Flours for Acharon

The Order of the Barbed Star is hosting a fundraiser to raise funds for the Priesthood of Acharon. Come gather on the Dreamer's Plains outside the Acadeum and the Grand Library and learn more about our first god. Renowned Lorandi Chef and Guildmaster of the Healers' Guild, Lord Zedmir Nalduine, will be catering the event with mountains of pastries for every elf to enjoy. Each pastry will cost a paltry amount of silver, and will contain a single raffle ticket that will be entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes. Come have fun, learn something, and eat pastries for the glory of Acharon!


Oct. 8, 2019, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Thorin Belstrom


Aileana Theleria Aganor Zaltar Inweth Llaryn Elstrin Zymandi Sylindra Zedmir Scalanis(RIP) Alethia



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Dreamer's Plains

Largesse Level



Belstrom drops Raffle Pastry Platter.

Firn, a large snow wolf, Huginn, a large, black raven, Strunk, an Elemental of Style, White, an Elemental of Style, Wisteria, the flowering tree elemental arrive, following Thorin.

Belstrom circulates around the little table as people begin to gather, smiling and joking.

Thorin drops Desire.

Thorin drops a Sparkling Barbed Star necklace.

Having arrived early to help get things put together and decorated, wanting to do what she could to help Acheron's priesthood, Ailiana is wiping her hands with a linen tea towel to remove the pastry crumbs and bits of butter on her fingertips from the work of arranging the beautiful offerings baked by Zedmir. With the last touches done, she folds the towel and places it aside, moving away from the tables so that others will be able to come and go to gather treats as they please.

Thorin drops New Beginnings - Meeting the Watcher.

Theleria arrives and moves towards the little table, offering a warm smile to Belstrom, "Hello there. Is there where I purchase pastries?"

Aganor heads toward the green area hand in hand with his favorite girl in a bit of a jovial mood, "See I told you they had pie"

Zaltar enter quietly into the Dreamer's Plains quietly and prowls the outskirts of the crowd, dressed in all black for the most part. He has a bird and tree elemental sitting on a shoulder each. He watches the others gathering here a moment

Inweth's gaze catches on the banners as her leisurely steps guide her nearer to the collection of tables, her attention taking its time in drifting to the pastries laid out on display. Her gaze peeks toward Belstrom and Aileana as she approaches the table, the corners of her eyes pinched with mirth as her focus drops to inspect the baked goods arranged on its surface.

Belstrom says, "It is!" Belstrom exclaims, grinning at the First Citizen as he points to the glass jar. "As many as you like.""

The Dreamer's Plains are busy this morning. Tables are set out with rows upon rows of delicious, flaky pastries and festooned with banners sporting the blue barbed star of Acharon's priesthood. There is a large glass jar in the center of the plains on a large platform that has steps leading up to it. The platform looks hastily constructed, and rather temporary. Priests and initiates roam about the plains encouraging those arriving to make a donation and take some pastries.

Whisper arrives, following Elstrin.

Thorin checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

Belstrom grins winningly at Inweth, gesturing to the prizes. "You could win. Take a delicious risk!"

Theleria inclines her head and then places coins into the jar with a metal on glass clink. "However many a hundred silver will fetch me. I'd do more, but I just emptied my coffers for similar causes." she smiles softly to him.

Whisper leaves, following Elstrin.

Whisper arrives, following Elstrin.

Belstrom points out some delicious crumpets and sets them on a plate for her. "Thank you very much, First Citizen. You are as generous as you are hungry."

A slow beat of crimson lashes and Inweth's eyes are turned toward Theleria, curious. Her attention drifts back toward Belstrom at his answer to the inquiry, and a warm smile tugs at her lips at his encouragement. She dips her head lightly toward the man as she reaches to ease open her purse. "I'll test my luck."

Zaltar hands Belstrom a small bag of coins when there is room to around the others. "All I have to offer, sorry," he says softly, then shyly stands as he waits after handing over his coin

Aganor makes a payment for a couple pastries, one for himself, and a second for his wife, offering her choice before checking his carefully for any...bits of paper he would rather not eat.

Catching the smile offered by Inweth, Aileana returns the expression, glad to see the Aenorr here in Thelos for the event. She also catches an elf she recognizes but only barely knows, and she lifts a hand to wave to Zaltar as well. She makes her way towards the donation jar, dipping her hand into a pocket hidden in the pleats of her skirt before dropping the coins with a tinkling ring into the jar along with the other offerings to her patron.

Inweth's fingers close themselves carefully around a counted measure of coins, her purse snapped lightly shut as she reaches to hand them toward Belstrom. She accepts her pastry with a grateful nod and steps out of the way to inspect it, picking it apart with careful interest.

"Oh, these look delicious. Thank you High Priest, I shall thoroughly enjoy them." Theleria dips her head, taking the selected pastry and moving away from the table to provide ample room for others as the crowd starts to form around her. She moves off to get a decent view of the tree and beehive, gently biting into a crumpet before suddenly exclaiming, "Oh my. They really do have tickets inside. How incredibly clever of the baker!"

Llaryn makes her way toward the gathering, taking in the decorations and the flurry of activity with an appreciative gaze. Despite the encouragement of an enthusiastic initiate, she remains on the fringes of the gathering, opting for observation over participation. For now.

Belstrom says, "Thank you, brother, and you, lady." He nods. "Zedmir is really impressive, isn't he?"

Elstrin seems hurried as she rushes towards the plains, a pudgy snow owl sitting on top of her head and bouncing in tune with her steps. Reaching the edge of the plains, she'll stop to catch a breath before walking into the party towards the high priest and those assembled. "High Priest Belstrom, I apologize for being late. Hopefully I didn't miss too much of the festivities."

Belstrom says, "Not at all! Welcome!" Belstrom pats her arm and gestures to the pastries and prizes spread out. "Delicious choices, all!"

Inweth curls a ticket away in her fist for safekeeping, giving thorough search of her pastry. The crisp flour peels away with ease at her efforts, leaving the biscuit limp and tattered in her hand. Despite the fact there seems little left to search, she seems to persist.

Barfolemew, a small sand cat arrives, following Zymandi.

Belstrom offers a child a circular treat with a grin. No charge.

Barfolemew, a small sand cat leaves, following Zymandi.

Inweth finally relents in abusing her pastry, its sagged, broken shape hanging defeated from her grasp. Cautiously, she tears a small bit of bread from her purchase and pops it in her mouth, testing its flavor.

Barfolemew, a small sand cat arrives, following Zymandi.

Thorin emerges from the Acadeum, his snow wolf and entourage of elementals trailing behind him. Huginn is perched up on his shoulder. The Chaos Knight strides across the plains, smiling and waving greetings to everybody, familiar or not. He's headed straight for that platform. He climbs up on it right next to the jar and then reaches up to tap his throat a couple of times. A moment later a booming CAW CAW CAW fills the ears of all those gathered as the magically amplified voice of a large black raven cries out across the plains.

The silence that follows is a relief, and makes it all the more surprising when Thorin's voice follows, not quite so harsh on the ears, but just as loud. "Hello! Good morning! I am Sir Thorin Egilion, and on behalf of the Order of the Barbed Star, and the Priesthood of Acharon, I would like to welcome you to our fundraiser," he says. His hand rests on the jar and he peers in it. "I'm really excited to announce that not only are we raising money today for the Priesthood of Acharon, but also for the Healers' Guild of Thelos. Guildmaster Zedmir Nalduine made all of the pastries here that you see today. Be careful as you eat them, though, tickets you eat are not eligible for redemption!" He chuckles, then takes a breath. "I'd like to say some special thanks to some of our faithful who have donated their time and effort to make this fundraiser possible. Aileana Morinen and Diagones Egilion both contributed several items for the raffle in addition to those from the Priesthood and Order. Thanks to both of you!"

Belstrom applauds.

Zymandi wanders into the area, cradling (1) a cat, and (2) what looks like a sack of money, and beams as she slips over to Belstrom.

Barfolemew, a small sand cat have been dismissed.

Zaltar offers Aileana a shy smile as well as one to the others here. He is fidgetting with his fingers quietly as he watches and listens

Inweth claps softly for the announcement, balling the remains of her pastry carefully into her palm in order to avoid dashing it further as she taps her fingers to her wrist in gentle applause.

Having dropped her donation into the jar, Aileana is carefully looking over the pastries, as if she might be able to discern which will hold the best luck. Snagging one, she looks up just in time to hear her name. Blushing, she nods her head to Thorin in silent acknowledgement and then moves off to the side once more, out of the way of those still looking for treats and offering more coins.

Theleria claps for Thorin after he's finished speaking and continues to delicately eat through her crumpets. She starts to look around the field for a station of drinks, seeking the aide of an initiate with a motion of her arm.

Sylindra takes the pastry offered by her husband. "Thank you Aganor," she says munching on it so quickly one would think she had swallowed the ticket, but no it's intact cludged between her dextrous fingers. "Gods that is delicious! Zedmir's clever cooking all right. I skipped lunch though, so I'm going to want more."

Elstrin smiles at Belstrom, "The pastries do look delicious, I'll have to grab some. Before that, I heard something about gathering coin." Before she can settle the matter, Thorin is on stage and giving a spirited introduction to the event. She stops to listen and claps at the end, finally dropping her collection of silver into the jar Belstrom is toting around. "That should cover it. I'll go find out about these pastries."

Inweth's gray eyes cast a brief, sly glance toward Aileana, lips easing to faint and knowing smile as her gaze lights with approval. She keeps her silence as she retracts her attention, focusing instead on eating her mangled pastry with some measure of decency.

"High Priest Belstrom!" the Warlord calls out. "How many pastries does a thousand silver get me?"

Belstrom grins. "For you, warlord, a dozen."

Belstrom tucks away something his niece hands him with a pat on her back. "Thank you, dear."

Belstrom says, "Cookies, tiny cakes? What's your pleasure? These have berries on them...""

Aganor finishes picking out his tickets and then takes a bite of his own cake, smiling wide. He watches his wife and her antics and just smiles.

"Bah, a thousand silver must be worth four dozen pastries, but because I'm generous I'll take just two," the Warlord replies to Belstrom. "What do you say?"

The pastry Aileana selected is a small white cake with a large swirl of fluffy pink frosting on top, and there is a glittery sugar-rolled berry atop it as an edible decoration. Allie lifts it towards Inweth in a silent cheers from across the lawn, and then she plucks off the berry to pop it between her lips, savoring the contrast of tart juice and crystaline sweet sugar.

"Two dozen pastries that is, I know how you are," the Warlord adds a moment later.

Belstrom says, "Two thousand silver gets you two dozen pastries, warlord. The gods don't bend, even for your will." He pauses, glancing at one of the initiates. "But. I have a special gift I'll throw in."

Llaryn relents to the eager initiate's attempts to draw her into the bustle of activity just a bit by parting with a small pouch of what must be silver. As the initiate hurries off with the coins, Llaryn takes the opportunity to edge away.

Belstrom takes out a special cookie, elegantly wrapped in a little box, that seems to shimmer.

Thorin taps his throat again as he steps down off the platform and starts to meander through the crowd with Firn by his side. Huginn, the no longer amplified raven, hops off Thorin's shoulder to perch on the money jar and look at people as they pass by, glaring at them until they put something in the jar. Wisteria, his tree elemental, and her two ice elemental body guards, Strunk and White, head off in a different direction, making their way vaguely toward the Library.

Sylindra eyes the special cookie, "You have a deal High Priest."

Zymandi moves to where the pastries are, and produces three tickets, collecting a wealth of sugar in exchange.

Zaltar watches the others and their interactions with Belstorm and each other with a quiet curiousity before taking a seat somewhere and pulling out his black book to write

"This was given to me by a donor, as a thank you for some counseling I did with her. It's -quite- unique. I'm sure you'll enjoy it." With a grin, the high priest gives the box and a dozen cookies to the fearsome warlord with a sweet tooth.

Theleria finds what she'd been looking for and then searches for Thorin in the crowd, when she spots him she calls over to him. "Ah, Thorin. It's good to see you again, how are things?" moving in his direction with a measured pace.

Elstrin steps out of the way to peruse the pastries available, mostly picking up ones that seem to be modeled after some form of woodlands theme. Five pastries later and she's toting around a plate of mini leaves and trees. She seems perfectly content with this as she makes her way towards the rest of the party. The path she has chosen is taking her closer and closer to Thorin until she's within talking distance. "Thorin, Thorin Egilion. How are you and Diagones?" She seems to have interrupted another conversation, to which she nods. "Ah, apologies. Evening First Citizen."

There's a slight smile on Aileana's face as Belstrom holds up a box she recognizes all too well. But when it's gifted on to the warlord, her grey eyes briefly widen before the redhead bursts into a peal of musical laughter. She pulls a fingertip through the frosting on her cake, licking it away as she watches in amusement as the specially prepared treat is passed along.

Inweth's lashes fall slowly to blink over her eyes, her gaze pulling in idle curiosity toward Thorin. She searches him over briefly as she watches him from afar, her gaze soft as she offers him a potentially unseen smile. Her attention proves brief as her focus drops back to the remains of her pastry, fingers diligent in their work of holding it together as one piece as she tears another bite from its flaky dough.

Thorin smiles as he casts his eyes down to look at Theleria. "First Citizen! Thank you for coming out to our event. Things are going very well. How are things with you?" He glances aside toward Elstrin and smiles. "Kinlessa. I got your missive, and I meant to reply, I'm so sorry. Things have been good but busy. Belstrom just got back from breaking ground for the construction of our new keep."

Zymandi eyeballs Aileana from nearby, and glances sidelong at Sylindra.

Belstrom continues to hand out pastries and thanks to donors.

Zaltar is quietly writing and observing everyone and their actions as Belstorm hands out pastries and thanks

Sylindra checked perception + riddles at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Aganor smiles watching his wife and her fixation on the "special" cookie. He shakes his head and finishes off his pastry.

The Warlord eyes Aileana as she takes the box containging the special macaron topped with sugared violet. She glances at Belstrom, then back at the Faenor girl, "Okay, what is wrong with the pastry?" she asks.

Belstrom shrugs unknowingly, smirking at the redhead.

Belstrom says, "I've no idea, but it's certainly harmless."

"I think it is just a joke for it was referenced as a special pastry just for you Warlord, I am sure the pastry is just fine, but I will taste it for you and see if I keel over if you like," Zaltar murmurs softly as he writes

Aganor side eyes Aileana, "Dear...should I maybe check that for...anything out of the ordinary first?"

Catching the eyeballing from Zymandi, Aileanna bats her lashes as if she considers the look given perhaps to have been a flirtation. Or perhaps she's merely feigning coy and innocence. She pulls a ticket from the frosting of her pastry, unable to hear the conversation between the High Priest and the other Thalerith. She seems delighted, but also in a way innocent. Nothing about her screams maliciousness in the slightest. Though the booch pinning her sweater around her shoulders does reflect the star of the God being honored at the gathering for which they have all joined.

Belstrom gestures to the wide array of prizes available to win, hoping to tempt people into buying more pastries. More chances to win!

Theleria dips her head to Elstrin, "Hello there Kinlessa, evening. It's good to see you also." she turns her attention to Thorin as he answers her initial question, then answers his follow up. "Mostly just paperwork and keeping the senate and kinship running as smoothly as possible." she looks between the two for a moment and offers them each a smile, "I'll let you two discuss, there seems to be additional pastries with my raffle tickets in them that need purchasing."

Inweth dusts her fingers as she finishes the last of her pastry, her gaze lifting from her hands to give idle search of the gathered crowd. Her pensive stare hollows as her mind wanders, and her hands fold neatly at her lap as she closes her ticket in the safety of her fist.

Elstrin smiles at Theleria, "It's always a pelasure. You don't have to go because of me, but if you do, enjoy the pastries and walk true."
She shakes her head, "There's no need to worry about the reply. I could never be upset at Diagones or her husband and believe me, I can empathize with how things must be currently as you work to finalize the keep. We've just finished that ourselves and it was quite the ordeal." Finally reaching for one of her pastries, she manages to avoid eating the ticket, laying it off to the side. A frown appearing for a brief second as the five woods themed pastries now become four. "These are quite good."

Sylindra continues to look at the the overtly innocent-acting Aileana for a while, she shakes her head at Aganor, and calls out to the red-headed Feanor, "Hey you there! Could you come here for a moment?"

Zymandi possibly looks flirtatious all the time, but this glance is accompanied now by a blink and a head tilt, and a slow smile that belongs on some sort of hunting cat, as Sylindra calls out.

Belstrom says, "Warlord, I assure you, it's simply a delicious pastry. Look at the violet on top! It's edible!"

Thorin grins, and offers Theleria a small wave as she heads off, before turning back toward Elstrin. "It _is_ very hard to be upset with Dia, isn't it? She's so sweet and thoughtful. It amazes me that, nonetheless, some people still manage." He shakes his head, then glances back toward the departing First Citizen. "Speaking of the raffle, please excuse me." Then he's making his way back toward the platform and giving his throat another tap.

Suddenly the Warlord looks extremely innocent herself. "Oh yes of course Belstrom, it looks scrumptious, it's just that girl is the one who gave it to you, right? I need her help to best enjoy it."

Zaltar is back to quietly writing as his offer to taste the pastry for the Warlord is ignored. He seems uninteresting to see what will happen

Theleria dips her head to Elstrin and Thorin and moves off, heading past the Warlord of the Thalerith. A moment's glance is given towards the box containing something and Theleria stops, "Edible violets? Oh, I had a cookie just like that recently. Edible lavender though for mine. Where'd you get yours?"

Belstrom looks wary, but shrugs, turning his attention to the knight with the prizes.

By the time the Warlord gestures over to her, Aileana lifts her free hand to her chest, as if to be certain the Thalerith isn't trying to get the attention of anyone behind her. Her cake is free of frosting, and she's found three slips of tickets hidden within the fluffy swirl. Since it seems she is indeed the one being beckoned, she moves to join the group, stopping next to Belstrom as she greets him, "Hello again, High Priest. I hope you got my message of thanks earlier, to relay my gratitude from what was learned while I was endeavoring to fulfill the challenge that you set for me?" And to Sylindra, she drops a graceful curtsey, "I do not believe that we have met yet, Warlord, but of course any would know you simply from reputation. I'm Aileana Morinen. How may I help you tonight?"

Eating part of a pastry herself, Zymandi drifts up near Aileana's left side but doesn't quite move within visual range yet. "Lovely day, Warlord."

Zedmir has been a flurry of activity, as one does when catering an event. He is still directing traffic, nodding and offering smiles and waves to any elf he happens to make eye contact with. It almost goes without saying, that the man is a walking flour cloud.

Belstrom chuckles and nods at the Morinen, looking between her and Sylindra.

Sylindra smiles at Aileana and formally introduces herself, "Sylindra Filinnar, Warlord of the Thalerith. Did you make this gorgeous, delicous-looking macaron? It's a work of art, I bet it tastes like it too! I can't wait to bite into it, but I want to share half of it with my husband Aganor here. I fear that if I try to split it in half myself I will ruin its delicate layers. Could you do it?"

Dasher the Bitey Turtle arrives, delivering a message to Zedmir before departing.

"Of course, Your Warlordness." Aileana stumbles over what the proper title might be. "You may wish to pick off the flower first, though, as it may fall off in the process?" She gives the woman a moment to save the sugared petals if she wishes, but either way she takes the macaron offered and with a deft twist of her wrists and gentle fingertips she twists the two sides apart. Each crispy, chewy shell now is a half, ringed with fluffy, vanilla orchid flecked buttercream. And at the very center is a blob of jam, carefully dolloped so as not to streak and smear color into the frosting. She then offers both halves of the cookie back again to the Thaleriths.

Sylindra checked perception + riddles at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

Belstrom shakes the jar happily, about half-full of coins. "Any more? We still have some delicious pastries here..."

Elstrin is happy to set about on her pastries, being careful not to eat any tickets, but also sad as the number of forest themed items in her plate dwindles. They're just too good not to keep eating though, as she quietly eats away at them, occasionally offering a piece to the pudgy owl on her head who is staring at the food with interest.

Zymandi mouths "Your Warlordness" behind Aileana, which is not exactly helpful.

"Warlordness, I might start using that," Zaltar muses quietly as he writes, he is so helpful himself

The Warlord seems to find the title stumble amusing, but something in her looks disappointed as Aileana expertly parts the macaroon in two, and nothing seems to happen. She stares at the Faenor chef for a moment, then the she nods her head in apparent understanding and the smile returns to her face. "/Very/ well done my dear, thank you kindly for your help," she says. Then she grabs one half the macaron, and hands it over to her husband Aganor to eat, innocently holding on to her half and making no motion towards taking a bit. "It is a very nice day Zymandi," she says to her Blade Sworn idly. "Didn't start out that way, but Aganor can always cheer me up." By now she is looking at him expectantly.

Thorin speaks out, his voice again amplified so that it booms out across the plains. "It's time to start the raffle! If you haven't found all the tickets you mean to purchase, then I'd recommend finding your way to a nearby table and get some more of the Guildmaster's delectable pastries." He chuckles and offers a grin toward the busy Lorandi chef. "I'm really excited about the prizes we have available today. Aileana Morinen has offered a variety of services, as a chef and hostess, for several potential winners. My wife, the lovely Head Scholar Diagones Egilion, donated a beautiful barbed star necklace. She also painted, just for this occasion, this entrancing rendition of the scene when she along with the Commander and First Citizen met with the Tree Watcher General. It's one of a kind!" He pauses to take a breath, because breathing _is_ important, "I am also raffling off my time. Would you like the Senior Research Fellow of the Galithryn Acadeum to work on a project for you? Would you like a Medic from the Healers' Guild along on your expedition? Well, that will be the final prize raffled off tonight."

"But first," the Duindar says, and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a large glass bottle. "Our first prize, donated by the High Priest himself, is this bottle of perfume." He lifts it up so all can see, and then gives a nod toward one of the initiates who has already drawn a raffle ticket for him. Thorin looks at it and smiles. "The winning ticket is ticket number 18!"

"My pleasure entirely," Aileana mentions to the Warlord. And then Dunlain is calling out prizes. Sylindra hands half of the cookie to her spouse and then wanders a few steps away from the gathering of sand elves in order better to hear the Duindar as his announcements of tickets and prizes are made.

Focus slowly returns to Inweth's eyes as she glances down to her hands, uncurling her fingers to check the number on her ticket.

Belstrom looks around the group gathered curiously.

Elstrin gets Desire.

Aganor did in fact snag the little violet flower off the cookie just before Aileana split it. As he takes the half cookie into his hand he wraps it in the edble flower, to make sure the jam doesnt leak out as he pops it into his mouth, whole and bites down. There is a moment of silence as his closed mouth seals around the cookie, and then his cheeks first seem to fill, like a chipmunks, his eyes widen he parts his lips and sprays glitter like a fountain into his wifes face.

Elstrin coughs a bit as her number is called out. Oh dear, now she must head up to the front to get a bottle of perfume while trying to wipe pastry off her face. Making her way through the crowd, she reaches Thorin and accepts the bottle of perfume, "Thank you very much. I'll have to try this later." Stepping back, she'll wait to see what everyone else wins.

Zymandi checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 8 lower.

Sylindra checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Zymandi bursts out laughing.

Belstrom is momentarily distracted by the glitter, his eyes widening. He laughs and applauds, for the winner of the lovely and alluring prize, or for the glitter, it's hard to say.

Inweth's eyes follow Elstrin as she moves to accept her prize, lips teased in a scarce, humored smile. Her focus lifts toward Thorin as the first winner takes a step back, her ticket curled back into her fist.

Theleria takes a step away from the Thalerith as his cheeks begin to bulge, lifting a hand to her mouth to cover her lips. She moves off into the crowd to watch as the first winner collects her prize.

Whatever the Sylindra was expecting, it was clearly not for her husband to pop the whole thing into his mouth, let alone for him to immediately spit out a fountain of magical edible glitter straight at her face. Fortunately, the Warlor'd reflexes are sharp and her feet quick, so she deftly steps aside from the spray, getting none of it on herself. However since Zymandi was standing right next to her, the Blade Sworn might not be so lucky.

"Gods!" the Warlord exclaims in surprise, then bursts out laughing.

Thorin checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Aileana had kept a rather straight face the entire time, up until Aganor's cheeks chipmunked. And then her smile smirked and her shoulders hitched to hold back her laughter. But as Elstrin goes to claim her prize and the glitter fountain erupts, Allie can't help it. Her musical peal of laugher rings out again, matching Beslstrom's own as she covers her mouth with a hand. When the Warlord herself laughs, Allie does her best to control her mirth down simply to a giggle, and she promises the leader of the Thalerith Kinship, "I'll have a few dozen delivered as soon as I can bake them, in an assortment, but without any of the glitter involved."

a deathstalker scorpion have been dismissed.

Knowing this is not the first time the Thalerith leader has been involved with culinary glitter, Zedmir can't help but crack a smile, especially when it appears that everyone is taking this well, and knows its in good fun.

Thorin hands the bottle over and grins. "Here you go Kinlessa, enjoy your bottle of Desire," he says, his voice still booming out over the crowd. Then he leans over to speak with one of the initiates who then walks over to the display table to fetch the necklace and bring it to him. Thorin only then notices the explosion of glitter and chuckles, his laughter filling everybody's ears due to the magical amplification. But he gets himself together after a moment. "Next up is this beautiful silver and sapphire pendant in the shape of Acharon's barbed star." He holds it up for all to see, and then reaches down for the ticket the initiate brought him as well. "This goes to lucky number 13!"

Zaltar does not really peek up to see what happened as he writes a bit removed. "Exploding glitter, interesting," he murmer's quietly

Inweth's gaze trails to the spectacle of glitter in the crowd. Her calm stare searches over the sparkly, boisterous affair with idle interest.

Zymandi checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Zymandi is un-hit by glitter, and lazily polishes off a pastry as she watches this spectacle.

Belstrom checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

If Aileana is amused by the Warlord and the cookie she has fed to her husband, she's amazed when she hears the number called. She was so distracted that it doesn't even realize it at first. "Oh!" She gasps in excitement, and fishes one of her tickets from her pocket. She squeals when she double-checks her ticket and then lifts in in the air, waving it. Thirteen! That's Allie! The Faenor practically skips up to claim the stunning necklace that she'd been dreaming over since she first saw it. Luck really HAS been on her side tonight.

Scalanis enters the dreamer's plains with his instruments. He waves at Thorin "I'm here Thorin. Just as you asked."

Belstrom gets a fine sprinkling of glitter over his face, as he moves to protect the pastries from the overspray rather than himself. He laughs heartily, shaking his head.

Aileana takes a Sparkling Barbed Star necklace.

The Lorandi chef returns to directing various staff, making sure drinks are filled and everyone is having a good time.

Sylindra approaches her husband, still laughing. "You all right, Aganor? That was... some spray."

Elstrin steps back from receiving her prize only to find glitter all over her back and falling over the pudgy snow owl on her head. She scrunches her shoulders up as the foreign substance lands on her clothing and the snow owl hoots loudly in indignation as it cranes its neck to stare back at the warlord. "Oh my." She turns around to look for the source of glitter only to find Aganor coughing up a mouth full of glitter. "There is a first time for everything," she offers as she reaches up to pull the owl from its perch and start picking glitter out of its coat.

Belstrom pats Aganor on the shoulder, encouraging him to cough, and asks a novice to bring some water or ale.

Inweth's focus trails back to the stage, watching on quietly.

Thorin smiles when he sees who's won the necklace. "Aileana, here's your necklace. You'll surely be the _star_ of every dinner party you wear it to," he says, bending down to hand it to her with that look in his eye: that look that just begs you to groan at his pun. He rises up then and glances over toward the glitterpocalypse that's transpiring near the Warlord and chuckles again.

"The next prize is a cooking lesson from the incomparable Aileana Morinen," he says as he reaches for the ticket. "And this one goes to whomever has ticket number 8! Come up here and reach for your culinary potential!"

Aileana puts on the necklace, the jewlery almost a perfect match to her broach. And then she turns to watch the crowds, wondering with whom she'll be spending some time in a kitchen.

Scalanis checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Scalanis finds a spot in the background of the proceedings and then Scalanis sets his fingers on the strings of his lute and begins playing a melody.

Aganor coughs a little, taking the offered water he smiles toward his wife, "I...think i am...it just...expanded inside my mouth...i don't know what happened " He looks at Elstrin and pales. "Kinlessa....I am so sorry" And thats when they call his number, "eight...what...?" He says as he seems to still be trying to get his bearing.

Zymandi passes her tickets to Belstrom, "I'm off. If I win something cool, you can re-draw the ticket, Uncle."

"Good luck," Zaltar murmurs to Aganor quietly as he writes

Sylindra gives hard pats to her husband's back to help him cough out the glitter. "The macaron was magically rigged to explode in a shower of edible glitter it seems," she explains. "I've seen Zedmir do something similar with cookies before."

Dahsk, a black wolf arrives, following Alethia.

Walking cautiously out into the middle of a raffle, Alethia looks around and strokes the ears of her large Faenor wolf.

Hearing that the man who gushed over her edible glitter is also the winner of her cooking lesson, Aileana laughs all over again. Whatever luck, or perhaps fate in the acceptance of what Acheron places on the path before your life is at play here, it's certainly and unquestionably amusing."

Elstrin chuckles at Aganor, "Worry not. It's a party and what would a party be if we didn't have a little bit of glitter? I believe Whisper is more upset about this than I ever will be." As the number is called she looks around and finally resets on Aganor, "Seems like you're going to have some cooking classes!"

Thorin sees Aganor--poor, glitter spewing Aganor--raising up his ticket and can't help but laugh, the sound of it booming across the plains. "Brother Aganor! Perhaps you can ask Aileana to teach you how to make those macarons."

"Our next prize will be a private dinner party for you, your friends, and your family hosted by the incomparable Aileana Morinen," Thorin says. Reaching for the ticket his designated ticket puller is holding up for him. "This prize goes to whomever is holding ticket 11!"

Belstrom waves to the freckled priestess of Brundir. He turns around, a fine dusting of glitter shimmering in the torchlight, for her approval.

Alethia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Inweth pauses at the call of the number, her gaze picking through the crowd briefly before she slowly steps forward. Her gaze lifts toward Thorin as she approaches the stage, lifting her ticket for his attention. "I have it."

Aganor eyes Sylindra's half a macroon still uneaten and looks at her accusingly, "You knew....didnt you?" He smiles in the direction of Aileana as he hears what his prize is and then turns back to his wife, "it appears I am to be given the chance to avenge myself"

Alethia says assessingly, "You are very... shiny, High Priest." and she stands on her toes to brush some glitter off his ear.

Zaltar is here a bit removed from the crowd and the glitter and their antics. He seems to be writing quietly and observing, what a bore

Belstrom kisses Alethia on the nose, grinning. "Like a star in the sky."

Inwith wins the dinner, and Aileana grins once more. As the Aenorr goes to claim her prize, she calls out, "I'm counting your next family dinner for that!" She probably won't. But maybe. And then she turns back to Aganor,

Belstrom applauds for Inwith and Aganor. What good sports.

"I didn't know that it had /glitter/," Sylindra says innocently to Aganor.

Alethia turns pink, and rubs her nose a bit as she turns to look at the gathered people, standing at Belstrom's side. "You -are- a star. This looks like it's going to be successful for your project."

Inwith wins the dinner, and Aileana grins once more. As the Aenorr goes to claim her prize, she calls out, "I'm counting your next family dinner for that!" She probably won't. But maybe. And then she turns back to Aganor, "It appears that you will. I look forward to it, ummmm. Well. I doubt that Lord Warlord is the right bit, is it?" Whoever he is, she's looking forward to teaching him some piece of culinary artistry.

Inweth retreats a few steps from the stage as her claim is verified, a gentle smile cast toward Aileana's excitable grin. She dips her head lightly toward the young woman before turning her eyes back toward the stage.

Thorin sees his cousin raise her ticket and smiles. "Inweth! Congratulations! I can sense the potential for a delightful dinner party in your future," he says. Then he scans out over the crowd. "The next prize is the last of Aileana's offerings. You've seen what she can do here this morning. She's offering to bake and design a custom cake just for a special occasion, whatever it might be." He reaches for the ticket held up to him and reads it before calling out. "Ticket number 23!"

Belstrom puts his arm around Alethia and offers her a tiny cake, decorated with a special barbed star on top.

Aganor leans in and kisses his wife on the cheek, "Of course you didn't"

Alethia smiles at the teeny cake and eats it right there, putting a hand up only to keep it from crumbling.

The Warlord raises her hand holding ticker #23, "Right here!" She then looks at Aileana with a mischevious smile, "So, how big a cake can you bake?"

Belstrom applauds for the winners.

Aileana won the necklace she had been eying all night. Her macaron still showered its intended target with glitter, via an unexpected pathway, AND no war between Fire and Ice was declared of it. She gets to teach the Warlord's husband the secret of her macarons. She's already scheduled to host the next Aenorr family dinner, making plans with her old friend easy, and lastly, the Warlord will have her revenge for the macaron with a custom-done cake of her own. Aileana folds her hands before her, offering a delighted prayer, "Thank you, Lord Acheron, for all of the joys that you place in our path when we are willing to stride forth to meet them." Amen. Looking back to the Warlord, and her question, she laughs, "It depends on the weather, and the style, but... Bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a krilkar."

Alethia murmurs peaceably, "Glory to Acharon, and his many gifts. And cakes."

Thorin sees Sylindra raise her hand and calls out, "Glory to Acharon!" Then he laughs. "It seems somehow just right that you should win that prize, Warlord. Good luck with the dessert duel I sense in your future." He takes a moment to collect himself, and then motions over toward the display table where the lovely green painting is. "The next prize is this stunning painting of Duindar's diplomatic envoy to the Tree Watcher General," he says, reaching for a ticket. "And that goes to whomever is holding ticket number 6!"

"How big of a Krilkar," Zaltar questions curiously

Elstrin nods at Thorin and offers a "Glory to Acharon" as she does her best to clap for the winners in between holding an owl.

Theleria watches the raffle winners taking their prizes and absently decides to check her own ticket numbers to see what she has just in case. "Oh! Well, it would appear I've won something." She makes her way to the stage and shows her ticket to Thorin, "I have number six right here, you said the painting?" she pauses to look at the painting, "I know exactly where to put it."

Theleria takes New Beginnings - Meeting the Watcher.

Inweth bows her head, hands clasped at her lap. After of brief moment of her red lashes closing over her eyes, she lifts her head, eyes curious and warm as they center toward Theleria. She glances over their newfound painting briefly before directing lifting her attention toward Thorin, listening on in silence.

After her husband's kiss, the Warlord now has a big splotch of glitter all over her cheek. She doesn't seem to mind, though. "Hah, thank you Knight Thorin, I expect it shall be fun!" she replies to the Duindar's well wishes.

Thorin checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Aganor smiles his multi faceted glitter encrusted smile as he leans back from his wife, and cheers for the other winners.

"First Citizen! I can't think of a better home for this painting than yours," he says with a big smile. Then he reaches for one more ticket and holds it up in the air. "This is the last prize, everybody. I'd like to thank you all for coming out to support the Priesthood and the Guild. All of the proceeds donated this morning will be split between the two groups evenly for the betterment of all elves here in Aarandor." He takes a deep breath and then brings the ticket down. "The last prize, which is my time at your disposal, goes to our very first ticket!" He laughs. "Ticket number 1!"

Inweth smiles warmly at Thorin's laughter, her gaze cast back over her shoulder as she searches out the lucky winner.

Zaltar peeks over to Thorin and murmurs quietly, seeming unsure if he must go to the stage or not, "Ah, we shall be the best of friends then I assume."

Theleria heads off with the painting and passes by Belstrom on her way, leaning in to whisper to the priest before she leaves.

Aganor remains with his wife enjoying the festivities and staying close.

Thorin sees the ever-dark Thalerith raise his head up at the call of the last ticket and he grins. "Initiate Zaltar Aynarr, the elf who discovered Basilisk Canyon! I can't wait to see what you have in store for me." He then looks out across the crowd and smiles. "Thanks again, all of you, for showing up. We appreciate your support. Have a wonderful day. Glory to Acharon!"

Epleblomst, a short apple tree in constant bloom leaves, following Theleria.

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