Frankly Too Much Wedding

Medeia Geminiel and Wynnimir Marindur are getting married. Wynnimir took over planning early on and has decided to spray money at boisterous extravagance! He's asked Zedmir Nalduine to cater (HERE'S HOPING!) There's going to be wine, rum, whiskey, brandy, and all sorts of other liquors by the cask! Food! Drink! There might even be a kissing booth! Maybe you'll meet your special someone! It's going to be joyous and romantic!


Dec. 20, 2019, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Wynnimir Medeia


Aurelian Theleria Ayalith Iridessa Jarlanen Sylindra Shirin Hyacinth Danai Trevarius Lucie Mistral Eiliriel


Aeran Duindar Lorandi Thalerith Faenor


Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Taste of Thelos - Banquet Hall

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Epleblomst, a short apple tree in constant bloom arrives, following Theleria.

Nehima the Justice Panther arrives, following Aurelian.

Yep. Medeia let Wynnimir plan the event. And he got Zedmir involved. Wynnimir apparently also had money. People are able to just dip their mugs into the river trough to get alcohol if they're not just getting it delivered by the mug, shot, or goblet. At the head of the U of the floor design, Wynnimir and Medeia... with a sign above them painted in a flowing, but clearly excited hand: Kissing Booth.

Because of course.

Granted there's one hung over Aurelian's place as well, but it also notes a charge of 10 Silver.

Of course there is a sign above their heads. It's Wynnimir after all. "I may have some regrets in giving you free reign," Medeia remarks softly as she leans over to Wynnimir. "You...are quite the planner." She lets out a breath and adjusts the draping green cloth of her dress at her shoulder. She reaches for her drink and slowly sips from her goblet. She wets her lips after and leans over to place a quick kiss to his cheek.

"I am glad we are getting this out of your system." Lies. That will never happen.

Aurelian ignores whatever has been hung over his 'place' in favor and has instead spread out a number of papers in front of him. Others might have the time to party and to enjoy themselves, but he only has time to plan more ways of making more silver. He isn't looking at his papers right now though, he's looking at the trough with a rather pained expression. "I will not be eating out of a trough of any sort." He mutters quietly to himself.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sylindra before departing.

"Don't be so sour, Magister, it's a wedding." Theleria comments as she passes by Aurelian, leaning in to scoop up something to eat along with a glass of something to drink, who cares what at the moment. She then receeds to a wall and watches the goings on while idly munching on whatever she'd picked up.

"More for the rest of us," Ayalith remarks merrily as she passes by Aurelian's seat, collecting a quaint little dessert for herself from a passing boat as she nods her agreement with Theleria. The high priestess doesn't seem interested in sitting just yet, instead moving through the room in search of a familiar face - or perhaps just an interesting-looking one, with whom to strike up a conversation.

Turning to steal a quick kiss, Wynnimir gives Medeia a wink, "Oh... Darlin', just you wait for the first anniversaray party." Waggling his brows, "I'm going to sink at least half of the budget into fireworks alone. Probably some glitter... Likely a lot of glitter..." Wynnimir peaks around briefly, "I may have already purchased glitter." he whispers a little more conspiratorially. "Your brother might be near most of it." another longer pause, "I'm going to cover your brother in glitter..." he looks to where his brother in law is sitting. "Like... In 3... 2... 1..."


All around Aurelian's chair...

* *
* ' * . * ' . * *
* *' * * '
. * | /
'. | | ' | ' *
\* \ \ /
' \ '* | | * |* * *
* `. \ | * / * '
. \ | \ / *
*' * ' \ \ '. |
-._ ` / *
' ' ``._ * ' . '
* *\* * . . *
* ' * `-._ . _..:=' *
. ' * * * . _.:--'
* . . * .-' *
. ' . ' * * .
* ___.-=--..-._ * ' '
* *
* _.' .' `. ' * *
* *_.-' .' `. *
.' `._ * '
' ' . . `. .
. * `
* ' ' .
. * . * *
* . '

Arriving shortly after the set start time, Iridessa steps into the Taste of Thelos wearing a bright, cheerful smile on her face. The High Priestess looks around the room with curiousity to see who was in attendence so far before making her way to collect some delightful sweets from one of the boats sailing in the trough while examining the worksmanship of said boats before turning from the food to look over the hall again, amusement on her face as she watches the glitter go off around Aurelian while carefully moving further way.

Aurelian frowns as the glitter goes off all around him, the frown deepens and he crosses his arms as he is covered in it. "Clearly someone doesn't value silversilk as much as others. And now I shall sit here like this for the rest of the evening unless some fine elven maiden strips down naked in front of me, pours silver all over herself and asks me to make a deposit into her bank." He harumphs.

"There are times I wonder how we came to this point. Glitter...of all things," Medeia remarks. Her words may be dry but there is more than her fair share of amusement in her gold flecked blue eyes. She glances aside at her brother who is working of all things and once more sips from her wine. She taps her nails against the side of her glass and gives him a skeptical look. "You are keeping the economy moving in some areas of trade that would have otherwise disappeared." The mention of her brother and being near most of it causes a grin, one she tries to hide as she glances his way.

Glitter. Everywhere. "I feel bad for him...and then I do not." She lifts her glass towards Aurelian though arches a brow at his comment. A hmmmphed laugh sounds out and she murmurs. "Oh the two of you are complete opposites of each other. I think he may be regretting his agreement with your family."

Theleria lets out a bubbling laugh at the glittering of Aurelian and calls out to him, "My my Magister, You've certainly become quite festive all of a sudden. It's a good look on you, all gaily coloured and whatnot. Ought to dress as such more often!"

Aurelian stares at Theleria a moment before snorting. "I look like some sort of Lorandi court jester. All that is missing is for me to know a bit of prestidigitation magic and I could be making little sparkly things or whatever they do." He waves a hand. "Bah. I will have to bathe for hours to get all of this glitter off of me."

Iridessa shakes her head slightly in amusement, saying drolly "I see, this is likely why glitter keeps appearing on the markets isn't it." as she surveys the damage to Aurelian with an amused look.

Wynnimir looks absolutely fantastically happy right now... There's maybe... two, no - one thing that could get him happier looking at this point as he looks at Aurelian. "This is the best. He isn't stalking out, or stomping, he's just harrumphing. I owe him." he turns back to Medeia and, mouth open wide with the smile on his face. "This is the best!"

The tattoo'd 'duindar' stands up, arms wide. "Who wants to win a prize and also have considerable amounts of alchohol!?" servers bringing out long drinking horns, "I have a whole bunch of prizes for people! It's a party! I get kisses from her! I need no other prizes!" pointing at Medeia as he says that last part.

"I am sure he will exact his cost later on," Medeia remarks as she eyes her brother and then grins at the others that help heap on the comments. She need not rub the glitter into the wound. Sipping from her cup she shifts when he stands beside her and lets his voice ring out.

A chuckle leaves her when he mentions kisses and unlike her usually collected self she reaches up and grasping the front of his shirt pulls him don't to do just that. Kiss him. Its a quick thing but has a firm impact.

Jarlanen manages to step into the banquet hall with Shirin's hand on his arm right about the point that the announcement offering alcohol is made, eliciting a soft chuckle out of the Flame Speaker and a murmur to his cousin, "Clearly we got here right about at the time the party gets interesting. Our timing is impeccable." He pauses for a moment to crane his head around and look for familiar faces, then shoots a glance back at Shirin to ask, "Thirsty?"

Warlord Sylindra arrived early congratulated the happy couple, and then settled herself to devouring enough food and drink off the boats to qualify as her own plus one. She cheers loudly when the glitterbomb goes off and showers Aurelian in sparkly colours, raising her mug of mead in salute at Wynnimir. "See there! The best dressed elf is now even better dressed!" she calls out to Aurelian.

Aurelian harumphs again at the Warlord. But Jarlanen's comment gets him to cock a thumb in Medeia's direction, "My dear sister is always thirsty, friend. Anyway, tell us of these prizes Wynnimir!"

Shirin enters with Jarlanen, unable to keep a certain lightness from her step as they enter the festivities. It isn't long before she nearly completely stops in her tracks, eyes widening, as she sees the procession of little boats bearing goodies. And it must be said, though she does try very hard to keep her expression at least a little reserved, at the mention of /prizes/ it's very clear she's intrigued to the tips of her ears. "Always!" she grins up at him. "Though look at /those/ things over there!" She nods towards the boats bearing exotic-to-her treats. "Is it a contest to see how much you can?" She sets her shoulders determinedly, as if preparing herself for a feat.

Midnight, the pure white doe, Snowflake, a protective melanistic barn owl arrive, following Hyacinth.

Releasing Wynnimir, Medeia sets her goblet down and smiles warmly at her brother. "Always good to have you at the festivities, no matter the occasion, brother." She says to him and reaches forward to pluck a piece of food off a passing boat. She turns the piece about between her fingers before popping it into her mouth and relishes it before letting her gaze slip over those entering. A nod is given to Jarlanen and his companion. Another nod to Sylindra before she tucks loose black hair back behind her ear.

Wynn looks downright star struck with a big goofy grin on his face once Medeia's given him smooches. "What was I talking about?" blink "Drinking game! Prizes!" looking to the horns and clapping happily "You'll have to drink, Brother to acquire!" more drinking horns are set out... "And yes! We're going to drink very expensive wine as if it was cheap ale! So fancy that what my brother in law is drinking that he'll think he's drinking horse piss by comparison!" Delightful images! "So come all! Whoever wishes to compete and win something neat!" Ha! Rhyming!

Ayalith is mingling, while eating tasty little desserts with a pleased smile as people joke and laugh. When the mention of prizes being handed out is made, she goes to find somewhere to sit and watch how this plays out, choosing a seat near the Warlord of the Thalerith, but not so close that Sylindra is impeded in her efforts to eat all-the-things. "How long do you think until someone faceplants into the alcohol river?" she asks, sounding as if she expects this to happen and will be sorely disappointed if it does not.

"Oh dear. I'm sure /nothing/ can go wrong with that." Iridessa says cheerfully as she finds herself a spot to watch the drinking game as she nibbles on a sweet. The white haired snow elf smiles brightly at the contestants, watching with interest to see how it goes for them.

It is pretty darn fancy too. When the lid is peeled off a drinking horn it looks like there's little flecks of leafed silver and gold in there. It even smells fancy.

Theleria steps from her place by the wall and towards Wynnimir and Medeia, "There is a wedding gift for the two of you that has been delivered to your suite at the Geminiel family manor in the spire." she smiles to each of them in turn, "I have to leave, but I wanted to say congratulations to you two and I hope you many blessed centuries together." After a moment's pause, she slips away for the door.

Hyacinth rushes in quickly, breathing hard as she does. She stops at the doorway to catch her breath, leaning against the wall.

Epleblomst, a short apple tree in constant bloom leaves, following Theleria.

Jarlanen mmms softly at Shirin and chuckles at her, "Make sure you congratulate the happy couple. If I have to carry you back home, I will make sure you do not forget it, however." He winks once at Shirin and lets go of her hand, apparently going to find a place to park himself and enjoy the festivities. Catching sight of Wynnimir and Medeia, he offers the couple a warmer smile and a bow of his head, but doesn't try to raise his voice across the hall at them.

Danai enters the festivities on her uncle Trevarius' arm, gaze looking at everything with curiosity. At Wynnimir's explanation, she gives the man a contempletive gazes, images of future conditions quite obviously spinning in her head as she leans to her uncle to whisper

Trevarius Comes in with Danai, looking a little less rumpled than usual. He smiles a little at the festivities, as he leans in to listen to Danai closely.

Shirin checked stamina at difficulty 5, rolling 6 higher.

"I will be careful, and remember my manners," Shirin assures Jarlanen, solemnly, though without seeming to take offense. "I wouldn't want to make a terrible impression at the first!" And then she steps forward for the call, moving towards one of the drinking horns a little shyly, offering a smile and a bow of her head head in thanks, before taking it up to look curiously at what is within it.

Hyacjnth catches her breath and she kicks off the wall and begins to wind through the people to make her way toward Medeia and Wynnimir, slipping up behind them and leaning forward and whispering "Boo."

"Come on Aurelian! That wine is fifty silver a 'glass'!" Wynnimir beams and blinks when Hyacinth pops up, turning to plant a kiss on Hya's cheek and motioning for her to join them, "Hello, Sunshine! We were hoping you'd make your appearance!" turning back to the drinking, and seeing only one drinking so far... drawing a fair sized and obnoxiously purple bag from under his chair.

Medeia is far too interested in what is going on as she chuckles while the guests start to get into the spirit of things. Theleria is offered a nod of her head and a grateful smile, "Thank you, First Citizen," she remarks and watches her go before her eyes dart up at seeing Hyacinth. She pretends she does not see her for the moment and allows her to 'sneak up'. She turns about and reaches up to pull Hyacinth closer. "Indeed, welcome! Come, you can share my seat," she says and scoots over to make room so they can sit hip to hip. "Wynnimir is about to get all of our guests..drunk."

The Warlord is not one to shy from a challenge, and so as the drinking game is announced, she stands up and approaches the drinking horns. "I will happily drink anyone here under the table!" she declares taking one for herself and downing it one go. Sylindra sets the horn down and smiles widely at her Flame Speaker, who has seen how this kidn of thing goes before.

Sylindra checked stamina at difficulty 5, rolling 17 higher.

Aurelian waves a hand, "Fine, if you wish for me to try this drinking contest thing, I shall but I cannot promise that I will last that long." He stands and moves to a drinking horn, takes it and then starts drinking.

Aurelian checked stamina at difficulty 5, rolling 13 higher.

Shirin raises her drinking horn, eyes and smile bright, and offers a toast. "To Medeia and Wynnimir Geminiel, may the years to come only strengthen the bond between you and your Beloved, and may you be blessed with untold joy of each other." It's then that she drinks from the horn, steadily but by no means expert, unable to repress licking her lips a little afterwards, as if to catalogue the taste.

Seeing Sylindra stepping up for drinking with Shirin draws a low, amused chuckle out of the Flame Speaker and a shake of his head. Pointing at the Warlord, he offers, "I am not placing wagers this time around...

Once the first round has been consumed, Wynnimir having a horn of his own to sip from, he claps by slapping his own chest for the lack of both hands. "Three drinkers! Three drinks down! Any slow joiners wish to try their luck? If not! Please continue brave and soon to be jubilant souls!"

Aurelian checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 23 higher.

Danai watches with open curiosity and a small shake of her head "Not foolish to try a contest one has no chance of winning, amusing to watch though

Ayalith lifts her goblet of wine at Shirin's toast, taking a sip as the contestants down their horns of alcohol. "This is either going to be outstanding or horrifying, and I am going to be highly entertained in either case," she posits from where she sits, picking up a bit of stray glitter from the table and flicking it toward Jarlanen. "What's the matter with a bit of a friendly wager?" she asks the Flame Speaker, laughing.

Trevarius smiles a little to Danai as he walks with her, guiding her through the crowd, "No, but you can have an ordinary drink if you wish.. We should find the lucky couple and congratulate them though.. "

Jarlanen sidles his way over closer to where Ayalith has parked herself and eases himself into a spot at the table, offering the priestess a bob of his head and an amused murmur, "I have learned not to bet on drinking with the Warlord. She'll take that as a challenge. Though considering, maybe that little extra motivation will just make the evening more entertaining?"

The Warlord grabs a drinking horn and thrusts it towards the Iridessa, "High Priestess, come join us, show us the stalwart sturdiness of Torth!"

Aurelian finishes his first drink well enough, so he then pauses and takes in a breath before the next round is served. He glances to the side at his competition to see how they are holding up but then it's time for more drinky-drinky and so that's what he does. He takes a new horn and starts drinking.

It's probably just the heat generated by so many people in the hall. That is totally why the tips of Shirin's ears are a little decidedly rosy. Still, the young scholar doesn't hestiate to take up the next horn, once more peering inside to see if it's something different, or more of the same. She squares her shoulders, straightens her posture, and lifts the drink to her lips to toss it back.

Shirin checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 4 lower.

There's a party going on and the festivities are precisely what draw Lucie in. She rakes her hands through her thick raven wing's mane to pin it up in a half done spray as she eyes not the occupants but the buffet tables and the various drinks offered. She gives a smile and a cheer, just another one of the crowd as her leather clad form slips in between a pair of elves toasting one another. "Thanks!" she chirps and she hijacks one of their cups and moves further in.

Iridessa continues to watch the drinking contest as she slowly makes her way to Wynnimir and Medeia. When she's close enough, she'll smile bright at both, and say "Congratulations to you both. I hope this will be a prosperous union for you, long and fruitful." in a cheerful voice, turning slightly to look back at the results of the second round of drinking.

While one of Sylindra's hands offers a drinking horn at the High Priestess, bidding her join the game late, the other holds another horn for herself, which she proceeds to also down in one go.

Sylindra checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 12 higher.

Medeia is talking with Hyacinth who she is sharing her chair at the head of the U shaped table with. Wynnimir conducting the drinking contest is in his element. The bride laughs and she quickly leans in to kiss the Lorandi's cheek before she looks up at the approach of Iridessa. "Thank you so very much," she remarks and lifts her goblet up towards. "I hope you enjoy yourself," she chimes in and then glances across at Shirin now that the round is done and all too quickly moving into the second. "Acharon's potential to you. Thank you for the toast," she adds and then lifts her goblet to all the guests, drinking from it before she tugs Wynnimir down for another quick kiss. "Your fault for making it a kissing booth."

"I'm almost always up for a bit of enhanced entertainment," the high priestess of Brundir claims with an impish smile. "Let's bet; what's your wager?" she asks Jarlanen, watching as Sylindra downs the horn with a sort of fascinated horror. "Look at them go," she laughs. "I had two drinks thanks to Kalagos bullying me the other night and nearly slid under the table. Imagine what a horn would do."

Offering a smile at the Warlord, Iridessa shakes her head slightly with a light flush as she regards the cup first with a look of wariness for a moment. "No no, I'm well out of my league in drinking here. I'm willing to certain try my hand at some sports, but this is one I know I'll, ummm... comport to poorly." she says sweetly.

Danai nods to trevarius and dnd draws a small neatly wrapped parcel from her bag before taking a turn at stering and moves toward Wynnimir and Madeia. The groom being busy she approaches the bride "many congratulations on your wedding she says proffering her gift

Jarlanen hehs softly as he watches his cousin down a horn with some amusment, leaning in closer to conspire with Ayalith, "Alright. a hundred silver she's the last one standing. Or sitting. Conscious. The Warlord, that is. Hmm?" He arches a pale brow at the priestess and flashes a bright grin, "I'll split a horn with you if I lose."

"That's why I made it a kissing booth." Wynn waggles his brow and gives Medeia's lip a little bite, turning to Irridessa "Thank you!" when Shirin is... unable to proceed he points at Sylindra and Aurelian "Look! Book Lord and Warlord! Drinking away! Who shall be our champion!?!" finishing off his horn and beaming at it going.

The second horn of wine does go down Shirin's gullet, but a little slower than the first. And it must be said, there is a very loud hiccup that follows, that she doesn't even try to cover with a hand or her cloak or anything. "Mm," the scholar comments, mostly to herself. And when she looks back over the crowd to where Jarlanen is sitting, she has to tilt her head just so to see him look like he's upright. "I believe I must admit defeat," she says, cheerfully. "But the wine was not like any I've had before, quite delightful, but I wouldn't want a third cup to be...wasted! May honor go to the victor!" She takes a step back, starting on a meandering path towards the other seated Sedriels. A bit diagonally. Still holding on to her empty horn.

"It would have been fun High Priestess, but suit yourself," the Warlord replies. She then looks at the horn she was offering, shrugs, and drinks it down herself, making it her third one.

"Well look at Aurelian. Must be the empowerment of the glitter," Medeia concludes for all. She grins at her brother and then glances up at Danai. The offer of a gift is noted and she sets aside her drink and removes her arm from around Hyacinth. The tall elf stands then to reach for it. "You are too kind, my thank you for this gift and for your words." She inclines her head and carefully sets aside the gift. "thank you for coming and I hope that you enjoy your evening." She slowly lowers back into her seat, a warm smile spreading across her lips - a rare sight for the Geminiel.

Trevarius stands next to his neice Danai, and respectfully nods to the couple. He leaves the talking to Danai right now though, though he seems at ease.

Wynnimir leans toward Danai "You're a sweetheart, I'm sorry I am being inadvertently rude!"

Iridessa smiles at Sylindra, saying "Another time~ Keep going against the Headmaster through! I'm sure you'll win~" she says, cheering the Warlord on cheerfully.

Lucie tilts her head as she overhears the wager from the corner. With a clip of boot that is lost beneath the boisterousness of the crowd she eases her way further in. If an elbow brushes against one of those drinking horns it's not her fault but like a moth to a flame and quiet conversation she chirps once more as she approaches Ayalith and Jarlanen. "Excuse me, sorry, just want to get up.." With that she steps between them to sirl about until the back of her rear hits the table. A scoot and draw of her knees in has the Aeran sliding across the table until she half tumbles into a seat upon the other side. "Don't mind me."

"I'll take that bet," Ayalith agrees gamely, setting a small pouch of silver on the table in front of herself and Jarlanen as the contest continues. She watches Shirin approach, and wonders with obvious amusement, "Is she walking toward us? If so it's very impressively done, considering she is not facing this way at all." Of course, Lucie is then sliding across the table and into a seat, and Ayalith's brows lift. "Well, I think the bar has just been raised on impressive maneuvers this evening," she comments.

Another horn is brought out for Aurelian and Sylindra, uncapped and offered out. Wynnimir has turned again to the contestants again "COmmence!! My beloved demands this competition to continue! She won't say it, queenly one as she is!"

Aurelian checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Sylindra checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Jarlanen is initially watching his cousin and Sylindra, while Ayalith takes his bet, though his grin improves when he sees Shirin admit defeat, offering the woman a hand if she can make it to the table and needs a steadying hold. Lucie's abrupt arrival has the Flame Speaker chuckling and adding commentary after Ayalith, "Indeed. Graceful..."

Midnight, the pure white doe have been dismissed.

Snowflake, a protective melanistic barn owl have been dismissed.

"I make many demands, my husband," Medeia remarks up at him. "Like another goblet of wine," she lifts her voice then and her hand to hold it aloft. She refuses to drink from the river. She smiles a bit more and only lowers it to receive a refill. She sips front he contents and settles back into her chair as she watches the movements of Lucie and arches a brow, a bemused expression settling upon her features. She ticks a long nail against the side of her goblet before she bounces her foot after crossing her leg. She glances to her brother who now faces off with the Warlord. "Come now.." she says as way of cheering him only to tsk when he fails. "A shame."

"Queenly." Aurelian snorts out the word as he takes the new round of drink. He looks at it for a moment and then starts to chug it down. He gets close to the end before he drops it and then takes a few steps away to slump down in a nearby seat. "No more, no more. I am close to vomitting in the trough if I keep that up." He does look a little worse for wear for having drank so much though.

"That was stronger than I thought it would be," Shirin tells Jarlanen, Ayalith, and Lucie, though it's observational rather than a complaint. She settles into her seat comfortably, her head still tilted ever so slightly. But then she's distracted by a little boat floating by, and reaches out to take a plate of a variety of cheeses and fruits, and placing it at the table. Hopefully that's okay. And she does eye the "river" quite inquisitively, looking between it and her empty drinking horn. But then there's Aurelian's comment and immediately she pushes her drinking horn away from the tempting trough. When Sylindra emerges victorious, however, she is quick to cheer, and raise the empty horn in salute.

Wynnimir gets Essence of Sun, Sea, and Sand from GIFT BAG OF WONDERS.

Wynnimir sweeping up one of the horns of the fancy wine, Wynnimir delivers it to Medeia... kneeling even to her as he presents it. "Anything for you, my love." beaming as he looks over his shoulder to see Aurelian slumping to the sides, standing to be better heard with the wine still held for his wife,

"The Warlord our Champion of Drink!" his free hand dipping into that obnoxiously purple bag he is wearing about his waist and draws out a bottle with an atomizer squeeze, "Crafted from the finest essences! Won by Sylindra! A unique scent with no duplicate!" handing the bottle off to an attendant who rushes it out to the Warlord

Jarlanen laughs softly at Shirin and murmurs, "I had a feeling, considering the expense of the evening, that it wasn't going to be...lightweight stuff." But then Sylindra comes out victorius when Aurelian calls off, and the Flame Speaker pauses to offer a light cheer at the victory, though he does nod at Ayalith, "I'll still split one with you if you like, but only the one. More than that and I'll be wandering the city for hours forgetting where I am."

Graceful in defeat, Ayalith slides the pouch of silver toward Jarlanen as she rises to offer a round of warm applause for the victorious Warlord after Aurelian concedes defeat. "Masterfully done," she says in congratulations before retaking her seat with a beaming smile and watching as Sylindra is handed her prize. "Oh, that sounds lovely," she murmurs as it gets described by Wynnimir, and she eyes the little bottle with mischievously covetous eyes. "I'll pass," she declines Jarlanen's offer with a laugh, reaching for her safe goblet instead. "Or there'll be tell tomorow of Brundir's high priestess swimming upriver on the table," she predicts.

snitches a small cake from the table and pops it between her lips. A smile in given towards Ayalith as she licks one finger and then her thumb. "How else was I to find an open seat that is wedged against the table." It takes a bit of a wriggle and contortion to get her boots off the table though she keeps the ball of one heel propped along the running edge of the side. The bemused expression of the bride causes her to lift her stolen drink as she calls out, "Cheers to the Happy Couple!" before smiling brightly at her new table mates before adding, "And ... that woman over there!" towards Sylindra before taking a long drink from the one in her hand. She sets it on the table and gives a soft push with her foot to rock back in her chair. "It seems I missed the betting," she tuts to the trio.

Iridessa claps lightly, her sweet finished. "Well done Warlord~" she offers the victorous drinker.

Danai claps politely for syllyndra before eyeing the food and dring and giving her uncle a questioning glance

Trevarius nods to Danai, and offers "It is for all I do believe. " he guides her over "Let us join the feast proper. He aquirs two glasses of wine and offers one to her "It is a night to be merry, and celebrate the couple."

The Warlord had no problem finishing her third horn, and looks disappointed that Aurelian could not make it through his. Despite the congratulations and the host's exhuberance, she does not pop-off to celebrate her victory. Instead she simply accepts the prize saying, "Thank you, but it's not much of a victory when you do not struggle for it." Then as if to make the point that she could have kept going, Sylindra takes a fourth horn of wine, and drinks that down too.

Sylindra checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Medeia looks to Wynnimir as he serves her, eyes never leaving him before he rises. From one extreme to the next, never a dull moment that the Duindar seems to temper with her even keel. She reaches up to smooth his hair back and adjust his circlet for him before sipping from her goblet. The next cheer brings her goblet up to accept it. "Thank you!" she grins all the more and then watches the Warlord unnecessarily drink another horn. "I have a sense that most of our guests will be feeling it in the morning and we will have to make sure my brother can find the portals."

Shaking her head lightly, Iridessa says to Medeia "Undoubtable if what I've heard from the merchants on that particular drink is true~" with a slight giggle.

Wynnimir claps as Sylindra goes for a fourth drink, though he curves like a cat when his hair is smoothed by Medeia, eyes closing and he leans back to the crowd, "Now! I do have some other giftees for the runners up! For my brother in law, crafted of sand taken from beaches off Lorawin's eastern coast! This candle cover! So that he might enjoy the flicker of lava flowing down the mountainside without the horrid sulfur smell, nor the horrific burny death feeling of lava!

He then looks to the first out, "And for our lovely first out of the contest, this figurine of a creature unseen in the Scorching Wastes, immune to it's heat and hardship!

Again more attendants move to take over the prizes to the appropriate elf.

Wynnimir gets Glass Volcano Candle Cover from GIFT BAG OF WONDERS.

Wynnimir gets A glass figurine of a robin from GIFT BAG OF WONDERS.

Sylindra checked willpower + fortitude at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Having been a wallflower through the ceremony up until this point, Mistral finally steps away from his chosen hideaway and moves to refill a now empty wine glass. An act that brings him within proximity of Sylindra, who just so happened to down her fourth horn. "Warlord," He greets with a slight bow of the head, before offering an arm, "Perhaps you would allow me to accompany you to your seat?" Not wanting her to fall over and endure any sort of embarrassment.

Shirin is very happily nibbling, cheeks and ears flushed as she takes in everything else going on, though as Wynnimir approaches her her eyes widen first in surprise, and then warm with delight. She rises to take the figurine carefully, bowing her head. "You are very kind. Thank you, I shall treasure it!" she calls to the host, and indeed when she retakes her seat the lovely bird is cradled as gently in her hands as a living thing as she examines it closely, even the food forgotten about for the moment.

The Warlord lowers the drinking horn and just stands there, still looking self-assured and confident, but also not moving for several long moments as her vision swims. Clearly the fourth horn was not a clever idea, but by sheer force of will she prevents it from showing. When Mistral approaches her Sylindra gives a curt nod, and walks over to Jarlanen, sits down next to him, leans back on the chair, and proceeds to do as little as possible for a while as her liver gets to work on copious amounts of alcohol she has just imbibed.

Danai gently takes the cup from trevarius and takes a drink. perhaps too much of of one as her face immediately reddens. its fairly clear why she didn't participate in the drinking game

Jarlanen murmurs at Shirin, "Congratulations, cousin." He glances up to spy Sylindra and watch the Warlord make her way back and sit down, barely containing the amusement touching the corners of his mouth. When she finally settles, the Flame Speaker reaches over to take a small boat of the meats and cheeses and eases it over closer to her, "Troops to fight the invasion, as it were?"

Lucie checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Trevarius takes a sip of his own wine and offers "If you are not used to drinking.. have a bite of food as well.. It helps." he suggests to her. He listens and watches around as he accompanies her.

Lucie slowly leans sideways to give the chair Mistral just vacated a nudge, cocking it somewhat off center when no one seems to be paying attention. She eases back into her own seat while most eyes watch the gift giving. Her own glass is picked back up to linger in the air before her lips part to meet the rim as it is tipped back. The last few swallows are finished off before she sets it back on the table and gives it a spin towards the long edge. It wobbles and begins to slow down as it nears one of the server yet unfortunately not enough as momentum carries it over the edge followed by a shatter of glass. Rubied lips suddenly perch together giving a soft hum under her breath.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ayalith before departing.

"HA! I heard the first broken glass of the night!" Wynimmir's arms are up in the air in celebration and then he's pointing at the raven haired aeran "The secret prize! A delicious one too I think!" another small bottle is drawn from his bag, handed to an attendant and sent off to Lucie now. "Enjoy! You have granted us the first sign of a real party!"

Wynnimir gets Suggestion of Sweets from GIFT BAG OF WONDERS.

As Wynnimir is King of gifts, Medeia rises to her feet once more as she watches each item appear like magic from the bag. She reaches her hand up to rest upon his shoulder a moment before she reaches forward to pluck another morsel from the boats. Her eyes follow Shirin as she walks away with the little bird and can not help but incline her had. She leans over to whisper something to her husband and then she leans into his side as her fingers remain perched upon the rim of her goblet which hangs at her side. She glances up at the other faces she has yet to officially meet. "You have outdone yourself. Complete with drunk glittery Aurelian."

On the way over to the table, Mistral can't help but grin and say, "I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself, Warlord. Perhaps when you aren't pushing the limits of your drinking, I could obtain an audience with you?" Upon reaching said table, the former diplomat is in time to see his former chair spun around and tipping over toward a server. Shattered glass ensues, 'causing him to cant his head to the side before moving to murmur apologies to the server and set the chair right side up before settling down beside Lucie. "I'd like to think you knew there was a secret prize for being the first to break glass, so that's the reality I will entertain. Congratulations." His own wine glass in raised in salute and then brought up to pale lips for a sip.

Danai checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

A messenger arrives and after an exchange of a flurry of words, Ayalith rises from her seat. "Congratulations to the two of you!" she calls out sweetly toward Medeia and Wynnimir. "Should you decide to grow your family further, you know where to find us," she plugs for her shrine with laughing dedication. "Excuse me," she says to the gathered Thalerith and others seated in her proximity, "Duty calls. Do enjoy the rest of your evenings, and may you all find Balance," the Brundir high priestess wishes upon them all, though her eyes linger on Sylindra briefly as if the Warlord needs an extra helping of Balance the most.

Iridessa waves farewell to Ayalith as her fellow High Priestess appears to be on her way out, smiling brightly at her.

Medeia is overheard praising Wynnimir: Far too much wedding but also too much fun!

Jarlanen looks up when Ayalith makes noise that she's about to have to leave, offering her a bow of his head, "Be well then, and we can perhaps talk in the next couple of days...I will try paying you a visit, hmm?" He smiles warmly at that before turning his attention back to his table.

Wynnimir gets Stuffed Cloth Octopus Toy from GIFT BAG OF WONDERS.

As the High Priestes stands another present is sent out! An octopus. It's purple and cute, and it's super soft to the touch.

Lucie was trying to play it cool and play it off though when Wynnimir spies the broken shards of glass and offers up a gift she pops up from her chair. "I WON!" comes the exclamation of triumph. "I might have to go and spritz a shrine for this," she muses as she accepts the small bottle like a treasured prize. "The Lady did flip it for me after all." That it would make little sense seems to matter not to the sprightly Aeran on this night. She glances to Mistral as he is full of niceties and apologies though she gives the Faenor a sly grin as she settles back into her seat. "Fortune smiles upon those who spin the wheel for good or not." Her made up proverb for the day. She tips the bottle towards the retreating form of Ayalith, "She knows where it's at."

Lucie is overheard praising Wynnimir: I broke a glass and won a prize! Best wedding in awhile.

Ayalith doesn't settle for a wave, swooping down to lightly squish Iridessa in a gentle hug as she passes, the lively priestess pausing respectfully when she's addressed by her head of house. "Of course, just let me know when is good for you," she tells Jarlanen with a warm enthusiasm - but then he is forgotten like yesterday's news when a soft octopus toy is presented to her, her eyes widening in surprise as she shrieks happily. "Ah! This is so cute! I'll have to keep Eternity from eating it, somehow," she muses, already mentally planning just how to keep the octopus from a grizzly, drool-drenched death - though she's not too distracted to offer Lucie a big cheesy wink at the compliment. "Thank you," she tells Wynnimir. "I love squishy cute things, how did you guess!"

Sylindra is overheard praising Wynnimir: Clearly a man who is prepared for anything.

Sylindra is overheard praising Medeia: Congratulations to the bride, the groom is certainly a prize.

Danai nods and takes whatever is floating by at at her uncle's suggestion which happens to be a rather spicy cheese and not think downs the wine looking up to her uncle with the goofiest and st lopsided of grins "whoops"

Ayalith is overheard praising Wynnimir: Cute and squishy! The present, not the groom. Maybe both? Ask his lovely new wife!

Trevarius cant help but chuckle at his neice, he selects something a little more.. soothing, for her palat and refills her glass for her, taking a nibble as well "This is a very nice celebration" he comments "It is good to see such merry making."

Ayalith is overheard praising Medeia: So lovely and affectionate, I wish her all the marital bliss this life can afford.

"Oh! You seem a woman who can appreciate a cuddly thing to snuggle! Thank you for offering us the baby blessings! I'll do what I can convince my beloved!" eyes turning towards his wife "I also got something for you my dear, my love, my forest blossom..." Wynnimir turns to Medeia where she stands by him, a small bottle with a green swirling essence is it, "I mean... I've been told I'm a catch, but you're the prize." pressing the bottle into her hand even as he leans in to put an a kiss that clearly shows no regard for social 'propriety' but it's his wedding celebration. And he doesn't care. Not even sorry. Smoochin'.

"Be well," Shirin calls to Ayalith as she makes her departure, though her smile broadens into a grin at seeing the octopus being doled out, though she's still rather curious all the same. "It looks like a dread creature," she tells Jarlanen. "But very huggable all the same."

Wynnimir takes Deep Forest from GIFT BAG OF WONDERS.

Jarlanen is overheard praising Wynnimir: A host equipped for everything at the celebration of his own wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Eiliriel slips in quietly to the party in progress to offer her congratulations to the happy couple. She seems a bit intimidated by the number of people at the wedding, though, and keeps to the outskirts.

Danai is overheard praising Wynnimir: Too much! in every delightful way. such a fun event

It's early in the evening by the time word spreads that those chosen to parley with Torth have returned. Lord Gureylain Tenlindil, Lady Saga Brixtien, Sister Celenia Laenorin, Head Scholar Diagones Egilion and Lord Heir Garett Ingith are in this group, and they arrive to the City of Shrines carrying a spherical object made of smooth marble.

The group enters the Shrine of Torth with the sphere and the moment they step in, the untapped precious mineral veins threading across the walls briefly glow. On its own, the sphere leaves the hands of those holding it, floating towards the altar and then behind it. A pedestal made of the same wooden textured stone as the altar grows from the floor to hold the sphere, locking it in place.

A blinding golden flash emits from the sphere, as lines of power snake from it, down the pedestal and to the ground. Those lines rush to the center of Thelos, before disappearing. A beam of light shoots up from the shrine high up into the sky, visible from all cities and settlements in the continent.

The beam remains for a few moments, before it slowly dissipates.

Wynnimir is overheard praising Medeia: Prettiest woman at the party.

"You are well enough and this is lovely," she reaches up to touch the circlet as she then reaches up to smooth his back into place. He's so exuberant, its not doubt moved again. But when he gives her the perfume she takes it and starts to lift it to smell when he intercepts the motion and finds herself being kissed. Her hand hovers near his face and then rests there, smoothing hair back behind his ear before she draws back after a briefly brush of her nose to his. She finally sniffs the scent and smiles, "Oh....I like it." she says and reaches up to grip his chin and kiss him once more. Kissing booth indeed. She lowers back down slowly to sit at her chair and reaches for her drink as she watches the others that have come to attend with a gentle smile to curl her lips up.

Danai is overheard praising Medeia: the perfect balance

There is indeed a sign above both Wynn and Medeia reading 'Kissing Booth'

Danai shakes her head at trevarius "I think I shall go' she says with a wobbly step. where she will end up is anyone's guess

Shirin is overheard praising Medeia: A lovely and generous wedding party, and a joy to see someone who inspires such devotion in their beloved.

Shirin is overheard praising Wynnimir: Thank you for infusing the evening with such joy!

A small glass thistle is drawn from the bag as Liri gives her congratulations. "Hello Liri... I'm glad you could make it. Please take this for being the latest to the gathering." No malice or teasing... apparently the late one gets a present from Wynn too.

Wynnimir takes A glass thistle from GIFT BAG OF WONDERS.

Iridessa finishes her drink, and smiles politely to those around her as she says "I believe I should I be heading out myself.". She offers a polite bow to Medeia and Wynnimir as she says "Congratulations again~ A lovely wedding party. I'm glad I was able to attend, and I hope all of you have a merry time." with a bright, cheerful smile and warm voice.

Eiliriel looks quite surprised when Wynnimir hands her a glass flower, and she smiles at him awkwardly for a moment. "Congratulations. I'm very happy for you two," she says quietly, just loud enough to be heard over the din of the party.

Jarlanen laughs softly at Shirin's assessment of the octopus and winks at her, "Indeed, a dangerous gift." As people begin to make their farewells and filter out, he shoots the Warlord a quizzical look and offers, "I believe we are heading back to the Portal momentarily. Were you staying a bit longer or would you care to join us?"

Wynnimir then sits down next to Medeia, to join her and move his chair close enough that he can flop into her lap. "I'm glad you like it, if I gave you something that smelled of the sea, but that's what I'm for..." he looks to "Thank you gorgeous Faenor woman! I appreciate your congradulations!" looking to wink to Liri next and nod his thanks to her.

The Warlord shakes her head at Jarlanen, "I believe Mistral here wished to discuss something with me."

Kiba, a Faenor snow wolf leaves, following Iridessa.

Trevarius finally, seeing as Danai has had a bit more to drink than is wise. he will guide her out and get her back home.

Lucie glances towards her table mates as they keep to themselves. She lifts a shoulder and scoots her chair back to give a dust of her leathers with one hand. Her form slides back into the party where she smoozes through another couple that are nuzzling together. The bottle is uncapped and she gives it a spritz in their general direction. "I came, I saw, I won a prize. Love the party, going to crash another!" she exclaims as she eases herself towards the door.

Shirin doesn't look terribly the worse for wear, though perhaps she does look like she's trying to fight off a bit of a sleepy demeanor, though it's a happy sort of fighting off. "I hope you have a good evening then, Warlord," Shirin offers to Sylindra, offering a bow of the head in deep respect. Though when she rises, once more the world tilts about her a little, and she draws in a steadying breath.

As others congratulate them, she laughs a little and then accepts Wynnimir across her lap. It seems something she's gotten used to as she smiles and reaches down to smooth his hair back from his face and tilts her head, "That is what I have you for yes. But I think perhaps that you may need to return to Lorawin at times so you do not lose the brine," she chuckles and sips her wine as she sits back in her seat and idly plays with Wynnimir's golden hair. Her gold flecked eyes sweep over the attendants and as they leave she lifts her goblet to them.

Jarlanen rises from his seat and offers Sylindra a bow of his head, then Shirin his arm while he collects his staff, "Of course. Do send a messenger back for me should the subject matter need me?" Then to the bride and groom, he offers another bow of his head, "Congratulations again to you both, and a good evening..."

Wynnimir takes A lovely ship in a bottle from GIFT BAG OF WONDERS.

Another gift is pulled from The Bag of Wonders and sent over to Jarlanen before he is out the door, Wynn's half drunk voice following. "Thaaank yoooou!"

The Warlord gives a short wave to Jarlanen and Shirin as they depart.

Jarlanen pauses at the gift-bestowing Wynnimir and blinks, stopping to look over the ship carefully, then addresses the couple, "This is wonderful, and unexpected. Thank you for the lovely evening, and I hope to be celebrating your many anniversaries to come..." With that said, he shoots a glance at Shirin just to make sure she's good to go, before heading out.

Shirin leaves, following Jarlanen.

Standing quietly by herself, peering at the flower that the groom has presented her with for being embarrassingly late, Eiliriel glances around at the crowd, then looks to the happy couple. Finally, she ventures to Medeia, "Was it a good party? I'm sorry I missed so much of it."

"It was a Wynnimir party, so thus, it was. It is why he was in charge of putting it together. It seems it was a perfect idea," Medeia says to Eiliriel from where she sits. She reaches down and traces Wynnimir's brow with a finger before smiling up at the Aeran. "Still a lot of food to partake of and drink, feel free to do so. It is good you came by."

"It's a fantastic party! It could go all night! Please! Everyone! Guests! Employees of the restaraunt! Party!" More glitter floats around, more drink, more food! A party to be had late into the sunrise!

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