A Summer Masquerade!

The Priesthoods of Gala and Acharon are teaming up to invite you to a Summer Masquerade honoring the gods! Come live your life to the fullest and explore your potential at the newly opened settlement at Anu's Summit. Please wear a mask, a costume that honors your patron in some way! OOC: For help with masks, visit this link: http://ithirmush.org/topics/Mask%20Guide/


Nov. 3, 2019, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Luthien Belstrom


Eletha Nalaea Sylindra Dunlain



Grey Wastes - Anu's Summit

Largesse Level



Someone wearing Bearded Stranger circulates around the party as it begins, offering drinks and hors d'oeuvres to the gathering crowd.

As servers mill about, a woman in a moonflower mask is busily giving them instructions. She's short, spirited, and talking in a slightly higher pitch of voice, as though she's trying to hide her identity fully. Her snow wolf? Is even wearing a hat to hide his identity. He follows her gamely, though sniffs at the servers as they walk by him, wondering if truly there may be bacon on those plates.

Someone wearing Gold Fanged Wolf Mask makes her unhurried way in, pausing a moment to look around, then securing herself a glass of red wine before rotating the thing between her fingers as she turns to look over those who have arrived.

The Bearded Stranger grins at the Gold-Fanged Wolf Mask wearer and asks, "Is your bite worse than your bark?"

Someone wearing Gold Fanged Wolf Mask takes a sip of her wine before answering that, shifting her weight to one booted foot as she looks across to the bearded stranger. Then peering intently for a few long moments. "Well as I have yet to bark, I will assert that such is the case."

Someone wearing a blooming moonflower mask grins at the Gold-Fanged wolf wearer, and stifles a giggle at Bearded Stranger. "My that's a lovely little beard you have there," she says, reaching up towards it. "Truly, how long did it take you to grow... all that?"

The Bearded stranger grins through his mask. "Centuries. I'm very, very old."

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask moves through the gathered to find a tray of drinks to procure one for herself because that's what's most important. At least at the outset.

Someone wearing Gold Fanged Wolf Mask quirks her heard to the side at that. "Should one advertise that it takes that long for them to grow a beard? Not that I can talk, I have never succeeded in growing one." Then anothejr sip of her wine.

The small elf dressed like a flower-bedecked vine, if her dress is quite a bit shorter than dresses usually come, approaches the Raven. "Would you care for some honey wine? It's my favorite," she says, offering that, too. "Never can have too much!"

The bearded stranger laughs and drinks a glass of wine. Although he seems to have just a bit of trouble negotiating the beard and the glass together.

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask is wearing a rather long dress by comparison. Black upon black upon, well, blue in the light. She looks to the one in flowers and considers the offer of honey wine, lips pulling into a look of consideration under the feathered mask. "Sure," she says with a smile, "I'd love some."

Someone wearing a blooming moonflower mask pours wine, and more wine, and more wine! Because there are many wine-drinkers here yes? Yes. She tries to handle all the glasses at once and manages it, offering a glass to everyone. "It makes me happy to be here. Isn't this a lovely location? So much blue and white and wind. It reminds me of the mountains." Then she laughs. "Not that I'm /from/ the mountains..."

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar, Jiro, ever vigilant condor arrive, following Sylindra.

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar have been dismissed.

Jiro, ever vigilant condor have been dismissed.

The Bearded Stranger bows to the Moonflower and leads her in a little dance, glasses in hand.

Someone wearing Gold Fanged Wolf Mask looks to the one wearing the moonflower mask now, quirking her head to the other side. "Well are are in the mountains quite literally, so it is hardly just a reminder?" Then another sip of wine, she is steadily working through her glass.

Someone wearing a blooming moonflower mask is dancing with the Bearded Stranger and she grins at the Gold Fanged wolf. "Come now, come now. It's not REAL mountains. Where's the snow that smacks you in the face and reminds you of all that is good and holy? The joy mountains bring! This is a /hill/. Or a mini mountain. I ran the whole way up. So'd Idri.... THE ROCK here." Her wolf is wearing a hat. It looks like a rock.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Someone wearing Grim Death's Head before departing.

Someone wearing Grim Death's Head arrives at the Summer Masquerade, though the costume choice suggests the wearer did not get the memo about it being an event for colorful disguises, instead opting for something sombre and macabre. A low sussurrating voice emerges from behind the iron skull, "No shrine to Acharon in this place?"

"I hear it's coming, Death." The Bearded Stranger exclaims. "Change, like death, comes for us all."

Mitzi, a mischievous little ice elemental arrives, following Dunlain.

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask has wine and snacks. She's set. She's not as colorful as others, either... unless the light hits her dress or mask just-so: then the black turns a nice, bright blue. But then, the colorful sorts need a dark backdrop, right?

Well. It's quiet, but there's wine. The moonflower-masked woman knocks back a glass of wine quick as a sailor on leave. Then she pours another one and finds something to stand on. She's clearly dressed as an homage to Gala, from the ivy that climbs her pale leg and arm to the bunny nestled between her breasts, peeking out of her dress. She gingerly scratches those ears, then sips at her second? Third? wine and looks about. "Thank you for coming to the masquerade!" she says, her voice as loud as it can be. "It's time to meet new people, talk to people you've n ever talked to before - because really, you maybe know the people with you better than you think, yes? And to let your hair down. You can't live your lives not embracing life to the fullest. Let go of shame, or embarrassment. They hold you back! Embrace this life that Gala has given you, find the potential that Acharon wants you to find," this she says glancing at a face in the crowd, then bowing her head in acknowledgment. "The music is starting. Let's dance and live life fully, and grandly!" She makes a little hand sign and THE ROCK howls as applause.

Someone wearing Bearded Stranger applauds approvingly.

Dunlain arrives without festive attire and covered in sand that leaves a trail behind him in little clumps.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Someone wearing Grim Death's Head before departing.

Dunlain is greeted by the Bearded Stranger with a pat on the shoulder, a cold bottle of something bubbly and a few whispered words.

Someone wearing a blooming moonflower mask smiles at Dunlain widely and saunters over to him, with THE ROCK in tow. "Hiya stranger," she says, pretending he has a mask on with all her might. "I see someone already got you a drink."

Someone wearing Bearded Stranger says, "I've always enjoyed ravens," The Bearded Stranger says to the Feathered-Mask wearer. "Both dark and bright. Very striking."

Someone wearing Grim Death's Head nods at the Bearded Stranger and whispers, "Yes, Death comes for us all. Immortality was a lie, a misnomer, the immortal races died too, all the Mortal Scourge did was make them die easier and sooner. That is why we must celebrate life while we have it." As if to make a point, the Death's Head slowly and deliberately grabs a whole bottle of whatever is nearest, pops the cork off, and takes a long drink from it.

"Yes, this bearded person." Dunlain says, gesturing to the stranger. He looks around, "I'm so not dressed for this evening..... maybe I can just pull up my desert mask?" He does so, leather covering even his eyes with small slits left to see through. He asks the moonflower, "Better?"

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask finishes nibbling at some pastry or another before looking to the bearded stranger. She squints, trying to consider the elf past the beard. It doesn't help much! "Doesn't that itch?" A sip of wine before she dips her head. "I like ravens, too," the woman says. "I spent some time in the aviary recently and thought I'd take a cue from there for my costume."

"You look fantastic to me," says the moonflower to Dunlain. Her hand lingers on his shoulder, then she leans in and says something, before turning to the Death's mask and smiling warmly. "I've got something stronger if you want! I have some fire whiskey, or some rum from the Aeran..." she says. "We must celebrate life. Yes."

Someone wearing Bearded Stranger nods, scratching at his neck. "A bit, but I suppose that's the price of wisdom. Very beautiful. What other birds are your favorites?"

Someone wearing Grim Death's Head says, "sweet blood red wine suits my tastes just fine, thank you."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Someone wearing Grim Death's Head before departing.

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask cants her head to one side. Very bird-like! Maybe she practiced. "Hmmm. Cranes. They're very elegant, don't you think? The way they move and stand." She takes another sip of her wine -- honey wine, this glass -- gesture gesturing to the servers with trays, summoning one near so she can get herself another drink. "Does a beard grant you wisdom or did the wisdom bring the beard?"

Dunlain looks at the moonflower and nods, "I'll need many drinks tonight... long few weeks." he looks around a moment, "Care to dance?" he asks of the blossom beside him.

Someone wearing Bearded Stranger says, "Time brought them both, and what can I say, I am wholly unworthy of them."

"Of course," says the moonflower, though before she does she reaches into a pouch in her dress and pulls out a little silver flask, handing it to Dunlain. "Long few weeks? I know I've been busy getting... well. I'm sorry I've not listened more. Come, let's dance over here, by the curtains."

"The fool thinks himself a wise man, but the wise man knows himself a fool," the Death's Head intones at the Bearded Stranger. Then it puts the wine bottle down, as a messenger finds her way to the iron-masked shroud and exchages a few words. The skull face shakes its head and susurrates, "I am afraid that the lives of others call to me, so I cannot stay."

"We can talk about all that later, let's focus on tonight. " Dunlain takes the blossom by the stem and moves with her over to the curtains where he will lead them in a dance.

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask looks somewhat amused. Or as amused as the curl of lips can make her! "I think anyone who can... grow such a beard is worthy of it." She finally procures a new glass of wine. A red this time, to follow up the honey. "Though if only for an evening."

Someone wearing a blooming moonflower mask clearly has danced with this tower of an elf before, and moves easily with him, though it's possible she's chatting his ear off quietly while dancing. THE ROCK Follows them on the dance floor, trying his best at "dancing" too.

Someone wearing Bearded Stranger offers a hand to the Raven. "Would you care to dance?"

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask considers the offer only a few seconds before handing off her wine (or at least setting it down). She takes the Bearded Stranger's hand. "I'd love to."

The Beard doesn't hide a grin as they dance together.

Dunlain dances well with the moonflower, covered face not allowing expressions to be seen. "How has everything been going for the masquerade? I'm sorry I was late, I didn't want to get eaten by the lizard."

"The lizard?" asks the moonflower of her partner. "W... which lizard? Is there a new animal I haven't met yet? Oh do tell me, I love training lizards...." she says, spinning, slightly. That dress is so short, she is mindful of her turns, making sure not too much of her stems are visible.

A Bearded Stranger asks the Raven as they dance, "So besides our fine feathered friends, what do you enjoy spending time doing?"

Dunlain nods, "Krilkar, big wild one. I had to swim through the sand to get to Nasherat." he is inexplicably still leaving deposits of granular rock all over.

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask is not the grestest dancer, but she's also not the worst. The Bearded Stranger, at the least, won't get his feet stepped on. But she's not performing any fancy new moves as she goes. "I think that'd be telling, wouldn't it?" She does grin, just a bit. "Sailing. Exploring, though I think a great many of us like that these days. What about you?"

Someone wearing a blooming moonflower mask tsks lightly. "You must have sand /everywhere/," she says, noting the debris. "I wasn't aware you could swim through sand. Lots of things I'm going to learn real soon, isn't that right?" She casts a smile at the other dancers, and the food and wine tables.

The Bearded Stranger chuckles. He's an average to fair dancer as well. "I read a lot, and talk to people. I compound herbs when I'm able."

"Swim isn't exactly the best way to describe it, but it's hard to explain." Dunlain hms softly and slowly draws them to a stop, "Mind if I eat? I'm starved, it's been a couple days."

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask does glance down from time to time to make sure her feet aren't going off track. "Compound herbs?" She looks back up to the Bearded Stranger. "Is that like potions?"

Someone wearing Bearded Stranger nods. "Yes, like that."

"Goodness no, come on. Let's get food. I'm hungry, too," assures the moonflower, leading her partner over to one of the tables. "Days?" a frown.

Dunlain nods, pulling down the desert face shield. "It happens," a shrug, "But hey, I get to see you now so upside." he smiles and fills up two plates. "Come join me after the masquerade is over? We'll watch the sunrise." he leans down and kisses the top of her head before departing into the compound further.

Mitzi, a mischievous little ice elemental have been dismissed.

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask makes a 'huh' sound. "I've never done anything like that. I can barely cook, to be honest."

The Bearded Stranger smiles, bowing as they finish the dance. "A pleasure to 'meet' you tonight."

"Bearded Stranger, come! We need to discuss temple business, yes?" asks the Moonflower after her fiance takes his leave. She heads over to where he is dancing and smiles at the Raven. "A pleasure meeting you," she adds.

Someone wearing on ravens wings feathered mask dips her head in a nod to the Bearded Stranger... and then Moonflower. "Of course. Have a lovely evening, both of you."

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