Meet & Greet VI

Darinel Alcaldia is hosting a general meet & greet for all Kinships, where elves can gather together to meet new people, and share cultural information. Be prepared to discuss favorite past times in your Kinship, or something about yourself as an elf, or maybe share the details of your latest exploration!


Nov. 8, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Shakian Ragna Aurelian Jarlanen Inweth Leda Eiliriel Relios Sylindra Nyrena



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Cascade Terrace Tea - Tea Gallery

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Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar, Jiro, ever vigilant condor arrive, following Sylindra.

Ereg, a barred owl, Vana, a fluffy calico, Toot - A Beech Tree Elemental, Crynshear a young tiger arrive, following Gureylain.

Puss arrives, following Shakian.

Tarag the weathered snow wolf arrives, following Inweth.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Food and drink ables of various sizes are set up featuring wines, soft drinks, hard liquors, various food bits and appetizers for people to eat from all of the various cultures of the Kinships, and there may also be cake and other desserts too. The seating tables in the tea house are neatly arranged to allow for easy mingling.

Shakian knows Kinlessa Darinel, of course, and some of the other elves look familiar. "Hello." He beelines for the table, picking up a glass of good whiskey and some meat-based tidbits to feed to the tiger cub.

Ragna arrives at the Cascade Terrace Tea house, looking around. He's dressed in his hunter's garb and he lowers his hood to reveal his identity. He seems to just be meandering, not necessarily greeting and meeting quite yet.

Aurelian slips into the tea house and casually brushes one of the sleeves of his silversilk jacket. "I certainly hope the place doesn't come crashing down around us." He gives a polite little cough and then makes his way in further, steps taking him directly to the area where all of the hard liquors and wines are being offered up.

Jarlanen arrives by himself with an inquisitive glance around before striding his way further into the gallery, linking his fingers together behind his back. The flame speaker seems a bit distracted by the waterfall view in the distance, but the wine serves as a suitable replacement, drawing him over to retrieve a glass before any attempt at socializing might be made.

Inweth's entrance to the affair is a quiet one, white wolf following dutifully at her heel. Her calm gaze passes briefly over the tables before centering toward the alcohol, light steps guiding her to claim a glass of red wine. The monster of a wolf treading in tow turns its mismatched eyes to search over the room with interest, ears flickering as it keeps pace with its Faenor companion.

Most of the Meet & Greet is set up well before Darinel arrives, having hosted these a time or two in the past. She arrives just as people start to come, and immediately takes up hostessing duties. "Good evening, and thank you for coming. It's been sometime since I've hosted a Meet & Greet. The goal of this evening is to get together and learn a bit of something about our fellow neighbors. Anything that might like to share about yourself, or if you're in the mindset to share something of your Kinships culture, that'd be great too." She offers a warm smile to those who've arrived, nodding here and there to those she recognizes from past events such as these. "I'll start, and whenever someone feels like sharing something, feel free to step up and have your say."

Darinel pauses a moment as she gives people time to digest how she'd like this evening to go, then begins. "I'm Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia, leader of House Alcaldia. I am an explorer with experience in diplomacy, archery, and with survival techniques, and know my way around a bit of teaching too. On the days that I'm not running House Alcaldia - those rare moments that I give myself permission to do something else, I come enjoy a cup of tea here at the Cascade. Or, I'm finding ways to get out into the wilds to explore where I can. And," she grins a bit. "In my other spare moments, I host events such as these - or the fundraiser I'll be holding in support of Aereth's priesthood gaining a settlement. We're looking for artists, or people willing to donate items, by the by, for the auction." She issues a shameless plug. She gives Aurelian a little side eyed look when he mentions things coming crashing down, her smile slipping a bit. "Who'd like to go next?" she asks.

Storm, the Royal White Stallion arrives, following Leda.

Shakian steps up in his turn. "I'm Shakian Nerea. I'm the Right Hand for Neria and with cousin Octalin away..." Fill in the blanks. "Let me tell you, the paperwork is killing me. I want to be out in the fields, having a look around, but that has to wait a bit." He scratches the tiger cub behind the ears and adds, "If you an elf streak by at a hundred miles an hour, that's probably my niece, Forwen."

Inweth spares a gentle glance toward Jarlanen and Aurelian for their interest in the harder of the drinks offered for the evening. Inclining her head in quiet greeting, her attention pulls elsewhere as Darinel's voice sounds against the murmur of the crowd. Her serene gaze gives thoughtful search of the woman as she speaks, hand lifting the rim of her glass to her lips as the Aeran calls for volunteers.

Her gaze turn toward Shakian as he takes his place, giving a curious search of him as well as she opts to recline lightly against the bar. Seeing its master relax, the wolf at her feet sets himself on the ground, nose wiggling at the scent of a feast.

Frostbite, a large Faenor snow wolf arrives, following Relios.

Entering the tea house, Leda looks surprised at the activity with in the usually quiet building. A soft smile settles on her face as she walks in and starts to scan about for a place to curl into and have a bit of tea herself.

Having acquired a drink that combines several of the harder liquors together, Aurelian steps forward and gives a flourishing bow to the people in the tea gallery. "Please, permit me to introduce myself. My name is Aurelian Geminiel, Right Hand of House Geminiel. I am skilled at matters of Law, and certain types of business endeavors. In fact... I have been pushing my family to go forward and explore the wilds of Aarandor in order to create trade opportunities, not for our immediate future but for the centuries that are to come. Should any house leader wish to talk about various business endeavors, I would be most happy to sit down to discuss such things." He pauses. "Ah, and I am very adept at seeing what opportunities there are for monetary gain here on the streets of Thelos. Should you or your houses find that you have an excess of resources that you wish to sell for some silver, let me know and we can work out a deal perhaps." He flashes a quick smile, then steps to the side to sip on his drink.

Darinel chuckles somewhat at Shakian's mention of paperwork. "I'm certain members of House Nerea are glad you're stepping in while your cousin is busy with affairs." She interjects. She then notices Inweth and the wolf, and remarks. "I'm certain there's something among the side tables that your companion might enjoy," she says to the Faenor. Darinel made certain that there was wolf friendly food available for those that decided to attend. She glances around the room, asking. "Would anyone else like to step forward and introduce themselves?" She tilts her head as she glances around to see who might be willing to do so, and then turns her warm gaze on Aurelian as he steps forward. She gives him a nod of thanks and then listens.

Eiliriel is standing a bit shyly in the back, hands folded together neatly as she listens to the conversations come and go. She seems disinclined to be much more than a wallflower, but she smiles in a pretty manner.

Pausing as the Lord Heir makes his way through the Tea House doors, an arm pressed carefully against his torso with a portion of a fur cloak draped over it. His silver locks cascade in wavy locks about his form, a simple Faenor attire hidden under his cloak. Icy blue hues pass along the crowd as he manages to enter at the time Aurelian went to introduce himself. A bow of his head is extended towards the Geminiel before he makes way to towards the food with the large Snow wolf towing behind.

Inweth's gaze draws itself sidelong as she's addressed by the Kinlessa, her head canting slightly as she turns her face to watch toward her, considering her words. The edges of her eyes show a mild crease for her appreciation, a ghost of a smile granting a subtle curve to her lips. "Thank you," she murmurs in reply, her wolf's attention drifting further as it leans itself to better track the scent that seems to have captured its attention. "I'll be taking a look shortly," the woman further assures.

Jarlanen perks a little mid-sip of his wine when the introductions begin, his attention slowly shifting from Darinel to Shakian and onward. As others seem to find places to park their colletive rumps and settle in with their beverage of choice, he waits for a pause to take a step forward and offer a small smile, making a point to keep his voice clear and loud enough to carry a bit, "Good evening. And thank you to our host for arranging this. I am Flame Speaker Jarlanen Sedriel, in service to our very capable Warlord. I hope this means I will have numerous opportunities to meet all of you I do not know yet, but if there is something related to Thalerith or Sedriel that might interest you, or you just wish to hear what the fire might have to say, I am always pleased to have visitors." With that said, he glances around the other faces and takes a step back, immediately sipping a bit more of his wine. Priorities.

"Yes, I seem to remember that about you," Darinel says to Aurelian, giving a small, thoughtful nod of her head. "I'm working on putting together funds for the next stone keep for the family. There may very well be some business Alcaldia can do with you, Aurelian." She gives him a grateful nod of her head for reminding her of his skillset. "I'm most certain we can work out some sort of arrangement." She wiggles her fingers over at her cousin Eiliriel, giving her a grateful look as well. Support of family is always appreciated! Then Inweth catches her attention for a second time. "You are quite welcome. I hope he enjoys whatever treats he can sniff out," she tells her. She then turns her attention over to Jarlanen who's decided to speak next, giving him a graceful nod of her head as she pauses to listen.

Aurelian returns Relios' greeting and then turns to smile towards Darinel, "Of course, Kinlessa. I would be most happy to offer my services to House Alcaldia in the near future." He goes quiet and watches Jarlanen introduce himself.

Anyone who has seen Warlord Sylindra at a party before will surely be familiar with the sight of her well armoured and muscled form shamelessly helping herself to great piles of food. These she has been eating it with great gusto as she listens to the others talk about themselves and their kinships, demolishing just about every type of food on offer with a voracius appetite. A bottle of Faenor schnaps at her table slowly becomes emptier and emptier as she progresses through her meal.

Taking note of the introductions, Leda considers. Changing her path to look over the wines offered she listens to the introduction added before selecting a drink for herself. Once her fingers curl around a glass she turns her attentions to the crowd with more focused attention.

A hand reaches out slowly to pick up a piece of meat and quietly place into his mouth. Hooded eyes glance over towards the ravenous Warlord and merely gives a nod of his head in her direction before returning to his small pickings. He takes a piece of vegetable and inspects it carefully before discreetly handing it off to Frostbite to munch before returning to quietly picking at the food.

Inweth's attention shifts as Leda steps nearer to claim a glass of wine. She offers the Serannar a gentle smile as she bows her head toward her, her calm gray stare showing itself soft toward the woman. "It is good to see you," the Faenor offers lightly.

Darinel's expression turns curious at Jarlanen's introduction. She has questions, it seems, and it shows all over her face. "I'd love to hear what it is a Flame Speaker does, sometime," she says to him. "And, if we were to want to meet you to find out what the flames say, where would we do that?" she asks. "Is there a particular part of the city you frequent for such occasions?" She seems to take great interest in this! She doesn't miss that Sylindra is filling her plate with bunches of food and eating it with gusto, and in fact she gives the Warlord a congenial nod of the head to acknowledge her ravenous appetite, and maybe a look of envy. Likely, she'll only get to try one or two things on the menu before she's full herself. "You may also want to consider this evening a rare opportunity to ask for aid on projects you have going on, should you have anything you think might need or warrant an outside eye." This is addressed to the crowd within the room. And, for a moment, it looks almost as if she might say something about her ongoing Aereth project again, but she manages to stay herself from doing so.

Having acquire a decent sized plate filled with food, the Lord Heir turns away from the buffet table to make way towards Leda, a smile gracing his features as he nears her. "Cousin, Leda, it's good to see you."

As the Aenorr Lord Heir draws nearer Inweth bows her head in greeting toward the man, gentle smile still present at her lips as she lowers her glass.

Where Eiliriel is lurking is not far from the end of the buffet table, and she nearly runs into Relios as he steps away with his plate of food. "Oh, excuse me," she says mildly. "It is nice that there are a lot of people here, but I've got to be less clumsy."

Looking to Relios, Leda inclines her head. "Cousin, it's always nice to see more kin out and about. I suppose we should join in this introduction business? I was just excited to grab a cup of tea."

From the warmth of the summer's day outside, a slender silhouette draws into the large archway of the open doors. The kiss of the sun alights upon the slender curving frame of the elfess whose form is wrapped in layered sheer fabric of golden hues against the fiery hues of her tresses. Nyrena pauses there at the threshold to let her gaze slip and slide over those gathered within as one hand rests delicately upon the frame of the doorway.

Her attention shifts towards Aurelian a moment, having caught only the tail end of his introduction before moving to others as they straighten to offer a bit about themselves. Curiosity flickers though the Curator doesn't look apt to step into the fray of being so openly social quite yet.

For all the food that is disappearing in front of her, it is a testament to the precision and dexterity of the Warlord's movements that her eating is neither loud nor messy, just substantial and fast. She returns Relios' nod of acknowledgement, and after swallowing and taking another drink of schnaps she smiles back at Darinel, saying, "Such a fantastic selection Kinlessa, my thanks for your hospitality."

Relios feels a light bump against his form, a hand protectively keeps his plate from dumping onto the floor. Turning on his heel, his silver locks gracefully swish in the movement as he sets his gaze down on Eiliriel. A gracious smile settles on his lips as he responds, "It is quite alright, no harm done."

At Leda's words, he turns his body to allow for his attention to be shared between the two ladies. "Once I've helped myself to a portion of this food and Frostbite has had his fill, I plan to enjoy myself a cuppa as well."

Darinel turns a warm smile on Sylindra, "Thank you, Warlord Sylindra. I do always aim to at least have something from each culture here, and the staff here at the Cascade have always been so helpful in researching the menu so something might appeal to everyone. Do you have any favorites?" she tries to coax out of the Warlord. She, herself, wanders to the closest table that offers beverages, and plucks a glass of Alcaldia peach wine from the top. She'd been standing close by for just that occasion.

Jarlanen shifts his attention when Darinel addresses him specifically, the smile touching his face lightly while she addresses the entire crowd, and easing into motion to approach her as he speaks, "We are advisors and historians, offering guidance and information to the people that need it, often times presenting an opposing view simply to ensure a plan has been properly tempered with thought before it is put into action. If you would want to meet with myself or another Seer, send me word and, if I am not already occupied, I'm very flexible about where I can meet someone. I can't say there is one particular area of Thelos I have been preferring over another just yet, though the view here from the gallery is very nice." Another sip of wine is taken as he quiets back down, his attention shifting to look over ath Sylindra and offer the Warlord a small, respectful bow of his head while she eats.

"Wine for me first I think. How is your wolf fairing? I don't think I've met this one." Leda says to Relios and sips on her own drink. She looks to the Warlord and smiles brightly to the warrior before returning her focus to her conversation.

Darinel has joined the Table Overlooking the Garden.

Shakian has fed the tiger, so he picks up something for himself. Typically Aeran, he goes for seafood.

Inweth has joined the Mirror-backed Bar.

Darinel seems content that the introductions have tapered off. She takes her wine and goes to find a seat, her movement fluid and graceful. She settles down at the table overlooking the gardens, the one that she favors overall in the building. When Jarlanen explains what he does, she gives him her full attention, seeming fascinated. "That certainly does sound interesting. I may consider venturing to meet with one or another of you in the future," she remarks, saying much the she did to Aurelian earlier. It is then that she spies Relios, and offers a friendly wave in his direction.

"Very good." Relios answers as he looks down at the very attentive Wolf, lowering a piece of meat for the Snow Wolf to nibble on. "He's only two years and he's been trained extensively, but I am still working on him with the help of Alistair."

He lifts his attention back up to Leda, a soft smile at his lips. "How are your gardens?" he questions and then immediately stops as he turns his attention towards Eiliriel,"My apologies, I do not mean to not include you. I am Relios Aenorr, Lord Heir of the Aenorr family."

As the conversation picks up around her, Inweth withdraws further into her quiet, eyes drawn to close as she bows her head to listen with idle interest to the exchanges nearby. Her wine is drawn to her lips only for the occasional sip, and the wolf at her heels lays itself down at the realization that she won't be moving on any time soon.

Tika arrives, following Kieran.

"I appreciate the opportunity to sample the cousine of the other kinships, today I'm rather enjoying these fruit tarts and peach schnapps, I believe they are of Faenor origin? I don't much go for Thalerith foods here in Thelos, usually I can get it better from my personal chefs in Nasherat. That said, a year ago Zedmir Nalduine used some samples from wild desert melons we had not put under cultivation and found a way to make melonseed butter out of them, so outsiders can and do sometimes contribute to our culinary repertoire," the Warlord replies to Darinel. She returns Leda's smile with a nod of acknowledgement and a smile of her own.

"Oh my gardens are well enough. I was so delighted to get to share them with some of your Kinship during the visit." Leda's eyes slide past to Inweth and she gives the quiet elf a nod before looking back to Relios. "Truth, I'm more eager to see your home now than ever. I've heard you even have indoor gardens." She notes and works on draining her wine glass. "How is Uncle Cayn? I hardly see him in Thelos of late."

Darinel glances up at Sylindra again, giving a nod of gratitude. "Melonseed butter? That does sound quite interesting. It does sound as if mixing and mingling a bit in Thelos has done us some good. What other new foods have come about from outside innovation?" she asks, curious, but eating up what the Warlord is sharing.

Shakian is interested in the sound of melonseed butter as well. "Does it keep on the road? Could be quite an innovation."

Jarlanen bows his head slightly at Darinel, "Of course. I will look forward to a possible visit, then." Sylindra is mentioning tarts, which is enough to distract his attention towards the food. Oh right, there IS food here. Sip. He approaches the spread with a curious gaze, seeking out the pastry for a few moments before acquiring one for himself before gravitating slightly closer to the Warlord.

The Lord Heir picks at his plate, popping a fruit into his mouth. Chewing slowly as he listened to Leda with a nod of his head, he picks a meat up and discreetly hands it off to the Snow Wolf. Swallowing, he answers,"Inweth greatly enjoyed her stay in Torendaar. When the time comes, I would love to show you what Khelgar has to offer. I know House Morinen has created a garden in honour of your very own, it seems he was moved deeply by the sight of it."

"Oh, and the High Lord is well. He's been busy." Relios adds, popping another food item into his mouth.

"It is my favorite hobby, gardening. I hope I do get to see it in time. I'll try not to embarrass our family too much bundling up for your weather." Leda teases Relios with a small smile before draining her glass entirely. "Well, that's me done, cousin. Other things to attend to before too long I'm afraid. Look out for dear Inweth will you?" She asks her cousin and looks to set her cup down.

Darinel inclines her head at Jarlanen to recognize his comment. Once she's finished her wine, she rises to her feet. "I want thank everyone for coming this evening. Do feel free to continue to mingle and get to know one another, and I look forwarding to hosting again next month." And thus, she signals the end of the meet and greet, going home with some new information and connections to others she might not have otherwise made.

Shakian raises his glass."Thank you for organizing these get-togethers, Kinlessa," he says, politely. "I know I meet someone new at every one."

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