53 PA Grand Tournament - Team Duels

Team Duels, this is a series of 2 vs. 2 battles to determine who the best pairing in all of Aarandor is... at least for 53 PA. This event will be utilizing the combat code, so please ensure you have a set of armor. Healers will be on hand to tend to any injuries.


Nov. 2, 2019, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Rawlin Seren


Forwen Sylindra Shakian Zaltar Eletha Ragna Relios Arminel Catlith Zenandra Inweth Yvette Aegon Joran Escanor



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Training Center

Largesse Level



Frostbite, a large Faenor snow wolf have been dismissed.

Marzena, the golden eagle have been dismissed.

Zenandra wields a tall wooden spear.

Gilleon, a brightly hued golden parakeet have been dismissed.

Forwen comes running in breathless, her red curls bouncing irractically, over sized helmet gripped in one hand. Sliding to a stop, her eyes wide as she glances around.

The Warlord looks at Forwen as she enters, looking like she intends to participate and asks her, "Where is Qahir?"

Shakian hides his face when Forwen stumbles in so no one can see that he's trying not to laugh.

Zaltar is standing shyly among the others

Despite it being the last day of competition of the tournament, all the banners are still up and waving, and there's still plenty of food and snacks being served like there were at the previous events. The crowds are just as enthusiastically cheering on the coming spectacle as well!

When it is time for the competition to begin, Rawlin steps forward and waves the crowd to silence. "Welcome Elves of Aarandor to the final event for final event of this year's competition. Today we will be witnessing two elves battling two other elves in a team competition to see who the best team is. Certainly an individuals skill at arms can turn a fight, but cooperation and being able to coordinate with one's ally can also be very handy in such engagements as well. Who knows what all we will witness this day!" He takes a step to the side and nods to another elf so they can announce the first set of fights.

"First match is between Elder Zenandra Aynarr and Ragna Aynarr versus Forwen Nerea and Initiate Zaltar Aynarr."

Eletha takes some time to adjust her armour, ensuring each buckle and strap is properly tightened, her white hair bundled beneath her helm before she adjusts her gauntlets. She keeps her visor up though as she looks to her elder sister, Yvette. Also she grins. "This should be fun. I wish I had been able to take part in the individual duels, but getting to stand alongside you is just as good!" Then a tsk. "Though we have to wait."

Ragna looks at Zenandra when their names are called. "Ready for this?" He asks her with a curious look in his eyes as he draws his sword. "Lets hope Rithor is with us. Rise to the challenge!"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Relios stands tall along the side of the grounds, his head held high as he glances about the other contestants and spectators. Icy blue hues settle on the form of Zaltar and a small nod of his head if offered towards the brooding Thalerith. A smile widens on his face before being snuffed out as he turns his attention to the others.

"Oh, you're here to fight with Zaltar," the Warlord says to Forwen on hearing the first match being announced. "Would have been interesting to see a husband and wife team up."

Shakian cheers Forwen (and her partner, of course). "Nerea for the win! Er, and that other fellow's family as well!"

Arminel is here, supporting the Lorandi entrees and the host. The Serannar finds himself a good seat, along with a full plate of snacks for the show ahead.

When Catlith arrives, it is with very little in the way of fanfare or spectacle, save for the bright blood red of her gown. She moves quietly to the crowds gathered among the benches, staff tapping quietly against the ground every few steps until she settles into one of the open seats.

Zenandra smirks at Ragna, offering a quick smile and an, "Of course!" at his question. "As for Rithor, they will be with us as long as we are with them. Let's show no fear!" She gives her spear a quick spin and steps forward to the middle of the training center.

Inweth watches with quiet interest from her place at the observation benches. The wolf laid calmly at her feet turns its eyes turn toward the impending battle.

"Well, good luck you two, you're going to need it!" the Warlord says to Zaltar and Forwen, giving the former a hearty slap on the back.

Yvette is snacking. It's not her turn yet, so she can afford to sit on the sidelines with the other fighters-to-be observing and eating some light fare for the moment.

Forwen wields Bucket Slayer, a steel explorers war cleaver.

tA peanut comes flying over in Yvette's direction, hopefully producing a satisfying GONG against the Marchioness' armor. A second one follows, whether the first misses or hits. Their source, however, remains a mystery.

Zaltar readies his bow with quiet focus as Forwen steps to whisper in his ears

Yvette checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Arminel checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Yvette notices the second -ping- even if she doesn't the first and starts looking to see just WHO might be flinging precious snacks at her.

Forwen blinks as her name is called, looks to the field a bit wide eyed. "Q is with the Champions" she answers the call out about her husband as she stuffs the over sized helm over her curls, and with her wicked looking shortsword heads towards Zaltar, after a few whispers back and forth the tiny Nerean sets herself in front of the archer with a very determined look.

Perhaps it's because the round is starting. Or perhaps it's because Yvette is looking around for her assailant. For whatever reason, the Peanut Bandit decides to lay low for a minute or two.

It may also be because an attendant has just brought over a large flagon of ale to Arminel.

Yvette brushes a few bits of peanut shell off her armor before settling in to watch the fight as it gets underway and to enjoy her own flagon of ale. But not in her fancy gold flagon. That's at home. Proudly on a shelf. And if she's lucky, a SWOLEris one will join it soon.

Relios flags down a server with two fingers held up, accepting the two flagons of ale. He turns to look towards the towering Soldier and offers one of the ales toward Aegon. A small smile on his lips as he attempts to be friendly.

Eletha remains standing, looking very serious through the open visor of her helm, one hand resting upon the pommel of her longsword at her side as she watches the confrontation. She remains utterly oblivious to things being thrown at her sister despite standing right next to her.

Shakian watches the fight carefully. "Rats rats ree, hit 'em in the knee!" he cheers.

Ragna checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 11, rolling 31 higher.

Ragna remains capable of fighting.

Zaltar begins his aim at Zenandra but seems to switch it up and try and take out Ragna

Forwen checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Forwen remains capable of fighting.

Aegon is all painted up for battle, his shield having a fresh coat of his house colors and crest, while the now-familiar big red X for Rithor crosses over his face. Despite being dressed and painted and other wise in combat mob, he's never turned down a drink that anyone has heard of, and so when Relios brings him an ale he takes it readily.

Catlith keeps her gray eyes on her kin, wincing once or twice at a blow that strikes true against Forwen. Considering that she serves the god of blood, it seems the high priestess is not particularly accustomed to seeing it shed in violence rather than in ceremony.

A grin begins to spread along the Lord Heir's lips as he gave a good hearty pat on the back to Aegon as he accepts the Ale. Looking down to his own cup, he sniffs it and then begins to guzzle a good portion of it. Using the back of his arm to wipe away any dribble that might have accrued, and then lightly dabbing with his fingers to make it more regal like.

Forwen checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 68, rolling 23 lower.

Forwen checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 34, rolling 8 lower.

Forwen is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Ragna checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 56, rolling 10 lower.

Ragna checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

Ragna remains alive, but close to death.

Ragna is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Shakian groans loudly when Forwen goes out of the fight. "We're better at finding things than fighting them," he admits to people sitting near him. Anyone who remembers the solo fights last week knows exactly what he means.

Relios places two fingers in his mouth and lets out a shrilling whistle for Zaltar.

The Warlord gives a whoop, as the fight has not gotten exciting with two combatants left. "Go Z team!" she shouts without reguard for the fact that Z-team are fighting each other.

As Fowen sets herself in front of the archer, her short sword in front of her, there is a stubborn set to the Aeran's jaw. "So Q said.. never be on the opposite side of a blade as his Aunt." nods to Zenandra and shrugs. "... never been good at listening." then the fight starts and it seems that even though she swings now and again, that the tiny elf's full purpose has come down to putting herself between the other two and the archer.. again and again it seems she is just in the right place to keep Zaltar from getting hit until there is one hit to many and that over sized helm spins from a blow and takes the girl with it as she hits the floor, Bucket Slayer falling from her hands.

Yvette leans forward a bit more as the fight gets more intensive: with two out and the other two seemingly matched blow-for-blow. She downs the rest of her ale and sets aside her own snacks. No telling who might be called up next, after all.

Zaltar finds himself alone, switching to defend himself

Zaltar checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 11, rolling 29 higher.

Zaltar remains capable of fighting.

With the first round done, Arminel applauds for the competitors, reaching to take a drink from his flagon. He then pops a peanut in his mouth.

Zaltar checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 23, rolling 31 higher.

Zaltar remains capable of fighting.

Zaltar checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 31, rolling 6 higher.

Zaltar remains capable of fighting.

Zaltar checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 72, rolling 17 lower.

Zaltar checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 37, rolling 20 higher.

Zaltar remains alive, but close to death.

Zaltar is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

"Well done Z team!" the Warlord shouts.

"Zenandra and Ragna Aynarr are victorious and advance to the next round. Everyone cheer the valiant efforts of Zaltar and Forwen. What a showing!"

Inweth's hands raise in soft applause for the battle's participants.

Ragna gets taken out, but thankfully, Zenandra saves the day for the team! He rises to his feet, no doubt sporting many new bruises and he pats her on the back. "Good save."

Shakian cheers for victors and non-victors alike. "Well fought! Congratulations!

Forwen lays on her back staring at the ceiling. "Owwwwww..."

Relios raises his head from a silent prayer to quickly clap his hands together, looking towards who stands at victory and who laid on the floor hurting.

Zaltar falls back panting. "Good fight," he murmers softly, trying to help Forwen to her feet so they can move to watch

Wordlessly, Catlith pushes herself up from the bench. With her brows furrowed, she carefully winds her way through the assembled elves towards Forwen. "I've no skill at healing at all, but." One slender hand is held out to the other Nerea, offering her help to her feet.

Zenandra raises her spear to go for Zaltar, but Forwen is there. She goes for another attack, but Forwen interferes again. The priestess gives a quick shrug and begins to relentless attack Forwen directly until she goes down. Finally, with Forwen out of the way, she faces Zaltar with a determined smirk. Zaltar has the upper hand intially, but the tides turn with a well-placed jab of the spear. With the fighting over, Zenandra offers her hand to Forwen with a grin, "Very well fought! Zaltar, you've learned a lot since our last fight, and Forwen, glad to finally spar with you!"

Yvette gets to her feet with the others, applauding the end of the fight. "Well done," she calls out. Then there's a look for the announcert; waiting to see what pairing gets called next.

Aegon has been mostly quiet, watching and drinking his ale as the first fight goes on. When it comes to an end he drains the last of his drink, which isn't much at that point, and sets it aside to he can ready himself for his pending match with some sword on shield banging that fits right in with the cheering and applause.

"Next up! Lord Heir Relios Aenorr & Aegon Keir versus the Monstald Sisters: Marchioness Yvette and Eletha!"

Arminel erupts in a flurry of peanuts and beer, rising to his feet to applaud the Lorandi champions. "HOUSE MONSTALD!" he bellows.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Eletha straightens at this, a crunch of steel from the motion, then unhurriedly draws her longsword as she steps for the delineated area. Once in place she moves to places herself in front of and to the left of her older sister, visor still raised, expression intent, shifting her weapon to a two handed grip as she drops into a high guard, poised and ready.

Relios slowly turns his attention towards Yvette and Eletha, the edges of his lips beginning to spread into a mischievous grin that lasts for only a second. He smooths his expression for a small smile as he lifts his chin, to offer a small bow of his head towards the two. "It will be a pleasure to fight against the two of you."

The Lord Heir glides his way towards the center ring, the glitter of ice beginning to pool around his feet and frost along the ground.

Yup, that was it. There's a snort of amusement at Arminel's cheering, but Yvette just shakes her head and gets her helm into place, taking up her sword as she makes her way onto the field. She gives Eletha a nod before making those last few checks of armor.

All the hands reaching for her, someone pulls Forwen to her feet! The helm falling away from the red curls the girl gives a smile and shrugs. "That was fun... Hurt.. but fun. Congrats you two!" then tucks her helm arm in Zaltar's giving Caith a wrinkled nose grin as she lets them all pull her to the stands.

"Sorry Forwen, I tried," Zaltar murmers softly, tucking his hair behind his ear as he makes sure she is alright

Aegon hops his way on to the field, banging his sword Staghorn against his shield and bouncing as he goes. He settles in to place when it's time to get to business, placing his shield between his enemies and his body, and his body between his shield and Relios.

The wrinkled nose receives a wry smile from Catlith in reply. "You were quite brave, if it's any balm to your bruises, cousin," she offers gently. Winding her way back to the seats, ensuring there's room enough for Forwen and Zaltar before reclaiming her own.

Forwen elbows Zaltar. "Nah, you did good. I am not that great of a fighting really. Just good at getting hit. We did better than I thought we would." to Catlith, there is a snerk. "Tell that to Uncle Shak, he just calls it stupid, sometimes reckless... always stubborn."

Eletha focuses upon Aegon, trying, but failing to manoeuvrer to shield her sister as she keeps up the pressure with mostly vertical strikes of her blade. She keeps her guard in front and high, stepping lightly despite being encased in steel though she does wince as one blow gets past to impact her hard on the outside of an arm before deflecting and grating across metal.

Yvette checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 10, rolling 34 higher.

Yvette remains capable of fighting.

Arminel continues unabated, peanuts scattering around the Serannar's position in the benches, upon which he's now hopped up on to have a better view of the combatants ahead of the group. "YVETTE YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO DIE YET!"

Aegon is a big, at least for an Elf, but mostly in his width and not his height. It gives him limited reach as he seems intent on getting at Yvette. He catches her once or twice, but Eletha is doing a good job keeping between them and frustrating his attempts... though he soon turns his attention to her primarily in response.

"Yo barkeep! I want what he's having!" the Warlord exclaims pointing at King Arminel.

"YOU DON'T DECIDE THAT, YOU QUACK!" Yvette must have left the good sword at home or something. She's unable to parry the attacks from Relios and while her sister is doing a good job at defending her, she's unable to make any decent hits in answer.

Catlith checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

The Lord Heir keeps his eyes steady on Yvette, his knees bent and his arms positioned carefully at his side as he focuses all of his energies at destroying- er attacking the Marchioness. He keeps a strict watch on the ice pooling at the ground, keeping it from settling around Aegon's footing but creeps towards the two women. Chunks of ice protrude from the ground and ice rain down from the heavens on Yvette.

Yvette checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 50, rolling 24 lower.

Yvette checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Yvette is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Arminel hucks a peanut or two in Yvette's direction. "NUTS" he exclaims, or observes. It's not clear.

Eletha is... about as tall as Aegon, if not as wide, not to mention fully armoured. She takes a few blows but they are rendered glancing by her armour and she maneuvers to keep up the pressure, answering with sweeping strikes of her blade, held in both hands as she tries to shield her elder sister. And fails, a hiss between clenched teeth, a shift of her stance again, she turns as she tries to ward off now two foes at once.

Eletha checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 20, rolling 31 higher.

Eletha remains capable of fighting.

Eletha checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 23, rolling 37 higher.

Eletha remains capable of fighting.

If the high priestess has in any way noticed that shower of peanuts and ale, or the Lorandi King standing upon the furnishings, or really any of the shouting that is going on, she has done a remarkably good job of pretending otherwise. Oh, no. No, no. Catlith's face is a careful mask of polite neutrality, marked only by the occasional and entirely appropriate interest in combat showmanship. This is fine. It is entirely fine. Really.

Eletha checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 85, rolling 1 lower.

Eletha checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 48, rolling 18 higher.

Eletha remains alive, but close to death.

Eletha is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Inweth rises slowly from her seat, hands sounding in clear applause for the combatants.

Count Chubbles arrives, delivering a message to Arminel before departing.

Arminel feeds Chubbles a peanut or two, then sends him back over towards Rawlin.

"Lord Heir Relios and Aegon are victorious and advance to the finals! Our next match will be the Warlord, Sylindra Filinnar and her son, Flame Seer Joran Filinnar versus Elder Zenandra Aynarr and Ragna Aynarr!"

Yvette drops out of the fight first and it's clearly because peanuts had weakened the integrity of her armor. That's the only way such a thing could have happened. Surely. The woman clears the battlefield with a few words of encouragement for her sister, stripping out of some of the armor once she's on the sidelines. She makes her way into the stands and sits down next to Arminel, grabbing some of his peanuts. "You're a terrible distraction," she tells the king.

Shakian cheers for victors and vanquished alike. "Well fought, both teams! Congratulations!"

Aegon puts his shield to good use, doing his best to draw in and block the attacks of his melee weapon weilding foes. They catch him a few times, and by the end of the match he's going to have some evidence that he was in it to be sure. The combination of a soldier and a spellcaster seem to win the day against the other pair today, however, and while Relios did his share and them some, Aegon's shaking his head with a smile and teasing his kinsman about not having any 'souvenirs'

Inweth's calm stare softens with approval as her eyes turn toward the Faenor participants, the applause of her hands falling to silence as she tucks her dress in behind herself to sit back at the bench.

The Lord Heir pauses from his onslaught to straighten himself, both of his hands smoothing the front of his armour and then his bound of hair. He offers a gentle and polite smile towards Eletha and bows in her direction. "Thank you for the wonderful fight, Marchioness Yvette and Lady Eletha."

"By the Gods that was a hell of a beating!" the Warlord notes as the fight ends between the Monstald sisters and the two Faenor. The she calls out to the Master-at-Arms, "Hey Aegon, I guess you can kick two sisters at once off your bucket list!"

Joran offers a series of claps at the completion of the fight, tugging on a bone-skull helmet a moment later and looking to his mother.

Arminel settles back into his seat, defending his peanuts with his mug of ale. "Marchioness," he greets, politely, inclining head and shoulders formally to the elfess as she nears. No mention of peanut attacks or distractions is made. "I'm sure you'll finish better next time around -- though I'm glad to see the Lord Heir and his partner do well," he remarks.

Eletha keeps going for... Actually quite a while against both foes, even scoring a glancing blow against Aegon that tells through his armour. She does not even seem to be slowing down despite the blows landing upon her and just keeps bulling through things, ignoring the weight of her armour until she is blindsided by Relios and caught right in the face beneath her open visor, blade locked with Aegon, unable to parry. At this she is knocked stumbling to the ground as well as wincing, a crumple of steel followed by a laborious hauling up onto one elbow as her sword is left to drop to the ground. "Well fought! A worthy victory."

Ragna looks at Zenandra, gives one of those kinds of shrugs and a grin. "Come on, lets go make them work for it. Or, better yet, kick their asses." Ragna laughs boisterously as he draws his sword once again and moves towards the ring as the names are called.

Count Chubbles arrives, delivering a message to Arminel before departing.

Forwen sitting with family in the stands now, stands when the match is won and gives a loud whistle and clapping to all four before dropping down to plant her rear again on the bench

Yvette will try to take Arminel's ale instead if he won't relinquish his peanuts. One of the other is going to get stolen, gosh darnit! "I hope the 'next time around' won't be for some time. My armor has taken quite the beating these past few events." She settles in to look down at the field as the next combatants line up. "Will you be joining in the competition for the arm wrestling?"

Relios glides himself off the combat fields, looking in the direction of Inweth and nodding his head with a soft smile on his features. He takes his post at the side, crossing his arms across his torso and stands at the ready for the outcome of what will come this round of fighting.

Zenandra cheers the previous fight from her position near the benches. When she hears her name get called next, she meets Ragna's gaze and gives a determined nod. "Here we go!" And with that, she takes up her position in the center of the room, testing her spear a few times before settling into a fighting position.

The Warlord stands up, lazily stretches and limbers up her joints before grabbing her spear. "Ah too bad it won't be an all-Thalerith final," she says idly on seeing that her first fight will be against the other Thalerith team. "Come on Joran, let's show the Aynarr why Filinnar runs the kinship."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Sylindra wields the spear, White Glint.

Joran rolls his shoulders and his neck in a circular stretch as he pads after his mother, hands falling toward the axes at his sides.

Joran wields Strength and Honor, a pair of midnight steel tabar.

Arminel is no fool. The ale is defended most ardently of the two, but not before he snags a peanut or two for his trouble. "Why would you ask useless questions like that, Grandmaster? Of -course- I will be participating in that," the Serannar replies, simply.

Eletha seems... grumpy, also stiff, as she hauls herself from the fighting area. She is frowning as she pulls her helm from her head, then to Yvette. "That went... Less well that I hoped." A curt nod to Arminel as she works to tug off her gauntlets, dropping them into her upturned helmet at her side.

Joran rocks forward onto the balls of his feet, knees bent and hunching forward faintly as if he's about to break off into a sprint with weapons held low at the ready.

Yvette is not so cruel that she would thief -all- of Arminel's ale and peanuts. Just some. She fought hard! And she even died on the field. She has to revive herself. Plus, he's the king: someone will bring more in short order. Where's a duck butler when you need one? "Good," she answers, settling in to watch the Thalerith prepare to beat the sand out of one another. "I look forward to beating you at arm wrestling, then."

Forwen cups her hands around her mouth to call out to Zenadra when they are called again. "So at least make it so we lost to the winners!!"

"Lady Eletha, well fought," Arminel greets, flashing a smile at the second Monstald. "Please inform your sister that I look forward to placing my championship flagon next to hers in the Gilded Duck," he says, turning and flashing a smile back at said Marchioness.

Zenandra checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 45, rolling 2 lower.

Zenandra checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 16, rolling 26 higher.

Zenandra remains alive, but close to death.

Zenandra is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Sylindra raises an eyebrow as Zenandra hits the floor, "Too eager, aunt ran right into the spear."

Eletha blinks at the answer, working her jaw a moment, then collects herself sufficiently to give a bow of her head. "Ahh, thank you your majesty. Though your victory may be in question, I am tempted to compete after all. At least after." she pauses, pressing her knuckles to her jaw for a moment. "If I feel sufficiently recovered from that just now. That final strike was rather more than I expected or could deal with."

Relios lets out a whistle of amazement and claps lightly for the deafening blows by the Thalerith duo.

Joran doesn't speak as Zenandra falls, instead just pivoting toward Ragna and maintaining the momentum of sweeping strikes.

Ragna checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 6, rolling 83 higher.

Ragna remains capable of fighting.

Ragna checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 19, rolling 24 higher.

Ragna remains capable of fighting.

Ragna checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 28, rolling 22 higher.

Ragna remains capable of fighting.

"Sister, dear, you can tell our beloved king that he might have to commission his own flagon to go alongside my championship one. However will I decide which flagon to drink from?!" Yvette leans over to steal a few more peanuts. So long as Arminel has a supply of snacks on hand, why should she go and fetch some?!

Ragna checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 56, rolling 10 higher.

Ragna remains capable of fighting.

Ragna checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 146, rolling 102 lower.

Ragna checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 96, rolling 42 lower.

Ragna is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Relios looks up towards Aegon, giving the man a gentle pat on the arm. "Hope you're ready."

Inweth claps lightly for the participants, its sound nearly lost to the applause of the crowd around her.

Eletha looks between Yvette and Arminel now, a steel gauntleted hand resting upon her hip as she does so, then she mostly addresses her elder sister as she asks. "Is there a reason that you are using me as an intermediary to communicate with our sovereign, my lady sister?"

Aegon snorts a bit, readying his gear for his next bout. "Rithor teaches us courage, but without anything to be afraid of, there can be no courage." He bangs his sword on his shield a few times, pumping himself up. "I have much courage to show now."

Ragna takes more doing to bring down, as he holds his own stubbornly against the machine-like efficienly of the Warlord and her son. However without his partner, down he goes after only a few more exchanges.

Relios offers a smile, the edges of his eyes creasing together at the elder Elf's answer. He gives a nod and bangs a fisted hand to his chest as he looks out towards Sylindra and Joran. "Then may this be a blessed fight in Rithor's honour."

"You held out longer than I expected, hunter," the Warlord says to Ragna. "Well done!"

"Nonsense, the both of you," decides Arminel, swatting at Yvette's sticky fingers. Not long after, he sends Chubbles back on over towards Rawlin, then stands, moving to deal with another few messengers who've arrived. "I've been practicing with Lady Brienne, and I assure you I'm quite ready," he says, making the dubious claim that he's been besting the Lorandi's yoked-out Portal Guardian.

"The victors: Sylindra and Joran Filinnar! That puts them into the final round which is next. The Warlord and Joran will face off against Lord Heir Relios and Aegon!"

Ragna saw Zenandra go down and he just sighed for a minute. "Shit." Under his breath, but his eyes shift to the Warlord and Joran. "Alright, come on then!" He enters a stance, and fights them both with no fear in his eyes. Alas, he manages to even hit both of them for...the smallest amount of actual damage imagineable. Nonetheless though, he is stubborn and each time he should've gone down, he gets back up to keep going! A few more flourets, a few more strikes that causes sparks on the armor his blade glides against...but then? He is, alas, struck down by Joran and he stays down for a minute.

Joran inclines his head to Ragna after the fall, perhaps a deeper tick of respect before he ambles back across the field to reset the positions. At Relios's words the Flame Seer raises his axes in a crossed gesture toward the Faenor Lord Heir, then settles back into the ready as Rawlin calls out the next round.

"He started it," Yvette says without shame to her sister. She just grins at Arminel as he swats at her hand and opts, finally, to go get her own supply of peanuts and ale. Particularly since he has to step away to deal with some royal matters. She settles back in to watch the final fight.

The fight does not last long - at least not for Zenandra. She gets a grazing hit on Sylindra right away, but four precise hits from the Joran-Sylindra team in a row take her down VERY quickly, the last hit from Sylindra causing her to stagger and fall. She misses much of the rest of the fight but looks up to see Ragna on the ground as well. She lets out a slight laugh, "Well then," then lowers her head to continue to rest for a few moments.

Relios is overheard praising Ragna: Fearless and proud, faced up against Warlord Sylindra and Joran wonderfully.

Zenandra is overheard praising Ragna: Lasted much longer than I did against the warlord and her son!

Relios sweeps onto the center of the building, coming to a halt as he lowers himself with bent knees and arms positioned outstretched beside him. Icy blue hues narrow as he watches Sylindra and Joran carefully, taking a deep breath in through his nose and then letting out an icy fog from his mouth.

Yvette is overheard praising Ragna: Well fought

Agravaine the Raven, Mufasa the Lion arrive, following Escanor.

Yvette is overheard praising Aegon: Hard hitting as usual

Yvette is overheard praising Relios: Cold as ice

Yvette is overheard praising Eletha: For going into battle with me

Yvette is overheard praising Zenandra: A good battle

Yvette is overheard praising Sylindra: Finally joined the festivities!

The Warlord and Joran don't even need the healers to restore their stamina, the previous fight was really more of a warm-up. Sylindra twirls her spear theatrically and points it at Aegon, "Ready to face me again?" Then she sees Escanor enter the room and calls out to him, "Lord Escanor! You are just in time to watch the finals!"

Relios is overheard praising Yvette: Fighting her heart out!

Joran rocks back into his coiled ready position, no stretching needed this time after the previous round's warmup. His helm covers whatever direction he might be gazing, and his breath deepens and slows as if he were trying to harness some amount of calm before a storm of whatever hectic melee might be about to ensue.

Relios is overheard praising Eletha: Steady on her feet.

Yvette is overheard praising Joran: Almost as good as his mom

Eletha is overheard praising Relios: A formidable magical practioner.

Yvette is overheard praising Forwen: Great weapon name

Aegon is as energetic as every when he enters the ring, doing his ritual of hopping and banging he the things in his hands against each other. He sets up on next to Relios with a wide grin behind his peppery beard. "I stand reardy always, and am glad to see you honor Rithor with your courage in facing me again, Warlord!" He does not mention that he lost that fight, onlly the courage!

The priestess removes herself from the fight area and props herself up against the wall for a minute while she catches her breath. And with that, she grins at Sylindra and Joran and rushes out on her way to something else.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Yvette is overheard praising Zaltar: Well fought

Lord Escanor Serannar arrives late to the party, though its clear he has no intention to fight. He's without his armor, after all! He moves to the bleachers, taking a seat to watch the finals.

Rawlin is overheard praising Zenandra: Fought incredibly hard, despite coming up short in the end.

Rawlin is overheard praising Zaltar: Battled through adversity and almost won things for his team.

Rawlin is overheard praising Ragna: A tough as nails Thalerith warrior who deserves recognition.

Rawlin is overheard praising Forwen: Came in and provided a good showing in the team duels.

Rawlin is overheard praising Sylindra: The Warlord is as fierce as ever.

Rawlin is overheard praising Joran: Fights very well, probably trying to impress mom.

Rawlin is overheard praising Aegon: Stubborn bastard doesn't know when to quit. Impressive fighter.

Rawlin is overheard praising Relios: Came to kick some ice. And did.

Rawlin is overheard praising Yvette: She did well! Yay Monstald!

Rawlin is overheard praising Eletha: She did really well! Yay Monstald!

Relios checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 86, rolling 6 lower.

Relios checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 49, rolling 19 lower.

Relios is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Aegon is a fighting elf, through and through, but he's always struggled against spears, particularly when trying to help protect an ally. They're just so pointy and long and it's really frustrating. Standing alone against the other two now, he yells as he tries to attack and block and parry all at once with both sword and shield...

Aegon checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 9, rolling 62 higher.

Aegon remains capable of fighting.

Aegon checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 34, rolling 59 higher.

Aegon remains capable of fighting.

There is an audible intake of breath from Catlith at some of the blows traded between the Faenor and the Thalerith. Though not going quite so far as a gasp, gray eyes dart with concern at the Aenorr heir as he falls.

Relios was clearly no match for the Teamwork of Sylindra and Joran. While he did well in avoiding the other's attack, he was always met with the other's weapon in his general direction. Ice barely made a scratch on the armour of the two and before long the Lord Heir found himself on the floor. He winced and coughed lightly, trying to get the air back into his lungs. A hand reached up to rub at his chest as he slowly pulled himself up to get out of the way of the other three fighters. He manages to offer a bow towards the two Thalerith before receding back towards the benches, unable to really talk.

Relios has joined the Observation Benches.

Aegon checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 44, rolling 29 higher.

Aegon remains capable of fighting.

Aegon checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 47, rolling 26 higher.

Aegon remains capable of fighting.

Aegon checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 55, rolling 53 higher.

Aegon remains capable of fighting.

Aegon checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 132, rolling 41 lower.

Aegon checked stamina, willpower + fortitude at difficulty 86, rolling 1 lower.

Aegon is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

"Winners and Champions of the Team Duels! Warlord Sylindra Filinnar and Joran Filinnar! Three cheers for the victors, and three cheers for all those who participated!"

Relios swiftly stands from his spot at the benches, wincing on the way up, to offer a round of applause towards the victors and Aegon. He offers a warm smile in Aegon's direction, very proud of the elder Elf.

Shakian cheers three times. "Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip...well, you know the rest."

Inweth rises lightly from her seat, hands sounding in applause for the tournament's participants.

Relios is overheard praising Aegon: Stalwart and strong, Faenor is proud of Aegon Kier!

The Warlord and her son coordinate flanking attacks against Lord Heir Relios, deftly going around Aegon's shield to strike the mage full on. Once again the machine-like efficiency of their team tells, as they quickly drop the Lord Heir. At that point the fight is won, but old Master-at-Arms proves a very tough nut to crack, holding the two Filinnar at bay for a surprisingly long time. Once they finally put him down on his back though, Sylindra smiles down at him, "Damn good defense soldier, you've done your House and Kinship proud."

Forwen stands letting out loud whistles and yells when Aegon comesd back to his feet, bouncing up and down as she cheers the elf!

Rawlin is overheard praising Aegon: Stubbornest elf I ever did meet.

Rawlin is overheard praising Sylindra: Co-Champion of the Team Duels!

Rawlin is overheard praising Joran: Co-Champion of the Team Duels!

Relios is overheard praising Sylindra: It is no wonder that she has claimed the role of Warlord.

Relios is overheard praising Joran: Wonderful team skill with his Warlord.

As the winners are declared, Catlith rises smoothly from her seat. Hands are brought together in applause for all of the combatants, though the end of the duels seems to have been the cue for an initiate in a red cloak to move to her side and whisper something in one pointed ear. She nods the once, murmuring, "Tell them I will be along shortly."

Sylindra is overheard praising Aegon: Tough old Faenor, a pleasure to fight him again.

Sheathing his weapons, Joran offers dip of his head to both Faenor, perhaps a breath longer for Aegon in this instance, before he ambles past his mother toward the edge of the practice arena. For some reason, he doesn't seem particularly enthused about the results at least judging by his body posture, but he also doesn't peel away his bone skull helmet to indicate anything further.

Sylindra is overheard praising Joran: Always fun to spar with you my son, whether against or alongside.

Sylindra is overheard praising Ragna: Not bad hunt, not bad at all.

The winners song has been sung! Escanor remains seated, but claps for the champions of the Team Duel. "Well done, everyone."

Relios makes a side long glance towards the Filinnar male elf and quietly pulls himself away from his spot to walk carefully in his direction. As he nears Joran, he carefully keeps a distance to not accidentally spook the man. "Well done in your fight, it was an honour to test my mettle against yours."

With her applause finished, Inweth settles back into her seat, eyes following thoughtfully after the Thalerith competitors. The wolf at her feet sets itself up to rest its head in her lap, and at its presence her gaze shifts, a hand resting itself to the beast's crown.

Sylindra is overheard praising Zenandra: Next time try being a little less eager to run into my spear.

Joran's head cants, swiveling to face Relios. After the Faenor speaks the Seer turns to face him directly, bowing his still-helmed head over a folded-fist salute - one hand held out balled into a fist, the other laid flat atop it. "Gratitude, Lord Heir. May the sparring circles be the only place we ever have to cross paths. At least here we can hone our blades to put them to good for all our peoples."

Forwen stands from the benches and heads towards the other fighters, pausing in front of Relios and Joran with a grin before handing each one of them a bright green lollipop with a grin. Another handed off to Aegon, then one to Sylindra before the tiny bruised and battered redhead starts towards the door with her curls bouncing, helmet hanging from the strap in her hand.

With no conversations to excuse herself from, Catlith offers her polite congratulations to all of the contestants, then heads for the door with her recently arrived escort.

Catlith has left the Observation Benches.

Sylindra only looks somewhat more excited for her victory than her son, but she waves at the crowd as they cheer, then confusedly accepts the sweet Forwen hands to her. "Thanks?"

A warm smile filters onto the Lord Heir's features, watching Joran carefully as he splays his own hands out in a gesture as he speaks,"Well spoken, Flame Seer. May, however; we meet next not with our weapons but with kindred words to share among ourselves."

The smile did not falter from his lips as he was handed a green lollipop, and instead just stands there with one hand at his side while the other idly held onto the confectionery. "I am most assured our Kinships can learn a lot from each other."

Joran waggles the lollipop in Forwen's direction, dipping his head in a gesture that might be thanks before palming it and looking back to Relios. "A fine aspiration - and yes, I would agree. There is potential in knowledge, and there is much that we can learn from each other."

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