Mage You Look

There's a whole lot of noise coming from the vault. It sounds like screaming, and a whole lot of something bad...


Nov. 17, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Shakian Zelda Aeretheo




The Whispering Tides - Lorawin - Nerea Manor - Vault

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Mage You Look has started at The Whispering Tides - Lorawin - Nerea Manor - Vault.

Minnow, the mischievous tiger, Nymph, the playful water elemental, Snowball, a baby Khelgar Bunny arrive, following Zelda.

The morning was as unevental as ever. The usual changing of the guards. Some folks going to begin their day while others return home to end theirs. What should have been the typical morning calm turned into quickly turned into chaos. A bunch of hubub was coming from the vault. Nothing out of the ordinary. People argued and fought before, and sometimes things got heated. However, that yelling turned into screaming bloody murder as two of the elves were running headlong out of the vault.

Shakian comes down to the vault, Puss at his heels, obviously irritated at all the fuss inside the family house. "I wish Octalin was here," he mutters under his breath as he looks around. "What's going on here?"

Zelda came rushing down when she heard the screaming, her bunny had been left upstairs in her bed chambers while her elemental was riding on Minnows back. He was on guard and carefully scanning as was she. "I.. I have no idea.. I just.. came when I heard the scream..."

Shakian checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Zelda checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

The vault itself can get messy when people are lazy. Books not returned to the shelves, maps left here and there, and the occasional bouts of drunken studying. However, what they find down here is more crinsom. Blood is plashed across a table, a chair, and much more on the floor. It all leads up to a single dead body, rent in half. The torso sits against the wall while the lower half is near the bloodied chair.

Shakian can find that the body wasn't separated by whatever killed the elf. The torso was moved against the wall. A faint trial of blood can be found that's a bit different than the other red splatter, and it starts near the entrance.

Shakian looks disconcerted at the sight. "Here in the vault?" He draws his sword and looks around for immediate dangers.

Zelda took super long to even find anything and it was only finding Shakian once more did she discover just what those screams her about. She swallowed nervously as she just stares, horror echoing in her features. Her voice dropping to a whisper, "Who could have done this?"

Shakian is not putting the sword away, but it looks like they're not going to be killed instantly. He takes the corpse by the hair and tilts the head up so he can look it right in the face. "I'm not sure this is anyone I know." He commits the face to what passes as his memory, and then points at the differently colored blood. "Do you think that's a trail?"

Shakian checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

The trail doesn't start outside when Shakian checks the door. The blood starts about a meter away from the door. Most likely whatever happened here was done to the body after the fact, or the ywere killed at that spot. The bisection of his body was something quickly and slickly done. While two elves ran out of the vault; neither of them had a drop of blood on them, and there was only one set of bloody shoeprints leadin from the vault.

Shakian is STILL not putting the sword away. "There's nothing we can do for this one except be sure he gets a proper burial. Where do those footprints go?" He himself steps carefully to avoid blood on the floor lest there be even more footprints leading around.

The footprints lead up and out of the vault. Of the two elves seen running out of the vault, only one of them remains. A tall woman in robes that marks her as a magician of one kind or another. She's on the ground, curled up, and frantically bobbing back and forth. The prints stop there, though. Right in front of her.

Shakian runs up to have a quick look at her. He's still got his sword out, but he looking especially for wounds.

The woman's rocking continues in spite of Shakian's presence. No, she's more than content to avert her gaze into her knees and robes. All the while she mumbles and whispers denial over annd over.

Shakian looks around again and then leans over close. He knows nothing of healing, so he's no help there. He tries to hear what she's saying.

"No," she whispers. That word echoed over and over again. The only time she doesn't say it is when she has to take in another hastily drawn, ragged breath. She can feel Shakian's approach, and starts scuttling back as he nears. Her hands raise up to block him further, gaze cast to the floor in fear. "No," she says over and over again. "Don't hurt me!" she screams at the top of her lungs.

Shakian puts the sword down. "Shh....shhh...." he says as gently as he can. "I will not hurt you. I can get help. Tell me what is wrong."

Shakian checked perception + empathy at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

The woman bats away at him, and scoots further back until her robe catches. She accidentally yanks herself back with a squeek, and then trys to crawl away. She looks back to Shakian, eyes wide and her pupils dilated. "You did this!" she sreams, now kicking away at Shakian to get the other elf away.

Shakian backs away, hands up so she can see they are empty. "I did not. I can get help, but you have to tell me what's wrong."

She looks at him, as unsure as ever. "But," he says while pointing a finger at him. "You have a sword. How do I know that you didn't do it?" She falters for a moment, and backs up just a bit more. She's against the wall, and trying to make her self seem as tiny as she can in that spot.

Shakian slides the sword away behind him. He holds his hands up again. "See? No sword. Be calm, take a deep breath. One of my cousins is a healer and can help you, but you need to be calm."

She watches as the sword clangs across the floor. Her gaze narrows in on the blade, and she gives Shakian her attention a few moments after. She tries her best to do as instructed. In and out. In and out. It takes a minute more before she's as close to calm as she'll likely get as she looks back to the door of the vault. "Why?" she whimpers.

Shakian keeps his hands in sight. "Shh...shh...You're doing well. Breathe. In and out. In and out." He edges just a little closer, no more than six inches. "Why what? Tell me what it is."

Peanut arrives, following Aeretheo.

Aeretheo checked composure + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Currently, a woman is on the ground. Her eyes are puffy and when she speaks her voice is hoarse. Shakian is attending to her, and his sword a few meters away. The woman appears to be dressed in robes that mark her as some form of mage, although the outfit is bereft of a sigil or crest. She's tracked blood from the vault to where she now sits, and the coppery scent is all to strong even here.

She looks to Shakian, still unsure. "I- I don't know. It was like a bat, but not really. It had wings, and-" She shivers, and then steals a hasty glance to the vault. "I don't know. It just was fast."

For the screaming to carry its way up through to the greeting room, Aeretheo seems markedly calm as he slips into the vault. His lips bow in a mild frown as his brows knot themselves tight over his eyes, a hand gripped to the strap of his satchel as a draw of his sharp golden eyes searches over the room to piece the scene together. His steps find their hold in the doorway as he calculates quietly, his gaze sparing a quick glance toward the eyes of those of his house, measuring. It seems he made it just in time for some explanation, and as the woman speaks, his eyes drift toward her. "What can I do?" he questions, already decided toward helping.

Shakian stage whispers, "Be careful. There's a dead elf not far away." He has put his sword down behind him and is showing the woman his empty hands.

"Aye, I can smell 'em," Aeretheo muses lightly, lips settled to a grim line, eyes still directed toward the woman on the ground. He turns in his place to better face the woman, his expression softening as he eases off his satchel to set it near the entryway. "Relax, please," he requests gently. "You're safe for the moment. If you're hurt, I can help you." He steps toward the woman with ease, paying no heed to the caution of the others.

Aeretheo checked charm + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Aeretheo drops a well-loved satchel.

House Tenlindil set out South-East of Golden Hallow in search of better land to build a settlement on. Very quickly they found a coast line below the hills. The water here glimmered and shone with the reflection of the brilliant sun and beautiful ocean side beaches stretched for miles in all directions. But, Lord Escanor noticed an absence of the lifewell here. Finding it suspicious, General Helene sent out a few scouts ahead. Rumor has it that Helene's scouts found a pillaged, oddly very small, village along the coast. Lord Leofric and Lady Oriana helped to uncover who used to dwell here and why they left. And though not all the questions were given answers, they know they had stumbled into a segment of Aarandor history that is truly something special.
hose who were there experienced some strange phenomenon and in light of the beauty of this particular area, they have decided to name this stretch of the beach, Glimmer Point.

The elf looks to Aeretheo, as cautious of him as she was of Shakian. She recoils again. "I'm okay. I think." She doesn't check herself over, and it's difficult to say with the robes in the way. "Why did-" Her voice grows still, and she shakes her head fervently.

Erotas, Kiros and Diagones set off into the woods North East of Amaranthine Grove to see what sort of wonders the Forests around the Syreian Split has in store for them. The occasional bit of wildlife was certainly encountered, birds, ground rodents and the like. The first night was rather uneventful all and all. It was not until nightfall that they were visited by an unexpected guest. Ellinor of the Grove made herself known to them and issued them a set of instructions:

"Build a road between The Realm of The Tree Watcher and the City of Shrines. She wishes to see one of each Kinship and She can not until they have a way to travel here."

With her instructions given, she assured them she would stay in Thelos to help prepare the elves to eventually meet the Mother of Mercy, Gala herself. She also granted them permission to build near the grove that she calls home. And so, upon her departure, House Egilion broke ground on the settlement that would come to be known as Arboline.

Shakian stays back and lets the cousin handle matters, since she seems to be responding better to him than Shakian. He stays away from his sword in cse.

"Ah..." Aeretheo sounds in understanding at the woman's assurance, his head bobbing in a nod as a smile eases to his lips. His steps slow to a stop to allow the woman her distance. "I'm glad to hear it." Despite the genuine relief in his tone, the man still opts to crouch down to a knee, giving a curious once-over to check the stranger for wounds.

"Seems you had quite a scare, though," he wonders as he eyes drift in the direction the woman had been watching a moment prior. "Would you like a room? I wonder if taking a moment to rest might do you some good." With a thoughtful blink his eyes are right back toward the woman, lips resting in a gentle frown for his concern.

Minnow, the mischievous tiger have been dismissed.

Nymph, the playful water elemental have been dismissed.

Snowball, a baby Khelgar Bunny have been dismissed.

"I live here," she objects, and bunchs up her robes for a moment. "But I don't want to go home." She stops, looking between the two elves. Again she takes one more look to the vault. She finally relents, "I'll take the room."

Shakian says quietly, "See if she can tell you what happened. I'll have another look at the dead elf."

Aeretheo laughs lightly at the objection, lips morphing easily to a smile. "Well I'm sorry," he admits lightly, rising lightly to his feet. "Didn't recognize your face." His gaze warms as his smile softens, but he makes no move to start forward again. Shakian's quiet words see the young man's golden gaze toward him, and his head dips again in a small nod of understanding. "Of course," he promises lightly, eyes turning back toward the woman.

"Name's Aeretheo," he greets toward her, the mild apology in his smile matched with a sympathetic pinch of his brows. "Won't press for a name, but I hope you'll let me escort you to a suite upstairs. Got a decent spot in mind for y'."

"Larunda," she responds after a few moments of silence. She eventually rises to her feet, turning away any attempts at assistance. The blood she brought from the vault has colored the trim of her robs, but she doesn't notice. "I'm Larunda," she echoes. "Where- where are you taking me?"

Shakian leaves Aeretheo to deal with the woman. He's clearly more of a people person. He has a nother look at the dead elf, so see if he's missed something.

Aeretheo seems keen on keeping his distance, allowing the woman to her feet without interference. Her question sees a sideways glance toward Shakian as Aeretheo turns to retrieve his satchel, searching for some sign of approval. "Upstairs to Old Agis' room," he answers, kneeling to draw up the heavy weight of his bag and see its leather strap back to his shoulder. "Left for the wheel a little while back. I've kept their room in good shape though. They kept all kinds of interesting things in there."

Conversation seems to come all too easily to the man as he waits for Larunda near the entryway, arm crooked at his side in offer to her. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Larunda. I hope you've got some fondness for stars." His smile brightens a bit at the mention.

Shakian checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 50, rolling 75 higher. Shakian rolled a critical!

Aeretheo gets a well-loved satchel.

Larunda nods slowly after Aeretheo's answer. "Okay. Thank you." She moves to stand at Aeretheo's side. "Why would I care about stars?" she asks. Her gaze immediately shoots to the door as she asks, "Is that a euphemism for something?"

As Aeretheo and Larunda seem to be departing, Shakian is given a bit of time to look around on his own. Firstly, the thing that cleaved the man in half looks to have been uneven. Whatever did it was strong, clearly, but likely not a wing. However, it couldn't have been a blade. Within the elf's innards and near the lower half are bits of sediment. Tiny bits of rock and dirt that shouldn't be here, much less in the man's body. The only likely culprit would have been a mage of some sort.

The room itself was something of a mess. Beyond the bisected man, whoever was using this room last was looking for something. Several maps have been put up in the room shelves, and books aren put wherever. However, Shakian can find something else upon a second once over. Two maps of the lands of Aereth's Dream are missing.

Aeretheo's smile curls with humor at Larunda's lack of interest, a sparkle of amusement in his eyes as he sets to lead her out the door and up the staircase. "Not at all," he speaks in reply. "Agis was an Elder of Brundir. They wrote most every book you'll find on the stars, even the charts from half a millennium ago. Spared no expense on their telescope," he explains, resting an arm over his satchel as he charts their course. He sounds content to let the horrors of the room behind them slide for now.

Puss leaves, following Shakian.

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