Garwen Priestess Induction: Eirianwen

High Priest Boros Ingith will be conducting the ceremony and rituals required to elevate his sister, Lady Eirianwen Morinen, to the rank of priestess of Garwen.


Oct. 12, 2019, 1 p.m.

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Eirianwen Boros


Inweth Relios Ellyn Emyrion Ragna Gariss Alistair Talrin Aileana



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Shrine of Garwen

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Moon Moon arrives, following Emyrion.

Frostbite, a large Faenor snow wolf arrives, following Relios.

A gentle, but very cold breeze blows through the open archways of the shrine. Priests lines the sides of the shrine, standing quietly as people stream in to see the elevation of Eirianwen to full Priestess. At the front stands Boros in white robes, a serene look on his face, watching people come in, hands held behind his back as he calmly waits seemingly unaffected by the cold.

Bjornolf, a massive alpha Faenor wolf, Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental arrive, following Ellyn.

A dichotomy in shades, High Lord Emyrion enters escorting Eirianwen on his arm, the former swathed in the splendor of golds and whites and the latter in the simplistic, humble robes to mark her a Garwen initiate. The elf maiden's colorings are of start whites and silver, no blush gracing her cheeks nor rose her lips. No finery adorns her willowy form, save for the ever-present wedding circlet with the dreamstone and opal dappling light across her delicate brow. With a murmur low to his ears alone, Eirianwen moves to depart from her husband's arm to start the trek and cross the expanse leading up to the altar where her brother stands. Respectfully and full reverance, she dips in stance and lowers her face and eyes in a humble gesture to both Garwen's altar and her High Priest.

Inweth slips her way into the shrine quietly, her head faintly bowed as she moves to claim a seat among the pearl-inlaid benches. Her hands fold neatly at her lap as she settles herself, her pale stare lifting to rest on the figure of the High Priest. Her silvery robe ruffles under the passing breeze, the cool proving to do little to affect her squared posture.

Inweth has joined the Pearl-inlaid Benches.

The Lord Heir of Aenorr sweeps into the room, his large Snow Wolf in tow, coming to a stop just as he enteres to sweep his gaze along. It settles on the figure towards the front, sweetly adorned in white and simple elegance befit of a servant of Garwen. He offers a bow of his head in recognition towards her and a hand to his chest with a soft smile at his lips. Strands of silver locks fall along his shoulders before straightening his posture to smooth his countence to a sheen of ice. Blue hues sweep the shrine once more before stopping on a familiar figure, his legs moving once more as he makes way to the pearl-inlaid benches. He settles onto the bench carefully and smiles warmly towards Inweth before turning his stern attention back to the alter.

It seems Ellyn has arrived just in time for the start of the inductions. She sweeps in silently, resplendent in silver silks and white leather that is nestled tightly to her lithe frame. The long waves of her silvery white locks are pulled up to one side where a starburst of a snow lily has been placed. She moves towards the side of the room where crinoline and lace petticoats trail in her wake. A small creature of ice skitters at her side, maws quietly opening and closing while her wolven companion treads but only just inside the door before heaving it's massive weight down to lounge out of the way.

She pauses first just beyond the inlaid mosiac of Garwen and the downturn of lip that mars the small tiles. A bow of her head given, then lifting in turn to give the same, first to Boros, then Eirianwen, before all others. She form turns gracefully to settle herself into a seat.

Emyrion delivers the initiate-turning-Priestess to the shrine with an unhurried pace, for today, this ceremony awaits his wife. As she turns to depart after a few quiet words, he inclines his head and murmurs a reply, then withdraws to settle amongst those in attendence with hands clasped neatly as he takes audience nearby the Aenorr. "Greetings, Lord Heir, Inweth. You have the thanks from House Morinen in showing up in support of the ceremony today," he extends politely.

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Slipping into the shrine, but not a priest of any sense of the word, Ragna quietly moves in as the ceremony begins. He wears his hunters attire as he had always done, and his eyes immediately fall on Boros and Eirianwen. A bow of his head is given in greeting and he moves to the stands to watch.

Inweth's stare pulls sidelong as Relios moves into her peripheral vision. Her lips curl to a faint smile as she catches sight of his own, her head canting slightly in silent welcome. Her gaze draws upward at the High Lord's greeting, and the corners of her eyes give a humored pinch, warmth further surfacing to her smile. "High Lord Morinen," she greets gently, her voice low so as not to disturb anyone. "It is my privilege," she answers with a bow of her head. "Congratulations are in order," she continues, her eyes lit with approval as they trail back toward the figure of Eirianwen.

Relios places a hand to his chest as he raises swiftly to his feet to offer a bow in Emyrion's direction, then pulling himself to his full height he allows the faintest of smiles to grace his lips. "High Lord Morinen, it is an honour to show support to your beautiful wife. A moment like this is a special occasion that would be remiss to not attend. I am most glad to be here, and should my Father be able to attend himself, he would be aglow as well. He offers his wishes and respect to Lady Eirianwen and yourself."

Boros smiles at Eirianwen, his sister, "Please, rise." he tells her, he looks around the room at those assembled "Thank you all for coming." he says, "Today, we're here to see the elevation of Lady Eirianwen to a full Priestess of Garwen. She has worked hard to learn what that entails and to be righteous as well as helping others to be righteous themselves. I'm very proud of the work she has put in, not as my sister, but as an initiate and soon to be Priestess of Garwen."

Only an inch shorter than her brother, and as close in age as they are, the pair of siblings almost look as if they could be twins - down to even her silver eyes and his own gray. Eirianwen rises when addressed, her expression her habitual porcelain mask, void of all emotion. The perfection of the utmost neutrality bemoaned, or praised, of the Faenor. At Boros' instruction she is at her feet and standing beside him, turning to face those that have gathered. At his words, there is a silent nod as she awaits the next part to come.

At the sound of High Priest Boros, the Lord Heir looks in his direction and promptly closes his eyes and bows his head. Raising a closed hand to his lips, he begins to speak a silent prayer before fluttering his lashes open and taking a seat once more.

Nightwind, an old black and silver wolf, Palinnar Palomino Mare arrive, following Cayn.

Boros offers a slight grin to his sister, before schooling his face and looking at her, "Lady Eirianwen, do you swear to be the eyes of Garwen, to seek out darkness wherever it may be even in yourself? Do you swear to rectify that darkness to the best of your ability, even when it may be the most difficult thing you will ever do? Do you acknowledge that there is darkness in every heart because no one is perfect save Garwen herself and swear to turn away evil that may enter your heart as well as helping others to do the same no matter what it takes?"

Vakt, a small gremlin ice elemental arrives, delivering a message to Cayn before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cayn before departing.

Ragna turns his head to Eirianwen as she rises to stand next to her brother. He sits a little taller when Boros starts giving Eirianwen the oaths she must swear if she is to be elevated and he seems to smile for some unknown reason. Well, that is a lie. It is always beautiful when someone takes a new step in life, a new path, that can only be for the betterment of themselves and those around them.

Emyrion looks on with a prideful air about him as he sees the ceremony unfold. The growing number of Faenor within to see one of their own elevated is not lost on him, however, glancing towards the entrance as they file in.

Remaining silent so as not to disturb the proceedings and solemnity of the oaths taken there is a hint of a smile upon Ellyn's lips in greetings to Emyrion, Relios, Inwith, and Ragna. She settles in her seat upon a silver wrought bench, letting one knee slide over the other beneath a waterfall of silk as her gaze turns for the expressions of those around back towards the altar once more.

She hears his words and halfway through the oath Boros begins, Eirianwen is indeed looking at her brother. Halfway through though, her mercurial silver gaze shifts towards the mosaic of Garwen and then to the altar. When Boros' words cease, in that ebbing lull she shifts her attention back to him and speaks for the first time of this ceremony. Her voice is serene, calm and carries surprisingly well over the vast chambers of the temple. "To Garwen I commit myself, in oath, blood, and deed, in every thought and heart's palpitation and calm, to seek to eradicate the darkness in myself and where-ever it may lay in others. Every shadow's sulking sliver shall see her light, no matter what plight it may be to me. What is not sullied, may not be sundered."

Gungnir, a large snow wolf alpha arrives, following Gariss.

Silent and ever watchful, Relios looks onward towards Eirianwen with an ever so slightly upward tilted chin. Though his face is devoid of any emotion, his eyes shine with pride and admiration towards the elevating initiate. His attention is momentarily pulled away with Ellyn's smooth settling into the benches, he gives a nod of recognition before returning his focus back to the oath.

Rimesong, Gizmokes arrive, following Talrin.

Diana, Tomkins - a merry little otter arrive, following Aileana.

Apollo - The Snow Wolf, Atlas - The Snow Owl, Wrinkles - a wiggle-nosed hedgehog, Balsam - a friendly black badger, Brushy - a fluffy-tailed raccoon, Aileana arrive, following Alistair.

Boros nods solemnly to Eirianwen, "Then, under the pure eyes of the goddess Garwen, before everyone here today, I name you full Priestess Of Garwen, I look forward to seeing the future good works that you do. You may remove the colors of initiate for the pure white of Garwen. If you would please lead us in a prayer as your first act as priestess?"

The mention of prayer sees Inweth's head bowed, folded hands clasping together against her lap as her haze of red lashes closes over the gray of her eyes. With a calm expression she waits in silence for the priestess' words, ears tuned to the sound of her voice.

Gariss has totally been here since the beginning of the ceremony. Well before time rather than fashionably late. At least, that's what he will claim to anyone who says otherwise as he lowers his head to join in prayer.

Ragna bows his head low in a prayer led by the newly-instated Priestess of Garwen. Of course, though Garwen is not Ragna's patron god, he still respects and honors the deity. Nevertheless, his reverence is like everybody elses.

Having meant to arrive earlier, it's at least better to arrive late then never at all. With that in mind, Alistair and Aileana are slipping into the Shrine just as Eirianwen is being confirmed and when there is mention of prayer, Alistair is guiding the pair off to one side, near the back of the room, his head coming to be bowed just a touch.

Relios listens to the answer that Eirianwen gives and lowers his head as a cascade of silver locks fall along his shoulders. Fingers intertwine with one another as they settle on the Lord Heir's lap, patiently waiting for the prayer to be given by the newly inducted Priestess.

Talrin is here among the faithful, next to her father, bowing her head in prayer but remaining silent so as not to interupt the services

"To Garwen we turn, and pray for guiding light,
Tumultuous path, never straight its journey we seek,
For what is done easily, is hardly ever right,
In the blinding storms, purity bound and darkness made weak.

To you we pray, that we always seek to eradicate that which would darken our way,
For the elevation of each soul, each heart, each one righteous and each gone astray."

Her words spoke, softly but firm, her first prayer as a full priestess of Garwen leaves Eirianwen with a small crack in her usually perfected mask, only the brief glazing of tears to lend softness to her steeled silver gaze as it rises up to the mosaic of her Goddess.

Aileana follows after Alistair into the shrine, late, but just in time for the official pronouncement before prayer is called for. She tucks a hand into Ali's, her other in the pocket of her long skirt as she, too, bows her head. A smile is on her face even as it lowers, but she does not speak, respectfully silent for the prayer the new Priestess shall offer. After the prayer, she lifts her head but not her hands, still silent as she watches those of the Priesthood who have gathered.

Gariss raises his head from the prayer, nodding once on approval of the short poetic offering to Garwen.

At the end of the prayer, Alistair's head is lifted and there's a soft little smile on his lips for it. His gaze plays about the others that have gathered, taking not of them before murmuring something softly to Aileana before falling quiet again.

Talrin listens quietly, seeming to meditate on the words said as she watches the ceremony take place

Inweth's eyes draw open slowly, her gaze lingering toward her lap a moment before rising to settle toward Eirianwen. The gentle light in her eyes warms her calm expression, and though a smile fails to edge to her lips, the corners of her eyes narrow with a sense of fondness.

The Lord Heir lifts his head after the prayer and quietly stands up in honour of the woman, a warm smile gracing his lips as he looks onward towards Eirianwen. After a few seconds done with that, he returns back to his seat.

As the formal part of the ceremony looks to have concluded, Ellyn glances over towards Gariss. She rises in a swathe of silk and leather, "It's good to see you again Old Bear."

Emyrion tips his head forth and follows in prayer, leading by his wife's exemplary piety today. Then, at its conclusion, he lifts his head and murmurs to his neghibours, "I am pleased to see the Priesthood of Garwen expand with one who has such heart felt words behind their prayers."

Emyrion is overheard praising Eirianwen: I am pleased to see the Priesthood of Garwen expand with one who has such heart felt words behind their prayers.

When the prayer is over, Ragna lifts his head and smiles at the conclusion of such a wonderful ceremony!

Relios speaks with warmth in his tone in reply to Emyrion," I am in whole hearted agreement with your words, High Lord Emyrion."

An expedition lead by Prince Aurri headed south of the Gilded Vale a few days past. And what was supposed to be a mission looking for new lands to settle and develop in ended a little more abruptly than the group had imagined. Rumors begin to spread about humming and insect wings, but the truth of what they had discovered remains widely unknown. All that is known is that the land is not yet in their claim.

Aileana's head nods, slightly, the smallest of movements as she leans closer to Alistair. She takes in Eiri as the well-wishers react to her prayer. And then her lips move soundlessly in a faint murmur, fairly certain official things are over but not wanting to interrupt just in case they aren't.

Boros lowers his head quietly as the prayer goes on, then looks up at Eirianwen, "That was wonderful." he says "Please, let me be the first to congratulate Eirianwen on becoming a Priestess Of Garwen."

The smile at Inweth's lips is one of amusement as quiet chatter begins to fill the goddess' solemn halls. Her eyes turn to search over the murmuring crowd as she remains silent in her seat.

"Congradulations, may you continue to be a beacon the guides us," Talrin tells Eirianwen when she gets a chance.

Boros adds, "You must all make sure to congratulate her heartily as well all know how much Eirianwen loves to be the center of attention!" he says with a sly grin towards Eiri.

Gariss looks to Ellyn and smiles at her greeting, "You as well. As much as I enjoyed my time away from the hustle, I found I missed my compatriots. Somewhat."

Eirianwen checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Eirianwen checked mana + evocation at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Relios seems to take the chance at Boros' words to rise from his seat and make a beeline for Eirianwen. Extending a hand out he glides the arm towards his person and bows deeply out of respect for the Lady of Morinen. "Lady Eirianwen, I wish to congratulate you on your ascension to Priestess of Garwen."

A warm smile graces his features as he pulls himself up, the edges of his eyes creasing with sincerity. "You graced in splendor and virtue befitting of a servant of Garwen, may her light and blessings shine down on you."

A hand raises to the air and slowly descends in the direction of Eirianwen before returning to clasp hands at his front.

A little nod is given to Aileana before Alistair is turning his attention back in the direction of Eiri and there's a smile on his lips before he's adding his voice to the rest, "Congratulations!"

It isn't very often that Eirianwen breaks composure at -all-, but for a moment she does seem the perfect embodiment of patience and serenity - up until her brother welcomes well wishers and further conversation upon her. There is still the unphased ivory of her resolve, but there is a moment and a flick of her wrist that shows the vala (mala?) crystal embedded in the palm of silver, twining and intricate jewelery that acts as hand and finger armor of her right hand. With its brief showing, there is a pick up of wind and the brisk chill of ice as a small snow and isolated drift of sharp winter's chill stations itself -right- ove Boros' head for a few moments. "Thank you all, it gladdens House Morinen, and the Garwen priesthood for all of yours attendance. Truly, thank you." She says with genuine care and gratitude.

Once official things have ended, Aileana releases Alistair's elbow, and she applauds. It's not every day you see your Kin promoted to Priestess. The fact that the usually boistrous Morinen /doesn't/ beeline Eiri with hugs and whistles is likely the very proof any who know Allie would need to know of just how genuine her affection for the new Priestess is. Poor Emyrion isn't so lucky. She wanders to where the High Lord stands, wrapping her arm around his waist and hugging him from the side. Her voice is low, but there is glitter in her grey eyes that speaks of mischief as something is murmured just softly enough for the leader of the House to hear.

Boros glances up at the snow, he brushes some of the flakes off his shoulder, "Odd weather we're having today." he casually deadpans.

"You are looking well Father, High Lord Ellyn, you as well," Talrin says politely, turning her attention to the others present for a moment

The sound of applause manages to draw Inweth from her thoughts, her misty stare turning to watch toward Aileana and Alistair. She offers the pair a fleeting smile before she finds her eyes back to their survey of the room, hands still folded neatly against her lap.

With his elbow released, Alistair is watching as Aileana makes her way over towards her cousin and there's just the hint of a chuckle in the back of his throat. He's following after another moment, coming to offer a slight incline of his head in the direction of Emyrion, only to then shift his gaze and look about, which has a similiar nod coming to be offered to Relios and then to Talrin, while the others get little nods, though Inweth gets a smile to accompany it.

Oh yes, Ragna is going to be one of the many people who approach Eirianwen to congratulate her personally. Though of ocurse, he waits his turn patiently. When it finally arrives, he offers to shake her hand. "Congratulations on your elevation, Priestess Eirianwen." Ragna says with a bow of the head.

"As well as can be, at least," Gariss replies to his daughter. "I felt it time to return to Khelgar when I was out for a ride one morning and, upon cresting a hill, I saw the Warlord waving to me from the opposite hill." He chuckles lightly at his version of recent events.

Emyrion lifts from his seat, sweeping his cloak to hang more comfortably, then strides forward to extend his forearms to the priestess in offer to a close hover of his upturned hands and share his direct congratulations of the accomplishment. The words he speaks, however, are quieter. Stepping away to allow the remaining folk to pass on their congratulations, he is then attacked by Aileana and her incomprehensible invasion of his personal space. His armour, thankfully, gives him some mild reprieve. "Ah, yes, of course," he responds aloud, while returning the polite nod to Alistair.

As Inweth's search of the room completes her gaze sets toward the newly titled priestess. Her lips pull to a subtle smile as she dips her head in quiet acknowledgement, and with that, she stands, her gaze trailing elsewhere as she searches a route through the crowd.

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With one arm around Emyrion's waist, Aileana uses her free hand to wave to Eirianwen once a bit of crowd clears. A wave also comes towards Relios as the Heir comments upon Boros' personal snow-shower. Looking around, there's another wriggle of fingers to Inweth, the Morinen's affection spread just as easily amongst the Aenorr's as it is her own kin. To Talrin, she actually finds a bit of the expected Faenor decorum, tipping her chin in a respectful nod of her head to the Lady Heir. With Emyrion agreeing to her words, she offers him a grin, "Thank you, Emmy." Her murmur is affectionately soft, and she even releases her arm around his waist to give him further reprieve. Allie truly does use killing her kin with kindness occasionally to her advantage.

"Yes, very odd weather." Eirianwen echoes, the corner of her lips threatening a smirk for the briefest of moments. To Rawna she turns and extends, "Thank you, I..well, I believe your name escapes me. My apologies, but all are welcome in Lady Garwen's halls for such moments." It is after Emyrion's brief touch that the calm returns, Boros' invitation smooothed over with those that now come to speak to her.

"Mm, thank you Lady Heir Talrin, I've finally had a few days at least to breath before the next bit of business is to appear." Ellyn gives Gariss a side eye, "That sounds just like the sort of thing she'd do. All the more matters to deal with though I do not wish to tread on the celebration of Priestess Eirianwen." To the priestess she dips her head though lets others approach as she moves to take her own leave to slip from the shrine.

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