Ingith Family Meeting

Ingith Family meeting to discuss plans and events


Aug. 3, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Volandis Mountains - Khelgar - Ingith Manor - Grand Chamber

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Scythe, a nimble ashen gray snow wolf, Rygar, a poised and alert white raven arrive, following Rhyven.

Garett was seated in the grand Chamber of Ingith manner, glancing carefully over some papers. He was dressed in armor, as was common for him. His wolf was seated at his side, working on keeping a small ice elemental from wandering off to far.

Rhyven enters the chamber, with his wolf, Scythe, at this side. Up in the air is his raven, Rygar who immediately finds a place to perch at. "Lord Nephew," the older elf greets Garett, who would actually be his grand nephew, politely, with a dip of his head. "Busy, I see. Unlike this hall," he glances around. "Busy, I imagine," he speaks of the family.

"Lord Uncle." Garett pushes the papers to one side and nods his head. "I expect they are busy. I know that Dalarin usually is, though I can't speak of the others. I was hoping more might attend." He lifts his shoulders in a small shrug.

"On the bright side, you only have me to try and dissuade you one way or the other of whatever plans you might have," Rhyven remarks, with barely there amusement making it to his usually grim features. He finds a place to settle, and so does his wolf. "Dalarin does much for his house. Your mother has been caught up in the middle of Conclave politics from the looks of it, so trust me, the rest of us appreciate you talking the lead on things." He inclines his head. "Was there something specific you wish to discuss?"

Poppy the Blossoming Tree Elemental arrives, delivering a message to Garett before departing.

Garett chuckles softly, about to speak before a tree elemental wanders in to give him a note and a package. He cleares his throat slightly, slipping the package to one side. "Well, if she is involved in Conclave politics she is certainly leaving enough for me to tend with." He smiles wryly. "I wished to discuss plans for our family, and to see if there were any issues or insights that other members had."

Rhyven smirks at the response. "I learned very quickly from your grandfather, that there's always enough politics for the whole family. Even after I was not an heir, why do you think I traveled so much?" He asks, with a hint of amusement in his voice. The rest of the words garner some thought. "A wise approach. We should consider establishing a settlement, if we can muster the resources," he notes. "Is there a particular direction you wished this family to take? A particular path to walk?" He wonders.

Garett nods his head slightly. "We have recently established a settlement at Greenmantle and are in the process of saving resources for a second. I am heading out on an exploration trip with Dalarin to see if we can find more places to settle. But there is at least Frostmarch that has not been claimed as yet if we desire it." He strokes his chin thoughtfully as he considers. "I would like for us to have a heavy hand in exploration of this new land we find ourselves in. The more that we learn, the better equiped we will be to face those dangers. With our Oaths made to The Watcher of Ice, it is also our responsibility to settle the area so that we may be better able to protect the land."

"My adventuring days are behind me, but it will not be said that this Old Wolf is not pulling weight for his house," Rhyven replies. "So if my magic is needed, I will go as needed. Makes it easier to write a saga if you're there to see the heroics of the family, I suppose," he notes, leaning back at this seat. "The Watchers. Fascinating creatures," he spares a glance to the present elemental. "I've been curious about else they could be put to use."

Garett nods his head. "Indeed. I will admit that my skills do not lie in that area. At least not for now. I am a knight before all else." He shifts slightly in his chair, hand moving to rest on his sword. "But yes, I know of others who are looking into their brand of magic to better understand it and what they are able to do." He nods his head slightly to Rhyven. "Even if you have no desire to tread through the wilds, there is still plenty that can be done to help. Is there anything that you think we should be doing?"

"Then my help you shall have," Rhyven assures, with a small nod. He looks at his hands. "Losing immortality... I've been slowly feeling it more and more. I think I have a good number of years left in me, mind you, but still. It feels... different," he says. "It sounds like we're doing what we need to be doing, for now at least. Exploring and establishing ourselves beyond the walls of Khelgar should be the goal of not only our House, but our people."

Garett nods his head slightly. "Yes, I understand it is a concern for many. I am still young enough that I do not feel the loss so strongly. But I understand there are steps being taken to earn it back." He lifts his shoulders slightly. "But yes, I agree. Exploring and settling should be a wide goal for all of us. But if others are slow to accomplish it, I have no issue with our Family leading the way."

"We are the pure white light of the Faenor, after all," Rhyven remarks with that grim amusement of his. "So the Champions of Torth must be selected. Do you know if the Five are working with the priesthood of Torth? Do we have any candidates stepping forward?" The Old Wolf asks, with a glint of curiosity in his gray eyes.

"I know that we are currently seeking two champions to send on this quest for Torth, working with the preisthood involved. Currently myself and Dalarin have volunteered. Though I am willing to step asside if someone more connected to Torth should wish to join." Garett shrugs his shoulders. "I meerly offer myself to answer the call that Faenor puts out."

"It would do well for one of our House to be part of this," Rhyven rubs his chin as he speaks. "So either Dalarin or yourself, I think would make for great options," he notes. "If this pattern continues, the time might come to seek Garwen and Estril, I shall be a little envious of those chosen at that point," he admits, putting his hands together. "In any case, with your mother so busy, it seems you have a good handle on things. I appreciate that you're making sure to give us time to express our thoughts on it all. I'd be honored to offer my advice on whatever matters you think you need it for."

"Indeed. Should the time for Garwen come I will ensure that I am one of the ones chosen to represent us." Garett nods his head slightly. "I will seek out your counsel on things, of course. I am well aware of my shortcomings as it comes to leadership. Thank you for your assistance, Lord Uncle."

Zeal have been dismissed.

Ice Elemental have been dismissed.

Rhyven rises and purses his lips at Garett. "Do not sell yourself short, Lord Nephew," he mildly chastises. "You seem to be doing well so far. Use this and learn from it," he notes and bows before the younger elf. "I should get back to what I was working on, I'll see you soon." And with that, the older elf departs.

Garett rises as well. "I thank you for your support." He bows before taking a seat and returning to his work

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