaning to learn some prestidigitation."

"Oh, I'm fairly good at Restoration," Celenia says. There's the sparkle of a Thelos Healers' Guild brooch on her chest, after all. "But if you could teach me the beginnings of abjuration I wouldn't feel so... exposed, you know, sis? And I'll teach what I can of Restoration to you, Cordelia," she says, kindly.

Cordelia nods along and smiles. "Yes I am a fairly new intiate to the Priesthood of Gala so healing is something I hope to get better at."

Celenia nods at Cordelia. "That makes sense. And, congratulations on finding your path," the Priestess of Aereth says with warmth. "Excuse me..." she says. "Sis, if you're going to teach anyone anything, please let me help you." And she explains a few basic fine points of teaching.

Kythaela listens carefully to Celenia, her eyes watching her sister as she explains and she nods at various points. "OH, I see how that goes. I find myself underskilled in such matters. I have cadets to oversee."

Cordelia continues to eat and drink as she watches the two - one teaching the other. Some of it she understands - other bits go straight over her head but she gives her undivided attention nevertheless.

Celenia nods. "I'm happy to help," she says, smiling, before turning back to Cordelia. She smiles. "So, I know we're related somehow, even if distantly, Cordelia--we at least share a last name!--but I don't know much about you." Giving the woman the floor, as it were.

Cordelia flushes a little before speaking, she always gets embarrassed when talking about herself. "Oh erm yes. Well I'm Lu's - I mean Lukinas younger sister. We are the last direct family we have - Mother and Father perishing some time ago. But Eli tries - I mean Senator Elizaldian, our cousin, does offer us his company and council often. I in turn try to make him less sad." She figets a little and continues. "I feel bad that I do not know more of you two - Eli says I spend too much time in the trees."

Kythaela frowns at the sky as though noting the time and then reaches out for Tamarisk to sit on her shoulder as she stands. "I need to go take care of something. I will see you all soon. Please excuse me."

Celenia smiles kindly. "And I spend too much time in my books or the shrine. We all have foibles, Cordelia." But she offers her hand to the other woman. "Consider this invitation to drop into my room any time. You too, sis. We never talk," she adds. Waving to her sister, she then turns back to Cordelia.

Tamarisk, the tree elemental leaves, following Kythaela.

Cordelia nods and smiles. "Id like that very much. And if you ever want to go climbing you let me know. Some of the best views of the Spire are from up there." She points straight upwards and grins. "I almost have Eli convinced to join me for a sunrise. He's not much of an early riser." The young elf giggles a bit.

Celenia laughs. "I'd love to join you for a sunrise! I sleep at odd times so I may even be up for one soon," she says brightly.

Cordelia laughs a bit louder in return, a sound of her joy. "Brilliant! I will take you to the tree tops soon enough. I know we are all focusing our efforts on the repairs to the forests, but I promise to take you."

Celenia smiles warmly and catches Cordelia's hand if she's allowed. "I'd love to!" And she squeezes gently before letting go. "I am really getting tired, I'm afraid, but I've enjoyed this so much. Maybe I'll arrange the next one!" And she smiles at Cordelia.

Cordelia smiles and nods, squeezing her hand gently in return. She stands and stretches a sign that she too is realizing the time. "Yes I think rest is a good idea."

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