Lorandi Reception

With High Priestess Catlith visiting Torendaar, the Lorandi will host a reception to allow for the newly-elected member of the High Council to visit with the houses and nobility of the Lorandi in a reception hosted at Serannar Castle.


Dec. 22, 2019, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Arminel Elendril Leda


Catlith Talyn Daechir Escanor Aurri Ember Yvette Rawlin Gureylain Tarathiel


Brixtien Lorandi Monstald Nalduine Palinnar Rylanth Serannar Tenlindil


The Golden Plains - Torendaar - Serannar Castle - Courtyard

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Catlith arrives -- perhaps to the surprise of the fellow attendees -- from the direction of the library, accompanied by Prince Aurri. She's conversing quietly with him, a look of faint amusement painted across her soft face as she murmurs something or other to the tall man. Whatever it is that she was saying, however, she stops short at the sight of the courtyard so abundantly decorated and so very full of people. It seems the palace was very busy at its work while she was hiding away with the books.

Elendril is in the courtyard already. She's making sure the things are /just/ right. Not too much. Not too little, but everything is just right. She tips her head to the side to let her moonbeam hair shimmer in the lights before she smiles. "I feel that it will be successful. My work here is done." Then that icy maiden sort of drifts over her as she sees people starting to arrive. She makes sure that she is not in the fore ground for now and looks around with her silvery eyes to find the royalty and the High Priestess of honor.

Talyn's traveling in through the entry with Ember on his arm. Mind you, though she is on his arm, it very well could be a statement of fact that his wife is leading him. Still, the former Serannar elf seems quite at home within the courtyard, even with the extravagance that has been amply applied. At home enough to eye the abundant fare that has been offered forth; in particular those lovely slabs of roast beef look particularly inviting. Ah, but greetings to the host(s) must be performed first and so he does his duty, seeking to bow low and deep with no small amount of flourish.

Daechir is late, not that he makes a fuss about it. The pale Duke with his black on black fashion sense, simply slips in at the side.. close to the back instead of his place closer to the throne. After all here he could easily have been over looked more than once or twice, right? Always been there.. you just missed him.

Entering the courtyard is probably the most solemnly-dressed elf, Escanor Serannar. He wears all black robes and seems to walk tall and disciplined-manner, his hands clasped behind his back. He notices many faces, such as Talyn, Ember, and Elendril, but he gives a bow to Catlith when she arrives, giving honor to the guest of the evening.

Arminel arrives into the courtyard scene perhaps two or three minutes past the appointed time, clad in a set of gold-colored robes and crimson pants. "This looks -fantastic-," he says, clapping his hands together as he scans the growing group for the elfess responsible. "Lady Elendril, you've outdone yourself!" he calls over, selecting a pair of glasses from a tabletop as he makes his way over to the chairwoman of the Lorandi party planning committee. He offers one to her and flashes a smile. "Good to have you back in the castle -- things just didn't have the same...sparkle without you around to do them up."

Aurri enters the courtyard from the library together with the High Priestess indeed and the Prince seems to be in a rather pleasant mood - at least for what can expect from someone like him. Though certainly he doesn't want to search the spotlight, as that is reserved for someone else today nonetheless. And so he moves over quiet, though offers a nod to those he recognizes of course.

Ember follows Talyn's bow with a flourished curtsey of her own for the King and the Honored Guest; she's been practicing. After which, of course, she winks at her sister and then gives Escanor a smile of greeting. So far, nothing has been set on fire so all is well.

Catlith mutters, "Would ... ... me to make ... ... into another's company, ... Highness, to avoid ... ... more ... or conversation ... you might care for?"

The Monstald Marchioness arrives in a gown not terribly unlike the one she wore to the autumn festival, except this one is in red. The deep red of her house with military styling in the upper half; golden buttons, belt, and embroidery giving depth to the outfit and its voluminous skirt. Yvette holds up a hand to pass on a server offering wine as she passes and instead she makes her way straight for Catlith. No hesitation there. "High Priestess-" there's something of a small, perhaps fond smile for the Aeran elf. "I am sorry that my sister could not be here today. I believe her duties for Estril have claimed her time."

Once the greetings have been done, Talyn is cocking his head and offering a sidelong look to Ember. This sidelong look is moving quite sharply toward the bench underneath the willow tree, but only after doing a little trek to feast and drink set out. He's seeking to silently telegraph, see, but is none too subtle about it.

Rawlin is seated off to one side with Chubbles seated next to him, as the High Priest watches over what is going on, he lazily feeds strips of meat to his pupper as if Chubbles were an Emperor and was being fed grapes by hand. "I spoil you way too damn much, you know that?" He sighs, but he doesn't stop spoiling the dog.

Daechir nods towards Escandor as the elf enters, then turns his eyes to the spectical up front. Hands clasped at his back, violet gaze taking in the Aeran elf with a slight arch to his brow being about the only indication of what the Brixtien Duke might be thinking.

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Elendril smiles at Arminel. "There are a few gaps. If I had arrived perhaps a week earlier. We could have really outdone it." Her lips curve a few more moments as she takes the drink and offers a low comment to the King. Then she lowers before him a moment after. "Perhaps, you could introduce me to the woman of the honor? I have missed the castle and all the people within as well." Her eyes though slide over towards Ember and she smiles even more warmly for her sister, but does not leave the circle of the King; yet.

Catlith offers carefully measured curtseys in return -- one towards the crown, or the currently empty 'throne' as it were, and then to those who offer her greetings, apparently keenly aware of the noble ranks of almost all present. But to Yvette, she offers the flickerings of a warm smile, something that sits rather nicely on naturally soft features too often marred by an expression of neutral reserve. "Marchioness, it's more than enough to have you with us tonight. I had mentioned to His Majesty that I'd hoped to see at least one of the Monstalds in attendance; I think I've seen the new Marquis more often than I have had the chance to see the rest of the family."

Ember follows the direction of Talyn's gaze, and flashes hima knowing grin before she skips along towards that bench while he plays dutiful spouse and gets them both drinks and food. Yvette, once spotted, is given a playful salute. They're not out in the field, so she's not rigidly militant. That, or she never is. Really. Maybe.

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Arminel laughs brightly at Elendril's reply, murmuring something in return to the elfess as he -clink-s the edge of his glass against hers. "Have you not already been introduced?" he asks, as though surprise. Seeming resolved to fix this oversight at once, the Serannar offers his arm to guide the decorator over to the orbit of his brother and the visiting Aeran.

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"My husband does seem to neatly divide his time between his duties as a priest and work at home. I imagine that's part of why he so loves Dawn Falls. Perhaps you should ask him to give you a tour. He knows its halls and surrounding lands better than any of us. Though I fear this time of year is not the prime season for seeing it in full splendor." Yvette replies to Catlith in a lightly pleasant tone. And a small smile does follow her words. "It is good to see you. I admit, I accept fault for not seeking you out in Thelos."

Seeming to be rather withdrawn at the moment, Escanor is more watching the festivities play out rather than socializing. H looks at Daechir and gives the other elf a slow nod in return. Before he looks at Arminel being a good host and nods approvingly. But he also approaches Elendril. "You have outdone yourself, Elendril."

Elendril cants her head to the side for a moment. "I have not been introduced by /you/. Do please make the introduction memorable. Perhaps tell her of my traits of note." Her fingers reach out to take purchase just inside the King's wrist. They lay there as she lowers her voice to him. When she moves, Asha starts to move with her. There is a lift of her hand to still the lion. Who swats at the grass and sits. Escanor is given a large smile too. "Thank you so much, really it was thrown together. I promise. This is all His Majesty's doing."

Something which has been murmured to Catlith by one of her companions draws a suddenly approving smile and sharp nod. Whatever it was, well. A mystery, but perhaps that should be expected of the foreign guest, sworn in service to the Doomsayer as she is. "There is no fault to be found in keeping our obligation's to our respective families, Marchioness. Did your noble father begrudge me my desire to return to the Aeran, when war was upon us all? No, he did not. I will not begrudge you the duties dictated by your titles. You ought to be commended for your dedication to them." A pause. "I did have the chance to see Dawn Falls -- a very little bit of it, and almost entirely in passing -- on the journey south. In fact, I included a sketch of it in my gift of thanks to His Majesty for the invitation, if you'd ever care to see it. I'd very much like to see more of the town. It's near enough to Thelos to be a short journey, once spring comes."

Leading Elendril on over to the vicinity of the Lorandi's visitor, Arminel offers a polite bow from the waist in the High Priestess' direction. "High Priestess, if I may add yet another introduction to your schedule today -- I see you've already met my brother and chief contest rival," begins the Serannar, the latter apparently some sort of reference to the Marchioness beside the Aeran.

"Lady Elendril is to thank for the evening's decorations, and truthfully, for pointing out all the ways in which I can better decorate and host here in the castle.." he introduces, leading Elendril on towards the guest of honor. Catching the last bit of her reply to Yvette, there's a smile. "Should you permit it, I am sure there are many Lorandi who would like to see your work, High Priestess -- we could easily arrange for them to be copied and displayed for the Kinship to enjoy."

Drifting like a shadow into the celebration, Gureylain moves like a shadow among the lot, hood up, eyes watching, keeping himself to the edges of everything to take in the goings on and the people gathered.

Aurri is still closeby to Catlith yes and so he sees both Arminel and Elendril approaching as well as Escanor. Offering them all a nod of his head, he can't help but smile a little at the Palinnar woman "It's nice to see you around again, Lady Elendril. I look forward to studying alongside you in the library soon enough once again, if you want to of course."

Talyn is indeed a dutiful spouse. He maneuvers toward the assembled food and drink, taking an ample amount of roast beef, some of that game hen, as well as the vegetables. A variety of wines are selected (three goblets even if there are just two of the others) and thereafter he moves back toward that aforementioned bench. Ah, but he catches sight of Elendril there and smiles slightly toward her; sister of his wife gets a special greeting of course. Speaking of greetings, he greets Ember with a goblet offered.

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"Ah. A shame I wasn't aware of your schedule. I would have added to it for at least a dinner. But yes, once spring arrives, we can certainly host you there if you would like." Yvette looks to Arminel and Elendril as they approach, tilting her head to them in greeting. The king earns a slight, amused narrowing of eyes. "We still need to have our tie breaker, Your Majesty. I must prove once and for all that I am the superior competitor." There does follow, however, a gesture to Catlith. "The High Priestess was a Kinessi of Monstald before the war. She and my sister were particularly close."

For such a young elf, Daechir has that way of looming off to the side as he watches the court move around in front of him like toys on a board making no effort to step in and join the dance. His gaze never far from the visitor does slide to the King and those around him from time to time.

As Arminel approaches, Catlith cuts her conversation short to dip into a low, formal curtsy to the King. "The invitation to join you here in Torendaar was both an honor and a privilege. And the reception, quite unexpected in all of its grandness, is truly beautiful to behold, Lady Elendril. All of the rich, dark blues of the silk and the candles shining on all the glimmering gold of the Golden Elves reminds me very much of a clear, starry sky. I cannot speak for him, but I do hope that Lord Brundir is as delighted by the sight as I am."

"As for the sketches, I would simply be happy to have them added to the library here, or one of them. The Serannar have quite the collection, as His Highness just discovered me browsing," the priestess continues, incling her head towards the tower from which she entered. "There was even a lesson or two mentioned, so it seems I've been receiving generous offers from all quarters, the moment I set foot on Lorandi lands." Here, her nod inclues Yvette and the mention of another visit to Dawn Falls.

Elendril inclines her head to listen to Arminel. There is a thoughtful expression to his words as she nods. Then there are introductions and people. She gives a small smile towards Aurri. It is not without affection, she's just cold a lot of the time with people. Ember has the flames and she has the chill. "Of course, I would not like to be remiss in my studies, Your Highness. Just said word when you would like to meet." Her eyes move towrds Yvette and inclines in greeting. There is a curious glance towards the man at Yvette's comment. Her gray eyes move over those gathered for a moment, as if to make sure that everyone is having fun and eating. Then she lowers a bit in respect to Catlith. "The plains are honored to have you within in them. For I think there is a richness to the gold that you have brought. I do hope that you are enjoying your stay. If there is anything you need, please let me know. I am sure you are in the most gracious hands of the most majestic of families."

Arminel smiles over to Yvette, the expression bemused. "You sound confident, Marchioness. You shouldn't be." There's a brief chuckle, and he turns back to Catlith, regarding the High Priestess. "We would be happy to keep them displayed here in the library -- thank you again for sharing your work with us, and honoring Lord Baridon's followers here in our Kinship with your visit," he says.

Arminel turns back to the rest of the group assembled, setting his glass down a moment and clapping his hands together. "And thank you all as well for coming to welcome our guest!" he calls out, addressing the group at large. "Let us show her a good Lorandi time this evening," adds the Serannar, before quickly reclaiming his glass, flashing a smile to Catlith once more. "Now then. Who else do you require introductions to?" he asks, inviting the Aeran to start naming names. "Point them out, and we'll test how many names you can remember at once..." he says, looking around conspiratorially for any Lorandi who look particularly vulnerable to being pounced upon.

Lorandi fun... well yes, there is that. But when a tray passing in front of the Duke offering a glass, Daechir simply shakes his head and sends the server on to the next person. Once Arminel starts naming names, the Brixtien stands where he is, there is no welcoming smile, no nod of the head. But neither does he slink away, instead any eyes that meet his are met fully in return maybe a slight twitch to a pale white brow.

Gureylain checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Arminel checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

There's an arch of brow for Arminel and amusement shines in Yvette's golden eyes. "I can best you at arm wrestling and pie eating. I imagine I will be successful at whatever we might face next. Sandwiches? Cake? You did say it must be lunch related. Perhaps scones." Unable to help but tease the king, perhaps. She does fall quiet as he turns to speak to the rest of the gathering. "Don't let him mislead you with anyone's names," she asides to Catlith, sotto-voice. "No one here is named Waddles or Pudge, I assure you."

A serious nod is given to Yvette, her advice taken most gratefully. "I do believe I'm expected to be the merciless one, Your Majesty. Though with our present company, and the Marquis High Priest, and Lord Telindil whose acquaintance I made in the Lorandi offices in Thelos, I think I've managed to meet most of the guests." Catlith's gray eyes sweep over the assembled elves, before the corners of her mouth twitch in a surpressed smile. "Save for the lady and the two gentlemen dressed in black, whose taste I thoroughly commend. It's a fine color, even if I was led to believe it was exceedingly uncommon on the bright streets of your capital." The look which the Aeran gives the King is most definitely a *look*, complete with a single arched brow. "I trust none of them are named Chubbles, either."

Gureylain shifts slightly, into shadows at Arminel's comment about who must be pointed out, keeping to the sidelines per usual, having acquired a glass to sip from and a bit of cold meat to nibble. Studying ever while he keeps his own council.

Ember seems perfectly content to chatter with Talyn at the tree bench. Though he apparently is more intent on chugging that goblet of wine he's working on. Either she's telling a dozzy of a story, or this is just their normal. She talks, he drinks.

Escanor appears unaware that he was mentioned among the black-clad group of Lorandi, instead he is indulging himself in one of the pastries that is on display. He seems to be more by himself for a moment, though seems approachable all the same.

Halcyon, the white-tailed hawk arrives, delivering a message to Elendril before departing.

"I will no hear any besmirchment of the House Duckworth. Theirs is a long and proud line of Lorandi nobility," cautions Arminel, pointing a finger at Yvette. At Catlith's reply, he scans the crowd for the elves in question that the High Priestess has named. Oh, boy. There's Ember and Talyn, looking very pounce-able.

"Right this way, High Priestess," says the King, prompting taking the Aeran's arm and quickly rushing over in the two elves' direction. "Lady Ember! Cousin Talyn! You have been named for introductions to the High Priestess," he says, arriving and presenting the Aeran in question. As he turns to look around their proximity for drinks, he calls out: "Someone bring Chubbles!"

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"And yet, I don't see even Quackers in attendence," Yvette points out to Arminel, sniffing. "What a shame. Even the most esteemed of Ducks not present for this affair." She does give a small shake of her head in amusement, but opts not to follow the growing entourage toward Ember and Talyn. Instead, she angles for the tables of food instead to consider them at length.

Ember is looking very chipper until the tour de force that is the King and the High Priestess swarm their way, at which point there is a downturn to vague horror before the polite face of nobility assumes its proper role. "Your Majesty, High Priestess." She lifts her goblet up in toast. "Lady Ember Palinnar. And this handsome, yet stoic and grumbly looking elf beside me is Lord Talyn Palinnar. Formerly of House Serennar before he had the misfortune of marrying me." Both dimples show when she smiles after that, obviously teasing her husband there. But, that's why people get married to start with right?

"Come Chubbles, let us make your appearance and then we will go play with your two favorite elves." Rawlin finishes feeding the dog another bit of meat and then off the two of them go towards Ember and Talyn and the others gathered around them. He comes in at the end of Ember's speech and says, "I dunno, he seems to have been fortunate enough to not have earned your firey ire yet, Lady Ember. Seems as if he's doing a pretty good job of things so far." He grins while Chubbles flops onto the ground.

Elendril will follow the High Priestess and Arminel, but mainly because it's her most favorite sister and that guy she married. She moves over in the area, but will hang back for introductions to conclude before she will make her own.

Talyn lowers said goblet of wine, looking sidelong to his wife and cracking a vague sort of grin. He inches in a little closer and offers a few quiet words in response. You see, he *can* speak. Even if he punctuates his words with another sip of wine. When Arminel calls them out however he quite deftly sets it off to the side before rising and bowing low just as Ember introduces him. "Misfortune?" Ah, it seems that bow this time won't be quite perfect. A sharp brow is risen and he says, "Really?" When he rises, he nudges his shoulder against hers and does not miss a beat before answering Rawlin, "Oh, I have. Repeatedly." Does he seem bothered by that fact? Not at all.

Thus taken by the arm, Catlith is swept off towards the copse of trees and the unsuspecting Palinnar pair settled beneath them. The curtsy she offers is a careful one, a measured and studied thing that -- for all its practice -- appears to be precisely that. "Lady Palinnar. Lord Palinnar. A pleasure. I've heard a very good deal about the lady's skill as an evocationist from the Marquis High Priest, an art I mean to begin learning myself." A faint smile. "Though I do hope you will spare your husband from being used for any demonstrations made for my sake, my lady."

A half grin from Gureylain as the king names victims. Sipping his wine and nipping at his bit of refreshment. The Old Wolf had met the High Priestess in the ambassador's halls, after all, but still he's intent to study. There's thoughts there, bubbling up, wondering. Noting the questions and the line of conversation.

"No permanent injuries, it's true. So I would have to agree he's doing a good ob of things." Ember agrees, nudging Talyn's shoulder in return before she inclines her head politely towards Catlith. "That was kind of him to relay. I am always happy to help someone interested in learning the art of the pyromancer if you've an interest, High Priestess. I promise I will spare Lord Talyn from any demonstrations."

Daechir shifts.. as attention is moved towards the gathered knot, Dae takes the moment to find a bench, settling himself onto it and lifting a cookie or nibble from some passing tray, which can be broken in his hands to feed the occasional bite to his lips as he listens to the conversations going on around him.

Arminel dips head and shoulders in a polite bow to the Palinnar pair, an amused grin flashed at them both. "Nonsense. If demonstrations are in order, these are the best two for it," Arminel assures Catlith, nodding sagely at Ember's words. "I believe she's to blame for around half of the scaorch marks in the library's practice chambers, if my sources are accurate."

"Oh, well... I guess it could be worse!" Rawlin says to Talyn with a grin before turning towards Catlith and Arminel. "Always good to see you, High Priestess. Your Majesty. Chubbles just wanted to say hi." He looks down at Chubbles who can't seem to be bothered to offer any sort of greeting at all. "Anyway, we both just wanted to drop by and pay our respects before I head back home and spend some time with the two troublemakers."

"I would say that I would be jealous of you demonstrating with another, but..." starts Talyn in response to Ember, that grin a vague thing, but the affection absolutely apparent. With Arminel's notation concerning the scorch marks he casts another look toward Ember, lips twitching most ruefully. Almost all smiles evidently (for there are rare exceptions of course) belong to her.

Obsidian, A Cantankerous Swan arrives, following Tarathiel.

As she drifts along the food tables, Yvette ends up with a sparsely populated plate of food. A bit of this and that, but not too much of any one thing. She does ultimately end up back near those gathered and there's a brief smirk for talk of Ember and leaving things scorched. The Marchioness, however, angles for Rawlin and Chubbles with a mind for the dog underfoot. "High Priest," she says to the man. "I'd like a moment of your time. If you're in a rush, I understand- perhaps one day soon?"

At the introduction to the infamous Chubbles, Catlith also offers another one of her measured curtsies, albeit significantly less of one than for the others. There's a difference between a Serannar and a Count, after all. "Count Chubbles," she greets quite formally. "I've heard a great many stories of your skills as a warrior and a hunter. My thanks for your part in providing for tonight's feast, even if that part seems to mostly have been devouring one or two of the pork pies." It's only after this formality has been dispensed with that she offers a slender hand in greeting to Rawlin. "Marquis, I don't mean to keep you from your wife and children tonight, though I'm grateful you made the time. I would be quite obliged if you would tell the Marchioness that I would be delighted to accept her offer while I'm here; it's as kind as Lady Ember's just now, though I will be *very* alarmed if her demonstrations involve anything catching fire."

"At least it has improved from most of the scorch marks to only /half/ of the scorch marks." Ember is quick to point out, along with. "Ohhh, have you met Lord Gureylain yet, High Priestess? We call him an Old Wolf." she quips. Helpfully. And perhaps unfortunately, she laughs a liiiiitle too much at Catlith's possible alarm. "All of my demonstrations involve things catching fire though. That's half the fun! Right? Everyone?"

"Ah, Marquis. Very grateful of you making the trip," Arminel greets, dipping head and shoulders to the Rylanth. "Please give the two goodest elves in the Lorandi my best, and their mother as well," he says, with a smile. There's a bit of a grin at Catlith's greeting to the Count, and he chuckles a moment. "...one or two?"

Tarathiel is late, but she didn't mean to be. She probably got stuck working on a painting or a sculpture and missed the time. She enters as quietly as possible, but waddling with her is a rather large black swan that sets it's beady eyes on things, but gently nips at Tara's black skirts and the chain of silverum that hangs down along the waist of the dress. She gives a look about and a smile of greeting to those that she passes.

Elendril gives a smile towards her sister and her husband. However, she takes this moment to go see to the crowds and the people in it. Another dip of her head towards Catlith as she does.

Escanor seems to give a -stare- at Ember when there is talk of fire. She better not! But then, he notices Tarathiel when she arrives, giving her a small bow in greeting. "Lady Tarathiel. I am glad that you could join us." Though his words quite literally seem to have no basis of that. Neutral.

Dae snorts, it might have even sounded like a start of a chuckle that dies away quickly when Ember points out Gureylain. His gaze lifting to were the old wolf is before looking back down at the cookie his is slowly taking apart.

Tara looks up to Escanor when she hears the neutral tone and there's a blink that she quickly recovers from with a smile to him, "Lord Escanor, it is good to see you, I apologize for my lateness." she tells him with a bow to him. "Have I missed anything exciting so far?" she asks him. "Oh, this is Obsidian." she introduces the swan.

Gureylain's features are mostly lost in the dark of his hood, though when the light does pierce there is a flicker like the reflection off a canine's in the dim light. Daechir's brief look is met with a tilt of the head, but there is a slight visible smile on his lips.

Rawlin turns to Yvette and nods, "We can speak in the coming week or so, Marchioness. I should be in Torendaar for the next few days at least and if not you can always come to Thelos." He then smiles at Arminel, "Goodest for now. They are becoming more mobile, which means far more mischief is to be had and poor Chubbles does nothing to prevent the mischief, only stands and watches with amusement." And then towards Catlith, "Oh it's nothing to worry over, I wanted to put in an appearance and I am glad that you have come to visit us here in Torendaar. Very glad indeed." He glances towards Arminel for a moment and then bows his head, "But with that, I think I will make my escape. Oh, Your Majesty, Gureylain has been wanting to talk to you about a few things, you should go and see what he wishes to talk about."

Talyn, evidently deciding that the social portion of the evening is over, lowers himself back down to the bench and acquires his plate with that scrumptious roasted beef. Carving himself off a substantial portion, he takes a bite before hearing Escanor's voice. He dips his head low, refraining from chewing while doing so, to greet his cousin. His greeting of Tarathiel has him look her way as well, curiously.

"Don't let my uncle fool you," Yvette calls over toward Catlith as she spots the calling out of the 'Old Wolf' and how he still lurks. "He's not the dark, brooding soul he pretends to be and if he persists, I'll just tell his mother." She smiles, brightly, at her uncle before looking back to Rawlin. "If you might, see if perhaps we could schedule a time for me to sit with you and Seren. I'll attempt to get Leofric in town for it as well."

Catlith maintains her posture of utter and absolute dignity in the face of Arminel's correction, her shoulders straight and her chin held high save for the moment in which she nods to Yvette before invoking her family name. "I would remind you, Your Majesty, that though I was born to the Aeran, I was raised by the Monstalds, who impressed firmly upon me the importance of decorum and proper respect where it is due. I would never shame the House that once named me Kinessi by implying that the Count is *fat*." Gods help them all, she really is the Doomsayer's priestess, despite the evening's generally lighthearted atmosphere. Not once does her expression crack in all of that. Not once. Or perhaps she's simply learned to oblige what seems to be the Lorandi sense of humor.

When Tarathiel speaks to him, he gives her a soft nod. It wasn't that his words weren't genuine, its just it was difficult for him to express emotion when he pushes his emotions deep down. "I am well enough, my lady. Thank you for asking." He gives a bow of his head in gratitude before he shakes his head. "You have not missed much. His majesty is introducing our guest of honor to members of our kinship, but you have missed very little else." He gestures to Arminel and Catlith making their rounds.

"-Certainly- not," Arminel replies to Catlith, nodding sagely. To Rawlin, there's a thankful smile, and he nods his head knowingly. "Oh, indeed, we're not through the names yet.." the Serannar says, tugging Catlith on over in the direction of Escanor, Gureylain, and Daechir. Ready or not, here they come!

"Duke Brixtien, Lord Gurey, Cousin Escanor..." greets the Serannar, a slow smile offered to the three elves as he passes in front of each. "A valiant attempt at avoiding your courtly duties, but here we are. High Priestess, three of the Lorandi's finest leaders and warriors," he introduces.

Tarathiel gives a look to Talyn and there's a smile and a dip of her head in greeting to Talyn, "Good evening, my lord." she states. Then her pale gaze settles back on Escanor and she gives a dip of her head, "I'm glad to hear that you are well." she tells him. Then she takes a step back for the moment to leave Escanor to his brooding at the moment. She gives a curtsey to the King and his guest when they approach, "Your Majesty, High Priestess." she greets them.

Elendril allows her gray eyes to sweep over the party to make sure it's in proper swing and then she moves for the exit.

"Lord Gureylain, a pleasure to see you again. I hope you've been well since we last met? The advice you offered me then was valuable and kind, and that's a rare thing indeed." Once more, another of those curtsies. Fortunate that she has the King's arm to keep her from toppling over in the course of offering quite so many of them. "Lord Serannar, Duke Brixtien, I've not yet had the honor, so I would like to offer you my particular thanks for taking the time to join us here this evening to welcome a stranger among you." A pause as she adds, "My lady." A safe presumption for Tarathiel, or so she hopes.

"Though have a drink and a cookie Tara, you can say you were here." Daechir's voice rises a little to the conversation between Tarathiel and Escanor as he pops the last crumbs into his mouth with the determination that he ate, he should now be allowed to be excused. Moving to stand only to suddenly hear his name on the King's lips. To his credit, the young Duke does not groan. Instead, hands smooth the front of his, then lift to toss a lock of pale hair back over his shoulder as he turns his attention towards Arminel and his guess. "Priestess, a pleasure. Welcome." yep that is all, violet gaze lifts to the kings in that.../okay, now can I go?/ look.

Asha, The White Lion leaves, following Elendril.

"Good evening, my lady," answers Talyn, his head inclining deeply toward Tarathiel by way of greeting. Mind you, he is polite enough to keep that food of his lowered and even set off to the side when her focus is on him. When she looks on, his gaze moves between she and Escanor once more by way of consideration though no further commentary comes. In fact eventually he'll stop glancing that-a-way.

Catlith checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

After her quiet exchange with Rawlin, Yvette drifts towards a bench and claims a seat for herself. She hands off her plate -- mostly just nibbled at -- to a passing server and settles in to observe; hands folded in lap.

Sweeping into a low bow at the approach of King and High Priestess, Gureylain's head is bowed, "High Priestess, ever good to see you once more. I hope that you have been in high spirit since our last discourse in the ambassador's halls?" the smile remaining on his features as he greets.

Escanor's attention is swiftly stolen by Catlin when she approaches them. "A pleasure to meet you, High Priestess. My name is Escanor." He gives a soft bow of his head, before he looks to King Arminel, bowing much deeper with the respect the King's position holds. "Your majesty."

If Catlith has noticed the look on Daechir's face, she's given very little indication of it -- or at least she's managed not to laugh at his request to be excused from the proverbial table. "I remember bits and pieces of your exploits in the last days before the Arrival, Lord Escanor. If all I've been told is true, you're one of the bravest fighters the Lorandi have seen in more than a century, and I thank you for it." To Gureylain, she adds with a quiet chuckle. "Well, yes. Definitely well. A bit occupied with one two small things here and there in Thelos and Lorawin."

Tara gives a smile to Catlith, "Welcome to Torendaar, I hope that your stay is pleasant." the white haired woman tells her. She then gives a look to Gureylain and the others, dipping her head as she steps back a few feet so that can talk without her interrupting. Obsidian waddles along with her as she starts to wander.

"Lady Tara, so glad you could make it," greets Arminel, a polite smile flashed to the newest arrival. There's a faint smile shared with Daechir a moment, and he dips his head slightly. "You've been busy lately, Duke Daechir. House Brixtien seems to always be on the move -- I'm thankful you took the time out to be here tonight," says the Serannar.

He looks to Escanor next. "Cousin. I know you've kept busy. How are things?" he greets, fondly.

Hands tucking behind his back, shoulders squaring as Daechir nods to Arminel. "You did give directives, your Highness, just trying to see they are met." then falls silent again, letting Escanor take on the questions.

Another nod to Catlith and Gureylain's soft voice floats up again, "Yes, I know my way around one and two things that surprise from the sidelines at time to time. Perhaps while you remain in Torendaar, should the Castle not absorb all of your time you might wish to wander about." he studies, but not unkindly, from beneath the cowl, "I would consider it my honor to provide myself as guide."

Escanor listens to the words of the High Priestess and he bows his head in appreciation of her. "I thank you for your words, though I am unhcertain if I deserve them. I merely seek to protect my home at all costs." He looks then to the King. "Truth be told my King, I am weary, but it is nothing I am unable to bear. For now, I rest, but I await other tasks my kinship may have need of."

Eyes close and Yvette just sits in quiet. Listening to the music, perhaps, or the chatter nearby. Likely both! For the time being, however, she's simply present.

Tarathiel goes and gathers a cookie and a drink, having heard Daechir speak on them. She finds herself a place to sit off to the side and takes the time to look over people, trying to find that one moment that would be good to commit to canvas or paper.

"You speak to the Doomsayer's priestess, Lord Escanor. Do you believe there are very many things I hold in higher regard than fulfilling our duties to our bloodkin and our people? Even now, your offer stands in testament to it." There is a shake of Catlith's head at that. She's firm in her opinion. "And your offer, Lord Gureylain, is very kind. I'd hoped to make my way to Maker's Spire at some point, and to fill in the last few pages of the sketchbook which I brought with me. There was no time to see what lies on the roads leading south out of the city, either, though with the new year and winter now on us, I'd rather not drag too many of the guards and horses out into the snow just for the sake of my curiosity."

Arminel finishes his glass and looks around for another. "For you, cousin, there will always be a need for more tasks and adventures, if anything thus far has shown us anything," comes the Serannar's reply to his cousin. He glances back in Catlith's direction and towards the Lorandi she's conversing with, giving Gureylain a grateful nod. "We'll be happy to arrange such a trip, High Priestess," he confirms, with a nod. "Until then, however, I might try to interest you in a trip back to the buffet table..."

Realizing that he perhaps cannot convince the High Priestess of Baridon anything less, Escanor simply accepts the words offered to him, giving a bow of his head to her. "As you say, High Priestess." Then his attention briefly looks to Arminel when he speaks of Escanor's tenacity and willingness to assist. Its true that Escanor is a busy bee and hates standing idle when there is much work to be done.

"If I'm not mistaken, Your Majesty, I saw picnic pies somewhere nestled among all of the fine fare." Here, she smiles brightly. It does a very good deal to warm up Catlith's eyes, and that's an unusual thing. "I've not had a proper once since I was in my sixties, and that's half a lifetime ago, to me. The crust alone's a very different thing to the prawn pasties I've been eating in Lorawin. The secret is in the grain." A slender hand slips into his elbow again. She dips her head in a nod to excuse them from the conversation at hand, and away to dinner.

As those around him talk, Daechir pulls a Gurey and sort of fades into the background.. then if no one stops him, slips out of the courtyard.

Those two at the bench would never dine and dash, would they? Except that is precisely what Ember and Talyn are doing after that minimal amount of small talk. With a quirk of a brow and a dart of his eyes yonder toward the exit, the two Palinnar are soon enough arm-in-arm and off.

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