Trouble in the Valley

A small group are heading to Dreamer's Repose to answer a troubling letter that the Marchioness received regarding the inhabitants of the valley.


Nov. 12, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Arminel Elonai Gureylain Haedirn Hatharal Hyacinth Kaelyn Leda Rawlin Viola Zedmir Caelia



The Golden Plains - Dreamer's Repose

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Kaelyn leaves, following Gureylain.

Lyth, a tiny Tawny owl with black eyes arrives, following Caelia.

Kaelyn, Caelia arrive, following Gureylain.

The rangers that have been overseeing the Unicorns in the valley are now leading the small group through the valley. "We have been monitoring the numbers of the population and noted that one went missing a few days ago. A young doe or so it would seem." He's gruff but straight forward with a clean look in his sky blue eyes. The ranger in question is named Dredis. They have left the safety of the settlement for the flowing fields. Off in the distance one can see the gleaming hide of the herd not too far off. "We have been sweeping the valley for the lost member of the herd but can not seem to find it. We have narrowed down where it might be. Approaching the creatures should be taken with utmost care. We are heading over to the Southeast in an attemtpt to cover the last quadrant.

His glance settles on the team as a whole and he levesl his attention to Gureylain. "Lord Gureylain, perhaps you could take the lead. The rest of you keep your eyes open for anything out of place or worth mentioning." The old ranger moves forward, letting Gureylain pick up a trail as he looks at the signs of the passing of creatures or otherwise. The valley in and of itself feels utterly peaceful and majestic, like a place divinely touched.

Rawlin checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 10 higher.

Caelia checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher. Caelia rolled a critical!

Kaelyn checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 23 higher.

Caelia is along for the trip and is keeping close to Gurey. She doesn't get in front of him though! The elfin gardener is looking about the valley, trying to keep a close eye out. She is dressed simply in a white line blouse and brown leather leggings. Caelia doesn't see to have any sort of weapon on her.

Caelia glances down at the ground and sucks in a soft breath. "The ground is churned up at our feet as if herd has been this way, but strangly there are elf prints here to." She murmurs.

Rawlin is with the others, generally keeping to the middle of the group since he knows his own limitations. When Dredis the Ranger comes forward, he offers the elf a smile and then listens to what he has to say. Once the debriefing is over, he nods and then begins to scan the area for anything he might notice. "I see something over there." He points to some brambles far to the left. Breaking from the group, he makes his way over and searches the brambles. After a moment he points, "There is a hair here, we might be on the right trail I think."

Gureylain checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Appearing from the foliage, Gureylain's voice precedes him, "Tracks proceed west. Single unicorn and more elf." Face set into hard lines, before he turns and disappears again into the brush, like a Gurey do.

The Garwen Elder is EASILY distracted by the unicorns she has heard so much about. After staring at the unicorns for a bit Kaelyn starts to look around and towards the right she indicates, "THere was a fire there. I doubt it was anyone from around here since there has been attempts to hide it."

Gureylain checked perception + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 13 higher.

Caelia looks to Gurey. "A unicorn..." She murmurs before looking over to Kaelyn and seemingly thoughtful "I guess we could go check out the sit where the fire was? Or maybe follow the unicorn tracks?

"What direction is west..." Rawlin trails off as Gureylain heads back to doing whatever he does in the woods. "Damn it." He mumbles under his breath, his eyes returning to the hair for a moment before glancing to Kaelyn. "Well he mentioned elf tracks, so I wonder if this fire was made by those elves. Think they camped there?"

The voice of the ranger rises up again from the woodlands. "Would you lot hurry up? Rawlin. Put on your pants, there's briar patches." A bit of a snicker potentially heard? The Old Wolf in his element? Perhaps he can have a good mood, even in poor conditions. "This way!" Ereg pops up, wheeling and then leads towards the old elf.

Caelia looks to and then the rest, mostly looking confused. "I can be fast." She says to him. "I am glad I wore pants."

"I don't know why he thinks I never wear pants." Rawlin says, shaking his head as he runs his hands down the nice outdoorsy trousers that his wife had procured for him because she was the best. "Fine, fine. We're coming." He calls out to Gurey as he forges ahead in the direction the woodself called out from.

Gureylain checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Along behind everyone else KAelyn moves, for a moment looking almost sulky at leaving the unicorns but investigating is affoot and generally she gets in trouble if left unattended in a place nor Torendoor or THelos.

Gureylain taking the lead, Dredis gives and upnod and notes each of the details the others have found. It seems like he approves band even pauses to glance at the remnants of the fire he missed. Kaelyn is given an appraising look, "Well done," he remarks, tapping a finger to the side of his nose as the two rangers take the lead. Other signs can be found on the way but the trail stays true and the second set of prints that are elven remain as well. As they head West they begin to descend in the direction of the sea, the smell of it carrying up with a shiver and sway of the tall grass and small copses of trees. Here everything seems verdant and perfect, flowers still brightly in bloom despite the late season.

Growth starts to rise up though, a stand of trees that breaks up the beautiful horizon. Dredris slows and he turns about, as if smelling the wind that rustles the branches.

Gureylain checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 0 higher.

Kaelyn checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 17 higher.

Rawlin checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 22 higher.

Gureylain checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 39 higher.

Caelia checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Caelia gets distracted by flowers. "Oooo.." She says, heading over to lupine flower. It is mottled white and blue. "I never seen this kind of flower before." She says, studying it so very closely. She checks to see if more than just the one is nearby. "We need to remember this spot." The girl then adds.

"Gurey, there's something over here." Rawlin calls out to the woodself as he stops and leans in towards something that he's looking at. "Could be some sort of cloth, or maybe a rope or some other clothing that got torn up along the way?" He asks as he points to the fibers that he found, fibers that are hard to identify sadly. "So I guess this means we are heading in the right direction, right?"

Gureylain checked intellect + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

The Garwen Elder is just turing around to return to the nicorns but as she does this something catches her eye and she frowns a little in concern, "Gureylain, these flowers are crushed and the ground is in rough shape. PErhaps soemthign yuo should look at?"

Gureylain checked intellect + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Caelia checked intellect + agriculture at difficulty 15, rolling 62 higher. Caelia rolled a critical!

Again the old Ranger's voice comes from another direction, projected through the treeline, "Poacher's tracks keep to the tree line but don't enter." for what other sort of name could be given? Slipping through the brush to reach the others and then examine the fibers Rawlin's found, even putting a little to chew before it's spat on the ground.

"Rope... hempen." Nodding to Rawlin, "Keep some of that..." another bit and tasted, holding up a finger while he examines this find. "A moment, unless Caelia can identify?" looking to Rawlin, "Several days old." another bit of rope spat out. Woodscraft. Trust in Gureylain.

Caelia sucks in a soft breath and then she looks to Kaelyn and then to the crushed plants. She seems concerned. "So this plant is a member of the nightshade family. They are deadly to most animals or could be used as sedative to them. They do not grow in shade and it looks like it was planted recently. I looks eaten. The unicorn could eaten it."

Rawlin frowns as he watches Gurey eat the rope fibers. Not once, but twice. "That's gross." He comments to the old elf, but he still nods, "So they have a slight head start on us then..." He trails off and glances towards Caelia, frowning. "Do you think it was put here on purpose to try and harm the unicorns?"

caelia looks to Rawlin, nodding. "They could have." She murmurs.

Pausing to give Rawlin the -eye- for a moment, making the 'thp-thp-thp' tongue and lip sound as he gets the last of the fibers out. "Could be used to put them to sleep perhaps." Gureylain notes, regarding nightshade. "I think we should check the Unicorn first. I doubt these... would be hunters could even elude you in tall grass." giving Rawlin a wink as he goes to pick up the unicorn trail again.

Caelia hmms softly. "I think the unicorn first too." She murmurs. She tries to remember the location of the lupine flower too.

The signs that have presented themselves by the keen eyed group have given them a choice to make. The unicorn lost and likely in distress is their main goal. As the group ventures further into the stand of trees the tracks continue on and though the rope pieces appeared to be several days old by the way they were weathered the path itself chosen by the animal was less than a day. They are quickly coming upon wherever it went. The brine from the sea is far more prevalent here and its obvious the direction in which the animal was going. To the sea.

There more of the brush is indented as if the animal was having trouble standing or taking steps it did not need to. IT becomes obvious that something went wrong in this very location.

Gureylain checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 12 higher.

Kaelyn checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Rawlin checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 26 higher. Rawlin rolled a critical!

Gureylain checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Caelia checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Caelia checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

"More rope fibers..." Gureylain is crouched among the mayhem in the brush, smelling a bit of them and looking to make uncomfortably direct eye contact with Rawlin as he tastes it. "More elf tracks here... Creature was dragged by the look of it." spitting out the bit again before standing. "I can try to find more tracks, otherwise there were those on the tree line."

Caelia hmms softly as she stuides the area. "The nightshade here has been eaten as well." She murmurs.

"THere is piled up flowers here." Kaelyn points to spots along their path, "Along with me tracks. I think there is purposeful attacks on the unicorns?"

"Shhhhh" Rawlin motions the others to silence as he lowers and waddles over to Gureylain and points ahead of them then raises 2 fingers and then a 3rd finger, shrugs, and then moves the other hand like a duck beak quacking, then gestures ahead of them once more.

Gureylain checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

Rawlin checked composure + stealth at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Kaelyn checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Rawlin checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Caelia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

The unicorn must be close but their voices carry enough that the figures that Rawlin hear's head shush each other as well. "Did you hear that? Someone is there. I swear I heard someone."

"Hush up. We got to get this thing out of here." They go still and quiet again but there is some hushed tones back and forth before there is a crackle of underbrush and the first sight of someone coming through the brush ahead. "AH! I see them! THERE THEY ARE!" The alarm raised there is some swearing and the group that they can not see completely is off, crashing Westward and towards the sea. They are not coming at the group but rather escaping our gathered heroes!

Caelia starts to run after the elves! She tries to be very loud about it too, hoping to distract them from the others here. "Hey, hey, hi, help, I'm lost."

Gureylain checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Caelia checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

"Dru.." starts KAelyn as she turns as if to speak to her husband, who she is oft with, but Gureylain is acting as her protection this time. However, he is doing wildman things and Druthean is not with her. So, a rare things happens. The normally calm, gentle, and collected KAelyn actually looks panicked as elves run wild. She plops on the ground with a loud thump and doesn't move. There is also fear on her face. Really, that is not a normal KAelyn expression. "Can't hear the wind, no Dru." she mutters to herself.

Gureylain takes off running, practically on all fours at points as he cuts trail, leaping over thick sedge and even leaping onto the side of a tree and springing off again to give chase to the fleeing elves. Nostrils flaring, trying to get a good sight of one, or even hear one enough to take a blind shot through brush and tree.

Rawlin watches everything that is going on around him. Clearing his throat, he strides forward and proclaims, "HALT. I AM RAWLIN, MINISTER OF LOYALTY. YOU ARE ORDERED TO CEASE AND DESIST ALL ILLEGAL ACTIVITY OR FACE THE WRATH OF ESCANOR THE IMPALER."

Caelia goes running and she runs right up the unicorn and almost trips over the drugged animal. A gasp escapes from her lips and she then tries to couch down near the unicorn. "Oh, you don't look like things are going well."

Gureylain checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 43 higher.

Rawlin checked command + intimidation at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Gureylain checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

Gureylain checked strength at difficulty 10, rolling 11 higher.

As the group starts to rush forward or react in their ways, the unknown number of foes ahead continue to flee. Kaelyn's crumbling is a bit of a distraction from the one at the back and he turns just in time to hear Rawlin cry out about Escanor the Impaler. "What did he say. Did he say Escanor the Impaler!? STOP MAKING SHI...." His cry never finishes as Gurey comes leaping forward to tackle the straggler of the group as his friends continue there fleet footed escape. As the two hit the ground and roll the other elf pulls a knife and thankfully the old ranger manages to catch sight of the blade and stop it before it imbeds into his ribs.

Caelia with all she tries to do to help stop the poachers but comes up fast on the just waking unicorn. She can not move but her head shifts and her eyes blink up at Caelia. She starts to kick her hooves but those movements are slow and the Rylanth is not likely to be hurt but there is a weak whinny from her. She's front hooves to front hooves and back hooves to back hooves so that they might try to carry her out on the pool they had been about to run through the ties.

Crouched, quite literally, on the chest of the elf tackled to the ground, one foot on the knife wielding wrist, bow out and arrow nocked, aimed for the bicep of the elf beneath him. He says nothing for now, simply glowers - his knee in the sternum of his capture, slowly applying pressure to cut off breath and threaten breaks to the sternum... Rawlin is here after all - he can put the sot back together. Gureylain sniffs, almost daring him to action.

Rawlin checked mana + restoration at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Caelia is still crouching down near the unicorn, looking worried. "Maybe we will try to carry him home? I don't know where a unicorn lives thouhg."

Rawlin struts a little as his antics let Gurey put the hurt on someone. It lasts only a moment and then he is making his way towards the unicorn, "We should free it and make sure it is well..." He trails off and whispers pleasing words in Celestial to the animal as he removes the ropes around the hooves. Then he gently places a hand to the animal's side and lets the flow of restorative magic flow through him and into the animal. Then he backs away and gestures. "Go, run free blessed one."

Once the poacher beneath him is rendered unconscious - Gureylain grunts, watching the Unicorn moving - close enough to touch but ever too far away. Standing to roll his catch over to begin binding ankles to wrists. "The house estate, or do you want me to take this one back to Tenlindil?"

The usually put together KAelyn stays plopped on the for a while longer before she pushes to her feet. She has sembalances of control in place. She is back to the serene priestess she normally is. "To the Serannar estate." she says, quietly. "I have questions." Namely Kaelyn might have plans to deposit the poor poacher into the arms of a less gentle Garwen priestess.

The unicorn does not respond at first, even when Rawlin cuts her binds and frees her movements. The plant is working through her system still. That is until he graces her with Gala's touch and burns away the remnants in her system. For a moment her head bobs and she turns her eye from Kaelyn, Caelia and finally Rawlin. SHe jerks up then to her hooves and for a moment she starts to look like she might lash out with her hooves. She backs up a space, running into a few of the thicker shrubs as her head turns towards Gureylain and watches him over the other elf. One of her captors. For a moment tension builds and her hooves come down heavily to smash the rope bindings that held her. They are churned into the mud until she is satisified and a flick of her tail is given. Her teeth show briefly but her head quickly bows to the elves as she breaks away and tears off towards the open fields.

They are left with a sense that the Gods know and have watched them all. Specifically Garwen. The elf is out like a light thanks to Gureylain and there is ample rope left over from those who fled.

Rawlin watches the unicorn head off and then he rises to his feet and brushes off his trousers. "I agree with Kaelyn, we should take the prisoner back to be judged by our king. Once he has been put to the question to ensure that no others are operating out here. Or to find out what else he might have to tell us. Bind him like he bound the unicorn and then we can drag his ass around for a while and see how he likes it."

Gureylain's eyes are saucers when the unicorn looks in his directions - freezing in place with something grander than mere awe washing his features at the scant moment of eye contact. Whatever is there is enough that when he looks down to the downed elf there is a moment where one foot is moved back as if to drive it into the elf's ribs. Swallowing hard before lashing more rope around his knees - and begins to drag him... "Get out of my head, Rawlin."

"I think Arminel would be willing to pass judgement in the Shrine of Garwen, or leave it in our hands, since it is an act against my goddess' blessed creature." Then she ponders a moment, "Ill see if Leda would like to have questions for the poachers to." It is surely hard to resist the gentle smile of Kaelyn.

In the distance there come the whinnies and the sounds of a triumphant return. As the group leaves the brush and back out into the field Dredis who had gone the long way around the stand of tress finally rejoins them. Not too far afield the unicorns stand in the waving wildflowers and grass, reuinited. The stallion stands out among them and he looks their way, watching but not approaching. The mood in the valley bursts with life, a revelry of sorts as the fragrant blossoms seem more so, the colors more vibrant and the feeling of contentment and peace. It feels even more settled and divine than it had before. The herd watches on, soon the group retreating to Dreamer's Repose is watched until they are out of sight.

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