PRP: Curse of Dark Water - Scene One

A group of Aerans set sail into the open ocean, following the last known course of the White Raider, in the hopes of discovering what happened to it and it's crew...


Aug. 18, 2019, 1 p.m.

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Lucrezia Nalaea Odissin Vindal Viessa Darien



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Yes, Nalaea can easily pull manifests and maps where their route was planned. The White Raider is a pretty successful whaling ship, with about a dozen crew members. They were well stocked with supplies to survive their hunting trip, when they left Lorawin. Pretty basic stuff--food, water, rum, whaling gear. For the most part the routes are well mapped, but Viessa and Nalaea, after asking around a while, hear from other sailors that the captain of the White Raider had been talking about trying out a slightly different route--risky, as it would take them further out to sea than most Aeran ships commonly go, but it would be good hunting. They can find a map which has the proposed route on it.

No storms had been spotted along that route, which makes it all the more worrying that it disappeared. The ship was last spotted sailing north, along the edge of the islands closest to Lorawin. But no one saw it actually disappear.

It's fairly easy travel, for the most part. The group sails for a day and a half northwards keeping the main island to the east on their right side, far in the distance. But eventually they leave all sight of land behind, as the route takes them more eastern. (Anyone can roll Intellect + Survival at 20 to navigate.)

Lucrezia checked intellect + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Nalaea checked intellect + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

There's something about being on Darien's ship that grates at Nalaea. Maybe it's the fact that she has yet to get the funds for a ship of her //own//. Or maybe just good ol' sibling rivalry. Regardless, she's shoving that aside to focus on 'yess, I am at sea' - which is exactly where she belongs. Currently, she's up by the prow with a spyglass, tracking what she may by the sun's positioning. Or just bird watching. Hard to tell.

With the maps they gathered together before leaving, Lucrezia and Nalaea helps guide the ship. Using the stars, angles of the sun and other such seafaring navigational techniques to keep them on course. They are pretty confident that they haven't strayed too far from where the White Raider was *supposed* to have been heading. But it's otherwise a long, uneventful journey further and further out to sea.

Darien checked intellect + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Lucrezia smiles hopefully on the prow, standing near her cousin, midnight curls whipping free of her braid in the bracing wind. She hums under her breath, looking out as they travel.

Darien manages not to tip the ship over or anything on the way there, as he steers along with their course. Always a good thing!

Viessa keeps herself occupied with tasks needed to keep the ship running well. Everything except swabbing the deck. When nothing is calling her further into the body of the ship she lingers near the railing, enjoying the refreshing salt spray, before going back to her tasks.

Vindal climbs up from belowdecks looking as if he's been hard at work. His sleeves are rolled up and his hair is pulled back in a loose braid that falls down his back. He strides across the deck toward the railing at one side and takes a deep lungful of the salty breeze. Yes, this is where he belongs. Where they all belong.

Nalaea checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Darien is at the wheel, a smile on his lips, his parrot on his shoulder and a bottle of rum in one hand. His dark hair billows gently in the breeze. He looks out over the horizon, chest rising and falling with a deep breath of the sea air. Smells like home. He keeps his eyes mostly on the horizon, but every now and then he glances down over the other elves on deck, making sure everything is proceeding as he prefers it. A lot of new people aboard this day, after all, and the Pearl is a fickle creature that needs to proper sort of attention to every detail. He smirks and looks back out over the water. He takes a swig of the bottle and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

Lucrezia points to the northeast abruptly. "Ahoy! There's a...something." She squints, frowning. "Maybe a boat. Maybe a...whale. Maybe something else."

Oh, that's a neat bird. Nalaea was, indeed, briefly bird-watching. If only because one with bright green plummage winged by. As Lucrezia puts up the call, the elder Reymar adjusts her own sighting to look off in that direction as well.

As people cluster towards the front of the ship Viessa looks after them. She purses her lips, tempted to join them, but in the end chooses to go to the railing and make sure a watch is being kept instead. She cant help but look off to the mysterious sighting every once in a while though as curiosity tugs her gaze northward.

Darien's attention is caught by Lucrezia when she calls out, a subtle fire lighting in the depths of his dark eyes. "Get the spy-glasses on it and look sharp." He calls out, turning the wheel to angle the Pearl's course slightly more in the direction the other's are looking, but not so much as to head straight for it yet. He suddenly looks much more focused. Another swig of the bottle as the Pearl slowly turns in her course.

Vindal climbs up onto the railing, his hand grabbing onto a rope to steady himself, and he leans out over the water to look in the direction Lucrezia indicated. It's a classic Reymar maneuver, just like his father.

Climbing out on the prow, hugging the siren as if about to ride on the carved mermaid's amble shoulders, Lucrezia points again, frowning in frustration. "I know I saw -something-." she mutters over her shoulder.

"That's not a ship," Nalaea says after a moment. "It's something floating in the river." She adjusts her spyglass a bit, considering. "Maybe... the remains of a whale? I'm not sure."

The ship steadily turns and approaches, and as they draw closer, all of them can now see the large mass floating on the water, and it soon becomes clear: the remains of a whale. It's been skinned of it's blubber and beheaded, stripped down with obvious skill. (Anyone can roll Wits + Animal Ken OR Survival at difficulty 15.)

Viessa checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Vindal checked wits + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Nalaea checked wits + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Lucrezia makes a face of distaste.

Darien checked wits + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Vindal wrinkles his nose and pulls himself back up so he can hop down off of the rail. "Who left _that_?"

"It's odd," Nalaea says, lowering the spyglass as they near the whale. "Someone took care of it, but..." She looks over to Vindal, shakes her head. "The kill was clean, but usually the carcass would've been eaten by other animals by now. Especially sharks. Except.... it doesn't look like anything's come across it at all. That's weird."

Viessa can't resist another glance towards the carcass, especially now its been identified. But, it sounds like everything is under control, so she goes back to scanning the horizon whilst everyone elses eyes are occupied with the mystery of an uneaten whale.

Instructing his second in command to take the wheel and stay the course, Darien leaves his post at the helm to join the others on deck where they are examining the whale carcass from afar. He places a hand on the small railing that sits between the stairs on either side leading to the deck, lifting himself up easily and swinging both legs over it, landing gracefully on both feet a second later. He joins his sister where she's standing. "Do they normally leave so much for the sea to claim?" he asks. "Seems a waste, as well as an oddity." He keeps his eyes on the whale as they continue to approach. He doesn't seem repulsed by the sight at all, his expression one of faintly bored consideration. "Can we tell how long it has been since it was skinned?"

The carcass has been stripped of blubber and most of its meat, leaving bones and some remaining flesh--which does appear to be strangely intact now that Nalaea mentions it, bloated and waterlogged. It stinks *horribly*, too.

"Smell like that?" Nalaea makes a face as she tucks the spyglass back in at her belt. "This time of year... I'd guess maybe a week, but it's hard to be sure." Leaning back on her heels, she crosses her arms. "But it seems our ship did come this way."

Lucrezia climbs back down to the deck, tugging on Vindal's sleeve lightly and whispering to him.

Viessa leans out over the railing with a intense frown. She leans back, frowns again, and then goes back to looking. "Captain?" she calls. "Can you see that?" She points at an area of the sea.

Vindal leans down to listen to what Lucrezia has to say and then furrows his brow. He shakes his head and murmurs something back.

The pearl slows down the nearer they get to the carcass, elves working to lower and adjust sails to bring them right up next to it, no more than 20-30 feet or so away. Darien wrinkles his nose at the smell, but otherwise there's no sign of the foul odor reaching his nose to be seen on his features. He brings the bottle of rum to his lips, and then offers it to Nala. "Well, they won't be starving then, at least." He remarks with a shrug. He looks to Viessa then as she calls out, then moving his eyes to where she is pointing, trying to make out what she is trying to bring his attention to. "What do you see?" He calls back, still scanning the area of interest.

To those who look in the direction Viessa points, they can see the ocean turning... strangely dark, like a large shadow passing under the surface. It is approaching the ship quickly.

"I'm not sure." Viessa replies to Darien. "I thought I saw something move. Something massive."

Lucrezia nods to her brother, her back to the other side of the deck where something is coming closer.

Vindal turns his attention toward the dark shape approaching the ship. He closes his eyes and murmurs a quick prayer under his breath.

A swig of the rum offered her and it's handed back. But then: "Shit," Nalaea says as she looks out that direction. And it's not even the most colorful invective she murmurs under her breath as she pulls her mala crystal from her belt, wrapping the beads it's strung on around her hand and fingers. "Brother,, you may want to get back to the wheel."

Just as Viessa speaks again, the young Marindur captain spots the dark shadow moving under the surface. His eyes narrow, and a "challenge accepted" sort of smirk taking his lips. Some action at last. He looks back up at the elf at the wheel, giving him a nod and a gesture of his hand. The other elf then calls out. "Hoist the sails, man the boarding harpoons." Darien then calls out himself. "Brace for impact. We don't have time to pick you up if you fall over." He instructs, before turning to his sister. "If it gets to close, you give it a taste of the storm." he tells her with a determined grin and reaching to take back the bottle of rum, before turning to head back to his post with fast steps. Priorities and such. "Look alive!" The Pearl slowly starts picking up momentum again, heading back towards their original course.

Viessa's voice gains the clarity of certainty. "Now I'm sure! Incoming..." She grabs her trident and points it directly towards the incoming creature and starts calling out the range with a pacing and clearness that can only mean she's done this before.

Lucrezia turns at all the sudden activity, looking around the deck and unhooking a small spear from her back.

Darien checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Darien's quick command helps the crew move quickly, and they bring the ship to a quick, faster pace, turning it away from the approaching shadow, helping to brace the ship. Which is good, as suddenly the Crimson Pearl rocks to the side, and looking down over the railing they can see the ocean turning dark and starting to swell upwards like some massive bubble is rising up--and then it breaks the surface, spilling outwards all around like an amorphous layer of jet black oil, but instead of glistening with rainbow iridescence, the blackness glows with faint, rippling indigo light. It quickly becomes evident that whatever this is, it is moving in an unnatural, even *sentient *way. Tendrils of the inky liquid snakes out over the surface of the water, approaching the ship with shocking speed. Where the tendrils hit the sides of the hull, it causes the ship to rock sideways again, and they can all hear the wood creak and groan underneath them dangerously. (Everyone roll Dexterity + Athletics at difficulty 20.)

Viessa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Lucrezia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Darien checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Lucrezia stumbles back a step at the impact into the railing, grabbing a nearby rope and wrapping it around her wrist securely. That was close. Whatever that thing is, she didn't want to go swimming with it.

Nalaea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Vindal checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

All of them manage to keep their feet underneath them, except for Darien, who's beloved bottle of rum ges knocked from his hand and he tries to catch it--letting go of the wheel. He goes tumbling across the ship as it rocks, dangerously close to being knocked overboard. Likewise, Vindal is startled enough to not be able to keep hold, and goes tumbling dangerously close to the edge of the ship.

The dark water continues to fill the ocean around them more and more, until the seas are churning chaotically, more a sentient swell than natural waves. More tendrils snake up, reaching for the ship, trying to coil around it and onto anything it can grab hold of--and as it draws closer, a frightening detail starts to become clear.
%Swirling over the surface of the dark water, highlighted by the flickers of indigo glow, are hundreds of rippling, warbling humanoid faces. They meld together in places, creating a nightmarish cacophonous mass, and in others they can clearly see the faces' expressions--even see a flicker of an outstretched hand from the churning water before it's swallowed up again. But one thing is universal: every single face is twisted beyond any recognition by anguish and fear.

As Vindal starts to slide, Nalaea moves to reach out toward him. She has one hand braced around the rope that is anchored to the railing and makes to grab her cousin with the other. "We should drop the sails," she calls loudly. They won't be sailing anywhere. And it's one less thing for the.... whatever it is... to grab onto.

Its not graceful, its not easy, but Viessa rides out the ships motion without losing her footing or her weapon. Her eyes widen at the scene thats revealed in the inky waters and she stumbles back away from the railing before catching herself and forcing herself to step back into a watch position. "Uh. Can we run?"

Vindal checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Vindal goes tumbling toward the deck, crashing into the railing and almost sliding off past the edge into the water. He reaches for Nalaea's hand trying to grasp it.

Nalaea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

Lucrezia stares into the horror waves, her mouth dropping open in shock. "What -is- this thing?"

Nalaea has to lunge for Vindal, but she does manage to grab hold of his hand, a mere second before he would have fallen overboard.

Vindal clasps ahold of Nalaea's hand and then swings his other around to grab ahold of her forearm, working with her to get back from the edge of the deck and up to his feet, which are wet, having been splashed by that inky, oily water. His eyes are wide with a mixture of horror and sorrow. "I heard them," he rasps. "Hundreds of screams. Crashing thunder, cracking waves. Just like the Crossing."

Lucrezia scrambles a few feet toward Darien, shaking her head. "We can't fight this. Only Aereth can defeat something this evil."

There's a jump and Nalaea grabs ahold of Vindal just as she grabs some rope to keep them both from falling over. When he mentions it's just like the crossing, her features darken. "Let's hope not." Is that dismay in her features? Briefly, perhaps. Briefly. She makes sure her cousin has his footing again before she gets her mala crystal back in hand. "We don't give up," she calls to Lucrezia while summoning upon the Lifewell.

Darien goes tumbling across the Captain's Deck, impacting the railing with an audible 'thud'. It doesn't look very graceful at all. But hey, he managed to catch the rum! He gets to his feet with a 'That was totally on purpose' sort of expression and body language. He looks out over the chaotic scene unfolding on the deck, and nods at the words called out by his sister. "Lower the sails, get ready for combat." He calls out. Another glance towards his sister where she is helping the Wave Whisperer avoid falling into the murky depths. "Ice, Nala, try to slow it down." he calls out to her, and any other elf with a talent for evocation, really. "Focus on the tendrils for now, don't let...whatever that thing is get a hold of the ship." He takes another swig of rum before the bottle is discarded, and he unsheathes one of his twin blades while using the other hand to steady himself as he starts making his way towards the main deck, leaving his second in command in charge of the wheel once more. He heads for where Vindal and Nala are standing. "Are we alright?" he shouts as he nears them. He turns his head to Lucrezia as she approaches and speaks. "Doesn't seem like we have much choice. Let's hope the Lady of the Deep favors us this day." He tells her. He seems focused and ready, but hardly afraid. Then back to Nala. "Give it a taste of the storm, Nala, and make it a cold one." He looks back to Lucrezia with a confident smile. "Don't worry, this will not be the end of us."

Nalaea checked intellect + evocation at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Viessa hurries to join the group gathering to fight. She turns her back to the other elves, preparing to fend off.. Inky sentient Water. This might be tricky.

Darien wields Heart of Aereth.

Vindal wields a curious curved blade marked with waves.

Vindal finds a rope of his own to wrap his arm up in and then rests his other hand on the hilt of that curiously curved blade he's been carrying around since the Watcher gifted it to him, pulling it out of the sash tied around his waist. "It's not giving up to pray to Her, though," he says, before beginning to intone a prayer of protection to Aereth.

Vindal checked command + theology at difficulty 20, rolling 36 higher.

Nalaea lets out a powerful blast of ice, turning the air around her chilly. The blast hits the black water hard, and turns a good portion of it instantly to ice. It stops it from moving any closer to the ship, or them, but the indigo light continues to ripple over the surface of the ice, casting shadows and highlights of tormented faces.

Darien checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Darien checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Lucrezia holds her small spear at the ready, murmuring her own prayer to Aereth, and one to Rithor for bravery and strength in battle, too.

Viessa checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Lucrezia wields short spear.

Viessa checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Hatharal GM Roll checked strength(4) + brawl(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Hatharal GM Roll checked strength(4) + brawl(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Hatharal GM Roll checked strength(4) + brawl(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Lucrezia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Lucrezia checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

There had been the beginnings of a crackling around Nalaea, but she switches tracks easily enough. Ice might be better in this scenario anyway. The power of the lifewell flows through her and out to sweep across their attacker... just giving an even worse look at the faces trapped within. With no desire to join them, she prepares to switch tactics.

At first, Darien and Viessa's slicing of the water seems... well, pretty hopeless. The blades carve through the water like--well, water. But as Vindal prays, something strange happens: their blades catch the sunlight brightly and reflect the water around them--but pure, crystaline blue, not black and inky. Making them almost glow. Then, as they continue to fight, their blades carve through the black water and it almost seems to sizzle around the blades, shrinking away from where they hit, bit by bit pushing the water back, stopping it from coiling completely around the ship--no doubt keeping it from being pulled underneeath the waves.

But while the ship is now saved, the sentient water now turns its attention to those fighting. The tendrils snake out and coil around them, wrapping around Darien, Viessa, and Lucrezia's throats and arms--pulling them closer to the edge of he ship to try to drag them under.

20 inflicted and Darien is unharmed.

30 inflicted and Viessa is unharmed.

30 inflicted and Lucrezia is harmed for minor damage.

Lucrezia screams herself at the horrifying sounds and sensation as the water coils around her throat and pulling at her as she tries to stab this demonic water.

Viessa's early slashes are almost token. Mostly she just wont go down without a fight! Her blade passes through the water, murmured prayers fall from her lips, and just like that Vindal's words cause everything to change. As her tridents tines start to subtly glow the vigor returns to Viessa's fighting and everything starts to turn. She's winning and an eager smile starts to curve her lips. That smile vanishes as a tendril wraps its way about her left shoulder and neck and the horrible water-muffled screams of the ink-form works its way into her mind. She struggles and tries to pull free but the substance drags her inch by inch towards the sea.

Energized by the feeling of his Goddess's presence Vindal shouts, "Aereth is with us!" Followed just a moment later by "No, Lucrezia!" He lets go of the rope--as foolish as that might be with the water rocking the boat under his feet--and tries to get over to where she is to slash at the tendrils of water reaching out for his sister. And other ones too, but Lucrezia's first.

Vindal checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

Lucrezia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 9 lower.

Viessa checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Darien dodges and weaves between the mass of tendrils not turning their attention to the elves aboard the ship rather than the ship itself, hacking at the foul things with a fluidity that makes it all seem like one long, prolonged motion. But there is too many for him to keep avoiding them all, and he feels their wet grasp curling around his neck and arms, pulling at him. His eyes narrow and he growls, still fighting back with every shred of strength and determination that he has. He fought the Host for five years and lived. He'll not go down to some murky...whatever this thing is. The muffled sounds of storms and screams cause him to flinch. A rare occurrence indeed. He still looks more excited than scared, however, even if that excitement is marred by steely determination. Fighting off most of the tendrils that has a hold of him, and seeing Vindal move to help Lucrezia, he moves to assist Viessa with cutting away the tendrils that still holds her and rags at her.

Darien checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Nalaea checked intellect + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

The eldest of the Reymar contingent moves easily about the ship, even as it's attacked by some partially-frozen... blob //thing//. Nalaea avoids patches of ice and tendrils as she grasps at her mala crystal again. This time, the crackling in the air is noticeable as she looks for a good opening.

Lucrezia struggles against the murky whatever this thing is as it wraps around her shoulder and arm, hampering her efforts and dragging her toward the railing as Vindal and the others try to cut her free.

Viessa manages to steady her feet and swing her weapon fiercely, slicing through the tendril pulling and choking her--and once carved through by the blade, it disperses and falls away. Likewise, Darien manages to slash away at the ink trying to drag him to his death before rushing to help the others. Lucrezia tries to do the same, but in her panic can't manage to get her spear to hit--even with Vindal's help, the water warbles out of the way and continues to drag Lucrezia closer to the edge of the ship. But at the last moment Nalaea fires out a beam of lightning to the water below, making electricity crackle all along it--and the tendril worbles and convulses, tightening it's grip briefly, painfully on Lucrezia before releasing her and dripping off the side of the ship.

20 inflicted and Lucrezia is unharmed.

The dark water swirls below, but no tendrils yet reach out towards the ship--or its occupants. It seems to almost be... thinking. The hundreds of faces stare up at them, wailing silently in torment.

As Viessa's tendril falls away Viessa looks about to check if anyone else needs help. Luckily nobody does. She looks at the others in the party with a wide eyed look and then stares across at the retreated mass. "What now?"

Lucrezia pants, half-crawling, half-walking back toward the center of the deck, away from that -thing-. She looks gratefully at her family, trying to get her composure back.

Lucrezia says, "If it took down our ship, we can't let it get close to Lorawin."

Vindal also walks back toward the center of the deck, looking toward Viessa, and the to Darien. He looks toward the water with uncertainty. "We need to get back to _warn_ Lorawin."

Darien makes sure that both Lucrezia and Viessa are ok now that they're all tendril-free, same as himself. He then looks to Nala and nods approvingly, a hint of pride in his features at his sister's show of skill and wit. He flashes her one of those easy, brilliant smiles. Then long legs carry him to the railing, where he looks down at the 'thing'. "Damn you're and ugly mother-f..." he murmurs to himself. Moving back from the railing a little, he looks up at at the elf at the wheel over his shoulder. "Try and get us moving again. Carefully." He calls out.

Releasing a breath she wasn't aware she was holding, Nalaea looks over Lucrezia to make certain she's all right. Satisfied enough, she moves to the railing to watch the //thing// below. "Do you think that's the crew of the lost ship?"

The dark water swirls around the ship, predatorally. Then, abruptly, it starts to swirl into its self, condensing instead of spreading out over the surface of the water. It disappears from sight, to those who are standing in the center of the deck. But Darien and Nalaea can see it swirling underneath the ship.

Lucrezia nods reassuringly at her cousin. A little banged up, but more shaken than hurt. She slowly approaches the railing to watch, too, frowning.

Viessa points out. "We cant lead it back either."

Nalaea checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 4 lower.

Darien checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

"Not -just- them. Too many. The White Raider only had a crew of a dozen or so..." Darien replies to his sister. He looks to Vindal then. "Do you think there's any hope of rescuing them?" He asks, despite the futility of such thoughts. He's not going to leave anyone behind if there's anything he can do to help it. He looks to Viessa. "We can head out and see if it follows us. For all we know it might be contained to this part of the ocean, given that we have heard no reports of a creature such as this before." He muses. Then he looks to the group as a whole. "Any bright ideas, now would be the time."

Lucrezia looks pale. "My only idea is...what could a squall of these do? Could it take down a third of the fleet to the depths?"

Vindal looks to his sister and shakes his head. "Or maybe three quarters," he says, his voice as dark as the kohl around his eyes. But then he's squinting. "Where'd it go?"

Frowning, Nalaea squints at the water. She stares some more. "I think... there's something down there." But before she can consider further or someone can, y'know, do something crazy like stop her.... she dives in.

Viessa shakes her head. "I've no ideas we should actually do. I think the only good choice is moving away and seeing if it follows. Or we could sit here for a day or two and see if it gets bored and heads off." She looks at Lucrezia "It could probably take down a third of the ships all by itself. If our weapons hadn't changed... we'd be dead now." But then Nalaea jumps in and she stares after her. "That.. was crazy."

The ship suddenly lurches as a large, violent force pushes upwards from below. The dark water's plan now clear--it is focusing all its power underneath the ship, pushing it upwards and trying to turn it on it's side. (If anyone has any other plans, feel free to Page me! Otherwise, people might want to attempt your preferred attribute (So long as it makes sense) + Sailing at difficulty 30 if you don't want the ship to turn over.

Meanwhile, Nalaea is now in the water. On the plus side, the dark water is currently distracted, so doesn't immediately come for her.

Lucrezia shrieks as Nalaea goes over the railing. "Elf Overboard!"

Viessa checked wits + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Lucrezia checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher. Lucrezia rolled a critical!

"Well, I guess that settle that." Darien says with a roguish smile when he sees his sister dive head-first into the water. His grip tightens around the hilt of his sword and his eyes alight. "Get. Us. Moving!" He calls out, before grabbing a loooong piece of rope secured to one mast, running to the railing, jumping on it with one foot and diving in after Nala.

Nalaea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Vindal puts his weapon back in his sash and immediately starts barking orders to folks as the ship starts turning under their feet. Captain's gon to rescue his sister, so somebody needs to.

Vindal checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 11 lower.

Darien checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Lucrezia grabs the nearest rope and rallies the crew to raise a sail, stabilizing the ship and getting it underway as best she can.

Hatharal GM Roll checked wits(3) + sailing(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Viessa immediately hurries to prevent the ship from capsizing. She starts calling instructions to the crew as she moves. Go left. Pull that line. Turn the wheel! Whatever it takes to stabilise the imperiled vessel. She's careful to work with Lucrezia instead of against her but otherwise focuses on different areas to the other woman.

As Nalaea and Darien dive into the water, disappearing from sight, the others enter into a struggle with this evil force. The dark water swells up and up, until the ship is lifted off of the surface of the ocean by about fifteen feet--and then it comes crashing down as the force holding it up falls away. The ship falls to the side, the deck turning at nearly a 40 degree angle. Crew and supplies go tumbling across the deck, but Viessa and Vindal step up to command the crew. Vindal's direction fumbles, but Viessa's is enough to make up for it, and the crew moves quickly. They pull at ropes to turn the sails to catch the wind, which helps pull the ship off of the dangerous angle. Lucrezia joins in with doing this, and with her quick feet and hands manages to tie off the ropes to hold it in place. The whole ship groans under the alternating forces, some of the wood cracking along the mast, a couple ropes snapping--and a large amount of water sloshes up over the side. But in the end, the ship wobbles and rights its self.

Meanwhile, Nalaea is swimming downwards with surprising speed, with Darien lagging behind--he can only just barely see her disappearing into the darker depths below, just enough he doesn't completely loose track of her. (Both of you, give me Perception + Survival rolls at 15.)

Darien checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Lucrezia says, "Do we have a yellow flag?" Lucrezia cries out as the ship finally stabilizes, nervously watching the deck for Nalaea and Darien. "We can signal the lighthouse, maybe, as we get closer, that we're under attack."

Nalaea checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

For Darien, the sea is just... dark and cloudy the further down he swims. Its hard enough not just loosing track of Nalaea.

Unaware of what goes on above the waters, Nalaea keeps on swimming down; trying to find the source of this thing that she suspects -- imagines -- is down in the waters. With mala still clasped tightly in hand, just in case, she swims and seeks. It's a good thing they don't need to surface to breathe.

Darien tries his best to keep up with his sister, but she's moving at a breathtaking speed that, honestly, surprises him. Seems like he needs to step up his game. Can't have his sister upstage him like that in the future. Still, he presses on, following in her wake with the rope still in hand, determined not to leave her behind with the ship starting to move again. Or so he suspects, anyway.

Viessa ends up in the same spot captains stand in on ships the world over. "Reinforce the mast. Untangle those ropes." She points at a storage locker. "Check in there for flags." Then she looks back towards the sea. "Get eyes on the water. We need to know if its trying anything else." She picks out a spyglass from somewhere and starts preparing it for use. "Are they back yet?"

Vindal makes his way to the railing, leaning over to peer down into the water to see if he can make out at all what's going on. "No sight of them yet!"

Above, on the surface, the black water swirls over the surface again, seeming aggitated, if it's chaotic movement is anything to go by. But then, abruptly, it swirls downwards, disappearing from the surface entirely...

Briefly, Nalaea does hesitate. But only once she's gotten deep enough to see what lies below. Ships. So many of them. All dragged down to a watery grave. In watching, however, she spots something near the ocean bed and dives once again to get nearer and try to see exactly what it is.

Lucrezia helps the crew shore up the mast and get the ropes back in order, humming under her breath. She'll look for the flags if, when they get closer to Lorawin.

Even in the darkness of the depths, Darien suddenly notices a shadow, drowning out any faint remnants of light that might reach him from above. He looks back over his shoulder and his eyes widen. He tries to pick up his speed, intent on reaching his sister before the shadow reaches him. Should he prove unable to, he'll turn around in the water to face it, keeping it from reaching her for as long as possible. Should he come within range of her to warn her of the approaching 'thing', he'll do so and face it alongside her.

The crew makes quick work of shoring up the mast and retying ropes, breathing a sigh of relief as the immediate threat is now gone. They get the sails righted, and angle the ship to start moving quickly away.

Darien, making another swimming roll at diff 20.

Darien checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Darien still has the robe secured to the ship wrapped around one arm. A faint lifeline to the surface above, should it be needed. Foolhardy, yes. Dumb, no. Ok a little dumb perhaps, at least according to his sister, but you know.

Nalaea checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Vindal stays at the railing, watching oily blackness swirl and then disappear. "It's gone after Nalaea and Darien," he calls out, stating the obvious for those who are busy paying attention to other things. Meanwhile, he clutches the railing and murmurs another prayer to Aereth for his cousins.

Darien swims down with increasing speed, and comes within sight again of Nalaea, who is swimming close to the ocean floor. Now he can clearly see what lays around them--several ships. One he recognizes as the White Raider, surprisingly in tact. The others... older, more broken by the natural power of the ocean, half buried.

Nalaea is staring down into a crack in the ocean floor, and with her crystal lets out a blast of ice which swirls downwards at whatever her target is--and forms a thick layer of ice. It's around that time that the dark water is descending upon the two of them, a massive force filled with the tormented echos of so many lost to the sea--and as it approaches they can hear the muffled sounds of hundreds of screams, the crack of lightning, almost feel the ache of their lungs drowning even if their Aeran birthright keeps that from happening. But as the ice covers the crack, the black water warbles and dispeares, having trouble keeping its form in tact. It's not gone, but gives them a moment to try to flee.

Vindal checked command + theology at difficulty 30, rolling 85 higher. Vindal rolled a critical!

When the ice has spread throughout the crack in the ocean floor, Nalaea finally looks up and spots her brother. She jerks head and arm upward in a gesture of 'let's vamoose' before she starts swimming away. Rapidly up and up towards the ship; quick as she can.

The ice only helps for a moment, even as they start to swim away they can hear the ice cracking--and the black water once again bursts upwards from the ocean floor, whirlpooling upwards, hot on their heels. For a moment it seems they might not be fast enough, but then the blue ocean water around them swirls with sudden force, sending them toppling upwards, and at the same time pushing the dark water downwards. They both feel sick from the sudden change in pressure, but their heads break the surface of the water, only a few dozen feet from the side of th Crimson Pearl.

Darien quickly approaches the ocean floor, taking in the sight of the ships lying at the ocean floor. He swims as fast as he can towards his sister, making her aware of the rope tied to his arm, and reaches to clasp his arm above her wrist. The rope won't go for much longer, so deep have they dived. Hopefully, it will prove a help in speeding up their ascend to the surface by way of pulling them after the ship. He hopes.

When words goes out that the divers have been sighted coming up Viessa moves over to the railings and tosses a rope for Nalaea. "Hurry!"

Vindal rushes along and then over the railing next to Viessa, ready to help haul people up and over the railing just as soon as possible.

With the help of the others throwing ropes and pulling them up, Darien and Nalaea are able to quickly scramble their way back onto the deck. The swirling ocean below seems to be... fighting its self? Blue against black. But then the current changes, and they can see the shadow rising once again... Might be time to flee and regroup.

There's a bit of coughing from Nalaea once she's back on board. She accidentally swallowed some sea water in the rush. "Go!" She chokes out the order -- plea, really -- as she gets to her feet. "It won't be stalled for long."

Darien grabs the first rope he can and let's the others help hoist him aboard the Pearl once more. After making sure that Nala is safely returned to the ship, of course. Perhaps to be a gentleman, perhaps just because he knows the implication of her needing his assistance will annoy her. Probably the latter. As soon as he is back aboard, he calls out. "Full sails! Take us wherever the wind will move us faster." He gets to his feet and gives the group helping them up a nod of appreciation, before heading towards the Captain's deck with quick steps. Vindal in particular gets a slightly longer look than the rest. Could only have been his prayers to Aereth that has stalled the beast thus far.

But there's no time to congratulate each other just yet. That will be done later, over a bottle of rum. Or four.

Viessa hurries to help get the ship under way.

The Crimson Pearl carves through the waves at a fast pace, as fast as it's sails can take it. The dark water follows, filling the crew with hopeless dread, at first. But then, after several tense minutes of chase, the dark water abruptly stops its pursuit, like a dog reaching the end of it's leash. It swirls through the water for a moment behind them... then finally descends back under the surface, back to the ocean floor. They have survived and successfully fled, but with the knowledge this... whatever it is, still lurks under the surface.

Having helped haul their cousins back up onto the Pearl, both Vindal and Lucrezia go about helping get the ship underway. Once they're clear of the dark, watery...thing. Vindal pauses to look back. "What _was_ that?"

Helping get the ship underway, Nalaea waits until they're well and clear before turning to the others. "A vein of Sorrowstone," she explains. "A rather big one, at that. The White Raider and other -- older -- ships are all down there around it. I think the material has been... corrupted and become sentient over time."

Darien, still shaken by the meeting with the swirling entity, whatever it might be, none the less has enough composure to instruct one of his crew to mark down the area on a map right away. He's a cartographer after all. "Nothing good." he answers simply to Vindal, as if that was some sort of great revelation. "I haven't seen anything lie it since the Host." He looks then to his sister as she explains, but he just waves it off. Time to talk more about what this thing was, and how to deal with it, once they're back in port. "You did great." He remarks, lowering his eyes to the deck padding the wheel of the ship. IS he...talking to the ship? Yes, yes he is.

The location Darien marks put the place in the upper northeast corner of the explored part of Lorawin--in the hex above the Lorawin city hex. Based on how far it went after them, he'd say it has a radius of maybe... 10 miles or so that it can go? Not a *huge* area, but definitely somewhere to avoid.

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