Narea Marriage Reception

After the more intimate ceremony that preceded things there will be a much more public and open reception celebrating the marriage of Forwen and QahirNarea. Alcohol and roasted meats will be on the menu; and with this celebration one can expect challenges, games, and a potential for violence (but only a little). Principle invitations went to those closest to the newly weds, and any in their extended families and friends.


Aug. 19, 2019, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Qahir Forwen Octalin


Sylindra Luthien Danai Kiros Zaltar Rania Valanor Hrefna Akora Glaenir Zenandra Nyssa Gureylain Leofric Shakian Rythadrien Catlith Lyandra Joran Nassar Caelia Viessa Lunan Zymandi Zedmir



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Mountainside Glade

Largesse Level



Ereg, a barred owl, Vana, a fluffy calico, Toot - A Beech Tree Elemental arrive, following Gureylain.

Poppy the Blossoming Tree Elemental arrives, following Kiros.

The ceremony was small, private and quiet, members of both families making their way from there to the glade that had beens set up for the party to come. It was a little while before the bride and groom showed however and when they did it was on the back of Nobu, the large Krilkar seeming to be overly proud as he carried the couple into the glade. Forwen sitting in front of Qahir, in her gown of sea foam silk, and crown of wild red curls looked tiny in front of the large warrior. Even so, she was waving at anyone she recognized and laughing at something that Qahir had muttered before they got close enough to hear.

Viessa beams as the happy couple make their grand entrance. Leaning towards whoever it is who happens to be closest she half whisper-half tells them "Doesn't she look happy?"

Kiros stood off to the side of the crowd, hands clasped in front of them. They smile warmly towards the couple as they approach, eyes already tearing up as they watch them--Qahir, specifically, full of warmth and pride.

Lyandra Filinnar has received the invitation to the celebration of the nuptials, and she had been only too happy to attend. Though there had been many she knew within the small gathering, there seemed to be more that she did not, and so, perhaps out of a sense of comfort, or self-preservation, Lyandra had kept close to her twin, their proximity only highlighting the stark difference between them. The female, slim and slight, pale and white-haired in a way that harkened back to the blood of the Ingith that ran in their veins and the male, tall and dark in the way of the Thalerith, and large enough to eclipse his sister. And yet...there was a peace between them, and a joy that seemed perfectly in keeping with the happiness of the occasion. The sight of the krilkar was a bit worrying, but Lyandra's lips warmed into a smile as she saw the couple approaching.

Standing respectfully when the couple appear, Guteylain watches with his hood drawn back, his face exposed. His lips are curved in a slight smile, and though he remains otherwise still, his tree elemental is hopping and dancing around, making tootling sounds that are its namesake.

Joran's gaze follows the mounted, happy couple from his eased stance behind his slighter, paler sister, corners of his lips quirked into a faint, polite smile, the sign of something more approaching a mirthful warmth carrying in his green gaze. His head angles closer to Lyandra's, the soft whisper of some shared remark lost amongst the din of the joyful bustle.

Qahir was standing alongside his wife, now dressed in clothes more proper for what will be his new home. Something warmer with a bit more room to breathe along with the circlet expected of marriage. When they arrived he was quick to hop off the krilkar, and then allow her a hand as needed. Almost immediately he turns to the gathered peoples along with the food before them. "So, we're going to eat soon and quick, yes?"

Being that she is a quiet person in general Danai has slipped into the reception area and found an out of the way spot to observe. Those she knows get a little wave and a smile in greeting.

"Look there is Danai! And Gureylain... and Viessa is here and Kiros.." Forwen waving and pointing out people, as if Qahir can't see them for himself. Forwen all but bubbles over as she is lifted from the back of the lizard, not really even noticing.. only that her field of vision suddenly became much more limited. "There are people I don't know." added but waved at them anyway, beaming before blinking up at her new husband, who happened to stand almost a foot and a half taller. "Food? You want to eat? Really?"

Joran calls out, seemingly in a good nature ribbing, "He will likely be needing his energy!"

Kiros waves a little to Gureylain and Danai, and gives repectful nods towards Lyandra and Joran. The later's shouted comment makes them blink, then huff softly in amusement, looking to the side. Shaking their head, they find somewhere to sit and settle in to watch the celebrations.

Zenandra's full attention is on the happy couple's entrance atop the krilkar. She is smiling, fully caught up in the joy of the moment.

"Qahir!" calls out Sylindra Filinnar with a tone of good natured humour. "You're already looking every part the Aeran, all that's missing is the boat!"

Viessa waves when she sees Lunan and heads over to his side. "Lunan!" she adds a bright smile "You look sober. We should fix that."

;'s elbow shivered momentarily, as though she were fighting the urge to dig it backwards into Joran's stomach. It seemed discretion won out, for she simply remained where she was, watching the couple come down to earth and the gathered celebrants offer their greetings and well-wishes.

Arriving alone, and wearing long, flowing silk robes, Lunan enters the glade with a brisk stride. As he spies Kiros, he begins to move towards them, and then he grins at Viessa. "Yes, we should. Further, we should introduce you to Kiros, if you don't know them already." He mentions as he moves that way.

Danai waves to Lunan when he arrives but since he is claimed by people she makes no effort to draw closer. Kiros ges a bright beam. Danai, seems happy enough to idly write notes in her book and observing people.

"I see, yes, and-" Then Sylindra calls, and Qahir looks over to her. "I can't sail," he announces to the Warlord with a smile. "At least not on my own, and for a while." He reaches over to hug her by the side, and adds, "At least not unless she's on the boat, too."

Kiros notes Lunan approaching and smiles softly towards him. "I'm a little surprised to see you here," they say to him, then look past him curiously towards Viessa.

"Hey, I know how it is," Sylindra replies with a teasing grin. "It's a Filinnar tradition to marry someone who knows how to do something you don't. I married Aganor because he knows how to talk to people, you married Forwen because she knows how to talk to boats."

The wave from Kiros draws a slightly wider grin from Gureylain who makes a point to move close enough to rest a hand on their shoulder, giving a low voiced, "Good to see you, my friend." Toot waving happily to the duindar and their own elemental... and then the damn cat right behind that. The Old Wolf of Rylanth heads for the newly weds, quipping with a raised brow, to Forwen "I'll make sure to help keep Alethia's day to day schedule free at certain points, should you two decide to come by the shrine... should you two decide to add to your family." winking one amber eye.

Joran calls out and Forwen blinks, looking over at him... the color that spreads causes those freckles to almost light up. "Oh he is defiantely one of your realitives." she points out sticking her tongue at the elf, though the smile and sparkles in those blue eyes erases any belief that the Aeran is even a little bit annoyed. "Yeah, you can swab decks." grins at the boat but as he heads towards Sylindra Forwen heads toward Danai, she however stops partway there and looks back at the warlord. "Ohh no, thats not why he married me. He married me because he can't not get lost with a map and laid out trail. And getting us lost when I told him he was going to get us lost.. promising to marry me is how he decided to get out of trouble."

"Sure. I'd like that." Viessa replies to Lunan before turning her gaze onto Kiros with some curiosity. "But I will be running off to congratulate Forwen just as soon as she's free." Taking a couple of steps away from Lunan she smiles to Kiros. "Hello Kiros."

Of course, as Danai waves at him, Lunan turns and peers towards her for a moment, observing her. Then, he returns the wave and turns his attention back to Viessa and Kiros. "Oh? Why is that?" He asks, turning to glance at Kiros as they speak. "You've seen how I drink. I am not afraid of a party." When Viessa speaks, he turns back to her and nods his understanding at that. "Forwen is your cousin?"

Shakian is really late for the reception. Uh oh.

Catching Forwen's directed tongue and returning an amused wink across the crowd, Joran offers a lifted hand and a dipped head in Kiros's direction after seeing them present. He then nudges Lyandra in the side with his elbow, teasing in a conversational tone, "The Warlord talking about what makes good marriage partners for Filinnar. Suppose we should give her a wide berth."

A cant of her head is given as she is stared at by Lunan then gives a little shrug as she notes Fowen hading towards her. At the bride Danai beams a smile and when she is distracted with talking Danai takes utime to carefully write in her book. On top her open book her hand rests once she has finished writing.

Sylindra chuckles at Forwen's comments, "Yeah Qahir has always been hopeless with maps and directions, but it seems to me like he has never had any trouble finding his way right back to you."

"It's good to see you again," Kiros says to Gureylain, smiling softly. Poppy hops down out of their bag and goes scurrying over to Toot to dance and play with the other elemental. They turn back to Lunan and Viessa, dipping their head to the Aeran. "Hello. It's nice to meet you. You are a... friend, of Lunan's?" They glance to their brother. "...Good point."

Viessa smiles at Gureylain too. "Hello." before answering Kiros. "Thats the plan. I'm Viessa." she nods to Lunan. "A cousin, yep. Second I think but I never really saw the point of all those degrees. Kin is kin right?"

Lyandra nudged Joran right back, though her own attempt did not move him an inch, "Why do you think I spend so much time in Thelos?" But there was true amusement in her tone, and affection in the glance she cast towards the Warlord. "I'm going to find a place to sit and work on my gift. You come and find me in a bit when it's time for food, right?" Lyandra, despite the look of her, could always eat.

"Yes." Lunan informs towards Kiros, at the question of their status. Then he grins softly back at them. "Now, however, if Viessa has the time... It's time to see if she can keep up with me. A drinking contest is in order." Then he glances back at Viessa and nods his head. "Yes, you're right in that regard. With the exception of Kiros. Kiros is my little sibling."

Kiros grimaces a little at the thought of a drinking contest, shaking their head in dismay. But they pat Lunan lightly on the arm, for good luck. "Try not to pass out. I don't think I can carry you through the portal." They look back to Viessa. "Do try to knock his ego down a peg, hm?"

Joran bobs a nod in affirmation to Lyandra's request, his gaze having already wandered over to the bounty of meats beneath the pavilion more than once since his arrival. Before ambling off to wander on his own, he replies to his sibling, "I will do one better and bring you a plate. You can consider it my gift to you for the year."

Qahir laughs it off, but there's no denying it at all. "There's food and drink, and maybe I should have asked for maps." He grumps. Then he moves along for a moment to his other cousins, and bows his head in greeting to Lyandra and Joran. "It is so good to see you all again. It's been some time, but that's been because I found myself a lot busier than usual."

Forwen beams at Sylindra "That is because I am easy to find." then raises her voice as she heads again to Danai "Lord Gureylain, do you know how to throw an axe?" stopping in front of Danai as she pokes at the book. "Because Dania and I need to learn how to throw an axe!" already gathering the tissue fine shirts onto one hand, ignoring the way they keep spilling out as if so much water.

Lyandra was not yet away, when Qahir came in her direction, and her smile widened, "Life has a way of getting in the way, though I think, in your case, it was for all of the right reasons. I have no doubt that we will see you again. We are just glad that you've finally found the right path, with or without a map.

Viessa chuckles at Kiros' request. "I dont think anyone could do that." She looks at Lunan. "What do you think? Could your ego be any smaller Lunan?" she smiles back to Kiros. "If he passes out. You can just leave him to sleep it off in the grass. He'll be fine."

Upwards the book is lifted to show what was written in it to Forwen. It simply says 'Congradulations to you and Qahir.' When she is voluntered for axe throwing and her head shakes. THe book is written into again, 'I don't need to learn throwing of things.'


Joran's pace slows in the split from Lyandra at Qahir's approach, inclining his head to Qahir and offering a mild, relaxed smile. With a roll of his hand as if waving away any potential need for apology, he adds after his twin, "Likewise, it is good to see you too, Qahir. We all must have a purpose, and you have found yours in this union - while you will be missed around Nasherat, we must not regret your parting but rejoice in it."

While Kiros pats his arms, Lunan grins, shaking his head at Kiros. "Oh no, you're not backing out of carrying me. It would be good exercise for you." Then he glances back Viessa and with a solemn face... "No." About his ego. "Also, it wouldn't be the first time I slept in the grass."

"I could probably throw one exceedingly poorly in comparison to my ability to fire an arrow." Guteylain admits with a grin. "It could be a useful skill to learn though, I may bend my focus that way in the near future..." Gureylain offers his chuffing laugh.

The Warlord catches a stray bit of the conversation around Lunan and decides to call out with a stray response, "Let the one-eyed man drink! You only need to drag him as far as the teahouse, they have rooms for those too tired or too drunk to stagger all the way home."

"I suppose it wouldn't be..." Kiros starts, around the same time as their brother, then huffs softly in amusement as they have the same thought. Kiros waves him off. "Go on, then. Show off your iron stomach for the pretty girl," they tease.

Viessa looks back to Kiros "See. I told you it would be just fine." she grins at the warlord then. "If he cant hold his drink then he doesnt deserve to be made comfortable" Looking back to the two she says "Before we make fools of ourselves with drink. We should give our congratulations to the couple." She pokes Lunan and then points out Danai. "And you should invite your friend over there."

"Trust me, Kiros. I don't need to impress Viessa any further." Lunan mentions towards Kiros, grinning with amusement. "She's already seen me in battle." Then in response to the Warlord, he grins and pumps a fist. "YEAAHH!!" He calls out with enthusiasm, before turning to look at Viessa. "Danai?" He asks, peering over at the younger, shy elf. "No."

Gureylain's answer goes unremarked on for the moment instead Forwen looks back at Danai. "Thank you. We love that you came." then sets her hands on her hips. "But Danai, there are only three contests.. throwing axes, climbing that tree." pointing to the big tree with the leather ring hanging from a lower branch. "Or riding the unbroke lizard over there. Are you going to make me go and climb that tree in this dress?"

Qahir then turns to Danai, smile wide as he reads her message. Then he reads the following message, and barks out a laugh. "I don't know about that. You could probably be the axe-throwing champion, and if you miss you can always heal whoever it is you accidentally hit."

Kiros squints up at Lunan for a moment, then huffs out a breath. "I see. Well then." They poke him in the ribs. "Yes, congratulations before you both get wasted..." They step around their brother, approaching Qahir. "Congratulations," they murmur to him, once he's looked Kiros' way. Their eyes are teary again. "I'm so happy for you both."

Viessa rolls her eyes at Lunan. "I wasn't that impressed. I'll beat you next time." She gives a final grin towards Kiros and Lunan "We should!" and then makes a beeline for Forwen as Kiros approaches Qahir. "Congratulations! I loved your grand entrance."

"I doubt it." Lunan replies towards Viessa, and then there is the jab to his side about speaking with the newly weds. Before he can protest, Viessa is off and he rolls his good eye, then turns to follow after her. As he arrives, he bows his head at Forwen. "Congratulations." Then, to the Warlord, he thrusts out his hand towards the other warrior, with an open palm. No words, apparently.

Joran weaves through the glade's milling crowds with an easily-settled expression of mild merriment quirking the corners of his lips, heading in Sylindra's direction after parting from Qahir and Lyandra, angling closer to the Warlord to mention something softly.

She hears her name from Lunan she glances over in question, not hving heard what was being said. Since he adds 'no' Danai just looks even more quizzical. A face is made at Forwen and to her Danai writes, 'You could just learn yourself." Then Qahir is teasing her and the Duindar rolls her eyes at him, 'I bet you would be singing a different tune if I accdently hit you, Qahir.'

The usually furrowed expression of Hrefna has shifted, for this event. There is a smile worn on her lips, almost easy. She's helped herself to some of the wine, and while she's eyed the krilkar, the priestess has not yet made a move to attempt a ride on the horned thing. But there's certainly some consideration being given, there.

Zaltar is a little late and slips in unnoticed and silent, mostly focused on finding Qahir. "Congratulations Cousin," he says quietly when he is close enough for Qahir to him. He seems to stear away from the crowd

Lyth, a tiny Tawny owl with black eyes arrives, following Caelia.

Lyth, a tiny Tawny owl with black eyes leaves, following Caelia.

Lyth, a tiny Tawny owl with black eyes arrives, following Caelia.

Sylindra takes Lunan's hand in her own and shakes it, recognizing a fellow warrior.

Forwen frown... lets be honest, she pouts at Danai but then there is Luna and Viessa standing with them. Beaming at her cousin, nods to both, the red curls bobbing all over the place. "Thank you." then gives Viessa a nudge. "I want to learn to throw those axes over there. Maybe Shakian knows how to? Gureylain said he doesn't."

Shakian throws up his hands at the mention of throwing axes. "Sword and bow for me," he protests. "I'll try it if everyone else is, but I'm as likely to hit my foot as the target."

Zenandra happily listens to the conversations around her, periodically staring down at the food on the tables. She sits down, picks up a rack of lamb, and starts munching. Between bites, she seems to be following the discussion of axe throwing by the Aerans particularly closely.

"I have no idea either" Viessa tells Forwen with a grin. "But why should that matter? If we throw enough of them we'll work it out." She gives Lunan an impish smile. "It seems your plan to drink me under the table will have to wait." She looks back to Forwen "But do we have to start with the axes? Thats the boringest game here. I want to try the lizard."

Qahir barks another laugh in response to Danai, and shakes his head. "Well, for one I can't much sing. Past that I know you'd heal me up. You have before anyway." The newly made Aeren turns to greet Kiros with a wide, happy smile. "Thank you, and I'm so happy you could make it. I'd almost swear you've been around for a lot of the major stuff for me," he responds as he reaches for a hug.

Laughing at Forwen's Quest for Ax Thowing, nodding as she moves off, letting her to her visiting before he turns to watch Toot and Poppy still dancing and playing. +ry Whut

Forwen blinks at her cousin then sighs. "I really kinda liked this dress." And with that the bride turns and looks towards the wedding party. "So we are going to try to ride that lizard. Whos playing?" to her husband. "Nobu better save me."

Kiros laughs softly, stepping in to give the much taller elf a tight hug around the middle. Squeezing for a moment, before they pull back and wipe at their eyes. "I suppose I have. You've grown up so much..." They smile up at him a moment, then take a deep breath to compose themselves. "Go have fun," they murmur encouragingly, before stepping back. They slip off to the edge of the crowd, approaching the table with the drinks. They take up a bottle of berry wine to pour themselves a glass, then settle in to watch the competitions with a wistful, naustalgic expression.

On hearing people talk of axe throwing, the Warlord decides to wait for no one and simply grabs one of the axes with one hand, a bottle of strong drink in the other. "Let me set the baseline," she says twirling the axe up in the air and catching it again. She takes up a sideways stance at the throwing line, takes a looong swig from the bottle, and then casually tosses the axe at the target.

Laughing at Forwen's Quest for Ax Thowing, nodding as she moves off, letting her to her visiting before he turns to watch Toot and Poppy still dancing and playing. Gureylain stands, letting the cloth of his cloak fit around him and turn him into a spur of greenery for a moment. There's a lot of activity, and he's just sort of watching the chaos unravel around him, edging towards the sidelines, bit by bit.

Zaltar is hanging back, more a statue then really much else after telling Qahir his congratulations

Shakian watches the thrown axe carefully. Nothing like taking a rebound off the toes to ruin one's day.

At the call for the challenge of axe throwing, Viessa is abandoned unless she can keep up with him, and Lunan moves his way towards the Warlord. "How often, then do you throw axes?" He asks towards Sylindra, not looking over at her. Though, in fairness, she is on the side of him that doesn't exactly have an eye to look at her from.

Zenandra stands up suddenly, leaving the half-eaten rack of lamb on the table next to the plate full of other meats. "I will join you!" she announces with a grin at Forwen's plan to ride the krilkar, stepping forward to join the circle of people around her.

Caelia arrive at the wedding while adorned a a simple linen sundress with sunflowers on it. She peeks over the party, having a gentle smile and then tries to join the contest. "There is a game..."

Qahir releases Kiros with a fervant nod, and then moves away. "I will." Then he's quick to turn around, and find his shorter kin. "C'mere, Zaltar. We're gonna get you some alcohol cousin, and then see how you do riding, Nobu." The last is said with a point in the direciton of the large, horned Krilkar. "Because I know you can do it without a shadow of doubt."

Sylindra for her efforts to hit the mark. Not quite dead center, but as it stands right now the closest to it. Almost immediately after it finds purchase a tall, sinewy man dressed in leathers with a few bone adornments looses the axe from the target, and as he does so he starts taking a long swig from his mug.

Kiros takes a long sip of wine, then steps over to stand beside Gureylain, watching the elementals prancing and playing. "They get along well," Kiros murmurs.

Viessa is staring hopefully across at the lizard when Lunan vanishes to play with the axes. "How do you ride one of them anyway?" She looks at Kiros. "Do you know? Do you just hold on really tight or is there some kind of trick?"

A laugh is given by Danai at Qahir's response. 'I would.' she admits to him with no hesitation about healing him up. When people start preparing for the games she settles in to watch. There is no joining in on these physical things for her. Danai is a scholar not a fighter. She does take notes on what is going on, though.

Turning slightly, when Kiros approaches, Gureylain offers a nod while still observing the small trees. "I think they reflect the better natures of their creators." head tipping to the side. "It makes me wish I could travel to your lands... see how many act in accordance with one another... see if they're unified or where one might see differences."

Hrefna still lingers, none too far away from the krilkar. There's a tilt of her head, this way and that, and glances given to those that are also having similar ponderings. She finishes off her current glass of wine, and looks over her shoulder to fix Qahir with a half-smile. "Congratulations," she offers in a smooth, soft voice. Little twitches of amusement showing at the corners of her mouth.

Kiros blinks at Viessa, then looks over at the giant lizard. "I... have no idea. I don't think I've ever tried riding anything in my life. I suppose you would just hold on...?" They look up at Gureylain, smiling softly. "I think so too. I wish you could see Isalspire too. Perhaps, some day."

Zenandra chuckles at Viessa. After listening to Kiros, she says, "Holding on tight is a good start, just be careful where you are holding!"

Forwen watches as the axe throwing starts, but she just promised to ride Nobu, which honestly probably isn't fair but still. Looking to those gathered to do it. "Well it's not fair for me to compete. Nobu is the best lizard out there so... but I will help a little if I can. I just climb on.. though you might want to try to make friends with him first. Feeding him is helpful.. watch your fingers."

Joran offers over after Zenandra's suggestion, while stacking a plate with skewered meats, "And do not forget to hold on with legs as much or more than hands!"

Zaltar casts an untrusting glance to the murderous lizard, swigs a drink of the drink handed to him tries to get on the beast and lasts about four secounds bafore he is bucked off onto the ground with a -thump- "Owww," he says, drawing away from the creature instinctively

Then it is his turn, and Lunan picks up the axe. With a huff, the axe goes spinning towards the target. His throw also isn't quite dead center, but it hits its mark. The riding contest is next for him, and he is quickly bucked off. Finally, he tries the climbing challenge. It's not an impressive attempt, but it's also not particularly terrible. From there, he mostly just lingers near Kiros and Viessa, drinking the night away.

Dahsk, a wolf pup arrives, following Alethia.

Lunan checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

"Nice throw!" Sylindra compliments Lunan. "You know, I'd be interested in hearing the stories behind some of those scars. I'll buy the drinks."

Shakian ambles over to the food for a nice piece of fish. Brain food, doncha know. "What's up with that leather ring? Or did everyone play before I got here."

Qahir is quick to try catching Zaltar, but he's a bit too slow. He grimaces a bit at the sight. He's quick to reach out and help Zaltar up, and as he does so he smiles to Hrefna. "Thank you and thanks for coming. I know Valanor said he might show up, but he also might be busy hunting." Then back to his smaller cousin his gaze goes. "I'm proud of you for trying, cousin."

Forwen watches as Zaltar climbs onto Nobu then lands in the dirt... looking then to the others waiting. "Kinda like that.. but longer." she says helpfully. Glancing to Shakian. "You take it up the tree.. leave it as high as you can go.. next person has to make it to it and take it higher from there and so on."

Dahsk, a wolf pup leaves, following Alethia.

Krillkar riding, axe throwing, Gureylain's brows are raised. "Maybe... once I'm wed, if my beloved will tolerate it, I'll come visit the long way - for curiosity..." Gurey chuckles. "A sight in that eh, Kiros? Some ranger wandering in from the south?"

Zaltar lets Qahir help him up and says, "Thanks, um, well I, I don't do well in crowds Cousin, but I do hope you two will be happy together," he says softly

Barfolemew, a small sand cat arrives, following Zymandi.

"Oh... You are to be wed soon as well?" Kiros smiles, but the expression is weaker than before. "Congratulations," they murmur, with warm sincereity even if they suddenly look a little tired. "You would have my hospitality without question, if you did make the journey." They lift the glass to take a longer sip from, looks down into it, then takes another to drain it and set aside. "I think I need to go lay down. It was good to see you again, Lord Gureylain. Please, take care, and best wishes with your betrothed." They move to pick up Poppy to craddle against their chest, then quietly silps off down the path.

"I wouldn't dream of missing it," Hrefna muses back to Qahir. There's a dip of her head towards Zaltar - once the man is back on his feet - but soon she's looking back towards the horned krillkar. "It seems like a very excellent celebration, my friend. I wish you both the fullness of happiness." Her glass, empty, is placed aside. And then knuckles are cracked.

Zymandi walks UP the path as Kiros is going down it, and she watches the elf without pausing. And then blinks at the scene and tilts her head, gaze flickering around until she locates Sylindra and ambles over.

"Right, yeah, hold on with the legs, don't forget that," Zenandra mutters to herself under her breath after hearing Joran's addition. She sees Zaltar fall get launched off Nobu. The priestess squares up with the krilkar, hands on her hips, and takes a deep breath. In she goes, hopping on the lizard's back who, in turn, promptly tries to remove her. The struggle does *not* last long, and Zenandra is thrown in a similar arc as Zaltar, landing where he was only moments ago after 4 seconds. She sits on the ground for a moment in a daze, looking up at Zaltar and Qahir, and starts laughing deeply.

Zaltar moves quick to help Zenandra to her feet, trying. He is quiet and quick about it as not to draw any more attention to the situation.

Forwen winces as Zenandra lands with a thump then looks at Viessa with a lifting of her brows. "Your turn." her eyes sparkling with mischief.

"I love sharing war stories with a fellow warrior." Lunan mentions towards Sylindria. "Especially when alcohol is involved. Come, sit." He motions, glancing towards Viessa, beckoning her both to come join him as he finds a place to sit down.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zaltar before departing.

Viessa practically bounces with her eagerness to get to the lizard. "Hello lizard!" She tells it "Forwen said me and you should make friends. So now you have to make me look good. Alright?" With those words of wisdom she finds her way into the riding position and tries to cling on as the krilkar goes out of its way to make sure she does not look good. Not at all. THUMP! It doesn't take long at all before she's kissing the dirt and laughing. "Ouch." He climbs to her feet and rubs at her hip. "He's mean."

"I meant at a later time when there's less distractions," Sylindra says to Lunan. "I want to be able to hear every detail. Besides, I can hardly buy a drink here now can I? The booze is free!" She takes another pull from her bottle.

a messenger comes and delivers a letter to Zaltar, he pays them and says, "Forgive me cousin, I must go, but congratulations once again," he says and heads out muche the same way he entered

Zymandi slides into a seat near Sylindra, watching the Warlord with a look that's more calculating and neutral than entertained. She smiles slowly, a disconcertingly similar expression to most of the rest of the Devrien family. "This is about a wedding, isn't it? Where are the happy elves?"

Forwen is laughing so hard she can hardly breath.. tears running down her cheeks. "He is not. Nobu is the best and smartest Lizard there is." she reaches over and takes a kabab off the tray and walks to stand in front of the great big beast... bigger even with tiny Forwen in front of him. Holding it out, she feeds Nobu his snack then kisses the blunt nose. "Okay.. axes or tree?" looking over to the others.

One rider goes off, and a new challenger approaches. "Hello, lovely," Hrefna muses towards the lizard, while Viessa is rubbing their rump. "Let's give this a go, hmm?" Up on the back she goes, legs holding to the krillkar's sides. Which, apparently, he doen't take too kindly to. The prietess ends up in the dirt with a wince and a laugh, even faster than the rest. "Perhaps I need another drink," she mutters as she gets up, dusting her rear off.

Shakian votes, "Axes. The rest of you have been drinking longer, so it could be funny."

"I see." Lunan accepts with a nod of his head. "Well, then introductions are in order. I am Warden Lunan Naevon, Warden of the Amethyst Order, and Right Hand of House Naevon." He offers, making his way to grab a bottle of the berry wine. He lifts the corked bottle to his lips, biting down on the cork and yanking until it pops free. Then he spits the cork into his hand and stashes it into his pocket.

Chuckles, watching it all and on his own with the exit of Kiros... Gureylain does his usual response to such madness. He drifts further to the edges and disappears as quietly as he came.

Ereg, a barred owl, Vana, a fluffy calico, Toot - A Beech Tree Elemental leave, following Gureylain.

"Sylindra Filinnar, Warlord of the Thalerith," Sylindra says, formally introducing herself. "And this here is Zymandi, my First Blade," she adds as Zymandi takes a seat besides her. "Amethyst Order, eh? I can always respect someone who can manage to fight with both sorcery and bladecraft. Never had any talent for magic myself, which is another reason why I married Aganor."

Zenandra readily takes Zaltar's hand and gets to her feet, still laughing loudly all the while. She pats him on the back and waves to him as he suddenly leaves. The next two riders quickly distract her, though, and she cheers them on the whole time. At Forwen's question, she responds, "Wait, hang on. We're not done here." At that, the priestess runs towards the krilkar again, hopping on its back. The lizard seems to have figured out her strategy, or what little of it there is, because Zenandra is unseated almost immediately, this time being launched with a little more momentum. She skids a little bit this time, her legs now covered in dirt. "Okay," she admits between breaths from the ground. "Now we're done."

Zymandi crosses her legs, looking Lunan over with a faint devious smile. "Hello."

When Hrefna hits the ground, Forwen helps her up as well.. shaking her head. "I haven't had a single drink Shakian." she points out...which is true but Forwen seldom drinks. Yes, she gets into trouble just fine without it. Then Zenandra hits the dirt again and she giggles. "You are going to be bruised." gathering her skirts. "We can try axes. I will meet you all at the target in a moment." then pauses to look around, Qahir really isn't hard to find.. and she turns and heads his way, not pausing for whatever conversation he is in, simply grabbing the front of his shirt, pulling him down for a kiss. "Hi. I am going to go throw axes now." turns to head that way.

"Warlord." Lunan echoes, nodding his head towards Syrlindra, and then towards Zymandi. "Where does First Blade fall within your military then? I presume it is similar to a Warden, in the Order?" A pause, and then he grins. "Lightning and spearwork both are my speciality. I focus on quick, accurate attacks rather than strong, powerful blows."

Tamarisk, the tree elemental arrives, following Kythaela.

With the kriikar riding clearly not in her future, Viessa turns her attention to the next fun thing to do. Her eyes fall on that hoop in the tree and she goes on over to try and reach it. A few attempts, and a skinned knee later and she defaults to glaring at it with hands on her hips. When that doesn't work either its time for another plan. She looks around, spots Lunan talking to the warlord, and makes a beeline over towards him.

Tamarisk, the tree elemental leaves, following Kythaela.

"Then you and I have something in common," Zymandi speaks up in a soft but strong Nasherat accent. Her smile looks like it's always there in some form, just waiting for an excuse. And she looks Lunan over a bit pointedly. "The Warlord's Blade Sworn are her guards. I'm the one that gets to string up the would-be assassins by our front gates."

Lizard kebabs finished, Joran waits for an opening to try his luck with Nobu. After a scratch against the krilkar's shoulder, he saddles up, seemingly braced for an unpleasant spill, which happens to come six seconds later. Rolling back up to his feet with an absent, amused laugh escaping from his chest, he points toward the great beast. "Next time, friend!" He then turns, trotting into a jog after the rest of the crowd for whatever task comes next.

Qahir is there to help up each and every person that falls off the Kralkar. Some results are worse than others, and where some might get a chuckle a few get a grimace. Especially when Zenandra goes down twce. "Maybe next time, Aunt Zenandra?" The question comes as a polite enough request, but then he sobers up a bit. "I mean, maybe another day. Not now. I don't want to have to explain to anyone how you got hurt here, not that you will get hurt here. What I mean is that-" Then Forwen is distracting him, and he is happy to leave that before his mouth gets him into more trouble. The kiss comes, and then he stands back up to smile widely. "I'd to see if you can beat the others, not that there's any doubt of course." Smooth...

Shakian is finally liquored up enough to try riding the krilkar. He approaches the beast with a nice piece of meat. "Here you go," he says, placing it on the ground. When the beast puts its head down Shakian jumps aboard. "Whoa, oh whoa there!" he shouts before being sailed off into space. "What was that, seven? Say it was seven."

"Much appreciated," Hrefna says with a hint of a smile as Forwen helps with the rise to her feet. "Fantastic creature, really. And congratulations." She dusts herself off further as she makes her way towards that table full of wine, once more.

"An effective tactic. There are times I wish the Duindar Senate would be so bold. String our enemies from the tree branches of the Isalspire." Lunan replies towards Zymandi, and then Viessa is making her way towards him and he turns to face her with a grin, and open arms. "You did better than I did, I think."

Zymandi turns toward Sylindra herself and laughs, a bright sound. "I didn't know the Duindar senate had such enemies. How exciting." The little Thalerith glances at Viessa and offers a brief nod.

Forwen giggles as Shakian hits the ground.. but she is already heading to the targets. Pausing beside the Warlord and Lunan as she clears her throat. "So..... axes." the tiny elf looks up at them in her frothy silk and golden lace. "Just chuck it, huh?"

"I should hope the Warden here didn't get all those scars fighting the Senate's friends," Sylindra replies to her First Blade.

Ever the extrovert, Zedmir seems right at home in this gathering of elves. He claps and cheers along with the rest during the krilkar-riding attempts, blending in with the crowd for now. The young Lorandi surveys the scene, taking note of the various conversations and trying to decide if any of them need a shot of gregariousness.

Viessa tells Lunan "I'll do way better at the ring thing if you let me climb on your shoulders first." she smiles to Zymandi and the warlord. "I'm sure it wont be cheating. I mean. The game just says you have to climb. It doesn't say you can't climb someone else."

"Cheating?" Zymandi wonders loftily, with a smirk of agreement toward Sylindra. "I've never heard this word before."

"We're in a new world. Yet even before we arrived here, the Senate would never have been so bold." Lunan replies towards Zymandi with a shrug of his shoulder. Though at Sylrindra's reply, he grins and nods his head. "That would not make the Senate very pleased with me, I suspect. Not that I'm particularly apt to please the Senate." Then he chuckles at Viessa. "I think you would have better luck if I threw you at the ring."

Nobu, Favored Lizard, Taro, Noble Desert Owl, Daffi-Dil, the loveable hedgehog leave, following Qahir.

Nobu, Favored Lizard, Taro, Noble Desert Owl, Daffi-Dil, the loveable hedgehog arrive, following Qahir.

Picking up one of the axes, Forwen faces the target with a considering look. Instead of one arm.. or anything that looks remotely graceful.. the girl sets her feet shoulder apart, hefts the axe up over her head and back like sdhe is about to chop wood before with a grunt of effort sends the axe flying. Does it hit the center? No... but it hits the target!! And sticks! Maybe not were everyone elses had but within the rings at least! To which Forwen lets out a hoop! Jumping up and down as if she had just won the whole damn thing.

Zenandra grins. "Bruises are temporary," she says to Forwen as the priestess stands up with a grunt. While Qahir attempts to dissuade her from trying again, Zenandra makes a show of shaking out her limbs and bouncing in place with a smirk. Once he is distracted, she rushes off to the next thing which happens to be: axe-throwing. She wastes no time picking up an axe and tossing it at the target. Tossing may be the wrong word, here. More like 'pelting'. She throws the axe straight at it with no spin whatsoever. If it had hit the target, it would have bounced off easily. But alas, it did not. The axe sailed right by and bounced off a nearby chair instead. Zenandra watches it go and scratches the back of her head before once again bursting out laughing.

Viessa rolls her eyes at Lunan. "Is he complaining about the senate again?" she elbows him with a little grin, still ignoring those open arms, and then smiles to Zymandi and Sylindra. "He got them fighting. I'm still trying to decide if that makes him really really good and heroic or clumbsy." she pokes Lunan again. "Tell them the story."

Zymandi resettles herself in her seat, watching Lunan sort of like how a cat would watch a mouse that has just emerged from a hidey-hole. "I am interested in this story."

Sylindra smirks, "From what I hear, it doesn't take much effort to get the Senate fighting, but sure why not? Let's hear it!"

Shakian rolls his eyes. The Senate. Necessary but...

Caelia is still here with a plate of food on her lap. The girl has been rather quiet. She seems to be listening though and she sucks in a soft sigh as she looks upon Lunan briefly.

Storm, the Royal White Stallion arrives, following Leda.

Storm, the Royal White Stallion leaves, following Leda.

Rather than receiving Viessa in his open arms, Lunan receives her elbow to his side. He grunts, if at least for show. "The Warlord said she wanted to wait until after..." He mentions, peering over at Sylindra. "However, since I seem to have become the center of some attention... It's rather simple." He starts, then pauses and peers around at the three near him. "We received word that the Army of Trees, led by the Archer would be moving upon the Isalspire. Under former Warden Lukina's directives, the Order burned away the foliage around the Isalspire, with pyromancy. Then, when we knew the Army of Trees would enter the Isalspire, we hid in wait for them, melded into the tree branches. Just as she ordered her army to destory the Isalspire, we leap at her, and her army. I personally laid my eyes on the Archer herself as she was using her bow to create more of her tree minions, and swept my way through her forces to strike at her." He tells. "And struck her I did. In return, she drew a wickedly curved blade and sliced out my eye." He says, tapping at his eyepatch.

Zymandi hardly blinks, her head tilting very slightly to the side as she listens to this recounting. It's a bit cute, bizarrely. She looks fascinated, glancing at his eyepatch on-cue. "And you fought with your senators over this?"

As Forwen turns to go axe-throwing along with Zenandra Qahir grabs a plate of his own food. After watching the display for a moment he moves to sit next to Caelia. "How's it going, Owl Queen?" he jokes while lifting a piece of roasted eggplant. "I got caught up in things, but the garden looks damned amazing by the way. Enough so that I think it might even have impressed my sister, and that's no small feat."

Caelia turn to Qahir. "Oh, very good and thank you. I adore the garden. It is still has more work though. "Congrats on your wedding." She says gently to him. The girl looks over to Lunan as he speaks, looking thoughtful and a bit confused.

Joran veers away from the bustle of the games to make another snack pass through the pavilion, one hand popping olives into his mouth while the other bears a reserve supply cupped between its fingers. He leans against one of the pavilion's Filinnar-carved posts, perhaps on purpose, as he silently observes the nearby happenings.

Zenandra's laughter dies down in time for her to overhear Lunan's story. Something in it inspires her, and she spends some time searching the ground for something. In one fluid motion, the priestess grabs a long branch from the ground, draws it back with one arm, and throws it at the target. The same motion that caused the axe to wildly veer off target leads the branch directly to it, and it is apparently pointy enough to stick. The branch is not closest to the center, but Zenandra still nods in satisfaction. She happily goes over to the final game, the ring of leather.

Sylindra listens with considerable interest as Lunan tells his story, "Ah yes the attack on Isalspire. As I understand it the Watchers of the Woods had a disagreement, the General was amenable to peace, but the Sage wanted war. Ironic, one would expect it would have been the other way around."

With everyone settling down, drinking, eatting and talking politics.. Forwen disappeared towards the pavilon, supposedly for food.. but a short time later, while no one is really paying attention to the young bride, she shows up at Nobu. A haunch of lamb in one hand, the other holding her skirts as she lures the Krilkar towards the tree with the leather ring. Nobu getting a kiss to his nose and his dinner to chew on, it's not long before Forwen is on his back, stretching up to grab hold of the branch that the ring hangs on and pulling herself up. A cloud of blue silk in the branches.. looking down at Zendandra as the woman comes near, giving her a toothy smile and a shhhhhhh.... before looking upwards and starting to climb

Viessa smiles at the story, then at Sylindra's words, slipping close enough to Lunan that she can attempt to steal his drink right from his hand.

Shakian points and says... "That! That! is what I have lived with for 60 years." He turns to Qahir and adds, "Now you get to deal with her."

"No." Lunan replies dryly. "No, there is an on-going fight, however, that I won't get into just yet, in regards to that situation. I will however note that the Senate is still trying to determine whether or not they should provide any resources to the Amethyst Order, so we may expand our operations." Then to Syrlindra, he shrugs his shoulders loosely. "Apparently, the Senate is not convinced that the Archer is our enemy, despite her attempts to destroy our home." As Viessa sneaks in to steal his drink, he lifts the bottle to his lips, taking a swig and then offering it over to her.

Qahir smiles to Caeliaa, and nods in thanks. "It's beautiful as is, but I'm surprised to hear that it needs more work. I'll even make sure to pass that on to Akora. However, she isn't as-" He almost immediately goes quiet when he sees that overlarge branch sailing towarsd the target, and then looks around for the thrower. It doesn't take him long to spot Zenandra, and then he hears Shakian call out to him. Then he shoots his gaze over to Forwen as she's climbing Nobu. "Hey!" he calls out to his wife. "Mobu is not a ladder."

Zenandra stands near the base of the tree and stares at Forwen with hands on her hips as the elf makes her way up the tree. She eyes Nobu as if considering using the lizard as a boost as well, but decides (extremely correctly) not to go for it. The priestess makes a sort of half-hearted attempt at jumping to reach a handhold but ultimately stays firmly on the ground for once, staring upwards.

"She is still out there, no?" Sylindra asks. "A peace treaty was concluded with the General, but the Archer simply retreated with her army. If the Senate does not see that as a lingering threat, then they are fools, and if they don't allow your Order to protect them from said threat, then they are fools twice over."

"Nobu is not a ladder to you!" Forwen peeks out of the branches. "He loves me more than he loves you." then disappears again only to show up a little higher up... still trying to get to the ring that had been carried up the tree.

Attention drifting from the political discussion to Forwen's interrupted antics, Joran finishes the last of his olives and strolls in a roundabout direction toward the tree. He swings by the axe-toss first, lobbing a one-handed throw that clunks within a blade's breadth of his mother's, then winds up shortly after standing near his great aunt Aynarr.

Shakian doesn't have to say "That!" again. Forwen is busy outing herself as incorrigible.

Caelia looks over to Fowen, seemingly amused and having a dimpled smile for her. "Lot of work." The girl then adds to Qahir.

Forwen works her way higher.. at one point there is the sound of ripping silk... at another a soft curse in dwarvish of all things... then suddenly there is the loud crack of wood splintering.. the sudden raining of leaves and small branches down onto Nobu.. a squeel... then silence.... silence....... "Ummm... Qahir?" comes almost sheepishly. Almost.

Viessa gets distracted by Forwen's squeal. She stares over there for long enough to catch the Qahir and then laughingly accepts the bottle from Lunan and takes two swigs from it before pulling a face "This is awful." Yet she takes another drink before offering it back to the one-eyed-warrior. "If the archer is so dangerous maybe you should get what you need somewhere else?"

Shakian facepalms. That.

"You are correct, Warlord." Lunan agrees with a nod of his head. "And yet, when I've 'dared' to speak on these threats, they wish to scold me like I'm some child, rather than a warrior who nearly eliminated the threat of the Archer in the midst of the battle." Once the drink is handed back to him, he takes it and drinks, then shrugs his shoulder. "There are several things that the Order 'needs', yet the Senate limits us and our capacity to protect the Isalspire." Another swig, and then he hands the bottle back to Viessa.

Zenandra looks to the side as Joran throws his axe. When he walks up, she grins and says, "Nicely done! You'll have to teach me how to do that some time. But how are we going to do this?" At the squeal, she positions herself in a place where she could catch the young elf if she fell. *Just* in case.

"I believe the abiding suggestion is 'hit it with the sharp end' - as for this.." With the hint of a wry grin at Zenandra's question, he repositions opposite her and waves over in Qahir's direction, "..This looks like a job for one newly-minted Nerea. We can just be here to break falls. And hopefully not bones."

Qahir rolled his eyes in response, and was muching on eggplant when she called out to him. He drops his food without a moment's hesitation, and then starts moving towards the tree. His cousin earns a roll of his eyes unti lhe's below Forwen. "What part of not a ladder didn't read right? C'mon down. It's not even that far of fall." Even if it is.

"That has nothing to do with this." Forwen objects. "If I could come down.. do you think I would be asking for your help?" did she actually ask for his help? "I am stuck.." the tree shivers... leaves fall.. there is another sound of ripping material and another squeak and everything goes still.

Barfolemew, a small sand cat have been dismissed.

Chuckling at the various antics, Zedmir trusts that the happy couple has the tree situation under control, but is still keeping half his attention that way in case a medic is needed because of a fall or a stray axe. The other half is used to move to obtain a glass of something tasty.

To Joran, Zenandra replies, "That's all well and good when the sharp end is at the, well, *end* instead of the side." She smirks when Qahir joins the pair, now all three ready to catch the falling elf. "I'll leave the climbing to you," she says to the newlywed.

Viessa accepts the bottle back and gives Lunan a smile. "You were serious about the drinking game weren't you?" She looks to Sylindra "Will you be joining us?"

"This is why among the Thalerith it is our strongest warrior who rules," the Warlord asserts proudly. "The desert is too harsh to allow meek softness to lead us. I know if I ever let myself be blinded to a threat against our people like that, I would face no end of challengers. My advice to you Lunan, is to use what resources you do have to keep an eye on the Archer. If she does move against the Duindar again, perhaps your Order will be able to give enough warning that the Senate will come to its senses before it's too late."

"Fall down," Qahir responds without fear nor hesitation in his voice. "You know that I'll catch you. If not, I don't think it'll hurt that much if I get a knot on my head or a new scar. Last I recalled, you liked my scars anyway."

"Of course I was serious." Lunan mentions towards Viessa, peeking at the bottle, and then nodding his head at the Warlord. "In someways, I envy your society. I may even see myself more aligned to some of your ways of thinking. Yet, my love for my people at their core is what binds me the most." He replies. "I'll keep your advisement in mind, though I fear it may do us no good."

There is silence.. then the tone. The one of extreme patience because otherwise there would be a redheaded screaming fest going on. And one does not want the fist fight that breaks out at a wedding to be between the bride and groom. "Qahir.. my dress is caught. I can't reach it. I am tied to the f.... damn tree. Stop telling me to fall and get up here and help. Please." pause. "I love you."

Zenandra gives Qahir a look and a gesture that says 'Well, go on.'

"If anyone wishes to participate in this contest and then clear the risk of hangover, just say the word." Zedmir offers. What is alcohol but another toxin for restoration to work its magic upon?

Shakian covers his eyes, shoulders rocking as he hides his laughter. That!

"Don't worry, little Sea Elf." Lunan calls out, up towards the tree. "If Qahir doesn't come get you, I will." With that, he grins with amusement and then turns back to the table as the conversation goes on.

"Ooh. Did you hear that?" Viessa asks of Lunan and the warlord. "Enjoy your talk of battle and politics! Its all a bit over my head anyway." Impulsively she gives Lunan a peck on the cheek and then she abandons him in favor of Zedmir. The bottle goes with her. To Zedmir she asks. "What else can you fix?"

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Qahir lets out a sigh. He climbs up the short few feet necessary to help untangle Forwen's dress, then. "Maybe don't go climbing in a dress, or don't use Nobu as a ladder. He's not some thing you can just ride around or climb." Even though anyone that saw him raising it in Nasherat know that that is a lie.

The young Lorandi wears his Healers Guild Brooch proudly. With a nod of greeting to Viessa. "Good to see you again friend. Well, if we're talking about healing, essentially anything short of you being dead. Afraid those items are one-time use." A quick sip of his glass before continuing. "If we're talking about fixing food... anything." he says with a quiet confidence.

Qahir makes it up the tree and there Forwen sits, not tangled.. just waiting. When he gets close enough. She kisses him and smiles. "Maybe not a dress. If we left now, you think anyone would notice?"

Shakian is handed a mask. "Thank you, cousin-in-law," he tells Qahir. "It's fabulous. I love it." He holds it up in front of his face so others can see.

Viessa leans to ask Zedmir something in low tones.

"Thank you Qahir, it's beautiful," Sylindra says after her cousin hands her a well decorated oyster knife.

Thinking a moment before responding, Zedmir mumbles behind his glass.

There is a peck to his cheek, and Lunan nods his head as Viessa takes off on him with his bottle. "I'm going to have to go take that back from her, if she doesn't drink it all on me. Excuse me a moment." He tells the Warlord, but before he can get up, he receives a bone dagger, grinning as he looks down at it. "An exceptional weapon." He notes, rising to his feet. Silently, he stalks towards Viessa, leaving the political discussion behind, in favor of the bottle.

Lunan checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Qahir then gets down Forwen, but not without a few teasing laughs along the way. "Yes, they will notice me missing. I'm too big to hide." With that he turns to the guests, and then starts handing out prizes. A knife each for the Warden and the Warlord. A mask forright hand of his new family. The last is a ring meant for his cousin and the child of the Warlod. With everything given out he gives a nod of thanks to all gathered, and then announces he and Forwen must take there leave - he still needs to get used to the idea of Lorawin.

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