PRP: Lost in the Flood

Explorers following Alexandria's guidance, led by a divine vision, head down river...


Oct. 24, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Alexandria Diagones Elizaldian Kythaela Lunan Thorin Medeia



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Alexandria puts Cloak of Five Stars in leather backpack.

The group sets out early in the morning, sailing south down the river. It starts out a pleasant day, sunny and warm, even a little muggy. By the afternoon they have left Isalspire far behind, and are making their way through the parts of the river the recent heavy rains had affected. The main river is fine, but there's new channels made, others washed out, and in general it's very muddy and at times the water is shallow, making sailing difficult. But it also reveals things half buried in the mud, which wouldn't have been seen months before. The occasional spire or archway pokes out from the murky river, overgrown with ivy and algae, starting to crumble away from time and the elements.

Alexandria is alert and watchful as they travel down the river, her dark eyed gaze keen on taking in everything, storing it to memory. "Aereth only showed me the first part of the river, but I know it's the southern fork she wants us to follow. Keep a look out for any signs she might have left behind," she's telling the others as she keeps vigilant watch for such things herself, every now and again nibbling at her lip and leaning forward in case something caught her attention.

Thorin knows nothing of sailing, and so he leaves that to the elves hired to guide their boat down the river. Instead, he stands near the prow and eagerly looks out over the gunwales at all the interesting things they've been passing by. "It looks like there's ruins in this mud," he says, loud enough for those near him to hear. "I wonder what they were. I wonder if there was once a city here."

Diagones nods, adjusting her armor so that she can lean forward, just a little, examining the shallow water, looking at what's visible below. She isn't speaking at the moment, but is clutching her journal, which she's brought along in case anything of note needs to be scrawled down. She hardly glances up at the trees, so interested in the possible ruins is she.

Thorin checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Elizaldian is quiet through most of the boatride, leaning against the railing and just watching the water as it passes by them. His gaze lingers on the exposed masonry, "There was a city..the original settlement." He'd look away after he said it, cuffing an errant tear that threatens to streak down his cheek. He leans forward looking with pleading eyes and a somber expression to Alexandria, "And you're sure it was Papira? Did she pain? Tormented?" His eyes are welling up already, "Why has she not returned to the Wheel?"

Medeia has kept to her own, leaning upon the railing of the ship as she pauses when Thorin speaks up. The Watcher lifts her head and she starts his way, the soft steady passage to close the distance. "With the flooding we experienced, it likely is a possibility," she speaks up to offer. "Could be long lost with good reason..."

Diagones checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 59 higher.

Medeia checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Alexandria checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 8 lower.

Elizaldian checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 9 lower.

Alexandria glances over at Thorin, "I suspect they are ruins of the old buildings of Isalspire. I mean, the great flood did wash things down this way," she explains to him since he wasn't there at the time, her voice soft and gentle. She chances a glance at her cousin, given that he lost family in that particular flood. "We're just now seeing some of the things that were lost then."

Alexandria looks also to Elizaldian, just now realizing he spoke to her. "It was her image, cousin. But, in truth, I believe it was Aereth wearing her image."

For those who were there during The Flood decades before, it is... eeriely familiar, these runes. They create a sensation of deja vu, an odd naustalgia as they vaguely recognize bits of architecture that had once been their homes.

"The Laenorin Estate," says Diagones, pointing to a glint of metal in wood. "Remember? The doorposts were here, there... that's the entryway. No longer," Diagones muses, staring at the crest long, looking at the bits of building, almost unrecognizable. Almost.

Diagones pulls her robe tighter, as though warding off memories.

He follows Diagones pointed finger, but quickly looks away. Elzaldian can feel a leaden lump in his chest and puts his head in his hands, "A cruel guise for a god to wear. When the sorrow of her loss still hangs all around me."

"Yes!" Thorin calls out, a moment later, seeing something he recognizes. "Alex, do ou see it?" He points toward the silver branches of the Laenorin crest poking up out of the mud. He's way to excited for the somber mood everybody else has. But, then, he wasn't here for the flood. He's the new guy.

A nod is given to the others as Medeia is of the same mind. Flooding especially along the river. "It makes one wonder if this was never a river at one point. If this was just dry land," she rumbles out. She blinks a moment as the others call about something poking out of the mud. Her attention briefly looks that way and Medeia is the one in charge of the ship at present so can not rush over to example. She hmmmms softly and waits to be told to drop anchor.

It is indeed the now tarnished silver branches of the Laenorin family crest--a piece of architecture that had once hung over a doorway in their old main hall.

Alexandria sharply draws in a breath as Diagones identifies just /which/ ruins they are. She reaches out a hand to Elizaldian, to take his in case he wishes to hold it. And, perhaps, for a bit of connection. They lost more than just Papira that night. "Then, it is good that she came to me rather than you for this yes? Though, she smiled and seemed well," she says in quiet words. "Perhaps she knew what sort of pain it would cause you." She glances over to where Thorin points, then nods. "I do," she assures him. "Should we go closer?" she hazards to ask.

Elizaldian finally takes a look toward the ruins, "Go south, follow the channel..this is.." He grits his teeth and breathes out, "-where I last saw my sisters. If they were swept away, it'd be south." He looks up to Zlexandria, and slowly reaches fo her hand, "But you said it probably wasn't her..I don't know what to believe, but if it's connected to her in some way..if it leads us to where she was..taken. Then perhaps..some closure..Yes."

"There may be more to be found. Is this the place the vision was pointing you to?" asks Diagones, looking at Alexandria with curious eyes. She bites her lower lip for a moment, and then suggests, "If it is, a good place to stop. If it is not, perhaps what you seek is elsewhere, and old memories may hold you back?" She listens to Elizaldian as well, but doesn't offer more than the initial question and suggestions.

The ruins with the crest is located in front of a narrower channel that branches off of the main river. Who knows how far it goes until you head down it. It does take you past it.

"If you've prayed to her, maybe she's offering you a way to closure. Or, perhaps, maybe your sister didn't die in the flood and she's offering a way back to her," Alexandria suggests to Elizaldian. "Let us go to just a little bit more south, where Elizaldian last saw his sisters," she instructs Medeia. "We can get off there." And, perhaps in this journey it is closure Alexandria is willing to offer her cousin. "If we find nothing there, we can always come back to this place and have a look around. Or, swim around," she remarks with a wry expression. She looks to the rest. "Any objections?"

"You said we should look for signs, and I can't help but wonder if She appeared to you as your cousin, Alex, to emphasize the Laenorin family," Thorin says. He points toward the narrow channel that leads off past the crest sticking up out of the mud. "I'd think maybe that's the way we should go."

Medeia checked wits + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Diagones doesn't offer any objection, but nods to her husband's suggestion. She also opens her book and writes in her own shorthand, a series of symbols and whorls, for a bit, and sketches a picture of the ruins of the estate while they are deciding.

He nods at the narrower channel, "It's our best chance of finding..something."

Alexandria bites her lip again, considering Thorin's comments. "The vision didn't show me this place, just Papira. But there's merit to what Thorin suggests. And, perhaps, we could even find evidence if something more there." She gives a more affirmative nod of her head. "Alright, let's navigate toward the crest then." Especially since Elizaldian suggests as much too.

Medeia leads them down the narrower channel--which proves to be more difficult to navigate. The water is shallower, and filled with fallen trees, and more broken wood and stone from the washed out remains of Isalspire. She manages to navigate... alright, at first--but then abruptly the small boat lurches to the side as they ram hard against a large stone, obscured by the murky water's surface. Everyone roll Dexterity + Athletics at diff 20!

Medeia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Elizaldian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Thorin checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Alexandria checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Cursing below her breath, Medeia grits her teeth as the ship rocks and the sound of things passing beneath can be heard. that is not the problem as she guides the ship the murky waters do nothing to help her identify problems. The novice sailor lets out a grunt as the ship suddenly rocks and she slams the side of the hull against the rock. A breath catches and she grips the rudder,muttering below her breath. "Everyone okay?!"

Medeia manages to keep her footing, as does Alexandria--the two ladies acting with cat like reflexes. Elizaldian and Thorin are less fortunate. The Senator nearly goes toppling into the water, but with his cousin holding his hand, she manages to pull him back over the edge. Thorin though, he goes toppling off of the boat, into the muddy water.

Diagones checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

The librarian turns out to be surprisingly nimble, only stumbling a little, but staying on board!

Alexandria definitely strengthens her grip on Elizaldian's hand as the boat lurches and she steadies herself. "Oh no you don't," she calls out him, strengthening her grip so he doesn't topple over. And then her friend is going over. "THORIN!" she calls out. "You better know how to swim for a Faenor!"

Elizaldian scrambles to hold on, giving a deathgrip to Alexandria's hand as his eyes widen with panic. When he's back into the boat he stays hunched down, fearful of another jostle and a dismal fate in the murky depths.

Diagones checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher. Diagones rolled a critical!

Ker-SPLAT! Plumes of mud gush up around Thorin as he sinks down into it, and then he starts to flail, his feet kicking and his arms waving around. "Throw me a rope!"

Medeia checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

"Thorin! Out of the water NOW! There... something slinking in the water. Very large. Probably very, very many teeth," Diagones says, her mind scanning quickly through the animals she's catalogued. "FAST Thorin!" Her voice is strident with concern.

Calm. Calm is what overcomes Alexandria. She's good in these sorts of situations. "Sit tight," she tells Elizaldian. She reaches into her pack and pulls out a rope, then throws an end of it out to Thorin. "Catch!"

Medeia moves to the edge of the boat, looking out to wear Thorin went over. But it is not him she sees, no. Something else catches her eyes. "Oh my..something is in the water." She cries out just as Diagones exclaims. She hurries down to lend her help with the rope, the ship is not exactly going anywhere presently. Considering what is going on with the rock.

Diagones checked intellect + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

He glances up to Alexandria and nods quickly, hugging the side of the boat tight and watching the other scramble to recover the man overboard.

"Alligator," says Diagones to Alexandria. "Large, exceptionally large. Can you grab him by his pretty hair and yank?" Dia is in no way strong enough to actually help. "Should I cast a distraction?"

Alexandria checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Medeia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

"I can cast a barrier," Elizaldian interjects, "-if the rest of you can get him back in the boat."

Alexandria and Medeia manage to throw the rope well--it lands only a couple feet from Thorin. Whether or not he can grab hold of it or not remains to be seen...

Elizaldian checked mana + abjuration at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Thorin checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Hatharal GM Roll checked strength(4) + brawl(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

He grabs his varne crystal and concentrates, reaching out to tap into the energies of the Lifewell. When his hand extends the waters between Thorin and the alligator begin to swiril and then solidify. He tries to repel the creature from reaching the elf.

Elizaldian's magic makes the waters swirl, rippling up enough that the aligator isn't able to move sneakily through the water--Thorin can now see the large reptilean body swimming, approaching rather quickly to try to SNAP at him! (You can roll Dexterity + Dodge (or use Abjuration yourself if you have it) at diff 15, contested with the gator.) Diagones, if you wanted to do something, feel free too!

Thorin checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher. Thorin rolled a critical!

While the Senator's abjuration isn't enough to push the gator back, it does give Thorin the opportunity to dive away--the gator's mouth chomps down into only mud, inches from where he'd been, no doubt ready to tear off a piece of his flesh.

Diagones had been considering casting a distraction but she's too concerned. Her varne crystal is in her hand but she forgets what to do with it, as she says, "Acharon make him swim fast, I know that's not your job, but his potential is wasted if he doesn't swim...." And then he swims like some sort of fish man man fish thing, and she breathes more normally.

Diagones checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Thorin checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 20, rolling 51 higher.

"Grab the rope!" Alexandria calls out exasperatedly to Thorin. "We'll pull you in!" She gives a nod as everyone else does their part to try and rescue her friend. And then magic is swirling all around, and she starts pulling her rope back in, coiling it as she does. "Or, you know, do magic or something," she smirks.

Thorin swims pretty good for a Faenor, managing to avoid the alligator's chomp. Almost immediately, he reaches out for the rope and it seems to practically leap into his hand, then he pulls it around his waist and ties a knot, and the momentum of all that pulls him closer to the boat.

Medeia checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Alexandria checked strength at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Thorin checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Elizaldian allows the magic to disperse from the barrier and instead shifts it, taking in a deep breath and trying to help Thorin out of the water in another way besides employing his noodly politican arms. He taps further into the stores of magic, manipulating the ambient energy around the Faenor to lift him.

Elizaldian checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 30, rolling 55 higher.

Hatharal GM Roll checked strength(4) + brawl(3) at difficulty 40, rolling 2 higher.

Diagones just watches, hands folded in front of her quietly. She would make matters worse if she tried to help, she knows it.

20 inflicted and Thorin is unharmed.

Thorin quickly climbs up, aided by those hauling him in--and the magic of Elizaldian. The gator circles around, and tries to snap at Thorin's foot as it leaves the water--but it barely manages to grab anything but his shoelaces.

It circles the boat for a moment, then slips down underneath the surface of the river again.

Slippery fingers! Medeia does her best to pull and yet thank goodness for Alexandria. The Geminiel furrows her brows and rubs her hands upon her clothing to try to get rid of the slickness of her skin. Finally Thorin is saved, still sopping wet but better that than dead. Her eyes watch the movement of the reptile soon disappearing. Once that is done she glances to each and strides back to take point at steering. She's got this, totally has it.

Alexandria lets out a breath then, and gives Thorin a fierce look. "Don't make us tie you to the boat!" She looks to Medeia, "Thanks for trying to help. Do you think we can try to that way again?" she nods toward the crested area. The carefully part is implied with just a look. She then settles back down and gives Elizaldian a smile. "Well done, cousin." She then reaches out for his hand again for moral support.

He exhales and releases his white-knuckle grip on his varne crystal. Elizaldian looks back at Alexandria and takes the other hand once again, she can feel him shaking through the connection.

"She /will/ tie you to the boat," says Diagones to Thorin, fussily, waiving her hands over him to help dry him more quickly, though she knows he is perfectly capable of doing this himself. She's looking at him intently, and then she turns away, back to watch the waters in case more alligators try to make a go at the travelers.

Thorin climbs up over the gunwales and flops onto the deck. "Thank you," he says, looking up at all the faces gathered there. He lays there, just oozing mud and water all over, then he lifts up his fingers and snaps. The mud vanishes and the water dissipates in a hiss of steam. Good as new. Even his hat. He then climbs up to his feet and steps over behind Diagones, resting his hand on her shoulder. "Let's not tie me to the boat. That feels more of a pun-ishment than a safety precaution."

Yes, that hyphen was definitely pronounced.

"Maybe we can help..the boat's movement.." He reluctantly takes his hand back and reaches from the varne crystal, Elizaldian turns to Diagones. "I don't know if I have enough power on my may wish to aid me." Yet again he manipulates energy, trying to guide the boat with more percision than a rudder could because MAGIC!

Elizaldian checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Medeia checked wits + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 22 lower.

Thorin checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 25, rolling 8 higher.

Diagones checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

Diagones smiles at the Senator, and nods to him, and to her husband, resting her hand on his for a moment before standing near them, adding her connection to the energies around them to try to help manipulate the boat. "Together, we can."

Prestidigiation doesn't help much with sailing the ship its self--but it does help to part the water here and there, revealing obstacles before Mediea can ram into them. It's still a very bumpy ride as she does her best to navigate the treacherous waters. The magic at least helps avoid a repeat of earlier, but the boat is getting... very banged up and they are all having to constantly hold on to prevent being knocked off their feet.

Medeia grunts at herself and narrows her gaze, "It would seem I need more lessons, I am sorry." She admits and then grits her teeth, the sound of them grinding heard by her and no one else. The look on her face is even and unchanging in the moment. Got it?! Maybe. Nope. Not got it. She clears her throat and wrinkles her nose as her brows dig deep furrows into her forehead. Just stare ahead, watch where one is going because 'this is fine'.

Diagones checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Elizaldian checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 9 lower.

Alexandria checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 40 higher.

Thorin checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Medeia checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

They seem to finally be reaching the end of the channel. The water is becoming shallower, more spread out--the small river ending in a large mud pit of a pond. It becomes impossible to sail any further without just sinking the boat into the mud, so they are forced to stop.

Alexandria leans forward in the boat to get a better look, her dark eyes taking in everything about the area. "Is that..." she begins, then stops, squints her eyes, then furrows her brow. "Does that...." she points off to the water at hand. "Is the water acting oddly there? Bubbling up?" She looks around to see if anyone else is seeing what she is seeing.

He sinks back into the boat as they finally emerge from the rapids, brow wet with wash and sweat both. Elizaldian follows Alexandria's gaze but despite how hard he squints he sees only mud. "Another creature hiding in the morass, perhaps?"

Medeia sees it too, her brows furrow as she leans to the side. Her hand remains on the rudder as she tries to make out all the obstacles that are presented in their path. "I do not recognize that, but its ...well its in the water can anyone get that area clear?" She asks. They have been for their pasasge and why not take a look and see whats causing the ruckus on the surface of the water. She tries to move them to get a better view and considers, "Drop anchor?" But she withholds not know what exactly is going on.

Thorin is not looking at what Alexandria is looking at. No, he's looking down into the mud somewhere _else_. It's mud all around, after all. His mouth turns into a frown and then his nostril flare as he takes a sharp, deep breath and exhales. But then he hears "bubbling up" and he turns toward Alexandria. "I think something might be down there. I see remains. Lots of them." He turns toward Elizaldian and nods.

Diagones looks at Thorin for a moment, her hand on his closing tightly, and then says, "May they have been guided to the wheel safely," bowing her head in sorrow for her people. "Remains, yes. Let's... be careful, respectful. We are in the lands of the dead."

Alexandria nods to Medeia. "Drop anchor," she concurs. "We can't sail much further past here anyway." She looks back to that spot. "It looks, maybe, like it could be a fountain of some sort." She looks to the magic users. "Like Medeia said, can you clear it up a bit so we can get a better look?" She very distinctly points out where the water is bubbling now.

Once it's pointed out, they can all see... there are in fact remains visible, ominous and eerie as they are mostly obscured by the mud. And in the center of the large mud pit--bubbling and churning, the water seeming... alive, perhaps. Something under the surface causing it to fountain upwards, making the mud stir.

Given the order to secure their position, Medeia moves and kicks the anchor over, watching the rope unspool until it stops, goes taut and then makes the ship sway just a bit. "Anchor's away.." she actually grins after saying it. The colorful sea language something that she's yet to get a chance to try on. Once she has secured the rudder she moves over towards the side that is closet to what is likely a fountain - or suspected to be one. Eyes flit from one to the other before she leans over, offering no aid as her's would be to burn it all away in a fit of steam.

Thorin checked perception + mysticism at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

Elizaldian places a hand to cover his mouth, the color draining from his face as the realization dawns on him. He stands up in the boat and looks out over the boneyard, "What an awful place for our kin's remains to be trapped.." The Senator looks equal parts brokenhearted and disgusted, but he offers a brief nod to Alexandria before moving to touch his varne crystal once more.

Diagones looks carefully at the bubbling and churning, watching for regularity, looking at the surrounding area. She examines it as she may examine a new artifact, or a new book in her hands. Frowning slightly, she sketches the shape of it, the area around.

Elizaldian checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Thorin turns his attention toward the fountain of mud that starts to gush up and his brow furrows. "There's magic there. Be careful," he calls out to the Senator and his wife. Well, he didn't need to call out to her. She's right there. "Some kind of channeling of water. But...where would it be coming from?"

The muddy water moves around chaotically, though in a vaguely circular motion, once Diagones has had a moment to examine the area. It seems near constant, though does occasionally pulse more powerfully, seemingly at random.

Elizaldian focuses, using prestidigation to clear away some of the mud from the water where it's churning--which is useless in the long term, as the water just continues to churn and refill the area he just cleaned... But it does give the group a split-second glimpse: They can see the outline of a corpse, and a glint of blue-tinged metal at their wrist...

The moment he sees the blue-tinge he drops the effect of the magic and nearly collapses, grasping at his chest. "Papira.." Elizaldian looks to the others, "-it's her."

There is an audible intake of breath coming from Alexandria, and her face drains of color. "There. That corpse. We need to get it away from the fountain if we can. Pull it here."

Medeia checked intellect + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Diagones looks to Thorin. "What can you tell us about the nature of the magic, love? Is it safe?" She gives Elizaldian and Alexandria a look of gentle sympathy, but turns back to Thorin. "You are the Headmaster."

Thorin checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 30, rolling 87 higher. Thorin rolled a critical!

As those using prestidigitation part the waters in a sense and Elizaldian reacts, she nods. "I can get her," she provides, her hand outstretched as she pulls upon the lifewell water is summoned like some lasso and pulls the body towards her though without doing damage as best she can. She glances to the others, "Can you lift her, I can't do fine finesse work with evocation in the air like that," she expresses. She narrows her gaze, waiting for the hand off as the water basically buoys the corpse for fear of breaking it apart, she does nothing more, just holds it there as best she can.

He's shivering like a leaf but nonetheless he leans at the edge of the boat with arms outstreched and ready. Or as ready as anyone can be to catch a corpse missile.

Thorin takes a step closer to the gunwale, "The magic is coming from that elf. I'd wager from that bracelet at her wrist. Perhaps if we can lift her up out of the water, it'll stop." Then when Medeia clears away the water he calls out, "I'll bring her up!" A moment later he's reaching out with his hands toward where Papira lays and the remains start to move up through the air swiftly and smoothly.

Mediea grabs her crystal and focuses. And it takes... a *lot* of focus. Her forehead beads from the effort to control the waters, which pull back at her--pull at the Lifewell, like two tidal waves colliding. The muddy water churns harder, faster, making the boat rock. It splashes up everywhere as the two forces of magic contest each other--but she manages to part the water for a few moments--revealing the corpse fully. It is... a grim sight. Papira's body has been preserved enough by the mud to be vaguely recognizable by her closest kin, but the years have not been kind to her beauty. The bracelet on her wrist glimmers in the low afternoon light, the metal rippling like the ocean as the water ripples outwards from her. Thorin grabs hold, and the corpse eeriely lifts like a puppet on invisible strings into the air.

30 inflicted and Medeia is harmed for minor damage.

Medeia feels the strain of the battle of power--even as she wins it.

Diagones keeps her eyes on the spot the bubbling was happening, perhaps not wanting to look at the corpse closely out of respect. She watches the water, surveys the land around, looking to see how things change now that the body is lifted. She is here to watch and record. Watch she shall.

A moment after the corpse is lifted out of the water, the churning dies down, the land around them going still.

Alexandria watches as the corpse is brought to the boat. She reaches into her sack and pulls out several lengths of bandages and very carefully rips them apart so there's enough for everyone to tie around their head. "Cover your noses. It's not likely... well... she's... be in the mud for so long." What she means to say is it's not likely to smell very well, which she just implies by the way she looks over everything. She hands out the cloth bits for everyone to cover their nose, however tiny that might help with the problem to come. Once that is done, she reaches out and gently squeezes Elizaldian's shoulder. "Do you recognize the bracelet she wears? If Thorin says the magic is coming from it, do you think /that/ might have been the cause of the great flood?" she asks gently. Elizaldian had always said he thought something caused it; it wasn't natural.

When Thorin manages to grasp at Papira, Medeia releases and makes a sound, gasping as she stumbles to the side and grips the railing with a white knuckled hand. She lifts a hand to her head and then wipes at her nose. Blood streaming down over her lips is hastily wiped away again as the Geminiel takes a knee and watches the hovering corpse that now is moving aboard the ship. "That bracelet," she murmurs and furrows her brows but then goes quiet. She has nothing to say on the matter, whatever the artifact is she is not familiar with. Another trickle of blood trails down over her lips. Fingers fan out to catch it, smear it away before it dabs at her nose again and again.

Hatharal drops delicate aerethium bracelet with seashell bangles.

He refuses the cover and continues to reach out, presenting his arms as a landing pad for the corpse. "The bracelet is an heirloom blessed by Aerath. Why would she cause the Floods?"

Thorin shows some strain as he lifts Papira's corpse out of the mud and brings her slowly above the ship and lowers her down slowly on the center of the deck. He lets out a breath he seemed to be holding the whole time, perhaps not even realizing it. And then takes in a deep lungful, his mouth turning to a grimace a moment later. His eyes close, and he reaches first for Diagones' shoulder, and then with his other hand for the cloth strip to tie around his nose.

The smell is indeed not... good. But Papira's corpse is lowered down into Elizaldian's arms easily enough now, the bracelet only dangling peacefully now, seashells clinking together gently.

Diagones ties the cloth over her face as Alexandria hands it to her. Once she's satisfied the water truly is done churning, and the ship steadies some, she turns her attention to the bracelet, looking at the pretty shells. She shakes her head to Elizaldian, "I don't believe she would have, would she?" Diagones reaches up and takes Thorin's hand, squeezes it.

He almost instantly begins to sob deeply as he grabs hold of Papira. Elizaldian looks into the decayed remains of her face, "I am so sorry I wasn't there. saved so many..but I wasn't there for you. Please forgive me, dear sister."

"I only asked because of the way that it was acting in the water, and how it resisted the others magics." Alexandria nods to Thorin and Medeia by way of example. "Remember, I've no knowledge of magical things, really, cousin. I'm as mundane as elves get, living in the woods half the time." Alexandria gently reminds him. She looks to the others, then back to her cousin. "If you think it poses no danger, you should have her bracelet though. She was your sister," she tells him. She settles back into her seat, looking away to give Elizaldian a moment to grieve. As she does, she makes certain that there's no other dangers to them at the moment.

There doesn't appear to be any other dangers around them, currently. The land is settling, the mud's surface settling as the last ripples disperse.

Thorin shakes his head. "No. Before I was a follower of Acharon, I followed Aereth. She's moody. She's harsh. But she would never send that Flood. She loves elves so much. She would never kill them like that." He looks at the bracelet. "But, perhaps that bracelet has magical properties that, went haywire, or were accidentally misused." He looks up to Elizaldian. "I'm so sorry, Senator. May she find her way back to the Wheel now."

The blood starts to slow as the Watcher nods her head about the bracelet. "It put up a fight," she admits and then remains quiet, giving the waters a wary look. Her bloodied hand wipes along her pants, the stain lost against the dark fabric. She rises back to her feet, remaining with her hand braced upon the railing. She lets the Elizaldian have his moment, though her eyes stray to the water again with some concern. They have to get back and the boat is not faring overly well. The soft feeling of trickling falling along her lip again is touched at, trying to worry it away.

"She saved so many," repeats Diagones, from Elizaldian's words earlier. "Would it help to talk about? I would dearly love to hear memories you have of her, if you should wish to share." Her voice is gentle, not coaxing but supportive. She stands with Thorin, hand in hand, looking at Elizaldian and not the bracelet. She adds, softly, "When you lose a sibling you ache to talk about it sometimes, I know."

Elizaldian soils his clothes with mud and whatever else as he cradles the body against his chest, the tears flowing freely as he rocks back and forth. It takes several moments before he manages enough composure to speak, "I think Aerath lead us to bring her back so her remains can be given proper respect..and the bracelet can once more aid our people." His lip quivers and he takes in deep shuddering breaths, "It is what Papira would want. To see others helped..she lived to bring joy and protect her family..she died doing it." He slowly glances over to Diogones, "I can't..not like this..but sometime I will tell you all I remember of her..but she was beautiful, vibrant..kind. That is the Papira I remember..not-" He glances down "-not this."

Thorin perks up. "Yes. Memories. Senator, I am gathering memories for the priesthood of Glanor, so that we may memorialize them. I would love to speak to you some time of your sister."

"We'll bring her home," Alexandria says with conviction. "She'll have a proper memorial at the shrine of Glanor." She smiles a bit at Diagones as she asks after memories, but nods with Elizaldian. "When you are ready cousin, we'll be here to listen." She glances over at Thorin, pursing her lips. "And there's perhaps more work to be done for Glanor too, soon," she hints to him and Diagones both. She looks over at Medeia. "I think we've come what we were meant to find. Do you think we could maybe get turned around and start heading back?" she asks. "Is the boat going to last, or maybe just get us to land and we can start making our way back on foot if the boat isn't going to hold up for long."

Elizaldian takes delicate aerethium bracelet with seashell bangles.

Medeia checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Thorin is overheard praising Medeia: An excellent sailor, she got us home!

After the group has had their time to mourn and pay their respects, Medeia turns the boat to head upstream. On one hand, they leave the mud behind... on the other, they are going up stream. It takes a little more effort, but with the guidance of the others she manages to get them all the way to Isalspire in their poor, banged up boat.

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