Wake for Azariah Devrien

Celebrate and mourn the loss of our beloved Azariah, gone to the Sedriels but not forgotten. We'll drink in her memory.


Oct. 10, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Azariah Kalagos Nassar Dunlain Zaltar Sylindra Zymandi Joran




Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Graveyard

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Belstrom walks into the graveyard as the sun starts to set, a pair of bottles in his hand.

Dunlain is already in the graveyard, a crate on the ground next to him. His helmet is hanging from a strap on his belt.

Lenore, the ebony raven, Joshua, the tree elemental arrive, following Zaltar.

Zaltar entes the graveyard quietly, he dressed in his normal black leather attire. He finds a place on the outskirts of the crowd to silently watch what is happening

From the direction of the west comes Kalagos, clad in his regular leather armor, halberd in hand. Of course, there is a new addition upon his head, the gleaming circlet, which is the reason that this 'wake' became necessary in the first place.

"Here lies little Azzy's Devrien past. Though she has passed from this family into another, she shall always remain a dagger in dark places to me." Dunlain says in somber reverence as he looks at an empty gravespace with no stone.

Belstrom says, "Ah, the killer joins us," Belstrom jokes, patting Dunlain on the back and pointing at the proud Sedriel newlywed. He uncorks a bottle and takes a hearty drink and calls. "Evening!""

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar, Jiro, ever vigilant condor arrive, following Sylindra.

"Congradulations," Zaltar murmurs softly as he peeks over to Kalagos

Turning his attention to Belstrom, Kalagos is giving a quick laugh and a nod of his head, "What can I say, Belstrom, few can stand against my blade." A grin is given as he makes his way closer to the established group.

Dunlain feins shock and gasps in an over exaggerated manner, "How dare that defiler of familial bonds... Oh I could not keep that going."

Belstrom snickers and shakes his head, bowing it and raising his voice. "To Azariah Samaria Devrien, the bright star and polished skull in the darkness." He lifts the bottle and takes another drink, for his own toast.

Dunlain gets a bottle of cider from the crate and pops it open, drinking along with Belstrom's toast.

Zaltar grabs is own bottle of cider, popping it open to join the toast. Still hanging near the outskirts of the crowds as he does

"To Azariah Devrien!" calls out the Warlord as she's enters the graveyard, she is holding a bottle of fire whiskey. "Gone from her family far too soon." She approaches the crowd and shows them the bottle. "Look! It's the Scorpion's Sting, her brother Rivek's favourite. I thought it would be appropriate."

Sylindra drops The Scorpion's Sting, A Thalerith Fire Whiskey.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

Belstrom says, "Fancy liquor for a fancy lady. Evening Warlord. Thank you for joining us in our grief."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

A nod to Zaltar is given, followed by, "Thank you." Then, he's turning his attention to Dunlain, a low chuckle coming to be offered, "Of couse I'm the defiler of familial bonds. All to happy to make an appearance at that." His own bottle lifts in a little toast before he's taking a sip.

"Sedriel now. Sadly." Dunlain says, though the final word is given a playful tone and a quick sidelong glance at Kalagos. "I brought a crate of cider I recently made, help yourselves to a bottle. It's made from mushrooms and moss berries, and bottled with smoke made from fermented wormwood. It's quite, refreshing."

"Warlord," Zaltar murmurs softly and the approiate greeting is given her. He sips is drink and watching the others

Belstrom says, "So very, very sad," Belstrom shakes his head again, opening a bottle of cider, in addition to the bottle he brought, and trying it. "Mm, not bad."

"Well the rest of you mourn, I can certainly rejoice," offers Kalagos with a grin to them, only then give a little nod of his head in the direction fo the Warlord, "Quite appropriate, actually." His gaze plays back over towards Dunlain, "Hmm. I'll have to try a bottle of that shortly."

For someone whose wake it is, Azariah looks remarkably alive and well when she strolls in, her thumbs tucked into the belt around her waist, an amused smirk teasing at the corner of her mouth as she looks around.

Dunlain takes a good drink of his bottle and then smirks at Kalagos, "So rude. Gleefully toying with a grieving family's heart." He sticks out his tongue for a moment before looking to Belstrom, "I remember when she was young, so full of life she was. Always escaping lessons, much to my dismay."

Belstrom studiously avoids looking at Azariah, pretending she's not there. He hums a few bars and then begins to sing.

Belstrom checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher. Belstrom rolled a critical!

"What can I say. Only appropriate that I rejoice while you grieve." A grin hints to his lips and when Kalagos catches sight of Azariah making her way in, he's lifting a hand and giving her a wave.

It's surprisingly good! Who knew the old priest could sing when sufficiently inebriated?

If you listen I'll sing you a sweet little song
Of a flower that's now dropped and dead,
Yet dearer to me, yes than all of its mates,
Though each holds aloft its proud head.
Belstrom gestures for Dunlain to join in.

"Kal." Azariah greets as she moves over towards him, pausing to look towards her uncle when he begins his singing, "You'd think that he would remember I can light him on fire..." She shakes the crystal around her wrist loose, preparing to do just that.

"Oh, look the ghost or Azariah," Zaltar murmurs soflty

Dunlain stands near an empty gravespace with no stone, a crate of bottles with no label on the ground next to him. At the motion from Belstrom, Dunlain does join in. But his voice is definitely not trained or pitchperfect.

"Twas given to me by a girl that I know,
Since we've met, faith, I've known no repose,
She is dearer by far than the world's brightest star,
And that why I call her my wild Nasheri Rose!

"Belstrom has a history of showing little fear of women who can light him on fire, and his body remains remarkably uncharred, so he must be on to something," the Warlord observes.

There's a laugh from Kalagos as he dips a little nod of his head towards Azariah, "Mayhaps you should remind them of such a thing. I know I'd enjoy seeing it." There's a grin given, though he does turn his attention back to the singing, a laugh slipping past his lips.

Belstrom continues his singing, growing more mournful, although a small grin lurks behind it. "Ah, how we'll miss her."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

"You know, if she were still with us. She's probably light us both on fire right now." Dunlain quips to Belstrom after the singing is done. He takes a drink from his bottle and then gets a fresh one from the crate, offering it to Kalagos.

"Terrible." Azariah replies with a shake of her head, eyes rolling before she moves to curl her arm around Kalagos' waist, "I know where they both sleep, and since evidently I'm no longer alive, that means no one'll see me coming." She glances around, noting those that are present, and those that aren't.

Taking a deep drink, Belstrom sits under a tree near Dunlain's crate. "Where -have- you been sleeping, Dun? Because I haven't seen you in at the compound in...nearly a week."

Another chuckle is given and Kalagos is draping an arm around Azariah's shoulders as he gives a nod of his head, "True enough." His gaze plays over towards the Warlord, brow lifting, "Oh? Is that so?" Then he's looking back towards Dunlain, another lauh coming to be offered as he accepts the bottle, "Thanks."

"Probabaly somewhere with Sister Luthien Reid," Zaltar murmurs softly

Belstrom says, "Aynarr's training ravens now," Belstrom smirks at Zaltar. "To watch us. Very clever. That one knows where I was last night, too."

Dunlain smirks at Belstrom, "I've been there. Just been real quiet like. You know my room is basically sound proof with how deep into the cavern it's been cut." he chuckles, "But I have been slipping away long before the sun, and not returning until long after it's gone down." he glances over at Zaltar briefly but then turns back to the others and chuckles at Belstrom's words. "That's a scary thought."

"Much more interesting things to spy on then where you two spend your nights, no offense," Zaltar muses softly.

Zymandi walks into the graveyard, holding a bottle of alcohol.

Belstrom says, "That's good to hear," Belstrom answers mildly. "Tell us a fond memory of our dearly departed, to comfort us in our grief."

Immediately upon joining her family, Zymandi wails, "Oh Azariah...why was she taken from us so soon."

"Azariah!" the Warlord greets the lady of the hour with a big smile, having stepped away for some moments to deal with some messengers. "Azariah /Sedriel/, my congratulations to you and Kalagos! And my condolences to your poor family." She holds up a bottle of fire whiseky, "I've brought some of your brother's favourite, though it was appropriate for the circumstances. Pity he and Melindra couldn't make it."

Kalagos can't help the laugh that falls past his lips once more as he casts a look over towards Zymandi, "Let that be a testiment to the skill of my blade." He's then looking over towards Sylindra, grin on his lips.

"Now that I think about it. The lot of you were rascals when you were young." Dunlain hms softly before he takes a drink, "Fond memory, hm? The best one I can remember is when that one tutor was set ablaze, /in the library/ no less. That was fun to clean up. Took me several hours to calm that poor elf down."

Belstrom chuckles lazily. "To the fires she lit. And the hearts she set ablaze. To Azariah!"

Dunlain lifts his bottle, "Here here!"

Zymandi sniffs beleagueredly at Kalagos, "Pff, I don't want to hear about your dubious blade skills. Our poor Az. Taken in by such a Krilkar butt like Kalagos. We will light fires at the window for her visitations."

Zaltar sips at his drink quietly, watching the others, still linging at the outskirts

"Mm, roasted krilkar butt, with this cider, Dun...would be delectable. Slow roast, you know?" Belstrom has maybe wandered off topic.

Zymandi seems to reconsider. "mm.. We could hold a roast next."

Dunlain nods, "Totally." then he offers a bottle to Zymandi, "Try this. I made it. It's a cider made from mushrooms and moss berries, then stored in a smoke made from fermented wormwood."

"That sounds positively toxic," Zymandi says as she trades bottles with Dunlain. "Isn't wormwood that stuff that we use to-"

"I'm sure that he'll turn up sooner later, until then I'm happy to hold onto that bottle for him." Azariah replies to Sylindra, pausing as the toast goes up, her head shaking faintly with amusement.

Dunlain nods. "Yes."

Zymandi squints but drinks anyway.

Belstrom chuckles. "Just the smoke, though. It's not that green stuff. That'll turn you right over."

Kalagos history

Zaltar just sips the cider Dunlain brought, seeming unconcerned for his own safety at drinking such a drink

Dunlain grins, "So then, Belstrom. Your turn to share your favorite story of little Azzy."

Sylindra laughs at Azariah's comment, "I'm sure he'll understand if you take a few swigs, or more than a few. Being dearly departed makes you mighty thirsty, after all!"

Zymandi says, "This is good, Uncle. Kinda earthy but not, you know, -peat-y. To Azariah.""

Belstrom lifts his bottle, glancing at Azariah with a taunting grin while he tries to think of a story.

Halcyon, the white-tailed hawk arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

Looking over towrads Zymandi, Kalagos is giving a laugh and a shake of his head, "That the best insult you got, my dear Zymandi?" A grin is given, only for him to then offer up, "Mmm. A roast would be good."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Joran before departing.

Zymandi says, "It's tried and true, thank you."

Belstrom says, "Once, Azariah was sent to me for some theological counseling, because, you see, she wanted to know if the fires we watched were alive, or if they were gods. If they should be worshipped for the secrets they hold inside. And when I told her they were signs from the gods, but not actually alive, she said, '%$#% this ^#^%$, I'm gonna follow Acharon and do whatever the hell I want!'"

Zymandi snorts into the bottle she's currently drinking out of, and breaks off to cough.

"Thank you, Zymzyminizaroo. I'll make sure to always send new brews to you." Dunlain chimes before he then chuckles at Belstrom's story.

Zymandi says, "Is that story -true-?"

Dunlain laughs, "Okay. That's a good one. Zymzymini, your turn to share."

Belstrom bangs his bottle on the crate nearby and takes a hearty drink without answering. "Kalagos, he of the thin but well wielded blade. You go after Zymanizyms."

Zymandi seems largely unaffected by these names, and plays with the bottle as she thinks.

Kalagos is giving a laugh, followed by a little shake of his head in the direction of Belstrom, "You lot are the ones mourning. I'm the one rejoicing in this matter. Therefore, I have no need to share past stories. In fact, I take great pleasure in listening to all of yours."

Azariah snorts in amusement at Belstrom's story, but nods to Sylindra, "Just so...He'll never mind."

Zaltar is just quietly sipping his drink in the outskirts of the crowd watching and listening as usual

Joran wanders toward the graveyard, flagged down by a messenger on his approach and pausing to look over the proffered note before ambling closer. His brows tick up at the monikers used by Dunlain and Belstrom, as if he's stowing them away for use sooner or later. He offers a dip of his head and lifted hand to any who might see him approach, but otherwise appears to be making a general route toward Kalagos and Azariah to ultimately provide with an intonation and a mild smile, "Farewell Azariah Devrien, long live Azariah Sedriel. And congratulations to Kalagos Sedriel."

Zymandi says, "Okay okay. ONE time when Azariah was much younger, I let her play with one of my knives. I had just gotten it and was feeling very important, and she proceeded to chase after poor Alakir demanding to play 'Devolnu and the Duindar', and I had to chase them down before our parents noticed, and she made me PAY to get the thing back.""

Belstrom chortles at this. "Poor Alakir."

Looking to Joran, Kalagos is offering a smile and an incline of his head towards him, "Thank you, Joran." Then he's silent, listening to Zymandi's story with another little chuckle and a loft his brow, gaze turning over towards Azariah, "If you have kept up on playing with blades, we might not be having this wake."

Dunlain laughs, "Oh my gods, I remember that. Didn't you borrow the silver from me?" he grins, "Like I said, all of you were rascals."

Zymandi says, "pff. Alakir probably would have blackmailed me himself."

Belstrom says, "Not if he got stuck playing the Duindar."

Zymandi says, "I am sure I do not remember owing anyone any money."

"Of course you don't." Dunlain smirks.

"Excuse me?" Azariah's brow lift upwards at Kalagos, "I will stab you." It's a rather fond warning, though, before she glances towards Joran, "Joran...your turn to share a story about poor dearly departed Azariah Devrien."

Zymandi sighs wistfully before taking a drink of cider, "I can almost hear her voice."

Wrapping his arm more around Azariah's waist as she offers that warning, Kalagos gives a laugh, "So very noted, Az." Then at the request of a story from Joran, he's turning his attention back towards him.

Dunlain finishes his first bottle and then cracks open another one. "Anyone else want one of these. Help yourselves." he motions to a crate on the ground next to his feet, it's filled with unlabled bottles.

Zaltar listens to the stories curiously and sips his drink.

Joran concedes with a supine roll of his hands and a heft of his shoulders at Azariah's request, before wondering over to Zymandi, "Is it a voice or laughter that you are hearing, Zymzyminizaroo?" Well, didn't take him long to try one of those, at least. Back to Azariah, the Filinnar provides through a perhaps exaggerated sigh, "Perhaps the most vivid memory I recall is /some/ poor soul being within line of sight while the dearly departed was first toying with their newest, shiniest mala crystal. And ended up with half their hair set ablaze, and having to put it out with their head in the sands." An absent rub of a calloused palm against the back of his head, beneath a simply bound tair of ebon locks, before he adds, "Some think he still has not taken his head out yet."

Belstrom laughs out loud. "Good one!" He raises his bottle. "To Azariah, denuder of sand hunters!"

Zymandi side-eyes Joran's haircut as she lifts her bottle for the toast, and only wrinkles her nose at him a little bit at the name.

Zymandi says, "I have heard that legend. They say he wanders the sands to this day, possessed of but half a head."

Listening to that particular story, Kalagos is claiming another sip from his bottle and giving a little shake of his head afterwards, along with another soft chuckle, "Well, that's certainly one for me to remember."

Sylindra finally decides to try one of Dunlain's ciders. "It's... not a bad first batch Dunlain, maybe try actual wormwood instead of just wormwood smoke with the next one." Despite apparently not being that impressed, the Warlord does quickly drinks the most of the bottle.

Joran looks as if he would raise a bottle after Belstrom's call, but finding himself without one, evidently sets off to rectify the mistake with a beeline toward the source. Apparently Dunlain's ciders, somewhere. Aside to Zymandi as he moves, he adds, "And likely a half more than he deserves."

Zymandi smiled at Joran good-naturedly and clinks her bottle against his.

"I wouldn't be so hard on yourself, Joran. The hair grew back just fine..." Azariah offers with a laugh before she looks towards Dunlain, "You haven't shared a story yet."

"These are quite the stories that I'm getting to hear," is what Kalagos offers to Azariah, only to then follow that up with. He does then turn his attention to Dunlain.

Joran inclines his head in wordless appreciation to Azariah's concession before ticking a faint smile toward Zymandi and pulling a slow draw from his newly-acquired bottle.

Dunlain smirks, "Oh my dear sweet Warlord. If I were to use the pure stuff, you probably wouldn't be able to stand up right now with how much you just drank." he chuckles, "I chose the smoke and the fermentation so that it was safe to drink for the masses. This is to be one of the beverages produced by my company." after a long moment he sighs, "I feel a bit whistful, as if a distant voice is calling out to me to share a fond memory of little Azzy." a pause as he mulls it over, "Alright. So this was, during a particular time, and she was still relatively young. There were these, boys, that I suppose had a thing for a strong young woman and they were getting themselves beaten up or set on fire due to the constant barrage of kissy faces and hair pullings." he chuckles softly, "The Kinlessa was away for a while at the time, and I don't remember if no other elves wanted the job or not, but it fell to me to /have the talk/ with her. To this day, the look of disgust on her face brings near to tears in laughter."

Zaltar as his finished his cider Zaltar takes to fidgetting with his hands quietly

Belstrom takes another drink with a grin. "I told the boys. Sorry, Dun. You lost the flip."

Zymandi says, "What was this? I thought Azariah's grace was an inborn talent. She DID inherit most of the looks in the family. I'm not even sure my hair can grow that long."

Belstrom says, "She definitely got Rivek's share of Lorenil's beauty."

Zymandi says, "Rivek isn't that bad. He just sort of.. you know, is scary. He looks scary."

Azariah's nose wrinkles upwards very faintly, perhaps at the memory.

Joran muses, "If looks can be weaponized, seems they both managed it. Just along different paths."

"Hey Rivek's scary looks aren't an accident," the Warlord objects. "The man /works/ on making the masses piss themselves at his passing, give him his proper due."

Dunlain smirks at Belstrom, "That's right. It was a coin flip. I tried nose-goes but none of you were having it." then he gently presses a finger to the tip of his noes and eyes both Zymandi and Belstrom.

Listening to all of that, Kalagos is giving another little shake of his head, gaze playing over towards Azariah once more as he arches a brow, "Kissy faces. I'll make note to do that from across the room." A cough and then he's looking back towards Dunlain, only to then give a little shake of his head, "Rivek has a scary face? I can't believe that." Cough. Tease. Cough.

"I would not say it is his looks, more his manner that is intimidating," Zaltar muses quietly

Zymandi says, "He's good at what he does."

Azariah shakes her head, "I don't know what any of you are talking about. My baby brother is adorable and kind."

"Right, it's that impressively scary wife of his and her mystical glaive." Dunlain states with a chuckle, trying to figure out how to drink from under the hand that holds a finger to his nose.

Zymandi says, "Okay, to be fair, he WAS adorable when he was a baby."

Belstrom says, "It's both," Belstrom touches his nose quickly, smirking at Zymandi and Dunlain. "Rivek's both terrifying to look at and to talk to. But at least he didn't bite."

"Rivek is just a big baby," offers Kalagos with another cough, followed by, "Even when he's wielding daggers in both hands and trying to slaughter things."

"He is adorable and kind unless you are Shamash, then he is deadly and fierce," Zaltar murmers quietly

Zymandi looks unfocused as she drinks cider slowly, and then she smirks a little and shakes her head. "I'm off. We should hold that roast soon."

Belstrom says, "Where is Brother Aganor?" Belstrom asks Sylindra suddenly. "What did you do with him?"

Joran mumbles wryly, "Likely playing with his shiny new bird."

Dunlain grins, "Granted, all of you were adorable babies. Even our Warlord here. I remember when Thelindra returned with little baby Sylindra all bundled up. So precious." he smirks and then looks to Belstrom, "And you were a big baby boy when Lapis showed you off." he glances to Zymandi and nods, "Take care Two Drums and a Zymbal."

Zymandi winks at Joran before she moves off, only bending to pluck a bottle from the crate and hand it to Sylindra, "That one doesn't even make sense, Dunlain."

Belstrom looks at Joran with mildly impressed awe. "You say that right in front of her? Wow." Turning to Dunlain he lifts his chin. "I was the first. And the most beautiful. Everyone says so.

"Zymmerzymzymzyiiiiim," Belstrom mumbles, taking a drink.

"See you later Zymandi," the Warlord waves to her First Blade. Then to Belstrom she says, "He's around taking care of some business or another. While my husband makes for delectable arm candy, he does have his own matters to see to. As for the bird, I bought him a rainbow coloured starling." She looks to Azariah, "I suppose it's my turn to share an Az story as well."

Zaltar is listening to the Banter

Unlike the rest, Kalagos has been nursing his bottle, perhaps to prevent getting drop dead drunk. Plus, there's always the stories that he wants to remembers. A hand lifts to give a wave to Zymandi as she takes her leave, "Ahh, yes. It's a shame Aganor couldn't have made it. Or Deanna. Or Rivek." A pause, "Bah. So many who should have been here. All the more stories that could have been told."

Belstrom says, "So it is," Belstrom agrees, taking a slightly darker colored bottle from the crate and tossing it end over end to Sylindra. "Have another. The good stuff."

Joran offers a loose gesture of his bottle in the direction of the departing Blade Sworn, before glancing back to the exchanges at hand and swigging from his bottle of cider. He looks like he's settling in for a tale as his gaze trails toward the Warlord.

"You were also a heavy baby, Bels and whistles. Lapis had me carry you around for like, two weeks solid, as punishment for forgetting a key tidbit she'd needed for something." Dunlain lowers his hand and lifts his bottle in the other, taking a drink. "Yes. Share with us Warlord."

The Warlord deftly catches the bottle, quickly opens it, takes a swing, raises it in appreciation, then starts narrating: "This was back in Aarandor, a bit before we started the Migration. The Filinnar were having a meeting with with the Kinlessa at the Devrien compound. It was my father Norgath, my uncle Sorgath, and me becuase of course I wouldn't pass up an excuse to see Deanna. The Annihilation War is in full swing, we were talking war stuff, lost lives, lost battles, lost ground."

"It was grim stuff, things are tense as hell," the Warlored continues, "and that's when in walks little Azariah. We had met before plenty of times, but that day she was just staring at me intently, like she had never seen me before. Everyone was just ignoring her, but after staring for way too long, she interrupts the conversatoin in that overloud voice kids get, declaring as she pointed at me, 'She's not as scary as the Orgaths!' There's a moment's quiet and I go, 'I'll show you scary!' and start chasing her all over the compound, until she couldn't breathe from laughing and screaing so much."

Belstrom chuckles at the image.

Kalagos is quiet for the moment, drinking from his bottle as his gaze focuses on the Warlord, listening to the store as it gets told.

Sylindra checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

"You are not as scary as the Orgaths.", Joran observes to Sylindra before glancing a lidded-gaze toward her guardian lizard. "But none of them had a krilkar who was half the asshole that Malice is."

Belstrom checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Belstrom stands up slowly, then sits back down. "Nope."

As that story comes to be finished, Kalagos is giving another chuckle and a shake of his head, "Well .. that was most certainly not what I was coming to expect from that."

Zaltar quietly slips off

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Halcyon, the white-tailed hawk arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

Dunlain snorts while laughing and then moves over to Azariah and offers a hug, "Congrats on getting married, little Azzy. You'll always be a dagger in the dark in my book, despite the...set back." there's a shit-eatin' grin towards Kalagos.

Kalagos is matching Dunlain's snort with one of his head, following it up with a shake of his head, though there is a grin to be offered, "Don't worry, I'll take good care of your recently departed Azariah. Not that she isn't more then capable of doing that herself."

Frostbite, a large Faenor snow wolf arrives, following Relios.

Whatever was in the bottle Belstrom gave her, the Warlord seems to be keeping it together, but she doesn't seem terribly keen on taking more of it just yet. "I don't think that's what anyone was expecting out of that meeting," she says to Kalagos with a smile. "But you know, you can't forget to appreciate moments of levity even in the grimest of times, or you go mad."

Belstrom says, "We love ya, Aza. We'll miss you." Belstrom leans sleepily against the tree. "Don't go mad."

Joran after a glance toward Sylindra, Joran adds onto Belstrom's address of Azariah, "If you do, please do it a good distance away from me."

"No, I rather expect not, Warlord," is what Kalagos offers to Sylindra with a chuckle, only to then follow that up with, "But, you're not wrong in the levity bit." A glance back to Belstrom, "She'll be the best damn Sedriel that we have, Belstrom." Then, it's to Joran, "If she gets mad, I'll just send her your direction. She can still get you from a distance, remember."

Belstrom says, "Don't you go mad, either, Joran," Belstrom mumbles, his eyes half-closing. "It happens sometimes. The reaper in the desert."

Though Joran does not offer words to Kalagos, he stifles a low chuckle and shakes his head at the Blade Sworn's reply, before answering Belstrom. "At least if I do, the only thing I can lob from a distance is poorly worded insults, not gods-forsaken fireballs."

Azariah lifts a hand upwards, waving her fingers in the air until small golden sparks fall from her fingers. It's not fire. But it's at least shiny, and pretty.

Dunlain moves to pick up the crate, tucking a bottle under Belstrom's arm. "Alrighty, it's time for me to head out. I'll be back to pick up Belstrom in a little bit, but there are errands I must run."

Chest rising and falling with a slow cycling of breath, Joran's gold-flecked, viridian gaze drifts in the direction of the sparks. It's not fire, but the light and motion at least drew his attention.

"Now Joran don't sell yourself short, I've seen you sprint when your blood is up, you could close the distance on half the mages in Aarandor before they have a chance to do anything, and the other half before they could do anything twice," the Warlord says to her son.

Turning his head to press a kiss to Azariah's cheek, Kalagos then looks about before offering up, "With things beginning to die down..." A grin, "I'm going to make my way back to Nasharet."

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Frostbite, a large Faenor snow wolf leaves, following Relios.

Belstrom continues to drink. "Don't have to set 'im on fire twice. How long's it take you to draw the axe, Joran?"

Joran glances aside to Sylindra, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. "I prefer myself sold short, Warlord. Easier that way that talking anything up." At Kalagos' parting, he lifts his bottle and dips his head. "Smooth sands, until our paths cross again. Hopefully it will not be so long, though I imagine you have a bit of burying to do yet.", he says with an idle hint of mirth lacing his staccato words. Then, intoned, "Vi achareth."

Joran checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Joran wields Strength and Honor, a pair of midnight steel tabar.

Dunlain waves and heads out of the grave yard.

Dunlain has left the Thalerith Section.

Mitzi, a mischievous little ice elemental leaves, following Dunlain.

Joran flits his wrist out in a roll, a black-edged axehead aiming upward as he hikes a shrug to Belstrom's question. "Too long. Always too long." Even if it might have seemed fast enough, some things are never satisfied.

Belstrom squints at the axe and closes his eyes again.

Azariah checked wits + evocation at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

"The trick is to have them drawn already when the fight starts," the Warlord says.

Fast, slow, whatever it might be. Azariah is looking after Kalagos when he leaves, and it almost seems like she might not be paying attention. But then she glances back in Joran's direction, amusement dancing in her eyes before she summons up a small fireball, sending it flying at Joran's feet.

Joran checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Was not quite faster than the fireball, and ends up hissing out a mumbled string of curses while dancing a jig to stomp out his blazing boots.

"Glad to see you two still get along," Sylindra says with an indifferent tone, but there's a bit of a smirk on her lips.

Belstrom cracks an eyelid and smirks. "Goodgirl," he slurs.

Joran actually peels off his still-smoking boots, and socks, to stand barefoot in the graveyard. He calls out to Azariah in parting with a one-fingered salute - yes, the rude sort - and a tinge of ribbing mirth. "And I am glad you are dead, too!"

"Just think, Warlord. Once upon a time, there was a very thin, very tiny possibility you'd have gotten me as a daughter." Azariah spreads her hands out to the side, her tone dramatic. Purposefully so. But then she flicks an absent salute towards Joran, "It's wonderful being dead."

"Yes I remember, that was certainly... a time in my son's life," the Warlord says to Azariah, apparently at loss at how else to describe it. "You would have made a good Filinnar though, you have a warrior's spirit."

"We dodged an arrow.", Joran muses sidelong to his mother, though there is no malice in the statement. If anything, he seems happy for the now-Sedriel. To Azariah, he bows his head over his hands, a closed-fist salute with one hand flat atop the other. Polite more than anything, he offers, "Rest well. Perhaps not in peace, but well."

"Uh huh." Azariah replies with a smirk before she turns to head off as well, following after Kalagos.

"See you around Azariah," the Warlord says with a wave.

"See you around Azariah Sedriel," the Warlord says with a wave.

Belstrom takes another drink, still laying against the tree.

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