Pets on Parade

There is so much stress happening of late across Thelos and the kinships. Everyone truly, properly, needs something to relax and distract them. At least for an afternoon.

As such, Monstald is funding an evening at Cascade Terrace Tea for people to show off their precious smookums... No, not their spouses. Their *pets*.

So come one, come all, and doll up your pets in their best (or worst) finery. There will be prizes for the following categories, to be voted upon by Yvette and to-be-decided judges:

- Cutest Pet
- Scariest Pet
- Silliest Pet

(OOC: I thought it'd be a fun, but interactive event. Winners will be decided by roll, which can be justified however you want. Charm+Animal Train? Command+Intimidation? Whatever! Prizes will just be baubles commemorative of the event.)


July 27, 2019, 2 p.m.

Hosted By



Hatharal Dunlain Luthien Nyssa Rivaron Qahir Valanor



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Cascade Terrace Tea - Second Floor Veranda

Largesse Level



Bijou the Hunting Hound, Jetsam the Young Eelhound, Clover the Adorable Hedgehog, Kymil the War Stallion leave, following Hatharal.

Marzena, the golden eagle, Sarabi, the lioness arrive, following Yvette.

Bijou the Hunting Hound, Jetsam the Young Eelhound, Clover the Adorable Hedgehog, Kymil the War Stallion arrive, following Hatharal.

Dwayne, the pet rock arrives, following Rivaron.

Sprinkles, a white angora bunny with a pink hair bow and an unreasonably fluffy butt, Kiirion, the cuddle-craving Plains Lion arrive, following Nyssa.

Idril, a large Faenor snow wolf, Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny, Trixie, a playful little ice elemental arrive, following Luthien.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The furniture has been rearranged for the special ocassion. It's laid out and organized in such a way that people can observe the center of the room. This leaves a space for those showing off their pets to do whatever they need while everyone else can still lounge and relax (or wait their turn).

Tea, pastries, and even a small selection of wine and liquor is all on hand: courtesy of Monstald.

Ember, the red fur coyote arrives, following Dunlain.

Hatharal heads up into the Veranda, grinning as he watches Nyssa's lion get friendly with Jetsam. The fat eelhound wiggles around with so much excitement that he can barely contain himself. Or even walk straight. The cuddly lion is getting slober in his mane as Jetsam licks and drools on him. Probably getting knocked over clumsily as the larger lion leans against him. "He's beautiful," Hatharal says to Nyssa. "I don't think I've seen a plain lion so friendly. What's his name?"

Nobu, Favored Lizard, Taro, Noble Desert Owl, Naga, Lulling Lizard arrive, following Qahir.

The lady of the hour (or at least the hostess) is settled in a chair with a small table at hand. This holds what is presumably tea, a plate with some cookies, and a small board to be utilized for taking notes. Her own pets are nearby; Marzena up on some high perch and Sarabi at Yvette's feet. As people start to make their way in, the woman sits up a bit straighter and eventually rolls to her feet. "Welcome," she calls out once it looks to be a decent enough gathering, "to what I hope is the first of a yearly event. We all love our animal companions and they have such a wide range of personalities. As such, I thought it would be enjoyable to show them off. There are three categories: scary, silly, and of course... cute. The winner of each will be given a prize to be delivered at a later date." She claps once, looks around, "Now! Why don't we start with scary? That way we can ease our way into happier things." Just in case someone shows up with a murderlizard.

Dunlain spends a considerable amount of effort and time wrangling the young coyote up to the veranda, and not each one of the other pets in the process. The growling occasionally yips at one pet or another and sharp teeth are bared. The Templar is fairly capable of keeping the coyote from actually hurting another pet, but there's a fair few sharp commands given to the sand covered furfiend.

"Idril, you're not scary are you?" asks Luthien, rubbing her giant wolf's neck. "We could do scary tricks, if you wanted. Do you want? No... you want to do cute little tricks. What about Honey?" Luthien pokes her robe and a bunny pops her head out from the top, having been asleep ... right in a comfortable place. Honey doesn't look terrifying at all, and Trixie? She just sparkles.

Hatharal grins, then commands the eelhound and regular hound to lay down out of the way, then steps forward to Yvette. "I'll enter my warhorse." He gestures off the side of the Veranda--where the horse is waiting below.

Nyssa likewise follows the impressive entourage of pets upstairs, still with an almost overly excited expression on her face, looking between all the cute and fluff, seemingly unable to decide who to cuddle next. She looks to Hatharal when the blonde elf speaks to her. She is momentarily distracted by the sight of Kirrion and Jetsam getting to know each other. She covers her mouth as a tinklin, silvery laugh escaped her at the adorable display. Then she looks back to Hatharal again, grinning widely and her eyes alight. "Thank you! His name is Kiirion. I only got him a few weeks ago." she answers, looking to the Lion with no small amount of amused pride. "Is that one of the Eelhounds I have heard about?" She then asks in return. "I have never seen one before. He is just so....freakin' adorable!!" A beat. "Where did you get him?" Yes, she is -very- excited.

Rivaron enters the veranda, his pet rock still placed upon his head. The rocks's carved on smile is naught but a mask, a mask concealing it's bottomless well of hated for elfkind.

"Wonderful!" And thus is why this is being held on the veranda. More freedom to adjust furniture, but they can also witness down below for any of the larger critters. Yvette gestures everyone to find a place to watch. "Please," she says to the Pallinar. "show us what makes him so frightening." All while studiously not looking at the pet rock. Perhaps it's just too terrifying!

Hatharal smiles at Nyssa. "Ah, well you've done a good job of taming him, it seems. And yes--Jetsam is an eelhound. He's a runt, usually their a bit bigger. Though he is still pretty young. My husband bought him for me as a gift, from an Aeran trader." He laughs softly. "He even had a lake built on the Palinnar estates so he could swim." He leans down to pet the eelhound. "He's very friendly, so feel free to pet him. So long as you don't mind a bit of slobber getting on you."

Hatharal walks to the edge of the Veranda then, letting out a sharp whistle down at the warhouse. Which, honestly, doesn't look very scary at first. Strong and sturdy, but in a more majestic way.

Hatharal checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

The warhorse responds to the whistles by letting out a loud neigh, and rising up onto his back legs, front hooves striking at the air. Then lowering onto all fours to buck--back hooves hitting the wall of the tea house hard enough to send it shaking. In battle the horse no doubt would be rather scary if those powerful hooves were directed at you.

Qahir enters with one of the krilkar at his right. Getting the thing up the stairs proved a bit difficult, but both beast and man are quite stubborn it seems. The horned lizard is looking all around as Qahir keeps it from moving around when they settle in. Its master is just as curious as he looks around to all the new faces.

"Does choking you to death with dust and sand count as scary?" Dunlain asks sincerely as his red fur coyote shakes another shower of desert dandruff onto the floor around him.

Huzu, a shaggy Snow Wolf arrives, following Valanor.

"That is such a lovely gift. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man." Nyssa tells Hatharal, smiling widely still. "I didn't really train him much, to be honest. He was like this from the start. He's just a cuddle monster." She adds, grinning. The young redhead offers Yvette a brilliant smile and a wave of fingers as they arrive upstairs and she sees the other woman. She manages to pull Kirrion away from Jetsam, although it takes considerable effort, the lion at first unwilling to leave the Eelhound's side. But, she manages. She picks up Sprinkles from the back of Kiirion as he goes to lie down somewhere out of the way, still looking with longing eyes towards Jetsam. She cuddles the bunny in her arms, moving to the side. She clearly does not intend to enter any of her two companions into the 'scary category'. She can't help but laugh as she now notices the man with the rock balancing on his head, again raising a hand to cover her mouth. "This is gonna be a great evening." She also waves to Gureylain when she notices him in the crowd.

"Welcome," Yvette calls to the newest arrivals. "We are currently in the scary category and considering this majestic stallion-" A gesture to Hatharal's horse down below. "I'm not sure how scary he is right now, but... perhaps it'd be quite different on the battlefield. Or a joust." A look back to the others. She sneezes. "Sorry, ah- who's next?" Maybe allergies from dust are dangerous!

Dunlain raises a hand, "Ember, my coyote, would like a chance to appear scary." he looks around, in case someone wanted to go before him.

Hatharal nods to Yvette, still looking proud of his horse. He pulls out an apple slice to toss down to Kymil, then turns back to Nyssa, smiling brightly. "Oh yes, Valatir is a wonderful man, and husband. I couldn't have asked for better." He crouches down to pet Jetsam as he starts to whine softly when the lion moves away.

"Let's see what Dwayne here can do." Rivaron walks forward, takes the rock off his head, and places him in the middle of the floor. "Not much, I assume." He says as he backs away.

Valanor slips inside, grey wolf following him in tow. Quiet and subdued he finds a place to the side, his beast settling down next to him before getting scratched along the neck. Watching.

Rivaron checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

The horse is what immediately gains Qahir's attention. Then he spots Valanor, and immediately warms up. The elder elf doesn't get too much of his attention, though because his amber gaze drops down to Huzu. He moves, commanding the krilkar to follow, and when close enough squats down to go eye to eye with the massive wolf. He jostles with and scratches the canine between his ears, and soon raises his hand. "I'd like to try the same," he says while sanding back up.

Luthien watches the other pets and then raises her hand. "Oooh pick us! I got a good Idril trick, very scary!" she says. "Maybe a leeeetle less scary with his bow tie."

Dwayne, being a rock, cannot move of his own accord. That doesn't stop him from staring straight into Yvette's eyes, his own eyes cold and unfeeling. If you look close enough, you can see the fires of a thousand suns burning in his eyes, and you would know that this small rock will outlast you and all your kin.

Dunlain checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Nyssa rises up on her tip-toes to get a view of the stallion from her position towards the back of the veranda, still cuddling the fluffy white bunny held in her arms. It, too, tries to rise up, standing on it's hind legs to look at the horse. She looks to Hatharal, her head bopping up and down in a series of faint, excited nods, affecting her best "that-was-impressive" look, then looks back to the stallion briefly. "Oh, you are married to Valatir? You're a lucky man! He is so talented. And I think Jetsam is just perfect. I don't care if he's a runt or not, he's just....perfect!" She tells Hatharal, looking with adoring eyes towards the Eelhound. She is about to say more, but then her attention is stolen away by the next three people to enter their pets into the scary part of the event. She looks shortly back to Kiirion who is still lounging, looking to Jetsam with longing eyes. If you didn't know better, you might think the large lion to be in love, so infatuated does he seem with the Eelhound. Then she looks back to the ongoing 'competition', the armored man and his pet rock currently center-stage. Her eyes narrow as she watches the rock, eyeing it suspiciously. She takes a small step back, keeping her eyes locked with t hose of the rock...well, where she imagines the rock's eyes to be, did it have any.

The ember colored sand wolf-dog cousin breaks from Dunlain's grasp when the look of pure hatred from the eyes of the rock meet with its own. He cannot abide such a terrible rock to live, and lunges forward, scooping the rock in his mouth and immediately shaking his head violently.

Qahir checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

And now there's a rock sitting in the middle of the floor. Yvette stares. She stares for a moment longer. She returns to her chair and picks up her tea to have a long sip. "Is this... rock... something discovered on an exploration? Does it explore?" She's uncertain, to be sure, and that uncertainty brings with it a bit of discomfort. She does, however, point to Qahir. It turns into a sweeping gesture to include Luthien. "You and then y-" but a dog is trying to eat the rock and she's just sort of stunned.

Luthien checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Hatharal dips his head towards Nyssa, though is clearly distracted as more animals step up to show off. "Yes, I married Valatir. Our one year anniversary is tomorrow, actually. And our first daughter will be born soon." He smiles warmly. "I am indeed a very, very lucky man." He laughs softly. "And thank you, I think Jetsam is perfect as well."

Qahir moves away from Huzu with one more scratch for the dire wolf. "Watch this," he says to the pair behind him. "I mean you, Valanor." Because he at least has to pretend to care about the other elf. The krilkar moves when Qahir does, and even nudges its horns into the elf's back. Taking too long even for the lizard. When there's enough room he turns to stand in front of the lizard. "Remember the dance?" he mutters and lifts his hand up in clawing fashion. Left to right he goes, and the lizard mimics his motions. The beast raises onto its hind legs, opening his toothy maw as Qahir does and lets out a lazy roar that ends in a yawn as it drops back down to its feet.

Oh Idril, you'd have been much scarier without the bow! But Luthien gives the well-trained Idril a hand signal, and he rears up on his back legs, standing more than 8 feet tall at his full height, and howls, a bone-chilling howl. Idril is still young, and he has not come fully into his throat yet. But it's terrifying nonetheless, as this tall wolf, taller than any man, throws his bow-ed head back and calls to his kin, be they here or far.

Scuttling back to take a seat in her chair once more, Yvette takes up her pen and board and begins taking some notes. She peers over them at both krillkar and wolf, competing for 'most volume.' The blonde woman's eyes widen -- in appreciation perhaps -- as she spots that bow on the wolf. Chuffing a bit to herself, she looks back to her work as all critters are back on four feet. "Is that everyone?" A lingering moment, it'd seem, for any remaining entrants to step up for the category.

Dunlain checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

"No, Ember..." Dunlain begins, stepping forward to try and stop his coyote from killing the poor, dastardly, possibly Belgian, rock. "Ember. Drop!" Dunlain bellows but the coyote doesn't seem to mind, at all. This is prey and prey must die. Dunlain grabs the leash and begins to drag the pup away from the crowd forcefully.

Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental arrives, delivering a message to Luthien before departing.

Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental arrives, delivering a message to Luthien before departing.

"Ohhh! Congratulations!" Nyssa tells Hatharal in a slightly lowered, but no less excited voice, smiling warmly. "-First- daughter, eh? Sounds like you have big plans the two of you." She then adds, grinning excitedly. "I am sure she will be perfect, too." She dips her chin and blinks slowly. Then her attention is back on the contest. She shifts her weight, weabing her head from side to side as she follows the dance of the Thalerith and his Krilkar. She mimics their movements as best she can, but it seems more unconsciously so than deliberate on her account. She can't clap due to having her arms full of fluffy bunny, but her expression makes it clear that she would if she could. Better to keep Sprinkles safe though, after having seen the Coyote attack the poor rock. Then, the young Faenor and her wolf is up, and Nyssa's expression stiffens a bit, and a look of uncertainty appears as the wolf gets up on it's hind legs and howls. She clutches Sprinkles a little closer to her body, although the bunny doesn't seem to mind, watching the wolf with her usual sassy look. "Oh my.." Nyssa then murmurs as Dunlain steps up to forcefully break up the ongoing struggle between dog and rock. She can't help but giggle at he sight. But then she steps forward. "Sure, I guess I can try to see if Kiirion can be scary." She tells Yvette, but she seems far from certain as to the matter.

Nyssa checked command + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 58 higher.

It'd seem that Yvette may be near announcing a winner, but Nyssa speaks up. "Please," the marchioness says with an arched brow. Her mouth turns up just a little at the corners: curiousity evident. Maybe she thinks the bunny is named Kiirion?

Hatharal laughs, delighted. "Valatir is wanting to shoot for seven children, so yes, very big plans." He turns back to watching the animals curiously.

Nyssa turns to Kiirion, calling his name softly, but struggles to get his attention, the lion still only having eyes for Jetsam. "Come on you lazy-butt, he isn't going anywhere. You can play with him after. C'mon." She tells the large animal, who reluctantly gets to his feet and breaks eye contact with the Eelhound that has so caught his affection. The young Serannar leads the Lion to the center of the room. She seems a bit unsure of what to do, really, a pensive look on her features. But then it seems like she gets an idea. "Imagine that someone was trying to take Jetsam away, and that you would never be able to see him again, unless you could scare them away." She tells Kiirion. The lions eyes goes wide, and he immediately backs a few steps towars the Eelhound, assuming a defensive position in fron of the other animal. His shoulders lowers, and his mouth opens, an ear shattering roar soundiing out throughout the building, making several smaller baubles vibrate where they are located on shelves or tables. Even Nyssa seems a little scared, tbh, and certainly surprised. She looks around, a faint hint of apology n her features.

Luthien claps excitedly! What a lovely loud beast! The Reid beastmaster is thoroughly appreciative, and keeps a hand on Idril's back. Idril's hackles raise, immedately standing in front of his mistress. "Hush darling," she tells him. "It's just a nice big kitty."

"Oh it's the lion," Yvette says quietly. Even Sarabi lifts her head from where she was catnapping next to the knight's chair. The Monstald's plains lion lets out an answering roar, though not nearly so loud. For herself, Yvette doesn't seem too frightened. Or at least she's recovering from being taken aback by the ferocity of it. "Well!" She clears her throat, standing. "I do believe we have a winner. It was a close one between the krillkar and wolf and I do think perhaps next time they should have a joint entry." Flash of grin, "but truly, Lady Nyssa, well-done. Your prize will be sent along to you soon."

Yvette looks down to her board, then up to the room at large. "Now then, why don't we change tracks completely and bring out the cute animals. Bring your bunnies, your pups, your flowered rocks." Yes. She definitely did notice the rock's appearance.

Qahir pulls the krilkar away to study more of what's going on next. Then his cousin comes through with her own wolf. Then it lets out a howl that even brings a bit of fear to Nobu until Qahir starts calming him down.

Hatharal grins, then picks up the cage with the hedgehog to open, carefully slipping the tiny prickly creature out to hold between his hands. "I'll be entering Clover into the cute contest."

"I've got a bunny!" says Luthien. "Can I be in two categories? Idril was in the scary," she says.

"You can," Yvette says, "but your pet may not. One pet per category. So-" she gestures, "bunny away everyone." Though she is leaning up onto her toes to peer at Hatharal. "I don't think I've ever seen one of those up close."

Rivaron runs over to where Dunlain's monster is trying to eat his rock, and tries to wrest his closest friend from the jaws of the beast. "Wait, can I submit my rock in this one, too? Just look at him, he's adorable!"

Hatharal checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 63 higher. Hatharal rolled a critical!

Nyssa gives Hatharal a wide eyed look when he mentions -seven- babies. Seven!. She grins and gives him her best 'Oh my oh my..' look. The young redhead then looks down to the bunny in her arms, cuddling the fluffiness that is Sprinkles butt. "Looks like your up." She tells the bunny. Then she looks to Yvette. "How many more categories are there?" She asks, perhaps hoping for a 'fluffiest butt' category. She laughs loudly as Rivaron inquires as to whether or not Dwayne can enter the cute contest too, stating the rock obvious adorableness.

Hatharal smiles, setting the hedgehog down onto the table in front of Yvette. He pulls out a bit of treat for the hedgehog to sniff, coaxing her into uncurling from her sprikly ball. He then starts doing some *very* adorable tricks with her. Simple things, but who can resist such an adorable hedgehog? Clover starts rolling over, then curling up into a little ball on command.

Luthien checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Luthien applauds for the super adorable little hedgehog! She's so enthralled with the creature that she almost forgets why she's walking out into the display area. She's not holding an animal or anything. But she says, "Heeeere Honey Bunny!" and then a little rabbit with the most adorable pink spotted nose pops out from Luthien's shirt. The bunny climbs up one shoulder, then down the other arm, then looks for something to deliver. "My messenger bunny!" she says, proudly. The bunny's ears wave one, then the other. It's super adorable, too!

"One pet per category, I'm afraid. Does it- er, he? have any siblings?" Yvette answers Rivaron, but her attention is on the little hedgehog. She's enraptured! Even so, she does overhear Nyssa's query. "Just the silly category after this. That category may change in the future. It's a ... trial." She has to tear herself away from hedgehog-ness to observe Luthien's bunny instead. Oh, yes, this is a fun category. If you like cute. And who doesn't? "She's adorable," she tells the Faenor.

The rock is pure, unadultered evil and villany, listen to its laugh even now as the jaws of a hero close around it. Such nonchalonce in the face of one bold enough to face down this threat to all elfkind, causes Ember to take a second guess on his attack and the rock dribbles out of his mouth after a final kill-shake of his head. The rock is covered in his drool but it's otherwise unscathed... this time! Dunlain sighs and picks up the rock, wiping it clean with a piece of cloth napkin he takes from one of the tables. "Here, Knight Commander, sorry about that."

Bijou the Hunting Hound, Jetsam the Young Eelhound, Clover the Adorable Hedgehog, Kymil the War Stallion leave, following Hatharal.

Qahir sees his cousin enter again, and he hums. "Watch, Nobu, Valanor." He then leaves his lizard with the Reid. With a few whistles his owl comes on command. "I don't know," he says while reaching up to rub under the tawny owl's chin. A shake of his head follows, and he sets it on his shoulder for now.

Nyssa forgets any thought about entering this stage of the competition when she sees first the little hedgehog doing tricks, and then the bunny with the spotted nose and the wavy ears. She's dumbstruck by the cuteness of it all, her mouth opening slightly and her breath becoming slightly more rapid. She visible fights the urge to pounce both critters and cuddle the F out of them, right here, right now." She nods when Yvette speaks to her, but there's the clear sense that she doesn't really hear what is spoken, her attention completely on the two little animals, her hand idly petting Sprinkles. The Bunny also seems very taken with the hedgehog and other bunny, Honey Bunny especially getting more than a few looks from the white angora.

Luthien sidles over to Nyssa so Honey can visit with Sprinkles in a flurry of nose-wiggling and ear-kerflolloping.

Bijou the Hunting Hound, Jetsam the Young Eelhound, Clover the Adorable Hedgehog, Kymil the War Stallion arrive, following Hatharal.

Dwayne, the pet rock, Balboa, the pet rock arrive, following Rivaron.

Dwayne, the pet rock have been dismissed.

Balboa, the pet rock have been dismissed.

"If there are no other rocks," hue hue hue, "I believe I have a winner for our second category." Yvette looks around, expectantly. Will anyone else be making the ladies melt with adorbs?

Sprinkles gets visibly excited when Luthien approaches with Honey. -Very- excited, in fact, the white Angora squirming slightly in the young Serannar's arms. The ensuing nose-wiggling and ear-kerflolloping has Nyssa break out into a wide grin, giggling loudly as she combats swooning from cuteness overload. She looks up at Luthien. "She is so cute! How long did you have her? Can she really deliver messages?" She asks in a slightly hushed voice between spurts of giggles.

Huzu, a shaggy Snow Wolf have been dismissed.

"She really can!" Luthien says, giggling. "I can teach your bunny to, too. She's so fluffy! Can I pet her, please? You can pet Honey, she's really friendly. And she doesn't usually nibble on the messages at all. Well. A little bit. Just a little bit," adds Luthien. "I'm Luthien Reid," she says. "What's your name? What's your bunny's name?"

Hatharal smiles brightly down at the hedgehog as he picks her back up, smooching her on the nose. "See? You really are the cutest ever, Clover." He feeds her more treats, then tucks her away back into her crate. "Unfortunately I think I will have to step out from the second competition, as silly as Jetsam can be." He looks to Nyssa. "Perhaps we can schedule a playdate sometime soon, so Jetsam and your lion are not too heartbroken."

Dunlain is able to take some control of Ember after the rock has left the building, and he tugs on the leash, heading for the door.

"Then indeed," Yvette says with a look to Hatharal and a smile. "You and Clover are our winner for the cute contest. Expect your award along soon." The woman glances back out, shaking her head slightly at the two bunnies being -- excitedly -- introduced to one another. "Well, then! Silly time it is. A shame our rocks aren't here. Who thinks they have the silliest pet?"

Ember, the red fur coyote leaves, following Dunlain.

An excited sparkle appears in Nyssa's eyes when Luthien offers to train her bunny to deliver messages. A figurative sparkle, not a real one. That would be super weird. Non the less, it's quite obvious that she's excited, and her mouth forms a little "oohh" shape. She nods eagerly towards the other woman. "Of course!" She reaches out her hands and sets down Sprinkles in Luthien's lap, the white angora immediately trying to get as close to Honey as possible. "I would love to!" she tells Luthien at the offer of petting Honey, nodding fervently, giving the little bunny a wave of fingers and an adoring look. Then she looks back to Luthien, smiling brightly. "Hello Luthien, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Nyssa, Nyssa Serannar. And this.." she gestures to the bunny now placed in Luthien's lap. "...this is Sprinkles." She grins. "Sprinkles will eat anything, really. She seems to have a particular taste for my cousin Aurri's books." She then answers, barely managing from breaking out into a laugh. She looks to Hatharal then, as he announces he has to leave. She looks a little sad at that, but still smiles. "I would love that! And So would Kiirion, no doubt. I hope we can manage to find a time once you have celebrated your anniversary with your love." She tells him, looking to Kiirion who seems a little depressed but stays where he is.

Hatharal gives Yvette a grateful salute, then nods to Nyssa. "We will find the time, I assure you. I wouldn't break up such lovebirds." He winks, then heads out, Jetsam whining softly. Such a poutyu boy.

"The LION is yours, too?" asks Luthien, squealing just a little. "I've not gotten a chance to play with a lion yet! I've trained water dragons and all kinds of things, but never one of the lions! Can we play sometime? That big wolf is mine, Idril. I dressed him up, but I can show you all kinds of things about him. I ride him, like the Lorandi ride their horses," says Luthien. She gives Sprinkles a snuggle, but lets the two bunnies sniff sniff sniff. She takes some dried hay out of a pocket in her priestess' robe, and offers it to the rabbits.

Luthien checked command + animal ken at difficulty 0, rolling 46 higher.

"If you train lions," Yvette says to Luthien, "perhaps you can give me some guidance on mine." She gestures to the napping Sarabi nearby.

Qahir watched as his companion departs, and gave the wolf a sad wave on his way out. The Thalerith looks up to the owl on his shoulder, and sighs. "Who's ready to play hunting hunter?" The owl simply hoots at the elf, and rotates its head for a beat. He then steps forward, and lifts his hand. "Taro and I," he says with a sigh.

Luthien checked command + animal ken at difficulty -10, rolling 81 higher.

Luthien grins at Yvette. "I'd love to! I've trained housecats, and wolves, and even one fox, so I think i should have no trouble working with a lioness, or a lion," she says. She waves at Qahir, and says, "Cousin! Good luck!"

Qahir checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Nyssa nods excitedly when Luthien inquires if Kiirion is also hers, sqee'ing in tandem with the young Faenor. "Yes, I just got him last week." She looks over to Kiirion, the Lion looking in the direction that Hatharal and Jetsam left, a longing look in his yes. The lion actually sighs deeply, resting his head on his paws. "Of course, I am sure he would love to play with you, he's just being overdramatic about that Eelhound." She leans into Luthien and speaks in a slightly hushed voice. "I think he has a crush on him." She says, giggling. "Oh he is just adorable, too." She says looking at Idril, giving the wold a wave of fingers and a smile. "You can ride him? Hmmm. Do you think I could ride Kiirion?" She asks, clearly excited at the thought but unsure of the viability of riding a lion. She observes the two bunnies sniffing each other and nibbling at the hay Luthien gives them, placing both hands at her collarbone below her neck, sighing deeply. "D' cute!!...." Indeed, she looks like she might just pass out from the adorableness of it all. She doesn't, though.

Nyssa checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

The squealing from Nyssa's corner brings a little of a wince from Yvette. She can apparently handle lion roars, but squealing is a bit much. The woman clears her throat a bit and tips her head at Luthien. "I'd love your help, then. We're... a new partnership, as it were, so guidance and help getting her where we need to be would be fantastic." She turns, then, to watch Qahir.

Qahir reaches off to the side, grabbing at nothing, but it interests the owl nonetheless. He extends an arm, and the owl starts hopping down the length of it until it gets to Qahir's fist. It pecks and prods at the closed hand until Qahir opens it. Nothing. No treats and no food. The owls eyes go wide, and looking between Qahir and the open hand. His owner's deceptions run further when he reveals a piece of meat that was hidden between his fingers, the owl simply falls off to the side. He rights himself just a bit before hitting the ground, staring up at Qahir with those wwide eyes.

Luthien giggles at Qahir's owl, but not mean, just covering her giggles in Idril's fur.

Nyssa, likewise, covers up her giggling at the display, but having no pet at hand to do so, she instead uses her hands. It's a regular old giggle fest over here where the two young women are seated with their bunnies. She looks to Qahir with a smile, clearly appreciative of the trick and silliness of the owl.

"I almost feel bad for him," Yvette opines of the owl, but she's grinning. "I just love their eyes, you know?" The woman moves sidelong towards her own little table to pour herself some more tea. "But he's definitely got a silly-cute thing going on."

"Nothing to feel bad for," Qahir comments. "He's kind of a bad hunter, but he's a good owl. The best." He squats down, and offers the meat to the owl properly. It doesn't appear to trust it at first, but finally snaps its beak over it. As it eats Qahir gives it a gentle rubbing at the top of its head with his finger. "Nothing to worry for, little one."

Nyssa is so caught up in her giggling, the bunnies being cute AF and her talks with Luthien that she doesn't notice that it is her turn to show off her bunny and just how silly she can be. She whispers something to Luthien, giggles again, and then reaches to pick up Sprinkles from the other redhead's lap. She gets to her feet and moves towards a small table not far from Yvette, where earlier Clover the Hedgehog dazzled them all with her cuteness. She puts the bunny down on the table and leans down to rub her little nose against the critter's nose. "Now you remember this one, don't you?" she asks the rabbit, making a series of small gestures with her hand. Then she nods, as if the bunny had answered. Maybe it did? "Good." She straightens her posture and clears her throat gently. She blushes a little and takes a deep breath. A few seconds go by with nothing happening, but then she starts to sing a song in a lowered voice. It sounds like a childrens song most of all. Basically the Ithirian version of 'I'm a little teapot.' Sprinkles turns to look up at her, and after a short moment gets to her hind legs and stands up, and then she starts to dance. Well, as much as a bunny can dance. She really just flops from one foot to the other and hops a little on only two legs, nearly falling over several times. It does look quite silly, though, especially with her little cottontail desperately working to try and maintain balance, whirring at the end of her fluffy butt. After about a minute, the song ends and the bunny drops to all fours again. Nyssa picks up Sprinkles and gives her a little kiss. "You were so good, you'll get some extra food later when we get home." She tells the critter, before looking to Yvette and then Qahir, offering them a theatric bow in turn.

Oh dear. Is Yvette laughing? Yes, yes she is. The woman even snorts briefly in the middle of the routine. "I think Marzena would kill me if I tried making her do any of this." There's a sidelong glance towards the golden eagle where she perches up above. The Monstald shakes her head, "Well, I think... Lady Nyssa, that we can certainly declare Sprinkles there the winner." And then, her attention slides to Qahir. A brow arches. "You there. Next time, we'll replace the silly category with something else. What do you think it ought to be?"

Qahir was content to give a little love to Taro while watching Nyssa's display. It ilicits a smile from him as he picks up the owl to hold it in his hands as he stands. However, he has a hard time holding onto the owl as he starts to laugh at the dancing of the bunny. There's a nod of agreement at it and the owner winning. His smile drops when the question comes, and he initially tilts his head. "I don't know, really. Maybe an obstacle course of some kind or some hunting," the oh so obvious answer from a Thalerith.

Nyssa positively beams when Yvette announces Sprinkles as the winner of the final category of the evening. She gives another bow to Yvette, "Thank you. It was a really fun evening. I am glad I took the time to come," and then heads over towards Qahir. She is still all smiles and barely contained giggles. "It was a pleasure to compete against you and your owl tonight. I think Taro was very funny and is very cute." She tells him, looking to the owl and making a happy little face. "She dips her chin politely and then heads over towards where Kiirion is still lounging and pouting. She praises both animals for winning their chosen category tonight, speaking to them in slightly silly little voices as you would to an infant child. She seems quite pleased, all in all.

"Hmmm. An obstacle course... that could be good. I'll have to scout out locations in Thelos that'd be good for it once the time comes." Yvette smiles at Qahir. "Thank you." She starts gathering up her own things; a cookie being the final one, popped right in her mouth. She juggles a couple items, frees up her hand, and removes the cookie... minus a bite. "Like I said at the start, awards will be sent out soon. I'm glad people had a good time."

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