A Rowdy Aeran Celebration (Marindur-Reymar marriage)

In celebration of the life of Eros Marindur and the recent marriage of Selandriel Marindur and Vindal (formerly) Reymar, a celebration in Aeran style will be open to not only the two families, but all who know them and wish to congratulate the couple and their families just as Eros would have.


Aug. 22, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Erotas Joran Dunlain Luthien Shakian Viessa Vindal Qahir Forwen Darien Leofric Sylindra Selandriel Zedmir Talien


Aeran Marindur Reymar


Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Black Bear Inn - Outdoor Patio

Largesse Level



(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: White and gold streamers festoon the borders of the patio, waving in a cool evening breeze as musicians play in the next room a rollicking song. Tables are set with food--fried squid bites, crunchy seaweed wraps, berry hand pies and warm bowls of melted cheese to dip bread squares and apple slices in. Barrels of ale, covered in magical ice are on one table, and one is carefully tapped. Bottles of rum are lined up neatly around the room, but no glasses seem to be available.

Idril, a large Faenor snow wolf, Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny, Trixie, a playful little ice elemental arrive, following Luthien.

Luthien arrives, following Dunlain.

Erotas considers the food for a moment but shakes his head. "I don't know these two. I'll leave before I get too drunk and end up singing terrible love songs from the Dwarves - they were very good for fighting, not so much for love." He smirks to Joran. "Well, I told him the story, and he transcribed it. I can tell you about it some other time."

Lucrezia says, "I thought that was a work of -fiction-" Lucrezia begins, looking at Erotas skeptically."

"No, no. That's from my life," says Erotas with a nod.

With a fleeting, slanted smirk, Joran asks Erotas, "Fighting is just one of the steps in the dance of love, is it not?" After a roll of his hands in a supine gesture, he shrugs. "Some other time, then. Perhaps I will find a copy of the trilogy and look them over, first."

Lucrezia welcomes Shakian and two others she doesn't know. "Please, enjoy the food and drink--limericks, jokes and dancing will be later in the evening!"

"Write to Valatir, offer yourself for his calendar, and tell him Erotas said to give you a set of the Lindwurm Saga," says Erotas as he casually rises and slips on out.

Walking arm in arm, a pair arrive. One of cream and beads, the other of sand, darkness, and the setting sun. Dunlain leans over to whisper to Luthien as they walk out onto the patio and then he smirks at her before he surveys the scene.

Luthien looks around curiously at people as she enters with Dunlain, holding onto his arm. Next to her stands a massive Faenor wolf with his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, sniffing at the air, head swiveling to look at the food table. At what Dunlain whispers, she grins and murmurs back. Then she looks around, eyes alighting on Lucrezia. "I remember you... ladies' night, right?" she asks. "Luthien. This," she says, tugging on the tall man, "is Dunlain."

Lucrezia's blue eyes light up as she recognizes Luthien. "Oh, of course! Welcome! And hello, Dunlain, you said? I'm so glad you're here."

Joran looks over in the direction of the new arrivals, offering a curt smile and an incline of his head in acknowledgement from his relaxed seat near the low-burning firepit. Seemingly not intent upon interrupting the hostess or the conversation, his gaze trails back for the dancing flames momentarily.

Dunlain nods to Lucrezia, "Yes, Dunlain. I heard about a party and felt like a night out with my... with Luthien, would be a great time. Thanks for having us."

Shakian lifts a crunchy seaweed crisp to his cousin when Viessa shows up. "Can't get enough of these," he admits.

"With -your- Luthien, eh? Well that sounds like a story." Lucrezia bubbles teasingly. "Are you -her- Dunlain?"

Luthien looks up at Dunlain with a mischievous air, wrinkling her nose at him while grinning. "Hmmm?" she says, tugging on him. "Well, are you?" Idril bumps into Lucrezia affectionately, seeking pets. He's really big but super non-threatening.

Lucrezia pets the snow wolf and waves cheerily at the Nerea cousins. "Welcome and fine winds, friends!"

Dunlain laughs cheerfully, "Only if she'll have me." he says with a wink to the Reid. He then hms softly, "So what are we celebrating, exactly? I brought a bottle of old world whiskey as a gift."

Viessa looked happy when she walks in but when Shakian waves seaweed crisps at her she positively beams. "Are those seaweed crisps?" A beeline is made straight across towards her cousin. "And good ones too?"

Lucrezia winks at Dunlain. "Love and family--my brother Vindal has recently wed the lovely Selandriel Marindur. I expect them any moment, but you know...newlyweds. And Selandriel's uncle Eros returned to the wheel a season ago, so we're also celebrating his life. He was a salty, ribald soul, so don't expect any hymns or sadness."

Shakian has his handful of crisps. "Good and crunchy," he says. "It's hard to get them like this on a ship."

"I'm sure Gala would smile on this celebration," says Luthien, putting her arm around Dunlain's waist, perhaps a silent answer. "And in the meantime, good company! Now, what sorts of food from the sea have you hear that we've never tried? I confess I'm not really familiar with much Aeran food. What's a must-try?" Idril pads over to the food table, having heard of food. But at a hand signal from Luthien he sits patiently and waits.

"Ah, well. Then the whiskey for the newlyweds is a good gift, they'll likely enjoy it." Dunlain produces an old brown glass bottle with a silver label embossed with blue lettering. "Where should I put this?"

Lucrezia points to the rafters, in all seriousness. "So it doesn't get drunk before they arrive."

Dunlain looks at the rafters, "Oh well... that's a good point." and he plants a soft kiss on Luthien's head before shuffling off to make his way up to the rafters to hide the bottle.

To Luthien, Lucrezia explains, "There's seaweed crisps, and fried squid bits, as well as berry pies and this melted cheese. You dip things in it."

"To be fair." Viessa grins as she snatches up one of the crisps. "They do start crunchy on a ship too." She gives Shakian an impish smile. "It feels like forever since i've seen you. You're well? You'll help me with my latest plan right?"

Ursula, a friendly eelhound arrives, following Vindal.

Luthien grins, runs a hand through her curls, which doesn't actually improve their appearance at all, little corkscrews all over. She watches Dunlain scramble up, and then says to Lucrezia, "These all sound tasty. I'll give them a go, and find some whiskey - or rum? Without climbing up there," she says pointing at Dunlain.

Lucrezia points to the rum bottles scattered on tables and railings, and the keg of frothy ale. "Go to it, Luthien!"

Joran's brows tick up after the mention of melted cheese, scanning out over the spread intently.

Shakian doesn't even ask what he plan is. "Sure. Of course. Unless Octalin drags me off on something." Not too much chance of that, what with the state of the family finances. "What are you thinking? Going to look for the passage to Nesherat?"

Dunlain's ears perk when he hears the phrase, 'passage to Nasherat' and after he makes his way down from the rafters he drifts towards Shakian and Viessa, "What's this about the desert?"

Viessa shakes her head. "I want to establish a trade route between Isalspire and Lorawin or Nerea and Naevon" she waves a hand at that, as if they are basically the same thing. "I only just started working on it properly though." she chuckles at Dunlain. "Thats Shakian's dream, not mine. Me, I'm just dreaming of a fleet made out of Duindar timber and money. That too. Lots of money."

Luthien tastes the cheese and seems to find it appealing as she dips a piece of bread in it and shares it with Idril. She takes rum, and a second glass, and hands it too Dunlain. "You hide it well?" she asks, then murmurs something.

Shakian visualizes the map of the area around Lorawin. "Right...barge up the river. I was hoping we could do that next anyway now that we're relatively safe to the north."

"I mean, I may just happen to have access to the only harbor in Thalerith lands and we are building our own fleet." Dunlain grins, "Perhaps Shakian isn't wrong to set his sights on the desert." he turns his head to thank Luthien for the drink and then turns away when the other elves shift in their conversation.

Lucrezia says, "You're relatively safe to the north," Lucrezia smiles. "And we found forest there."

"Well. I was hoping for something a little more exciting than a barge." Viessa nods to Shakian. "But basically, unless that river leads somewhere unexpected, I think thats all we need to do. Well that and talk the Duindar and Octalin into agreeing." She grins at Dunlain. "Yes but, you're SO FAR, away. It would take so much longer to find our way to you than Isalspire." a little shrug. "Probably."

Shakian pops another seaweed crisp and has some of the rum. "I'm on for that, sure," he says. "I thought it was our next move in any case. Let's sit sown some time with some maps and figure something out."

Luthien makes a little hand sign and Idril comes to her side, then moves around Luthien to Dunlain, crouching and making a small puppy bark at him. It's... loud. Her tail thump thump thumps.

Dunlain grins at Idril and then begins to grrrr back at the huge puppy. "Oh? You wanna tussle, Idril? Huh boy?" he hands Luthien his drink, "I think Idril wants to learn the hard way again."

Lucrezia steps back from the puppy and the Thalerith, opening a bottle of rum. "Refills anyone?"

Viessa nods at Shakian. "I dont know what everyone else has in mind but theres so much space. Surely theres space for us to go that way. Besides, if people are already going that way, it will just make my plan cheaper. Can't complain about that." she smiles at Lucrezia. "I'm excited about our new harbour. Its coming along so nicely." She looks back at Dunlain. "We should try and find Nasherat afterwards... although I do wonder whats to the south."

Idril gets up on his back legs and is quite tall, taller than Dunlain even, and tries to crash down on Dunlain's shoulders, biting - very gently, and controlled - at his arm. Luthien holds the drinks and smiles indulgently, and drinks Dunlain's rum, while Idril makes his attack. "C'mon Dunlain! Don't let Idril take you this time!"

The doors from inside swing open and Vindal emerges with his slithery eelhound Ursula right by his side. His hair is nicely and neatly braided, which is quite unusual. His silver circlet rests across his brow, a single wave cresting into his hairline. He pauses just inside the door, but Ursula clickety clacks arcross the floor toward Lucrezia with big friendly, but cloudy eyes. He follows shortly behind. "Luce!" He says as he approaches, his hands spread wide as he looks about. "This is great."

Lucrezia grins, raising up on her toes at the praise. "You're here! Hello, Vindal."

Dunlain grunts as the massive wolf lands on his shoulders bodily and then leans in with his head to pretend to bite at Idril. "Come-on boy, is that all you've got? I thought you were a wolf, not a cuddle monster." he tickles at the wolf's ribs and struggles with the weight of huge canine.

Viessa chuckles at the sight of Dunlain being attacked by an oversized wolf pup before waving across to Vindal "Congratulations Vindal!"

Leaning forward with the heels of his palms on his knees, Joran rocks to his feet from his perch near the firepit, back arching in a brief stretch before looking in the direction of Vindal. With all the formality of a stranger, he dips his head and echoes Viessa's sentiment. "Congratulations indeed."

Idril's not giving up that easy! He digs a foot into the ground and walks forward, trying to use his sheer mass to knock Dunlain over. He's growling now, but it must not be a problem, because Luthien giggles, not interfering. She comments to Lucrezia, "I'm not sure who I should root for." Then noting Vindal, she says, "Ah, this is your marriage celebration? May Gala smile upon you and your union!"

Dunlain turns his head away from the immense mass of fur and muscle that's weighing on him, and gives Vindal a big smile, "Congrats! I hid a bottle of old world whiskey for you somewhere nearby, I'll tell you where before the end of your party." he then is having to give ground to keep from being topple, "Alright there boy? You're not turning into an overgrown rug, are you?" he's growling back at the Faenor wolf, tucking his head into the soft spots near the joints and across the ribs as if making elven verions of a wolf's play biting.

Nobu, Favored Lizard, Taro, Noble Desert Owl, Daffi-Dil, the loveable hedgehog arrive, following Qahir.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling, Qahir arrive, following Forwen.

Lucrezia laughs, passing the bottle of rum along as elf-and-wolf wrestle on the floor.

Vindal offers a smile to everybody. "Hello, and thank you for coming out," he says, just once, but clearly to everybody. His arms fold over his chest as Ursula runs little loops around his and Lucrezia's feet. He watches Dunlain wrestle with the snow wolf, and then turns to look aside at his sister. "Selandriel's going to be along soon. She's tending to some stuff back at the manor."

Qahir comes to the outdoor patio with Forwen at his side. He holds a tankard of ale in one hand, and the other is lifted to cover the eyes of the owl on his shoulder. "When we can find a proper eelhound," he says to her, "I promise I won't wrestle it in our place." He sounds sincere, but the way he's eying up the jostling between Dunlain and the wolf says otherwise.

"Hey cousin!" says Luthien to Qahir, though her attention is focused on Idril and Dunlain. Idril is huff-panting now, biting at Dunlain's arm excitedly. His pushing against the tall Thalerith continues, and Luthien finishes one of the glasses of rum she's holding. She makes a quick series of clicks with her tongue and Idril starts hopping, trying to throw Dunlain off his balance.

Now that Viessa has claimed a handful of seaweed crackers and said congratulations and generally chatted to people she gives a wave "Sorry! Gotta go!" and heads out.

Shakian waves. "More Nerea. That's fewer seaweed crisps for each of us." He still has the mask Qahir gave him. "I love this thing," he says by way of greeting.

Lucrezia waves to Forwen and Qahir in greeting. "Welcome! Have some snacks and a drink!" Turning, she waves. "Bye, Viessa!"

With a briefly lit smile upon noticing Qahir's arrival with Forwen, Joran raises a hand in greeting toward the couple.

Vindal lifts up a hand and waves to the departing Nerea. "Thanks for coming, Viessa!"

Dunlain finally gives under the full weight of a Faenor wolf and collapses to the floor in a huff, growl, and then laughter. "Oooph, you got me."

Idril covers Dunlain in kisses and then scampers off, catching sight of Ursula. Do eelhounds have butts? Idril wants to know.

Forwen would almost disappear beside her new husband, being that he is almost a foot and a half taller than the tiny elf.. would.. if it wasn't for the bright red curls that dances around her face, bouncing with every step. Or the way she seemed to be always moving, even when standing still. The comment Qahir, gets a skeptical snort, not believing him for a moment. "Mmhmm we can ensure that by saying.. it's not allowed in the bedroom." points out even as she bounces on her toes to try and see everyone in attendence.

Leo's Lioness arrives, following Leofric.

Luthien moves over to Dunlain and offers a hand to help him up. "I've got most of your rum," she says, by way of gentle encouragement. She's beaming at him.

Dunlain takes the offered hand and makes the final part of the bridge with ah and upon his knee. He gets upright and takes his drink back from her, "Did I hear something about melted cheese? I would love to try that." he motions with his head towards the snacks. He cranes his neck a little to give a nod to Qahir in greeting.

What eelhounds have is so much better: a squiggly, wiggly tail that's scaly and slippery. Ursula's purple fins trnail all the way down the back of her tail and off the tip. When she finally stops running around and between Vindal's feet she freezes, looking up at the snow wolf with her milky eyes, her mouth hanging slightly open.

At the notion of drinks he lifts his tankard, and offers Luthian a wan smile. Then a wave to Joran that's interrupted by Forwen's words. "I make no promises about anything," he responds before finding a place to sit down. As soon as he does so the owl hops from his shoulder down to his lap to keep as much out of sight as he can.

Wiggly tail? Idril is Intrigued! He gently sniffs at the eelhound, approaching while crawling on his tummy in a submissive gesture. This has much to do with Luthien's soft whistling sound. She drags Dunlain by the hand to the cheese. "We can totally put things in cheese," she says. "And more rum! Yes?"

Lucrezia circulates around the room, greeting people she knows and those she doesn't, her blue eyes alight with enjoyment.

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar, Jiro, ever vigilant condor arrive, following Sylindra.

Sylindra arrives, following Darien.

"Yes, absolutely more rum... and I'm going to have to find a way to get one of these melted cheese pot things." Dunlain picks up some bread and then some apple slices and dips them into the cheese before offering one to Luthien and then taking a bite of his own.

Barfolemew, a small sand cat arrives, following Zymandi.

Waving to those she knows, some she just met a few days ago at her own wedding, others family. Forwen hrmphs, eyeing the eelhound for a moment, her lip caught between her teeth before she moves to settle down next to Qahir. "I still don't know why you are so keen on.." breaking off as a small feathered dart sweeps into the patio, the jeweled starling diving in and out of people as if searching the party goers.

Darien arrives, as always fashionably late and in his usually languid-bordering-on-lazy gait and his parrot Parlay on his shoulder. He's accompanied by the Thalerith Warlord, Laughing at whatever exchange took place before entering the inn. He flashes the collective crowd of guests a brilliant, roguish smile and scans the patio, looking for the happy couple to offer his congratulations. Which means he can get to the rum faster. Priorities, and such.

Leofric keeps his lioness close to his side as he scans the party for certain faces. Finding what he's seeking in Vindal he heads on across to offer formal greetings. "Congratulations"

Luthien pours some more rum for Dunlain, takes the apple with cheese and pops it in her mouth. "We definitely need one of these," she says to him, after a moment, and then tugs on his collar, pulling him down if possible. Idril, meanwhile, is sniffing at Ursula, and watching everyone come in. He is starting to stiffen, with the number of people, watching Luthien with concerned puppy eyes.

The Warlord of the Thalerith was not on the guest list for this party, but it seems Darien has taken it upon himself to invite her anyway. The two arrived in animated conversation, when she turns to survey the crowd she sees a number of familiar faces, though some of them only recently familiar. "Qahir!" she calls out heading to her cousin who so recently married into House Nerea, "How's married life treating you?"

Ursula just stares at Idril for a moment and then wiggles toward the wolf to boop noses. Then just as quickly she turns around and makes a narrow U shape as she wiggles back to slither around behind Vindal and poke her head out on his other side. The Aeran chuckles and then looks up to hear Leofric. He smiles and raises a hand in greeting. "Thank you," he calls out, and then he goes looking for a bottle of rum. He doesn't really even go very far, just grabbing the first one he finds, grabbing it by the neck, and bringing it up for a swig. Time to get his drink on.

Lucrezia greets Darien politely, and his guest. "Welcome! Help yourself to some rum!"

Dunlain takes the rum and then is pulled down close to her, whether she intended for this to be a kiss, he makes it one and then whispers to her before he eventually straightens up. He looks over at the Warlord's arrival before turning back towards Luthien.

Barfolemew, a small sand cat have been dismissed.

Leo's Lioness have been dismissed.

Qahir was sitting down, keeping the owl in his lap company while the other's congregated. At least until he heard his name called, and he looked up to spot Sylindra. "It treats me well. I have to say it's a surprise to see you here, although I'm not completely sure why I'm here."

Darien's eyes follow Sylindra for a moment as she heads off to great Qahir, smiling and shaking his head faintly. A deep breath then, before turning towards Lucrezia as she greets him. "Lucrezia." He greets her in return, dipping his chin. "Oh, you know me, I always help myself to what I want." He adds, winking and grinning.

"Glad to see you have the celebrations well under way." But, first things first. Spotting his cousin Vindal in the crowd, he heads over to the other man. "Vindal! Congratulations on the marriage." He tells him. "Took you long enough to have a part to celebrate." He then adds, affecting a mock disappointed lock that is quickly replaced by another smile. He gives Vindal a slap to the side of his shoulder. "Now that we have that over with; rum!" He looks around for where bottles of the dark browon liquid might be hiding.

Vindal's lips press into a smirk as Darien gives him a hard time. "Yes, well, you can't rush perfection. Lucrezia's parties are the best," he says. Glancing over toward his sister and then back to Darien. He gestures with the still mostly full bottle of rum in his hand toward the table where they're all arrayed out. "Help yourself, coz."

Lucrezia beams at the praise, looking around at the crowd.

Luthien returns Dunlain's kiss, and whisper, and then flushes, knocking back her rum. She glances around at the people, as Idril walks up to her and stands protectively at her side in sentinel pose.

Sylindra grabs a bottle of spiced rum on her way over to Qahir, "I'm surprised to see myself here too, but Darien Marindur over there took it upon himself to invite me. He said there would be rum, and I did not feel inclined to refuse some good Aeran rum." She opens the bottle and takes a good drink from it, "Yeah, that's the good stuff! As for why /you/ are here cousin, one of the advantages of marriage is you can blame the wife."

Forwen nudges Qahir, even as she is climbing to stand on the seat of the chair. "Because it's an Aeran wedding." answers his why he is there. One hand on his shoulder as she waves to the warlord with the other.. if only a moment, before whistling at the darting starling, the little bird swooping towards the redheaded elf to land on Qahir's head so she can chirp and twitter as she scolds Forwen for hidding.

Flashing a fleeting grin in Malice's direction, Joran ambles up behind Sylindra from around the firepit, mentioning airily over her shoulder with an idle hint of mirth lacing the lilting staccato cadence of his otherwise dry words. "I will make certain to remind father of just that the next time he is up to his eyeballs in work, Warlord."

"Point," Qahir responds to the warlord with a lifting of his tankard. He stops for moment when the bird lands on his head, and shrugs. The owl ins his lap looks up to the starling for a few moments, and then turns its eyes on the others around Qahir.

"Don't mind if I do." Darien tells his cousin. And yes, Lucrezia does know how to throw a good party, no denying that. One of the few things I miss when at sea." The young Marindur then turns around and heads towards where the rum is being handed out, grabbing himself a bottle that he uncorks and takes a healthy swig out of, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Squawk.....help yourself....squawk...." Parlay remarks from his position on the tall elf's shoulder in a near perfect imitation of Vindal's voice. A satisfied exhale, then, as he turns around to let his dark eyes scan over the festivities.

Lucrezia stands near Vindal, smiling at partygoers and offering rum to anyone who comes near her. "I want to learn how to farm, Vindal. Do we know anyone who's good at farming?"

Shakian shakes his head. Farming. He snags some squid to chase the seaweed crisps.

Vindal lifts his bottle up for a swig and gets a rather thoughtful look on his face. He looks down toward his sister and quirks up a single eyebrow. "You...farming?" He snorts and shakes his head. "I don't. Though isn't there an elf at the Healers' Guild that's been doing a bunch of work with special crops? I think I've heard about his work."

Luthien takes Dunlain by the hand and says, "Come on," and the two of them make their way to Lucrezia and Vindal. "Congratulations and many returns of the day, guys. May Gala smile on you both," she says, bowing her head. Her curls tumble forward but spring back as soon as she lifts her head. Dunlain also makes his congratulations, and tells Vindal that he hid the rum in the rafters, just up there. The two head out as they came in, chatting.

Overhearing Lucrezia's question to Vindal, Darien turns towards his two cousins. "If you ever do, let me know, will you. I could use someone with knowledge of crops and farming for....a project." He calls out, raising his bottle to the pair in a silent toast and taking another swig of the rum.

Forwen reaches for the little bird, only for the starling to evade her grasp and flutter up instead to settle into the nest of curls.. wiggles beating wildly at first before she settles down then disappears into the coppery bramble. Sighing, the tiny elf climbs off her chair, leaving the bird nesting in her hair to settle against beside Qahir. "If you don't feel like a party, we can give our congradulations to the couple and go for a walk instead?"

Idril, a large Faenor snow wolf, Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny, Trixie, a playful little ice elemental, Dunlain leave, following Luthien.

Or, well, half the couple, at least. It seems whatever kept Selandriel from arriving with Vindal still has her occupied. But Vindal's got a bottle of rum, a good attitude, and his sister's great party. So he's doing great. "What sort of project did you have in mind, cousin?"

Lucrezia nods to Darien. "I found some berries in the northern coast, and I want to grow more. I've never seen them anywhere else."

"Something that will give a far greater kick than this." Darien replies to Vindal and Lucrezia, holding up the bottle of rum and flashing them another one of those brilliant, roguish smiles, as easy a blinking or drawing breath. "I can tell you more at another time, tonight we're here to celebrate you and your lovely wife, not to talk of my machinations." Then to Lucrezia. "Berries, huh? Are they edible? Particularly pretty? Or what other qualities are there to these berries that have you wanting to grow more?" He looks around then, as if only now remembering something. He looks back to Vindal. "Where is Selendrel? Doesn't seem like her to miss her own party."

Lucrezia says, "They're delicious--tangy and sweet. Maybe they could be made into wine--I don't know. Purple and juicy, mmm."

Vindal glances toward the door and then back to Darien. "She'll be here. She just had a few things she had to take care of, and they seem to have taken her longer than she thought," he says, then he brings his bottle up for a swig. His goal tonight: drink the whole bottle.

Sulis, the water lizard, Rimaru arrive, following Selandriel.

"Maybe," Qahir responds to the woman above him. "I at least want to finish my rum, and if I'm careful enough I might not have to report in for an early patrol. Last I checked the standings I have until the next nightfall." This has the elf smiling happily. "But, a walk would do me a lot of good anyway."

You never know when or how an Aeran might show up, but sneaking over the railing for the outdoor patio while no one is looking might just be a new one--at least tonight. And there Selandriel is, standing beside Vindal as though she's always been there, drink in hand and acting like nothing has changed whatsoever--she's always been just right here, right?

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Qahir before departing.

Lucrezia blinks at Selandriel as she appears like an icy keg of ale, right by Vindal. Raising her bottle of rum, she shouts, "To the happy couple!"

"You'll have to show me sometime. Do you have a place whee you think they could be grown?" Darien replies to Lucrezia, before looking to Vindal. "Ahh, I see. Well, there's still rum, so all is not lost. I am sure she will be here soon." The tall captain says, raising his bottle in another toast and bringing it to his lips, bringing the contents to below half already. He has no intention of stopping at one bottle tonight. One bottle is breakfast, this is a party. He grabs another bottle to take with him and then moves to take a seat, draping himself in a chair and lifting his feet to rest his leather boots on a small table. Dark, kohl lined eyes take in the other guests as he leans back and takes another swig of rum.

"To the happy couple!" Sylindra cheers raising her bottle up in the air then taking another swig of it. It really is damned good spiced rum.

Shakian cheers the newlyweds as well. "Hip hip hooray!"

Echoing the celebration's sentiment, Joran offers "Fortune favor their union.", amidst the cheers. While the words seem earnest, perhaps he hasn't had enough booze, himself.

"To Selandriel and Vindal!" Forwen suddenly pops back up as everyone is toasting. Not that she has a drink in her hand but that really matter. Then looking again to her own husband, brows arch upwards. "How much more of that rum could you actually have?" asked with a smirk, then flops back down, curls bouncing.. starling letting out a protesting tweet. "If you don't have patrol soon, then maybe I should take you out on a boat."

Darien grins at Selandriel as she is suddenly at her husbands side, as if she had been there all along. He raises his bottle. "To the happy couple! May the winds favor you and the currents guide you path." Another healthy swig of rum, then. "squawk....To the happy couple!...squawk" Parlay replies as well.

Vindal glances aside as Selandriel steps up beside him. He blinks and a slow smile spreads across his face. He looks back out across those elves gathered, all toasting the newlyweds, and he just dips his head. Then he lifts up his bottle and calls out, "To Eros!" Followed by a big swallow of rum.

Lucrezia lifts her bottle again, echoing the call, "To Eros!"

Selandriel grins at Vindal who seems to know all her tricks. She lifts up her glass in salute. "To Eros. An amazing Captain, a crotchety old man, and someone that will be sorely missed. I hope the wheel gets him back around where he's cussing me out again soon." Not like anyone would know, but she still salutes her cousin with her glass.

Triton the Eelhound arrives, following Talien.

Shakian agrees. "To Eros!" he salutes the Man, the Memory.

"To Eros!" Darien chimes in.

Sylindra steps away from Forwen and Qahir, leaving them to their conversation. She starts to fill a plate with all of the various Aeran delicacies available, apparently intend in sampling a little bit of everything, and in particular more than a little bit of the seafood. "To Eros!" she calls out enthusiastically, despite having little idea who that is. Her plate full, she makes her way back to a table, easily balancing her plate in one hand while holding a bottle in the other. However, only a short while after she digs in she notices the Admiral of the Aeran enter the room. The Warlord of the Thalerith cleans herself up with a napkin, then gets up and approaches her fellow warrior-leader greeting him warmly, "Why, Admiral Talien Reymar! It's been such a long time since we've seen each other!"

"To Eros!", Joran intones, offering a salute of his own and a respectful dip of his head to bring up the remainder of the call.

Slipping out to the patio and finding a bottle of his own to lift in toast. "May the gods hear your prayers and your friends hear your laughter." Zedmir offers with a quiet nod to the couple, before joining in the wave of Eros calls.

Talien tosses open the door leading out onto the patio, stopping for a moment to peer around at the gathered faces with those bright, piercingly blue eyes of his. He wears a carefully neutral expression, standing tall and confident as ever. When Sylindra approaches him, his dark brows rise fractionally, and the corners of his lips turn upwards just slightly. He offers a polite bow of the head. "Warlord. It is, as always, a great pleasure. I trust you've been well?"

Lucrezia approaches Zedmir, waving cheerily. "Hi! Remember me?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Talien before departing.

Vindal reaches out to slip his fingers between Selandriel's and leans in to place a brief kiss right on her lips. "Glad you finally made it," he says. "I almost thought I was going to need to drink another bottle just for you."

Noticing yet another cousin joining the festivities, Darien's dark eyes turn to Talien as he enters, as always with that slightly serious, neutral expression. "Talien! Come grab a bottle and loosen up. This is a party, not a war meeting." He tells the Admiral with a grin and a raise of his bottle. Another healthy drink of the dark contents brings the surface of the liquid dangerously close to the bottom of the bottle. He rolls his shoulders and shifts slightly in his chair.

A warm smile and a returned wave with the hand not holding the bottle. "Lucrezia! Of course, how are you doing this fine evening friend?"

Selandriel curls her fingers around Vindal's and she returns his kiss with a smile. "I am sorry. I was caught out on the water and had some trouble getting back with some weather." She didn't even change and the leather of her jacket is more than a bit speckled with sea water. "It's been good?"

Lucrezia says, "I'm good! It's a wonderful evening--I was wondering, you cook quite a bit, and I wondered where you get your berries."

"Indeed I have, indeed I have!" the Warlord says cheerfully to her counterpart. "I've had some exciting things happen in the Scorching Wasteland recently and it's been quite invigorating. What about you Talien, how have you been?"

The smile turns more curious. "It depends if I'm looking to create desserts or strong drink. You sound like you have something specific in mind?"

Qahir lifts his tankard in cheer. First to the married couple, and then in rememberence of Eros. Then he brings it to his lips to finish off his ale. When it's done an dead he sets the tankard onto the table before him, and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand before rising to his feet.

Talien takes a moment to glance up and nod to Darien before returning his attention to Sylindra. "All things considered I suppose I can't complain," the Admiral replies in that low baritone of his. "Considerably better now, now that the Watchers aren't an immediate threat to Lorawin any longer."

Lucrezia says, "I found these berries," Lucrezia explains to Zedmir, "And I've never seen them before, but they're purple,tangy and juicy and I want to grow more of them. Maybe they'd be good for a dessert, or wine...I don't know."

Vindal lifts his bottle up to his lips for a swig and then looks aside to Selandriel and grins, nodding. "Apparently there's a bottle of old world whiskey up in the rafters for us. One of the guests left it for us," he says with a chuckle. He glances toward his brother and then grins to his wife, starting to head toward the Admiral, and tugging her along. "Talien! I'm glad you could make it."

Qahir gets to his feet and Forwen drops from where she is standing on the chair to the ground. "Okay.. one moment." holding up a finger for him to wait before turning and darting over to Selandriel and Vindal, coppery curls bouncing as she comes to a stop before them, her blue eyes wide as her smile when looking up. "You two are beautiful together. I wish you nothing but joy." grins then bolts back to her own new husband, taking Qahir's hand. "We should say hello to Talien but I think he is going to be very busy."

"Mystery ingredients. Now we're talking." as the chef's eyes light up with the excitement of someone speaking his language. "Well, the only sensible thing is to try multiple recipes to see what tastes best." The grin now turns a bit sheepish. "I will admit my skill in growing food is almost non-existent though, perhaps we should ask Princess Leda or Lord Freyvidr to help grow some more before we commit all of them to some culinary creation?" Nodding as he seems to like this idea after saying it. "Yes, there are plenty of Healers Guild members who would love an agricultural challenge."

Talien glances up from his conversation with Sylindra to look over towards Vindal, offering him, and his sister-in-law, a slight smile. "Of course," he says to Vindal, "I'm only sorry I was delayed as long as I was." He reaches out and grasps Vindal's hand before clapping him once on the shoulder, looking to Selandriel with a somewhat brighter smile.

Lucrezia says, "The princess -farms-?!" Lucrezia is incredulously excited. "Yes, whoever you can introduce me to--I know nothing about growing plants, but I'd like to try to grow more of these. They're amazing."

Selandriel grins at Vindal and then looks up toward the rafters. "Ah, so we have to climb up to get it? A little water elemental might be able to get up there a bit easier." Her attention is distracted toward Talien as he arrives and she offers him a hug. Family is family, yo! "I was delayed, too, honestly. I think Vindal was afraid that I wasn't going to be here."

"Yes I hear you. Knowing the Watchers of Sand, or perhaps Fire, are out there, but not exactly where, has made things tense in Nasherat. We are bound to find them soon though, we have expeditions either planned or in progress to explore the desert around us, and we will be ready when we do," the Warlord says confidently. "I am however glad that the Aeran were able to come to a diplomatic solution with the Watchers of Waters."

Chuckling at Lucrezia's surprise. "She is amazingly skilled at all things to do with nurturing plants. She'll try to tell you its just a hobby, but don't be fooled." Offering his hand. "I'll help setup a plan to grow more of them, and you can trade me the story of how you found them? And maybe a portion of the first batch to do experimental cooking with."

Vindal practically beams. "Yes, I am pleased with how that worked out," he says. Of course, the Watcher gifted Vindal his sword, so of course he's pleased about it. The curiously curved blade is cospicuously absent from the Wave Whisperer's hip. He's hardly been seen anywhere without it the last few weeks. He glances aside to Selandriel and shakes his head and furrowing his brow in his disagreement. "I wasn't worried at all. Just before you showed up I was telling cousin Darien how I was sure you were going to be here. Eventually." Then he grins and leans in to kiss her cheek. Newlyweds.

Talien returns the embrace offered by Selandriel, chuckling a little at her comment. "Yes... I imagine I'm going to have some rather unenthused words from a certain someone about arriving so late, myself." He smirks just a little and shakes his head before looking up to Sylindra again. "Diplomacy was the only option available to us, really. The Watcher of Water seems to have total control over water - and as the battlefield we would've engaged it on would have been nothing -but- water... it doesn't exactly paint a pretty picture. I'm quite happy with how things played out, thanks to the work of our various diplomats." He nods to his brother, at that.

Lucrezia pauses, looking at Zedmir and thinking carefully. After a moment, she offers her hand as well and shakes his. "Agreed. Thank you, Zedmir."

Lucrezia turns, hearing both her brothers' voices at once and smiles, waving.

There's an amused snort and a shakes of his head from Darien when he overhears Talien's words to Sylindra. Clearly he doesn't agree with that assessment -completely-. But the work of the diplomats formulating the oath and convincing the Watcher of the Aeran's benign intentions can't be denied, nor can the results, and he looks to Vindal and dips his chin approvingly, raising his bottle before emptying it. Setting the now drained bottle aside, he reaches for the other bottle he brought down with him, uncorks it and takes another drink.

Forwen stops long enough to drop a kiss to Shakian's cheek before she starts to drag Qahir out, after all.. Selandriel and Vindal aren't the only newlyweds in the room, just the ones that are not obligated to stay and host the party in their honor.

Shakian waves to Forwen and Qahir. "Be hime soon myself," he calls.

Selandriel hugs Talien back and then she leans against Vindal's arm and grins at him. "Well, I did make it. Which I am very glad." She waves at Forwen and Qahir. "Good luck, you two!" she calls out toward them as they go.

Vindal waves to Forwen as she makes her way toward the door. "Thanks for coming out," he says with a smile. He lifts his rum up in salute and then brings it up for another swig. The bottle's mostly empty at this point.

The Warlord ponders the Admiral's words for several moments then shakes her head, "If the Watchers had total control over their elements, the Lorandi armies and Torendaar with them would have swallowed up by the earth when they faced the Watchers of Rock and their armies. Even if the Watchers of Water were more powerful, you could have always dismounted your crews and artillery from your ships, and fought for Lorawyn on land. Fighting is always an option. Nonetheless, a diplomatic victory is still a victory, and I congratulate you and your kinship on your handling of the situation. I think out of the four kinships to have faced the Watchers, the Aeran can confidently claim to have achieved the most favourable results. Zero casualties, few military expenditures, and no hostile army of elementals lurking near their city." Sylindra raises her bottle of spiced rum up in salute, "So, my congratulations to you and your kinsmen."

Nobu, Favored Lizard, Taro, Noble Desert Owl, Daffi-Dil, the loveable hedgehog leave, following Qahir.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling, Qahir leave, following Forwen.

Lucrezia takes a swig from her bottle, smiling widely at her brother and his new bride.

Clasping his hands behind his back, Joran slips inside off the patio with a polite, parting nod to no one in particular, seemingly just a gesture out of reflex on the off chance anyone was looking in his direction.

Talien offers an expression which suggests he's considered, at length, all of these alternatives. "Yes, the situation would have been different had we encountered the Watcher on land. But we didn't - we encountered it in the middle of its own domain. I only had what the crews who saw it originally had told me of it to work with, and from what I'd been told, this particular Watcher seemed to have near total control over the water in the area around it. I assure you, each and every possibility and eventuality were studied before we arrived at our conclusion - and I stand by my decision, and my reasoning. As you say - the outcome was, in the end, for the best, either way. And I had my own theories on just what might come from this peace, and what may be on the horizon for us all... but this isn't a war council." He smiles, just a touch. "We're here to celebrate, tonight."

Joran has left the Firepit.

Sulis, the water lizard have been dismissed.

Rimaru have been dismissed.

Vindal glances down toward Selandriel for a long moment, a smile spreading across his face, then he looks back up to the conversation Admiral and Warlord. He grins. "Yes, we're here to celebrate!" He says, lifting up his bottle in the air. Then he tips it back and drinks the rest of what's in it. He looks toward Selandriel again and he grins. Ugh. Newlyweds.

Sylindra chuckles, "That is true! As interesting as playing wargames with what-ifs is, this is a wedding and perhaps not the best place for them. Some other time we can get together and have a nice chat examining what a battle plan against the Water Watchers would have looked like, as an intellectual excercise. I'd be very interested in hearing your opinions on the subject."

Darien sighs and his lips move as if to speak, but in stead he waves it off with one hand while the other brings the bottle of rum to his lips once more. He trusts his cousin, after all, even if he doesn't always agree with him. And, like the man just stated himself, this is a night for celebration, not talks of how or where to fight foes turned friend in some replay of events never to have happened. So he just drinks and smiles, still draped comfortably in his chair with one foot over the other on the table in front of him.

Talien offers a slight bow of his head towards Sylindra. "Of course, I would be more than interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject. There is, as well, some other business the two of us have to discuss. But, another time. Tonight," he smiles at Vindal, "is a celebration. And I've yet to find a drink."

Finishing the handshake. "Of course. Thank you for the opportunity." Looking around a bit at the party. "I'll also admit I know a lot of these elves by name, but have never formally met them. Any suggestions?" Opening the door for her to make an introduction or two.

Lucrezia leads Zedmir toward Vindal and Selandriel. "Well, the happy couple is a good place to start. Allow me to introduce my brother Vindal and his new bride, Selandriel Marindur. Vindal, this is Zedmir Nalduine."

Shakian slips off quietly

"Indeed! You should try the spiced rum, it is quite excellent. I can see they've still got a couple of unopened bottles over there," Sylindra replies to Talien, indicating at one of the tables.

Vindal looks up at the sound of his sister's voice and looks first at her and then Zedmir. "Lord Zedmir, it's a pleasure," he says. "Thanks for coming out." He pauses for a moment and then looks up toward the rafters where Luthien had pointed and squints. "If you'll excuse me, though, I need to go fetch something from up there," he says, before he steps away from the group to go climb up the same way Dunlain had just before Vindal arrived.

Turning to watch the man fetch the bottle. "It's times like these that I wish I knew prestidigitation. A small gust of wind would be all you'd need, but I guess that would ruin the fun then." he mentions to Lucrezia.

Talien detaches himself from the larger group and step over towards the table holding the various drinks for the evening. He reaches for a bottle of a deep, amber colored whiskey and pours himself a small glass before turning around to survey the remaining guests for a moment.

Lucrezia shrugs with a giggle. "I thought it would be funny for them to climb up there."

"Please tell me it's empty, except for a map of where the real bottle is?" Zedmir says hopefully.

Lucrezia giggles harder. "No, but that would've been even better. It was a gift. From a Thalerith--I told him...I told him to hide it there. And he did!"

Sylindra goes back to working on her heaping plate of food, she is clearly very much enjoying the Aeran cooking.

Climbing is not exactly his best skill, but Vindal does manage to get up into the rafters and spy the bottle of whiskey. He grabs it and then carefully climbs back down to the floor. He holds it in his hands and looks down at it and nods. He seems pleased. Then he walks over to find Selandriel and lean in to murmur something in her ear.

"We'll save that for next time then." the young Lorandi says with a grin, and continues watching Vindal's current quest, clapping politely when it is achieved.

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