Belatedly Celebrating A Marriage

The marriage of Seren and Rawlin that occurred before the battle with the Stone Watchers is being celebrated. Whether they like it or not! A joining of souls will be acknowledged and properly celebrated.

Come one come all to the Tournament Grounds of Thelos, where dancing, food and excitement will reign supreme.


Sept. 6, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Dunlain Rawlin Seren Rollant Belstrom Alethia Elendril Daechir Zedmir Sylindra



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Tournament Grounds

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Mitzi, a mischievous little ice elemental arrives, following Dunlain.

Asha, The White Lion arrives, following Elendril.

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Fireworks displays! Gureylain made sure to give a little extra pomp it seems, players are performing lively music throughout and the servers emerge from the food pavilions in force. Beneath the brief, and occasional, display it is a lively atmosphere, allowing people to come and go as they please, while Rawlin and Seren are planted smack in the middle of it, light in multi-color wonder in their central seating area.

In several of the game areas there are duels being performed with wooden blade, acrobatics in another, a third has a tug of war. There are also smaller bits of entertainment, including apple bobs, catch the greased up pig… and someone just brought out a massive cart of Lorandi Gyros, the lamb so fresh it’s practically still baaing

It's the fried foods and finger foods that have met their doom. Dunlain walks in and starts to head towards the couple -


So that's where he ends up. Fresh lamb, fresh foods ready to be eaten out of the hand to make a mess in a manner most Thalerith. He loads up with as much as is both respectable /and/ allowed by the event staff. Munch.munch.munch...

a deathstalker scorpion arrives, following Belstrom.

Dahsk, a wolf pup, Belstrom arrive, following Alethia.

a deathstalker scorpion leaves, following Belstrom.

Dahsk, a wolf pup, Belstrom leave, following Alethia.

a deathstalker scorpion arrives, following Belstrom.

Dahsk, a wolf pup, Belstrom arrive, following Alethia.

Rawlin has a plate filled with finger-foods and a pair of gyros in his hands and he gently nudges Seren, holding the plate up to her. "You should eat some of this, beloved. It is all very good and you should be keeping up your strength." And to back up that statement he nudges her with the plate of food once more before placing it on the table before her and gently patting her arm. And of course 'stealthily' removing one of the snacks from the plate and hiding it away in his mouth... to keep it safe. "Where is Gureylain anyway?" He asks, still chewing.

Amidst the chaos that is Gureylain's doing, Seren is dressed in her simple white silk wrap dress but what difference can be seen is the gentle curve of her stomach -harder to hide now the further along she has come. She has taken Rawlin's arm to keep from shifting unsteadily upon her feet. Now she merely leans into him and speaks softly as the fireworks paint the early evening sky. A heavy blue Faenor made cloak rests about her shoulders, helping to fend off the chill.

"This is lovely, but a bit much," she admits faintly, watching as others come to feast on the goods. She hardly blames them but the smell itself is turning her stomach a bit. "Oh,nope..not hungry..." she begins and pushes her hand against the offered plate when its shoved into her face. Her already pale skin blanches further.

It's shortly after the fireworks display that Rollant makes his way into the tournament grounds, clad in a flowing robe of greens and blacks, his hands clasped idly behind his back as he moves. There's a little glance about the area, noting those that have already arrived, before his gaze comes to settle upon the double seats and the occupants within them. A quick smile and he's simply making his way in that direction.

Belstrom arrives at the celebration, one arm around the lovely Alethia Reid. He leans toward her ear to whisper something.

Alethia walks out onto the transformed tournament grounds, her long gold hair unbound, dressed in a dark dress for traveling. Nothing fancy. She looks a little shy, like she may have stumbled across a gathering of people purely by accident. But she peers up at Belstrom as he whispers to her, and raises a hand when she spots Seren and Rawlin.

Elendril is late, but, not by much. She has a cat in her arms, large and white, with fur that is short and sleek. She has a cat that once she has arrived and sits it down, turns out to not be a housecat at all. Despite the snow-white fur, the shape of the head is too rounded, the length of the body too short. Nope. Elendril definitely brought a tiny little baby lion's cub with her. Clad in black leather with touches of red silk, she too heads first for the food. She takes a plate with a few gyros and then bends down, placing it on the ground underneath the table beneath which Asha now hides, the cub apparently afraid of the fireworks. "Stay out of trouble, would you?" Elle teases the cat affectionately as she gives it the plate of gyro meat, and only then does she look around in hopes of spotting a familiar face among the crowds.

Gureylain says, "Good to see you, Rolly. Thanks for coming out to help embarrass my cousins who dare hide nuptials from the rest of us." chuffing out his harsh laughter as he grabs one of the gyros from a passing tray and putting it in the Duke's hands, one way or another. "I asked Zed to have his kitchens be ready to prepare. I'm going to get fat tonight.""

Still in the chaos, Gureylain moves in and out of the crowd, wearing his normal thin smile as he weaves through. Hood down and cloak back to leave him generally more exposed than usual. A hand moves to rest on Rollant's shoulder as he speaks to him apparently also heads towards where Raw and Seren sit.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zedmir before departing.

Delayed from offering his greeting to the couple by Gureylain's approach, Rollant offers the elf a warm laugh and an incline of his head, "My pleasure. They deserve to be embarassed. Going about behind everyone's back like a pair of common thieves." Now, there's a grin that dances to his lips as he reaches up to clasp Gureylain on the shoulder, "Come on. Lets go see what they have to say for themselves. Maybe we can get them to grovel at our feet."

Rawlin catches the raised hand from Alethia and returns the gesture with a nod and a smile before turning back to Seren. "Oh, are you craving something else perhaps? What are you in the mood for? Let me know and I can try to see about getting it for you." He leans in and places a soft kiss on her cheek. "Would you like some water to drink perhaps?" He turns his attention away from his wife to scan the crowd. Spotting Gureylain and Rollant, he offers them both a wave, and also Belstrom as well.

Daechir slips in quietly, dressed in black on black, pants, boots and great coat, the only color being the green silk shirt shot through with golden threads, the lace of which falls over his hands from under the sleeves of the coat. There is a glance towards the food but all that the Brixtien retrieves for himself is a glass of whatever is being served. Perferably a strong red. Once aquired, slips to the side, sipping at the drink and watching those that have arrived as they greet the couple.

Alethia glances at Belstrom before moving gracefully over to the happy and only-somewhat-queasy couple, and she smiles at Seren openly. Rawlin gets a more restrained, polite nod. "I'm glad to see you two."

The food is still in close proximity and Seren makes a face as she works through the need to purge her stomach due tot the smell.Her hand rests on the gentle curve of her stomach as Rawlin seeks to offer comfort. "Water, yes.."she glances up in time to note Alethia and Belstrom, offering both a nod of her head and smile.

She lifts her own hand in greeting as her pale green eyes settle on the approaching figures of Gureylain and Rollant. "Thieves..did I hear you correctly. Hardly." She muses, her gaze lifting to Alethia again. "Glad you come come, lovely to have you here."

Belstrom follows Alethia over to the happy couple for more ebullient salutations. "High Priest, Lady Priestess--blessings and congratulations!" He lets go of Alethia for a moment to search through his pockets.

As Elendril scans the crowds she spots Rollant, but he's waylaid by Gureylain, so she simply waves a hand towards the Duke, and then gestures to the table beneath which the snowy cub is snacking, perhaps managing to point Rollant's attentions over to Asha from across the crowd. She recognizes Rawlin, but not well enough to interrupt the happily expecting couple from all of their closer friends and well-wishers. The next familiar face she spots is Daechir as the other Duke snags a glass of wine. Her wave is offered to him, as well, though her cheeks flush nearly as red as the collar of her silk shirt to see him. Greetings are offered, but really, mostly, the young mage seems content enough to stick to the outskirts.

Dunlain munches on food and meandors through the crowd of people, hands covered in gyros stain, face a worse mess with sause and bits. A little ice elemental begins to poke people in the leg as it walks by, giving them a tiny frosty shock. Whenever Dunlain turns around to confront the elemental, it acts completely innocent and well behaved.

Rawlin smiles, "High Priest. Elder Alethia, good to see both of you. Thank you for the kind words..." He trails off as his attention moves to Gureylain and Rollant and he nods at Seren's words. "Indeed, we decided to do it quietly because the rest of the kinship was preparing for the Rock Watcher. Besides, Arminel was threatening some grand festivities and I wanted to undermine his plans for such things. I'd rather he focus those on my cousin and Princess Leda. Anyway, excuse me for a moment." He slips away to go and fetch some water, returning a few moments later to hand it over to Seren. "Here you are." He glances towards Alethia, "Oh. You were right about Brundir playing a trick. He definitely provided quite a blessing, that's for sure."

Alethia hesitates, taking all of this in, her amber eyes flickering to Seren with a bit more warmth than seems typical for her. Especially here. Her Faenor demeanor is clearly at odds with an impulse to ask after baby-things as well as an adorable lion cub that was glimpsed when she came upon the party. She says mildly, "Is it twins then?"

"Oh, you heard me correctly," is what Rollant is offering to Seren, a wide smile on his lips as he dips a little incline of his head towards her, only for his gaze to then shift over in the direction of Rawlin, "Excuses, excuses." It's all just a tease, though and after a moment, his gaze shifts about and when he catches sight of Elendril, he's lifting a hand to give a wave and a smile. Likewise, Daechir is given an incline of his head, so does Belstrom and Alethia.

As Belstrom steps closer, she reaches out for the candy he offers her. Taking it she turns it about and then offers the High Priest a smile. "Thank you..." she lets her voice trail off as she begins to unwrap it, bringing it to her nose to inhale deeply. There is a sigh of relief and she places the hard candy past her lips and begins to savor the taste. "Lovely.." she says around the candy as she smiles at Belstrom. "Where do I get more?" But Alethia is asking about twins and the Rylanth smiles brightly, "Yes, a boy and a girl. Olodhinand Averlin," she offers and then smirks up at Rollant. "Always like you. Hardly thieves. I think we both just like our peace."

Stepping up onto the plinth where the couple sit, Gureylain nods to the pair, a childish glitter in his eye, "Cousins, I hope you are enjoying yourselves." spotting Seren's apparent discomfort and knitting his brow, "Looking piqued, Sweet Seren - would you like a little mint to chew... It aided Elonwe through both pregnancies." seeing Rawlin give the water and nodding to him with an appreciatively grateful look. "Zed did an amazing job I say openly, his kitchens were working to capacity for days to make sure we could feed a party in Thelos." the Old Wolf looks out into the crowd, both the nobility and peasantry enjoying the goings on. "I think His Grace will appreciate my making sure it was so grandiose, no?" Attention swinging to Alethia and Belstrom, bowing low to them. "Thank you both for coming as well."

Belstrom quirks a smile and offers Seren two more from his pocket. "Sweet shop in Nasherat--I'll send some to you, if you like. I'm sure your chef can make something similar." Nodding to Gureylain, he agrees. "Mint is good, too. Tea or leaves or anything. Helps with the hangovers, too, but I suppose you're not the type to overindulge."

Stationed semi-near the food as she watches the crowd, Elendril is in perfect position for poking by the icy elemental as it wanders past. Starting at her knee, frost-rhime blooms out over her black leather slacks, causing her to hop away, gasping in shock at the sudden cold. Her expression is tense, but she does at least refrain from kicking. It's almost readable in the wistfulness mingled with tension on her face that she's missing her usual habitat of the library amidst all this noise and crowd.

With burning ears Zedmir exits the craft services tent, drying his hands with towel. Done with any chores and the party in full swing now, he makes his way toward the newlyweds and expecting parents. The young chef is all smiles, the extrovert being in his element. He waits his turn to greet his cousins.

Alethia trades a glance with Belstrom, and gives Gureylain a rare smile, ducking her head a bit. "It's a lovely thing you've done for these two. The house of Rylanth is indeed blessed."

Dunlain notices the sudden reaction of the woman in black, and he turns to catch Mitzi in the act of poking yet another patron. "Stop that, you. I'm sorry you haven't had a play date with Trixie in a while, but that's hardly permission to cause mischief here." he walks over to Elendril, "I'm sorry about that, are you alright?" wiping his hands on the silk of his chausses, near to the back to keep from being overt about it.

Seeing Dunlain wander by, his mouth full, Belstrom smirks, looking the ice elemental over as it toddles behind him. "Cousin--is this the Faenor woman you've been bragging about? She seems a bit...icy."

"Zedmir always does an amazing job with setting up the food for events. I look forward to the day that he has built a restaurant in each city on Aarandor to feed all elves with all of his culinary knowledge." Rawlin says, smiling fondly as his thoughts move to his cousin. "Maybe you can provide him with some recipes from Nasherat, High Priest Belstrom. Or at least make use of his services the next time Acharon's priesthood needs to hold an event of some fashion." He looks towards Gureylain and nods, "So you're saying she should be chewing more mint? I'll definitely make a note of that."

Alethia checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Alethia elbows Belstrom. But subtly.

Daechir stands silently, drinking his wine watching those that come close to the couple, his gaze settling for a moment on Serene watching the palor on the Priestess's face. Well, at least until another movement catches his eyes and they flicker to Lady Elendril, brow arching slightly as she turns as bright as the fireworks, before the young Duke nods, lifting his own glass to her. A sip, glance back to the wedded couple, if he saw Rollant's nod, there is no indication as instead with long strides he suddenly heads towards the couple, stopping directly in front of Seren and reaching out to take the plate of food. "So thats where it is, sorry, didn't mean to leave it behind. Congradulations to you both." and swiftly stepping away again taking the plate with him. Sorry Rawlins. For anyone that might watch, the dish is quickly handed off to be disposed of.

There's a little incline of Rollant's head in the direction of Gureylain during his speech and then the Duke is merely making his way over towards one of the drink tables, to scoop up a glass of wine before he turns to simply watch the festivaties that go on.

Dunlain chuckles softly in Belstrom's direction, "Good one."

Sylindra Filinnar, Warlord of the Thalerith, arrived at the wedding without introduction or invitation, not that this has stopped her from confidently helping herself to some astounding quantities of food and drink, which given her muscled form one can easily believe her body will easily burn through. After finishing off the last of whole bottle of simply lovely Lorandi red, she finally decides to make her way over the happily married couple. Moments later the Lady Priestess Seren notices the Thalerith warrior standing next to her, a look of slight concern on her face. "My dear you look a bit queasy, is the baby giving you some trouble?" she asks without introduction or preamble.

Alethia says, "I'm sure the Lady Seren will chew whatever plants she desires. I think if I had this many relatives fussing over my happiness I would literally explode."

By the time Daechir comes to a stop, he has a new glass of wine, is standing by Rollant taking a sip and watching the party.

Elendril lifts her foot, her frost-coated knee bending as she lifts a charcoal boot so her hand can rub over the cold, wiping away the frozen condensation. She can't help but laugh once the culprit is pointed out to her. She nods to Dunlain's concern, waving it away. "Yes, I'm fine. No actual damage done." And, she has to admit with a hint of a smirk, "And it's far less dangerous than my sister's favored fireballs. At least the ice will thaw and still leave me with wearable pants."

Belstrom chuckles in agreement with Rawlin, giving a wave to Zedmir familiarly. "Indeed. Fantastic idea." He turns to Alethia and smiles at her, then pats her shoulder, nodding toward Dunlain. "This is my cousin, Aly, Dunlain. Dun, this is Alethia Reid, if you haven't already met."

"It's worth trying, Rawlin. No pregnancy is the same." Gureylain's brow knits for a moment, "Meygri made her mother demand melon. Always melon" he pauses and looks to Dae, bowing in respect to the Duke, giving a moment before noting further to Rawlin, "Elonai caused cravings for dried rabbit... So I was oft on various treks for them both before they were even born." Sylindra's blunt asking actually being met with an appreciative nod from Gurey. To the point.

Once Rollant is settled in, though, there is a mewing sound by his ear. Gurey's damned cat... climbing up his back.

The hard candy is doing wonders and as Belstrom reaches out offer her two more, she smiles all the more. "I would appreciate it, thank you." She sets them to her lap. "Mint tea at home, good cousin. But we are here so that will wait. It is lovely and Lord Zedmir is an amazing cook. I am sorry I can not appreciate it for what it is," she says and then chuckles as Daechir takes the plate that Rawlin was pressing upon her, watching it disappear with a look of relief. A soft laugh as well as she looks among the gathered. "Lady Alethia is very correct. This is far too much fuss," she admits but gives Gureylain a wink and reaches her hand over to take Rawlin's. OH! There is the Warlord suddenly and she turns her head quickly. "Warlord, well the babies..yes. I have found that meat in general tends to be a bit of a contention point with my stomach and appetite. I find that I like apples but we are past the season for it."

Alethia is steered closer to Dunlain, and she offers him a polite nod. Somewhat icy etiquette-face in place. "Hello."

When Daechir winds up standing by him, Rollant is about to say something, only to then give a little grunt as Gureylain's cat decides to use him as a climbing post. It takes a moment of wrangling the cat, but once that's done, his attention shifts back to the other Duke, to offer, "How are things going? I hope all is well with Brixtien?"

"Well that's good to hear... though, I now have to distinct impression that perhaps your sister is trying to help you in some small way." Dunlain pauses, a musing smirk flickering over his features. As he's introduced, he bows his head towards Alethia with a polite "Hello" of his own, and then again towards Elendril, "As the priest said, I'm Dunlain. Is that your white lion over there? It's quite beautiful."

Dunlain double takes after about two minutes of awkwardness, "Wait. Reid?" he blinkblinks for a moment, and in one movement slaps his forehead, and slides his hand down his face to clean it. "Hi, I'm Dunlain. It's good to meet you Alethia."

The Warlord nods at Seren, "I know what it's like, I have three children after all." She leans in close, "Let me tell you as secret, passed down through my maternal ancestors. Whatever it is that you can't stand, that the baby tells you it's absolutely not having, you eat that thing. You will puke it up, but that's fine, you simply eat it again. You keep doing that, forcing food down until the baby learns who is the boss in the relationship and stops complaining. That's how my great-grandmother Dalia Aynarr was avoided being sick when she challenged the Thalerith Warlord while pregnant with my grandmother Aleandra, and she won too."

For just a second Alethia doesn't look very clear on what this forehead-cleaning/sleeping might signify, and she seems a little nervous. She glances at Belstrom, and then back at Dunlain. "Yes? Oh. You are acquainted with my cousin, I think. Luthien?" Alethia's gaze flickers to the white lion cub and she also smiles, softening a fraction in agreement.

Elendril seems utterly lost as to how burnt wardrobes might be a favor. And then it dawns on her, "Oh no, I'm just in everyday casuals..." She looks around. No one else seems to be dressed very fancy, but what if she was wrong? There's definite panic that she may have gotten the etiquette entirely wrong as she asks Dunlain, "Have I committed a fashionable faux pas? Were we meant to be here in formalwear?" She misses his question about the lion cub entirely as she panics. Alethia comes to speak with Dunlain, rescuing Elendril's fashion mistakes as she does. And the white-haired elf makes a beeline for anywhere else.
With her knee thawing, Elendril seems enough recovered to wander. Asha has finished his plate of meat, and seems to have decided that in spite of loud and colorful bursts, the sky isn't actually falling. So as Elendril moves away from the crowded food tables, the pure white cub comes chasing after. She heads for the faces she knows best in the crowd, one of whom she owes a thanks to anyway. "Your Grace," she nods a head politely to Rollant, and then with another nod to Daechir she repeats herself, "Your Grace."

Hearing all the fuss over Seren, Zedmir steps up without cutting off Sylindra. "Cousin! You should be enjoying your own party. A quick shot of restoration magics should have you feeling better in no time. You know you have only but to ask." he offers.

Daechir takes another sip of his wine, watching Rollant as he wrestles the cat but not saying anything, instead turning his gaze back out to the party until the Duke addresses him. "Hmm, well I am sober and not hiding in my room. So I would say that is a step in the right direction." answered dryly. "Saga kept things from falling apart, now just trying to learn this job." His glass rising back to his lips just as Elendril steps forward. "Lady Elendril, you look lovely as always."

Rawlin stares at Sylindra as she offers pregnancy advice to his wife. The stare lasts a good moment or two before he glances between the Warlord and his wife, as if trying to determine how much of that Seren will be trying. "Should I get some more gyros?" He asks finally. "You can show the twins who's boss with some tasty and delicious food at least." He smiles then, squeezing Seren's hand while glancing over to Zedmir. "I am enjoying things, you did a wonderful job with the food Zedmir. Speaking of which... I hear that your Grand Opening is coming very soon. How excited are you for that?" He grins, possibly inferring to other events that might happen then.

"Saga is indeed a benefit to Brixtien and I worked with her on things on more then one occassion," comments Rollant, followed by, "And being out and about is a good thing. It would not due to have you trapped in your rooms. But if you need any help, you have but to ask." Then his gaze is shifting to Elendril and he's offering her a warm smile, along with an incline of his head, "Elle. It's good to see you."

"Acquainted, yes. I know Luthien." Dunlain reaches up to gently stroke along the eagle feather hanging from around his neck, "She gave me Mitzi here, my mischievous little elemental. A handful, but still I'm glad to have her." he catches Mitzi attempting to poke another guest, "Hey." he quips at it, he turns back to Alethia and Belstrom, "Well then, it's been a while cousin, how are you? How's life? How's Nasherat?"

Belstrom says, "Fantastic--but I'm here more and more. Speaking of which, Aly, I have to go get something from the library--be back quickly." Belstrom kisses Alethia on the cheek and darts off."

a deathstalker scorpion leaves, following Belstrom.

Oh, hey, Duke Brixtien isn't mad at her. This catches Elendril by enough surprise to make her smile. A brow quirks at his compliment, though she ducks her head politely, murmuring, "Thank you, your Grace, that is kind of you." Maybe she's avoided the fashion faux pas after all? She can't help but laugh as it's mentioned that he's been trapped in his rooms, though she doesn't mention why that has made her chuckle. Instead, she picks up Saga's name, "I've been meaning to get in touch with Lady Saga myself, now that I have this," she looks down at the ball of white fuzz that has sprawled out at her feet, turned with his tummy up in hopes that someone will rub it, "to train up in manners and the etiquette of not eating elves while he's still small enough to easily pick up on it." And she smiles to Rollant, "And thanks to you again, Duke Lindy, for thinking of me when you found him."

Alethia blinks again uncertainly, and says as Belstrom pelts off, "Ahm.. are you and she close? Luthien? I... think you must have had some good luck with that elemental. The others I've seen are rather grumpy."

The Warlord leaves Seren speechless in the moment. The recommendation is heard and small nods are given as she clears her throat. "I will have to try that, not at this moment as I would not wish to make anyone else endure those moments with me. The candy is working wonders," she says and shakes her head to Rawlin. " thank you, my heart. I think I will do just fine without food for right now. Not while we have guests," she says and then glances up at Zedmir, "Oh...I am enjoying it rather well. But you have something?" That cause her brow to rise as she keeps hold of Rawlin to forestall him from getting any food.

"I am not sure everyone would agree with you, your Gr....." Daechir steps looking to Rollant as if realizing what he was about to say and snorts. "This will take getting used too. I don't know if everyone would agree me being out of my rooms is a good idea, Rollant. Such as Lady Elendril here, seems I have traumatized her some how, every time I see her she turns deep red." Looking to the lady in question with amusement, glancing to the cub. "Ah, I am sure Saga would be more than willing to help. I hear you have been spending time with my cousin of late. Which I thank you for, Myriil needs people who are patient with him." glancing to Rollant again, amused it seems. "Unfortunately, I am not and I am rather sure that Myriil would have liked it if I had stayed in my room."

Dunlain waves as Belstrom darts off, then nods to Alethia, "Close? Yes. She and I are dating, have been for a few months now." he looks back at Mitzi, "Right now, I really enjoy Mitzi's spirit and joy. Helps me when I start to miss my coyote."

"Does this method fight off food aversion?" Zedmir asks the Warlord. "Many elves have trouble eating something after a traumatic memory with it." Moving to give cousin Rawlin a hello hug. "Come here you." Wrapping him in a quick embrace and patting him on the shoulder. "So happy for you two. I guess you four now." he says with a smile and then nods. "The restaurant is quite exciting! We're looking forward to hosting you all. You should see the view when the sun just dips behind the hills, can't beat it." And then looking more to Seren. "Of course. The lifewell has answers for many of our ailments if you know where to look." He causes a brief glow to appear in his palm before fading. "An upset stomach is easy, and the babies would only feel a tickle I promise."

"Is your coyote.. gone? Dead?" Alethia is on uncertain ground. But she doesn't sound unkind, at least. She grabs some food from a passing plate, feeling somewhat out of her element. "We will have to do something some time. Er, with Luthien. Maybe we can go hunting. DO you hunt?"

"I can understand not wanting to puke your guts out in front of your guests, it's not that kind of party," Sylindra says to Seren with a playful smile. "If you feel brave though, give it a try! If its meats that give you trouble, try some honeyed ham at first, it's almost as good coming up as it is going down. The trick of it is, vomiting makes you less nauseous, so you can take advantage of that moment of clarity after you're done purging and rinsed your mouth with water to take another bite and ensure it stays down. It does take a bit of willpower, but the results mean not having to deal with any more pregnancy sickness."

A low chuckle slips past Rollant's lips at Daechir's little mistake and it's followed by a nod of his head, "Yes, there is no need for you to be addressing me like that. Not any more." A quick little grin is offered to his fellow Duke, though, "Ahh, that just means you need to get out and about more, my young friend." Then his gaze shifts over towards Elendril and there's a laugh at the use of a pet name, along with a shake of his head, "One of these days, Elle, I'm going to have to get you to stop using that name." A smile, though, "And you're most welcome. When I saw him, I immediately thought of you."

To Zedmir Sylindra says with a shrug, "I do not know if it fights non-pregnancy related food aversion, I've never had to deal with it. I expect it does, after all the best way to triumph over your weaknesses is to challenge them head on."

Sylindra is trying to help but all Seren can do is pale around the gills at the mention of coming back up. She clears her throat, "Yes I do appreciate your help on the matter. I will consider it after this of course. I can see the reason behind it," she offers though is quickly tugging at the neck line of her dress. "I am hoping soon my willpower will not be tested," she says and then glances up at Zedmir. "Oh yes, I had heard about the grand opening. I am looking forward to it." Though she stills at seeing the working of the lifewell add a glow to his hand. She dips her chin and offers him permission. "Very well," she admits.5r

Mention of her blushing raises the color to Elendril's alabaster face once more, though this time it's merely a soft and rosy glow rather than her earlier more vivid shade. "I apologize, Your Grace," she tells Daechir with a soft laugh of your own. "My only trauma came from the misunderstanding that I had offended you. So, if you'll forgive me for that moment, I'll forgive you for the trauma of it." Of course, then he has to go and mention Myriil. Elendril winces, looking abashed. "He is a very kind soul," she struggles to find the kindest words she is able, "But I'm not sure you should offer your thanks just yet. I may have done more harm than good. I was as delicate as I was able, but, I'm afraid unrequited feelings are always hurt, not matter how gently they are treated."
It's hard to look too sheepish when being chided by Rollant, though, and her head shakes as she promises him, "Never, Duke Lindy. Absolutely never." Particularly because every time she still pronounces it as she did as a babbling child, it makes the old soldier laugh so easily. She ever so gently toes at the cub's side with her suede boot as he continues to beg belly up for attention. "I'm still surprised that he made it. But he's improving each day. I think he'll likely always be small, many of his problems can't really be restored away, as they're simply how he was born and who he is, the runt of the litter and all. But the injuries and illness of heat and abandonment seem to be clearing up to where you wouldn't even notice lately.

Taking a moment to lean in towards Rawlin and Seren, Gureylain (who has been getting approached by heads of the various party staff, agreeing or redirecting with questions or suggestions) offers towards the pair. "So. I had one other little surprise should you be interested. Had a little work done with a few arrows." his grin cocking up just a hair higher.

Rawlin rubs his chin. "I'm not sure about trying this with those with food aversions, not without doing it more slowly and more controlled. Trauma takes time to heal and can't be forced." He glances around and runs a hand through his hair. "Maybe this is something the Healer's Guild can research some day with those who might be interested in moving forward?" He shrugs, turning towards Gureylain and lifting a brow. "Oh? What else do you have up your sleeves, Gurey?"

Dunlain nods gently, "Yes. Ember died during a patrol with the Templars, he was killed by thieves, who were then immediately killed by all of us." Dunlain speaks with a matter of fact tone, "We should all go for a hunt. Luthien is teaching me how, we enjoyed about a week's vacation up north a few hours away from Thelos on the road to Winter's Gate. We could go back up that direction, maybe actually head to Winter's Gate entirely."

"I'm sorry," Alethia offers quietly, and then threads a hand through her hair with a small almost reluctant nod. It's not too clear why she isn't more enthusiastic, at least at first. "Winter's Gate would be a beautiful place to go as a group. I hope it remains open to outsiders. The architecture of the Faenor is one of our best accomplishments."

Daechir nods to Rollant. "Perhaps we will see how it goes. I may indeed take you up on advice however." But it's Elendril that gets the full weight of those violet eyes, brows arching upwards. "Really? Hmmm then I would say you did him a good deal of good. If he was able to even express the feelings he was having. And it is not a bad lesson, that sometimes with allowing those feelings, disappointment can come."

A simple nod of Rollant's head is given to Daechir before he's falling quiet, letting the other two speak before he's nodding his head towards Elendril, "Well, I'm glad that he's doing far better, at least, Elle." And then he's quiet again, glass of wine lifted to his lips for another sip.

The Warlord approaches Alethia Reid. "So you're dating Belstrom?" she asks.

Allowing Zedmir the chance to use the lifewell to ease her discomfort, Seren glances up at Gureylain. "With arrows?" That may be a bit of concern in her voice. "Good cousin," she begins softly, giving a slight admonishment.

Alethia says "Uh," eloquently.

Alethia says, "We are often together, yes. We're both priests. Are you and he very close?"

Dunlain snags a couple drinks from a passing tray and offers one to Alethia, "It's beautiful country up there and despite the horrible snow, it's a wonderful trip with the right company." The approach of the Warlord gives Dunlain a chance to slip away towards Gureylain and company, whispering to Alethia on his way and bowing his head in greeting to Sylindra."

"That's again kind of you, your Grace," Elendril gives Daechir an understanding smile. "But, I worry that too much disappointment all at once may only chase him deeper into shadows again." She dearly hopes that it won't be such. Asha finally gives up on begging for tummy rubs, not because he quits wanting them but simply because after a day's travel and a full tummy he falls asleep right there in the middle of the trio, still belly up. But yes, the cub does seem to be doing better.

The guildmaster nods, moving around so that he can come and stand next to Seren. No need for her to move! He takes both her hands in his, "This will only take a moment." Then he bows his head and closes his eyes. That same white glow starts in his chest, glowing brighter over the course of a few moments. It then splits and goes down each of his arms and transfers from his hands and into Seren's, where it is absorbed. Some elves wrestle with the lifewell, but the young noble makes it look like art. After a few more moments he opens his eyes and looks to his cousin. "There. How was that?"

Stepping back enough to be able to aim up without hitting the pavilion, Gureylain draws his bow and an arrow that looks distinctly bulky, teeth flashing in his grin, nodding to an attendant who comes with an arrow coated in pitch, lighting it with a lantern. "Trust me Seren." Gureylain then steps once more to make sure he is clear and launches the first arrow with an easy pull and release. The flaming arrow is nocked in turn. "A personal show of my appreciation of your joining, and the cousins it will bring me." he looses... and then up in the sky...

* *
* ' * . * ' . * *
* *' * * '
. * | /
'. | | ' | ' *
\* \ \ /
' \ '* | | * |* * *
* `. \ | * / * '
. \ | \ / *
*' * ' \ \ '. |
-._ ` / *
' ' ``._ * ' . '
* *\* * . . *
* ' * `-._ . _..:=' *
. ' * * * . _.:--'
* . . * .-' *
. ' . ' * * .
* ___.-=--..-._ * ' '
* *
* _.' .' `. ' * *
* *_.-' .' `. *
.' `._ * '
' ' . . `. .
. * `
* ' ' .
. * . * *
* . '

Daechir snorts finishing his wine. "Do not worry about that, he doesn't have the option of hiding away again. I have made him responsible for putting together the next expedition. He has direct orders to talk personally with everyone involved and organize the whole thing." a slight clearing if his throat as if to keep from chuckling. "He has informed me that for every person he as to talk to, he is going to throw two things at me. So now he also has to find me a nice place to recouperate."

Alethia cranes her head back to look at the display that comes from Gureylain's arrow, and she smiles unconsciously. "This is lovely."

Seren is overheard praising Gureylain: A wonderful, thoughtful cousin.

Seren is overheard praising Sylindra: For offering advice that is not of the norm.

Seren is overheard praising Zedmir: For offering relief when it is much needed.

Seren is overheard praising Belstrom: For the ginger candies. They shall be enjoyed.

Dunlain is overheard praising Gureylain: An awesome display in the sky, as if bringing stars close enough to touch.

The Warlord looks up apprciately at the massive firework launched by Gureylain. A follower of Rithor like herself can always enjoy the creative use of fire. She whoops at the Ranger, "Great display old timer!" Then she turns back to Alethia, explaining, "Bel and I have known each other for a long time, but the one I'm very close to is his sister Deanna, so I don't always get the chance to meet his latest girlfriend."

Alethia is overheard praising Gureylain: A spectacular display.

"So THAT'S what he meant." Elendril can only laugh. "He mentioned something about throwing things until you forgave me, when I admitted to him that I was scared I'd offended you, Your Grace." Her head just shakes. "And yes, I told him that I'd be happy to accompany House Brixtien as a shield and, if needed, a healer. Though," she ponders, "That was before he expressed feelings that I could not in good faith return to him. I'm not entirely certain that my invitation still stands." And from her voice and expression, she fully understands if not. "Oh, no!" A boom of fireworks startles Asha awake, and rather than look up at the vivid beauty overhead Elendril is stooping down to catch up the cub in her arms before he can bolt for cover beneath which she might misplace him.

Rawlin eyes Gureylain cautiously but then looks up as the arrow goes sailing into the air. When the dazzling display goes off, he applauds and smiles. "Oh, how wonderful. You are now volunteering yourself to being the one who sets off all these types of displays whenever the Lorandi need to throw a celebration. Do you hear that Zedmir? When you do your Grand Opening, Gurey will be more than happy to set things off with a bang." He grins.

Sylindra is overheard praising Gureylain: I can always appreciate creative uses of fire.

Alethia studies the Warlord for a few seconds in silence, her amber eyes open but reserved. She seems very reserved in general, as if constantly holding something back from whoever she's talking to. She says slowly, "I have met Deanna once. She is extremely intelligent. A dangerous woman, I think. Like yourself."

Her hand releases Rawlin's when Zedmir takes both of her own. Seren watches the healer keenly even as Gureylain sets up the shot. There is a squirm in her chair as the act is performed and then a OOF, as she blinks and looks down at her stomach. she grips Zedmir's hands as the firework goes off, painting the sky in green lights. Her smile grows and she leans in to whisper to Zedmir a moment before releasing his hands to clap for the display. "Gurey," she sighs at him but there is a fond smile on her lips. "Too much," she murmurs but she winks at him and then whispers to Rawlin as she touches a hand to her stomach.

Zed oos and ahs along with everyone else, quite impressed with the exciting arrow. "I might need to order a gold one." he says to Rawlin.

Letting Daechir and Elendril speak with each other, Rollant steps to the side, wine now finished and the empty coming to be set upon a table. The arrival of the fireworks display has him looking up to them, smile on his lips as he then lifts his hand to give a quick little clap, "Well done!"

Alethia says, "The High Priest and I are.. I suppose you could call me that. I don't take to people lightly. But we're making a go of it. This is an incredible display, isn't it?"

"Dangerous yes," Sylindra agrees with Alethia, flashing a predatory grin, "but not like myself. I am dangerous like a storm or a great raging beast, all raw power and might, but no subtley to it. Deanna is dangerous like poison, or disease, subtle you see, sometimes you don't know it's killing you until it's too late."

Dunlain approaches Gureylain just after the bursting arrow, "And just like that, you bring Garwen's stars almost close enough to touch. Truly a blessed way to celebrate someone, by shining stars in the night sky in their honor." he shifts himself slightly and takes a quick swig of his drink, "So, Ranger, how have you been? It's been several weeks since I last saw you in person, I think it was at Luthien's sermon."

"Well then I hope to remain on her good side," Alethia says softly, and takes a sip of the drink Dunlain had given her. Her eyes seem to get a little brighter.

"Myriil will be fine, do not worry about him. He has greatness within him, he just needs to trust in it." Daechir returns as he lifts his gaze to the display above, finishing his wine. "Indeed." agreeing with Rollant as the other Duke steps to the side.

Gureylain sweeps into a bow when praise is sent his way, and when Rawlin volunteers him, he actually laughs with a sound daring to range towards normal merriment and not his usual hoarse chuffing sound. "I actually have several gold in my quiver as well, Zedmir." Gureylain grins, "Maybe I'll light off one more at the end." he turns when Dunlain approaches, "It has been sir. Good even to you and thank you for coming to celebrate my cousins." Gureylain reaches to clasp the other on the shoulder. "How've you been?"

Elendril isn't able to wave goodbye to Rollant, her hands are too full of spooked lion cub. As she juggles Asha carefully, trying to evade swipes of paws as she shushes at him, she nods to what Daechir offers to her. But she can't reply at first, she's too busy offering shushing non-sense to the startled cub. But eventually, the sky once more stops falling and Asha is lulled, "He's getting stronger," she mentions. It's both a blessing overall and in the moment a curse. But it does mean she can finally answer Daechir, "I see great promise in him, too," Elendril admits sincerely. "I just hope he realizes that he has the ability to be great on his own. He seems to be looking for some half that might finish or complete him, and he seems to feel that until that half is found, his greatness can't be seen." She hears that there will be more fireworks when the celebration concludes, and she murmurs down to Asha, still cradled in her arms, "Looks like we may have to stage an early exit."

"Ah yes, remaining on Deanna's good side is definitely wise, it is after all far more pleasant and charming than her bad side," Sylindra says to Alethia, her tone carrying the fond warmness of someone talking about a close friend.

Slipping over towards the couple are, Rollant is offering another little incline of his head in the direction of Seren and Rawlin, only to offer up, "Once again, congratulations to the two of you. I couldn't be happier for you." Then, a round of nods are given to the others that have gathered, before he's offering to Gureylain, "A great display you've setup, Gurey." Then, he's stepping back to the edge of the crowd once more.

Gureylain reaches to clasp Rollant on the shoulder before he can escape. "Thanks again, old friend. I'm honored that you would grace this celebration for my cousins."

"It is a joyous occasion and deserves celebration. They are most blessed and I wish them and their eventual family many good tithings. I'll have to make sure to send them sand once the children are born." Dunlain smiles at Gureylain and then hms softly, "I've been well enough, mainly just busied myself with work here in Thelos. Lot's of rumors and such to investigate." he takes another drink and hms softly again, before he turns to face Rawlin and Seren, "My congratulations to the both of you, have you already gotten the sandbox ready?"

"We all of us have a good and a bad side," the priestess Alethia says mildly. "Brundir's first priests were encouraged to be just as wicked as they were virtuous." She's very pious. And doesn't try very hard to connect this to Deanna Devrien.

"Thank you, Duke Rollant. I appreciate all the effort that went into throwing this little party, even if we were hoping others got their moments in the spotlight before us." Rawlin laughs and gives Gurey a look. He turns to Seren and exchanges a quiet whispered conversation. He gives her a nod, and turns to Dunlain. "Sandbox? Nah, Rylanths prefer to run around in the woods. There's a nice bit of land around the Rylanth estate that the twins will be able to roam around and climb trees and the like. Who knows, maybe they'll turn into old woodselves like Gurey here." He gestures to the old woodself. "Or maybe not. So much potential with what paths new lives will take in life." He wraps an arm around Seren and asks, "Do you need any more water or anything?"

"One can hope they'll have sense and take after their Cousin Gureylain, or Elonai." the Old Wolf grins before he takes up a champagne flute to drain in a few swallows, setting it on another passing platter. "Ahhh... There have been indeed, Dunlain - I've felt run ragged very often. But with luck I may get a moments rest." he motions to his quiver, "Wish to take a couple home with you?"

"And why was that? Why did Brundir ask for both wickness and virtue from his priests?" Sylindra inquires to Alethia, evidently curious.

"Never fear, he will find it. Even if it is with Saga and I dragging him to it." Daechir states, glancing at the cub then back up to Elendril "I wish you luck in getting him under control." then sets his glass down. "It has been good to see you again, my Lady. If you will excuse me, I should say my goodbyes."

"But all children need a good sandbox, or else the bags of sand we send them will be for naught." Dunlain states, "Perhaps there's an old one the family can part with... I'll see about it." he hms sofly and then nods to Gureylain, "Oh yes. I would love to take a couple home, and in fact speaking of home. I may need to think about heading that direction." a pause, "Well, rather the office. Home away from home, as it were." he chuckles wryly.

"Rollant," Seren remarks fondly with an inclination of her head. "Thank you for coming. Always good to see you. And our thanks as well." She leans into Rawlin's welcome arm around her shoulders, her gaze drifting quickly up to Dunlain. "My husband is right, woodlands, glades...I suppose the closest we get to sand is mud pits," she chuckles and then inclines her head. "I do not think we have met," but that observation is cut short as she tilts her head up to look at Rawlin. "I could do with some water and a chance to stretch my legs. Let everyone enjoy Gureylain's party," she says, giving the man a long look and then to Rollant as well.

Alethia takes a drink calmly, glancing at the sky. "To encourage a life of balance. So that we may live every experience and know each action must be balanced by another." Her amber eyes slant a little as she smiles mildly. "His current priests do not follow the same dictates. I find the story.. violent and strange. Brundir is infinitely kind, but can also be cruel."

Alethia says, "A lot like Acharon, in some respects. And his priests. Your own god, I cannot speak for. I'm guessing you follow Rithor?"

"Of course, your Grace," is all that Elendril offers further to Daechir as he takes his leave. With the Duke Brixtien saying goodbyes and Duke Tenlindil doing his interrupted best to be off drinking in a corner, she considers the cub she holds in her arms, settling him in, even rocking a bit as if lions and babies can be soothed in the same way. She looks around, but the only other face she recognizes well enough to bother is Zedmir, and the chef is far too busy to interrupt. "It may be just about time for that early departure, Asha," she coos to the cub. "We might be a little early, but, if we're going to keep you from going on your first rampage, it's likely that early will be better than late..."

"It's your party, Sweet Seren." Gureylain is already giving a quartet of the arrows to Dunlain, "They're color marked at their fletching." and then he is looking back to the celebrated couple. "Once Oriana has had time to finish the works she is attending, and has tiem to set a date you can rub my face in the celebration all you want. But this is for you."

A little finger wriggle is given in the direction of Seren as she looks over to him and then Rollant is offering the same to Elendril before he's turning to take his leave from the party.

As Elendril notices Rollant's wiggling finger, she lifts one of Asha's front paws and wriggles it, letting the cub wave good-bye to the Duke on her behalf.

Daechir, crosses back towards the table with the couple, stopping short before a slight bow of his blonde head. "I wanted to offer my congratulations again before I departed." violet eyes shifting from Rawlin to Seren, to the later there is a slight smile. "Pregnancy suites you." then with an amused chuckle. "When you are not turning a bit green at least. Anyway, thank you both for having me. I hope the rest of the night and beyond finds your family blessed."

"Should you wish to send us some sand, we will make a sandbox. I would have no objections to having one." Rawlin says to Dunlain. He glances over and nods to Seren. "Come, let us walk a bit and get you some water, beloved." He squeezes her hand and gently pulls her along a path so they can take in a bit of fresh air. "Thank you for this celebration, Gurey. It was very kind of you and others to throw it in our honor. As for you and Oriana, well... I'm not sure if that will be under our purview or if Rollant will want to do something extravagant for it. I'll have to talk to him, I wouldn't want to step on any toes." Daechir's arrival is met with a nod, "Thank you for the kind words, Duke Daechir."

Sylindra nods thoughtfully at Alethia's explanation. "That is indeed a strange approach, and I think ultimately self-defeating. If I went around stabbing one tenth of the people I met, people would call me a violent psycho. The fact that I would be perfectly safe to be around the other nine tenths of the time would hardly be a comfort. A priest who embraces both virtue and wickness will ultimately be seen as simply wicked. As for myself, yes I do indeed follow Rithor, for I believe life is a challenge to be faced head on."

a deathstalker scorpion arrives, following Belstrom.

Rising with Rawlin's help, Seren curls her arm into his and weaves her fingers further to keep them close. She smiles at Gureylain and lifts her free hand to blow him a kiss off the tips. "We will make certain no matter what the two of you get much the same. There are already plans for somethings," she promises him with a wink and a mouthed 'thank you'. Daechir's comment brings a flush of color fresh to her blanched cheeks. "Your Grace, you are too kind. I look forward to having you over when time allows. Do not hesitate to call should you require anything of Rylanth or myself." She offers him a warm smile and dips her head in his direction before she finds her pace beside Rawlin, leaning into this side to exchange soft words and a smile. There isa. brief moment where her lips touch his cheek in a gentle passing.

Dunlain takes the quartet of arrows, "I have a great idea for how to use these." Then he nods to Rawlin, "Absolutely, I'll send a bag of fine sand from the beach along the Lorenil. An almost white colored grain, it's fantastic to see." Then he pauses for a moment and looks at Gureylain, "Wait... what is this? You're getting married?" his jaw could easily be pushing the ground away from them with how on the floor it becomes, "When did this happen? I guess I need to open that second crate of ancient alcohols I saved from the old world. Tons of celebrating going on these days, your ears could ring from all the bells, whistles, and cheer."

Alethia says, "I don't think you're wrong. The willingness to do wicked things, even in service to one's god... I wonder if that is not wickedness itself. If it can be excused by piety. I wonder if the gods have concepts of morality at all, the way we do. But luckily it is merely a myth of a time nearly forgotten. And the priests are free now to be as virtuous as we please."

Belstrom sidles back up to the party, looking interested in Alethia's words.

"Perhaps it was a test," Sylindra muses, "a test the old priests failed. After all, if that is truly what Brundir expected of them, would your order not have continued to act thus until the present day?"

Dae simply winks at Seren with her mouthed thank you then bows his head to the two before stepping back again. A momentary glance around and the Duke is striding towards the exit.

Alethia gives the Warlord the ghost of a smile, and this time it's less 'nice' and more nebulous. She glances at Belstrom and passes him her own glass, half-empty. "It could have been. Brundir does love tests, as our Champions have recently seen. I do not know. It is a mystery of the Priesthood. Perhaps some day I can give you a true answer."

Belstrom takes the glass and finishes it smoothly. "Ah, Warlord...learning some theology from my lovely Alethia? How'd you get so lucky."

Sylindra smiles at Belstorm, "You left her unattended and I decided to make her aquaintance while I had the chance, otherwise she might have been to distracted by your handsome features."

Alethia rolls her eyes a little and drifts just far enough away to pluck a piece of food from a table.

It's a game of Lorandi Duke, Duke, Duck as Daechir follows Rollant out. Elendril looks to the cub in her arms, espeically as the bride and expectant mother-to-be stands in what looks like a need to step away as well. "I think this might be our cue, little fuzzball," she murmurs to the ball of white fur in her arms. "Otherwise, you'll start taking swipes at knees too. And your claws are likely sharper than ice." The last thing she needs it to turn this celebration into a red wedding fiasco. So, Elendril and her armsfull of lion cub begin making their way towards the exit as well.

Alethia says, "She was telling me about your sister, Deanna. And how lovely staying on her good side can be."

Chuffing again at Dunlain's comment, Gureylain shrugs. "Well, I'm an even quieter sort than Rawlin and Seren could ever hope to be, though there were proclamations. " the old ranger winks at Dunlain, "And I may have an old bottle about for sommat as well, perhaps we can trade liquors and then see how bad we stumble come sunrise eh?" as Alethia moves past he nods to her, commenting, "I'm sure I had, but if I haven't. It's good to see you, thank you for coming Alethia"

Count Chubbles, Loranna the Lioness, Tiris, a regal ural owl leave, following Rawlin.

Alethia nods to Gureylain and gestures with the small kabob of food, "It was my pleasure."

Belstrom says, "It -is- lovely on the bright side of Deanna. Like the desert at sunrise," Belstrom agrees. "My sister and the warlord have enjoyed a deep friendship for many years."

Dunlain grins, "It's a deal, I'll bring some of my oldest and strongest bottles, and we'll see who has to carry whom home to their woman." he grins and makes to depart, "I should get back to the office though, lots of work to do and very little time to do it. I'm going to bring these thieves to justice whether it kills my social life or not." a pause, "It was great to see you and a great party, so long friend."

Asha, The White Lion leaves, following Elendril.

Asha, The White Lion arrives, following Elendril.

Asha, The White Lion leaves, following Elendril.

"Indeed, despite our considerable differences in character, it has been a most rewarding relationship," Sylindra agrees with Belstrom. Then she adds with obvious humour, "It's just too bad that I've had to put up with your smirking ass-self for the whole duration of it."

Alethia says, "I do not think the Devriens can help it. They all seem to smirk. Maybe it's a family curse."

Belstrom does, indeed, smirk, leaning down to whisper something to Alethia.

Belstrom says, "Poor warlord, so plagued by her kinship."

Alethia says, "I'm sure all leaders feel plagued by their people at some point or other."

Gureylain drifts over, finally, to the warlord and priests, initiating his way into the mix, just to bring down the rank structure a bit. "There... Now this is a proper gathering." he has, in fact, positioned himself so that one way or another he is on one of Alethia's side and Belstrom on the other... even if he has to budge on Sylindra - as if to emphasize Alethia's earlier points on balancing between the different sides of the coin the Brundir priesthood live between.

"I have it easier than most, the desert takes the useless ones," Sylindra observes. She looks at Belstrom pointedly for a moment then adds, "Well, /most/ of the useless ones."

The Warlord barks a laugh at her own joke, and gives Belstrom a hearty slap on the back.

Alethia's eyebrows go up, though she doesn't quite SAY the word "burn". She glances at Gureylain as he squeezes in on her other side, and she smiles at the Lorandi archer. They do look somewhat like two opposite coins. Both amber-eyed, both blonde, but Gurey seems more sunny, almost casting the Faenor woman in a shadow with how open he is. "Are you ready to be made Lord Priest Gureylain Rylanth?"

Alethia says, "I am throwing a small sermon. I don't think I can call it a party. But there will be sugar."

Belstrom smiles stiffly in response to the warlord, turning his attention to Gureylain.

"I do not know. But if I am not, I will learn to be." Gureylain looks to Alethia with a raised brow at that. "I you are feeing I have earned place therin as a full member of the priesthood I am honored, Alethia."

Gureylain would find the Thalerith Warlord remarkably hard to budge, or perhaps not so remarkably given the mountain of a man she defeated to ger her position.

Gureylain checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

"It is not up to me, but Lord Brundir," Alethia dismisses this with a remark that if one thought about it too closely, makes very little sense. She IS promoting him. With a party. She continues on, "There is no reason you should not advance. You have served your time as an initiate and are an accomplished navigator. And you like people."

Sylindra checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Firmly asserting his position, giving Sylindra a polite bow of the head to contrast shouldering his way into position. "I get along with peope, somehow. I fear that all this time spent in pampered halls with beds, chairs, and prepared food is softening me. I will need to go out into the wilds for a longer period, live rough... maybe even for the better part of a month." Granted there are no Lorandi here presently to account for it, but the Old Wolf of Rylanth is known for disappearing for weeks, if not months at a time - leaving with what he is wearing and his satchel and coming back often healthier than when he left.

Yet despite the effort, Gureylain does manage to push the Warlord enough that she has to shift her weight. Her arm comes up to rest across his shoulders, and she gives him a friendly shake. "I appreciate the affection, ranger," she says in a tone that that has just the barest hint of sharpness to it, "but I'm already married."

Alethia watches Gureylain and the Warlord for a moment, and she nods at something the Ranger said. "I too like to go away for periods of time. It clears my head. I prefer the wilderness to the city any day. And speaking of, I promised I'd show Belstrom the path to Winter's Gate. Please excuse us, you two."

"Good night, to you both. And congratulations, Ranger Rylanth," Belstrom turns, taking Alethia's arm and being steered away to whatever path she wants to show him.

"And I am betrothed, But I guarantee my bloodline lays me prettier than your undoubtedly muscular and hardy mate." Gureylain nods to Belstrom and Alethia, "May He guide you on the path you are meant for." accepting the arm on his shoulder with ease.

"Good night Belstrom take care of yourself, and a pleasure to meet you Priestess Alethia," the Warlord says to the two as they depart.

Alethia nods to the Warlord and smiles faintly, before she leaves to the east.

a deathstalker scorpion leaves, following Belstrom.

Dahsk, a wolf pup, Belstrom leave, following Alethia.

After the two leave Sylindra turns to Gureylain. "Aganor is the opposite of muscular and hardy," she says with a grin.

"He is in fact a very pretty man," Sylindra adds. "Pale, lightly built, white hair, got it from his similarly attractive Ingtih father. Wonderful personality too, calm and cool like an underground pool of water, with invitingly unfathomed depths."

"Most interesting - then it seems you've been guided along the path to your benefit. Very rare to have such happen, and so clearly to be identified." The Old Wolf notes as he draws a series of arrows from his quiver, "Here, Fire Elves should enjoy beauty in fire," handing over some of the fireworks arrows, should she take them, "I'm hoping I find my true center here now... I had been off path for a time."

The Warlord takes the arrows gratefully. "Thank you," she says, "and yes I noticed that the first time we met, though you may not remember."

"Was that the day that I was monumentally drunk and needed aid from my friend the Marquis to even stand?" Bluntly honest, Gurey looks skyward... "That may have been Alethia."

Sylindra nods,"Yes, and as I recall there were also glitter cookies involved."

Gureylain ughhs... and nods. "They're from a cake Zedmir made..." he opens a pouch and draws out a chocolate coin, offering it to Sylindra. "They're delicious... but... the glitter. They're actually some sort of magic. I don't like chocolate so much, but these things..." frowning somewhat, "I hope you'll forgive that, that night... At the time my daughter had ... well She had refused to speak with me for almost a month at the time. I did not take it well."

The Warlord shakes her head at the offered treat, "I do not I want glitter all over myself." At the mention of Gureylain's troubles with his daughter a pained expression flashes across Sylindra's face, "I have the same problem with my own daughter Melindra, though it has been months now since she last talked to me in person. It's just been intermediaries and the occasional letter."

Stupid Lizard, a stupid monitor lizard arrives, following Sorgath.

Stupid Lizard, a stupid monitor lizard leaves, following Sorgath.

Gureylain's brows knit at that. "I pray your troubles find a... good end with her." eyes on the ground. "My Elonai is all that I have left of my late wife and daughter." jaw setting for a moment. "She's changed as well, in recent months - colder and harder. My Little love is not the same, and it breaks my heart." brow knitting. "She says its not, but things started when I and Oriana... just... happened."

"Melindra didn't change at all, she's as stubborn and temperamental as ever, therein lies the problem," Sylindra says with a sigh. "I treated her more like a solider than a daughter, not enough affection or appreciation. I was pushing her away and I didn't notice until she was gone. It's hard, being a mother and a Warlord."

"Odd you find something kindred here, in the so called Pampered Lorandi." offering a thin smile. "I think I treated her more like a comrade than a daughter. I think she was prepared better for life by my cousin. My brother in law, and I... We clung to her. In Larandor she was so cherished... and then when..." he pauses, taking a breath, "Then when we had to flee. She was given all the love and attention that could no longer be given to... sister and mother. So when things changed, and I was swept away... It finalized the loss of her mother, and her sister... fifty years later than it should have beem" another breath and Gurey looks back to Sylindra. "Said to try and help explain why I can relate, if that makes sense?"

"I don't think it's odd, Lorandi have children too, and all elves make mistakes," Sylindra observes. "We have come to know the same pain, though it seems strangely fitting that you the Pampered Lorandi arrived at it by erring on the side of too much affection, and I the Harsh Thalerith got there by erring on the side of too little." She chuckles at that.

"Fitting fates, as if we were guided there by our surroundings..." Gureylain rubs at his brow, thumb to his temple, forefinger sweeping across slowly. "I miss my little love... another heartbreak I brought unto myself."

The Warlord places her hand on the Ranger's shoulder. "Same here, same here," she says with a sad sigh. "Though I count myself fortunate to still have my twins and my husbad. Losing your wife and other daughter, it must have been very hard."

"I watched. From a hill top. I commanded the house archers, in the Royal Army, when the Host descended." Gureylain's amber eyes pale and the swirling iridescence within them almost seems to stop. "When the line was charged by the full brunt of them. When they speared through and charged into the healer's tents..."

Sylindra does not say anything for a long moment, as this is very much not her element, at last she ventures, "We all lost many near and dear to us in the Eradication War. My parents died in a delaying action, holding off the Host long enough for the ships to set off. It was a suicide mission, but they and the soldiers in their command gave their lives so the rest of us could live."

"Something I still regret. I volunteered for the delaying actions. I was cuffed in the ears and told to get on the damned ships..." brows knitting, Gurey looks to the Warlord. "I was not... all together for many years. I don't think those like me, who experienced such, are ever really sane again."

"Wounds on the soul can be deep, and long lasting, perhaps that is why the Gods scrub all memory of past lives when we are returned to the Wheel," Sylindra muses. "It's good someone knocked some sense into you though, it would have been terrible for poor Elonai to lose her father as well."

"Agreed, I was selfish and stupid." Gureylain looks back up and to Sylindra, "So... I know you fire elves love your showing of strength. It could be strength to expose yourself enough to ask her come back, and forgive. Especially if you feel you wronged her."

"I did send Melindra a letter with an apology immediately after our fight, but she never replied," Sylindra says. "More recently I authorized her request to be placed in charge of the Thalerith fleet. I thought it would be a good opportunity to send her a token of my appreciation and good will, so I asked the Aeran for help finding something appropriate for a naval commander, and then had an expertly crafted navigational compass fashioned especially for her. It's of a traditional type called Jewel of the Dawn Star compass, but intead of brass and glass, hers is bronze and crystal, with tiny gemstone stars and a sapphire for the Jewel of the Dawn. I sentit to her as a gift, but never replied to that either."

"If she comes home soon, I will be happy to bless it, if it has not yet been." reaching up to pat the arm on his shoulder, Gureylain's smile returns. "And don't be too proud to send another. To let her know you mean what you say, and are not just sending letters."

The Warlord returns the smile. "A blessing from a Priest of Brundir would be appropriate, I think, thank you. And I will keep trying, I'm not giving up on Melindra just yet. I do hope the rift between us can be mended, just as I hope that you can mend the rift with your own daughter, but it seems like it will some time to get there." She looks around at the tournament grounds, now still and quiet with all the other guests gone. "It's rather late, and I must be going now, it's been nice convesting with you."

"It has, yes. It was good to speak with you, and I hope you are brought back to the balance you may be seeking." Gureylain bows low at that. "Be well and be seen by the stars." offering his thin smile as he looks to the emptying fields, his shift in attention bringing vassals in for assignment.

"You as well old timer," Sylindra says giving him a wave as she departs.

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