Lorandi Victory Celebration

    The Castle Courtyard has been decorated for a celebration, and no expense has been spared in making this an exceptionally grand, lavish affair. Warm, candle-lit lanterns have been strung up all about the courtyard, giving it a sort of ethereal feel as the evening sun descends below the horizon. Seating has been set up all around the courtyard, with no real place designated as the center -- partygoers are free to wander and mingle as they please.

    Massive tables of food and drink line the perimeter of the courtyard, filled with all manner of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, vegetables, and other assorted delicacies from across the Lorandi Kingdom. Near the center table, an entire pig has been roasted up, slices carved off of the spit for partygoers to have a fresh cut.

    A sizable pyramid of wine and beer barrels as been made in the far corner, which has essentially become the "Drink Corner" -- all manner of wines, beers, ciders, liquors, and other drinks have been brought out from the Silvervine's stores, served up for all. There's flagons, glasses, or even great, two-handed jugs of sort, for the more adventurous drinkers among the Lorandi.

    The air is festive, the mood is light, and it is a time for relaxation and celebration.


Aug. 4, 2019, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Arminel Leda


Helene Aurri Rollant Daechir Alliah(RIP) Yvette Galeren Hatharal Valatir(RIP) Ember Rawlin Ingerith Ayala Escanor Zedmir Elendril Seren Starling Naxalia Saga Talyn Llaryn Kaelyn Druthean Mellifera Telassin Primrose Oriana Fanorne Gureylain Elonai Caelia Nyssa Haedirn Nesara Nanthiel Freyvidr Leofric Xiraye Sumelek


Brixtien Lorandi Monstald Nalduine Palinnar Rylanth Serannar Tenlindil


The Golden Plains - Torendaar - Serannar Castle - Courtyard

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Glyss, an albino great horned owl arrives, following Elonai.

Hatharal walks into the Courtyard, looking a little tired, but he couldn't possibly look more happy. In one hand he carefully carries a basket by it's handle, the inside lined with soft padded cloth. Nestled inside is a small newborn wearing an adorable white and gold dress, wisps of strawberry blonde hair covering her head. Resting in the basket against her is a patchwork stuffed turtle. Valatir is no doubt at his side.

Nala, a golden lioness arrives, following Helene.

Dasher the Bitey Turtle have been dismissed.

Vixen the Plains Lioness have been dismissed.

Arminel stands somewhere between Castle Beer Barrel and one of the main food tables. A sharp-eyed observer may spot the presence of a certain favored statue, perched up atop some of the barrels so as to give the impression that the great duck statue has somehow ascended the castle itself. Surely a coincidence. In any case, the Serannar is here, a tall flagon of beer in hand, welcoming any of the arrivals over as they filter in nearby his chosen spot at the midpoint of the courtyard.

Or not with Valatir, whatever.

Elonai arrives quietly, beneath a hood, and with her head bent forward. White-blonde hair hangs out around the open front with her usual long braid undone in favor of a curtaining of curls. With her arrival, she finds a place to sit, likely somewhere nearby but alone, and rests her elbows on her knees with her legs spread slightly. Staring down at the ground with one hand encircled by the other.

It seems fitting and thus Yvette arrives in armor, embroidered coat over the leather and steel. Her hair is bound in a loose, but neat braid and the armor has been cleaned of whatever dirt and detritus it may have gathered during the battle. The woman appears to be in good spirits. Tired, but good spirits. She makes her way directly toward the foot and drink, procuring a flagon of the latter before stopping near to the king. "Your Highness," she offers in an easy tone.

Xiraye doesn't arrive with anyone, a somewhat unknown figure perhaps around here. She pauses within the courtyard, taking in the area with a sweep of her gaze, finally settling upon the tables of refreshment. It's in that general direction she might head, footsteps slow and gracefully taken, her dress to flutter about her feet.

Sprinkles, a white angora bunny with a pink hair bow and an unreasonably fluffy butt, Kiirion, the cuddle-craving Plains Lion arrive, following Nyssa.

Hatharal smiles over at Elendril, waving with his free hand, then steps over towards the beer table as well, nodding to Yvette and the King. "Thank you for putting this celebration together, Your Highness."

Elendril bustles about, carrying trays of food from the castle to the tables set up in the courtyard, filling pitchers and bowls with drinks, making sure all is tended to. Once she notices Kinship starting to arrive, however, she wipes her hands on a towel and then picks up a glass of water spiked with bits of fruit and moves to mingle, smiling as she sees her cousin arrive, baby in arms. She squeals softly and hurries over to Hatharal, gently touching his shoulder as she peers down at the little bundle, love and excitement shining in her eyes. "Congratulations," she tells Hath and Val in tandem.

Daechir find his way out of Brixtien estate, to wander into the celebration. Dressed in shimmering black, a padded jerkin over a burnished gold tunic, wilted lace falling over the backs of his knuckles. With his pale golden hair loose down his back and his violet gaze direct when met, he looks a good deal better than rumor might have suggested he has been doing. That said, the young Duke seems to be attempting to not look uncomfortable and only partically succeeding.

Elonai raises her hand in greeting to Hatharal, but remains where sitting. She too is wearing her armor, but it's mostly hidden beneath the drape of her cloak and lowered head.

Arminel turns aside as the Monstald approaches. "Ah, good evening Marchioness," he greets, dipping head and shoulders in a polite bow to the elfess. "Good to see you back safely," he says, reaching to clink the edge of his tankard against the Grandmaster's flagon. "I hope the Order got the invitation, I know it was a bit hurried to throw together..." he says, before turning aside as Hatharal nears, a broad smile given.

"Your Lordship," Arminel greets, repeating the same bow of head and shoulders. "Is that our newest Lorandi I see?" he asks, peering at that little basket of his.

"They should all have received it, yes," Yvette says, lifting her flagon after the tap with Arminel's. She takes a deep drink, turning a measure to look at Hatharal as he approaches. "Congratulations," she offers, leaning in a bit to try to get a look at the little girl, though certainly not getting in the king's way to do so.

Galeren picks his way into the courtyard looking thoughtful and distracted. He lets his eyes meander the area smiling faintly as he greets some and he moves along looking for a seat. He smiles faintly as the crowd grows larger and he nods to a few of those he sees. And then Hatharal is arriving with a little bundle and he smiles making his way over curiously.

Ember waits for an opportune moment to slip into the festivities unobtrusively. If only so that she can try and sneak up behind her siser and/or cousin to get an eyeful of the new baby Palinnar. And maybe spook Elendril because siblings do that sort of thing when the opportunity allows.

Some of Elendril's good cheer fades as she spots Duke Brixtien's arrival, and she takes a step or two to the side, almost half-hiding behind Valatir in the process. With Yvette and the King and Galeren and the others also interested in the baby, perhaps the Duke won't spot her. Unless he too is a baby fan. Then she's in trouble. She's so busy avoiding Daechir that she definitely doesn't spot her sneaky sister sneaking.

Hatharal smiles brightly at Elendril. "Thank you." He squeezes her shoulder, then looks to Arminel. "It is." He lifts the basket up to give the King (and others) a closer look at the infant. She's mostly just laying there, as newborns do, but seems to currently be in a pleased enough mood as she blinks around at the crowd. "She just woke up from a nap, so is a little drowsy."

Nyssa arrives slightly late at the celebration, half-limping half-wobbling along as fast as she can on her, seemingly, injured legs, wincing a little with every movement. She looks like she's aware that she is late, too, a faintly panicked look on her face. But, she calms herself and affects a regal look, as if any delay was completely intentional on her part. She clears her throat and starts walking slowly and gracefully through the crowd, offering a polite dip of her chin and a warm smile to anyone she might recognize. OR just anyone looking in her direction, really. She is dressed in a summer dress of pale purple with silver trim and deep blue embroidery, the skirt short, reaching to midway down her thighs, the corseted bodice snug against her modest bosom and the silk sheer in all but the places where it would reveal a bit -too- much. A small pouch hangs from a silken band that is tied around her waist and her fiery red tresses are pulled back into a high ponytail, a few errand locks having come loose to wisp around her face in the gentle, soothing breeze. Following close behind her is a large plains lion with flowers adorning its mane and perched on the back of the lion is a white angora rabbit with a pink hair-bow. Both animals are wearing a prize-ribbon of some sort.

Xiraye seems intrigued by those that gather around Hatharal and the basket in his hand, though she makes no attempt to get closer to see the babe within. For now. Nodding her head here and there, she offers the occasional smile, seeming perhaps more attentive to the animals to be found, than the people themselves. Of course the beastmaster would be.

Arminel finishes a drink from his mug, before leaning to peer at the little lady. "She's perfect," declares the Serannar.

"QUACK" adds his duck, sagely.

"You must be so proud," says the Serannar, straightening and looking to Hatharal with a smile then, dipping his head. "We were all overjoyed at the news. As Galeren and Elendril mosy over they're greeted in turn, a small bow offered to each. "Marquis, my lady. Good to see you both," he greets, politely. "Galeren, I hope we can get your construction projects back on track now that we have the time and resources to do so," the King says, with a nod. "I do intent to get the Small Council together soon to discuss next steps, but getting your work back on track is among our priorities."

Storm, the Royal White Stallion arrives, following Leda.

Arminel has joined the The Tiled Walkway.

Ember is sneaktastic for once! Subtlety is assuredly not her thing, as everybody in attendance has probably heard at some point or another. So a smug expression is to be expected as she leans over to mutter at Elendril. "BOO." She looks just so enormously happy to do that. Her part of the festivities is complete.

Daechir grabs the closest and easiest drink he can manage, something that maybe can keep him out of the gaggle around the new born, in time he is sure to meet the young lady but for now, a drink and a wall seems to be the Duke's preference. After all, can't have Serannar castle falling on everyone, someone needs to hold it up.

Agravaine The Raven arrives, following Escanor.

One might get the distinct impression that Helene's presence at the festivities is something born out of some measure of either obligation or, at the very least, expectation. Perhaps its in the way that she stands somewhat off to the side, minding the other elves as they socialize but seemingly reluctant to involve herself directly in anyone else's conversation. Or else maybe it's as simple as the fact that her hands are empty and otherwise unoccupied with food or drink while others freely indulge. Whatever the case, Helene hovers just on the periphery of the gathering, occasionally passing her gaze over to the King before paying anyone else much mind.

Galeren smiles at Arminel, "I look forward to it your Majesty. Though at least for the moment I will probably look most to the expedition to meet with Lord Torth and ensuring it is well provisioned and prepared for what he may demand of us." He admits mildly, "But the Brixtien expansion should allow me to stretch out some designs for shrines and other useful things. I've also some interesting research that the defense allowed me to pursue in terms of weaving natural defenses and structures with more arcane items. But I look forward to discussing with the rest of the council what we wish to see to next." He says before taking his time to lean over the little 'ooh'ing bundle and making his own variety of appropriate inarticulate sounds towards the babe before straightening.

Leda has been here the whole time, clearly. The Princess appearing at General Helena's side like a quiet, serene presence. She also is not keen to strike up conversation-but content to be and see all the Lorandi turned out in celebration.

Hatharal laughs as the duck quacks its approval, and he nods to Arminel. "Thank you. We are indeed very proud." Once everyone who wishes to has gotten a chance to see the baby, he moves to get himself a drink--juice rather than booze--and settles in off to the side so he can sit beside the basket and rock it back and forth gently, while watching the crowds. Conveniently, he isn't too far away from where Daechir is wallflowering. He smiles over at the Duke. "How don't seem particularly pleased to be here," he teases lightly.

"Your Highness." Elendril returns the King's greeting with a respectful duck of her head as well as a broad smile that lights up her entire countenance. The boo that follows from her sister has her startled, and she jumps up, spilling about half her drink onto the grass with the jerking movement. When she realizes a half second later that it's just her sister she turns with a squeal that may or may not disturb the contented baby in the basket right beside her. "Ember!" She laughs even as she scolds, wrapping her arms tightly around her with affection and pride.

Arminel gives an 'ah' of sorts, nodding in return to Galeren's words as he draws another sip from his mug. "I've been meaning to speak with Leda about that," the King replies, affirmatively. "Need to get those names public soon -- would be a good thing to be one of the first Kinships to announce again, I think," he decides. There's a glance over towards the Palinnar siblings at Ember's arrival, a chuckle coming shaking his shoulders. "Lady Ember," he greets, somberly.

Lord Escanor Serannar arrives at this victory celebration, though he was otherwise occupied with other matters to join his family and kinship in their recent battles. He wears pitch black robes, his hair long and beautiful silver as his eyes look around the area. He bows his head to the King. "Your majesty."

Daechir blinks over to Hatharal, pausing in the lifting of his glass, in fact lowers it and shrugs. "Not displeased. Perhaps a bit, disconnected." he answers after a moment of consideration. Glancing to the basket then back up to Hath's eyes with a nod. "Congradulations She is beautiful. But you knew that."

Nyssa notices the large gathering around Marquis Hatharal and his baby daughter, everyone eager to get a look and offer their congratulations. She seems to consider joining them, but see as she has already had the pleasure of congratulating the Marquis and hold and say hi to Toryn, she let's everyone else have their turn and instead merely offers a wide smile over in Hatharal's direction and the proceeds to look around for where the cake is. It's a celebration, after all. There -has- to be cake. Spotting a large layered cake on one of the tables, her eyes widens and she starts hobbling towards it.

It is a bit of a cluster forming more steadily around King and Hatharal's daughter. The Monstald Marchioness gives another smile to Hatharal and to the King a murmur: "Thank you for hosting this." And then Yvette ducks away to clear the air -- or allow someone else to step in -- around the duck statue. Instead, she slips away to the food table to collect some fare and head for a bench.

Yvette has joined the A Bench Underneath a Willow Tree.

Ember laughs outright, clapping her hands gleefully at Elendril's reaction. One arm slung around her sister's shoulders she dips her head politely towards Arminel. "Your Majesty." she returns in greeting, otherwise content to sneak glances at the newest Palinnar with faint bemusement. "I'm definitely going to be the one to teach her how to play the best pranks on everyone. I'm not even sorry in advance."

Arminel turns at the sound of a familiar voice. "Escanor!" he says, as though surprised. "I figured you'd be busy with getting the soldiers back and settled in -- I'm very glad you were able to make it," he says, greeting his cousin with a fond smile. As Yvette detaches from the baby-miring group, the Serannar gives a polite nod in return to her words, returning his attention to the figures nearest him.

Elendril tucks herself in against her older sister's side, her arm around Ember's waist. She couldn't be prouder of her. She notices Daechir as Hatharal greets him and the baby is commented upon. Her pale cheeks turn pink, and she dips her head to greet him. "Your Grace." She's at a loss for words, but does try to offer some sort of reparations, adding simply, "I'm sorry."

Galeren inclines his head to Arminel and chuckles, "Well I look forward to speaking to them. On the bright side it seems we need not be over worried about an elemental attack. Just upsetting Lord Torth. I'm still disappointed that Iridessa didn't allow me to suggest sufficient donations to the temple would be an acceptable way of getting on the list." He says with a faint smirk but then Arminel's greeting others and he wiggles fingers at the baby again and smiles to Hatharal, "How are you enjoying fatherhood?" He asks of the man.

"Yes, but I don't mind hearing it more," Hatharal replies to Daechir with a grin. "Disconnected is... understandable. There's been a lot going on. How have you been holding up?" He glances curiously to Elendril when she blushes, then smiles up at Galeren from where he's sitting. "I couldn't be happier. Exhausted, but enjoying it more than I ever imagined."

Escanor smiles softly to Arminel, "I was, my liege. As you can see, I was able to hold down the fort aptly enough, though it wasn't needed. I am happy you all returned home safe and sound. You honor me, my King. I am happy to have made it." he smiles softly to Arminel, before he looks over at Elendril, recognizing her from the classes he's taught at the Acadeum. Though he now stands aside, taking a place near Arminel to allow others to speak with the King.

Xiraye circles about once she's got a drink in hand, the beastmaster's attention upon the animals, offering a greeting here and there to them as she passes. Slowly might she edge closer to Hatharal, to get the chance to spy the babe in the basket, though not wishing to get in anyone else's way as she does so.

Arminel shoots a grin back to Galeren, giving a quiet chuckle at the man's words. "I'm sure she'll come around," he returns, amusedly. He shifts his attention back to Escanor, dipping his head. "I've no doubt," he tells his cousin, nodding once again. "You manage to balance a great deal -- one of these days, I may even get you to tell me how you do it," says the Serannar, with a grin. The King pauses, then, looking around the courtyard for a few moments, taking stock of who all has come to celebrate, and take in the little group that's come together after all of the hard work and business of late.

Elonai slips off the bench and turns to head out of the courtyard in much the same way she arrived, quietly and with her head down.

Watching Escanor arrive, Leda smiles faintly. Hatharal's obvious joy at tending to his baby also warms the Princess where she remains. Leaning against a wall contentedly, she shifts her gaze to Arminel with relieve that her other brother is looking well.

"No I don't suppose you do." the grin is not fully returned to Hatharal but there is a tug at Dae's lips before her lifts his glass towards Elendril at her greeting but the apology looks to have him at something of a loss. In fact he glances to Hatharal if perhaps he can pinpoint why the young lady is offering it before looking back. "Whatever you did, I am sure it's was far from an issue, Elendril." offered instead. Hatharal's question however furrows his brow. "I am unsure how to answer that. I seem to feel that I am handling it all terribly but others don't seem to be as annoyed."

Galeren smiles at Hatharal, "I'm glad to hear it. Well she looks delightful I hope you're very proud." He says brightly and he chuckles scooting to the side as Xiraye approaches and he smiles at her lightly.

Dwayne, the pet rock arrives, delivering a message to Nyssa before departing.

Glyss, an albino great horned owl leaves, following Elonai.

Count Chubbles, Loranna the Lioness, Tiris, a regal ural owl arrive, following Rawlin.

Escanor looks at Leda and he bows to the princess in respect and acknowledgement. "Hello, Princess. I am happy to see you well." Then he looks upon Arminel. "As you well know, any wisdom I might have is yours, should you only ask for it." Escanor then looks around at the area, looking at Hatharal with his child. A soft smile touching his features, and ooookkaaayyy he had a soft spot for babies and children. Though he does look over at Ember now, nodding to her. "Lady Ember."

Hatharal smiles towards Xiraye as she inches closer, beckoning her forward. "I don't believe we have been formally introduced before. I'm Marquis Hatharal Palinnar. And this is Toryn." Then to Galeren, he nods. "Incredibly, thank you." He focuses back on Daechir, smile softening. "Ah, well, we are all our worst critics, especially in times like these. Everyone told me I was doing a fine job, but I've only in recent months started to actually believe it. It will get better. Just takes some time to get your legs underneath you. I'm sure it will take you less than fifty years, at least." He grins again, tone more joking towards the end.

Helene eventually manages to step into the party proper once she's made the slowest of circuits around the courtyard as if prowling for some sign of rebellious rocks yet biding their time to strike against the elves that had so soundly repelled them. The young General stride toward where Arminel stands upon the path with his entourage, but then slows until she is, again, just on the edge of appearing somewhat more social.

Elendril ignores that look from her cousin, she's not giving any explanations in regards to her apology to Daechir. She would wave to Escanor, but has no free hand with which to do so. So instead she lifts what's left of her non-alcholic drink towards him in an offer of good cheer and greeting instead. With Daechir's words, a slight smile is offered in the Duke's direction, "Thank you, Your Grace." She's quite relieved that he seems to hold no offences against her regarding their disasterous conversation shared over a glass of wine as the messangers came pouring in.

"Lord Escanor. It's really been too long since we saw each other. You should join us for dinner sometime. Talyn, Elendril, you, me - And of course Hatharal and Valatir and Toryn if they aren't busy." she prompts, encouraging the man to be social, despite it never working in the past. Of course, she does look between Daechir and her sister then. Back and forth, back and forth. Raised eyebrows, even.

There is it, that moment of 'awwww' to cross the beastmaster's face as she finally gets a glimpse of the babe in Hatharal's basket. "She's lovely. Congratulations to you and your family." The words are spoken in a quiet voice before her gaze is drawn upwards and a polite dip of her head is given, "Lady Xiraye Tenlindil, at your service." Her name given, her gaze draws from him to look at the others nearby, taking note of people and conversations.

Rawlin slips into the Courtyard with Count Chubbles von Chubblestein waddling in front of him upon his glorious leash. The bulldog surveys everything around him for a moment before pulling the High Priest in the direction of the smells of food / treats because that is what matters most to him. Sighing, the High Priest can do little but follow along.

Galeren slinks out into the back of the room to quiet as the party continues.

For the time being, Yvette seems content to observe after making her initial greetings and niceties. The woman just settles on the bench beneath the tree; food and drink balanced in kind as she partakes of them.

Nyssa seems to have been successful in her quest, as she now has a large piece of cake that barely fits on the plate she holds in one hand, a glass of honeyed wine in the other. She makes her way slowly over towards where Arminel is, carefully balancing the cake as she makes her way through the crowd. Once close enough for him to hear her over the buzz of people, she dips into as much of a curtsy as she is capable of and offers him, and anyone else gathered around him, a smile in turn. Then she addresses the king. "Your Majesty. Thank you for arranging this event, we all deserve to celebrate and congratulate one another for a crisis well dealt with." She smiles widely, looking very happy as always. "I will leave you to to entertain the guests. When you have time, I would like to discuss some things with you regarding the Gilded Vale. But not tonight, tonight we celebrate." She tells him in a cheerful voice and turning to take her leave of the small gathering.

Daechir offers a small smile to Hatharal's tease but as the mobs start to decend on the Marquis and his daughter again, the Duke takes that distraction to move back away from the crowd, moving far enough back along the wall that he isn't obliged to greet and nod as the various well wishers decend onto father and child. Settling again with his back against the wall, a sip of the drink he has been carrying is finally taken as he returns to the role of observer.

First, Arminel's gaze shifts over to Leda, sharing a quiet smile with his sister for a few moments amidst the growing crowd. Then, the Serannar's attention turns to his cousin, smiling as Nyssa approaches. "I'm glad you could make it, Nyssa," he says, with a fond smile for the Serannar. "I'm sure there's much to plan and scheme for the Gilded Vale, yes," he responds, nodding enthusiastically. "Let's speak on that very soon."

Arminel tips his mug towards his cousin a moment, before stepping off towards a barrel set near the edge of the group. He hoists himself up atop it, managing to only slightly spill his beer as he does so, before turning towards the group.

"I promise to only take a few moments!" the King calls out, unslinging a small pouch that he's worn around his shoulder, passing it down to an aide who stands with a bit of a look towards the Serannar's somewhat precarious position atop the wine barrel. "But I wanted to ensure I took a few moments to recognize those among the Kinship who --"

"QUACK", interjects the duck.

"- yes, thank you. Those among the Kinship who contributed to our recent success agains the Watcher. I know not all were able to join us today, but as your name is called, please come up to the front!"

Olore, an elegant barn owl , Arquen, a noble elk stag, Patchwork, the dappled cream and white lop-eared rabbit arrive, following Seren.

Escanor turns his head to Ember as she speaks with him. "If that is your wish, I wouldn't deny such a thing. It would be...good to meet with all again." Then he looks to Helene as she arrives. "General." he dips his head respectfully to her.

Elendril's arm remains wrapped around Ember's waist, sticking close to her sister, the war hero and to the rest of her family. She pinches Ember's hip as she notices her head ping-ponging back and forth between herself and Daechir. Nothing to see her. Stop staring. You're making it awkward! When the dinner invitation is offered to Escanor, Elendril nods, agreeing entirely. "Dinner would be lovely, we have so much to celebrate, and that's a blessing." Palinnar has had so much loss and tragedy that these new reasons for joy seem all the sweeter. But when Arminel and the duck call for attention, her head turns, and she tugs her sister to turn around with her to watch the King to see what is being announced.

"Thank you," Hatharal says to Xiraye, nodding to her. "It's nice to meet you, Lady Xiraye." He looks up towards Arminel when he starts to give his speech, sitting straighter.

A little late to the festivities, Seren arrives with Olore at first perched upon the heavy leather pauldron on her shoulder. Her finger lifts to crook and brush at the soft breast feathers of the owl, causing to him to stir and fluff himself a bit. She tilts her head, trying to get a look about the gathered and offering those familiar to her smiles and a light nod. But it would appear that Arminel is speaking and so she quietly moves about the gathered.

*WOOF* The sound of the duck quacking has Chubbles fired up and the bulldog barks at the duck a whole two times before smelling food once again and then pulling Rawlin over to the table with food. "Fiiiiine." He sighs, stepping towards the table to pull a meat-filled pastry off the table. He unwraps the pastry and then lets the piece of meat fall to the ground where Chubbles devours it.

"Ow!" Ember hisses, poking Elendril in the arm after she's pinched at the hip. "What? Are the two of you seeing each other? Is that it? You have to tell me if you want me to stop making things awkward." is muttered. Yes, she is completely unrepentant. There may even be a little giggle there when she nods an agreement with Escanor and then looks up to where Arminel has called for attention.

Hatharal briefly looks over to eye Ember and Elendril, brow arching.

Xiraye smiles once more to Hatharal before stepping back to allow another to greet the proud father. Of course, the King then calls attention, and her steps will lead her to the side to stand and watch, sipping from the glass of wine in her hands.

Arminel sliiiiides a look back to the duck, before clearing his throat, looking out over the group. "For their role in the Kinship's diplomatic mission, and representing the Lorandi before the Rock Watcher and its General, I present the Soaring Owl Medal to Lady Seren, Lord Telassin, and Lady Caelia," the Serannar calls out, looking around and spotting the first of those three names. He motions Seren forward with a smile, carefully descending from the barrel as he takes an offered medal from the adjutant standing nearby.

Daechir, pauses in his drinking as the King calls for attention, he gaze moving that way and totally unaware of being a topic of sisterly confusion.

Nyssa turns to look back at Arminel as he begins his speech, almost dropping the over-sized piece of cake in the process. But the heartbreaking tragedy that would be is avoided, and she just stands there, keeping her attention on her cousin as he speaks.

Elendril shifts at the poke, frowning at her sister. Brat. Not that Elle didn't start it. At Ember's question she pinches her sister again. "No!" She whisper hisses, then whispers quietly so as not to disturb the announcements and name calling by the king, "We're not dating!" She sighs. "We bumped into one another over a glass of wine, and I think I said something offensive and hurt him, but I don't know for certain what or why or how." But Elendril obviously feels guilty over her assumption that she'd somehow chased Daechir away from a much deserved celebration.

Rawlin smiles and politely claps as his wife receives accolades, meanwhile Chubbles eats.

Seren is about to make her way towards Hatharal when she hears her name. A brow arches and she lifts her head to look towards the King. A slow now is given to him as she steps forward slowly and tries to weave her way forward. "Thank you, your Highness. Everyone was merely doing their part," she intones as Orole makes a soft hoo and puffs out his feathers again. He is here too. Soaring owl indeed. The perched avian preens himself and pulls a feather free to let the fluff fall.

Ember mutters, "Then why don't ... ask him ... ... ... ... Or do ... ... ... ... do it ... ... I have ... shame."

Arminel gets Soaring Owl Medal from Simple Leather Pouch.

Ember murmurs something in her sister's ear at that, so as not to disturb the ongoing ceremony. When names are named, she claps loudly, even.

Escanor looks at Elendril and Ember and he seems to sigh a little bit. "You two..." they somehow give him more white hairs than he already has.

Hatharal smiles brightly, lifting his hand from the basket to clap as Seren and others are given medals.

Nyssa can't clap see as her hands are quite occupied with food and drink, so she instead whistles loudly and cheers as the names are called and the medals are given out. She probably would have done that AND clap if she could, really.

Arminel sets his mug down, then carefully nears, draping the gold-stamped medal over the Rylanth's head. He smiles, then gives the elfess a full bow from the waist. "Thank you for doing yours, then," he returns, Clapping as the elfess stands in front. Once she's departed, the King turns back to the aide standing nearby, reaching for a few glinting medallions.

"For their role in directly supporting the Kinship's military actions, their willingness to serve the Lorandi, and the tireless work they put in to prepare our city's defenses, I award the Pride of Lions medal to Marquis Valatir, Lord Talyn, Marquis Hatharal, Lady Nesara, Marquis Galeren, Lord Freyvidr, and Lady Oriana," the Serannar calls out, looking around as he spots a few of those names. They're beckoned forward.

Elendril is certain that Ember is going to be the death of her. "No," she whispers back, then more whispering follows. There is no reason to drag Daecher into any more awkwardness.

As Arminel begins to present medals, Leda claps warmly for the recipients. The Princess looks proud of the Lorandi who helped in protecting the Kingdom as their names are called out.

"Wonderful work," Yvette calls out, just loud enough. Her hands are a bit too full to clap.

Daechir claps as names are called and awards given. His attention fully on the king.. or would be, if the whispering sisters didn't draw his attention once with a slight arch of a golden brow before he gave Arminel his attention again.

Ember just flashes those dimples of hers Escanor's way. She's totally innocent. "He called Talyn's name, dork. Not mine. I left my black hair wig at home so I'm not going to accept it on his behalf." She keeps her smile when she says that to Elendril, hooting and clapping now too for all the new names called.

As names are called out and medals presented, Xiraye offers her own round of applause from where she stands at the side. Quiet otherwise is she.

Helene may not be here to party down, but she isn't incapable of rendering her appreciation for those elves who provided the Lorandi such profound support in their time of need. She claps loudly for those names noted as having supported the military especially. Obviously, the General is biased.

Hatharal stands, looking to Toryn--but well, he'll only be gone a moment. He leaves the basket by the chair to briskly step over to accept his medal, smiling towards Arminel. "Thank you, your Highness. It was the least I could do." He dips his head, then steps back to watching over the baby, turning the medal in his hands thoughtfully.

The bow given causes Seren to pause as she says, "Your majesty," she dips into a curtsey in kind and steps back to make room for the others. Turning about she catches sight of Rawlin and moves in his direction only to stop when she sees Hatharal leave the little Toryn. The Rylanth lady moves to greet the newest soul. When Hatharal returns she smiles up at him, "So lovely," she whispers so not to interrupt.

Arminel gets Pride of Lions Medal from Simple Leather Pouch.

Escanor remains silent as the medals are being handed out, apparently something akin to a look of pride written on his face. Proud to be Lorandi. His eyes is all the congratulations given to those who earned a medal thus far.

Whispering still to her sister, something makes Elendril laugh softly as she holds Ember still around the waist, affectionate even as they bicker back and forth under their breaths. "He'll get around to you. You like, single handedly saved the Kinship to hear Prince Aurri's version of it." She can't clap because of her arm around Ember's waist, but she does give a loud whoop of support to each name called by the kin, so very pround of her Kinship and all they've done.

Arminel sends a messenger or two off, medals in hand, with instructiosn to run down the recently departed and make a suitably embarassing spectacle in public. The next medal is draped over Hatharal's head, and a fond smile given to the Marquis and his little one.

"....quack," adds the duck, almost respectfully.

"For acts of bravery and demonstrated battlefield valor during the battle against the Rock Watcher's forces, I award the Charging Stag Medal to Marchioness Yvette, Duke Rollant, Lady Saga, Lord Gureylain, Lady Nyssa, Prince Aurri, Lady Ember, and Lord Haedirn," Arminel calls out next, reaching for a fistful of the glinting little bobs of gold, quickly sorting them out as he looks for a few of those names to approach the front.

Word comes in the early morning from Nasherat. Shamash Sedriel has died from his wounds in his duel against Rivek Devrien. As a Priest of Rithor, his friends and family will remember him for his fearlessness and devotion. With the duel itself being declared settled and the matter closed, there is hope that Shamash's soul will rest well among the stars until its eventual return to Ithir.

Toryn is resting in a basket full of padded cloth, wearing an adorable white and gold dress. Tucked in beside her is a patchwork stuffed... turtle. Of course its a turtle. The infant smiles up at Seren. "She is," Hatharal murmurs back, kissing her cheek. "I'll introduce you properly once the speeches are over," he assures.

Spotting his wife, Rawlin pulls Chubbles along even as he watches the medals get awarded. He comes up along side her and Hatharal and smiles to them both. "Is this baby Toryn? How adorable!" He positions himself on the otherside of Seren while still watching medals get handed out.

Daechir claps for Hatharal, lifting his glass towards the man once he has settled back down with his daughter. Then again claps loudly as members of his house are called.

When Hatharal's medal is presented, Elendril gives her loudest whoop yet. But when Ember's name is called, her doll-like little sister finally lets her go, clapping and hollering and cheering adoringly. It's obvious in every way that she could not be any prouder of her big sister without bursting.

Ember looks as if she's trying to clean the wax from her ear after that. "You must be mistaken. He would never say that about me." she mutters, glancing up sharply as now... well yes that was her name. She'll even manage to disengage herself from her sister long enough to skip up there to receive the medal being awarded. "You are too kind, Your Majesty. It's an honor to serve the kinship." A quick, but exceedingly proper curtsy, is executed before she backs away with her prize in hand.

Arminel gets Charging Stag Medal from Simple Leather Pouch.

Oh, that's her name isn't it? Yvette looks at the things she has -- flagon in hand, plate balanced in lap -- and clears her throat a bit as she shuffles it all onto the bench. She vacates her seat, leaving food and drink to 'hold' it for her as she makes her way towards Arminel. "You could have just sent mine later," the Monstald murmurs to the king, clearly fighting off embarassment.

Arminel gets Charging Stag Medal from Simple Leather Pouch.

Seren keeps her voice to a whisper and returns the cheek kiss to Hatharal. She brushes the medal that remains an unfamiliar weight against her chest. Her eyes are for the child though and she sighs. "Oh Hatharal..." she says and then slides her arm into Rawlin's so she can lean over and kiss his cheek as well. Her eyes lift to the others receiving their medals, smiling warmly and lightly clapping her hands so as not to upset Olore or Rawlin who she leans into a bit.

Nyssa has obviously gotten tired of waiting to dig into the cake, and rather than take the few steps over to a table and set it down, she's resorting to leaning her head down and take bites out of it, trying to get as much cake into her mouth and as little as she can on the rest of her face. The latter part is not going -super- well. She looks up, wide eyed, as her name is called, and heads to a table where she reluctantly sets down the cake and wine before heading up to receive her medal. She manages to get most of the cake off her face, too, but only most. "Thank you your majesty, I am glad I could find a way to help." She tells Arminel, curtsying and then accepting the medal, before heading back towards her cake.

Arminel gets Charging Stag Medal from Simple Leather Pouch.

Escanor seems to look proud when Ember's name is called, and he looks at her. "Go on then." he urges her ownard in a gentle manner. He seems to smile softly upon her. Pride in his eyes. Then he looks around for a moment, as if he's an everpresent sentinel. Always on guard, even during celebratory occasions.

When Ember makes it back to Elendril, Elle jumps and tacklehugs her with pride. "He really DID," she insists, picking up their earlier conversation. "We should hang that medal over your statue at home. It would gleam so beautifully there." Not that it doesn't gleam so beautifully on non-statue Em's chest too.

Arminel loops each of the three medals around the elves heads, an amused grin flashed to both Yvette and Ember in turn, as the Serannar seems intent on making a spectacle out of it. He dips his head to his cousin, sharing a quick smile as he goes to retrieve the last set of medallions.

"And finally, for their tremendous leadership during this period of crisis, for their courage in facing the unknown, and their willingness to lead our Kinship in both battle and negotiation, I award the Order of the Falcon Medallion to Lady General Helene, Lord High Priest Rawlin, and Lord Zedmir," Arminel calls, looking towards the two former names, knowing them both to be present. A pair of golden medallions are procured from the aide.

Ember armflails when she's nearly tackled, but squeezes the white haired version of herself back tightly, and gives Escanor a pleased smile as well. "Oh no. No, this isn't going on that statue. You /like/ that statue? It's so awkward to walk by it when I get home. Let's maybe stick a floppy hat and a cloak on it instead." is suggested. She even looks to Hatharal and Seren for help. "Heeeeeelp." she mouths towards them. Piteously.

Hatharal peers curiously at Seren, but nods. He watches the rest of the medals being handed out with a smile, then grins towards Ember. "If I have to suffer through seeing my statue, you have to do the same," he teases.

There's a slight crinkle of nose in answer to the grin given to Yvette by Arminel, but she bends to receive the medal well enough. Stepping back once it's done, the woman retreats back to her bench to continue watching.

Rawlin is called up and Seren squeezes her husband's arm and nods to him. Her hands come up and she claps for the three who led. "Well done, my heart." She watches him go up and then catches Ember's look - the Rylanth seemingly confused for the moment before looking between Elendril and Escanor. Hatharal's comment causes her to laugh a bit, "An Ember statue would be quite fetching."

Smiling over to Seren, Rawlin leans in and kisses her cheek lightly and murmurs something before hearing his name called out. With a small sigh at Chubbles who has decided to park his rear end onto the ground, he nudges the hefty bulldog forward with his toes and receives a sad face in return. It takes a moment but he rises and the pair of them head over to where Arminel is standing. "Thank you, Your Maj..." He is cut off as Chubbles barks at Quackers. Turning towards the dog, he barks out a command in another language at the dog who then seems to settle down.

"Oh, there already is one. It's just as ridiculous as mine." Hatharal smirks at Seren.

Rawlin says in Human, "Sit!"

Arminel gets Order of the Falcon Medallion from Simple Leather Pouch.

Chubbles whines, but sits and Rawlin turns back to the King. "Sorry, thank you Your Majesty." He bows in thanks as he accepts his medallion.

Ember is very disappointed in both of you, Hatharal and Seren. Just so you know. Her face falls when her plea for help is denied!

Arminel gets Pride of Lions Medal from Simple Leather Pouch.

The Lady General in question does a poor job of feigning any real measure of surprise at this turn of events, but she also briefly takes a moment's pause before presenting herself formally before the King to be awarded her shiny bird medal. Helene bows her head quietly, gaze given to the ground with grace before resuming her considerable height once more.

Arminel gets Order of the Falcon Medallion from Simple Leather Pouch.

"I love that statue," Elendril teases Ember. "Every time you go off to die in a blaze of glory it keeps me company. And it sasses less than you, too. And it never gets into trouble. Really, it's a much better of you overall and in general!"

With each new name called, Xiraye claps further, the smile to linger upon her lips as she watches each approach the King to get their medals. When the bulldog barks at the duck, a hand lifts to hide her amused smile.

Arminel claps his hands together, glancing back briefly at the barrel, before seeming to decide against re-mounting it. "I know there are many more of you who have worked hard to put us in a position to be successful -- know that I am grateful for it each any every day," he says.

"QUACK!" adds the duck, approvingly.

"You have made this kingdom great. With any fortune at all, we shall continue to do with. With explorations on the horizon, and settlements at our doorstep, the most golden days of our Kinship are yet to come. I am proud to call myself a Lorandi, and see our Kinship move forward to sieze them," he concludes, with one last nod. "Please enjoy yourselves!"

There is absolutely nothing untrue about anything Elendril just said. So Ember is left to stick out her tongue as the mature response to those observations. And then clap when the King has finished speechifying and the duck is finished quacking.

Helene has joined the The Tiled Walkway.

"Alright, let her be released." Escanor says to Ember's tacklehugger with a small smile on his face, his hands still clasped behind his back. When others are called upon to claim their medals, Escanor can only wonder when statues of these mighty heroes will be erected.

Elendril laughs when Ember sticks her tongue out and she bursts into wild applause and a few more hollers and hoots as the awards come to an end. It would be impossible to be any prouder of her Kinship right now.

"Oh there already is one?" Seren looks bemused at this and then chuckles a little at Ember's reaction to her denial of help. The Rylanth dips her head to the Palinnar lady and then glances up at Chubbles that now communicates with Quackers. She clears her throat but is still very much amused as she claps once more and then turns to look at Hatharal. "Not introduce me, please."

Chuckling, Hatharal claps his hands. Then he leans down, lifting the infant carefully out of the basket to rest her against his chest, then stands to step closer to Seren and Rawlin. "This is Toryn. Toryn, this is Uncle Raws and Auntie Seren. You're going to love them." Who cares if they're not really related, close enough. The baby mostly just burbles softly in their direction, grabbing onto the chain holding the medal around his neck, since his hair is tied back in a ponytail. Hath has learned quickly to keep long hair away from babies.

Rawlin returns to Seren and Hatharal and smiles down at Toryn as Hath makes the introductions. "Hi there, who is the most adorable Palinnar of them all. You are!" He says in his best approximation of a cutesy voice that people make towards babies.

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