Devrien Party Barge

The Devrien family invites their extended family and a few special guests to a floating revel at their new colorful resort settlement: Prism Cove.


Dec. 12, 2019, 2 p.m.

Hosted By



Azariah Luthien Alethia Dunlain




The Scorching Expanse - Prism Cove

Largesse Level



Idril, a large Faenor snow wolf, Honey, the ear cozy wearing bunny, Trixie, a playful little ice elemental, Rosalie, the snow leopard arrive, following Luthien.

Mitzi, a mischievous little ice elemental, Luthien arrive, following Dunlain.

Belstrom poles a little raft up to the shore to help those just arriving out to the barge, anchored out beyond the rainbow coral. "Welcome, friends."

Alethia looks extremely out of place in the desert, and is currently staring over the side at the coral as they paddle above it. She looks like she MAY have never been on a floating craft in her life.

Alethia says, "I'm not sure this was a good idea."

Luthien is hanging onto Dunlain's arm talking his ear off a mile a minute, animated in the way someone is when she hasn't seen her man in a couple of days. "And so I said to him, really? You think /that's/ something that's gonna work?" Idril has his saddle packs on. They appear to be full of mead. Lots of mead. He's a very large wolf. She grins as she sees her cousin. "Alethia! Hey I brought that cinnamon mead you like!" she calls out, waving.

Dunlain is having his ear talked off while arriving at the cove and then bording the raft. He chinups at Belstrom, "Bels. How's it hanging?" he looks to Luthien and chuckles at the conversation, "Did he try it?" a nod is given to Alethia.

Belstrom says, "You can swim back, when the party's over, love. Don't worry about it." Belstrom comforts Aly with a wink. "Cousin and cousin-to-be, nice to see you!"

Alethia says, "Oh! Luthien. Thank gods. I mean, hello Dunlain. It's nice to see you both."

Ereg, a barred owl arrives, delivering a message to Dunlain before departing.

"Well I think he tried it, babe, cuz he sure was walking funny the next day. I told him it wasn't going to work..." says Luthien. Ah, the Galan advice. She smiles at Alethia and says, "Idril swims well and can carry us both if there's a problem. These sunfish don't need Idril, I'm sure," she says, nudging Dunlain with her foot and handing out the mead.

Dunlain catches a letter that is dropped by a familiar owl, but the moment he opens it... *BOOM* Glitter bomb blankets the group and the raft in all manner of colorful strips of shiny paper.

"Gods above!"

Belstrom blinks at the glitter and confetti. "WAy to start the party, Dun." He offers Luthien and Alethia a hand up on the barge, but Dunlain clearly has his hands full. And the wolf...can figure it out. Tables and cushions line the barge, with places to lie in the late afternoon sun and shaded spots and alcoves as well.

Alethia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Alethia stands stock still as she is glitter-bombed, another entirely new life experience. She turns in place helplessly. "Oh."

Luthien bursts out laughing at Dunlain's shiny self. "Show us a little dance," she says. She shimmer-shimmies a little herself by way of shaking out some of the glitter. She takes Belstrom's hand and says, "Thanks soon-cousin," with a hip bump as she passes him. "C'mon. It's pretty up here! Look at the shiny water!" Oooh. Luthien runs to the edge to stare.

Idril rubs against Alethia gently, nudging her comfortingly. He makes a soft chuff sound before following Luthien.

Belstrom grins and kisses Alethia on the cheek, smearing the glitter on both of them. "Have a drink, love."

Alethia blushes furiously, trying to keep up with her exuberant cousin and the two Devriens. She kisses Belstrom's cheek and climbs up to follow Luthien to the edge.

Alethia says, "I forgot what you said we're celebrating."

Dunlain makes it onto the barge and heads towards the open bar to mix up a couple drinks.

"Are we celebrating something specific?" asks Luthien, looking out. "Oh look over there! How far does the water go? Where's the edge? Are we going to go that way? Hey babe is this where you wanted us to have a little house?" asks Luthien, looking over her shoulder at Dunlain for a moment before looking back at the water.

Alethia stares out over the open water, looking vaguely floored. She searches for islands or a far shore, and her brain seems to be short-circuiting a little. "Wow. It's..."

Alethia says, "You're moving out here, Luthien?"

"I was thinking Abbasah, but with the politics of the day, Prism Cove might be a better option." Dunlain walks over with a tray of martini glasses and offers one to each person, "Aereth's Kiss?"

Alethia takes a glass with a small smile to Dunlain, flicking a glance at Belstrom nearby. "Politics."

Belstrom takes a drink and nods. "Just celebrating the many good things in the world. Dunlain and Luthien will marry. That's worth celebrating."

"Oh yes please," says Luthien, smiling at Dunlain brightly. She stands on her tiptoes and offers a kiss to him before replying to Alethia. "I think yes. Once we're married. I'll be a Devrien." She chuckles. "That'll be different."

Alethia says, "Luthien..Devrien."

Belstrom lounges on some cushions near Alethia's feet and closes his eyes briefly, enjoying the cool breeze off the water. "And we'll be glad to have you." His eyes are on Alethia, even as he speaks to Luthien.

Alethia drinks alcohol. "Sounds exciting. Sort a law..breaking way.."

Dunlain chuckles, "Devriens never break the law."

Almost despite herself, Alethia finds herself reaching down and running a hand through Belstrom's russet hair. "Never?"

Belstrom leans his head into her hand. "Never," he agrees. "Have to see if Luthien makes it into the family before Meli's babe arrives. Maybe we should start a pool..."

Dunlain grins, "Never. We might disagree with the law on occasion, but officially we've never broken a law." he pauses and then chuckles at Belstrom, "Maybe."

Alethia says, "What laws do you disagree with? Wait.. aren't you a Templar?"

Dunlain grins, "It's an expression. But yes, I am a Templar in Thelos."

"A baby? When is a baby coming?" asks Luthien, brightening up. She sips her drink and says, "Oooh this is tasty. What's in it?" as she takes a position up tucked like a bird under Dunlain's arm.

Belstrom sips his drink. "Melindra and Rivek, so it should be a doozy." He pauses. "You meant the drink, not the baby. Sorry."

Alethia snorts softly, stroking Belstrom's hair where he's lounging down by her feet. "What is Templar work like? I read the report from Kenyon to the High Council, about that murder of the poor young Lorandi...awful."

"If their baby is half the handful you were, Bels, I fear for Rivek's sanity." Dunlain states before he looks to Alethia, "I didn't know a report had been made. Granted, I'm not high on the ladder when it comes to the Templar. Typically I'm the last to be told about something happening, but meh." He shrugs, "My job is fairly standard. I walk the streets of the city on a regular basis to see if people need help with anything and sometimes I get to do other more fun stuff."

Luthien nods to Dunlain, though briefly her face darkens, thinking of the Lorandi. She drinks much of her drink quickly. "I've seen some of his work. Interesting. Oh yeah, I'm told you were a very very fat baby," says Luthien to Belstrom. "I mean, babies should be nice and round. So I'm sure that was intended as a compliment." Her eyes twinkle up at Dunlain.

Alethia says, "Mmm. Catlith wanted a report, it needs to be tailored for the public still. Outstanding murder, an Evocationist. Frightening with too little information. Self defeating with too much information."

Alethia pauses to consider Belstrom, perhaps imagining him as a fat baby.

"I was adorable. Dunlain was jealous of how handsome I was, and he had to carry me around." Whatever the opposite of shame is, that's what Belstrom feels about his infant girth. "And I'm told Melindra was a biter. So...there's worse things."

Alethia smirks faintly, "Yes. already afraid of Melindra's infant child."

Dunlain chuckles, "One time. I had to carry him around for eighteen hours as a punishment once. I never forgot to relay intel to the Kinlessa or Kinlector ever again after that." He makes a cannon ball shape in the air, but continues on to other topics, "I'm less concerned about the lack of information and more concerned about the fact that there weren't any Devriens posted in that area that night. I usually make sure the inn is well watched around the clock." a pause, "I'll have to figure out who was supposed to be there and why they weren't."

Luthien thinks of babies for a bit, and says, "I want to hold it. I held a baby the other day and it was wonderful," says Luthien. "Boy or girl?" She smiles at Alethia and says, "You ever thought of babies, cousin?"

Belstrom says, "Aly's work is babies, and I think Meli is having a girl." Belstrom plays with the hem of Alethia's tunic. "How are young raised in Khelgar these days? Left out in the snow with a wolf pack?"

Alethia says, "Oh yes. I think about babies every single day at the shrine. They're... they're so cute."

Belstrom rolls his eyes with a gentle chuckle.

Alethia's expression twitches, "Khelgar. Um. No, they're..I don't know, taught about Garwen probably. The wolves don't come until they're of age."

"Oh no. Not anymore. Those were the days," says Luthien, grinning. "I was basically raised /as/ a wolf cub. But I was strange - the children of the wolf trainers are raised with the big ones." She smiles at Alethia and says, "You're so elegant. You'd be a good mom. I'm hoping my kids don't turn into feral animals themselves," she says, giggling. She rubs at her nose, then sighs.

Alethia looks splotchy and drinks from her glass. "You're far too kind."

"Ugh, Dee would be scandalized to hear us talking about -families- and -responsibilities- at a party." Belstrom lazily sips at his drink. "Do we need a game?"

Dunlain smirks, "Where is Dee anyways? I barely see her these days."

"I'm game," says Luthien, winking at Alethia.

Belstrom says, "Well, don't see much of the General either, now do you?"

Alethia says, "A game?"

Belstrom pats her knee. "You can just watch until you catch on. Dun, any of the bottles empty?"

Dunlain gets up and heads over to the bar, he picks up a random bottle and investigates it for a moment. He downs the contents in a single pull and then walks back over to give it to Belstrom, "Yes."

Luthien nods at Dunlain. The proper way to process a bottle. She looks towards Belstrom curiously.

Belstrom says, "Right, so someone spins the bottle. Whoever the bottle points to has to either answer a question asked by the person who spun it, or kiss them. The spinner chooses where they receive the kiss. So if you don't want to kiss someone, ask them something easy. If you do, ask them something they won't want to answer." He grins. "Then, that person gets to spin next. Alright?"

Dunlain checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

"Well, I..." Luthien looks at Alethia. "I suppose I'd not kiss my /cousin/. And I wouldn't want Dunlain to punch you," she says to Belstrom.

Luthien checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Belstrom sets the bottle down and gives it a spin.

Luthien looks at Dunlain. "You gonna kiss him?" she asks, eyebrow arched, tres amused.

Belstrom thinks a moment. He doesn't want to kiss Dunlain all that much. "Was I, or was I not, an adorably fat baby?"

Dunlain smirks and makes little kissy movements with his lips before he answers, "Yes. You were hands down /the/ most adorable fat baby ever. But don't tell Dee, I've been lucky enough to stay on this side of her meh list after becoming a Templar. Don't wanna rock that boat."

Belstrom grins at Alethia with a nod. "Thank you, sir."

Belstrom checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Dunlain gives the bottle a spin.

Luthien checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Alethia just squints at Belstrom through this, still trying to picture him as a doughy baby.

Alethia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

The bottle slows down and points to Alethia.

Alethia scowls at that traitorous bottle.

Alethia says, "Oh, ah, all right. So you- okay, I'm ready."

Belstrom covers a chuckle with his drink in hand.

Dunlain chuckles softly and looks at Alethia, "Are you in love with Belstrom?"

Alethia huffs softly, flicking some blonde hair behind her ear. Horrible bottle trickery. "Belstrom, he must not want a kiss because he asked something easy."

Belstrom says, "I told him you're a bad kisser, obviously." Belstrom smirks, but watches her closely. "Or he just wants to know."

Luthien smiles at Alethia, and then looks towards Belstrom. "Maybe he's just confused," suggests Luthien amiably.

Alethia downs the rest of her glass and sets it aside, "Yes."

Dunlain grins and nods, "Your turn."

Belstrom somehow looks like -he's- the one who won that round.

Alethia's pointed ears are bright red. She takes the bottle and spins it.

Belstrom checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Dunlain checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Luthien checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

The bottle comes to rest in front of Belstrom and Alethia points at him, "Ha."

Belstrom says, "I'm ready," he grins, "for anything you can come up with."

Alethia gives him a dry look and then smiles sweetly. "Would you move to Khelgar with me?"

Dunlain snerks, "Looks like she doesn't want a kiss."

Oh this got interesting. Luthien looks at Belstrom brightly.

Belstrom exhales, midchuckle. That -is- a good question, and a surprising one. "Apparently not," he remarks to Dunlain, thinking. "Would I move to Khelgar. Maybe. If the conditions were...perfect."

Belstrom says, "Is that a good enough answer? Or do I have to kiss you anyway?"

"The conditions are already perfect," Alethia says with effortless Faenor elitism, "I require clarification."

Luthien smiles at Alethia warmly, and then says, "Are you hedging, High Priest?" to Belstrom, trying to effect the same tone Alethia used. It's... almost convincing.

"Swinging from the shoulder, she's being brutal." Dunlain says before getting up to pour another round of drinks for everyone, it's a fizzy drink with many different colors on their own layers and a tiny amount of fog rolling off the top, "Siren's Prism?" he offers to each person.

Belstrom says, "I can think of about four conditions. But they're private, so now, my ice princess, you're going to have to kiss me."

Alethia flusters a little, as she plucks up an offered glass, "/Four/ cond- fine. Fine, I suppose those are the rules."

Luthien takes the drinks from Dunlain, and says, "Pretty," as she looks at it. Touches it first with lip then with the tip of her tongue. "How'd you make the fog?"

Dunlain says, "The bubbles, they're made from a pressed edible chalk bakers use to leven bread."

Alethia starts to glare at Belstrom, her cheeks going pink.

Luthien glares with Alethia. If her cousin glares, so does she.

Belstrom stifles a chuckle, taking a glass from Dunlain. "This is fancy. If you ever leave the templars, Dun, you could open a bar down south, I bet."

"Whose turn is it? Belstrom, then?" asks Luthien, sipping at her fizzy drink.

Dunlain smirks, "I am actually still working on making my bottling company. I've just changed my plans a bit."

Belstrom says, "Yes, my turn. Guess I'll get my kiss later." Belstrom sets the bottle in the center and spins."

Luthien checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Alethia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Dunlain checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

Belstrom says, "Cousin!" Belstrom thinks a moment. "What...did you promise dear Luthien here to get her to move to the desert?"

Dunlain hms for a long moment, "I promised to be hers until I've returned to the wheel."

Luthien smiles at Dunlain, eyes shining softly. She reaches over and sets a hand on his leg, nods. "Forever," she agrees. "Was I going to say no?"

Dunlain spins the bottle and when it lands on Luthien, he grins. "Alrighty Lu. Here goes..." he pauses for a moment to consider, "Is there any other elf in Aarandor you'd consider marrying?"

Luthien rolls her eyes and smacks Dunlain lightly, playfully, with the flat of her hand. "You goose. I thought you were gonna ask me something /difficult/ or something, like who I had a crush on growing up or something! No, duh. Of course not," she says. "Easy question. Easy answer."

Dunlain hrms, "Well. I know you well enough to know that you're not exactly shy when it comes to most details of personal life. So those questions are out, and I wasn't going to ask you something based solely on memory, because that's inherently flawed." he pauses for a moment, "But good to know."

Alethia glances at Belstrom.

Belstrom tilts his head so he's looking at Alethia upside down. "Is that the end of the game?"

Alethia says, "It seems to be."

Dunlain finishes off his drink and gets up, "Perhaps a new game is needed?" he moves over to the bar and starts to mix drinks before he returns with a tray of red scale hot pink drinks, "It's called the Red Herring, also known as a Blushing Mermaid." he sits down and sets down the tray in the middle. He hands each person a glass, "You can trade your drink with someone else or you can down your drink in one shot."

Luthien laughs, and says, "Well. You could've just taken a kiss but I suppose you could get one any old time." She shrugs her shoulders at Belstrom. "Hey, though. I know party and all, but I voted for you for High Council like I said I would. And, you said I could explore, right? Northeast of the Summit? Not that those two are related, at all." She laughs at Dunlain and says, "Now you're talking."

Firn, a large snow wolf, Huginn, a large, black raven, Strunk, an Elemental of Style, White, an Elemental of Style, Wisteria, the flowering tree elemental arrive, following Thorin.

Belstrom lounges on the barge, a drink in front of him and Alethia dozing in his lap. "Thank you, and yes," he confirms to Luthien, and eyes the pink drink suspiciously. "Why would we trade?"

Dahsk, a black wolf have been dismissed.

Saura - a black and white fox have been dismissed.

"One of these drinks contains a potent alcohol distillation that is guaranteed to turn your cheeks pink." Dunlain explains, "It'll also make you a bit, loose tongued, in the process. So you're more susceptible to telling secrets you'd otherwise be good at keeping." he hms softly, "I dialed back the truth serum stuff so it just makes you a more lovey dovey drunk than anything else." He hms at his own drink and looks to Luthien, "Trade me."

Belstrom looks down at Alethia and tosses his back in one long gulp.

Luthien checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Belstrom checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Dunlain checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

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