Union of Oriana and Gureylain

A celebration for the marriage of Gureylain Rylanth to Oriana Tenlindil - Being held in the glade on the mountain - All are welcome for a little respite from day to day, and a celebration for a union.


Oct. 11, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Zaltar Rawlin Valatir(RIP) Seren Escanor Hyacinth Sylindra Eiliriel Dunlain Ellyn Alabrax



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Mountainside Glade

Largesse Level



Midnight arrives, following Hyacinth.

Olore, an elegant barn owl , Hyacinth arrive, following Seren.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Escanor before departing.

Lenore, the ebony raven, Joshua, the tree elemental arrive, following Zaltar.

Dasher the Bitey Turtle, Vixen the Plains Lioness, Asya-Elwen, a turtle arrive, following Valatir.

Paper lanterns are strung through the glade, small and colored in hues of blue and purple like fairy lights in firelight tales. Streamers of forest green and dusty pinks that reflect the light and create a feeling like a summer sunset that never quite slides to darkness.

Food is being served on trays - candied rose petals, forest berries, wine, and gyros being served with tables of similar fare and more to be found with other ales, spirits, and nibbles to be had.

Gureylain is seated at a small table, hands folded around the stem of a long flute of golden sparkling wine, under the main pavilion. A second chair is there, empty for now. Gureylain's tiger rests to one side of him while Toot and Vana are chasing eachother in circles, oblivious to the old ranger's fixed 'pleasant' smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Paper lanterns are strung through the glade, small and colored in hues of blue and purple like fairy lights in firelight tales. Streamers of forest green and dusty pinks that reflect the light and create a feeling like a summer sunset that never quite slides to darkness.

Food is being served on trays - candied rose petals, forest berries, wine, and gyros being served with tables of similar fare and more to be found with other ales, spirits, and nibbles to be had.

Zaltar enters the area silently making his way over to Gureylain. "Congradulations," he says quietly

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar, Jiro, ever vigilant condor arrive, following Sylindra.

Rawlin and Seren are seated at a table that is very close to where Gureylain is seated. He reaches out for some of the candied rose petals and gives one a nibble before placing a couple into his mouth. The High Priest looks a bit tired with some circles under his eyes, clearly the one who is losing sleep between he and his wife, though he doesn't seem to let it bother him too much. Offering Seren a small smile he pushes one of the rose petals towards her mouth. "Here, have one of these, they're good." Whatever she decides, he lets his attention go back to Gurey and the approaching Zaltar, offering the Thalerith a nod and then rises from the table to step over to the head table.

Valatir had come through the space with a big of a flit here or there. Some turtles terrorize a lioness - well, really just Dasher, but he does seem to bite a great many things. Valatir looked to the pairing of Rawlin and Seren as he swept up towards them. "Darlings. How are you settling into family life?"

Marwen is on the other side of Seren holding Olodhin as the Elder holds onto Averlin. She coos at the baby and turns her head as Rawlin speaks. She blinks a few times and notes the petal being presented to her mouth. She opens her lips to try it, mmmmming, "I do love roses, especially in pastries," she murmurs and reaches down to take up a few more as she glance sup at Gureylain.

She looks a little tired as well, but there is little ones to tend to and Marwen is soothing Olodhin as she bobas about holding him.

Valatir's arrival draws Seren's attention and she can not help but smile up at him. "Val," she greets him and turns her body so he can see the golden haired fair little girl in her arms. "Meet Averlin...and I think we are both recognizing that though we may not have slept before this is a whole new level."

Here to help celebrate the festivities, Escanor is already present, giving a small nod to all present. Though he stands there like a vigil....juuust in case anything goes wrong.

Hyacinth enters cheerfully, and stops just inside the door, smiling as she glances around. Her eyes sweep over the tables of food, and she stops to retrieve a small handful of the candied rose petals. One is deposited on her tongue, and a second is discreetly slipped to the doe that walks beside her as she makes her way toward Gureylain's table. She leans over the table to kiss him on the cheek before saying, "Congratulations, Father." She looks at the empty chair next to him, and hmms quietly. She looks back at him and smiles brightly before advising, "You should try the rose petals. They're delicious." Another is deposited on her tongue as she extends the hand containing a few more toward Gureylain. "Here."

"Family life is good, but tiring. I can't wait for a few years from now when they are running around with Toryn causing all sorts of mischief." Rawlin grins and pats Valatir's shoulder before moving past and to the place where Gurey is. He claps him on one shoulder and leans in to murmur something before squeezing the shoulder and nodding towards Hyacinth. "Indeed, you should try the rose petals, they are quite delicious."

As is her custom at weddings, though remarkably she was in fact invited to this one, the Warlord makes her way to the food. She loads up gyros and other types of meats, then loads a second plate up wtih every kind candied fruit on offer, and bits of cake if there is any. Then she makes here way to the table where Gureylain is. The newly married man gets a warm greeting with a friendly smile, "Hello old Ranger, congratulations on your marriage!" The the Warlord is sitting down next to him and wolfing down large amounts of food.

Valatir leans in to the little girl, waggling long fingers at the little girl. "Hello there, Averlin." The tall man murmurs a little something to Seren as he looks about.

Seren may be sneaking a few more petals for herself, her smile still warm as she gazes up at Valatir. Up indeed for the Palinnar is rather tall - exceptionally so. Averlin is lifted to be given a kiss upon the forehead that sets the little newborn into motion. She stllls at the soft words offered and then leans up to kiss his the Palinnar's cheek before settling back on her heels from her toes. There is a slight shake of her head and she glances over her shoulder towards Rawlin as Marwen is migrating closer to Uncle Gureylain so that she can offer Olodhin over to him.

Zaltar glances around the crowd and falls quiet after he tells Gureylain his congadulations and greetings

"Thank you, Zaltar" a nod given to the Thalerith before seeing his youngest, Gureylain's smile becomes a little more authentic, a hand out to accept the petals offered by her. "Thank you, chipmunk..." old nicknames from decades ago bubbling to the surface. Eating one is halted by Rawlin patting his shoulder, and something said. His eyes lidding for a moment, unaware of Marwen approaching.

Sylindra in the seat where Oriana is not causes a rictus to form in his smile, but he nods to her as we,, "Thank you Sylindra..." offering her rose petal candy, setting it all on a plate when Olodhin is held out to him, taking the babe and cradling him close. "Chipmunk, you're new cousin, Olodhin... I midwifed him, and his sister."

Taking a moment to admire the paper lanterns that have been hung here and there in the trees, Eiliriel has a small but gentle smile on her lips as she makes her way in to the wedding reception, hands folded behind her back. Her gaze scans the crowd, and she pauses to get a glass of wine before continuing cautiously further into the crowd.

Bjornolf, a massive alpha Faenor wolf, Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental arrive, following Ellyn.

Bjornolf, a massive alpha Faenor wolf, Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental leave, following Ellyn.

"One of them may end up being a talented woodself one day, maybe." Rawlin says as Seren and Marwen come over. He smiles at Olodhin and starts making coo'ing noises. Straightening up, he reaches over and takes Averlin from Seren and smiles, "You should go eat a bunch, love. I'll hold onto her for a while." He nods to the Warlord and Gurey and takes a step back to give the table of honor some space.

Hyacinth leans in to see the baby, and her smile grows wider before she reaches a hand out to tickle him beneath the chin. "Hello Olodhin." THen she says to Marwen. "He's wrinkly, but beautiful." She whispers to her father, though it's certainly loud enough for everyone nearby to hear, "Are all babies so wrinkly?" Then she's smiling bright at the others gathered, first to Sylindra, nodding her head gratefully to the woman for easing her father's discomfort, and then to Selen, and Rawlin, and Valatir. Then, of course, she's plucking two of the rose petals from the plate that Gureylain has deposited them on - one for her, and the other is fed surruptitiously to the white doe that's following her around like a little shadow.

Smiling up at Valatir, Seren nods as she lets Averlin gnaw on her finger as she sways and bobs with her. That is until Rawlin scoops her up and she is left empty handed for the moment. "I will. Congratulations Gurey love," she says and then touches Valatir's arm before offering him a few more words. She lets out a breath and nods to Sylindra who is making her way through some food. With her hands now free she glances at the food and instead smooths her hair back away from her face. "Its good to see you here, Hyacinth," she offers warmly. "Valatir this is my cousin, Hyacinth, Gurey's youngest."

Having demolished a good chunk of her food, she looks around once more taking stock of the situation, "You doing okay Gureylain? I don't see your wife around anwhere." She looks at the young elf nearvy holding one of the babies, she caught her callying Gureylain 'papa'. "I take it this charmng lady with honeyed hair the daughter I have heard so much about?" she asks.

The Warlord does the things above.

Valatir dipped his head to Hyacinth. "A pleasure, darling." The man with the mourning band about his arm turned his attention then to Gureylain and offered him a small reach out to clasp his elbow. "Hey, old timer. I wanted to be sure to come on out."

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Mitzi, a mischievous little ice elemental arrives, following Dunlain.

"You were especially wrinkly when you were born, Hyacinth." smiling down at the little one in his arms, cheering some as he gently tucks the babe into the soft folds of his cloak around his arm, head turning and giving a thankful nod to Seren as she offers her congratulations.

"Val, a pleasure - I was worried that you'd not be able to come - I think I'll have to bring any to Oriana myself..." amber pools turning mournfully back to Sylindra the mentioning of certain persons missing draining some of the vigor from his movements.

"No, this is Elonai's younger sister, my youngest child, Hyacinth... Elonai is off... exploring. To far to return unfortunately so I bid her not exhaust herself for... this." somber gaze turned to the festivities and family gathered, well one side at least, and friends. His hand going for the champagne flute, only for him to look back to the babe, and halting his movement.

"Hello," Eiliriel begins, a bit softly, and her words are largely eaten by the din of the party. She waits for another pause, offering Gureylain a patient smile, and turning her gaze momentarily to Hyacinth when the young woman is introduced. She hesitates again, then says, "I wanted to offer congratulations."

Rawlin lets the others talk while he settles back into his seat with his daughter nestled into one arm, letting her rest there while he eats candied petals one after the next. Totally healthy meal he's having over here. When he catches Seren's eyes, he mouths something.

The Warlord nods and gives Gureylain a clasp in the bak in solidarity. "I know how it is, but I'm glad you have Hyancinth still with you." She stands up and introduces herself to the girl, "I am Sylindra Filinnar, Warlord of the Thalerith."

Dunlain trundles in, a clanky cacohpony of metals and wood. His Templar tabard looks... soaking wet, despite a lack of rain, and he too appears to have either been dredged out of a river or fallen prey to the most classic of pranks, the bucket over the door. Either way, he finds a rhythm to the movement of the elves gathered and does a tiny jig in place to get up to speed with the flow.

Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

Hyacinth says in reponse to her father's words, "Indeed.. if I was that wrinkly then it must completely normal." To Marwen she says, "No fear, the wrinkles will go away." When Sylindra stands she stands up a little straighter herself, though she's still half leaning against Gureylain as she greets her, "It's a pleasure to meet one of my father's friends. He's fortunate to be surrounded by so many today." One hand lifts and she indicates Valatir, and Eiliriel as well, saying to her, "You as well, what a fortunate man my father is." She settles to sit on the arm of his chair now and steals a few more of the rose petals she gave him earlier. "See papa? How could you possibly be cross today, when so many have come to spend time with you? You are a lucky man." One of the rose petals is extended toward the baby in her father's arms and she boops him on the nose with it, making a little beeping sound as she does. "Right, little cousin? We are all very fortunate, aren't we?"

A gentle smile tugs at her lips, a brief glance as she watches Gureylain before she steps forward to place a brief kiss to Gurey's brow and then adds, "You let me know when you tired of him, which I suspect will be never." Her verdant eyes sweep up to Valatir again before her gaze catches on Rawlin. The expression across her face warms as he holds their daughter and she sighs, stepping away from the gathered a moment but pauses to nod at Eiliriel and then Dunlain as he appears.

The twins occupied, Seren is quick to find herself some food to eat up the time between. SHe does not hesitate and goes beyond candied rose petals - which are rather good. "Dear you are eating too many," she whispers to Rawlin and smooths his hair back, tucking it behind his ear.

"Do you want something to drink? I can go get it," she offers as she starts to move - already on her way.

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"You have a very affectionate and loyal daughter," the Warlord observes to Gureaylain. "I know it does not diminish the pain of the other's distance, but it is nice, yes?" She turns to address Valatir, who has been standing but a few paces away, "Good evening, Marquis-Consort, a fine spring night for a wedding, is it not?"

Dunlain smoothly slides up alongside the table of the groom, offering a nod towards Seren before looking to Gureylain. "Alright then. So... I'm not as late as I thought I was, or I'm far later than I should have been." a pause as he looks around at the others briefly, "What have I missed? And who is that adorable bundle of joy?"

"But they're good and easy to eat with one hand!" Rawlin protests as Seren comes over. "But if you can find some other finger-food then I shall eat that, and as for drink? Water should be fine, beloved. Thank you." He smiles up and over at her and then looks back down at the candies before him, pushing them away from him.

"I wouldn't have not made time for you," says Valatir to Gureylain. "It seems you're called upon to entertain the children. I'll have to help you polish up all those illusory fart noises for this set." The grin was then turned towards Hyacinth from Gurey.

"He's a good man. And good men often need good people around them. I'm happy to say that I shall repay his kindnesses one day. Hopefully you follow well in his footsteps." That little awkward half-speech over, he places a hand to his chest. "My, my, I've let my tongue get away from me. Do excuse me."

And with that, Val was following in Seren's wake towards Rawlin, flicking a finger over him. "Don't worry - eating terribly is normal for the first few months. It won't help with the not sleeping though. The energy doesn't last."

"I will find you something," Seren says in regards to food that is not candied rose petals. She chuckles a moment and smooths her hand to the little babes head that he holds in his arms. She turns then, pausing as she sees Valatir, "Something to drink? I am fetching." She says and then slips over past Gureylain to get to such items as other finger foods and drinks to bring ack for the others.

She pauses to say something softly to Gureylain and smiles upon him before continuing her past after a squeeze to his shoulder. She busies herself with gathering a small platefull and hums as she does.

Gureylain checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

The Warlord chuckles at something in amusement, then she approaches Rawlin and Seren, "I've had twins too, and let met tell you, you should make sure you eat very hearty foods, anything that will give you lots of energy will help make up for the lack of sleep. That goes double to Lady Elder Seren here, if she is breast feeding. That can take far more out of than you might expect."

"My newest cousin, Olodhin." Gureylain answers Dunlain before looking back to Sylindra, "I suppose it is what it is meant to be." The old ranger looks down into the eyes of the baby boy, brow a map of canyons at Valatir's words. One finger is placed for the hands of Olodhin to take. Allowing his hair to sheet into curtains around his face, blocking part of the view of his expression

At the soft words to him, his shoulders rise just a moment and Marwen is very carefully handed the child with a nod and smile of thanks before his eyes turn to empty spot, recently vacated, and then back to his champagne flute, which is emptied at a draught - set down carefully, and the one set before the empty chair is drained in short order.

Bjornolf, a massive alpha Faenor wolf, Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental arrive, following Ellyn.

"I suppose I don't want to stop being this dreamy portrait of an elf that you painted up, Val." Rawlin smiles over to his friend before glancing at Seren and nodding, "Thank you, beloved, I appreciate it." He glances down momentarily at Averlin as she lets out a little yawn and opens and closes one of the tiny hands. When Sylindra comes over, he looks back up and nods, "Indeed, it will be a challenge to keep my energy up while seeing to all of the other tasks that I have before me, but I think that as long as my wife and I work together we can rise to the challenge."

"That's amazing, he's so adorable." the empty chair gets a look and for a moment there's a question that just starts to exit Dunlain's lips but are caught in the nick of time. "Oh. Ooh." Dunlain's response to suddenly realization now vocally exposited is matched by a gentle look of concern for Gureylain, "Ooooh, oh buddy." he reaches into a pouch on his belt and pulls forth a glass bottle shaped like a skull with a dagger acting as the neck and the pommel the cap. It's got a thick black liquid inside, "I think you might need this more than me."

Seren checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 15, rolling 84 higher. Seren rolled a critical!

When the baby is passed along and her father drains both glasses of champagne Hyacinth rises from where she's seated on the arm of Gureylain's chair. She asks him helpfully, "Would you like some food, papa? Perhaps a gyro, or cake? The roasted meats smell so good they're making my mouth water from all the way over here." She's already fussing over him as starts to step toward a table of food, retrieving a plate and starting to put food upon it while asking her father what he thinks of each item without waiting for an answer before she's putting it on the plate anyway. And this is how she busies herself for the time being.

"If you and your wife evern have problems or need advice with the kids, feel free to reach out to me," the Warlord says to Rawlin with a warm smile. "Like I said, I've raised twins before, they are a unique challenge, but it's oh so worth it. I'd be happy to help out!"

Eiliriel stands awkwardly with a wine glass in her hands, utterly unsure of what she ought to be doing or saying. She hunches a bit so that she can hide in the dark curtain of her hair, uncertain about babies and feeling rather young herself.

Clad in silver silks beneath a pristine white jacket trimmed in ermine, Ellyn slips silently through those who've come to eat, drink, and celebrate. She slips towards the figure of Gureylain where he's seated though she casts a sly smile to Sylindra who sits at his side as her figure moves behind the Warlord and around to slide behind the ranger's chair. Her hands lift to rest upon his shoulders before she leans forward one of his shoulders to murmur in his ear.

Seren is turning back towards the group, having just missed Sylindra's approach with a plate and drinks when she pauses to arch a brow as the second flute is downed and she furrows her brows. Her hand lifts and with a motion the plate and drinks move with a deftness through the air towards the table where Rawlin sits. The lifewell is artfully used to set them down before Seren whispers something to Marwen on her way past and finally approaches and reaches out towards Hyacinth to lightly touch her shoulder. "A kind offer for Gureylain," she says to Dunlain when she eyes the flask brough out.

She squeezes Hyacinth's shoulder and speaks quietly before finishing her path to Gureylain. "Dear cousin."

Her gaze lifts to Ellyn, a nod offered to the High Lord, "Greetings High Lord ELlyn."

"Thank you, Warlord, I'll be sure to pass that along in case either of us needs to reach out." Rawlin smiles at Sylindra even as a plate comes floating between them and landing in front of him. He blinks and glances over at Seren, quickly smiling and then looking down at the plate while he continues, "Luckily we have a lot of friends who seem to want to dote on them as well. You should see the stuffed ducks King Arminel gifted each of them, undoubtedly to corrupt their young minds into loving those fowl creatures from an early age."

"By the gods," the Warlord exclaims with faux outrage, "I did not think the King of Lorandi capable of fowl schemes! Truly he wears a false plumage to decieve us! What other evil thoughts could flock to that one's mind one wonders! Next it will be owls, and your children will look at thier parent's faces and ask, "Whoo? Whoo? Whoo?"

Through the veil of her lashes Ellyn's green gaze lifts, a smile given to Seren, "To you and well, I heard the news and hope you and Rawlin are both doing well as with the rest of the family." One slippered foot rises up to press against the side of Sylindra's chair, giving it a rock to the side. "And you, saving my seat. I knew you've always loved me from the start."

"Sure... Thank you Dunlain." the Thalerith and any directly next to Gureylain could have sworn the Old Ranger had said 'yes, I think you should get me some crow' but it's lost to him dashing a forearm against his lips. To Eiliriel he bows his head, "Apologies miss. Thank you." keeping his manners and having the decency to look chagrinned.

"Gyro please, Chipmunk..." hand going for the skull shaped decanter when Ellyn's hand is on his shoulder and her voice is in his ear. His brow is practically in his hairline at the touch. He looks first to Seren, offering her a thin ghost of his usual faint smile.

Turning carefully, Gureylain spares the High Lord a moment of study, amber eyes shifting opalecent when they catch the lantern light. Ellyn's words are acknowledged with a similar low voiced tone.

Valatir picked his way back towards Gureylain to place a hand on the back of the groom as he leaned in for a small word.

Rawlin quickly swallows down a few of the more healthier items that his wife put together, glancing up and raising a brow at the Warlord, "Amusing that you should say that, the owl -is- the symbol of House Rylanth, so it is very possible that they will fall in love with the birds, especially as I am sure they will be gifted their own once they reach a certain age. Still, far more preferable to hear 'Whoo Whoo' than 'Quack Quack'."

"High Lord Ellyn, my darling, I'm afriad our love can never be, by heart belongs to another, one of Ingith blood!" the Warlord declares overdramatically.

As others slip in around Gurey, Seren looks down upon him and nods, "The offer still stands cousin, we will be glad to have you for a quiet after gathering at the Estate." A light touch of her fingers and then she takes a step back, glancing around a moment as Valatir slips in before a deep breath is drawn. She looks to Marwen and moves over to her to scoop up Olodhin and hold him up to her shoulder, smoothing a hand down his back.

She steps ack, making room for the others surrounding her cousin and nods to Marwen. She hesiates but stays there, as if waiting and watching as Seren moves back over towards Rawlin with the matching bundle to his in a sense - even if the children look different. "Owls...why I would hope so. We raise them. If they did not one owl would be long without a companion." She smiles then, casting a glance back over her shoulder towards the two chairs side by side and the one occupied. "Ingith..Warlord you must explain," Seren says with some amusement before speaking gently with Rawlin.

Hyacinth is veritably doting over her father in the abscence of his bride, and when Seren squeezes her should Hyacinth turns to give her a luminous smile. "Your children are absolutely precious, cousin. If you ever need someone to help look out for them..." She starts to offer before her words fade and it takes her a heartbeat to continue, "Then papa will be more than happy to! He's more than capable of caring for babies, you know. He raised the three of us. With Mama's help, of course."

And that is how she offers her father as a babysitter for the twins - cheerfully. She places the plate in front of Gureylain and she nods to him, "A gyro papa, and some lamb, and some roasted potatoes. There's some bread and cheese there too, and some meat on skewers. I'm not certain what kind of meat. Perhaps it's duck." She lifts her chin to grin at the Warlord as she says this, and she steps aside again, leaning quietly against a nearby table to watch as her hand moves the head of her doe where it stills.

Seren also returned words with Ellyn, "Yes, very well. Plenty of helping hands to be had. We shall survive with a flourish," she says with a wink before she takes Olodhin. Hyacinth is offered a brilliant smile, "Thank you. We are going to have a small gathering back at Rylanth I think, a nice fire on the chill spring night. Enjoy the gardens. Your father is an amazing elf." She agrees with Hyacinth before making her way towards Rawlin.

Gureylain checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Dunlain gives Gureylain a smile and makes a 'chin-up' motion with a metal plated fist. "Alright slugger. You'll be fine. You've got new baby family and old... family." word clearly omitted as he starts to idly step back and to the side. "Take a small drink of that stuff, I call it Captain Morinen's, it's made from a thick syrup extracted from sugar cane. And I'm sure you'll be feeling like your spry self in no time at all." he makes a surreptitious 'Imma-stand-somewhere-over-not-here' motion silently and slips through the crowds.

An aging, bantam Aeran makes his way into the glade with an amiable, relaxed expression on his leathery, laugh-lined face and an idle air of curiosity as he peers toward the gathering. Absently coursing his fingers through his beard, he strolls closer to the crowd.

Artemis, a green-winged macaw parrot arrives, delivering a message to Eiliriel before departing.

Ellyn's form slips from behind Gureylain as Valatir and Seren approach though she doesn't stray far. She slips to Sylindra's side.. The Warlord's exclamation brings a chuckle. "Say it isn't so. You wound me." To Seren, the High Lord's smile flourishes. She tips her head to Hyacinth then, not wishing to interrupt words between family though extending a gracious smile in greetings all the same.

Meanwhile, the tread of Ellyn's wolf is even far more silent than she so oft is. Despite the size of the massive beast Bjornolf has managed to crouch low, inching forward from behind Ellyn. A shift, a beat, a shift a beat. It only seems to be once the likes of small tykes are well and clear out of the way that the wolf lunges forward into that the table where Gureylain sits to bull doze over the empty chair. The massive wolf's shoulder connects with the table in a shuddering heaving splintering of wood that sends it and all it's contents splintering into the empty air.

Valatir dips on out.

Eiliriel is at present straying away from the crowd, slipping deeper and deeper into the shadows. She stands with her hair falling in her face, a glass of wine in hand to slowly sip when she remembers it. Still, the messengers seem to find her just fine.

Artemis, a green-winged macaw parrot arrives, delivering a message to Eiliriel before departing.

As if fine-tuned to any mention of ale, Alabrax's ears visibly twitch at Dunlain's mention of 'drink', then his lips do the same with a grin, and the sailor's step picks up toward the tables bearing sweet, sweet spirits. Sure, he might socialize, but socialization's always better with booze, right?

Artemis, a green-winged macaw parrot arrives, delivering a message to Eiliriel before departing.

Dunlain slips slowly away, passing by Alabrax as he does and points to something ono the table of offerings before he turns completely and departs.

"Alas, it is so!" The Warlord says to Ellyn, adopting melodramatic tones and movements, "My husband Aganor was original Sedriel, and his father Thalos was originally Ingith, and the Ingith blood shows strong on both Aganor and my daughter Lyandra. So my heart belongs to an Ingith!" She stands there, in an overwrought theatrical pose for a momment, then straightens up and addresses Seren, "May hold one of the babies?"

Mitzi, a mischievous little ice elemental leaves, following Dunlain.

Another kiss is offered to Rawlin's head when he whispers back to her. A faint smile touches her lips before she reaches a hand down to play at the tiny bit of hair at the top of Averlin's head. She socks Olodhin up aginst her shoulder, allowing the little thing to peer out over the gathering and all those attending. A smile cursl her lips and she tilts her lips, glancing to those others that begin to filter in, a soft smile offered to that of Hyacinth while she attends her father. "Hopefully our children will love us that much...in time of course. THey have no choice now," she says with some humor before leaning over to take up some of the food she floated towards him. Her gaze strays to Gurey on occasion, a faint smile still there but a measure of worry as she reaches down to take up water and sip from it.

Olodhin begins to fuss, turning his head back and forth as Sylindra explains. "Oh, I see....well that makes sense," she offers with a faint laugh. She pauses, glancing down at Averlin snoozing in her father's arms and then nods. She shifts the baby boy with his platinum wisps of hair near his mother's color, eyes traying towards a steely grey when opened and dark skin like Rawlin's. "This is Olodhin, Rawlin is holding Averlin." She expresses and shifting Olodhin into an easier offer, allows Sylindra to hold him.

Artemis, a green-winged macaw parrot arrives, delivering a message to Eiliriel before departing.

Glancing around a bit warily, Eiliriel makes for the exit quietly without saying a further word to anyone.

After a passing exchange with the departing Thalerith, some of the old sailor's dispositon sobers, lips pinching to one side in consideration before his dark eyes drift toward Gureylain. Instead of plucking up a bottle, he pauses for a moment, small form swaying as if to the rock of waves despite standing upon steady ground.

The Warlord takes Olodhin, just in time to quickly turn around and shield the poor baby from flying wood splinters coming from the table Ellyn's wolf has shattered.

Once the shower of splinters and random bits of food and tableware stop flying in her direction, the Warlord straightens up and surveys the damage, "Gods Ellyn, and I thought Malice was bad."

Seren is glad that Olodhin is not mid hand over when the splintering of wood fills the air. Gasping out in surprise, her instinct is to step close to the Warlord to offer added protection just in case. Her heart racing now as the destruction comes to a messy end, Seren lifts her head and turns about to see the chair decimated and tipped over by the massive wolf. "Oh..." her eyes stray to Ellyn, a brow arching before the worry fades slightly to a faint uptick of a smile. Ellyn receives a nod before she glances down at Olodhin, "Thank you." is offered to Sylindra.

Alabrax checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

For her part, the krilkar Malice has been taking an ap curled up away from the party. She raises her head at the commotion, looks around, gets bored, and goes back to sleep.

Hyacinth checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Gureylain checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Hyacinth checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher. Hyacinth rolled a critical!

The old codger lingering by the table of foods and drinks most certainly didn't notice any strewn pieces of wolf-wrecked wood. Not even the one that ends up clipping him in the side. He's far enough away it's not terribly damaging, but apparently his absent swaying gesture wasn't doing him any favors, and he's toppled onto his rear. He looks around, blinking at first. "Aerath's annointed ass, what in the..", he manages through a mumble, then squints in the direction of the wolf and cracks a faint grin. "Ah. Somebody's off leash, huh." Instead of rising, the old elf simply flops back onto his elbows, taking the newfound opportunity to relax for a moment and gather himself.

Hyacinth was leaning against the table gracefully, her hand resting on Midnight's head one moment, and the very next moment the table is just.. gone. There's a moment of awkwardness and a little yelp of alarm, and then she's grabbing the plate of food she just placed in front of her father to save it from spilling. Of course, it's inedible, as the food now has wood splinters in it, but at least Gureylain isn't wearing it. There's a moment when she says nothing as she gathers her senses, but when she does speak it's in muted tones, "Papa, I've heard that a party hasn't truly started until something is broken. I suppose we can consider it started." For all the chaos of the broken table, she simply places the now inedible plate on a nearby table and says calmly, "I'll get you another Gyro." And that's exactly what she does.

"Thank you, my darling" Gureylain offers a real smile to Hyacinth as she dotes and then the wolf happens. Up with his cloak swept up to keep the shrapnel from striking her, the Old Wolf blinks from behind the cloth, checking fussily to make sure his child isn't hurt, even as she offers to refill his plate, shaking his head with a smile before then turning towards Ellyn.

"I appreciate Bjornolf's candor." The old Ranger frowns again, holding his daughter close. "Thank you all for coming... and playing it with a smile that at this celebration of a marriage, only one of that union bothered to make their appearance." he looks back to Ellyn, "High Lord... I would like to ask an audience of you in coming days, if I can per what we've discussed" brow ticking up slightly, "My dear youngest daughter climbed from the literal woodwork to come here... and if she's anything like her father I don't know when she'll next drop out of the trees..."

He marshals himself and errantly kicks a hunk of the empty chair away from himself. "You've all been too kind to an old woodself, and I love you all for it, greatly." he looks to the old Aeran, with a 'yeah I suppose even you, guy I don't know' sort of expression.

Arahiel arrives, following Zelda.

Arahiel leaves, following Zelda.

"You're welcome, a mother's protective reflexes never really fade," Sylindra says to Seren as she craddles cute little baby Olodhin. She wiggles her fingers in front of the baby's face, and is rewarded by a coo and a laugh from the little thing. "Happy little baby, never even knew the danger he was in."

That closed little mit of fingers waves up at Sylindra, eyes intent on her face as she leans in. Those dark steely eyes focus and then unfocused as he looks everywhere around her and starts to blow bubbles. His fist lifts again and he waves it about like he might grab at her band the moment he gets hear a finger or hand those bubbled tipped fingers open up and grasp in an attempt to claim. "He is a bit more restless than his sister. I think he will be the handful. Makes sense since he looks most like Rawlin." SEren says softly and then glances back at Gurey and Hyacinth, all seems well and whole.

Hyacinth speaks up as Gureylain refers to her, "I think I might stay in the city for a while, papa, and see if I can be of assistance to you and the family."

Of course Ellyn's attention had been diverted when the beast of chaos and mayhem decided to crash the party. Literally. She turns in time to see the last of some saw dust rising into the air though her gaze strays towards Sylindra and Seren and wee ones in tow to ensure they are ok. "I swear her waited until the last moment." She gives a lingering look to Seren before noticing Alabrax laying back upon the ground.

There is a tick of smile for Alabrax's reaction as she approaches him. A hand lifts to unhook the soft velvet fur of her cowl, offering it to tuck behind him, "I admit I haven't taken time to lie in the grass in far to long." She gives the man a wink before turning to Hyacinth, "Well, this is one way to meet." Her gaze strays towards the wolf whose munching on the spilled food and crunching the plates with it. Finally she snuffs at the great beast before offering a more serious note, "Indeed Gureylain. I'll make sure you know where to find me."

"The Warlord gives the little baby a finger to hold, gently swaing it in his tiny grasp. "Awh, who is an adorably little troublemaker to be?" she coos at the baby.

"All is well, High Lord," Seren admits and offers a nod, admiring the handiwork of the wolf once more before she gazes down upon Olohin who is currently trying to show is strength to the Thalerith Warlord. He makes a sound back, a high AHHHHHhhh as it trails off. He does not yet giggle but he gurgles up at her when she gets close enough. Eyes blink and widen as his hand flexes around her finger.

"I say that now and Averlin will end up being the rebel," she sighs, a thoughtful looking crossing the light amusement showing across her expression.

Alabrax dips his head in thanks to Ellyn as he sits up to carefully fold the cowl for additional cushioning, before tucking it behind his back and easing back into his previous place with a little wriggle. If the elf has had experience with anything in his age, it seems like finding ways to get comfortable has become one of them. He return's the High Lord's wink with a crooked, impish grin and a breezy flick of two fingers in an amused salute. Softly, in a murmur that might sound like someone preparing to doze off, he offers up to the Faenor, "Can't enjoy the grass sometimes, lass, not much use t'standing in it, I reckon."

Sylindra chuckles, "They always surprise you. None of my kid turned out quite like how I expected. I tried to raise Melindra like how my grandmother Aleandra raised me, and where I turned into Aleandra's chosen favourite, Melindra and I just had angry screaming matches until she finally got fed up and left. Turns out that a girl being a lot like me does not make her actually me."

Bijou the Hunting Hound arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

The beast that had settled rather languidly, draped upon broken bits of wood seems to have finished the last of the snacks and heaves up to rise. Ellyn barely spares Bjornold but a look before dipping her head graciously to Seren. "Do take very good care of those babes. I'll be certain to have a long talk with Bjornolf later about fields of destruction and etiquette." Granted the latter of which the High Lord likely has none.

With that Alabrax's words bring a genuine chime of laughter. "You make it tempting to stay and lay awhile with you though I ought to make my exit with..." She jerks a thumb backwards towards the small mountain of fur, "Before any more trouble. I might make that a rain check though." The corners of her lips quirk with a smile before she gives one last dip of her head to Gureylain before slipping off as quietly as she came. All spoiled by the padding crunch and snap of little wood twigs of the companion in her wake.

"They are never meant to be perfect models of us, but, I would like them to be true to themselves, whatever that may be." Seren smiles, a glance given the Warlord. "Do you and your daughter get along better nwo that you do not share the same living space? I have found that sometimes that works. It can also be a streak of independence, we all change and have many years to do so." The Rylanth reaches out to stroke the soft golden platinum fuzz that is Olodhin's hair, a gentle smile pulling across her lips. A chuckle leaves Seren as her head lifts, "Ahhh well you see, animals have a different view of things and I think he had the right attitude." She nods her head, is that a wink? Maybe that was a wink.

"I'd like that. Gurey pats Hyacinth on the shoulder when she says that, a genuine smile. Brushing a bit of hair from her face before giving the young maiden a long hug. "I'm glad to see you, Chipmunk. It's been too long by far."

From the short platform he steps down and looking about himself. "I hope you will all forgive me if I return to Torendaar now. Again. Thank you all." bowing slightly at the waist, the Old Woodself's hood is up and he allows his cloak to drape down around himself, wrapping himself in emerald shadows.

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