53 PA Grand Tournament - Opening Ceremonies

This is the opening ceremonies for the Grand Tournament of Thelos (53 PA). This is mostly a relatively short social scene to introduce the events and announce who is competing in the various events.


Oct. 18, 2019, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Rawlin Seren


Escanor Niamh Gureylain Oriana Aegon Hatharal Hyacinth Ellyn Galeren Relios Rawen



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level



Bjornolf, a massive alpha Faenor wolf arrives, following Ellyn.

Summit, a fierce and large black snow wolf arrives, following Niamh.

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Arriving at the tournament grounds is Escanor Serannar. He is not wearing his armor at this time, instead he wears his usual black robes. His greatsword is sheathed on his person, and it seems as if he is one of the first to arrive. He looks around for a brief moment, before finding a place to stand in silence.

Frostbite, a large Faenor snow wolf arrives, following Relios.

Seren is already present, dressed in the sunset colors of Loran as she stands to the side with Marwin her aid and the twins. She holds one and bounces the little thing about in her arms, leaning her face down to press a kiss to a little wrinkled forehead. Cooing rises from the babe but then the fists are going, putting all else to shame for how energetic the little one is. The Lorandi noble smiles, laughing softly at the display as she whispers, "Your father is far too busy. Far far too busy."

A joyful laugh fills the air and there come bubbles and more gurgling form Olodhin.

With Summit at her side Niamh enters to the tournment grounds, hand resting aganist back. The beast stirs not from her side. To a spo where she can see over heds Niamh finds. She's there to watch and all.

Gureylain appears at the entry of the grounds, walking with an arm about Oriana as they come. The old Ranger in full kit for the events and with his usual pile of animals in tow with him. Gazing about the various people and sites having been set up before murmuring to Ori, "Fair spectacle, no?"

Oriana glances around as they arrive, then she nods to Gurey, "It is..but it looks like there has been a good turn out to the event."

Aegon arrives dressed for war, clad from head to to in leather armor with his sword and shield freshly polished and painted respectively. These items are safely slung from the stocky elf's back, safe for now despite the war paint in his house's colors and in symbols honoring Rithor all over his face and head. He's all smiles and carrying a horn of some frothy liquid that indicates he's already started celebrating on the road in.

Hatharal makes his way onto the Tournament grounds, carrying his own toddler--Toryn, who is holding a toy horse (that she is gnawing idly on), while casting shy glances around at the large crowds. He makes his way over towards Seren, smiling at the twins. "Aren't they precious..."

Hyacinth sneaks up behind Gureylain and stands on her tiptoes to get just behind his ear before she says, "Boo!" Then she laughs and rocks back on her heel. "Hello Papa." She's looking around the tournament grounds curiously and lifting a hand to wave cheerfully at Seren, and Rawlin, if he sees her, and anyone else she recognizes.

Banners that show off the five different kinships are hung up around the Tournament Grounds of Thelos, with all of them hung at the same level and no one kinship being represented more than another, a deliberate sign of the equality of all elves while in the City of Shrines. A number of tables have been set up around the area with snacks and finger-foods created by chefs from all over the continent.

There is a small podium that has been set up at the center of the grounds for the time being, and it is to this podium where Rawlin walks. Upon reaching it, he holds up his hands for silence and then begins to speak.

"Elves of Aarandor, welcome to this Grand Tournament. Elves from the five kinships will be both challenging themselves and others in tests of skill and ability over the coming weeks. There are several main events, the first of which is a grand Free-For-All. It is sure to be a wild spectacle with every elf out for themselves. What alliances will be formed during the midst of combat only to end in betrayal as one elf seeks to achieve glory?"

"This event will be held on the morrow and sign-ups are still open, so if you wish to join the brave elves who have put their names forward, I encourage any and all to reach out to me via messenger. To that end, here is the current list of those who have signed up to participate:"

"From the Lorandi kinship we have Lord Escanor Serannar, Lord Priest Leofric Tenlindil, Marchioness Yvette Monstald who is also Grandmaster of the Blessed Order of Solaris, Lady Oriana Tenlindil, and Lady Saga Brixtien."

"From the Faenor kinship we have Aegon Keir, Lord Heir Garett Ingith, and Lord Heir Relios Aenorr."

"And finally from the Thalerith kinship we have Knight Commander Rivaron Filinnar of the Sacred Order of the Blood Templars."

With the details of the first event given, the High Priest looks out over the crowd to gauge the reactions.

Among those entering the ground, a svelte figure in silver slips. Ellyn has arrived just in time for the opening speech. While she casts a smile in Seren's direction, then Gureylain's and his family, it is towards Niamh the huntress draws first amongst the back of the stands. A faint murmur leaves her lips while the ice green of her gaze rests her attention upon the High Priest Rawlin as he speaks.

Galeren moves with light steps and a broad grin onto the Tourney grounds. When he sees Hatharal with toddler in tow he does a dramatic hunched walk of sneaking and steps up behind the pair, reaching down to give Toryn a good tickle, "Ah ha! I finally caught the little mare!" He laughs and stands back up to clap the other Marquis shoulder, "Come to scope out your competition?" Before he can hear an answer he turns to listen to the High Priest make his announcements. He glances back to the name beside him, "A wild spectacle he says..I can't wait! Still so eager to risk your pretty face?"

Ereg, a barred owl arrives, delivering a message to Rawlin before departing.

Ereg, a barred owl arrives, delivering a message to Rawlin before departing.

As Hatharal approaches, Seren smiles at the Marquis and moves closer to greet him with a half hug as her other arm still holds Olodhin. She smiles brightly and kisses his cheek if he allows. "They are...Olodhin, this is Toryn..." Marwen is glanced at and the Rylanth's aid steps forward to show off Averlin who looks like her mother. "And Averlin. Hatharal," she says finally and tilts her head, "It is so good to see you, well see you both." She insists a moment and then lets out a breath as she notes Hyacinth an Gureylain with Oriana. Her hand lifts in kind to greet them as Rawlin steps up to the podium, her gaze slips his way but not before settling on the High Lord. Ellyn gets a brilliant smile just as Galeren tickles Toryn and causes her attention to shift. "Marquis Galeren,' she greets him, adjusting her son in her arms as she watches Toryn's reaction.

Dasher the Bitey Turtle arrives, delivering a message to Galeren before departing.

When Ellyn joins her Niamh does give a vague sort of bow to her. To say it is very badly done and just barely passes as one. The murmur gets an amused look from Niamh and a responding word. Summit, now that he is not heeled nudges his head against Ellyn's leg demandingly. For someone so fierce looking he likes attention.

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%Unassumingly, the Lord Heir of Aenorr had been quietly waiting along the benches. A light smile appearing on his features as he begins to witness Rawlin take to the stage and make his announcement, hands coming together to quietly clap for the High Priest before returning to support his weight on the seat bellow him.

Aegon cheers for the reading of the Faenor names, thought notably not for the others. It may be an event supporting unity and equality, but there are team events to be had and he is very much a fan of his 'team.'

Oriana glances over her shoulder when Hyacinth sneaks up on Gureylain, offering her a very faint smile of greeting before her attention is captured by Rawlin and his announcements. There's a slight look around at the names, seeing who she can spot already present.

Gureylain blinks at the 'Boo' and turning slightly, while trying to also raise his hand in greeting of Seren, Hatharal, and Ellyn, bowing his head to each in turn with a smile though it is Hyacinth who drags his attention, "Chipmung!!" Reaching to grab his daughter and pull her into a lifting hug before setting her down before Oriana,

"My love, this is Hyacinth, my youngest. Fortunately, she inherited her mother's sweet nature with her father's love of the wilds. Hyacinth, this is Oriana - my wife and your step mother, if you accept her for such."

Escanor's name is announced as one of the many participants in this grand free-for-all. Though there is one name that surprises him. He looks around the place before he notices Oriana, and if she sees him in return, he'll give her a bow of the head in greeting. He doesn't believe that there will be any specific cheers for him, but he keeps his attention in multiple places at once. He wonders how loud this tournament is going to get.

"Not eager at all, really," Hatharal replies to Galeren, who didn't even flinch when Galeren oh-so-expertly snuck up on him. But he does angle the toddler towards him, who peers up at him with a curious blink. He then turns into the half hug, smiling at Seren and the twins. Toryn perks as she sees the twins, leaning over in Hatharal's arms while still teething at the wooden horse toy. "My, mymy," she proclaims, reaching out to make grabby hands at the baby in Seren's arms.

Hyacinth puts up a little bit of a struggle as her father lifts her, and she swats at his arm. "Now now, Papa. I'm an adult now." She then turns a brilliant smile upon Oriana and she says, "I've heard so very much about you. It's a pleasure to finally meet you." She leans in and whispers into Oriana's ear, "I think Papa's prejudice, a little." She's nods her head toward Rawlin and asks, "You're fighting in the tournament, then?" She glances at her father, "You didn't tell me she was a fighter, Papa."

After a few minutes, Rawlin coughs and starts speaking once again, "The second event, which will take place later in the coming week will be a series of duels where one elf will emerge victorious. It will be a test of endurance and skill to see which elf can climb to the top and earn themselves a good bit of glory and renown for their skills. Sign-ups are also open for this event still, but let me give you the list of participants:

"Lord Escanor Serannar, Lord Priest Leofric Tenlindil, Lord Priest Gureylain Tenlindil, Marchioness Yvette Monstald, Lord Heir Garett Ingith, Aegon Keir, Lady Saga Brixtien, and Knight Commander Rivaron Filinnar."

Ellyn glances out across the crowd even with her head tipped towards Niamh in soft conversation once the game and names have been read. Her eyes widenly slightly for that accusing look as if to say 'not me' though a slippery smile appears on her lips. Perhaps it was, though at what who knows!

Noting Escanor's nod there is a returned nod in his direction, as well as a hand that lifts in his direction before Oriana turns her full attention towards Hyacinth, "It is a pleasure to finally meet you as well, Hyacinth. Your father and I were just discussing having a nice get together....would you be interested in coming?" She glances towards Rawlin, then back before she shakes her head, "I'm no fighter."

Galeren turns to look at Ellyn, bowing his head. "High Lord, I am honored to meet you." Then with a lean to the side he smiles at the child craddled in her arms, "Your children are beautiful. I am doubly honored to meet them as well." He bows to them and then extends his arms, "Quite the event it's shaping up to be!"

The stout elf Aegon Keir Cheers the names again, being more generous in cheering for all, though still cheering loudest for those of his Kinship or relation. He's smiling and drinking from his horn, just playing up the spirit of sporting competition.

Relios places a hand to his chin as he makes a light hum in the back of his throat as he listens to the next event being declared. Icy blue hues break away from Rawlin's form to glance about the crowd of Elves forming as they chatter away.

Chuckling softly, Seren watches Toryn reach for Olodhin who merely blows bubbles and wags his fists in the air. His lips part and he moves his head back and forth with a gurging coooooo in response to Toryn trying to claim him. Gently Seren moves him, the Regent propping him up upon her shoulder as Galeren leans in to see the littles. "I am sure they will remember you cousin, besides we expect they will be spoiled for the rest of their lives," she teases Galeren as Olodhin reaches out a fist that is waving at the Palinnar toddler. "You can hold Averlin if you like," she says to the Nalduine, Marwen the aid offering the little one up to him.

Her verdant gaze moves over the crowd and upon spying Relios, she smiles at him, her hand lifting in greeting as Seren then quickly presses her palm to Olodhin's back as he wiggles.

Escanor seems to lift his head a little higher at the next announcements, eventually clapping. Especially because there are much fewer names for this one! He looks at the forming crowd, that gets bigger and bigger by the second. He does notice Ellyn though, and approaches her. "High Lord Ellyn, its good to see you so soon. I apologize for not getting tea with you like we agreed...I've been busy of late. But if you are still wanting of such a meeting, I'd be glad to honor it."

Rawen makes her way into the tournament grounds with her hair neatly pinned back, not a strand out of place and her array of colors in her clothing. Her eyes carefully searching the crowd. A smile brightening her lips as she spies Galeren, making her way towards the Marquis.

"Our third event for the tournament will be a thunderous joust! Come see elves mount their favorite, ah, mounts and charge one another and see who comes out victorious in each bout. I guarantee at least one elf will be knocked off in hilarious fashion, so you'll want to see that at least." Rawlin grins at that and shakes his head. "Now then, here are the list of participants. If you want to be counted amongst them, you know what you need to do!"

"Lord Priest Leofric Tenlindil, Aegon Keir, Marchioness Yvette Monstald, Lord Heir Garett Ingith, and Lady Saga Brixtien."

"Oriana is modest as well," Gureylain chuckles while looking to the announcements, arm slipping back around Oriana as he looks to Hyacinth once more. "She commands the royal Mages, for the army. A field commander who could likely send me flying if she were so inclined." resting his cheek against her hair, not caring about who can see.

Hatharal steps closer, so that Toryn can reach out to latch onto one of Olodhin's fists, then leans over more to smoosh her face against the infant's cheek in what is... maybe supposed to be a kiss. Hatharal chuckles, pulling her back a little and prying her hand off from her possessive death grip, which results in some offended babbling from the toddler. He looks towards Rawlin as he speaks again, smiling softly. "It's going to be a wonderful tournament."

The Marquis blinks and then immediately holds out his arms making grabby hands much in the same manner of Toryn, "Spoiled doesn't cover the half of it; I'll build them a tiny castle and my brother will fill it with pasteries for them!" Galeren bridges the distance to meet Marwen and gently take the small elf who he grins at, "Averlin. A perfect name for a lovely child." He balances the young one on his arm and as he turns to see Rawen approaching, "Ah! There's my date!" Galeren motions with his free hand, "The Lady Rawen has graciously agreed to keep my out of trouble for the tournament, or was it get me into trouble?" His brow furrows and he taps his chin with a finer, "I forget, but trouble was involved in the arrangement!"

As eyes met between Seren and Relios, a warm smile began to filter on the Heir's face as he gave an acknowledging smile. His attention splitting towards the children at hand. He closes his eyes with a faint smile still on his lips before turning his attention elsewhere.

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Aegon wanders his way, face half-hidden by the drinking horn tilted up for drinking, towards some of the benches, scooping some of that finger food up in his big mitt of a hand along the way.

Hyacinth is smiling, always smiling, and when her father holds Oriana closer to her that smile doesn't falter. "Of course I'll be there. Papa need only tell me when." Then her eyes are quickly averted and they settle on Rawen and Galeren. "Excuse me, Papa, Lady Oriana." Then she's off, rather quickly, stopping on her way out to give Rawen and Galaren a quick hello as she blows each of them a kiss, and then she's off.

As Ellyn catches the figures o Lord Heir Relios and Aegon, the High Lord dips her head in greetings to her kin from where she sits with Niamh. It is towards Escanor that she turns, another smile hinted at the corner of her lips. "It's quite alright Lord Escanor and it is good to see you again. To say that my own schedule has been busy would be an understatement. If I might, this is Niamh Morinen," she offers of the elfess at her side. "I do believe she is intent on giving me a run for my silver in the events. I was about to make her a bet on who could start a brawl first before the ceremony was over."

Midnight, the pure white doe leaves, following Hyacinth.

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Relios' smile earns him another nod from Seren as Galeren scoops up Averlin. There is a soft squeal from Olodhin at the cheek kiss and his pudgy face brushes up against his mother's shoulder. There is a laugh from Seren as she glances between them all, "Thank you, cousin. I am glad you approve," she says as Averlin is perhaps not as expressive as her brother but eyes slowly showing those hints of green like her mother peer up at the Nalduine Marquis before one hand slowly snakes up and grasps at the long hair that presents itself - watch out! She chuckles again and glances up at Rawen, giving the lady a nod of her head. "Trouble in the form of a tiny fist, watch your hair, Galeren," she quickly insists as Olodhin turns his head and waves his fist at Toryn.

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Escanor bows his head to Ellyn before he looks to Niamh. "I cannot recall if we've met before, but the name seems familiar. Its a pleasure to meet you, Niamh." Escanor bows softly to her, then his attention is back on Ellyn. "Thank you for being understanding. Most likely, it will be either the hunters or any Faenor or Thalerith representatives."

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"Our fourth event will be an Archery event. The best archers across Aarandor will compete to see which one of them can come out on top. Expect to see some pinpoint accuracy on targets that I can only dream of hitting even if I were standing only three feet away from them." Rawlin smiles at his own self-depricating humor, as bad as it is.

"As for our participants? Elder Zenandra Aynarr, Lord Priest Gureylain Tenlindil, High Lord Ellyn Reid and Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia!"

"I know Escanor." says Niamh, "I was reasonable enough to meet some of Conall's former kinship people. I even agreed to take Escanor on as a student. "Towards a spot beside her and Ellyn Niamh indicates for Escanor to take. OF course she doesn't ask. Niamh rarely asks for people to do what she wants. They do or don't. That works in her world. "It would be interesting to take bets on who strts a brawl." OVer the people Niamh looks, as if trying to figure out who would brawl start.

Head perking at one of the competitors, Gureylain looks from where he has sat towards Ellyn, an approving look on his face, "High Lord, I had no idea you drew the bow!" chuckling before he looks back to Ori.

For the warmth with which she'd been quietly speaking to those near her upon the tiered bench, the temperature in her features drops to below zero for Gureylain's quip. "I expect you to be standing in front of the bullseye with an apple on your head." Her facade breaks a little for the flicer of mischief in her gaze as she adds, "So I can rummage through your pockets once you hit the ground for what you owe me!"

Rawen fondly laughs as she takes Galeren's free arm as she teases, "I can't remember which either just that indeed trouble was involved." Her wave hello is offered to Hyacinth, blowing a kiss back to her. Easily she slipping into her seat next to Galeren on the benches.

Escanor gives a deep bow to Niamh. "Once, a very long time ago." Seems Escanorplayer's memory zoned out for a minute! But then he looks between the banter of Gureylain and Ellyn, and he actually closes his eyes and allows the uptick of the corner of his lip to rise freely. "Well, it looks like that brawl may come sooner than later."

"Our fifth and final event will be another series of duels, but this time it will be two versus two. And you know what? To make things interesting those who have animal friends -can- count their companion as their second if they choose to do so. If not, and you know not anyone else, we will assign partners at the start of the event." Rawlin says, nodding as if this makes perfect sense.

"As for our participants so far? Aegon Keir and his wolf Shadow, Lord Priest Gureylain Tenlindil, Lord Heir Garett Ingith and the pairing of Elder Zenandra Aynarr and Ragna Aynarr."

"Now with all of that announced, please... enjoy the refreshments and speak amongst yourselves. Enjoy the camaradarie that comes when we come together to enjoy one another's company." And with that the High Priest steps off of the podium and makes his way towards the crowd, or at least the tables with the snacks on them!

If his head was not right next to Ori's, Gureylain would have been barking laughter... As it is he leans back to not guffaw in her ear. "I'm sure if I agreed to letting you shoot an apple off my head my wife would make me sleep in a proper bed chamber, so I'll just bring you what's owed!"

Once the announcements have concluded, the Lord Heir of House Aenorr quietly picks himself up from his seat. Giving a dip of his head towards those nearest to his vicinity and begins to stroll off with his faithful Snow Wolf in tow.

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