PRP: The Traveling Menagerie

A traveling salesman comes to town bearing wonderfully trained companion animals at exceptionally reasonable prices! Come visit Parri as he brings all sorts of wonders for you to buy for a mere song!


Oct. 9, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Belstrom Theleria Alistair Zymandi Joran Aileana Aganor Llaryn Saga Sylindra Inweth Ayala



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Mountain Base Market Plaza

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Belstrom says, "They," Belstrom corrects mildly, looking at the glowing first citizen. "That's good to hear. I'm sure you'll control it with practice."

There's a jingling bell, a small monkey swings it back and forth, back and forth. He's wearing a short yellow tunic. His long tail is decorated with a wisp of a white bow. "Jonquil, now Jonquil," says a low, booming voice from inside the caravan. "Slower, ring it slower. Easy does it, you don't want to scare the otters again!" The voice laughs. The monkey rings. Slower.

Theleria covers her mouth, "They. Oh Gala forgive me." she tugs at the gathers of her dress for a moment, "Thank you." a pause as she takes in a breath and exhales, "Oh, right. I do intend to help send some additional donation towards the priesthood when possible." but then there's a monkey, and a bell. "Wow, what is that?" she indicates with a direction change and nod of her head.

Diana arrives, following Aileana.

Count Chubbles arrives, following Rawlin.

Count Chubbles leaves, following Rawlin.

Belstrom says, "No rush," Belstrom replies, looking at the festooned wagon and monkey. "Minstrels, perhaps?"

Theleria hms softly as she walks in the direction of the wagon, "Would they use a monkey though?"

The little monkey with his bell rings merrily at everyone who arrives in the market square. The caravan is set up to the side. The booming laugh inside the caravan continues, as a ferret on a leash emerges, taking his place next to the monkey. He stands on his back legs, nose all a-wrinkle. A few very large rosettes of silk and paper fly out of the back of the caravan, too, landing amongst the animals, who are undisturbed.

With the prospect of animals to be seen, there was absolutely no chance that Alistair was going to miss this. Making his way in from the northern road, accompanied by Aileana, there's a large smile on his face, one that grows even more so at the little monkey that rings a bell at everyone. A glance to the side and it's followed by a quick little chuckle, "Well, off to a great start. Gotta admit, that's a unique greeting."

Belstrom chuckles, following Theleria toward the wagon curiously.

Barfolemew, a small sand cat arrives, following Zymandi.

Zymandi squints at a loud monkey as she creeps her way into the market square, "What the.."

Joran wanders into the plaza from the western perimeter, perhaps drawn by curiosity but approaching nonetheless. His thumbs are hooked against his belt as he draws closer to the caravan, a brow arching idly at the sight and sound of a monkey ringing a bell.

Aileana really only pays attention to animals if she's hunting them. But there's no way she would turn down Ali's offer to tag along. She laughs to see the confetti of rosettes, "It's no bomb of glitter, but, it's definitely eye-catching." Her head turns, her gaze drawn by the monkey's bell, and she takes Ali's elbow, pointing curiously to the creature he's already looking at. "What IS that? Look how long his tail is?" She looks. "It's strangely proportioned, but sort of cute." Her head tilts the other way as she appraises it. "It looks like it would be stringy, though. Probably not good for much but stews and braising..."

Aganor enters the area, he has heard the commotion this direction and decided he wanted to investigate, he pauses as he sees the large caravan and its odd creatures.

Wandering over to Joran and Aganor, Zymandi points (very unnecessarily) at the animals. "Look, Joran. A new minstrel for the Warlord."

Count Chubbles arrives, following Rawlin.

The booming voice in the caravan calls out, "Hyah then! Hyahh! Jonquil, dance!" And the monkey stops clanging his bell and rises up, dancing. He takes the hand of the ferret and bows in courtly fashion. The Lorandi poise has nothing on this monkey. More flowers come from the cavern, as well as a dove, which soars up and off into the sky, a ribbon falling in a slow spinning arc as the dove drops it mid-flight.

Count Chubbles leaves, following Rawlin.

Jiro, ever vigilant condor, Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar arrive, following Sylindra.

If Alistair had a reply to anything else that Aileana had spoken, it's cut off at the mention of cooking the poor little monkey. There's an arch of his brow, a laugh and a shake of his head, "No, no. Those are not creatures that you eat, Allie. Not at all." Another little laugh and another shake of his head, "Most of the things that you'll see here wouldn't be all that good for stews and the like, in fact. It's more about companionship."

With a low snort in amusement, Joran looks to Zymandi after a squint somewhere through the crowd at mention of glitterbombs. "Just what she needs, something to run ahead of her and play some music to enter to." Which appropriately seems to summon the Warlord herself. Without fanfare played by monkeys, sadly.

Theleria claps for the animals as they start to perform, saying to Belstrom, "How lovely. I wonder if they're for sale or just for show."

Llaryn is making her way through the marketplace when she catches sight of the activity near the caravan. Her steps slow and her former path is abandoned in favor of having a closer look.

"I would like one of those clanging furry things," Zymandi says, innocently, "For my mother, if the Warlord does not claim it."

"For sale? I suppose they might be," Belstrom leans toward Theleria as he watches the animal with amusement. He waves to Zymandi and the other Thalerith on the other side of the marketplace show.

Crete, the Brixtien Bull, Antaram, the golden eagle, Rola, the Lorandi plains lion arrive, following Saga.

Crete, the Brixtien Bull have been dismissed.

Rola, the Lorandi plains lion have been dismissed.

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar have been dismissed.

Jiro, ever vigilant condor have been dismissed.

Atlas - The Snow Owl have been dismissed.

Apollo - The Snow Wolf have been dismissed.

Barfolemew, a small sand cat have been dismissed.

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Aussloh,a huge pride lion with a pearl saddle have been dismissed.

"Everything is a creature that you eat," Aileana counters. "I mean, not that SPECIFIC one, you can tell someone cares about him. But, surely if there's one, there's more? In general, whatever it is, I think they'd need stewed if there was one snagged out in the wilds." She looks again at the monkey. Yeah. Definitely stewed. "I should think about picking something out, though. Di has gotten too haughty to carry my mail these days. It's beneath her lately. Will you help me pick one, if they wind up being for offer?" And she offers a grin as her free hand lifts to wave at Zymandi, and the two Thalerith to whom she owes culinary favors, too. "I promise, just for mail, not for soup pots."

"Jonquil is not for sale," says a loud voice. The curtains in the back of the caravan open, and am extremely large elf, tall and burly, no beard but no clue as to age, emerges. His grey-white eyes twinkle with amusement, and his black hair is braided down his back, little bells wound into the braids. "Not Jonquil, no. He is marvelous, no? Marvelous! Bow, young Jonquil!" He, himself, gives a bow as the monkey bows, and then he jumps down, landing right in front of Theleria. "Sale, yes. Yes. All Parri's creatures are marvelously trained, marvelously!" says the man. "Never saw such delightful little friends. Yes? But you come closer, you say hello. Leave your large eating-animals back there, but you may come. Yes." Waving a hand, he says, "All may come! Come see Parri's Wonders!'

Diana have been dismissed.

Zymandi waves to Belstrom mischievously and then wiggles her fingers at Aileana, before walking up to Parri, the newcomer.

Belstrom nudges Theleria, pointing at the loaf-shaped racoon with a grin.

Theleria takes a half step back when the man lands in front of her, "Oh my." then she takes a moment, glancing at the racoon pointed out. "Oh how simply adorable!"

Zymandi says, "There's an otter! AN OTTER, Belstrom!"

Belstrom nods exaggeratedly at his niece. "Your sandkit will hunt and kill it, Zymandi!"

Another little chuckle and Alistair is giving a shake of his head, "You're hopeless." There's just the hint of a tease in those words, though, and it's accompanied by a smile, "And most certainly. Hard to say what they will be selling, for, though." Looking over in the direction of where Aileana waves, he's giving a smile and then looking back towards the caraven, "But, let's go see what they have."

Zymandi says, "Barf wouldn't dare. He's a very discerning hunting cat. Plus he can't see straight."

"Parri's otters are clever, yes? Very clever. Can trick cats, no problem. No problem at all. Otter can be taught to retrieve what you wish. You lose a shiny? Otter will find," says Parri too Zymandi.

Zymandi looks enamored. Zymandi LOVES SHINIES.

"Seems like someone has found their spirit animal..", Joran muses with a glance in Zymandi's direction.

"How much would that loaf shaped little bear wearing a mask cost?" Theleria asks, pointed at the loaf shaped racoon Belstrom had indicated a moment earlier.

Zymandi wrinkles her nose at Joran briefly and checks her own pockets, for money. Ugh, paying for things.

Aileana gasps, as if she's utterly scandalized. "Hopeless? How -dare-?" But a hint of smile quirks at the corners of her lips. "I'm the only hope your family has of meals that don't taste like cardboard all winters long, so you remember that once this lovely stretch of spring has burnt out summer and the snow is thick again." She moves closer, letting Alistair take the lead, asking him as they head for a better look, "Do you think any are good for the snow? Or, any that should be avoided in the colder climes at home?"

Aganor moves closer to Zymandi, attempting to over hear the discussion

It isn't long before rumour finds Saga, and really.. It was only a matter of time before the knight showed up! She's clearly hustling to make sure she doesn't miss the event, and pale blue eyes open wide at the sight of all the animals. She doesn't even bother to glance around and see who else showed up, not yet!

"There are two otters, see, two, beautiful miss," says Parri. "This one is Catoctin. He is playful, yes? And this one, is Tomkins. He sleeps more. But both know to fetch. Both can bring you your robe while you are in the baths. Both snuggle up on their backs, at night, right by your feet. Wonderful, you look. You talk with them. See who you like." Turning his attention to Theleria, "Ah you like Sugarloaf! He is delightful, yes? Such fun! Such a little spirit he has! He knows how to pour tea. Yes, pour tea. Parri is a wonder, teaching him that!" Laugh, laugh, booming, and then, "You tell me, do you have a thing you wish to trade? What you think is fair, you tell Parri. I am not here to take all your money!" He wags a finger.

"I'm more then capable of eating berries and you know it. Those never taste like cardboard." A grin is given and then Alistair is looking over the animals, offering a little smile and nod to those that have gathered as well before he's offering back to Aileana, "Well, just about any of them could be adapted to the cold, Allie. Though some, more easily then the others."

Zymandi's foxish expression goes thoughtful and greedy at the word 'trade', which is more interesting than 'silver'. She hums to herself, eyebrows pulling together, as she digs around for something that might be worth a robe-fetching otter.

Theleria taps her chin gently, "Trade. Hmm." she moves closer to Sugarloaf and dips down to be as eye level as possible with him, "Pouring tea and being adorable are two very expensive qualities Mr. Sugarloaf Bandit." Theleria then glances over towards Parri, "What sorts of things do you normally take in trade?"

{45"Old jewelry you don't treasure anymore, old clothing I can turn into new clothing for Jonquil here. Spoons, bowls. Paintings. Anything! Whatever baubles or trinkets you wish to trade, I will take!" Parri laughs, hands on his belly. "It's fun, yes? Fun and you, you get something gone that brings no love anymore, while you also get a friend. Is fun!"

Aileana gives Alistair a /look/ that says she will find a way to make a berry taste like paper and then feed it to him, just to prove a point. But when his grin spreads, hers does too. She's told that any would adapt to cold, and so, much like Zymandi, she's drawn to the ones that attract shinies, especially when she hears they sleep upside on feet! How soft! And warm... She points to the otter closer to her, Tomkins, leaving Catoctin for the pretty Lorandi's discerning gaze. "What are your prices, Sir?" And then, a follow up question is added, "And, what does it eat?"

Zymandi approaches Parri and pulls off something on her lower leg, an ornate old silver snake clasp that winds around her calf. "You said jewelry?"

Without hesitation, Saga pulls a thin summer dress from her bag. Sunshine yellow silk, perfect for the late spring and summer. "I'll trade you this dress, but I think I'd like hold my choice until these other fine elves have made theirs." She offers the garment to Perri, glancing back to the animals on offer.

"This is lovely, yes! Miss, this Catoctin. He will be your companion. Come, come, you take his lead. You feed him fish, yes? He likes fish." This is directed to Aileana as well. "They like meat, they do not like vegetable. They also like to play games, and they like belly scratching. See?" He rubs his face in an otter stomach. Something you have literally always wanted I am sure. Parri lifts his head and sighs, happy. "Otter bellies. So soft. So warm."

Elba arrives, following Ideh.

Elba leaves, following Ideh.

Llaryn edges around the excitement stirring around Jonquil and the otters. Instead, she moves closer to the golden eagle. As the details of trade start be discussed in her periphery, Llaryn's mouth sets in what would seem to be disapproval. And yet, her eyes remain on the eagle.

Zymandi summarily trades her silver snake jewelry for Catoctin the otter, and she just frankly couldn't look more pleased with herself. "Yes, fish. I'll find it fish" her green eyes sort of stray toward Thelos' waterfall, "A shop."

Offering nothing more then a grin to that look he receives, Alistair instead keeps his attention on the animals and when Aileana points out an otter, there's a chuckle that falls past his lips, "Of course you would look at that one." The mention of baubles and the like for trade has him merely considering a moment, only to follow that up with, "Interesting." And so his hands fall to a pouch at his side, digging around inside of it.

Parri mentions trinkets and baubles, and her face falls. The hand not at Alistairs elbow lifts to her sternum, her fingers running over the barbed star of her necklace. She murmurs, her tones low. Certainly Ali will hear hear, but who knows how much further her voice will travel. "Part of me thinks that my God would see this as an open path, but, still... It holds significance in its own ways..." But, she still steps closer, letting go of Ali's arm as she squats down to get a closer look at Tomkins. "Do you ever take services in trade for goods? I'd be honored to cook you a freshly made dinner while you're here in the City? Or perhaps help to develop healthy recipes for your treasured animals that will travel and keep well when you're on the road with them?" And she looks up to Alistair as he teases her. "You always complain how cold my feet are. You should be grateful."

Parri purses his lips for a moment, and then booms laughter at Aileana. "You make Parri food. That is a trade! See, you trade. You trade meal. It is Tomkins you admire? My fishy eating friend? You may take his lead. Tomkins for meals for Parri!" He thumbs the side of his nose with a smile. "Clever girl!'

The Faenorian actually squeals with delight, clapping as Parri accepts her offer. "I will!" Allie glows with how widely she beams as she reaches for his lead when it's offered. She reaches gently and slowly to rub the belly that looks almost more like sleek silk than fur, careful in case the strange little carnivore is snappish. "Is there any foods that YOU prefer?" She knows the otter eats meat, but, what are Parri's culinary preferences?

Saga seems quite content with watching, now that her own pet is secured-- even if she doesn't know which one she'll take home yet. "I'm rather good with animals, by the way. If any of you have questions, or need a little extra training, I'm happy to help." The offer is mostly to the others, but there's a glance to Perri as well. She's already offered the dress, but.. apparently maybe help is on offer, too?

"I myself am slowly becoming a relic." Theleria states as she stands up from Sugarloaf and takes a few steps away, she offers Parri a smile. "As surprising as it may sound, I am a woman who owns very little." she continues to step away from animals, "I do hope that each of your lovely animals finds a wonderful companion and home."

Zymandi takes the lead of the other otter, beaming at Aileana. Obviously they are friends now, due to superior taste. She turns to Belstrom, Aganor and Joran, "You should get something."

"Well, it appears that the otter is going to have my gratitude," is what Alistair offers as Aileana apparently finds herself with an otter as a new pet. Letting hsi gaze drift back over towards the rest of the animals, he's giving a grin towards Perri, "Don't suppose you'd take an offer of time and willingness to help train some of your animals in trade for one of them?" A pause and then he's looking towards Saga, "You train animals as well?"

"I don't really need an animal to do my bidding," Belstrom squints at the otter.

Zymandi scoops up her new otter and scritches its belly, purring at it, "Uncle Belstrom has -elves- to do his bidding, yeshedoes."

Zymandi says, "Relic Lady, I will secure you your loaf friend if you like. You can owe -me- a favor."

"You wait!" says Parri to Theleria. "You trade something like this little misses cooking here, yes?" he says. "Do not be afraid! Let not your lack of items set you aside," says Parri. "These are accessible for all, yes? All." Parri laughs at Alistair and Saga, but it's a gentle laugh. "Parri can teach a bird to come from the sky, hop on his finger, turn around, and sing another's birdsong. I thank you, but I can train." He winks though, clearly in good humor. "Parri needs no training but perhaps you offer to help clean cages? Parri hates cleaning cages."

"I am still waiting on deliberation from Mystia as to whether or not I can adopt a kin of Bear.", Joran responds to Zymandi with a shrug. "And I do not think they would need any well trained snacks." Though, he is peering over the assembled creatures intently for some reason.

Alistair's giving a laugh at Parri's response, but he's following that up with a little bob of his head, "Fair enough. And yes, I could most certainly clean cages. I have little problem with doing that." Lifting a hand and pointing to the raccoon, there's a grin as he looks to Aileana, "That little fellow looks like he needs a home."

A very wrinkly little hedgehog noses forwards, yawning and stretching his feet forward. As his mouth opens his nose wrinkles adorably, and then he makes little smacking sounds of pleasure. Sleepy eyes blink around.

Zymandi's grin offered to Alieana is matched, and she raises the Thalerith a wink of her glittering grey eyes. Yes. It seems that snow and sand can make friends over similar tastes. Tomkins accepts her belly rub, and so Aileana scoops him up and huggles him close. "Tommy, I hope you play well with wolves, you're gonna have yourself a big sister!" Standing again, the otter cradled in her arms like a baby she adds, "And meet Ali. He'll try to teach you tricks, but, he's pretty ok other than the chores. You'll get used to him."

Aganor clears his throat, "The little sugarloaf, is Silver something you would be willing to trade?"

Theleria glances to Zymandi and then Parri and gently shakes her head. "While Mr. Sugarloaf is an impressive little masked bear." she offers a smile to all three, "It's not a lack of anything that procludes me, though." she starts towards the street, giving a wave to Belstrom as she passes him.

"Yes, if that's what you wish," Parri says, bowing to Aganor. "Sugarloaf, such a companion! You heard, he pours tea, yes?'

Belstrom waves to Theleria good bye.

Zymandi nods to Theleria with a little wave.

"Would it be alright if I offer the the dress in her name, and maybe.. a few pieces of leather for my own? For new leashes and collars, or a sharp vest for Jonquil?" She tilts her head a little, grinning to Perri. "I think Sugarloaf would love the Isalspire." She looks over as Theleria heads off, but doesn't rescind that offer.

Aileana looks as Alistair points to the chubby little thing with the stripey tail. "He has more bangles on his tail than I wear on my arm when it's a fancy occasion." And Allie can dress for a fancy occasion. "What in the world are you going to do with another critter?" Still. It's a cute and pudgy critter. "At least we know it will play well enough with Tommy. Though we'll have to see how they do with the wolves." At least their brother and sister snow wolves are well trained, so none will be snacks. "Poor Atlas will be the odd one out."

The Warlord has apparently not been feeling terribly social tonight, instead watching the proceedings from a distance, apparently content to see her kin enjoy themselves without stepping in. However when her husband expresses interest in the Raccoon, she suddenly appears to have something to say, "A raccoon, Aganor? Those things will steal anything bauble they can get their hands on and stash them somewhere inconvenient."

"You may but this gentleman here is also interested in the Loaf," says Parri to Saga. "You let me know. You two talk."

Zymandi looks offended on the fat raccoon's behalf, "It's an innocent little creature! Look how cute his -face- is. Here, I will put something else down with Aganor's silver to secure him."

Alistair is giving a little grin to Aileana, only to then point to the hedgehog, "Well, there is that. They don't do much." There's a pause and then, "And hey, critters are always good. You know how much I love them."

Aganor smiles toward Saga, "My wife would be displeased if I brought such home, I was going to make it a gift, but if you are interested that is a better home for it" He grins as his wife appears out of the crowd.

"You are interested in Wrinkles?" asks Parri of Alistair. "Would you believe I use him to help me file papers? He's so smart, so smart he is! I think he spells on his QUILLS. Amazing. Hold him gently, he looks prickles but he's gentle."

Fat little masked bears, or living pincushions. Aileana shakes her head. "That thing looks like a porcupine, but faster. I wouldn't trust it." Though, the Warlord's spouse also seems interested in the sweet little loaf. She looks to Aganor and grins, "I /do/ owe you a lesson," she teases. "It's more or less pot-sized." She then turns to Alistair? "You'd better grab the poor thing and save it such a fate. It will be on a kebab next to the krillkar otherwise." But when Parri calls him gentle, she might reconsider. "Really? HOW do you hold him gently? He looks pointy all around?"

Hearing that there are two people interested in the raccoons, Alistair is looking over in the direction of Aganor and then Saga, smile on his lips, "Well, there are two raccoons. You could each get one." He's then looking back to Parri, only to give a little nod of his head, "I am interested in Wrinkles, yes." A pause and then an arch of his brow, a laugh falling past his lips, "Smart, is he? Hmm. Take cleaning of the cages in trade for him?" Then, he's looking back over towards Aileana, a soft laugh slipping past his lips.

Belstrom points behind a wagon wheel where a black-and-white fox is watching the proceedings carefully. "What about that sly one?"

Zymandi produces a teeny piece of meat and feeds her new otter, Catoctin.

Llaryn makes a slow circuit around the caravan, not showing enough interest in the animals crated and tethered to linger further.

"Ah, yes, the handsome one asks for something. Parri will give, Parri will. For you," he says, a lilt in his voice. "A simple trade, the fox is yours. Something close, yes?"

Belstrom squints at the trader a moment, and then draws out of his bag a scarlet dress, rather daringly cut. He holds it up for Parri's approval.

To Alistair, Parri smiles. "I would love the help. I shall give you Wrinkles, yes? Cup in your hands. Give him a bowl to sleep in, he likes to sleep in!"

Zymandi says, "Wrinkles looks like he's not to be messed with."

Alistair is giving a smile to Parri, along with a little incline of his head, "I shall do just that. Thank you!" Then, his gaze is sliding over towards Zyamandi, "New battle companion. Just wait until I put a cute little helmet on him."

Saga laughs, offering a shrug to Aganor and Alistair. "She seemed enamoured with him, but didn't think she had anything to trade. It seems a shame." She pauses, glancing back to the raccoons. "I don't really know her, so if you both want a racoon.." Then, a glance to Sylindra. "I could help train one for your husband, so it doesn't steal all -your- shiny things."

"For me?' asks Parri. "A bit small for Parri, but I can let it out." He laughs, and takes the dress. "The fox can lead you down paths you wouldn't find otherwise. She is wise, this fox. She helped Parri find a resting place on the hottest of days."

Zymandi gasps immediately, "Oh he's going to be so fearsome."

Belstrom says, "Perfect," Belstrom declares, grinning. "She looks wise. She'll be a good companion for my love."

Laughing as Ali takes the hedgehog, Aileana cuddles her waterpupper close. She's about -thisclose- to calling poor Tomkins George. "Damnit, Ali," she chides her friend, "I was hoping he'd still be needing a home by the time the crowds had cleared. Emmy always needs a new paper holder." Though. There are still possibilities. When a helmet is mentioned, she grins. "Once he's protected with the helmet, can I hide him in the toe of Relios' boot sometime?"

"He's going to be the start of the new Faenor Army. General Wrinkles." Alistair offers that to Zymandi, accompanied by a wink before he's looking back over towards Aileana, a laugh falling past his lips, "Sorry. No way I'm letting Emyrion get his hands on that." There's a pause and then a snort and a shake of his head, "No. Because while Relios may not smite you, he's very liable to get cranky with me as a result."

Parri clutches his chest at Belstrom, "Your love? Ah, you wound Parri sir. I was going to see if you'd like to meet my swan," he says, winking again. "Another, though! Another pet, another day! Come, come. Who else wishes a friend? Or to send a friend to a loved one? Many more, yes, many! Parri has plenty for each and every one of you!"

The little Blade Sworn makes a helpless 'ohhhh' sound, her warrior resolve melting away in the face of a future General Wrinkles. "Well, we will have to have peace forever."

Aganor shakes his head, "The pretty starling is more my speed then the Racoon I think, but I don't /need/ another mouth to feed. I have one pet and she already demands foot rubs and back massages at all hours of the night...and she feeds me glitter as well"

Sylindra starts cackling next to Aganor, apparently terribly amused.

"The starling can not only whisper messages, but can do buttons, or snip buttons. Your enemy doesn't expect his armor snipped from behind does he. No he does not! Sir, consider the starling," says Parri. "He is a wonder."

"Exactly." Alistair lays out exactly WHY it is that Aileana would leave the hedgehog in the Lord Heir's boot. "The next time you make fun of my cooking," she explains, "I'll drop him into a boot, and then you can deal with Heir Crankypants while I sneak back out to Morinen until he cheers up again." But he said no, so, her plan is foiled. Just like the foil hat for the hedgehog. When Aganor mentions eating glitter, though, she laughs, forgetting all about her foiled attempts to poke poor Relios in his toes.

Zymandi just mouths, "Heir Crankypants," to Joran, her eyebrows wiggling.

Inweth slips into the crowded market with a slight bow of her head, her pale gray stare averted from those gathered to search the caravan in quiet curiosity.

At the remark of being fed glitter by his father and the subsequent laughter of his mother, Joran kneads at the bridge of his nose, a low mutter escaping beneath his breath. He manages to catch Zymandi's mouthed words and waggled brows, though, and his chest jostles in a near-noiseless chuckle, eyes rolling and head shaking to himself.

"Okay, okay." Saga focuses, studying the animals remaining. "The dress and.. ten pieces of quality leather for the two ferrets and Sugarloaf? Oriana has a hardtime with just Hawk, so I really feel she needs another ferret." Saga's grin is positively diabolical. She glances around, especially to Inweth, since the woman just arrived. Checking to se eif her interest clashes with anyone else's, more than likely. "Honestly, want to take them all, but I doubt the Duke would be happy with that."

"Me? Make fun of your cooking. I'm hurt that you would even suggest that," murmurs Alistair to Aileana, with a feigned look of shock. But, it's quickly followed by a grin and a little shake of his head, "But no. Lets not annoy my cousin in such a fashion."

Zymandi says, "Sugarloaf will have a good home. I think that's Lady Brixtien. The one that has a bull. And a -lion-."

Inweth's tranquil stare drifts between the caravan's birds, thoughtful eyes searching their plumage carefully.

"Done!" bellows Parri, clapping Saga friendly on the shoulder. "Collect, and deliver to your friends! Yes, deliver! Or I shall I shall," says Parri. "I can have the messengers pick them up yes." He looks at the remaining friends and says, "My little darlings someone wishes you in their lives, someone does yes. Who could say no to these faces?"

Speaking of people that make fun of her food. "Did I /tell/ you?" Aileana is still scandalized. "Seems Auntie is letting my cousin wander around unsupervised these days. He stumbled over me at the Inn and had the audacity to suggest I would poison his food." She shakes her head. As much of a prankster as she is, some things are just sacred. "Remind me, when Morinen gets together for dinner next, all he gets is ice and maybe some dead moss. He didn't believe me when I threatened it." Which then reminds her, "Oh, and I heard back from Emmy. He was so pleased that I donated so many raffle prizes to the bake sale that he let me wheedle you into an invite to Morinen's next. But he'll turn you into his new rug if you spill any of our family secrets."

Alistair is happening to catch sight of Inweth through the crowd and he's quickly calling out, "Aunt!" Yep, nothing like drawing attention. There's even a hand lifting to give a wave in her direction before he's looking back to Aileana, "Poor Bushy. Such a beautiful little creature and no one seems to want him. Maybe I should make sure he gets to a good home." Because. Animals. A pause and then, "Really? Poison his food? A little paranoid these days, isn't he?" Pause and then a laugh, "I keep secrets better then you do. I'm sure of it."

Saga is all smiles, and she happily picks up both the ferrets to cradle them in her arms. Sugarloaf's lead is taken, as well. "I think I'll send them along with little notes, explaining that they aren't to be returned to me." Saga laughs, nuzzling in against squirming ferret backs. She even offers a little wave to Zymandi, having heard her name.

Alistair's voice, at first, does little to draw Inweth from her train of thought. Her red lashes give a slow blink over her eyes as her gaze turns, searching, before settling toward her nephew. Her lips curl to an easy smile at the sight of him, eyes lit with humor as she lifts a hand, gingerly, to return Alistair's greeting with a small wave of her own.

Belstrom takes the black and white fox carefully from Parri and heads north, waving goodbye to those he knows.

Ayala arrives, perfectly on time. Per immediately pending the Menagerie selling clear of its stock. She will make the rounds in inspecting what remains with a thoughtful expression, judging each on a criteria not entirely clear.

Poor Brushy indeed. The fat little bear with the tiny little robber mask. He's too fetching. And he's SO FLUFFY! "It's a shame to see him so lonely," she admits. "And you wouldn't have to worry about me hiding him in Relios' shoes. He's far too large for that." She grins to Inweth as Ali calls to her, and her arms are too full of otter to wave. So instead, she just offers her a large smile and a jerk of her chin to beckon the Aenorr to come and join them. "If no one else takes him, yes. He can't be left all on his lonesome, it's just too sad to think of it." Allie? An enabler to her bestie's problem? Never.

"Ayala!" Saga lifts a hand to wave to her cousin, and quickly hurries over to see which animal is catching her eye the most. "I'm glad to see you here!" The younger knight is very, very childishly happy right now.

Parri watches Belstrom leave and asks, "What's the name of that elf?" He strokes his beardless chin for a moment, and then merrily says, "There's animals still needing homes, my friends! Parri wants you to make a deal!"

When Inweth returns the wave, Alistair's smile grows before he's looking back over towards Aileana, "No hiding nay of themin Relios' boot." But, there's another laugh and a little shake of his head before he's looking back to Parri, "Well, good sir, if no one wants Bushy, I would love to take him off your hands as well. He'd be the perfect little companion to keep General Wrinkles in line. And I probably have an old necklace and some spare leathers that could be traded for him."

Aganor approaches Parra and offers a pouch of silver, "The rainbow coloured bird, I could use a messenger, will it do well in the desert heat?"

Zymandi studies the birds and the badger as she strokes her otter's silky belly fur, looking something conniving. "Oh, that's my uncle. Belstrom."

Inweth dips her chin in greeting toward Aileana as the woman beams her a smile. At the jerk of her chin, her hand falls, and her head bows further in a show of deference. Wordlessly, she works her way through the crowd, easing her way to Alistair and the otter-wielding Aileana. "Enjoying yourselves?" she questions in a soft voice, a faint sense of amusement warming her tone.

"That was High Priest Belstrom," Aileana provides to Parri as the Priest wanders off with his new fox. "You can usually reach him through the Shrine of Acheron," is the suggestion that follows. Yeah. She's definitely not the secret-keeper between the pair. And she grins again to Zymandi as their fire and ice pairing seems to have her providing the same answer, too.

Sylindra steps forward and puts her hand over husband's. "No I've got it," she says, then asks Parri, "Would you take a spring toulip for the starling?"

"Belstrom, yes. Such pretty hair that one has," says Parri, and picks up Balsam. "You will go visit that charming young man. Yes?" Then she smiles to Aganor, "Roan! Yes, for you he will be perfect!" And then he smiles to Ayala who is eyeing an animal, too. "Oh my dear," he says to Sylindra. "This man has just purchased Roan, the Starling. But I think you two are acquainted, yes?" Parri gestures too Aganor.

"Yes it's for him, I meant to pay for him!" the Warlord clarifies.

"My mistake, yes. Yes. That, of course, is a fantastic trade!" Parri nods. "I would be happy to accept."

Zymandi says, "I would like the guinea pig, please, for a gift for my cousin's baby. But I don't have anything left to trade. Unless you deal in favors."

"Enjoying," Aileana tells Inweth, "As well as acquiring." She shows Inweth her new otter. "This is Tomkins. Tommy apparently likes meat and fish, so, he should fit right in up in the mountains with us." So far, the other acquistions are Ali's, so, he can make those introductions.

Ayala is currently cradling Sassafras, a keen-eyed pigeon, holding him in her cupped hands. At the unexpected hailing, she turns and smiles at Saga. "Oh, cousin. I hadn't thought to see anyone I knew here. How have you been?"

"Favors, yes. You can do a future favor for Parri, yes?" says Parri to Zymandi. "Sequoyah will be long haired. And he can fit in places most cannot go." He leans and whispers.

Zymandi beams, smiling deviously, "Yes, yes, perfect. A future favor. No questions asked."

"That pigeon suits you," Parri notes too Ayala. "He is very well trained, yes. One time, he brought me a cookie from miles and miles and miles away. A craving Parri had, yes?"

Turning his attention over towards Inweth, Alistair allows hte smile to rest easily on his lips as he gives a litlte bob of his head towards her, "Very much so. And as Allie has said, we're aquiring." There's a little pause and then a grin, "If I didn't think Relios would kill me, I'd stock all of Aenorr with animals."

A baby?!? Ugh. Aileana hears Zymandi offer to bargain in favors, and calls over to Parri, "Good Sir! If you would trade her the pig from Guin-knee, I would happily add dessert to the dinner that I owe you in exchange for it?" Because trading away un-named favors to un-known elves can be a very dangerous game.

Inweth's gaze flits over Aileana's expression at her mention of Acharon, though it quickly drops to her otter as it's shown for her inspection. There's a calculating hum as she sizes the furry creature over. "He looks to be very soft," she observes.

"No no, no do not worry. This dark haired elf looks much like Parri, yes? We will be fine, she will help if Parri needs," says Parri, waving a hand. "You do not worry."

Zymandi nods to Aileana gratefully, though something about her general.. getup.. suggests a favor from Zymandi might involve weighing something down and sinking it into a lake. "Oh yes, a dessert. Thank you, Lady Chef."

"Of course I'm here." There's a devilish grin, and then a sly glance over to the badger. "Do you think we should get the Duke a new friend?" Oh, she can't be serious, can she? "It's a shame you don't have any ducks, Perri. I know several people that need ducks."

The faint curve of Inweth's smile peaks higher at Alistair's words, eyes narrow and knowing as she casts her gaze toward him. "Do you think it would bother him?" she questions, a playful lilt to her tone.

"Parri can come through town again with ducks," says Parri, nodding. "But you like Balsam yes? He can find things hidden in the dirt he can. Digs better than anything Parri has ever seen!"

"Oh, a cookie hunter?" Ayala asks with the appropriately knowing wink. "The skill to find is rare, and the loyalty not to eat it even more so." Her thumb strokes back feathers as she asks, briefly, "That is why I was here. I thought another for the aviary would be appreciated. Ever since... well, we haven't picked any for quite some time. Master Parri, you accept coins?"

As Aileana deals with unfavoring Zymandi's purchase, Alistair is giving a little nod of his head towards Inweth, a chuckle falling past his lips, "I'm pretty sure that he isn't going to tolerate my own personal zoo within the House, no matter how well trained they might be." There is a little grin, though, "It is a touch tempting to try, though."

Ailea shrugs as her offer is turned down, shooting Zy an 'I tried' kind of a look. And then she nods to Inwith, "He IS!" The otter is so sleek. "Soft, and silky all at the same time. Surprisingly docile. Would you like to hold him?" She looks up as digging is mentioned, though. "Can he dig through snow, too?" She won't step on the other woman's toes, if Saga makes another acquistion, but, a creature who can dig trhough snow would be incredibly useful.

"Aye, miss," says Parri too Ayala.

"I believe it's High Lord Cayn you would need to convince," Inweth wonders lightly, her attention pulling back toward the caravan.

"Snow? Of course, snow is cold but less packed than dirt," says Parri. "Once in the mountains I... but that's another story." Parri winks, thumbing his nose again. "Someone take poor Balsam so Parri can go have mead! All can join."

"So is the -king- a duck? Or.." Zymandi wonders vaguely, half paying attention to the chatter around her.

"As long as he can dig in the snow, I'll take him from your hands in trade for dessert added to your dinner?" He wouldn't take it for Zy's piggy, but. It seems to be Aileana's final offer for the badgerbadgerbadgerbadger.

"For you, yes," says Parri, grinning. "He may go. You have saved the Belstrom from a surprise badger," he says. "And now! Parri has all the animals gone, look. i must go find and train more! More!'

"I'm not sure that Cayn would actually notice. Not unless I got one and sent it directly to him." Which is tempted too, but the though whisked away as Alistair gives a little shake of his head, "We could make the House full of animals. Our own private little army. Fierce and scary."

Zymandi whispers loudly to Aileana, "Belstrom is terrible with animals. You've done the badger a favor."

"You could always loan him a helmeted paperweight?" It's not quite the same as sending Cayn a pet, but, Aileana suggests it to Alistair none the less. She carefully sets Tomkins down, holding onto his leash, and then she takes the leash from Parri for the badger, too. Laughing at Zy's loud whisper she confesses, "He's going to be a gift, I suspect, but I promise he goes to a good home!"

"I'm frankly wondering how Belstrom's new fox is going to get along with his old scorpion. They are not the friendliest of creatures scorpions, and deathstalkers are... well named," the Warlord says.

Parri begins packing up the caravan. The monkey hops on his shoulder, and wraps his tail around Parri's neck. The empty cages are packed back in - to be cleaned, later, per agreement! The paper and silk flowers, Parri hands to those present. Gifts, yes, gifts. He bows to all present. "My friends! My new friends! Enjoy your little friends, and think of Parri!" he says.

Zymandi waves to Parri, "Goodbye, mysterious stranger!"

Saga flounces off with ferrets and raccoon, off towards the portals!

Inweth's attention shifts as a messenger taps her shoulder. Her red brows give a questioning pinch over her eyes as a folded letter is passed toward her, and as the messenger scurries off with their duty complete, she turns the paper over to tuck it to her side. Her gaze lifts to watch after the curious Parri as he sets to depart, fingers toying with the gift of her silk and paper flower.

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