Aeran Embassy Open Hours

As the Aeran Ambassador to Thelos, Nalaea divides her time in Thelos between the Shrine to Aereth and the Embassy.

To try to strengthen ties between Lorawin and the other kinships, she will be hosting open hours in the Aeran Offices for members of the other kinships to come by to meet with her. Either to ask questions or to simply come and chat. Do you have questions for the Aeran? Are there any proposals you would like brought to the Trident? Perhaps your kinship has recently discovered the sea and you are seeking someone to teach you how to sail or a builder to help with crafting ships. There's plenty of conversations that can start here or it can simply be a social engagement!


Oct. 24, 2019, 5:30 p.m.

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Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Ambassador's Hall - Aeran Offices

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There are refreshments available for those that need them: spread out on the large table in the center of the room. Primarily, whiskey, but also a few other items. Finger foods and those easy to partake of while one walks-and-talks. Nalaea, herself, has not changed out of her usual leathers for this event. Anyone who arrives gets to meet with the woman as she is and at the moment, she's seated by that large table with a glass of whiskey, rubbing at Jetsam's head while the eelhound sits at her feet.

Shakian pops his head into the room and looks around, accompanied by his tiger cup. "Wow," he says. "Do the other fealties hate us so much?"

There's a tilt of head as she looks up and Nalaea takes a sip of whiskey. "How do you mean?" She leans back in her chair, starts to put her feet up on the table, then thinks twice of it and opts against it. "Or do you mean the... lack of visitors?" She looks to the door. "I think most kinships are still uncertain how to even handle the concept of Ambassadors. We're the only kinship to even have an official Ambassador." She gestures to herself. "Funny to have an embassy and no official Ambassadors, but there you go."

Shakian picks up a glass of whiskey, and a fish-based hors d'oeuvre. He nods as she explains. "It not something we're used to thinking about yet, I think. We have a river route open to the Duindar now, but the idea of trade between Lorawin and Isalspire? It may be too early for us to have figure out."

"Hmm." Nalaea scratches at her cheek. "You know. If the King of the Lorandi were to stop by... I might have something on that front." She taps a foot before leaning forward to pick up some small, round-looking thing to munch on herself. "There'd been talk of riverboats a bit back. A venture between the Aeran and Lorandi people. Back when it was theorized a river would connect their lands and ours. Now that we know we and the Duindar are connected, perhaps we could work out something between all three. Just a matter of getting the three sitting in one room."

Shakian pulls up a chair, and Puss hunkers down nearby. "A riverboat...We could move all sorts of goods like that. Much easier than trying to carry things through the portals. Cheaper, too."

"The Lorandi King and I had discussed it, but I was unable to get Talien to give the go-ahead. Perhaps now that we have confirmed the river connecting us to the Duindar... and surely we'll find a connection to Thelos if not the Lorandi, he'll be more amenable. The Lorandi were suggesting two boats. One paid for by them, one funded by us." Nalaea takes another sip of her whiskey. "Perhaps we can propose a similar idea to the Duindar, on the northern river."

Shakian has a sip of whiskey and then he laughs. "I was just thinking of Viessa commanding a ferryboat. She wouldn't like that at all." He has another sip. "I know we could send them fresh fish, and products of the sea. Salt, maybe. Do you have any idea what they have that we would want?"

"I would prefer a ship myself," Nalaea admits, "But I haven't the money to build one. But if someone is willing to fund a riverboat, than I will see myself at the helm of a riverboat until it earns the money to build a ship." She shrugs. "You do what you must."

The woman adds, a moment later. "The Duindar have forests. More wood, better wood, is never a bad thing. As for the Lorandi... I'm not sure what they would have."

Shakian raises an eyebrow. "Well, that's perfect. Lumber, timber...shipbuilding, construction material." He has a think over his whiskey. "I bet we could start some kind of ship building industry. Our expertise, their materials, split the profits. And it would strengthen ties between the fealties."

"I have good ideas sometimes," Nalaea says, putting her feet up on the table now that it doesn't seem anyone important is coming. Her luck, someone important WILL walk in through the door suddenly. Just watch. "It's important to start making allies with the other kinships. Never know who might get it in their head to start asserting themselves. Or casting aspersions. Particularly with these thefts that seem to be going 'round."

Shakian rolls his eyes at the mention of the thefts. "To think we came all this way to have our pockets picked." Of course, his stuff is probably safe, what with a tiger sleeping in his room. "That would be the down side of opening up transport would make it easier to make a getaway."

"I personally am surprised it took this long. The lands have always been connected. We all settled at the shores of Lorawin after we left our home. Storms brought us here and it was in storms the other kinships left, traversing lands many forgot. They founded their cities and over the past decades-" Nalaea shrugs. "Anyone could travel, get lost, suffer- or disappear. The ability to make a getaway has always been there. The portals simply make travel easier and theft harder."

Shakian puts in, "And, come to think of it, we all know each other." He waves off toward Lorawin. "There are only five families. Is some elf going to get off the boat with a bag full of silver and say he's my long-lost cousin Ferd?"

With a slight lean, Nalaea reaches for the whiskey to refill her glass. Hey, at least with no visitors: her job is easy. And she can't say she didn't make herself available. "Has anyone considered it may be more than one elf doing the thievery?"

Shakian shrugs. "Or even not an elf. Ravens like shiny things, we know that." He picks up another whiskey and waves it around, indicating the world. "What else might be out there? We didn't know there were beings in the sea until we met them."

"You have a point," Nalaea agrees. "To get a better picture of who or what it might be, I'd need to know what's been taken." The woman drops booted feet to the floor and stands, going into a languid stretch. "I suppose it may be time to put the food out so anyone might partake of it. Could be worth, if someone is interested, asking the Blood Templars for a list of what's been stolen."

Shakian shrugs at that. "I'm not going to worry about it unless someone in the family has a problem. We're trying to keep our explorations going." He grabs one more canape, and washes it down with the whiskey. "Now, if you put a bottle out I might be interested..."

There's a look to the whiskey and Nalaea chuckles faintly. "If I give it away, someone might fuss at me. Perhaps next time." The woman gathers up the tray and makes her way toward the door. "I'll see what I can stir up regarding trade with the Duindar and Lorandi," she says, leaning out to see where to set it. "Hopefully something."

Shakian puts his glass aside and signals for Puss to follow. "That's good," he says in re trade. "Maybe we can get some silver out of it. But lumber would be good, too. See you back in Lorawin." He leads teh tiger cub away.

Puss leaves, following Shakian.

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