Rylanth Family Dinner II

A gathering of the family in the gardens to honor those of the family and remember Alliah. Friends fo the family are invited as well.


Nov. 18, 2019, 6 p.m.

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Caelia Daechir Elonai Escanor Freyvidr Galeren Gureylain Haedirn Hatharal Hyacinth Kaelyn Leda Rawlin Telassin Viola Zedmir Naxalia Oriana



The Golden Plains - Torendaar - Rylanth Estate - Private Gardens

Largesse Level



The gardens are beginning to show their late colors, vibrant in a variety of colors that showcase the ingenuinty of the gardeners of the family. When summer colors are beginning to fade the falls ones are on the rise. Around the reflecting pond are extra chairs and just off to the side is a full display of food waiting for those who are attending. Marwen stands ready with a team of servants to see to the needs of the guests in both drink and anything else they should ask for. Seren stands not far off to the side, decked in the soft black linen of her dress.

There is a new item in the gardens. A carved roose that looks like a tree with flowering vines in red growing up it. The vines are new, young and just recently helped to find purchase around the wooden statue. THis statue is topped with an owl that looks down over the bench which has been carved with Alliah Rylanth's name. The memorial stands as a memory and for those who come to join. The variety of limbs on the carved statue allow for other owls to find a place to rest other than the family's roost.

Foresight, a great horned owl, Olore, an elegant barn owl leave, following Seren.

Foresight, a great horned owl, Olore, an elegant barn owl arrive, following Seren.

Foresight, a great horned owl, Olore, an elegant barn owl leave, following Seren.

Hawk, a mischievous ferret, Ari'el, a large male plains lion, Pignut - a twisty brown ferret arrive, following Oriana.

Ereg, a barred owl, Vana, a fluffy calico, Toot - A Beech Tree Elemental, Crynshear a young tiger, Oriana arrive, following Gureylain.

Orme, a judgmental eagle-owl arrives, following Haedirn.

Foresight, a great horned owl, Olore, an elegant barn owl , Haedirn arrive, following Seren.

Cloaked as ever, but bereft of his cuirass and gauntlets in exchange for simple linen blouse woven trousers and boots, Gureylain arrive with Oriana on his arm, smiling despite his still wearing his hair up in old war braids from a dead land. The site of the monument gives him pause and the old Wolf's rare smile threatens to depart, for a moment, before he turns his head to nose Oriana's cheek, lips moving

It would almost be a crime against Zedmir's nature if he were not to be here, for how much he goes on about the power of breaking bread together. Never one to care about being fashionably late, he arrives promptly and makes his way into the gardens. The memorial is new to him and draws his eye, and he says a quick prayer for the Marchioness he wishes he had gotten to know better. Zed looks for the hosts next, wanting to make sure he greets his cousins before any festivities start.

Rawlin stands at the table with all of the food, his gaze moving over the fare that is available to the guests of this evenings dinner. Putting his plate down for a moment, he rubs his hands together and turns around as he hears others begin to make their appearances. He offers a smile and a nod for Gureylain and Oriana and of course another nod to Zedmir. "Be welcome you all. It is good to see you all this evening." Then he turns back to the food and begins to fill up his plate, as he has to work on that dad bod.

Hyacinth enters in a rush, pulling leaves from her hair and trying to push it into some sort of neat tangle before she joins the others. She approaches her father first, saying cheerfully enough, "Hello Papa." Then a smile is given to Oriana and she says in a similarly cheerful tone, "Lady Oriana, it's pleasant to see you again." Then the white doe joins her side, and Hyacinth's hand moves to Midnight's head and she moves on to greet Seren and Rawlin with a bright smile and a nod of her head.

Oriana follows Gureylain into the garden, pausing when she spots the new addition as well. There's a flicker of a frown, but then her attention turns towards Gureylain for a moment, giving his hand a squeeze before starting to offer a nod of greeting to their hosts. "Thank you for the invitation." Hyacinth is offered a smile in greeting as well, "You as well, Lady Hyacinth."

Arriving into the gardens at a leisurely pace is Escanor Serannar! Dressed in his fine black robes, he is accompanied by a large plains lion, Mufasa. He gives a bow to Rawlin and Seren upon his arrival before he approahces the table, but does not sit. He looks for more of the young ones, like Ember or Elendril, but alas...he does turn his attention to Oriana, Hyacinth, and Gureylain upon their arrivals, bowing his head in acknowledgement of them.

Seren gives Rawlin a glance when he leaves her side to go get food and she holds Olodhin her arms. Averlin is napping, thankfully in the bassinet off to the side. The tanned platinum haired little lad coos and then is quiet. His eyes darting to each person that enters. Gureylain receives a bright smile and then to Oriana, "Welcome! Think nothing of it. We are family." She says warmnly and bounces a bit back and forth to each foot to keep the babe moving though he seems quite content. Her gaze sweeps over Zedmir and settles there, "Cousin Zedmir, so good of you to join us. Always good to see you," she says and when he gets near leans over to kiss his cheek. "Thank you for your words at the memorial," she says and then sets her attention to Hyacinth.

"Hello my dear, get some food and relax. There are a few announcements to be made tonight," she says, reaching out to lightly touch her. "Lord Escanor..you have met my cousin Lady Hyacinth yes? Gureylain's youngest?"

It starts with a rustling in the beech trees, rythmic enough that it is an intentional sound. A creak of bark and Haedirn hangs upside down from inside foliage. Peering over his mask at his family and the table. Arms fold across his chest even as his cloak slides down over his back and shoulders to give him a bit of a bat appearance. Green eyes blink a little in surprise noting Hyacinth's presense. For the time being he remains where he is, another one of his silent protests over being chained to a city. The eyes move to the rest of the family each in their own turn.

Late is what Kaelyn is but it is a good bet she rushed to the dinner from Thelos, specifically the Garwen Shrine. She is still attired in her priestly wear. She was likely praying to her Goddess to forgive her temper of recent or something. Once she enters the garden everyone gets a brilliant smile and she lingers quietly for the time being (while her player finishes making dinner)

"Of course, wouldn't miss it." Zedmir replies, giving her a quick hug without knocking the baby out of her arms. "Should we start to pick seats, or are we walking and talking this evening?" He sticks his tongue out at Olodhin when he thinks Seren is properly distracted.

Rawlin nods to Hyacinth and Escanor as they arrive. Once his plate is filled up, he moves over to Seren's side and kisses her cheek, sets his plate down and then takes Olodhin from her arms. "Now you go and fill up a plate, dear." He settles down into a chair to wait for others to get their plates prepared. "I hope you all are well this evening! It's a good evening as any to enjoy what remains of the summer, yes?"

Hyacinth smiles brightly at Seren and leans in to kiss the baby she's holding on top of the head. She nods in acknowledgement of Seren's words and she smiles brightly to Escanor. "We've met. It's wonderful to see you again, Lord Escanor." A similar smile and nod is given to Zedmir and the upside down one hanging from a tree. Kaelyn is given a smile as well, and she sneaks a pieces of fruit from the table and plucks it up to pop it unceremoniously in her mouth as she gets a plate and starts to fill it.

"Escanor." Oriana greets when he shows up, giving Gureylain's arm a squeeze before she moves to get her own plate of food and find herself a place out of the way to watch and listen to the others.

Escanor turns his immediate attention to Seren when she speaks to him, giving her a gentle nod. "I have. Elendril introduced us some time ago." He gives a nod in greeting to Hyacinth. "A pleasure to see you in good health." his deadpan expression betrays his words, but not his sincerity. He looks over to Rawlin when he arrives. "Well enough as I can be." he looks then to Oriana. "Oriana." her name is a warm one, after all she is one of his dearest friends. Then to Hyacinth. "I trust you are well?" Unlike everyone else, it should be stated that Escanor is not eating, nor has he eaten.

Stopping first at each of the twins, Gureylain makes his rounds, cooing at the little babes and moving to load his plate as he offers a nod to teach in turn, attempting to capture Hyacinth, briefly, in a hug so that he can plant a kiss on top of her head, "Chipmunk."

He gives a similar treatment to others as well, Rawlin a kiss to his head, a press of his cheek to Seren as he hunts for something non-alcholic to drink, and then he makes to join Ori's corner, grinning at her as he settles in, "See?"

The rustle of leaves is enough to draw Seren's attention and Haedirn is givne a look. A brow arches as Olodhin is fauned over and kissed by Hyacinth while the Marchioness is too distracted by the ranger. SHe mmmmmms audibly when the baby is taken from her and she smiles at Rawlin. "Sit or walk and talk, in either case I will see about starting the announcements soon so that everyone may mingle as they wish," she says and offers Zedmir a smile. "Haedirn, do not be a shadow," she quips at him before touching Gureylain's shoulder. She then smiles at Kaelyn, "Lady Elder!" She says in greeting. "Glad you could come," she says and then is moving, not for a plate of food but to move towards the memorial. Turning about to stand beside it, Seren smooths her skirts. "If I might have everyone's attention briefly. Tonight is for family and friends but also rememberence. We have lost too many in recent days and one being my late niece, Marchioness Alliah Rylanth. If you have a moment this evening, I would ask that you take the time to offer prayer to her here or do as you wish. I am hoping we will find answers soon but Lady Alliah is greatly missed by her family and I am hoping to carry on her wishes for the family."

She draws a breath. "With that in mind. I have two announcements. One, that Lord Haedirn Rylanth shall become acting Marshal of the Rylanth forces. Lord Gureylain has taken on his duties at Tenlindil and now more than ever we need a strong united front."

SHe looks then to Haedirn, inclining her head in his direction. "Secondly, to take my place and at the agreement and support of the family I am appointing my husband, Marquis Rawlin to be my right hand. To watch over Rylanth when I can not." She motions to him next, offering him a warm smile. "Lady Hyacinth will also be taking over care of the owls. Which, Lady Oriana, we have one for you. A belated gift for your marriage to Lord Gureylain. At your earliest convenience, I would ask that you visit us to choose one to your liking."

Hyacinth accepts the kiss upon the top of her head from her father and she gives him a bright smile as he pulls away. Her voice is teasing as she says, "Now now papa... you'll mess up my hair." This is very clearly a joke, as her hair is still littered with the detritus that gives hint to her recent foray into the woods near the manor. Then her attention turns to Seren as she speaks and when her own name is spoken she smiles and nods her head.

As the hostess gets and ready to make her announcements, Zedmir makes his way to the table to select a plate for himself. After making sure to have a good spread of colors, he listens to Seren's words, nodding approvingly with the new appointments. And then since he can't help himself, he tracks down the staff in charge of the meal so that he can quiz them on how they got the flavor just right for one of the savory dishes, fading more into the background during the social hour.

"I do see." Oriana agrees with a ghost of a smile passing across her face, although anything more she might have to say is held back when Seren begins to make her announcements. When they get down to the owl situation, though, there is a faint blink, "Certainly...it will not want to eat Hawk and Pignut, will it? They do look somewhat fieldmouse like..."

More rustling signals a vanishing, and then a reemergence of Haedirn from another vantage point to observe the infants. His head cocks one way and then the other, then he squints at Seren as she requests he not be anti-social. There is a very visible and audible exagerrated sigh from the Fearless. The final rustle and he drops to flip and land on his feet. He stands firm however, halting midstride towards food as she turned towards the memorial. His eyes lid closed and his head inclines towards the memorial, and then one opens at the announcement. The other opens apparently for the sole purpose of giving Gureylain a look of annoyance. Only now does Haedirn soundlessly complete his journey to the table to make his own plate of food. There is a brief pat of his Niece's shoulder on the way by.

"The owls are very well trained." Rawlin says to Oriana, a smile lighting up his face. "Besides, I assume Hawk will outsmart everything and anything in his desire to seek out trouble." He turns towards where Seren addressed Haedirn and calls out, "Congratulations, Haedirn." And then Seren is making the announcement about his position and he bows his head towards her. "I will be honored to serve House Rylanth and help the house grow so that our kinship continues to grow and prosper here in our new home." He might've said more but Olodhin decides that it's time to stick a finger in daddy's mouth and he laughs and takes time to gently lower his son's arm and give him a kiss on his forehead. "No, now isn't the time for such things little one. Besides you should be sleeping."

"As Rawlin said, they're well trained. Otherwise Vana and Ereg would have had it out with them a while ago, eh?" Gureylain smiles and leans against Ori for a moment as he sips his tea and watches Seren as she tends as to what needs tending too, official stuff. He's quiet, and calm for a change after all the events of late. The look from Haedirn is met with a flat stare, unblinking - eyes flashing like a wolf's in the dim when torchlight strikes strikes the iridescent irises.

Escanor seems to actually smile ever so softly when he sees everyone happy and in good spirits, despite tragic losses of late. He seems to generally be withdrawn for a moment, just...watching. Perhaps its old habits dying hard, or he's just ever so much the protective elf.

With official business announced and things sorted, Seren looks to each that has gathered and her smile grows. "Rylanth is stronger due to you all. Either through relation, work or friendship. Every one of your presences is important to us here. Important to me. Thank you for your continued support of this House. Thank you for your friendship and love." She inclines her head deeply, offering a great deal of respect to those in attendance before she rises. She moves towards Hyacinth first and reaches out to touch her arm. "Should you wish to expand our animal breeding beyond the owls. Let me know. I will see that you have what you need." She offers her a genteel smile and then leans in to kiss her cheek.

It is then she moves towards Kaelyn. "Lady Elder, we should speak. About Dreamer's Respose but only if you do not mind some business during these more relaxed moments."

"That is a very good point, Gurey." Oriana agrees, giving Rawlin a nod as well since he also pointed out that the owls were very well trained. "Hawk is the worst, but Pignut is almost as bad. Between the pair I'm surprised there is anything left in the city that is shiny."

The idle chatting going on is listened to Kaelyn, who seems very content with leting the young ones do all the socializing. Or the young at heart. THen Seren is asking about speaking about Dreamer's Respose and she smiles to her, "I've never any issue discussing anything you wish too, Seren." assures the Garwen Elder.

Hyacinth smiles brightly as Haedirn rests his hand on her shoulder and she says, "It's good to see you, Uncle." She nods in understanding to Seren and finds herself a seat. She says to Oriana, "Lady Oriana, if you wish to make them behave better perhaps I could help you? I've got a knack for that sort of thing." She smiles pleasantly enough to show she's making an effort and casually pops a grape in her mouth and begins to chew it.

Rawlin nods, "There will always be new shinies for Hawk and Pignut to run around and obtain I am sure." He turns to his plate of food and picks up a piece of fruit. Holding it in front of Olodhin, he lets his son try and reach for it before booping him in the nose with it which makes his son giggle. Smiling, he tosses the piece of fruit into his mouth and swallows it down even as Olodhin tries to touch his nose as if trying to determine if what had just booped him was still there.

Gureylain's stare is met with unblinking green eyes bracketed between a ritually scarred forehead and mask. One can almost detect a scene of huckleberry in the air. Rawlin calls his name, and Haedirn winks at Gureylain before turning to greet Rawlin with a very firm thump to the back. He drapes an arm about the mans shoulders. "To you as well, well deserved. You do know what this actually means for us right?" He loudly mock whispers for all. "It means your wife is foisting off mass loads of paperwork upon us. Let us escape together, I'll cover you, run!" There is a long pause and a deep exagerrated sigh knowing escape is not to be had.
Haedirn leaves Rawlin to drift over to Seren and gives her a hug and a brief kiss to the cheek. "Woe is me." A chuckle and he is moving on. A snap of fingers and he points at Hyacinth. "Speaking of paperwork, my young niece. I will hand over what I have compiled on the owls, and the first chance I get I will remove my hammock from the aviary if it is in your way." This time he manages to fill a plate with food and settle down.

Oriana tilts her head at Hyacinth, "You're welcome to try. They are both very wonderful, but very..." She pauses, thinking about the best way to describe it. In the end she ends up with, "Ferretlike. Stubborn and hyper doesn't even really begin to explain it, I don't think. But I'd appreciate any help you can offer."

Glancing towards Rawlin as he plays with Olodhin, there is a brighter smile curling her lips as she finds a place beside Kaelyn. "I would like to set up the shrine when you are able. Go out there with you and perhaps help you find the most suitable sight. I was hopng that High Priestess Valeria would join us so that we might make sure that both shrines to Garwen and Gala are in harmony together. But she is definitely a hard one to pin down," she admits and smiles, glancing to Marwen who moves forward with tea for the Marchioness. Taking it from her, there is a nod of thanks before Haedirn is jesting with Rawlin. "Tsk, cousin," she says to the new Marshal and clicks her tongue. Leaning into the hug she tsks at him again, "Woe be to you. I am sure that Hyacinth would not mind you remaining though you should have more official rooms as the Marshal. Lord Haedirn, this is Lady Elder Kaelyn Serannar. A dear friend."

After a moment of recomposure, Escanor approaches Oriana. "Oriana." He speaks to get her attention. "Are you recovering from the exploration? I know not what manner of magic we were affected with, nor what kind of side effects they may have." His voice is touched with concern.

A flare of nostrils and a brief flash of teeth, Haedirn's wink isn't returned by Gureylain, but he does turn his head to Hyacinth's offer to aid Ori with the ferrets, looking to the two who have absconded with a ball of cheese with bits of almond and pecan imbedded in it... A frown on his face, now only having one of his favorites, covetously held where they cannot get at it.

"Chipmunk, if you can get those two to behave half as well as we'd sometimes hoped I'd give Oriana more jewelry." He lets Ori be, when Escanor questions, save for planting a kiss on her temple.

"Nothing strange yet...Hopefully nothing strange at all." Oriana replies with a frown, her brows furrowing, "It was quite odd, and I think worth investigating further if we can." She glances at Gureylain, then back towards Escanor, "Perhaps with sharper eyes than ours next time?"

There's a dismissive little wave of her hand as she says, "Uncle, of course you needn't do that. I can work around it until you decide you want to take it elsewhere. Your company would be welcomed. I have missed you when I was away." She gives Haedirn a bright smile and then addresses her father, "Of course they can be taught anything, with enough work and effort. Certainly we could pave the way for you to shower her in gold and silver, hmm?" She turns her eyes to Oriana. "Send me a messenger and we will set up a time for training. I was hoping to spend a little time getting to know you. Perhaps that will be a good opportunity for that. We'll have tea, yes?"

There is an eyerolling Gurey's way, and those eys focus upon Seren. "Yes, woe." he looks dutifully sad and turns towards Kaelyn with what looks to be a smile behind the mask. "Lady Serannar, a pleasure. Welcome." Poking at the plate with his fork Haedirn turns attention onto Hyacinth. "I have missed you too little chipmunk. I appreciate that, it is just my occasional get away spot. It is relaxing up there with the owls, so I lounge in their company while Orme up there judges everything I do." He gestures vaguely towards the trees, where in face an eagle-owl is doing just that with it's orange gaze, judging them all, but primarily judging Haedirn.

"Does she not have an Elder who can help (AKA PC one)?" questions Kaelyn of Seren about Valeria. "I must admit, I am not too up on the Gala Priesthood right now (Read that as Kaelyn player is lazy to look up things)." Then Haedirn is introduced and he gets a smile, "It is quite the pleasure to meet you as well." she tells him.

Seren watches Haedirn keenly, a glance passed back to Gureylain and Oriana, both given a smile before she mmmms, "Woe entirely," she murmurs. "Yes, Lady Elder, I think perhaps there is. Lady Elder Luthien reached out right after my proclamation. I was hoping to engage the High Priestess but she has not responded to me. It seems I may need the Elder to step in as you do,

Seren watches Haedirn keenly, a glance passed back to Gureylain and Oriana, both given a smile before she mmmms, "Woe entirely," she murmurs. "Yes, Lady Elder, I think perhaps there is. Lady Elder Luthien reached out right after my proclamation. I was hoping to engage the High Priestess but she has not responded to me. It seems I may need the Elder to step in as you do," she says, sipping from the fruit juice that rests in the glass noheld just before her by both hands. "My cousin prefers the wilds. We hope to change him just a little so he tolerates us all a little more."

SHe offers Haedirn a gentle smile before her eyes settle once more on Rawlin. Her husband earns a warm smile and a nod of her head.

An audible groan escapes Hyacinth's lips as she says, "Papa! See what you've done? Now you've got others calling me Chipmunk. Before you know it people will think that's my actual name." She shakes her head, and takes a drink of a nearby glass. She doesn't seem to care what's in it, and when she tastes it she considers for a moment before giving a nod of her head. She likes it, at least.

Escanor nods softly to Oriana. "Agreed. Whatever it was, it appeared to have gone south as I had foresaw when I tried to find it through the lifewell." he shrugs softly. "But I do think it wise to investigate further. Make me aware if any symptoms arise." He gives her a nod of his head. He does, however, take a brief glance to Gureylain and Kaelyn, before his attention is right back on Oriana.

"Whatever it is you wish to have tracked, I can track it, Escanor. Everything leaves trace, it's a matter of it it's able to hide all of its tracks." looking between the two, and then to his daughter, "Then I will have succeeded, my little darling..." beckoning for Hyacinth to come over to him now.

"I shall do just that, thank you." Oriana replies to Hyacinth with a smile, then she nods to Escanor, "I will. You as well." She points out before letting Gureylain and the others discuss tracking things. Or training things.

"I have been working out details for the shrine since we first discussed the possibility of one there." says KAelyn, "I am happy to adjust the details to make the two shrines work well together." At Escanor's glance he gets a light smile from the Elder of Garwen.

Hyacinth rises and moves to the chair next to Gureylain, carrying her plate with her, along with the glass. Once she settles in she says, "However do you expect people to take me seriously, Papa, when everyone calls me Chipmunk? You and Mother and gave me a name, you know." She sighs heavily, and lifts a piece of meat to take a bite of it. "I'm not a child anymore, you know."

Hawk, a mischievous ferret, Ari'el, a large male plains lion, Pignut - a twisty brown ferret leave, following Oriana.

Escanor gives a nod softly to Kaelyn before he gives farewell to Oriana. Now, he turns on his heel and makes his way over to Seren. "Seren." He greets her. "Thank you for putting this together for everyone. I can tell it is assisting in morale."

Seren chuckles when she hears the argument over the nickname Chipmunk. She glances across at Hyacinth and then quickly returns to her conversation with Kaelyn, "I will reach out to Elder Luthien and see if the three of us can not come together and discuss the shrines for Dreamer's Repose. And thus we will all be on the same page. I must admit I am very excited to see the shrines find their place on our lands. It will be a glorious day and we shall have a festival in celebration," she admits and then her gaze slips to Escanor. "Rylanth always has family gatherings, but I think our family is growing. Friends are family too," she says warmly. "It is a selfish pleasure to have you all in one place."

There is a look that is an attempt at the Personification of Innocence from Haedirn as Seren regards him. Then there is a grunt as she threatens to change him. He glances aside towards Kaelyn and shakes his head that there is no danger of such a thing with eyes dancing in amusement. A look towards Hyacinth and he goes all goggly-eyed at her. "Wait. It's /not/?!" Then another pause and an amused tone follows up with. "Wait, you're not?" A more serious glance towards Escanor before returning towards the food on his plate.

A small smile for Oriana as he leaves, eyes lingering, "Aye, well. Your mother won out. I wanted to name you Chipmunk in Hearthling... She chose her mother's favored flowers... Then she gave me the Look." Gureylain's food set aside, he rummages in his satchel, chewing his lip. "I've had this for one of you... I think it will be more fitting on you..." brow knit as he draws something out of the ancient patchwork of leather constantly worn beneath his cloak.

Gureylain gets Tourmaline and Sapphire Necklace from A battered old travel satchel.

"I'll ask Zelda if she wishes to help you plan the festival. I have been trying to give her tasks relating to our Goddess so she gets experience towards becoming priestess. She is an initiate." says Kaelyn, undubtedly to encourage the initiate to get out there.

Hyacinth is so grown up, in fact, that she picks up one of the grapes on her plate and lobs it at Haedirn with a grin. "My mother had good taste in names. You should all use it more often." Then her attention returns to her father.

"I still think we should have called you Miwpod" Gureylain chuckles and presents a necklace of pearls and gems by leaning to hang it from her neck with a quick flip of his fingers at the clasp. "She used to wear that, when we were first married. Before I realized what I had." the old wolf smiles, "I think she would be happier if you wore it, Hyacinth." blinking a few times now.

"Of course, whatever you would like to do. It may have to wait for spring as the construction of the Shrines will take some time," Seren points out. Averlin begins to cry from her bassinet and she hesitates. "Do excuse me." She reaches out to touch Kaelyn's arm and gives it a squeeze. Haedirn gets a touch as well and Escanor a smile before she slips towards the bassinet, passing Rawlin with Olodhin to beat Marwen to her daughter. She scools the golden haired twin up into her arms and spins about, bringing her face down to the little ones and booping their noses together. "Shhhh none of that now...family and friends visit us," she say to the little one before moving over to join Rawlin, leaning in to kiss his cheek as she allows the twins to interact and she speaks softly with the Marquis.

Rawlin glances up and smiles at Seren as she kisses his cheek, and with his attention distracted momentarily, Olodhin swats at the pastry that he is holding in his other hand. The pastry goes tumbling out of Rawlin's hand and falls on the ground below. "Oopsie." He says, even as Olodhin giggles at what he did. "Noooo, we don't laugh at that."

Escanor seems to smile just a little bit, a rare thing indeed, when he sees parents with their children, people conversing about simple things that clothing. Before his neutral expression returns, Escanor approaches Rawlin and gives him a nod of his head. "Hello, Rawlin. How do you fare this day?"

Rawlin looks up to Escanor, "Much better than my poor pastry. How are you, Escanor? Have you been enjoying all the food? Feel free to eat as much as you'd like!"

Now that she is done speaking with Seren and probably has more shrine work to do KAelyn slips out to head back to the Garwen Shrine. Duties needing being done and all.

"Your mother was the wisest woman I knew." Haedirn confirms with a little hitch in his throat. He does manage to bat aside the grape with a snort. He observes the necklace being placed on Hyacinth and grows silent and looks back to the rest.

Carson - The fat and fluffy grumpy orange cat, Carlene - the cuddly lioness leave, following Kaelyn.

Hyacinth lifts the necklace, looking at it carefully before saying, "This is beautiful, Papa. Thank you..." Her voice fades out thoughtfully and after a few seconds she says, "Before you realized what you had? What did you have, Papa?" She drops the pendant against her chest, and the jewelry makes her fingers go to the bracelet around her wrist, and a faint smile crosses her lips.

"A story for a time alone, Chipmunk..." Gureylain leans forward to press a kiss to his daughter's brow. "Your mother and I were a political pairing, and your stubborn boar of a father didn't know what he had at first... I'll give greater detail when it's us, dear one."

Escanor nods for a second. "I am well as I can be." he answers simply enough. "I do not find myself to be hungry, but I will likely indulge before the party's end." he looks at everyone then for a moment, before he looks at Rawlin. "how is it, being a father?"

Hyacinth nods thoughtfully "I see...." She says as her voice trails off. She picks up another bite of the meat on her plate and nibbles at it as she does. Her eyes lift to Rawlin and Escanor, tilting her head as she listens for Rawlin's answer.

Rawlin laughs, "Have you found someone you might want to spend time with, Escanor?" He grins over at the Serannar and then glances down at Olodhin. "How is it? It is a wonderful experience. Granted it has only been four months, but they have been a wonderful four months. You feel a far greater responsibility to family and to yourself when you realize that you are responsible for more than just your own life now. You are responsible for souls that Brundir has given into your care." He boops Olodhin on the nose. "Besides, there's going to be years of teaching them things and to see where life my guide them, see where their dreams guide them. Maybe he will be a mage, or maybe a priest, or maybe even a knight."

"If I have my way one of them will be a fox in the woods, that not even his cousins can track, a ghost among shades in the deep places, Rawlin. I'm sure your wife would demand it." Gureylain gives a small smile before leaning in to hold his daughter gently.

"Not that I've had success with, no." Escanor tells Rawlin with a straight face. "I know only a semblence of what it is like. I've raised a few elves after the Eradication War, but never have I sired any children nor experienced love in that manner with another." He shakes his head softly. "But I have much to look forward to, if any deem me worthy." Escanor keeps his hands clasped behind his back despite his response, then he looks at Gureylain. "Perhaps stealth is something good to be seen in further generations."

Hyacinth wraps an arm around her father's waist and leans in to kiss his cheek. "I know, Papa. I know." Then she returns to her eating. She lifts the glass and takes another drink before calling over to Escanor. "You should try smiling more. That may help, Lord Escanor."

Rawlin smiles at Gurey as he rises to his feet. "Maybe. Maybe. It will depend upon if that is what they wish to learn, but there's a good chance of one being woodsy given their Rylanth heritage." He turns to Escanor and smiles, "You will soon enough, I am sure of it. There is someone out there for everyone. Now if you will excuse me, I should probably make sure my son goes to get some sleep. He's already been up past his bedtime."

Count Chubbles leaves, following Rawlin.

Escanor turns his head over to Hyachinth when she calls him out over his lack of smiling and he shakes his head softly. "When I have strength to smile, then I will smile." he tells Hyachinth...without a smile. but when Rawlin announces his departure, he bows to the fellow. "Safe travels until next we meet."

Gureylain nods to Rawlin's exit and then wraps his arm around Hyacinth when she embraces him. "I can give more detail to that later - I promise, Chipmunk." resting his hand on her shoulder when she draws away before leaning back to resume his own meal in silence

Hyacinth's own smile doesn't fade as she says, "Perhaps when you have the strength to smile you'll have the strength to love someone, hmm?" Then she turns her attention back to Gureylain and she says to him, "I need a lesson soon, Papa. I want to be quieter in the woods, and if you intend to teach the twins to be stealthy then don't you think you would do well to practice on your own daughter first?"

Escanor looks at Gureylain, before he looks at Hyacinth. "Perhaps." He simply agrees, his face still neutral in expression. "Nonetheless, I must depart. There are still final preparations I must make." He gives a bow to all present, before he makes his way out of the area.

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