PRP: Curse of Dark Water - Scene 2

The brave Aerans set out to sea again to bravely encounter the cursed dark water--and hopefully put an end to it's destruction.


Sept. 10, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Lucrezia Nalaea Odissin Viessa Vindal Selandriel Qahir



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Lenore, the ebony raven arrives, delivering a message to Hatharal before departing.

Viessa checked intellect + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 22 higher.

Viessa manages to secure the ship enough that she's confident no one will be thrown overboard unless they wish to be. She also makes sure to secure the sails and adjust the weight of the ship, to make it harder to tip over.

Viessa also has a whaleboat, or something similar, tethered to the main vessel so that they can leave the main vessel beyond the boundaries of the black-things influence and take more supplies and other things closer to the corrupted vein.

Vindal checked intellect + mysticism at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Vindal before departing.

Vindal knows the legends about Sorrowstone well. That Sorrowstone is rumored to hold the sorrow felt when one leaves through Glanor's embrace. Considering the sunken ships nearby the vein of Sorrowstone, perhaps these lengends are true, and the great amount of sorrow from those who drowned in the Passing... overloaded the stone, in a sense. Tainted it. Vindal has also heard in the lengends that the less flawed the stone, the more sorrow it holds. Damaging the stone in a literal, physical sense could solve this. But helping ellivate the sorrow, in a more metaphysical sense, could also help? Perhaps giving some closure to those that passed, to balance out the sorrow, or a bit of Restoration to heal the taint?

But damaging the stone is the most sure, long term fix. The rest could help though!

Selandriel has been paying attention, totally--got an update. She's not utterly clueless as they prepare to get on a smaller boat and go in. "Well, do we know where some of the ships are? I mean, if we can do something there, it might work? We have manifests from the Crossing, don't we? If there are items on board to return to the family.. things like that, maybe we can make them not as sad? What am I talking about, they might even be reborn already--how could they still be sad?"

Vindal explains, in simple terms, the option before them: damage or heal the sorrowstone. "I don't think these are the actual souls trapped, but rather their sorrow. I'm not sure how much lifewell energy it would take to heal such corruption," he says, as they get the ships prepared to get underway. "Might be worth trying, but also I think we should be prepared to just bang on it."

Lucrezia says, "Hitting things is always an option," Lucrezia offers. "Whatever we have to do to keep it from tainting the water and dragging more ships under."

Selandriel ties her long hair back into a braid and ties it off. "Well, I'm not so good at magic things and don't know anything about Restoration. But if you need someone to stab at it, I think that's where I come into play."

Nalaea is here and unnecessary for the moment. Everyone's got it handled!

Viessa moves to join the people discussing the situation. "We could try taking the sorrowstone with us too but.. the thing is.. whilst we're trying to do either of these things we're going to get attacked probably so you shouldn't plan anything thats going to take all that long. Although I think they managed to stop it with a seal of ice for a bit last time. So I suppose we could try. Long as you're all ready to flee."

As the group sets out, their travel is pretty easy. With Darien's maps he made during their first trip, navigating back to the area is fairly trival, and the weather isn't too bad. As they approach the border of the cursed water's territory, the sea ahead of them is eeriely still. For now.

Qahir, for his part, remains quiet. While along for the trip this is one of the few moments he's without an animal by his side. His amber gaze darts from each Aeran as they speak. Along the way he he mumbles a prayer to Aereth that just barely registers above a whisper. He stops as Viessa finishes speaking, blinking a few times over.

"Yes," Nalaea says from... wherever she is. "I held it back with ice. But it's too big a fissure to actually seal."

Vindal stands near the bow of the ship, his eyes turned out toward the still water. One hand is raised up to his forehead, shielding his eyes from the sunlight, while his other hand rests on the pommel of his sword.

Lucrezia checks the knots on her tether, and that of the others, making sure no one goes over the edge without a rope around their waist. Humming a hopeful tune, she looks up at the sky above them, as well as the sea around them, full of optimism.

Theres a larger sailing vessel on which the group has travelled to the borders of the haunted water and a smaller six-man boat being towed to enable them to move further without risking their transport home. Viessa nods to Nalaea "There you go. It was ice. And like you heard its only going to hold it back, not stop it." She starts nudging any lingering group members towards the waiting boat. "I say we go down to it, seal the fissure best we can and then try healing it with magic. If that doesn't hold it back all the way I'll try to distract it with anyone else who's not helping with those first two tasks. Hows that sound?"

Vindal makes his way onto the little boat, nudging Selandriel along with him. "That sounds like a good balance between reasonable and reckless, so let's do it!"

Selandriel grins as she steps down into the boat, not needing much nudging. "I'm perfectly happy to stab just about anything with reckless abandon." She does seem more than a little eager.

The sailors left on the main ship watch on anxiously, some calling out their good lucks and such, anchoring the ship to make sure they go no further. The six Aerans crowd onto the much smaller boat and set out. (Everyone give me Perception + Survival at 25.)

Viessa checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Viessa checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 22 higher.

Vindal checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 16 lower.

Qahir checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Qahir reaches for the jewels hanging from his neck, and then nods at Viessa's command. "I think I cna work with that. Maybe. Sounds better than surprise tigers at least." A shrug follows as he settles into a spot for hismelf. "Either way yu lead, and I'll follow."

Nalaea checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 5 lower.

Lucrezia checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 19 lower.

Nalaea is not wearing a rope, tyvm. She'll even remove it if her cousin tries to force it on her. She just checks that her blade is secure at her hip and settles in for the ride.

They sail forward for about ten minutes, anxiously waiting, watching the water... The waves pick up a little bit, but most of don't notice anything out of the ordinary.

Viessa suddenly surges up to her feet. She takes just long enough to warn them all "Its going to suck us under!" trigger the power of the blessed tattoo and grab her weapon before diving as far out away from the boat and the suspiciously shadowy water beneath them as she can.

Selandriel checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 72 higher. Selandriel rolled a critical!

Selandriel grabs an oar or however the craft is being propelled and she starts to direct the small boat to the side. "It's a whirlpool. Quick, see if we can all get out of this!" She isn't pointing, she's just propelling the ship as fast as she can in a direction she thinks might be of use. "Baring that, grab your gear, we're going down!

Just seconds after Viessa speaks up, the sea suddenly comes to life, the slow churning turning into a cyclone of waves and sea foam. The ship drops several feet as a whirlpool open up underneath their boat. Dark water bleeds into the blue sea like ink, but moving in a way that can only be defined as intelligent and malicious, snaking upwards towards them. As the whirlpool becomes larger and deeper they can see downwards, the pillar of black water coming down from the deep. The ship is quickly getting caught in the current, tossed around in a circle. (If you're trying to stay on the ship, give me Dexterity + Athletics at 20. If you pass that and are rying to sail it out, also roll Dexterity + Sailing at 30.)

Vindal eyes widen when Viessa and his wife call out what he totally failed to notice. "We've got to get to the fissure, anyway, let's go!" His hand reflexively checks that his sword is secure, and he activates his gift, tattoos glowing from his neck to his wrists as he dives off and away from the ship into the swirling maelstrom, trying to pass through it.

Lucrezia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Qahir checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 11 lower.

Vindal checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Lucrezia holds on to the ship as it starts to toss and spin, reaching for Qahir, the nearest sailor to her.

Viessa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Nalaea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

There's no second thought about it, really. Nalaea knows exactly where to go. She's seen it, up close and personal. The woman doesn't fight the pull of the ship: she uses as a launching point to leap into the water and start swimming.

Vindal, Viessa, and Nalaea all dive down. Despite not having to worry about drowning, the current is incredibly strong. Nalaea manages to swim past and downwards with ease, while Vindal and Viessa get tossed about end over end, the circular force making them a bit dizzy. Meanwhile, Lucrezia manages to keep hold of the ship, surfing it as it gets tossed about and sinks downwards more--the surface of the ocean now above her. Qahir is thrown off the boat completely, also tumbling about in the current. As if called to weak prey, the black inky tendrils dart rapidly towards Viessa, Vindal, and Qahir. As it gets closer they can see the cacophonous masses of tormented faces seen in flickers of indigo light instead the dark water, hundreds of pained desperate sillouhettes merging together into one horrifying mass. And those in the water can *hear* it too--echoes of screams and choking dying breaths.

Selandriel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

Selandriel checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Selandriel also manages to keep hold of the ship beside Lucrezia, and with some quick angles of the oars and heavy paddling, manages to regain some control of the ship.

It's a good thing that none of his bestial companions are around when he nears the edge of the boat. Without a word or another thought he dives down over the edge just as Lucrezia reaches for him. Shortly after he breaks the surface several bands and stripes along his torso and left hand glow through the fabric of his shirt.

Viessa said what she planned to do when they were in the water before. Distraction! So when the water creature starts coming for her she gives up on trying to follow Nalaea into the depths and instead turns her efforts to attempting to jab and annoy the sorrow-water whilst also avoiding getting caught by any tendrils. In those moments as it approaches she takes a brief moment to cast a prayer up to Aeran. Her lips moving silently as she mouths the words.

Viessa: Your choice between Dexterity + Dodge or Athletics or Intimidation at 25!

Vindal's mouth opens and he lets out a loud yell that is immediately muffled by all that water, and is just a bubble that is immediately burst as the inky, sorrowful mass tries to reach out for him. He too, offers a prayer to Aereth before trying to then follow Nalaea down toward the fissure.

Viessa checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 20 higher.

Lucrezia checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

Lucrezia tries to help Selandriel with the boat, but is a minor hindrance more than anything else, watching as most of the group dives into the water.

Her own tattoos likely make Nalaea a beacon in the dark waters, but she's focused on the destination: not the living mass of emotion. It can stay focused on the surface above as loooong as possible.

Hatharal GM Roll checked strength(5) + brawl(5) at difficulty 45, rolling 0 higher.

Viessa's quick movements and taunting seems to work. The warbling faces in the dark water seem to all turn their faces towards her and *scream* with pain. It makes her ears ring, but the full force of the whirlpool shifts to descend upon her. She disappears from view, for the moment, as it swirls around her. The boat rocks, and is able to be pulled out of the current and to the surface. Meanwhile, it gives the others the opportunity to swim downwards... (Everyone swimming down, Any physical+Athletics at 15 to see how quick you are.)

Vindal checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Nalaea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Viessa checked composure + fortitude at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Qahir checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

VIndal, Nalaea, and Qahir all swim downwards. Nalaea is by far in the lead, but Qahir manages to catch up a little, while Vindal takes up the rear, struggling to swim down so deeply, the pressure of the ocean making him uncomfortable. Their tattoos do, thankfully, help them see a little as the water steadily becomes darker and darker--not just from the cursed water.

30 inflicted and Viessa is unharmed.

Viessa cries out to Rithor as the entire swirling mass of horror and pain turns its attention fully onto her. It seems to give her strength as she pulls herself out of a momentary hesitation and throw a rude gesture back at the creature. She tries to swim away from it again, still taunting, but seems to be struggling to move at all.

It's just as well Vindal is taking up the rear. He's really not the vanguard sort. He's the party healer, who also happens to have the magical sword. The sword which he keeps securely fastened at his hip while he struggles to reach the seabed with the others.

Selandriel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Selandriel dives in a swell, swimming past the current while its distracted by Viessa, managing to close some distance and catching up with Nalaea. They all have a bit further to swim before reaching the sea floor, though.

Same Dodge roll as before, but with difficulty 30 this time, Viessa!

Since, for the time being, they have a clear path, Nalaea keeps heading down. It may be a good thing she's in the lead: she knows exactly where that fissure lies. There won't be any need for people to try searching for it in the dark depths.

Selandriel tries to get Lucrezia up into the boat after she rights it and then she dives back down into the water. She aims for Vindal, determined to help him get to the spot where they are heading. She attempts to reach out to Vindal and grab him on her way past, using her greater dexterity to help him.

Viessa checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Qahir tries to focus as best he can. However, his reliance on the ritual of his former Kinship becomes obvious. He floats down there for a few beats before using the light of Nalaea below and before him to guide him downwards.

Hatharal GM Roll checked strength(5) + brawl(5) at difficulty 36, rolling 33 higher.

Lucrezia stays in the boat, paddling it and making sure it doesn't get lost as she waits for the others.

Its hard to dodge something when its literally all around you. Viessa tries to dart away, but its like trying to swim through a cloud--there's little escape as it grabs hold of her. It feels like the weight of the ocean is baring down all around her, and even with her blessing, she's starting to feel the air (water?) crushed from her lungs.

Meanwhile, Selandriel grabs Vindal, propelling him downwards. It's around now that the speedier of the Aerans are starting to see the sea floor far below. They can see several ships laid out underneath them--one looking newer, notablly a Reynar whaler, while the others are older, half covered by the sea floor. They can also see where the pillar of swirling dark water is coming up from a deep, large trench nearby.

50 inflicted and Viessa is harmed for moderate damage.

Nalaea checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Not fun! Not Fun! Viessa tries to stab at the water stuff in an attempt to make it let go of her, even if its only for long enough to let her get a few hurried gulps of air-water-air-however it works. All she knows is that right now she doesn't have enough!

Viessa: Whatever fighty type roll of your choice, at diff 30!

As soon as the trench is in sight, Nalaea slows down and gets a look of focus. A back-kick of legs for balance and she reaches out towards the trench. Not to actually touch it, but there's a grasping and wrenching motion with her hand.

Viessa checked stamina + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Selandriel sees the source of the dark water, pulling out her sword as she holds Vindal with the other hand. She tugs him deeper, aiming for the crevasse that she can see below. Speed is her ally at this point and she really punches it, desperately trying to get to that spot.

It takes Qahir just a bit longer to catch up to Nalaea. He doesn't stop until he sees her swimming slow, and it becomes even more clear that he's still not completely used to being this deep. His gaze flits to the other Aeran fully, and he nods his head fervantly in response.

To those below, they can see the sand of the ocean floor starting to kick up and swirl, moved around by some unseen force. Then the sound of CRACKING echoes through the water, and the rocks of the trench start to move, crumble, some falling down deeper--and before their eyes, a massive hunk of black stone is wrenched out from the wall of the trench, dust and sand falling away from it as it's lifted into the water. Radiating from it is that indigo-tinged darkness, making the water directly around it seem to almost fizzle and foam--and inside the stone, as if contained only by a thin layer of dark ice, are swirling figures, in parts merged together, occasionally one sole figure can be made out before its swallowed up again. Screaming, hands pressed to the surface, as if desperate to be saved.

Above, Viessa manages to cut her sword through the dark water, and for an instant her blade glows and flickers as it did the last time she was here, cleaving through the water. It parts enough for her to breath in and relieve the tightness in her chest. But then... The dark water stills, then suddenly condenses together, swirling downwards with rapid speed as it's source is ripped from the ocean floor.

Calling upon the Lifewell so powerfully has consequences, alas. 25 inflicted and Nalaea is harmed for minor damage.

Lucrezia jumps a little as Viessa surfaces and reaches for her.

Leaving his sword securely attached his hip, Vindal sets off toward that big black stone, his hands outstretched. The plan was to try Restoration first, and he's the restorationist.

Vindal: Mana + Restoration at 30.

Lucrezia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Lucrezia manages to grab hold of Viessa and haul her up onto the safety of the ship!

Vindal checked mana + restoration at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

It's a sort of pain that can't directly be felt. It's not like getting bruised or cut. It's just a bit of //something// swept away from her and it flashes across Nalaea's features. She kicks back a bit more in the water, trying to keep hold of the massive bit of stone. She offers a silent prayer to Aereth: either for herself or their mission. Maybe the souls. Maybe all of the above.

Selandriel stays with Vindal, guarding him so that he can do what he's got to do. She's got that spear in hand, staying right at his side. She'll grab him and take off again if she needs to. Best to live and fight another day.

Viessa clings to her trident as the thing swirls away and the bonds are released. Even though she can breath the urge to get up for air is still urgent in the back of her head and she lets her instincts carry her back up to the surface and the promised boat. There reaching out for Lucrezia to help her up. The trident she wont release doesn't make it easier to get her over the boats sides but its achieved, with Lucrezia's help, and soon she's on board, dripping water from hair and equipment as she recovers. Theres no visible injuries but for a rather pale cast to her skin and a haunted look in her eyes. "Fighting that stuff is awful."

Lucrezia nods, looking appalled. "Can I help? You look--terrible. I'm sorry, but--"

As Vindal calls upon the healing magic, the echoes of pain in their ears fades, just a little. The pillar of black water swirling upwards from the stone thins a bit--but doesn't completely disapate. Likewise, some of the figures seen in the indigo light of the stone fade away, only the occasional tormented face seen in the glowying ripples. The taint lessened--but not quite gone.

The malicious wave of dark water swirling downwards towards them is much smaller now, but still rapidly approaching. It breaks apart into several tendrils, reaching out towards them.

Emboldened by the clear efficacy of his efforts, Vindal keeps at it, his arms outstretched toward the stone about which all the black water swirls. Restoration works by helping things be as they _should_, as they properly are. This stone has absorbed so much sorrow as to skew its balance, and he aims to restore it.

Viessa presses a hand to her chest as her breathing evens up. As she stops looking like she was half constricted to death and her eyes reclaim some of their spark she looks back at Lucrezia. "But?"

Same roll as before, Vindal!

Vindal checked mana + restoration at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Nalaea checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

Lucrezia says, "But you look really awful. You look like you drank two bottles of that worm whiskey and ate the worm, puked it up and then got some kind of sickness that made you look dead."

Everyone Below, also give me Dexterity + Dodge at 15 rolls.

Vindal checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Nalaea checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Lucrezia smiles, hoping to soften the blow.

Qahir checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

It worked once before, so Nalaea absolutely wants to try again: encasing the stone in ice. But she's a bit spent -- more than, really -- from ripping the vein out of the ocean floor, so it may take more than she has to get there. What she does do is look at Qahir, point at the sorrowstone, then point UP.

"Oh." Viessa says to Lucrezia. "When it touches you it makes you feel all sorts of awful things.. Its just a bit.. you know.." She gives Lucrezia a slightly vague shrug and then leans to peer into the waters off the side of the boat. "I should really go and help them.."

Lucrezia says, "I don't think you should. You stay up here with the boat, and I'll go?"

Lucrezia pulls her fishing spear off her back and prepares to dive into the dark water.

Viessa looks dubious about this idea until Lucrezia pulls out the fishing spear. Then she nods. "Dont worry about killing it. Just try and keep it away from the mages."

Hatharal GM Roll checked strength(5) + brawl(5) at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Hatharal GM Roll checked strength(3) + brawl(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Qahir nears Nalaea, legs kicking for a moment. He follows her motions, and then looks over to the sorrowton. He forms up a few odd signs with his hands shifting through the water. While Nalaea covers it in ice The blue crystakl hanging from his neck glows ever so faintly with a light even more dull than their tattoos, and soon enough he starts mimicking the magics of the other magic to cover it in even more ice.

Mana + Evocation (Or Abjuration) at diff 30, Qahir.

Qahir checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

20 inflicted and Qahir is unharmed.

40 inflicted and Selandriel is harmed for minor damage.

The cursed water descends upon them, tendrils bleeding out from it's mass in all directions towards them. It tries to coil around their throats and chests to squeeze the air(water?) from their lungs. To try to drown them to feed the sorrow and pain spawned by so many lost. Nalaea manages to dance away from it efficiently. Qahir gets lashed by it painfully. Vindal is the weakest, as focused as he is on his magic--he's very nearly swallowed up completely by the darkness, until his wife swoops in to pull him away, shoving him out of the way and taking the blow for him as the dark water whips across her back.

But Vindal focuses, radiating warmth and power, while Nalaea makes the water turn cold, forming a thin layer of ice around it, and Qahir joins in to strengthen it. Meanwhile, the healing energy does its work. The inky water starts to dissipate, even as it had just clung tightly around them moments before. It still swirls through the water like ink, but more aimlessly and less intelligently now, the pained wailing only a very faint echo in the distance, and the Sorrowstone's surface flickers with more natural indigo light. Then as the ice closes around it, the water clears around the stone. For now, at least.

Selandriel checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

As soon as the stone goes quiet, dark, Nalaea shifts tactics and gestures for Vindal to move back. She does a similar thing as she did with Qahir: points at the stone, then at the surface. This comes with another 'grabbing' type gesture: the intention to use presti once again to drag it after her as she swims up.

Nalaea and Qahir, if you're following her orders, both Mana + Prestidigation at diff 30. It's heavy as fuck.

Nalaea checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Vindal finally stops, having quelled the stone enough that it's no longer _attacking_ them. He nods toward Nalaea and then looks toward Selandriel, reaching out to her and then pointing up toward the surface to start swimming that way. Toward the surface. Slowly.

Selandriel takes the hit that was meant for Vindal, though she does try to wield her spear in a way to ward it off. But at his point, she nods and follows him up, swimming just behind him. Her eyes are scanning the area around, trying to be sure that nothing else is going to come up out of the depths.

Lucrezia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Lucrezia dives in and looks for the group, her small spear ready to protect some mages. Or something. Whales. Sorrow. She's ready.

Ah sorry, missed it--Lucrezia dives downwards, getting to the bottom around this time. Their glowing tattoos make them fairly easy to find in the depths, thankfully. She sees the stone encased in ice, and the others swirming around, starting to move up. Nalaea appears to be struggling, but is managing to push the large rock upwards slowly through the water with some unsense force.

For draining part of himself to heal the stone, and using presti to lift up a boulder hundreds of feet with THE FORCE.... 25 inflicted and Vindal is harmed for moderate damage.

For draining part of himself to heal the stone, and using presti to lift up a boulder hundreds of feet with THE FORCE.... 25 inflicted and Nalaea is harmed for minor damage.

YEET. Or is that yote since it's on the move? Nalaea is looking exhausted and not just in a 'I could take a nap' sort of way. She looks worn. Even so, she's doing her damndest to move herself and the ice-encased stone as quickly as possible to the surface.

It takes some time, far more than it took to swim down, but eventually Nalaea manages to haul the stone to the surface, the ice still in tact. The others are able to freely swim up alongside her, or move further ahead to come up sooner.

Viessa moves the boat over to the place where the stones come up to the surface and then starts working to help them bring it up on board. Her movements quick and experienced, taught by many years at sea.

Lucrezia circles the pair of mages as they use magic to salvage the dense, icy stone.

Selandriel heads up with Vindal, following him up onto the boat, holding it securely as anyone who wants to get back onto the boat. She's watching the stone rise, helping to get it up onto the boat if needed.

The sun quickly starts to melt the ice, once it's out of the water and on the boat. But even when the ice is gone... the stone rests inert, no longer radiating that malice and those echos of pain. The surface has a faint indigo shine to the otherwise black stone, but otherwise... it seems getting it out of the ocean, where the taint originated, seems to have helped clear the remaining overload of sorrow.

Vindal climbs up over the gunwale and into the ship. He, too, looks weary. It's the sort of exhaustion that's not just tired, but _beleagured_. He takes a deep breath and then turns to look at the stone they pulled out. "All of this," he sputters. "From that."

It takes Qahir a good while to catch up to Nalaea and the stone she's forcibly brought to the surface. He finally reaches the surface after the others. "I don't feel it anymore," he mutters while treading water. He looks up to the sky for a second, and then starts making his way back over to the boat.

Once Nalaea drags herself -- with some difficulty -- up and onto the boat... she just sort of flops down. "I figured," she explains in a tired, pained voice, "that getting it out of the water would at least keep it from attacking us."

Lucrezia says, "Were the ships down there? That it took?"

Selandriel slides up into the boat with the others, perhaps the last to get in. She reaches the oars, ignoring the bruising from the lashing sorrow. She aims the whaling ship and tries to get it pointed back to the bigger ship. "I think so. The one was a recent new Reymar whaling ship."

The ocean around them grows still, only the occasional soft bob of the ship, the sea back to its natural state. The sky above is warm and bright blue. The sea doesn't fight them--letting them paddle back towards the larger ship, which they can see far in the distance on the horizon.

Viessa looks everyone over. "Sorry. It decided to leave and I couldn't really do anything about it." she looks at the stone. "Did it work?"

Selandriel shakes her head at Viessa. "Don't worry about it. We got the stone and it's not attacking boats anymore. That was the goal. Anything else can heal. We are still alive?" she looks around the boat to be sure that no one is at the brink.

Nalaea is not at the brink, but she's tired. That much is clear. "Gimme a moment and I can help get us moving," she offers.

Lucrezia squeezes seawater out of her hair, and grabs an oar. "The mages are all spent--I can row, though. We'll get everyone home."

Viessa takes the other oar and helps steer the boat back to the ship.

Soon enough after some paddling from Lucrezia and Viessa, the group reach the side of the larger ship. The sailors above throw down ropes to help haul up the others, the boat, and the rock, though it seems most of the sailors are supersitious enough to not want to handle the big rock directly...

Lucrezia doesn't want to touch it either. Superstition nothing--that thing made FACES out of WATER that SCREAMED at them.

Nalaea will help get the stone aboard. At this point, she and it might as well be close acquaintences.

Vindal just gets himself on board, his magic radiating around him as he very carefully tends to his own exhausted body.

Viessa finds a place for the stone to be lashed down and then sets crew to the task of securing it before getting the sails set for home. The priestly types can work out what to do with the rock once they make landfall.

Qahir was more than content to let others row him back to the ship. "I could almost get used to this," he muses. When it's time to get back to the ship he is fine finding a nice, somewhat dry corner to slump into for the remainder of the trip.

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