Lorandi Harvest Festival

To celebrate the final harvest of the year and the bounties of the land along with the new alliance with the Watcher, the Lorandi come together.


Dec. 12, 2019, 5 p.m.

Hosted By



Tarathiel Gureylain Rawlin Eldrin Arminel Yvette




The Golden Plains - Torendaar - Golden Gates - Champion's Tourney Grounds

Largesse Level



The plains have been decorated and made welcoming to the entire kinship to celebrate the end of the year and the harvest that comes with it. Blessed with bountiful fields and endless opportunities, the Lorandi gather to share in the celebration and company. As figures mingle, Seren is walking amidst them with one of her twins in her arms. Averlin is dressed to match her mother in russet harvest tones. THe little babe has wispy golden hair like her fathers but shares her mother's fair skin. She's currently waving her little arms at all the colors and excitement as Seren half dances around the area with her, bouncing her up and down. Marwen holds Olodhin who is far more observant despite the liveliness of the scene around him. His quizzical steely eyes take in everything and he's rather quite for a baby.

Tarathiel had been shoo'd out of her suite and told to go get some fresh air and that is what she's doing. Even if the white haired elf has a sketch book with her. She's been careful in keeping off the paths where people are walking and she's stopping to sketch little pieces of the celebration as it grows. She looks completely content to not be in the middle of things and stay out of the way.

Shadows and stormclouds, ever the precursor to the arrival of the Old Wolf, Gureylain drifts into the field, eyes flitting from point to point to take in the sights of the festivities at hand. Features hidden, body covered - that he has the little singing tree with him and the tiger the size of a horse helps him stand out though.

Rawlin sits near the place where all the pies are at, watching Seren walk around with Averlin in her arms, a small smile on his face. He seems to be mostly recovered from his ordeals, though he does look a bit exhausted and his skin is a bit paler than normal. The air and the sun should do him some good though. Catching sight of Gureylain, he gives the old elf a nod, and then nods to Tarathiel.

Humming as she swings Averlin around to produce a squeal from the baby in her arms, the Marchioness turns about and catches sight of the familiar face of Gureylain. "Gurey!" She calls out, her smile blossoming further as she starts his way. She bounces Averlin upon her hip as Marwen follows in her wake. The two approach Rawlin and where he sits next to the pie eating station. "Do you plan on participating my love? I am not sure pie will help with your healing," She says and gives him a winning smile before leaning down to kiss the top of his head. "Your son is being skeptical, as always." The other baby, twin to Averlin is Olodhin and he's held in Marwen's arms, Seren's aid. Her gaze catches sight of Tarathiel and she offers a smile, "Welcome!"

Eldrin enters the Tourney Grounds. "Hello everyone," she says with a warm smile. She is in a happy mood to see her kin. She has good manners but is way more informal then formal back in Torendaar.

Tarathiel continues with her drawing as she moves out of the way of a few people that pass by. The Nalduine Lady gives a smile to Rawlin and a wave to him. Greeting cousins was a necessity. She then hears the greeting from Seren and she dips her head to the woman, "Thank you." she tells her. "Everything looks lovely." she adds.

"Is he now?" Rawlin asks Seren, then turns to Marwen and gestures for her to hand him his son. He takes him from her and boops him on the nose. "Why so skeptical?" He glances back up to his wife and shakes his head, "I probably will not be doing any hard activity, though I might try to shove pie into my face for entertainment value." He smiles, then nods to Eldrin, "Pleasant day to you. I hope everyone is ready to eat some pie. I hear Gurey made them." He grins.

The nod from Rawlin is returned and Seren's bright greeting draws out his thin smile, which grows at the sight of the twins. Spotting the Tenlindil though, he gives some solidarity to house, sliding up alongside Eldrin like smoke, cloak shifting as it draws away when the arm is extended. "Cousin." soft voice projecting as if he were speaking in her ear rather than from the depths of his hood. "It's good to see you, Eldrin... Would you like to meet my other cousins? And their little ones?" jerking his chin towards the Rylanths.

"He's very skeptical. He is very judgemental too even though he can not say as much right now," Seren says to Rawlin though Olodhin sneezes after being booped on the nose. HIs hand lifts and presses his pale flesh to his father's darker. SWAP right onto Rawlin's cheek. SHe smiles and chortles out a laugh as she watches and dances back and forth with Averlin who is quite happy to be swirled around with a delighted squeal again and a giggle when Seren tickles her side. The Marchioness wears her hair loose down her back. Her eyes flick up to Tarathiel," Thank you, do feel free to try everything. SO glad you could come," she admits and then turns her head to look at Gureylain and Eldrin. "Be welcome as well. Come join us." She says before tickling at Averlin's neck which gets the baby to giggle.

Eldrin's smile grows a little at meeting the children. "It is lovely to see you as well, I hope all is well. I would love to meet them and the little ones, who does not love children," she says warmly

Halcyon, the white-tailed hawk, King Wisequack the duck arrive, following Arminel.

"I will try things, yes." Tarathiel states with a smile as she dips her head to Seren, then she's moving back to take up her sketching again, trying to get just a few moments captured before the crowd becomes to big.

Rawlin makes a face at Olodhin's antics and then glances at Seren. "This is your fault." Then he looks to Eldrin and Tarathiel. "This is Olodhin." He nods to the little elf he is holding. "And this is Averlin." He gestures to the little girl in Seren's arms. "They are becoming more and more troublesome as they age." He says this with a laugh, "And the Gods forbid, they've started moving around so there's no end to the trouble they'll get into."

Marzena, the golden eagle, Sarabi, the lioness arrive, following Yvette.

"IS THAT AVERLIN?!" comes a voice, booming across the plains from the far end of the tourney grounds.

It belongs to Arminel, who's walking at a brisk pace directly for Rawlin and his spawnlings. The Serannar's hawk is perched atop his shoulder, and a pudgy duck struggles to keep pace waddling a few steps behind him. "Unhand him, Marquis, I have spoiling to do!" declares the Lorandi, holding out arms expectantly for the young Rylanth. "I see we've gotten started early, yes? Good," he says, smiling a greeting around, likely knowing full well he's arrived after the appointed time.

"Tarathiel, sketch later - celebrate now..." Gureylain murmurs as he passes the Nalduine to bring his in-law to meet the twins, taking the time to curl his fingers in a little wave to the babes, cooing at them as his entire demeanor changes from feral and distant to den-parent.

"If you don't I shall have to cue the players to lively music and with my wife at home resting from her studies I shall have to spin you about the fl-" he stops at the call of Arminiel, turning to drop into a kneeling posture on instinct, for a moment, becoming a humped figure in his cloak before he is risen to his full height again.

"Luckily they are easily caught, wait until they can run. Then we are in trouble. And this is hardly my fault, he takes after..well me. Averlin is you I suspect?" But Seren is having fun trying to pin the twin's personalities on her husband. "No, I think I was more like Averlin when I was a babe," she says and swirls suddenly, her hand supporting Averlin at her back which serves to draw another squeal from the golden haired pale babe with her green eyes like her mother. "So glad you all came and yes, this is Averlin." She says for all but inclines her head graciously to Eldrin. Averlin's name being called across the way has Seren turning about quickly and there is a wry chuckle from her as suddenly the King is making a direct line for Olodhin who is STARING at the King. "We have, the pie eating contest is about to start."

Olodhin for his part sets steely grey eyes on the King once he is handed over and just meets him glance for glance - staring. This is warm hand lifts and clumsily presses at Arminel's chin. The solemn unsmiling expression making him look like he is utterly serious.

Tarathiel's pale gaze flicks to Gurey when he tells her to sketch later and celebrate now. She gives a nod of her head and then she's closing the leatherbound book and slipping it into the bag she has with her. There's a bit of a wide eyed look though when she hears the shout and there's a respectful bow given to Arminel when he comes to stop near Seren and the twins. She gives a look to the duck that is with him and there is an amused smile that plays at the corners of her lips.

Eldrin offers the proper greeting to the King when he arrives. "Did you just ask me to dance Gureylain," she says with a chuckle. "You will find they will grow up way too quickly for their own good, best to spoil them now," she says warmly.

"Ah, I knew I felt the inevitable tug of ~destiny~," Arminel replies, flashing a smile first to Seren, then to the babe reaching for his chin. He reaches up, removing the thin circlet from about his brow, then deposits it atop the little elf's head, where it is unlikely to balance for very long.

"Lord Gurey, excellent to see you out and about," the Serannar greets next, turning to bow in the Old Wolf's direction. "And you as well, Lady Tarathiel," he says, pivoting next to the Nalduine elfess, a friendly smile given.

It's around this time that the pudgy duck finally catches up to the King and his hawk. It pants a bit, bouncing from foot to foot.

Thankfully, perhaps for some, Marchioness Yvette Monstald is not in armor. Instead, she has opted for a gown that leans into the militaristic style she tends to prefer. For it looks much like a military coat at a glance, but the sleeves are longer and more graceful, fabric descending well and away from the hands. And the coat opens over a full skirt. All white, with gleaming gold buttons in matching rows down the breast, gold-and-red embroidery along the hems, etching out tiny patterns invisible at a distance. Her hair has been left free -- another rarity -- to fall in a gentle cascade at her shoulders. The Grandmaster moves at an easy pace once within the grounds, seeming prepared to take in this or that table or presentation rather than rush on through.

"I had been threatening to make Tarathiel dance if she didn't socialize, but I will happily give you a dance should you wish. I know I owe Marchioness Seren one as well." turning to Arminel when he is spoken of, Gureylain's brows shoot up within the shadows of his hood when he is bowed to by the king, "Thank you, Your Excellency." the Old Wolf offers in quietly polite tone.

"How are you, Your Majesty?" Rawlin asks Arminel as he watches the king interact with his daughter. "Come to win the pie-eating conversation? Likely anyone who can put down sausages can put down pies." He looks to Eldrin and laughs, "Oh, they will be spoiled for a long time, I can assure you of that. If not from the two of us, from the aunts and uncles who want to spoil them." He gives Gureylain a quick look before laughing.

Tara gives a look to the babies that are present and there's a softer look that crosses her features. Then she gives a look to Arminel and there's another little dip of her head, her white hair moving as she does, "It is good to see you as well, your Majesty." she tells him. Then she looks to the duck as it catches up and there's a grin, "Well isn't that adorable." she murmurs. Then there's a look to Gureylain and there's a laugh, "I'm not much of a dancer." she admits to that. Then she gives others space to talk by shifting just a little.

Eldrin chuckles at Gureylain and says to Tarathiel, "Worry not I shall offer a distraction so you can escape." She seems warm and friendly and dressed in the normal Estril Priestess attire. "Greetings," she tells the Grandmaster, greeting them politely as is custom.

"Outstanding. In the company of Kin and about to witness a pie-eating contest alongside my two -favorite- elves in the kingdom," Arminel tells Rawlin, flashing the man a friendly smile in greeting. A pointed look is given to the two little elves. "Who plans to compete?" he asks, looking around.

Olodhin now wears or rather sports the circlet and his hand lifts off the chin of the king to feel around blindly for that which is now sitting askew his around noggin. She makes a sound, something like a gurgle as he lift shis brows and tugs at the item trying to right it perhaps. A bubble is blown and then he blinks and tries to fix it but it just falls the rest of the way to be a necklace rather than a circlet. He begins to pull on it but since its attached to his neck it just hooks there.

"Oh a dance, I would love to Gurey but why do we not start off the pie eating contest!" She declares. "Yes, who plans to compete?"

"I suspect that Yvette will be happy to compete in the pie-eating contest." Rawlin says, quickly.

Motioning to himself, Gureylain steps up, "I can endeavor to give Arminel a run for his money as far as eating." offering a wink and actually draws his hood back, exposing the slow fading tan the Scorching Wastes gave him as it bleached his hair further silver white.

At the moment, Yvette is watching some play at tossing rings. She is as of yet wholly unaware that she's being volunteered for pie eating.

"Where is your sense of fun if you can not eat twice your weight in pies, good thing I saved my appitie, I will join in the contest," Eldrin delcares brightly

Arminel rubs his hands together. His duck gives a little flap of its chubby wings. They both look ready to take part.

"I will not be competing." Tarathiel offers helpfully with a chuckle as she dips her head to those that are going to try to eat their weight in pies. She does also give a greeting to Yvette when she comes closer.

Rawlin coughs, "I volunteer to shovel pie into my maw. You said you wanted me with a more fatherly figure, my dear." He smiles prettily at Seren.

Marwen steps forward to take Olodhin as everyone starts to call out. Seren can not help but laugh and Averlin watches them all as she claps her little hands together. "Very well, those of you interested int he pie eating contest, take your seats. Lady Tarathiel, would you help me hand out the pies then?"

"We're going to need a bigger table."

Arminel takes his seat.

Rawlin turns around and rubs his hands together, waiting for the competition to begin.

Someone, surely, gets Yvette's attention. Her luck it's one of those damned bardic types Arminel likes to keep in his retinue. She looks at the pies, looks at what she's wearing, and gives a great sigh. "Whoever conceived of this will be handling my washing if I become a mess." But she makes her way over and sits down next to Arminel, looking at the monarch pointedly: "What are the terms this time?" Because it's no fun if there's not a bet.

"I would love to help with the pies." Tarathiel tells Seren with a smile and moves to assist her.

Arminel settles in. Quackers attempts to occupy the seat at the table next to him, but the Serannar picks the duck up, not without some effort, then deposits him aside. "You see, Quackers heard about the fanning, and he's quite jealous. I think he could do with some shading if you've a spare palm frond around," he remarks, looking around demonstratively.

Once everyone is seated, Seren nods her thanks to Tarathiel. "The pies are small, but we will go as many rounds as people remain up and willing. If you lose your stomach then you are out. A pie is considered eaten when most of the tin can be seen and the person manages to drink water." She glances to each as she inclines her head, "Rawlin I made no such claim but...as you wish." She teases him and then glances to Yvette. "You are welcome to raise your hand when you need another pie and you tap the table when you are out. Pie eaters...ready yourselves! Round one begins...NOW!"

((Roll Willpower/Stamina+Fortitude/Performance))

Arminel checked willpower + performance at difficulty 5, rolling 20 higher.

Eldrin checked willpower + fortitude at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Rawlin checked willpower + performance at difficulty 5, rolling 3 higher.

Eldrin checked willpower + fortitude at difficulty 5, rolling 9 higher.

Gureylain checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 5, rolling 26 higher.

Yvette checked stamina + performance at difficulty 5, rolling 24 higher.

Eldrin finds her place among her kin and of course awaits the first pie to arrive, digging in. She manages to eat hers slowly, but surely

Arminel elects to attempt to fold his pie in half and simply tilt it back. It proves fairly effective, as he's wiping his mouth after polishing off the water before too long. "DELECTABLE"

"And if I should win, I assume Quackers-" Yvette looks to the duck, "will be willing to manage the palm frond?" She looks at the first pie laid before her and gives a long sigh. "At least it should sit better than sausages." And thankfully this isn't quite an exercise in speed. She can eat at a pace that will hopefully avoid making a mess......and ends ups taring at Arminel for his methodology.

Rawlin digs into his pie, eating at a steady pace, each piece swallowed down before the next piece is put into his mouth, clearly trying to pace himself with this. He pushes the tin forward and swallows some water, but not before flicking a small piece of pie at Averlin with a grin.

Gureylain set down and nods as he gets comfortable, looking towards Rawlin a moment before his first pie is before him. The Old Wolf is rarely seen eating despite all the tea he drinks, but like the King he folds his tin and pours the pie down his gullet before taking the drink to follow it. "Blueberry... I hoped for gooseberry." Because it's sour.

Like him.


Tara gives a laugh as people start and there is a definite moment where she realizes she would have done poorly on the pie eating. She is ready with new pies to pass out when the first round is done!

"He will respect the result," Arminel confirms, nodding sagely to Yvette.

Seren stands back, watching what is happening with a look of someone who is very glad they are not competing. Averlin squeal at her father and reaches for the piece that falls just short of her and starts tso smear it around. "Cheating!" Seren declares with humor and then quiets as she glancse and notes each that needs a new pie. She moves forward to replace them as they go, some more swiftly making their way through their pies. "Goodness, how messy," she murmurs and is helping Tarathiel replace the pies as needed.

((Roll Stamina/Willpower+Fortitude/Performance at 10))

Gureylain checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 10, rolling 32 higher.

Eldrin checked willpower + fortitude at difficulty 5, rolling 4 higher.

Rawlin checked willpower + fortitude at difficulty 10, rolling 5 lower.

Arminel checked willpower + performance at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

Eldrin checked willpower + fortitude at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Taking the next pie before him... Raspberry. Ok that's not bad - also delicious when poured down your throat like a drunk guzzles beer - using the water to wash it down with a few swallows, Gureylain issues a small belch into his fist before wiping his mouth with a kerchief.

Yvette checked stamina + performance at difficulty 10, rolling 15 higher.

"He will, will he?" Yvette gives Arminel a look... but that look quickly gets redirected to the second pie. "Why couldn't this have been something easier, like cookies?" She hesitates, but soon tucks in. Unlike the others, she is not going based on speed or 'manliness' of consumption...... even if she does reach over to try to push Arminel's pie tin to the side just before he can grab it. Just a little nudge. Sure, slowing him down slows her down, but it's worth the effort.

ARminel is undeterred. Though he misses with his hands, he adopts a hands-free approach following Yvette's dastardly and underhanded attempt to cheat. He drags the tin nearer with his teeth, then devours it.

Eldrin slow and steady wins the race, Eldirn keeps her pace as she works on the second pie. She has not fallen out of the contest yet.

Rawlin tries to eat his second pie, but he only manages to get a little under halfway down before he has to shove it away from him. "Whew, I guess that's all for me." Now he turns to Arminel and starts chanting. "EAT. EAT. EAT. EAT."

Tarathiel gives a chuckle as she goes about her pie replacing duties, "Oh this is going to make an excellent painting." she muses to this as she walks down the table where pies are needed.

Glancing aside at Tararthiel and her comment about a painting, Seren laughs. "HEY NOW! Sportsmanlike behavior here!" she admonishes the Grandmaster until she sees Rawlin fold. "Oh my heart..its okay. Best that way since we have to share a bed tonight." She grins and pulls his tin away. "Marquis Rawlin is out that leaves the King, Lord Gureyalin, Grandmaster Yvette and Lady Priestess Eldrin." More pies are shoved before the group as the finish and time dictates.

((Roll Stamina/Willpower+Fortitude/Performance at 15))

Arminel checked willpower + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Yvette checked stamina + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Eldrin checked willpower + fortitude at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Gureylain checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

There's an utterly appalled look directed to the king. "-Really.-" Yvette says, staring at Arminel's pie-eating methods. "How is that not all over you?" For Seren's admonishment, she just reaches for her next pie with a wide-eyed look of innocence. She did nothing. Nothing at all! She was simply... adjusting the feng shui of the table. And then there was another pie and she looks... tired. "Please tell me that when you lose, there will be a proper palm frond uniform involved," she tells Arminel. Not that she looks like she has great confidence in herself at this juncture.

Arminel checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 11 lower.

"Well if you'd stop worrying about your form, dress, and figure like a dainty maid 'grand master' you'd learn how to eat like us trenchers do." Gureylain notes dryly as he casually lifts his third pie and pours it down his gullet. "Oh! Cinnamon apple!" a gulp of water.

Eldrin slowly eats the next pie she seems to keep her same pace chuckling and smiling at the antics happening around her

"You'd think my uncle, of all people, could pay me a compliment when I dress well!" Yvette bemoans before leaning toward Seren: "Give him the biggest pie in the stack." She doesn't even bother to stage whisper.

Arminel emerges from the pie, though it's certainly left a bit of a mark, clinging to his chin and face. "Necessary," confirms the Serannar, sagenodding. Quackers attempts, successfully, to mount the bench and nibble at some of the pie on his face.

Tarathiel gives a smile to those that are still going as she passes out more pies once the others are finished. There's a bit of a laugh when the duck tries to eat some of the pie off Arminel's face, but she doesn't shoo him.

Third pie in and four of five are still going strong. Seren's stomach flips for them all and she makes a face as she manages to move some pies around. "How are you all.." she shakes her head and does not ask as she chuckles at Yvette. "Sadly, they are all the same size. I am sure he could demolish it though, this is a luxury likely compared to what he eats in the wild," she says in good fun. As the old tins are swept away by Tarathiel and herself, she looks to Eldrin. "Well done..I am not sure how you are doing it..or where any of you are putting all that pie." She says.

((Roll Stamina/Willpower+Fortitude/Performance at 20))

Rawlin lets out a long sigh, giving Arminel a disappointed look. "Very well, I shall have to cheer Gurey on now." He turns towards Gurey. "Win this, Gurey!"

Arminel checked willpower + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 12 higher.

Eldrin checked willpower + fortitude at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Yvette checked stamina + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Gureylain checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

"You uh, have a little-" Yvette, while tins are being cleared, starts to reach over to help Arminel with the pie on his face. However, she thinks better of it and stops herself short. "Nevermind. You look dashing, as always, your highness." There's a smirk before she's turning to her next pie and giving it a somewhat baleful look before tucking in.

Gureylain checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 34 higher.

"You're not wrong, Seren. Don't tell Ori - it's bad enough you harping, and Marwen." He chuckles as he doesn't quite have it to pie pour this time, so he just scoops a hand in after taking off his glove, snarfing, Gureylain smiles; delicious. Lemon. Casually leaning to 'plink' flick a bit of lemon cream at Yvette's nose with a wink.

Arminel sets to work on his next victim, utilizing his hands this time. "No distractions!" he accuses, pointing a piece of pie at Yvette.

Glancing to Tarathiel, Seren parts her lips. "I honestly thought more of them would be out by now..." She lets her voice trail off as she is movng the pies about. The poor table is littered with pie bits and detritous. She makes a face and wipes a bit off her russet colored gown. She chuckles at the exchanges however and winks at Gureylain before motioning Rawlin over to their side of the table.

((Roll Stamina/Willpower+Fortitude/Performance at 25))

Eldrin is eatting the next pie but she seems to be getting really full. "Oh, boy I think my eyes where a bit bigger then my tummy," she says with a burp. "Maybe I should quit while I am ahead," she states, covering her mouth

Rawlin grumblues, but slips out of his seat and then moves over to Seren's side of the table, chanting, "Gurey! Gurey!"

Arminel checked willpower + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 3 higher.

Eldrin checked willpower + fortitude at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Gureylain checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 25, rolling 12 higher.

"Trchraichter!" accuses Arminel, pointing to Rawlin next.

Tarathiel takes her turn at the end of the next round and takes up empty pie tins and then settles full ones down.

Turning slightly in his chair as rhubarb is brought before him, invigorating him. No other pie so sweet and delicious made from such a sour plant! Rhubarb will sustain him this war, so Gureylain makes (uncomfortable?) eye contact with The King as he shovels it down his face hole!

Rhubarb! It shall aid him in carrying the day!


Yvette checked stamina + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Eldrin is about to try to eat the next pie but looks a bit green at the idea. "Yes I best, not they are lovely by I can not eat another bite," she says with a small pout as she pushes the pie away

"Me? Distracting?" Yvette feigns innocence at Arminel. Which isn't easy to do when you've got a smear of lemon pie across your cheek. "Whyever would you accuse me of such things?!" But then there's another pie to eat and she rolls golden eyes skyward. Likely saying a silent prayer to whichever god might be that of overeating. Someone, surely, will save her from this. Before she tucks into the next pie (successfully, even!), she mutters something about prefering arm wrestling.

"Oh Lady Priestess, well done! But ...likely the best idea. Though it seems the others do not have that in mind." She shoves a pie at Rawlin to have him exchange the one for the others. "Here, help out. Keep busy." She teases him and watches Gureylain stare. STARE at the King. She uhhhs and then just pushes another pie forward with a laugh.

((Roll Stamina/Willpower+Fortitude/Performance at 30))

Gureylain checked stamina + fortitude at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Arminel checked willpower + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 15 lower.

Yvette checked stamina + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 8 lower.

Rawlin snorts, "Fine, fine. I will shove one of these pies towards someone." He pushes the pie towards Arminel. "Enjoy your pie, my King. I hope that it is tasty and delicious. Good luck!"

Yvette is overheard praising Gureylain: He has quite the pie hole

Arminel, alas, cannot make it through this one. The Serannar flops back, unable to continue. "It's too delicious!" he bemoans.

Seren is overheard praising Gureylain: The best pie eater that ever ate pies.

Seren is overheard praising Rawlin: For sticking it out, and glad we aren't approaching dad bod quicker.

Seren is overheard praising Yvette: NEARLY THERE! Second place still is a place!

Tarathiel is overheard praising Gureylain: To all the pie eating!

Seren is overheard praising Arminel: A valiant attempt but not quite there!

Tarathiel is overheard praising Arminel: He tried his best!

Gureylain is overheard praising Seren: A grand celebration

Tarathiel is overheard praising Yvette: Pies for days!

Seren is overheard praising Eldrin: A valiant attempt and well done!

Eldrin claps a bit tiredly from being stuffed. "Maybe dancing was a better idea before eatting," she states chuckling, trying to let all the pie settle

Gureylain is overheard praising Arminel: Now you shall call -me- Pie King

Gureylain is overheard praising Eldrin: Good show of making the family look well.

Tarathiel gives a look over those that are still at the table and she knows it's winding down. She gives a smile as she starts to clear the places where competitors were.

Gureylain is overheard praising Yvette: Not quite the Grand Master of PIES!!

Gureylain is overheard praising Tarathiel: She tried pie!

Gureylain is overheard praising Rawlin: You tried very hard to eat pie.

And in the end, Yvette was merely trying to defeat Arminel because as soon as he throws in the towel... she forces herself to eat one more bite (as evidence of her pie-eating superiority) before she pushes her pie tin over... and into his lap. Really, it's just to clear space on the table so she can slump forward with her head on her arms and a mild groan.

Gooseberry... finally gooseberry - blessed gooseberry... But it shall not be... He gets a scoop in, another. Another... It shall be. Gureylain shall persevere!! The pie is eaten... and then he looks at the water. Eyes sullen. He feels so warm. He cannot purge. Not now. Not at gooseberry.

Never at gooseberry.

He pours the water over his head.

Yvette is overheard praising Arminel: Quackers better prepare his palm fronding skills.

Yvette is overheard praising Eldrin: Thank you for not leaving me the only woman face-stuffing

Yvette is overheard praising Rawlin: I heard a rumor he's scared of pie

Seren laughs at the proceedings and as the last three still eating come down to their last pie she leans over to take a look at there tins. "Lord Gureylain is our winner! Followed by the Grandmaster and finally the King! Well done you all..and I do not envy you the stomach aches you are likely to have." She is stepping back then, trying to get clear of the pie splash zone and shakes off her dress a bit. She turn and places a kiss to Rawlin's cheek. "A dance, my heart. Seeing as you likely can still move unlike everyone else." She chuckles. "Thank you for your help, Lady Tarathiel."

Arminel echoes Yvette's grumble, patting his belly a moment. "Rawlin, please deposit me back at the castle," says the Serannar, woozily.

Gureylain lays his face down on the table, "Gooseberry... why have you forsaken me." mumbled into the wood.

Tarathiel gives a smile to Seren, "It was my pleasure." she tells her with a dip of her head. Then she's straightening and stepping away from the pie massacre. She didn't want it in her dress. She gives a look around and then off towards the exit, "I should probably be getting back to work on a sculpture I've been neglecting." she muses.

There's something that might be words, but probably isn't, in answer from Yvette. But for the moment, her face is still buried in her arms. After a short time, she finally pushes herself upright enough to fix Arminel with a look: "If it's any consolation, I am not satisfied with this win. Come up with a new challenge."

"...one that doesn't involve food," the Monstald Marchioness adds, quickly.

"Possibly no movement for a while too," Eldrin agrees, looks stuffed

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