Candidate Speeches

The candidates will give their speeches in front of a large gathered crowd of Duindar elves, with criers who will relay their speeches throughout the kinship's settlements.


Dec. 5, 2019, 11 a.m.

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Aurelian Diagones Lunan




Syreian Split - Isalspire - The Isalspire - Senate Chambers

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Candidate Speeches has started at Syreian Split - Isalspire - The Isalspire - Senate Chambers.

The Senate Chambers are filled to the brim with elves from the kinship, all manner are here to witness the candidate speeches from candlemakers to cavalrymen. A mage has worked to enchant the podium for the evening so that the voice of speaker carries loud and clear across the entire chamber and even to some beyond that.

Sarina, a small grey and white cat, Willow, a small tree elemental, Nero, a white wolf arrive, following Diagones.

Dressed in his tailored garments made of silversilk, Aurelian steps to the floor of the Senate and gazes around the room at the gathered elves. "Elves of the Duindar Kinship, I am Aurelian Geminiel, Right Hand of House Geminiel and currently serving as the Head of House while Limandria is seeing to other affairs."

"First let me talk a little about myself. I am a simple elf, an elf who enjoys commercial ventures and the growth of commerce amongst our people and around Aarandor. Some may wish to try and smear me as an opportunist, but I don't think being an opportunist is a bad thing. Opportunities are things that should be seized at every chance that we are afforded one. It is the way that we grow, the way that we develop and face the future."

He pauses for a moment to smile at the crowd, "If elected, I will focus a good deal on domestic affairs in the hopes of growing our economic opportunities within the Isalspire and the lands that we claim as our own here on Aarandor. Trade is the engine that will push us into the future. It will be the cornerstone of our diplomacy, and help ensure our security and help us grow and prosper as a kinship in these lands that we are slowly turning into our new home."

His eyes harden then and he makes a small cutting gesture, "That being said, we cannot allow others to take advantage of us. Some may wish for peace, but to have peace we must be prepared for war, and war must be an option that we pursue at certain times. House Reymar must be held accountable for stealing lands that House Naevon spent time and resources exploring and claiming for our people. This keep that they have built... this abomination called Reymar's Storm is a blight upon Aarandor and the actions of Kinlector Odissin Reymar and his family are an affront to all who wish for peace." He shakes his head, a sad expression coming over his face. "Do I wish for war with the Aeran? No, I do not. Trade is what I wish for. Peaceful coexistence so that we may trade and let our people know peace and prosperty. But this is not what House Reymar wishes for. Not at all."

"A hostile action made against a House of the Duindar is a hostile action made against ALL of the Duindar."

Aurelian smoothes out the front of his coat and smiles. "Thank you for the time allowed me to make this speech but I leave you with one further thought." He glances around the room and slowly nods. "Furthermore, let us all give consideration to the notion that Reymar's Storm must be destroyed."

The crowd listens to the speech with great earnest, and clapping happens during several of the pauses when specific points are made. At its conclussion, there's are sections of elves who stand and clap for Aurelian before returning to their seats, but the general feel of the room is that his words were well received. Especially the mention of Reymar and the stolen Storm Keep location.

Diagones approaches the podium and sets two fingers on the side of her throat, amplifying her voice so it easily reaches every man, woman, and child. She smiles at the crowd before she begins, "Citizens of the Isalspire,

It is my privilege to stand before you today to tell you why I wish to run for the Duindar Senate. First, though most of you know me, allow me to introduce myself. I am Diagones Egilion, Head Scholar of the Ishtari, Keeper of the Grand Libraries of the Isalspire and Thelos. I am also Right Hand of the Egilion family, and Vassal of her holdings, serving as Head of House while my uncle Erotas is occupied. Like many of the Egilion family, I am a devout follower of Acharon, and I believe in the inherent worth and potential of every citizen in the kinship.

I have been blessed as late to have encounters with two Oracles of the Gods - Lykor, the Oracle of Torth, and Ellinor, the Oracle of Gala. The encounter with Lykor ended with the realization that had any one of us, from the five kinships, been left behind, we all would have failed. We would have died. It was a powerful, primal lesson in the need for cooperation. Surely, we would have died had we not followed a Thalerith who could see in the darkness across a cavern that would've swallowed us whole. We had to use magic together to part the waters, to save ourselves from drowning. And Ellinor, she let us know that Gala wants to see one from each kinship, not just the Duindar, but to meet elves from every kinship. She values all elves. It is my belief that we, the Duindar, need to be leaders in a diplomatic era of cooperation, of moving past the suspicions and prejudices of the past, and moving forward into an era of mutual prosperity, of trading, of working on common projects with common ends.

Look at Acharon's settlement. It went up in record time, but it could not have happened without elves from each kinship contributing, working together. And because they did, there is now a shrine. It can be like that with each of us.

My sibling, Senator Saqurius Egilion, believed in equality. They believed that hard work and cooperation would see us through storms. They believed that the Duindar are strongest when we are united together, working together towards common aims. My sibling was a brave elf, intelligent, wise, with the natural curiosity we Duindar prize so highly. I learned so many things as their sister, about diplomacy, public relations, listening and understanding, and above all, the need for kindness and gentleness in our thoughts and deeds. I miss them each and every day. To serve as a senator in their honor would mean much to me, but it is not the reason I wish to serve. I wish to help us flourish.

What skills would make me an exemplary Senator? I believe in the power of democracy. I am skilled in economics, diplomacy and propaganda. I have experience running an organization efficiently, with many members, for many years, and making sure that tasks are completed in a timely manner. I was able to get a library built in Thelos for the betterment of elvenkind. I am well-connected within the Duindar and externally, with diplomatic contacts in each kinship, which can help us work together with our other elven brethren, ensuring that when we prosper, we prosper together. It is my sincere belief that the Gods want us to cooperate, the Gods want us to stand united, not divided. All that which threatens this cooperation must be dealt with diplomatically, so that we can fulfill the vision of all that Aarandor truly can be. Together. Acts against the Duindar can be handled through diplomatic interventions, sanctions, and ensuring that the parties understand a way forward. We cannot brook infighting. The Gods will turn their backs on us if we do. That much has been made clear, and I believe will continue to be made clear.

Diplomacy is our way forward. If elected, I will work to ensure the safety and prosperity of the Duindar through diplomatic means, and ensure that when we rise, we rise as one. When one is down, we work together to lift one another up. We are Duindar, possessed of intelligence, curiosity, passion, scholarship, and, above all, knowledge. We will not falter.

Thank you."

Much like the last speech, pockets of elves in the crowd stand to applaud for Diagones when she's finished. There is a roar of applause in general and the feeling in the room is equally as impressed by her words as they were by Aurelian's. It's a room that seems to amicable to both candidates' potential as senators and at this point, there is no one specific direction the general populace of the kinship seem to be swaying.

Ayblinkyn stands, "Thank you, Candidates, for your speeches. A recess will be given until Candidate Lunan Naevon has arrived in the Isalspire from his duties for his family. Please return when the leaves of the tree turn begin to shimmer a golden hue, this will be our signal that the candidate has arrived and is ready to give his speech."

Sarina, a small grey and white cat, Willow, a small tree elemental, Nero, a white wolf leave, following Diagones.

"I am not a likeable person." Lunan begins, when it becomes his turn to deliver his speech. His one remaining eye peers out towards those gathered to hear him. "I am direct, to the point, and incredibly driven towards my beliefs and views. I am not here to earn your favor, or to be friends with anyone amongst the Senate. Certainly, as most of the Duindar, and half of the elves outside of our grand Kinship will know, I've had my share of spats and confrontation with the Senate. Quite publically, even." He gives a brief pause, to let his words sink in. "Let me be clear, I do not intend to suddenly become a likeable person, either. There are plenty of those amongst the Senate already, that are far more skilled at diplomacy than I."

"What I am, however, is a veteran warrior of the conflict with the Host. I am a former Warden, amongst the Amethyst Order." He continues. "My intentions with the Senate, and with the Duindar as a whole are in support of our military might, the protection of our economic assets, and the security of our border. It is vital to me, that our grand spires, cities, and wonderous trade hubs are secure from those who might wish to wrestle them outside of our control. At the same time, I do not aim to shut down our border, and prevent non-military elves into our cities." "Our mission, as a people, has always been to learn, to study, and to record the histories. This is how we have survived, traditionally, and I certainly don't aim to detract us from that in anyway. On the contrary, the development of more libraries and schools, to record our knowledge, should be at the forefront of this conversation." Another pause. "And yet, we all know loss. The sacking of our libraries at the hand of the Thalerith, the journey from the Old World, into this New World, and certainly the Great Flood have all been significant scars on our people."

"It does no good to record knowledge that is simply burned to the ground in our proud libraries. At present, there is only Senator and Warden Teroleus who serves as a military advisor amongst the Senate. We are presented instead with the diplomats, scholars, and bureaucrats who rightly belong on the Senate. Yet along side of them, we cannot leave behind our military minds." He gives another pause, letting himself catch his breath and peer around the room once more. "A vital aspect of our society, and the recording of knowledge, too, is exceptional methods of communication. It is a method that has been left behind in recent days."

"It is vital that we explore these methods of communication, and develop them further to reestablish trust, unity and order. There are many instances in my recent conflicts that I can point to as an indicator towards this. When House Egilion erroneously initiated plans to speak with the Tree Sage to negotiate peace, for example. Plans that rightfully should have been brought to the attention of the Senate, and discussed. Yet when the issue was addressed, by myself, the Senate failed to even respond with the information that the matter had been handled at all. Why the information of exactly -what- occurred during that situation still eludes me. No one amongst the Senate has bothered to address those concerns, even to simply say 'the situation has been handled, however the exact nature of that solution is not for you to know'."

"Before I dive to far into those conflicts, I will point out that my running for Senate is not to 'call anyone out', or to cause strife or jostle our great republic, as some would have you believe. In fact, I stand here, as a testament that my intentions are quite the opposite. We need to rally together, as a people, to dispell this form of confusing communication for the Senate and to encourage trust and unity." He pauses, peering towards the Egilion elves in the room, then back out towards everyone else. "I undoubtably have strong convictions towards what I think is right and good for our people. There is no question that I have a passion to strive ever towards a greater future. This is what I intend to bring forward, to the people of the Duindar, as your future Senator."

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