Cleansing of the Waters - The Duel - in Thelos

During the summer months, the Aeran have a tradition of gathering together in the waters that flow into the seal to perform a ritual of cleansing to wash away the wrongs they have done to others, and to ask Aereth and Garwen to help forgive one another and exchange gifts, apologies, and other offers of simple service. However, there are sometimes those who cannot forgive, or sometimes there are those that just enjoy the sport of the second half of the Cleansing of the Waters ceremony, and so they are asked to come together to either partake or witness in the duels about to take place.

Darinel Alcaldia invites members of the Kin to join her at the Mountain Peak for a Thelosian version of this holiday, where all may partake in the cleansing of the waters duels should they wish to do so.

Come prepared to work out your issues through friendly battle, or to enjoy a friendly battle of your own, in the tradition of the late Captain Diala Alcaldia and her first mate, Lortain Reymar. There will be drinking and bonfires, and the duelists will battle knee deep in the waters of the river until one party yields to the other. Try not to kill yourselves, it's happened before!


Aug. 2, 2019, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Darinel Tykalos





Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Waterfall Peak

Largesse Level



Shakian is only a few minutes late, with luck. He waves to Darinel. "How have you been?"

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