Auction Of the Waves

This event is being held to benefit the Priesthood of Aereth to build a settlement of their own, so they may be provided with income and resources to better aid the various kinships. Donations of artwork, clothing, armor, jewelry and other items will be auctioned off for silver on the night of this event. If you are an artist that would like to donate a piece of your work, and gain recognition for your design ability, please contact Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia. Otherwise, come join us for a night of art, fun, and helping out one of our most cherished Priesthoods prosper.


Nov. 23, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Shakian Aeretheo Tarathiel Nalaea Zedmir Dunlain Niamh Wahaiya Sylindra Jarlanen Luthien Escanor



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Art Gallery

Largesse Level



Summit, a fierce and large black snow wolf arrives, following Niamh.

Mitzi, a mischievous little ice elemental arrives, following Dunlain.

Tables and chairs are everywhere, giving everyone a great view of the items to be auctioned this evening. Standing at the front of the room is Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia, both hostess and auctioneer for the evening. She gives each person arriving a nod and a wave, to acknowledge their presence, though seems to be taking a moment to look over the display case one last time to see what's available.

Shakian arrives, accompanied by a tiger cub who is still in need of a pair of boots. "Congratulations on your recent explorations, Kinlessa," he says before going to look over the evening's loot.

Aeretheo's eyes are to the display case the second he's within the doors. Arm resting over the satchel weighing at his shoulder, his golden stare gives pensive search of the artworks resting on its shelves. He steps toward the case to give its works a closer inspection, studying each one's design.

Tarathiel arrives all by herself and doesn't look at all put out by it. She does give the host of the auction a dip of her head and quiet greetings as she enters, but the woman with the pale grey eyes takes a moment to scan over the objects on display that will be auctioned off and she smiles before she keeps moving to let others have a look and moves to find a seat for herself.

Oh look, there's a member of Aereth's priesthood here. And for a rarity, Nalaea is actually wearing her robes, too! She's not in the usual battered leathers of a sailor, but actually in the priestly rainments. Nope, no reaver here, just a proper... well, Initiate. She'll get raised up someday. Still, the woman makes her way in, looks over the display case with a keen interest, and finds her way to a seat to watch: somewhere near the front, even.

While not one of Aereth's faithful, the guildmaster is happy to attend any social gathering that empowers a good cause. He offers smiles and waves to friends, both those he's known forever and those he has yet to meet. Zedmir even has a small sign to wave excitedly should he wish to bid on anything.

Darinel seems to be waiting for a few more people to arrive, or at least get settled. Once they have, she turns her attention to the room and gives everyone a large grin, especially those from the temple of Aereth. "Welcome, and thank you for coming this evening. House Alcaldia is sponsoring tonight's event in support of the Shrine of Aereth's wishes to build a settlement so they might start bringing in an income to pay their priests, and see to the needs of the people, rather than relying simply on the good graces and donations of others. So, to help them tender this wish, we decided to host an auction to help them with their fundraising needs." She motions over to the display case. "Before you we have several items that have been designed and donated. I shall give you a bit of background on each of them, as I remember. But, I also beg apologies if I forget the designer. When Vindal first approached me about wanting to create the settlement, he mentioned they presently have 1/5th of the silver needed in order to build a wooden keep, so we thought this would be the perfect way to aid the Shrine's cause." A pause. "All bids must be in silver tonight, for they already have all the resources they need. I'll give everyone a few moments before we begin, and then I'll start taking out some items and we'll get started."

Tarathiel has joined the Stone Observation Bench.

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Shakian finished his inspection of the items and goes to stand near his cousin Aeretheo. "Anything special catch your eye?" he says. "I'd think that banner would look good hanging in the vault."

Dunlain arrives at the art gallery in a patrol uniform of the Templars, and takes up a position against the wall near the main exit. He settles into a ready but relaxed stance and simply watches those entering and moving about the gallery.

Aeretheo's eyes thoughtful gaze begins to retreat from the display case at the sound of Darinel's call. His faintly stooped posture rights, and his gaze turns at the familiar sound of Shakian's voice. He greets the man with an easy smile as he adjusts the rest of his satchel. "A few things, honestly. It's nice to see so many varying styles."

His hand lifts to cup at his chin as he spares the display a final glance. "I like the Sea Life drawing. It shows a good use of color."

Darinel gets an artful depiction of Aereth's grace from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Darinel gets Owl at Window from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Tarathiel gives a look to Zedmir when he arrives and there is a wave to her cousin. Then she lets her pale eyes drift over the crowd until Dunlain enters. The woman gives a smile before she offers a gentle wave to the man. Then she's looking up to their host when things are announced and there's a dip of her head in understanding.

Aeretheo finds himself glued to the display case once again as the detail of another piece catches his eye. He leans in a bit to get a better look, thoughtful.

The Snow Witch has made her arrival with her wolf who is pretty much never not at her side. She,for the moment seems good with lingering at theback and watching. Herwolf is given the order to lay down at her foot, but he is still 'on guard.'

Ophira arrives, following Wahaiya.

Shakian has a second look at Sea Life at his cousin's urging. "Too bright for me. I like my seas without any eyestrain, if such a thing is possible."

Darinel pulls two paintings out of the case, and sets them each on little display stands, so they can be better seen. Once that task is completed, she turns her attention first to an artful depiction of Aereth's grace motioning to it as she begins to speak. "Tonight we'll start the evening with this artful depiction of Aereth's grace. It was painted by artist Aeretheo Nerea," she motions over at Aeretheo, "who is here this evening and also provided a striking replica of Noe's Prayer." She looks back to the group after pointing out the paintings and Aeretheo. "Who would like to start the bidding tonight at 500 silver?"

Darinel drops an artful depiction of Aereth's grace.

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Shakian looks surprised to hear the name of the artist. "I will bid 500, then. That would look even better in our vaults."

Darinel grins over at Shakian, "It seems the Nerea family is keen to have that painting stay in the family. Do I hear 600?" She looks around the room for other bidders who might like the painting.

A messenger slips a paper to Zedmir, who nods, thanks the elf, and exits with them.

Aeretheo's lips curl to a bright grin at Shakian's opinion, his gaze turning sidelong as it lights with humor. A bark of a laugh escapes from his grin as he keeps stooped toward the display. "To each his own," he grants warmly, righting his posture slowly at the sound of his name.

His focus turns toward the announcement of his work, weight shifting lightly on his feet as he watches over the bidding with quiet interest.

Arriving fashionably late, the woman with the coral frilled dress walks into the room with purpose in her step. A pleasant smile on her glitter painted lips, the slithering python at her heel. Her attention is quickly caught by the mention of Aeretheo's works being put onto auction. Placing her hands together with give a small clap of applauding, her hungry green eyes look for the boy and focus on his form. Wahaiya quickly makes her way over to him.

Wahaiya calls out with a hand in the air, "600!"

Sylindra has joined the Stone Observation Bench.

Aeretheo smiles warmly toward Wahaiya as he catches her approach, dipping into a shallow bow to welcome her arrival. His greeting is a whispered one, but his tone can be heard as a welcoming one. He lowers his voice to speak to the woman in a hushed voice so as not to interrupt.

Tarathiel gives a look after her cousin when he receives his message and then is off. She gives a bit of a frown, but settles in to watch the rest of the auction with interest.

Nalaea does not engage in the bidding just yet, but does seem happy to see it jumped to so quickly.

The hand waves lightly in the air for a second longer even after she had announced her own bidding for the objects in question. Eventually she pulls it back to fall under the sheer coral of her cape and allow the hand to cover her lips.

Darinel nods over at Wahaiya, nodding. "600 from Wahaiya!" She glances around the room, "Are there any others feeling the desire to bid on this lovely statuette." It's always been a statuette, not a painting! She never said painting. Cough.

Shakian calls out, "750."

The edges of his eyes crease with humour as they turn their attention towards Aeretheo. The hand drops from her lips to lightly nudge at the boy in a playful manner, her voice quirking upwards in a light trill. "Oh stop, you."

Wahaiya glances down at herself in mild contemplation before turning her attention back up towards Darinel. She winks as she calls out, "1,000!"

The Warlord looks really tired, it seems she hasn't slept well since her expedition, and yet somehow that winds up making her look much more dangerous, like she might snap and cut your head off at any moment. "1100" she says half-heartedly, rubbing one of her eyes as if that will help keep her awake.

Aeretheo's smile is more amused than apologetic for Wahaiya's nudging, though the subtle nod of his head assures he'll be on his best behavior. His gaze draws up toward the crowd as another voice calls out, focus settling briefly toward Sylindra before lifting to center on their hostess for the evening.

Darinel glances between Shakian, Wahaiya, and now the Warlord. She grins widely. "1,100 silver is the going bid. Does anyone dare outbid the Warlord on this fine statuete." She motions once more to the one of Aereth's grace.

Shakian cares, all right. "1500."

The bubbling excitement within the Duindar elf seems hard for her to contain as her lips curl upwards and her shoulders pinch inward. She clenches her fist together near her chest before quickly allowing one of her arms to fly upwards palm out. Wahaiya exclaims happily, "2,000!"

Shakian leans over to whisper to his cousin.

Aeretheo peeks toward Shakian as the man leans toward him, curious brows perching themselves the slightest higher over his eyes.

Tarathiel looks over when the Warlord makes her bid and then to the others. She then looks back to the auctioneer when the bidding continues. She seems comfortable to let the others do their bidding, but doesn't offer her own for the moment.

Darinel nods in response to Shakien, grinning, but looks to see whether the other two bidders are still in it. "This is for a good cause, for the Shrine of Aereth to claim some land of their own," she reminds them. She then nods to Wahayia and looks back to Shakian. "Do the Nerea care to bid higher? Or are they out?" she wonders.

Shakian holds up two fingers twice. "Twenty-two hundred."

"A good old fashioned bidding war right off the bat," the Warlord observes, though her tiredness completely overshadows whatever excitement she might be feeling.

Aeretheo's gentle smile toward Shakian speaks appreciation as his whispering falls to silence.

Wahaiya places a hand to her cheek and shakes her other free hand as she looks away with fever in her cheeks and a grin at her lips. She was out.

Darinel nods to Shakien. "That's 2,200. Going once...."

Jarlanen lingers at the back of the gallery when he arrives, pausing there perhaps just to make sure advancing isnt going to be mistaken as a bid. It also gives him a chance to locate the Warlord and a couple other faces in the crowd, before he starts moving again, to approach Sylindra's bench, no words offered that might disrupt the bidding.

"Twice...." Darinel continues, as she looks around the room.

"SOLD!" The latter is called out, and then Darinel looks over at Shakien, giving him a confirming nod.

Darinel drops Owl at Window.

Shakian hands over the coins. "It's a small price to pay. Aeretheo's work is the pride of Nerea Tower."

Shakian gets an artful depiction of Aereth's grace.

"Next up is the Owl in the Window drawing, designed by my very own cousin, Eiliriel Alcaldia." Darinel grins at Shakian as he comes to pick up the painting. "This is a lively piece to put on display in any one's home." She glances around. "Would anyone care to start the bidding at 500 silver?" she asks.

Dunlain raises his hand, from his spot near the door. "500."

Wahaiya glances over towards Shakian and gives a nod of her head in acknowledgement. The edges of her lips continue to curl with warmth as she lightly speaks in Shakian's direction, a whisper to the wind.

"I bid..." the Warlord starts then looks around confused,, one eye barely open, "It's Eilriel right? The Healer?" she asks.

Darinel glances over at Sylindra. "Indeed, Eiliriel. She's my cousin and a member of the Healers guild." She gives her a thankful look. "We have 500 silver. Do we have anyone else willing to bid on this beautiful painting of an owl at the window?" she asks, looking around.

Sylindra nods, "Okay, 1000 for Eiliriel's artwork."

Wahaiya extends a hand out with the back of her hand facing the Aeren man, dipping herself downward in a curtsy as she begins to lightly introduce herself.

Dunlain raises his hand again, "3000."

Jarlanen sidles up to the bench with Sylindra and Terathiel, offering both elves a respecful dip of his head and a faint smile, before settling down and directing his attention to the front. He even looks for a moment like he might consider bidding, but changes his mind when Sylindra voices hers, and just smiles a little more instead.

Niamh slips out.

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Summit, a fierce and large black snow wolf leaves, following Niamh.

Tarathiel gives a look over when Dunlain makes his bid, then she notices that Jarlanen has joined them and there is a soft smile to the man, but she doesn't interrupt the bidding for the moment. She does lean over to say something to him in a whisper when he sits down.

Shakian listens to the elf whispering in his ear. The look on his face makes two statements: "Ah, now I understand," and "Play poker with Shakian. He can't hide his feelings."

Darinel starts to say something when Sylindra changes her bid to 1,000, only to have her head move around to Dunlain. She beams him a bright smile. "My cousin will be quite pleased to hear her artwork is in demand!" she tells him. "3,000 is the current bid...>" she throws that out there, looking around to see if there might be others interested in the owl. "She also completed the work on Sea Life and the Banner of Aereth," she notes, pointing out the other items within the display case yet to be auctioned. "And is a budding artist in her own right."

"Sir Dunlain Devrien is a bold one who knows what he wants how he's going to get it, cheers," the Warlord says.

Darinel gives Shakian a consoling look when he claims he's been tricked. "3,000 going once..." she says after not hearing any other bids. "Sir Dunlain Devrien indeed knows quality artwork!" she tells Sylindra. Though, Darinel is a bit biased there!

Darinel gets recurved long bow carved with a desert scene from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Darinel gets a luxurious buzzing bee bracelet with crushed dreamstone from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

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Darinel watches around the room, waiting, checking. "Twice..." Another few pauses. "SOLD!"

Wahaiya giggles lightly at Shakian, leaning forward to give him a consoling peck on the check before returning her attention towards the next item to be put up.

Dunlain gets Owl at Window.

Tarathiel gives a light round of applause for the winner of the auction item and then there's a soft smile to Jarlanen when he joins them at the stone bench.

Darinel grins over at Dunlain, "Thank you for helping the Shrine of Aereth. Eiliriel will be pleased her piece fetched a good price." She takes a moment to mark it all down, then sets a luxurious buzzing bee bracelet with crushed dreamstone down on the table, "If you wish to take a moment to take a look, the next item is a bee bracelet. I'm the designer, and I had the master jeweler put it all together. It's made with gold, and other bits of wire, and has crushed dreamstones all across it." She pauses to look around the room a momenet. "The opening bid is 500 silver."

Shakian applauds the lucky winner.

Wahaiya says, "500."

"Bees are not my thing, but given the craftsmanship, I think it's worth at least 1200," the Warlod says, then adds to be clear, "I bid 1200."

Dunlain pays up and then gently takes the artwork, "It's a good piece, it'll look great when it's hung up." he goes back to his position against the wall near the door.

Wahaiya places a finger between her teeth as she bites down on it, looking towards Sylindra and then back towards the bracelet on the table. "I'll bid 2000."

Darinel nods her thanks to Wahaiya, but gives the Warlord a curious look when Sylindra bids. "The winning bid so far is 1,200 silver. Remember, this isn't for me but for the Shrine of Aereth." And then Wahaiya bids, and she grins. "Make that 2,000 from Wahaiya of the Duindar."

"2250" counters the Warlord.

Aeretheo seems content to see how the bidding unfolds, watching thoughtfully toward the bracelet as he listens quietly to the bidders.

"2,000 going once..." comes the warning announcement from Darinel. She looks over at Sylindra. "2,200 ..... "

"2500", Wahaiya counters in return.

"Oh ho! A small bidding war!" Darinel seems pleased over this as she glances between Wahaiya and Sylindra. "Shall we hear a higher bid, or does the Warlord concede?" she wonders.

"All right, 2600."

"All right, 2600," the Warlord says with a yawn.

Darinel nods. "2600 going once...."

The Geminiel places a delicate hand beneath her jawline, fluttering her black lashes close to show off the gradient eyeshadow painted on her lids. "3,500" she airily speaks.

Darinel claps her hands together, excitedly. "All toward a good cause." She grins. "3,500 once...."

The Warlord spreas her arms wide, "Okay, I admite defeat."

Dunlain says, "3800."

It seems that Darinel was just about to end that particular auction when she gives Dunlain a pleasant, but surprised, look when he enters into the bidding. "3,800 to Sir Dunlain!" She glances over at Wahaiya to see if she's still interested.

The excitement on the woman's face escalates at the words of the Warlord, clasping her hands together with joy. She looks upon the bracelet with a hunger, her shoulders stiffening at a new bidder. "4,000"

Dunlain doesn't have much of a facial expression as he says, "4,200."

Aeretheo leans in toward Wahaiya, speaking in a whisper.

Shakian looks impressed by the size of the bids. "Looks like some people brought their silver tonight!" He helps himself to a glass of whiskey and some pie.

Darinel's gray eyes dance with excitement as things heat up over the bracelet. "4,200 once..." she starts to say again, all the while giving Wahaiya a look to see what she intends to do.

Jarlanen glances over at Dunlain as the bidding continues to escalate, arching a brow, then glances over at Wahaiya, studying both, before looking back at Sylindra and nods once in agreement.

The woman's expression seems to deter towards anguish at the passive Dunlain, the edges of her eyes beginning to tear up slightly, Wahaiya answers with a light quiver of her lip. "4,300!"

Aeretheo studies Wahaiya's forlorn expression with a gentle gaze as he listens quietly for a reply.

Dunlain starts to raise his hand, as if he's going to up his bid, it hesitates there for a very long moment before he shakes his head and drops his hand back to his side. He bows his head gently towards Wahaiya to acknowledge her victory over this prize.

Darinel quirks a single brow at Dunlain, but grins at Shakian's comment. "Which all goes toward a great cause!" She glances to Wahaiya, "4,300.... and.... sold to Wahaiya." She adds quickly, before someone else drives it up.

Tarathiel looks to her Uncle when he keeps bidding and then to the woman he's bidding against. An interesting turn of events. She smiles a bit though, watching as things play out.

Darinel drops recurved long bow carved with a desert scene.

Aeretheo's focus shifts as the item is sold, a soft smile easing to his lips as his brows rest with some relief over his eyes.

While Darinel waits for the silver to be delivered, she pulls out the next item. "The next item up is a recurved long bow carved with a desert scene which was also designed by myself and then crafted by the woodworkers here in the city." She looks around the room. "Do we have a starting bid of 500 silver?"

Quietly begins to pulls a coral handkerchief from beneath her frilled dress, dabbing at the edges of her eyes as she makes her way towards Darinel. She musters a small smile towards the woman, inclining her head ever so slightly. Carefully she pulls out the silver and hands it to Darinel.

Darinel drops a luxurious buzzing bee bracelet with crushed dreamstone.

Jarlanen takes a moment to lightly applaud the winner of that one, rumbling his agreement to others at his bench. When the next item is called up, he quiets down and leans forward a little to get a better look, but still does not offer a bet.

Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny arrives, delivering a message to Dunlain before departing.

Darinel gets a silverum dagger with dangling puffin feathers from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Wahaiya gets a luxurious buzzing bee bracelet with crushed dreamstone.

Darinel gets a striking replica of Noe's Prayer from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Idril, a large Faenor snow wolf, Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny, Trixie, a playful little ice elemental, Rosalie, the snow leopard arrive, following Luthien.

Shakian calls out, "Does training come with the bow? I can avoid hitting my own foot with one, but little else."

Darinel chuckles softly at Shakian. "If one wishes training, I'm an expert at the bow and I've a good hand at teaching too."

Shakian puts up a hand immediately. "I'll go above the minimum. 700."

Aeretheo's smile quirks its corners a higher at Shakian's question, though his eyes seem too focused on studying the bow's design to spare his cousin a proper glance.

*a bit higher

Dunlain says from his position near the door, against the wall, "If lessons can be included, I'll bid 1400."

Luthien slips in to the gallery, stopping by the door, standing next to one of the uniformed guards with a smile up at him. She's got a variety of animals following her, a snow leopard and ginormous wolf flanking her.

Darinel nods to Dunlain. "Lessons can definitely be included." Showing just how far she'll go to support Aereth. "The current bid is at 1,400. Are there any others this evening for the desert bow?" she asks.

"Since were a bidding in mutiples of 7, I bid 2100," the Warlord says

Jarlanen lightly rubs his hands together as he listens, distracted for just a moment to look back and study Luthien when they come in with their entourage, maybe studying the wolf more than her, before his attention is drawn back to the bow and the bid from the Warlord.

Darinel chuckles softly at Sylindra. "The current bid is at 2,100. Do we here higher?" she asks, glancing over at Shakian and Dunlain first, then looking around the room.

Shakian shakes his head. He is out.

"2,100 going once..." the Kinlessa calls out.

"It's 7s? I'll bid 2800," says Luthien, hand on Idril's spine.

Darinel glances over at Luthien, nodding to acknowledge his bid. She looks over to Sylindra then, lifting a brow.

Tarathiel gives a look up from the bench when others wander in, but she is not familiar with the new faces. She gives a soft nod to the and then focuses back on conversations.

"I am not willing to go to five seven hundreds," the Warlord say with a shrug.

Darinel inclines her head. "2,800 going once."

"Twice!" Darinel looks around, then back to Luthien, and says. "Sold to Elder Luthien!"

Darinel drops a striking replica of Noe's Prayer.

The little Galan elder steps away from the guard she seems to be hovering around and smiles at Darinel. "Thank you!" Luthien says. "It's a beautiful bow." Her snow leopard wanders off, sniffing at feet in the crowd, while her wolf seems to be hanging out with the tall Thalerith.

Wahaiya keeps the coral handkerchief tightly gripped in her hands as she watches the bidding go on, still working to get in control of her emotions. A few light sniffles can be heard from her, raising the handkerchief to her eyes and then to cover her mouth before lowering her hands to hover at her mid torso. She glances towards Luthien and offers a very small smile in his direction at his winning.

"Next up is another of Aeretheo Nerea's pieces, a striking replica of Noe's Prayer" Darinel sets down the next statuette carved by Aeretheo. She grins over at Luthien. "You are quite welcome." She nods to him, then looks back to the others. "Does anyone want to start off the bidding at 500 silver? Higher starting bids are accepted as well!"

Luthien gets recurved long bow carved with a desert scene.

"For a fine piece like that, we might as well begin with 1500," the Warlord says.

The Geminiel quietly begins to wander towards the back of the room, easing her way next to Dunlain. She smiles towards the Thalerith, and leans slightly to get a better look towards the man. She rests her handkerchief against her lips.

Darinel gives the Warlord a warm smile. "And so we begin the bidding at 1,500 from Warlord Sylindra." She looks around at the others. "Again, the artist of the piece is sitting here this evening. Does anyone wish to bid against the Warlord?"

"1,200 going once..." Darinel calls out after several moments pass.

Shakian puts in a second bid. "1500."

Aeretheo cups his chin, gaze turned toward the Warlord as he considers.

Jarlanen arches a brow when it sounds like the Warlord's bid is going to go unchallenged, but then Shakian speaks up and the Flame Speaker turns his head a little to look and study the owner of the voice for a moment.

Dunlain hms softly, "2000 for a recreation of one of the glorious fleet that carried us here from the old world."

Darinel laughs merrily when Shakian speaks up. "How did I know you were going to bid?" she asks. She then glances to Dunlain, grinning at him too. "2,000 is the current bid, any others wishing to top that?" she calls out, wink winking in Shakian's direction in encouragement.

Luthien looks up at Dunlain, grinning at him. She bumps his leg with her hip when he bids, and murmurs something. Idril nudges Dunlain in the back, pushing at him.

Sylindra says, "I'll bid 2400."

Aeretheo smiles a bit at Dunlain's familiarity with the vessel, his eyes settling toward the man with interest.

"2,400 going once for the fine statuette of Noe's Prayer," Darinel calls out, acknowledging Sylindra's latest bid.

Dunlain hms softly, "It could be a good victory prize for Melindra... make my bid 3000."

Darinel nods in Dunlain's direction. "3000 going once to Sir Dunlain..."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Escanor before departing.

"Twice...." Darinel calls out, then motions toward Dunlain. "Sold, to Sir Dunlain. Please come collect your statuette."

Aeretheo clears his throat. "Model," he corrects lightly.

Shakian applauds Sir Dunlain's excellent taste.

Aeretheo nods lightly toward Noe's Prayer. "Nothing's fixed. Feel free to adjust her sails and rudder. Gunports close too."

Wahaiya applauds happily for Sir Dunlain, raising her clapping hands slightly above her head to the side with vigor.

Dunlain nods and walks up, handing over the money. "It's absolutely impressively made, and up close even more impressive." he pauses and gives Aeretheo a quick grin, "It'll go great on the Thalerith Naval Commander's Desk. I'm sure she'd love this model."

Clearly Darinel is not an artist of any sort herself, and she blushes at Aeretheo. "Model. Yes." She clears her throat. "Next up is a silverum dagger with dangling puffin feathers designed by my cousin, Phaedra Alcaldia, Eiliriel's sister." She looks about. "Do I have a starting bid from anyone?" she asks, curiously watching the folk around her.

Dunlain gets a striking replica of Noe's Prayer.

Darinel drops a silverum dagger with dangling puffin feathers.

Tarathiel gives a quiet round of applause for the next winner and there's a smile to the two people she is sitting with before she makes a quiet comment to them.

Arriving soon after Dunlain wins his prize with his wallet, Escanor arrives! Dressed in his fine black garb, he simply finds a place in the proceedings and takes a seat without a word. The dagger seems to gain some measure of interest...

Dunlain turns right back around, "I bid 6,000 silver for the dagger."

Aeretheo's smile brightens at Dunlain's words. "I'm glad to hear her new home is with the leader of your Navy. Let me know if you'd like any of the ship's history."

With that he falls silent, watching over the bidding.

Jarlanen applauds lightly for the win, though there's an immediate look of surprise back to Dunlain when he starts the bidding immediately much higher than the others. A small nod is given to Terathiel along with a soft comment.

Darinel gives Dunlain a slightly surprised look as he starts the bidding. "The starting bid is at 6,000 silver. Do we hear any higher?" she asks, looking about the room to see who might be interested in the new weapon. "I cannot, alas, give lessons in daggers. Archery is my specialty, and I do not know Phaedra's skills in such," she throws out there as a warning. "Also, a huge /thank you/ to Sir Dunlain for making the highest bid this evening thus far."

Luthien sets a hand lightly on Dunlain's back, listening while also leaning against the wall.

Wahaiya presses a few fingers to her lips as she attempts to hide the growing grin at her lips at the quick, high bid from Dunlain.

Darinel gets A bubbling wave-like tapestry from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Darinel gets Sea Life from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Darinel looks around to see if there are any other bidders. "6,000 silver going once to Sir Dunlain.. for this beautifully wrought silverum dagger."

"6,000 twice for the silverum dagger," Darinel says after several more moments pass.

Darinel drops A bubbling wave-like tapestry.

Darinel glances at Dunlain. "Sold to Sir Dunlain!" She's already settling the next piece down even as she says this. "The next piece is A bubbling wave-like tapestry, which was designed by Wahaiya Geminiel, who is here this evening." She smiles and motions toward Wahaiya. "Who would like to start the bidding for this fine item?"

Dunlain hands over the coins and smiles like a child on his birthday, "It's amazing work."

Dunlain gets a silverum dagger with dangling puffin feathers.

"I shall send your regards to Phaedra for the design," Darinel says to Dunlain even as she waits to see who might bid on the tapestry.

Luthien stands up on her tiptoes and kisses Dunlain without really caring that he's on guard, after all. Then she says something quietly, waves to Darinel and other assembled folks, and heads out.

The smile at the Geminiel's seem to never wane as the evening continues, she glances around the room as she nods her head in everyone's direction. Wahaiya's petite hands lay along her coral, frilled dress as she stands politely.

Aeretheo searches over the tapestry thoughtfully, his hand rising slowly at his side as he calculates. "1,500," he bids lightly, studying its design.

Dunlain is tapped on the shoulder by another Templar who speaks privately with him. Dunlain then looks to Aeretheo, "I shall send you a letter, I am interested in the ship's history." he then looks to Wahaiya, "Your tapestry is wonderful to look at, but I am being relieved so that I can attend to other patrols." he then follows Luthien out.

Idril, a large Faenor snow wolf, Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny, Trixie, a playful little ice elemental, Rosalie, the snow leopard leave, following Luthien.

Wahaiya waves her handkerchief in goodbye towards Dunlain,"Safe travels, Sir Dunlain. Enjoy your beautiful dagger."

The other Templar then sets himself up as a guard at the door, shortly joined by another Templar who goes to stand at the far side of the room. They must be upping security automatically at the various events held in the city.

Mitzi, a mischievous little ice elemental leaves, following Dunlain.

"1,500 from Aeretheo Nerea." Darinel calls out. "Do I hear any other bids?" she asks, looking around.

Jarlanen mmms softly and nods at his bench, wrapping his arms around his staff to lean on it while he sits and listens to the bidding shifting to the tapestry, his attention drawn towards studying the work rather than the bidders this time.

Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny arrives, delivering a message to Darinel before departing.

Darinel gets a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Darinel gets Banner of Aereth from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Darinel gets recurved long bow carved with forest animals from a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Darinel drops Banner of Aereth.

Darinel drops Sea Life.

Darinel drops recurved long bow carved with forest animals.

"1,500 going once..." Darinel calls out.... "Twice....."

Wahaiya rocks onto her toes, her bare feet against the ground of the art gallery, "It's a depiction of the never meeting romance between the sea and the land. The sea washes her love onto the land as many times as she can, but ultimately they cannot be."

"Sold to Aeretheo Nerea!" Darinel calls out, giving a nod to Aeretheo. She smiles warmly at Wahaiya. "Thank you for providing such a wonderful piece."

Shakian applauds the declaration of the winner. "Well bid, cousin. An excellent piece."

Aeretheo gazes toward Wahaiya in contemplation, thinking over her words. A smile edges itself slowly to his lips as he watches her, lingering there as his name draws his attention forward. He flashes Darinel a quick smile before holding up a finger to request a pause. It's the only explanation given to his sudden disappearance through the doors.

Peanut leaves, following Aeretheo.

Peanut arrives, following Aeretheo.

Tarathiel gives a look to Escanor when he enters, he is somewhat familiar, but, she doesn't interrupt the man as he looks over things. She looks back to Jarlanen and Sylindra with a smile before she looks to see what the last three items are up for auction.

Nalaea has been here the whole time. Really. She's observing, watching, giving encouraging smiles to those who are bidding: it's helpful to her priesthood, after all!

Wahaiya falls back to the heel of her foot, letting out air through her vibrating, pursed lips. Lowering her gaze onto the ground, she shuffles over towards the nearest bench and flops down onto it. She pulls the seashell crown from atop her head and lets her shoulders sag a little.

Darinel watches as Aeretheo darts out. She presumes its to the bank. She brings up the next piece and says. "The next piece of The Banner of Aereth, which was designed and created by my cousin Eiliriel Alcaldia." She looks around the room. "Starting bids begin now."

Aeretheo shows no signs of hurrying as he strolls back in through the doors, pouch of coin in hand as he steps up to claim his tapestry.

Aeretheo takes A bubbling wave-like tapestry.

Escanor turns his head to Tarathiel when she looks at him, giving her a small nod - but no smile paired with it - in greeting. But then the Banner of Aereth is produced and Escanor lifts a hand. "3,000 silver for the Banner."

Fingers are pressed to the woman's temples at the high bid for the Banner before they move to cover her whole face, she leans her whole body forward to press her forehead against her knees.

Aeretheo moves to stand himself near Wahaiya once he's seen his tapestry draped gently over his arm. His eyes follow as she seems to crumple over herself, brow ticking upward as his lips fall to a slight frown. He kneels at his side to whisper to her, moving an arm to circle around her shoulders.

Darinel gives a quick nod of the head in Escanor's direction. "3,000 silver from the Lorandi Lord for the Banner of Aereth. Any other bidders?" she asks, looking around. She gives Wahaiya a concerned look even as she conducts the bidding, biting her lip.

"3,000 going once..." Darinel calls out. "Twice." She says after a few more moments.

Wahaiya pulls herself up slowly, tears forming at the edge of her eyes and a large frown upon her glittering powder blue lips. She stares at Aeretheo for a good while before settling a hand on the boy's shoulder, giving a few pats before pulling herself up from the bench and dropping the crown. She just slowly shuffles out the door without a word.

Wahaiya drops A dazzling, seashell crown.

Ophira leaves, following Wahaiya.

Aeretheo takes A dazzling, seashell crown.

Aeretheo slips outside after Wahaiya, making every effort not to draw attention to himself.

Peanut leaves, following Aeretheo.

"Sold to Escanor!" Darinel calls out, perhaps a bit less excitedly given Wahaiya's exchange just now. Real concern is etched on her brow. She notes to Escanor. "Thank you for helping the Shrine of Aereth build a settlement, which is what tonight is all about."

Tarathiel gives a dip of her head to Escanor in return, but it is the exit made by Wahaiya that gets her attention and the pale woman looks back to her bench companions to speak quietly with them.

Darinel gets Sea Life.

Darinel gets recurved long bow carved with forest animals.

Darinel puts Sea Life in a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Darinel puts recurved long bow carved with forest animals in a light blue display case carved with ocean waves.

Escanor rises to his feet when it seems his purchase is final. He approaches Darinel, and hands over the three grand silver necessary for the purchase. "It is my pleasure."

Darinel turns to the crowd at large, albeit a bit distractedly, and says. "Thank you for coming this evening. Your show of support means a great deal to the Shrine of Aereth. And to myself as well. Thank you all for participating. I had intended to double tonight's earnings, however I've decided to help Aereth's followers even more. House Alcaldia will be tripling this evening's earnings, and a sum of 77,400 silver will be given to the Shrine of Aereth to put towards their settlement. Please give the designers a round of applause, as well as yourself." She says, as she claps for those who participated.

Shakian applauds when the Applause sign comes on. "The works are excellent. I am pleased with my winning,and I hope everyone is as well."

Tarathiel gives a gentle round of applause for the artists and those who participated. She rises, smoothing her skirts as she does, "This was a wonderful auction." she smiles to that.

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