Day of Giving

In coordination with the Blood Templar, the Thelos Healers' Guild is coming together to honor and celebrate the life and work of Elder Asa Keir, the Guildmistress of the Thelos Healers' Guild. The Healers' Guild and the Blood Templars will be on hand to offer teaching to those that wish to learn how to heal, protect, and support their fellow elf and their kinships during this time of Mortality as we explore Aarandor.

In addition the Healers' Guild has created first aid kits, common ailment kits, and will provide teaching and classes for those that would like to learn basic first aid and treating common ailments, along with offering charity to those in need of help in these trying times. In addition to all of this they wish to spread the message that Elder Asa worked so tirelessly towards, helping one another, spreading hope and kindness to all, no matter who they are.

During this Day of Giving we ask that any that wish to participate to please join us in the Thelos Healers' Garden. We hope to see all those that wish to come and support this idea and honor Elder Asa by teaching each other and giving back to our people and community.

Please feel free to reach out to Lord Elder Kenyon Keir, Knight Lt. of the Blood Templar, or Lady Knight Nesara Palinnar if you wish to help or teach. We would love to post a list of teachers and what they are willing to teach before the day.

(OOC: Target date for the Event will be September 21st)


Sept. 21, 2019, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Kenyon Nesara




Thelos - Restoration Walk - Thelos Healers' Guild - Healers' Garden

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