Aeran HoH Meeting III

With Exploration underway, it is time once more for the Aeran Heads of Household to gather together, to meet, discuss some of their discoveries- should they wish, and plan for the general future. There are interesting times afoot and the Households need to be informed. This meeting will serve as a means of strategic planning between the Aeran Heads of House or their designated Right Hands to discuss various issues of importance.

OOC: Come prepared to discuss any topic of interest that you feel your House would share, including any additional squares you might be exploring if that's something you plan on doing. Exploration is done one hexagonal space at a time, you can click on the Aeran area to expand it:


Oct. 3, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Talien Shakian Wynnimir Vindal Rythadrien Xalor Velandria Selandriel Odissin



The Whispering Tides - Lorawin - Lorawin Keep - Wavebreak Chamber - Seacrest Hall

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The meeting has been called, and Darinel has made certain the table is set up with tea, pastries, and fine liquors, whatever will help the Heads of House or their reps through the evening. She offers a warm greeting to each person, then takes a set at the largest table in the room in anticipation that members of the Trident will arrive as well. "Good evening and thank you for coming to tonight's meeting," she begins, nodding to each person who's managed to make it. "Tonight we'll be doing our customary updates of the places we've explored, if anything new has been explored, and what we've been doing to claim the land we've already explored, as well as stating where each House would like to go next so we're not stepping on each other's toes." She pauses a moment, then states, Also, I wanted to bring up the topic of the exploration that House Alcaldia is funding for the Kinship at large, to see where the leadership wishes to explore a settlement for the Kinship, as that will largely change the plans any of the houses might be working on moving forward. So, if you'd like to get settled, I think we'll start with that topic first." After all of this, she takes a nice, hefty draft of tea herself.

Talien strides into the room just as Darinel begins speaking, tossing the heavy double-doors leading into the room open wide, Triton the eelhound only a few paces behind him. His expression is grim and he quickly makes his way to the central table, tugging out a chair, the legs groaning against the floor, before seating himself. He casts a quick nod around to those few assembled.

Shakian is sitting with his companion tiger cub, just the sort of thing one finds out exploring. "Kinlessa, Admiral, Wave Whisperer," he greets the others. "I'm here in place of Kinlector Octalin, of course. Broadly speaking, House Nerea chose to voyage seaward at start, in order to have some security on that flank, and as you know there is an understanding with the people of the sea and an outpost to provide us warning. From there, we ventured down teh river toward Isalspire, to establish a trade route."

The entry of Wynnimir comes in a sweep of jacket and thunk of tall boots whilst he makes his way to find a place to settle in, hopping over a seat to plunk himself in. He represents no one - but he's interested to hear what's happening, leaning back and resting his head against laced fingers.

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"Yes, down the river," Vindal says, his lips pressing into a line. He looks toward Darinel, "Marindur's been focused on the area around Elexia's Repose ever since we built the keep. Efforts are underway to do a more thorough investigation of Elexia's flagship, to see what we might be able to glean from that. We're just now gearing up for another expedition, and as we expressed at the last meeting, we intend to explore farther down the river, so that is where we mean to go. Beyond that, we'd like to explore east along the coast in future efforts." He holds up one finger. "Except for the area just to the southeast of Elexia's Repose, which Initiate Nalaea Reymar is assembling an expedition to explore right now, for Aereth."

Darinel's expression is neutral when Shakien mentions Nerea went down river. "I heard you found some rather interesting things while going down river. I'd love to hear all about it when we get to that part," she remarks conversationally. And then Vindal is mentioning the things that Marindur has been doing. She raises both brows at Vindal when he mentions the other expedition. "For Aereth?" she asks, curiosity piqued. Since everyone started with the updates first, she goes on to give her own. "House Alcaldia's own exploration efforts had been on hold until we were able to establish our first settlement. With the help of our leadership, I was able to secure the final funding to build a stone keep. Part of that agreement is that we're funding an exploration for the Kinship next. We had planned to further explore down the river, and mentioned it at the last meeting, but it seems House Nerea has beat us to that, so our next exploration efforts are a bit up in the air as we've no intention of attempting to claim land another has explored." She keeps her tone completely conversational. "But, before we choose a different place to explore, I'd rather like to see where the Kinship, at large, would like to go to establish a settlement, since this will bring in more resources and silver for the Kinship to be used to aid the rest of the families and for governorship."

Artemis, a green-winged macaw parrot, Ar'Than, the tiger cub arrive, following Rythadrien.

Rythadrien makes his way into the hall, his steps are light and he carries himself with a youthful energy that traces its way all the way up his features. A friendly smile is upon his lips, his arms are folded behind his back and his extremely long hair has been pulled into one thick braid down his back. Clasped between his hands and only visible once he has passed someone is a small leather bound book. "My apologies for my tardiness. I do hope everyone is doing well?" the Chief asks while golden eyes dance from person to person with a friendliness.

Shakian listens to Darinel, and nods. "We're sorry about that," he says when she discusses the aborted plans. "And I know what Viessa wants to do next, when we get to that." He moves over to the map. "For a settlement, I was wondering if the coastline below Elexia's repost might be a good spot." He sweeps his arm across the map as he thinks aloud. "Toward the west is Nesherat. At some point we might want to explore a sea route there, but not at the moment. But we know they are there. But we don't know what is east of us, and a stronghold could serve as a first line of defense of defense for Lorawin itself, as well as a source of income."

Talien speaks up, then, his deep, sonorous voice filling the hall, "House Reymar is already exploring to the west, with the express goal of finding a sea route to Nasherat."

Vindal nods. "Yes, for Aereth. As I explained the last time we convened, Initiate Nalea was sent a vision from Lady Aereth. She is to explore along the coast southeast from Elexia's repose. The expedition is almost underway. I cannot wait to see what she discovers."

"Excuse me... I apologize if I've missed something - there's a lot of information here... We could expand trade and relations if we explore southwest of Aereth's Dream?" Wynnimir pipes in, "I'm being asked to teach Duindar to river-rat... would make it easier to show them with direct routes..."

Darinel gives Talien a thankful look when he chimes in, but looks to Shakian. She doesn't seem to harbor any ill feelings on the exploration stuff. "A settlement for Nerea, or for the Kinship?" she asks. And then Rythadrien is walking in, and some relief touches her eyes. "Though perhaps the Chief has an idea of where he'd like to explore for the Aeran settlement?" she asks. "Assuming, of course, you've had a chance to speak to the rest of the trident? House Nerea has already submitted the name of a person to join in on the team. I've yet to hear from Houses Marindur or Reymar on that matter."

Xalor comes in, late. Bothered. Damp. Typical.

Rythadrien catches sight of Xalor sliding in and gestures toward his own direction cheerfully. Then, after a brief moment of silence to take in all he has just walked in to he looks to Darinel and offers a nod, "I have some thoughts, we have not met to discuss it explicitly though there is no reason we cannot discuss such once we have heard everyone else's plans. After all, Aeran prospers when it's people prosper." A few steps are taken toward a seat and he prepares to lower himself carefully, but before he does he adds, "Who did Nerea put up to go?" a quick glance is then cut toward Shakian, "I must admit I am curious to what is east of us myself." the Chief finally takes a seat.

Shakian takes in all the information he is hearing. "Since we have gotten to plans, Viessa wants to start tracking down our other river, toward the southwest. She prefers to explore by boat." He, of course, prefers a horse. He nods to Rythadrien, and greets him, "Chief. My niece, Forwen wanted to join the expedition. She's rather impetuous." He returns to the map. "I would think that a strong hold protecting the city would be a matter for the entire fealty. I don't think Nerea currently has the resources to be making more constructions at the moment. Viessa is currently funding her own explorations, as I plan to as well."

Velandria's arrival is unannounced because she's really been here all along, she's just reticent. Aa serene smile on her face, head dipped respectfully to those that enter. Blue eyes shift from face to face as people speak.

Xalor nods his head toward the others in attendance, and in fact goes to sit next to Rythadrien. On the right. That's... that's the job, right? They seem inclined to quiet, listening to the back end of plans they missed the front end of. Well, plans and proto-plans and hopes, anyway.

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Consequently, Darinel also has a map on the table, and is taking notes of what areas people are mentioning they want to look at. It's part and parcel for the would be explorer, or - former explorer if you take her Kinlessa-ness into consideration, though she makes sure she gets to explore all the same!! She nods her head at each item, licking her lips, and then points to the place just exactly northwestish of Bidal Falls. "This is were Alcaldia wants to explore next, though if it is a better place for the Kinship we'll figure something else out. We can go south instead. I'd like to keep our lands together, so they are not entirely spread out all over the place completely, at least for the first two settlements. It'll be easier to maintain that way, and not have the family so spread apart. Especially since we've no standing guards of our own, and can't protect the settlements if they are spread so far apart."

Shakian taps the unexplored region beyond the region Darinel earmarked for Alcadia. "I would like to look around here, see what it is like in terms of farmland or if there are resources in the area. Exploring by foot is slower, of course, but I dislike being unaware of the terrain so close to our homes."

"Describing Forwen as impetuous," Ryth begins with a soft chuckle, "That's fitting for sure." The small book he carried earlier is then opened and he lifts it up to take a closer look, then, it is shared with Xalor and he leans over to whisper something to them. A glance is cut to Velandria and he winks at the Wave Speaker, then he looks back out at the others. "It sounds as though everyone has great plans and to see the passion that is expressed here to discover so rapidly brings joy to my heart."

The Chief then looks back down at his book for a moment, "Given the routes that everyone else has spoken of, I would personally be curious to discover what is Northeast of Selene Harbor. From our maps it looks like there is land, I am curious how large that land is. Not to mention from a strategic view having a strong naval force there that could act to intercept anything moving toward us from that direction." Once more he looks around the room, stopping briefly on each member of the Trident, and their seconds.

Sulis, the water lizard, Rimaru arrive, following Selandriel.

Vindal nods his agreement with Rythadrien. "Not that it's really my area of expertise, but that does seem a very solid idea, Chief." Then he looks toward Talien. "Would you agree, Admiral?"

Talien glances up towards Vindal and offers a slight nod. "Initially it had been Reymar's intention to map out the sea to the north, but so far as we've been able to tell, it's nothing but open ocean. Still, it could be worth making certain."

Selandriel walks into the chamber and then she makes her way to the center table to sit next to Vindal. She leans over to whisper to him softly as she settles into place.

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Xalor exchanges a few words and rather vivid facial expressions with Rythadrien, then takes the book to look at, a murmur following as they rub their mouth.

Darinel notes as she points the map, which has been updated with notes. "There's a series of islands there, that no one has explored yet. At least in the part that the Chief is talking about. Since that's where he wishes to explore, then we'll continue with our plans to go northwest of Bidal Falls. We'll travel south next, if time and opportunity allows, but won't fault anyone if they get there first." Like with the piece of land that Nerea managed to snag. "I am finding the silver flow from our stone keep has been quite resourceful, and hopefully we'll have enough for another in no time at all, unlike last time when we were not quite so prepared." She grins a bit sheepishly at that. She looks to Selandriel as she arrives, nodding her head. "Kinlessa, has House Marindur considered who they will be sending on the Aeran expedition? Ideally, we want membership of all houses represented when the Kinship goes out exploring."

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Vindal leans in to listen to his wife's whispered words, and then turns to murmur a few in return. Then he sits back and lets her field that question. Now that she's here, he's off the clock.

Selandriel nods at whatever Vindal responds to her and then she settles back. "Ah yes. As for the expedition, we only have one volunteer and so if Wynnimir wants to go, I give him leave to do so." She nods over to where the Marindur sits. "As for expeditions, I would like to propose something as far as my personal preferences, but I realize that logistically, it might not be possible. I'd like to have links between all the Marindur settlements. Some means of reaching them through land or water that does not have to cross someone else's claimed areas. We will be looking toward areas that will facilitate that."

Wynnimir sitting up again, Wynn nods at Selandriel's words. "OH! Yes! I've been cooped up too long!" it's been a couple weeks... really, "I would most certainly volunteer my services to House and Kinship!"

Xalor straightens at Selandriel's words - interested, perhaps confused. "Settlements? We've only got one."

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At his dark, brooding corner, which was probably just jolly and well illuminated before the permanent raincloud that is Odissin showed up - Odissin does in fact, at long last finally chime in. Before now? Well, there was a pesky bit of something stuck in his teeth he had to pick out with a knife. As the bit of green goes flying across his table, he sucks his teeth once, the knife going back into his well-worn leather boots, and finally drawls, "My son has the right of it. We're taking residence over going to the West, controlling the mouth of the river, guardin' that grove, and we have built our shipyards. Reymar will remain the military backbone of all Aeran and help keep our fleet that way." Oh no. He has noticed some dirt under nails, and begins to stare at that with a furrowed brow.

"I'm certain she means for future settlements," Darinel says to Xalor. "That's what I was attempting to do with Alcaldia, to be honest. But, I think at this point that's going to be more a hope than a certainty with the way things have panned out." She eyes the map, looking over the various explored places and such, and the places where others are attempting to explore. "It'll all work out in the end, I'm sure," she remarks, sitting up straighter as she does. She looks back to Rythadrien, "So, the islands for sure then? If House Reymar their representative that can go, then I can get those plans underway." She glances over at Odissin as he speaks, nodding. "We've marked out the place Admiral Talien mentioned. Did you have a representative in mind for the Aeran exploration? Or, were you interested in going yourself?"

Shakian continues eyeing the map. His tiger cub rests near his feet.

Selandriel grins at her sibling and then nods at Darinel's assessment. "Yes, that. Again, we'd like to, but we also realize that it might not be feasible. Best to get it out in the open, though."

Xalor's mouth makes a round shape, agreement; they rub their eyes a moment. "Continuity is a reasonable priority, in theory, but practically difficult. I don't expect any of us will be claiming exclusive rights to this or that bit of sea, after all; that should be enough to see us where we need to go."

Odissin's lips curl into that habitual shark's smile. "Of course I'll go, but I'll give the rest of my house a go at it first. I do need more salt on my face, keep the wrinkles prominent n'all, y'know? Really unsettle the youngins."

"Or, perhaps, the sirens as we pass by them?" Darinel quiks lightly at Odissin. Though she does give Shakian a curious look. "Shakian, I do have to ask. Is it Nerea's intention to just keep exploring and potentially claiming land, or are there areas that have been explored that you don't intend to settle? So far, by my count, House Nerea has two areas already explored, that have potential settlements, but you've also claimed two other plots tonight for exploration, on top of Selene Harbor." She puts that out there in the open, as she eyes the map further.

Rythadrien leans in whisper something to Xalor, grins and then draws away before addressing the gathered, though his eyes specifically fall on Darinel. "Yes, the islands it is." then he folds his book closed and places it down beside him, "Also," the Chief begins while standing to his full height, his lips thinning out into a smirk. "As per the agreement made with the wonderful Kinlessa," a gesture is made toward Darinel, "I shall personally be going on this expedition as well, as the representative of Aeran as a Kinship. I look forward to seeing first hand how well our families work together for our greater good. And I remind, we are blessed to be able to work in such agreement. We not only strengthen ourselves, but our kind as a whole with what we seek to accomplish. Let us never forget our why." then, curious as to what Shakian has to say in answer to Darinel he falls back into his seat and looks toward the other Nerea with curiosity.

Shakian shrugs at the thought. "My feeling is that we need to find out what's out there. Once we know what it is, we can decide what we want to do about settling it." He point at some of the empty regions. "If there's nothing there, what is the point? But Kinlector Octalin and I do not see eye to eye on this. He is the reason we built the outpost at Selene Harbor."

Wynnimir is sleeping, maybe, his eyes are closed, or they're mostly closed. Periodically his ear perks during the goings on, but he made his stance to volunteer... the rest is far over his head for the moment.

"The sirens would be blessed to hear my voice, make -them- swoon for what it's worth." Odissin drawls, his tone dawdling near sardonic. A beat. "I'm pretty fine with the Chief going, as long as his parrot stays out of my quarters." There is good humor in his unsettling cobalt gaze for a pasing moment, and then as all tides, it ebbs and drifts to Shakian. "Because we are the first that will ever see the Host shall they come across those same waters that we did. Even if it is a simple outpost, we need eyes as many as we can spare them, along these shores."

passing moment*

Darinel inclines her head a bit to what Shakian has to say, a thoughtful look coming to her features. She seems content with his response. She looks over at Odissin and grins. "That would be a sight, seeing you make the sirens swoon." She winks at the elder elf, then nods. "I think tonight has well and good served its purpose. Does anyone have anything else to add or say before we adjourn for the evening?" she asks. "If not, I'll start working up the plains for the Aeran exploration, while I wait on House Reymar's representative to be decided."

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"I would ask that after the meeting concludes Shakian come and speak with me, but I have nothing else to add." Ryth begins, "A well executed meeting Kinlessa Darinel," with this he brings his hands together to offer a warm applause.

Xalor shakes their head. "Nothing. Unless one of you is an expert on cliff-dwelling egg-laying creatures, I've nothing." They smile, and sigh, and nod at something Rythadrien murmurs, but that's it for them.

Selandriel smiles at Darinel. "Thanks for keeping us organized. I admit, I get distracted before I can get things actually logical in most cases."

Shakian reports, "I will be calling a house meeting soon where I will communicate what we have discussed today. If we want to rethink our plans as a family, I will contact you immediately." He nods to the Chief. "Yes, of course. I am at your service as always."

Darinel nods her head, as seemingly most people are in agreement. "Very well then, let's call this meeting adjourned, and if you have changes for the map other than what we discussed tonight, do please let me know so I can make the adjustments."

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