Royal Wedding Celebration

House Serannar and House Nerea proudly invite all elves to come join a wedding celebration to mark the marriage of Queen Catlith and King Arminel. To celebrate the Lorandi's new Queen, both Houses have put together a massive feast of food, drink, and music. All are welcome to attend and celebrate with the two happy Houses.


Feb. 16, 2020, noon

Hosted By

Arminel Catlith Leda


Talien Vindal Elleth Selandriel Shakian Nalaea Odissin Darinel Aurri Ember Tarathiel Yvette Forwen Nagestos Sylindra Gureylain Escanor Lyandra Zedmir Danai Helene


Lorandi Serannar Aeran Thalerith Duindar Faenor Nerea Alcaldia Reymar Marindur Tenlindil Brixtien Rylanth Nalduine Palinnar Monstald


Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Mountainside Glade

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a floppy yet regal ginger cat named George arrives, following Aurri.

Marzena, the golden eagle, Sarabi, the lioness arrive, following Yvette.

Count Chubbles arrives, following Rawlin.

Count Chubbles leaves, following Rawlin.

Count Chubbles arrives, following Rawlin.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling, Nugget, tiger cub runt , Daffi-Dil, the loveable hedgehog arrive, following Forwen.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling, Nugget, tiger cub runt , Daffi-Dil, the loveable hedgehog leave, following Forwen.

The scene at the outdoor glade has been in preparation for the better part of the day, even before the newly-married pair have made their way out of Baridon's shrine and over towards the celebratory scene that's been set up. The music is in full swing, played by an assorted group of Lorandi and Aeran musicians near the far end of the area. Food and drink are everywhere, with fare from both Kinships offered in addition to selections of Thelosian cuisine.

Arminel arrives, hand-in-hand with the newly-named Queen Catlith, making a beeline towards the nearest table of food. "You could at -least- have asked a shorter-winded fellow to do the vows, you know..." the Serannar can be heard remarking, while hastily tucking in to some rolls before too many of the guests have arrived.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling, Nugget, tiger cub runt , Daffi-Dil, the loveable hedgehog arrive, following Forwen.

"Dignity in all things," is Catlith's immediate reply, "which requires the full weight of ceremony and tradition to be upheld." The words are said in only the most somber of tones, surely a reflection of both her great respect for the significance such an event must hold for the royal line and for the seriousness with which she takes Arminel's complaints. Unfortunately, her voice does not at all match her face, which bears an entirely too-amused smirk as she looks up at him. Clearly, the elfess isn't sorry, not even a little bit.

Shakian looks suitably bemused at the idea of being related to a Queen. "Congratulations, your majesties," he says before snagging a glass of something-something from a passing server. He raises the glass. "To your good health and long lives."

Ember was not going to miss /this/ party. She may even have turned one of the desserts into a more gourmet version upon arrival: flambe! Otherwise, the red haired Palinnar has made a point of sticking to non alcoholic beverages and and the periphery of the crowd where it's easier to people watch and then eventually glom on to her spouse once he finds his way here. And when the newly wed couple arrives, she lifts her glass in toast towards them.

Tarathel had attended wedding and things by herself. She'd even left the Hellpig and the swan at home. She didn't want to embarrass her family with them destroying something. And the Mage could probably do that on her own. She's dressed in her usual black with her cloak and gloves. Her hair is left to it's own devices today as her pale eyes watch the proceedings.

Arminel snags one last roll, pointing it accusatorily at his bride. "Next time, get the fat one. He's lazy, and would probably let us sit while he's giving the benediction," states the Serannar, before a pair of wineglasses are acquired. He passes one off to Catlith before greeting Shakian with a wide smile. "Thank you, Shakian, very glad for you to be here with us," he returns, raising his glass in return. "I'm hoping House Nerea has the chance to meet a good sampling of the Lorandi today."

When Yvette arrives, it's in a red gown with gold and black embroidery. It's a fairly simple gown; likely one borrowed from a relative. Or one recently made. There's nothing ornate to it and likely not one that would normally be chosen for such an important event, but the chances of anyone saying as much to the Marchioness are likely quite low. She's in that stage of pregnancy where just 'letting out' one of her usual gowns likely wasn't an option. And shortly after she arrives at the event, she finds a chair and claims it as a seat... even if she has to oust someone from it. Marchioness, Grandmaster, and pregnant-lady rights.

Did someone say dignity? With Nugget pulling her along, Forwen doesn't come down the path she stumbles out of the trees! Hopefully she wasn't climbing any of them. Most likely not as she is wearing a dress of cream colored silk that leave her arms bare and sparkles with beaded green vines and dark purple berries. However that is never really a certainty especially if anyone remembers her own wedding! That and is that honeysuckle blossoms poking out of her hallow of red curls?

Vindal strides into the glade looking every bit the Aeran pirate. From his sea-worn black leathers and jaunty tricorn hat, and the silverum sword that hangs from the baldric at his hip, to the osprey perched on his shoulder and eelhound chasing after his heels, he looks like he must have just stepped off a ship and then rushed to the portal to get here. His blue silk cloak of office swishes about as he walks like ripples on the surface of the water. He seems in a good mood today, his head held high, the summer sun glinting off the silver circlet that peeks out from under the hat.

Nagestos enters into the glade silently, puffing his pipe. Clothing? Nagestos is wearing the same thing he always does, hopefully he just has variations of the same clothing. He makes his way along but seems to give little attention to the crowds of people and their attire and comments. His eyes are looking about but seem to be looking for something or someone that he's not spotted. The air about him is not tense but he'a also certainly not relaxed.

As the only one related by blood to the King of those currently present, Aurri knows his duty well enough, even though the youngest of the Serannar would rather much likely prefer to be rather elsewhere than to attend this social event, but hey it's his brother's wedding. And there's at least some food and drinks to distract himself. Speaking of the latter, the Prince fetches himself a glass of wine and lifts it in celebration of the newly-wed couple "Congratulations on getting married Arminel. And to my new sister-in-law I guess."

The Warlord of the Thalerith had of course attended the ceremony and the Shrine, and she arrives behind the royal couple. Her characteristic warlike regalia has been replaced by something rather more fenstive: elegant silversilk robes in a shimmering white, though the gold-burnished plates about her torso still give her something of a warrior's look regardless. "It was a beautiful ceremony," she says to the King and his new Queen in a light tone, "All the pomp and circumstance one might expect. All the my experience standing guard back in my soldiering days came in handy."

Shakian bobs his head when King Arminel speaks to him. "Thank you very much, your majesty. And may I present my niece, Forwen?" She is easily identifiable with her red hair and menagerie.

There's surely some retort about to spring to Catlith's lips -- something about rolls, and sitting for the benediction, and for the 'lazy, fat one'. But then Shakian is there and Forwen is being presented and there's a glass being handed to her, all with a toast. It takes a moment for her to reorient her thoughts, though when she does it's.... well. How often has anyone seen her smile in public? Not smirk, but truly smiled? And there it is. "Cousins. You came." A note is there in her voice, as if it caught on something or another. "Thank you. Thank you, all." Gray eyes move from the Nerea to Aurri, to Sylindra, to include them in her gratitude.

"Yes, I believe we've met in passing a few times," comes Arminel's reply to Shakian, turning to greet Forwen with a smile. "I look forward to meeting all those whom I'm now related to, though I expect it's Catlith who has the far more challenging task in that respect," says the Serannar, amusedly.
It's Aurri on whom Arminel's attention next rests, a nod given to his brother's arrival and approach. "Thank you for coming, Aurri," replies the elder Serannar, simply. "You wouldn't happen to have seen Auntie Indeera, have you?" he asks, as though perhaps concerned the eldest Serannar may have lost her way coming over through the portals.

"I thought about keeling over to see if you'd rush up and catch me, Warlord. I thought I might catch the guards snoozing," Arminel replies, looking to the Thalerith as she nears, a smile given.

Vindal did _not_, however, step off a ship and come running through the portal to get to the party. That had happened much earlier, for him to arrive at the ceremony, the Trident's witness to the vows. But now that he's here, he doesn't seem to be in a rush at all. He meanders across the glade to where the newly married couple are receiving guests and makes a deep bow, his hand reaching up to remove his hat and sweep it out to one side. "Congratulations to you both, Your Majesties," he says. Then he straightens up and puts his hat back on and smiles. "May you both let your whimsy guide you on many adventures together."

Tarathiel might have been a stand in for Escanor today, who knows. The white haired woman in black gives a dip of her head to Arminel and Catlith when its her turn to greet, "Congratulations on the strengthening of ties, your Majesties." she states. Then there's a look to Aurri and a dip of her head to him, "Your highness." she murmurs in greeting. Then she's moving off to allow others to greet the newly married pair.

Forwen? Well she is picking leaves off her dress when her name is called and big blue eyes lift finding her Uncle, the King and "Cat!" Forwen and her little group of beasties, cross towards Shakian, red curls bouncing. "Oh my you are stunning!" said to her cousin who is now a Queen.. not that it matters, Catlith gets a hug from her much smaller and somewhat younger cousin. It's only then that she steps back looking to Shak, after all he said her name right? Color flood under her freckles. "They know who I am Uncle Shak.. It's Cat.. and well him, I warned him to be nice to her and the Sker or I would come to talk to him."

"You." There's a gesture to someone and they might be one of the servers, but they might be a guest. "Go get me some water and a plate of food." Yvette has her eyes closed as she leans back in the chair. She might have been napping. She's not rushing in to make greetings or warnings or whatever else. The new couple will make their way along eventually - or they won't. There will be time enough eventually.

Catlith checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

"I did give cousin Escanor -specific- instructions about those Sker," Arminel confirms, nodding to Forwen's words with a bit of an amused look to her words. He watches the Aeran near and give Catlith a hug, turning to Tarathiel to give the Nalduine a grateful look. "Thank you for coming, Lady Tarathiel," says the Serannar. "I hope you've dragged Zedmir with you here somewhere -- wouldn't be like him to miss out on this many different choices of food..." Arminel remarks.

He releases Catlith's hand a moment to return Vindal's bow in courtly fashion -- where the Aeran sweeps his hat out, the Serannar sweeps his wineglass. "Thank you, Wave Whisperer," says Arminel, gratefully. "It is the start of many adventures together -- for us, and for our Kinships."

Ereg, a barred owl, Vana, a fluffy calico, Toot - A Beech Tree Elemental, Crynshear a young tiger arrive, following Gureylain.

"I certainly would not waste the opportunity to have the King of Lorandi owe me for keeping him from face planting in public," the Warlord replies with a smile to Arminel. Her gaze then wanders to the nearby selection of drinks mulling over the wine, brandy, and rum before settling on a bottle of that new Lorandi red that was recently developed.

Huginn the Raven, Muninn the Raven arrive, following Escanor.

Sura, a Sand Elemental arrives, following Lyandra.

Tarathiel gives a dip of her head to Arminel, "I would always come and support our King." the woman states. "And I am sure Zedmir is running around trying to make sure the food and things are perfect." the quiet woman states as she smiles to that. Then she's wandering off to find herself something to drink.

"I'm afraid I haven't seen Auntie Indeera around much lately either..." Aurri admits with a bit of a disappointment in his voice, but only the slightest bit, as he responds to Arminel and then turns his attention towards Tarathiel, offering her a polite incline of his head "Ah Lady Tarathiel, I haven't seen you in a while. I hope you have been faring well?" He asks mildly interested, shifting ever from one foot to the other, like if he felt uncomfortable in the room or why would he.

Smoke and shadow are the words to describe the entry of the Old Wolf of The Lorandi, cloak gathered about himself, clad in his leathers and keeping towards the sidelines - despite the quiet grin on his features. Gureylain hovers, observing with raised brows.

Perhaps it's that she's unaccustomed to quite so much bowing, each one of which Catlith returns with an bending of her head far too large to be a nod and far too small to be a curtsy. No doubt it will take months and months to break her of that habit. Perhaps it's that she hadn't quite expected Forwen's hug, though when she's greeted with such enthusiasm, she does take her newly freed hand and wrap it around her cousin's back, returning the gesture. But either way, there's a flicker of *something* that passes over the bride's face before the sedate visage of the Doomsayer's priestess settles into place, as though she were there to watch the celebrations rather than be at the swirling center of them. "Only you, Forwen, could issue such bloody threats with such sincere warmth and affection." A compliment? A compliment.

"And thank you, Lady Tarathiel, for defending His Majesty so staunchly until the Warden could arrive," Catlith adds as she releases her hold, lowering her arm to cradle her glass in both hands.

Arriving fashionably late is the newly assigned Warden of the South, Lord Escanor Serannar! He is dressed in fine black robes with silver lining to add color to the Black Dragon's usually grim attire. But his date is another matter entirely for Lyandra is on his on his arm.

He notices many familiar faces, but he looks upon the King and his bride. "Your majesties." He bows to the royalty. "Congratulations on your union."

Forwen nods at Arminel, her eyes narrowing a bit as if trying to decide if he is teasing her. "Escanor, hmm? Okay." that name is filed before the brillently bright smile returns. "Welcome by the way. Cat is ticklish on her left side by the way." then suddenly there is a tussle! a russle even! in those red curls as if well as if they are alive. Which would be silly! At least until a tiny jeweled tone starling suddenly launches out of them and make a beeline towards Gureylain or rather towards Toot! Chirping away. At which time the royal couple is completely forgotten as "Gurey!!" Forwen turns in swirls and clouds of red curls and pale silk.

Nagestos continues around ever slowly and eying the various people and listening but he's not actively engaging in any conversation and does not seem as though he's particularly inclined to get involved in any of them.

Never undaunted by such an excited greeting, Gureylain lets Toot and the starling sing and and dance about one another as he raises a hand to Forwen's greeting. Head bowing slightly, "Miss Forwen, a pleasure to see you again."

"Yes! There are so many adventures to be had," Vindal says, and then dips his head in what's more a nod than a bow, before taking his leave to go investigate these tables full of food. He saw the haul getting dragged through the portals. He knows there's good stuff out. And rum. There's surely rum.

Tarathiel adds to Aurri, "I've been doing alright, your highness." she tells him. "And you?" she asks with a quirk of an eyebrow from under her hood. There's a look to Escanor's entrance and then sees the woman on his arm. She then looks back to Aurri, "Would you like a drink?" she asks him.

Fashionably late, indeed, as Lyandra mde her way into the celebrations, a hand resting lightly on Escanor's arm. She and chosen robes of pale cream today, lightly embroidered, a perfect compliment and contrast to Escanor's darker robes, with her hair up in the latest fashion. She allowed Escanor to lead her on towards the King and Queen of the Lorandi, and though she was not one herself, she understood etiquette and respect, and bowed in perfect time to the Warden of the South. "Congratulations to you both," offered the young Thalerith, "May the blessings of Acharon find you and lead you to all of the potential your union offers to you both."

Having come straight from the previous ceremony, Zedmir has made little effort to hide the notion that he likely shed a tear of happiness or ten. A royal wedding is an exciting occasion! The guildmaster collects a glass for himself and scans the crowd for a chance to be social.

Shakian watches Forwen in her usual frenetic disorganization and takes a glass of something powerful from a passing server. "Bring another. I may need it."

"He usually does," confirms Arminel to Tarathiel, a knowing smile given. He tilts his glass over in Sylindra's direction at the Warlord's reply next. "I would expect nothing else," he returns.

"Cousin, thank you for coming," Arminel says, looking to Escanor's arrival. "I'm afraid I may have inadvertently sent one of our new relatives looking after you.." he warns, with a wry smile. His gaze turns to the Thalerith at his cousin's arm, a slow smile in greeting given, dipping head and shoulders in return. "Thank you," he says, gratefully. "I'm encouraged by the Warlord and the Thalerith's presence here today; thank you for coming to celebrate with us."

If Catlith has at all heard her cousin's departing words, which is debatable, then she must simply be feigning ignorance. Surely an inconvenient truth can be avoided by simply ignoring it. Yes, surely. Better to turn her attention to her well-wishers, which she does by offering that same not-a-curtsy in greeting to both Escanor and Lyandra. "Indeed, Lord Warden. If you see a sudden flash of red curls rushing at you, I advise you to best be on your guard." Against what, she doesn't quite say. "Headmistress, your words are kind and welcome, as are you here today."

Ember has a curious expression that does not bode well for Esscanor later, as he arrives with a date on his arm! As in, she is no doubt going to pester him with questions he won't answer. And for Zedmir and his happy tear, she casts a warm smile his way. That's so sweet!

Leaving the royal couple with their guests and a kiss to Shak's cheek, Forwen is off to throw her arms around Gureylain giving him a tight hug as Imiri and Toot dance around each other singing and chirping. Nugget has found that laying under the food table to be a good place, as long as no one steps on the swishing tiger tail, she can get all the nibbles people drop!

Vindal puts together a small plate of food, tossing a couple scraps of meat and fish down to the eagerly awaiting eelhound at his feet. No food will be wasted today, she is voracious. His bird seems to have flown off, probably when he so rudely dipped her perch down in that bow earlier. He finds a nice quiet corner to sit down, making sure his sword hangs off to the side of his seat, and enjoy a glass of rum and some food, quietly watching the gathering.

"Oh just the usual business..." Aurri says with a shrug of the shoulders "Doing some magical research and honing my magic in general." And then Escanor and Lyandra make their arrival and the Prince offers a nod of his head to both his cousin and his company as well, before taking another sip from his glass of wine, trying to stay mostly in the background it seems.

Warmly accepting the hug, Gureylain pats Forwen on the back while his own tiger, having grown massive, lumbers up to nose the redhead and give a growling yowp before licking her cheek and flopping on the ground protectively near the dancing bird and tree. "How have you been?" the old ranger smiles to the smaller Forwen.

Whoever was pressed into service to fetch the pregnant Grandmaster food does deliver it and Yvette is soon eating and using the chair next to her to hold the glass of water she was brought because really, juggling a plate of food and a cup is a quick way to make a mess. Yvette's own lion companion rests at her feet, almost protectively wrapped around them.

Forwen's crystal clear laugh rings out as she is licked by Gurey's tiger, not at all seeming worried if her dress is mussed or torn. Then when he goes, blue eyes smile at the old Ranger as she takes his hand. "We found Sker, did you hear? They were as big as my boat!" then stops looking at him. "Who is Escanor?"

Under the food table, every once in awhile a big orange paw swipes out to cat what people drop.. sometimes to mess and play.

Tarathiel gives nod to those that are entering, "Warden." she greets Escanor. Then a nod given to Lyandra as well in greeting. She then looks to Aurri and there's a smile, "It's good to keep yourself busy with your magical practices, yes." she nods to that. "I think I am going to head back to Nalduine though, I have business to attend to." she offers to the Prince before she finishes off her own drink and starts to make for the exit.

It seems Escanor's arrival is somewhat timely. did he save the King from a social situation? "It was my pleasure, Arminel. I would not miss it unless there was something more pressing. Which there is not." Yay? To Catlith, He nods. "So I would see. It has been a time since I have seen my adopted daughter." He looks at Tarathiel. "My lady. I trust you are well?"

"Escanor? He's the Warden of the South. One of the king's cousins, a good friend of mine." Looking towards the man in question and then back to Forwen, "Had you not met him before?"

The Warlord sees her daughter arrive arm in arm with the Black Dragon of Serennar and goes over to greet them, carrying with her a plate now heaping with a selection of Aeran and Lorandi foodstuffs, "Lyandra, Escanor, I see you two have been getting well aquainted with each other."

Taking his turn to greet the couple of the hour, Zedmir offers a polite bow. “My King, my Queen, my house and I are so happy for you both. We look forward to all that we are going to accomplish together.” The guildmaster is all smiles, which to be fair, is pretty normal, but there is an extra sense of exuberance.

Forwen her tiny hand in Gureys, immediately tracks the Ranger's gaze to the Warden. Brows arching upwards. "Nope, lets fix that." and just like that, Forwen is dragging Gureylain back towards the royal couple and Escanor. Someone get Uncle Shakian another drink!

Lyandra offered a dip of her head in greeting to all who greeted her, and words both polite and respectful. Once Escanor had settled into conversation with the king, she turned to glance about the clearing, "I do not see a landship at present, Your Majesty." That, she offered to Arminel, her lips curled into a humoured smile, "Is it arriving later then?" And then, to Escanor, "Stay, and I will find some wine, so that you might join the celebration." She almost stepped away, when the Warlord arrived, and she offered a bow of respect to her mother, "Lord Escanor and I have known each other for years, through our work at the Acadeum, and he has been both a mentor and a skilled dueling partner. he was kind enough to offer me escort to the wedding."

At that, Catlith's lips curve into a faint smile. "Adopted daughter, Lord Warden? I wasn't aware." For Escanor's sake, she then tilts her chin towards what must be one of her Nerea kin, a wisp of an elfess with a shock of red hair. "I was referring to my cousin. Despite her size, it seems she's had very large words for some of your fellow Serannar." At that, she sounds amused, if wryly so. But a moment later and she takes a step back from the conversation, allowing Sylindra to take her place. With other guests not yet greeted, the timing may well be impeccable.

Arminel takes advantage of a free moment to finish off the remainder of his wineglass, pirouetting as he looks for a new glass or a source to refill from. "Thank you Zedmir, I was wondering where you might be," comes Arminel's reply, greeting the Nalduine with a friendly smile. "Wouldn't be like you to miss a Lorandi party..." is said, before Lyandra's comment bring an amused smirk to his features. "I'd considered it, but I thought Catlith might prefer the trip through the portal this time, rather than taking the land-ship all the way south from Thelos," he explains, tone wry.

"Oh, speaking of -- before I forget, I brought something for you..." he remarks, this comment apparently directed at Catlith. The Serannar gives Escanor and Lyandra a quick, polite smile as he detatches himself a moment, heading over on past the musicians to look for something, apparently. He does, notably, grab a wineglass on his way over.

When he re-emerges, Arminel is followed by a large lioness, who appears fairly docile despite the music, crowd, and noise. Leading the creature back on over towards the group around the Aeran-turned-Lorandi, he gestures the predator on forward. "Seemed only fitting you have a Lorandi familiar -- something to keep you company in that cave of yours, for when you're not in Torendaar," Arminel says.

"I'm doing alright, Lord Serranar." Tarathiel states in her normal quiet tone to Escanor as she is leaving. Apparently she had things to get to and was not staying longer.

Apparently food is what it takes for Yvette to end up actually napping, feet propped on the lioness at her feet. Leofric will likely be along later on to see her home.

A nod and leading Forwen, the Old Wolf makes for Mr. I'm So Grumpy and Clad in Black. "Escanor!" no preamble or titles, but that tends to be his way, "I have a tiny and pleasant Aeran to make your acquaintance!" cloak blowing out behind him as he walks.

Vindal sits in his seat and quietly eats his food and drinks his rum. They have Aeran cuisine, after all, it goes best with rum. He seems to be pleasantly contemplative as he watches the couple and all those gathered.

Escanor ahs to Catlith before nodding. "So I see. I speak of Lady Ember, though she is likely around here somewhere mere seconds away from considering about lighting something ablaze, if she hasn't already." He turns his attention to the Warlord for a moment. "Warlord Sylindra, it is good to see you in good health. I pray you do not find issue with my escorting your daughter to this event?" It was an honest question, not a mocking one. The tone of his voice makes it difficult to ascertain. He looks then to Lyandra. "Very well. Do not stray too far or get into trouble, yes?" He says with a soft smirk. But then there's Gureylain bringing with him a guest. "Hello, Gureylain." He looks upon the one whom he brings with him then. "Do you now? Greetings, then. I do not believe we have met before, my lady."

Backing up so that all may admire the lion that just made its entrance, Zedmir wanders more to the fringes.

Arminel returns to the group, alongside the Queen. He leans nearer and murmurs to Sylindra a moment, before drinking from his new glass.

"I am not sure who will appreciate the shortened trip to Torendaar more -- me, or the Lorandi people's noses at being spared their new Queen smelling distinctly of five days in riding leathers and the aroma of horses." A a shake of Catlith's head and her long, largely unbound hair sways. At least that biting humor is aimed at herself as often as not.

But then Arminel is excusing himself, and it seems the flow of conversation is left to her. Zedmir is greeted softly, Catlith dipping into another one of her more-than-a-nods in reply. "Lord Guildmaster, a pleasure. I do hope you're finding the array of Aeran flavors both fascinating and to your tastes. The fish was brought in only from the harbor this morning, and I imagine can't often be found more than a few days from Glimmer....," she trails off. It likely has something to do with the lioness stalking towards her, which she regards with suddenly bright gray eyes. For the moment, at least, Catlith has been struck silent.

"Ah yes, I've sparred with Escanor myself, as has Joran. He is a formidable combatant and a test of anyone's skills. I hope he's not going too easy on you, I know he hits like an ogre, but bruises and broken bones are how you learn to dodge," the Warlord replies to Lyandra.

Forwen, hand in hand with Gureylain, her blue eyes fastened firmly on the Warden as she crosses with red curls flouncing around, skirts gathered in her free hand as if she might expect Escanor to make a run for it. When he doesn't she stops right in front of him, her head tilted back so she can look upwards into his face. How knows what personal space means? Not Forwen. "Hello I am Forwen Nera.. and you and I need to talk buffalos." hey at least she introduced herself first!

Shakian grabs his tiger cub Puss by the scruff of the neck so there's no feline-on-feline violence.

Ember is standing right behind Escanor when he says that of course, and lifts her glass up again in greeting. The gesture is accompanied by another, of lifting her finger to her lips as she glances towards the Warden with a mischeivous smile. She does, however, mouth the word 'Buffalos?' in confusion when Forwen blurts out her greeting.

Marzena, the golden eagle have been dismissed.

Sarabi, the lioness have been dismissed.

"Both sides are winners there," remarks Arminel in reply to Catlith's words on taking the portal, though he smiles a moment, as the Serannar-nee-Nerea look to the lioness. "Her name is Kada-El," he says, helpfully. "I think she may be used to the Golden Plains a bit more than your cave, but I'm sure she'll grow into it. Marchioness Yvette and a few of the Tenlindils have their lions, as well -- gives you something to go about with," he says, encouragingly.

Lyandra sniffed, in Arminel's general direction, a smile offered to Catlith, "You would not need to ship her *all* of the way to her new home, but a grand procession from here to the portals? It would be a perfect end to the celebrations." Do the thing right and all. "Don't worry, Your Majesty," this time that was to Catlith, with a conspiratorial grin, "I am certain we can order you one if you wish to spare yourself the trip down to the city center." Sylindra's comment brought laughter, "Well, I am afraid it is not blades we spar with, but he has spared me the indignity of having to regrow my eyebrows." She dipped her, head, excusing herself to go and retrieve two glasses of whatever wine or drink seemed the most interesting.

Danai enters the affair softly and shyly, looking for a place to observe, mostly a sea of strangers, though she gives an automatice smile and nod nod that grow a little wider as eyes spy those with whom whom she has had more countact, the deputy headmistress, gueylain, whom she noes as a priest of her patron and guildmaster zedmir who gets a longer look, as if she is pondering approach. she hesitates though upon seeing his nearness to the royal couple. However it is there wedding afterall and she'll have to make introduction. she moves to greet zedmir first, very sofly "Hello, lord zedmir"

"It's no problem at all," the Warlord replies to Escanor. "If my daughter desires an escort, a man of your stature is quite fitting."

“Well met friend.” Zedmir is quick to reply, matching the more quiet time.

Introductions made, Gureylain rests a hand on Forwen's shoulder before he drifts bac again, nodding to Escanor with a grin and a wink. Back to the edges, where it's less chaos.

"She's beautiful, Arminel," Catlith finally breathes, though it's difficult to say whether that note in her much-softened voice is one of a sweeping gratitude, awe at the lioness herself, or a very, very keen awareness of the possible danger rippling just beneath the lioness's skin. "Thank you." A slender hand is offered to the great cat, not quite daring to rest on her just yet, and in that first moment she's willing to take her eyes away from her new companion, they seek out Yvette, wherever she had gone to with that lioness of her own.

Nala, a golden lioness arrives, following Helene.

"I see my senses have dulled with age." Says Escanor when he turns his head to see Ember after a solid moment. At Ember's smile, He simply gives her a soft nod like he approves of it for tonight. Its a party, might as well light something on fire. He glances to Sylindra for a moment. "It is rare I go easy on individuals unless I know there is a clear difference between us in skill. Then I use the spar to teach and train my opponent. Fortunately, yourself and your son does not require this courtesy." He gives a bow of his head to Sylindra as she gives her blessing before he looks finally to Forwen. "And I am Escanor Serannar." He knows she already knew that, know, etiquette. He does raise a brow though for a moment as Forwen proclaims she wishes to speak with him about buffalos. "...and what do you wish to discuss about them, aside from their apparent usefulness for landscape paintings and food items?" He seems to look to Catlith and Arminel with a look of approval on his expression, before he looks back to Forwen, where his attention will lie for the moment.

Yvette has not gone anywhere. She's still in the chair she claimed. Or shall we say chair//s// since the one next to her holds a near-empty plate and an empty water glass. The woman is dozing, hands laced over too-large stomach and her own lioness is napping across her feet. Well, faux-napping. Those radar-ears are twitching and roaming this way and that. Kitty is definitely alert.

Arminel gives a pleased smile, nodding. "See, friends already. Like you, I'm sure she'd much prefer the portals to being cooped up for the full trip down, though.." he cautions, a touch wryly. His focus slides to Escanor and Forwen for a moment, unable to stifle a brief chuckle at his cousin's laconic reply to the elfess. He covers it with a drink from his wineglass.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Arminel before departing.

a floppy yet regal ginger cat named George have been dismissed.

Food items. Forwen mouthes the words, her blue eyes getting wider, if possible.. it even looks as if those wildly tangled curles of red have lifted a bit to wave on their own. Gurey will know it's coming, as her hand starts to grip his tightly. "FOOD ITEMS?! SKER are not FOOD ITEMS!" burst out above everything else... Even Nugget pokes her head out of under the food table.

The grip! Iron! Her madness has been roused and Gureylain is the victim of her wrath. How to voice his dismay? To enunciate the grip that threatens to bend bones!? "Glargk!"


Speaking of the Tenlindils and their lions, Lady General Helene Tenlindil and her lioness arrive... or, perhaps, return (?) to the festivities, as surely she would not have stepped out on an opportunity to stand by like a statue while the King engages in the perilous attitudes of matrimony. Now, however, Helene has consigned herself to a slow, pacing patrol of the grounds around the glade.

"Oh wow. Someone with a temper like mine!" Ember, for once more fascinated by a person than a flame. If only she hadn't vowed not to burn the wedding though, so she could take advantage of this approval of his. Instead, "Are you a pyromancer too? Would you like to be one? I could teach you."

It did not take long for Lyandra to return from a table strewn with drinks, and she offered a glass of golden summer wine to Escanor. She did not, though, interrupt the conversation between the small redhead she did not know, and the Warden, save to offer, "I would not agree to that, though I told, they will not fit through the portal to Nasherat." And with that, Lyandra stepped aside to allow herself to wander the party a bit, looking for those she had not yet met.

"Marchioness," Catlith calls out -- announces, really -- for a moment summoning up that priestess's voice, trained for raising to give sermons in grand, expansive halls. "It was the Monstalds who once taught me the ways of the Lorandi, when I was once Kinessi in your father's halls. It seems now you will have to teach me again, to be fierce enough to be equal to Kada-El." For Yvette's benefit, her head inclines to the lioness, whose back she finally dares to stroke with just the very tips of her fingers.

"They are animals, of course they are food," the Warlord points out to Forwen as she munches of on a bit of roast lamb. "I mean, I love my krilkar Malice dearly, and yet I can still tell you from experience that roast krilkar is delicious. I am looking forward some day to getting the chance to hunt some sker, as big as they hear they are, they should be an interesting challenge."

"I can confirm from my visit to the wastes krilkar is delicious. Mine was cooked very spicy... admittedly the ale needed to cool my tongue rendered the rest of the evening a blur, but that I woke up alone in the desert under my cloak implies I did nothing embarrassing." Gureylain offers.

Escanor seems rather deadpanned even when Forwen seems to express her extreme disapproval about eating Sker. Though they could probably feed a small town a piece and then some, so overhunting probably wouldn't be a problem. However, when Ember becomes involved, all Escanor does is give a single glance at her. A silent, mild scolding. It was nice that the Warlord seems to agree with him that Sker can be food. "I apologize if I offended." Escanor says in a neutral tone to Forwen, even if the young lady is probably looking to verbally smite somebody. Probably him.

"Wrestling." Yvette doesn't even open her eyes when she answers. Not at first, at least. She finally blinks a few times and looks at the approaching pair and Catlith's new companion. Sarabi, at her feet, lifts her head and lets out a big yawn; showing off her teefs. The Marchioness doesn't even try to sit up straighter. "A good wrestling match will show who's in charge."

Vindal exchanges a few quiet words with Zedmir then rises from his seat, carrying his empty plate and glass over toward the food tables to refill them. But, this is when his osprey, Ariel, decides to make her reappearance. Swooping down toward his shoulder almost as if he were a fish she meant to catch, she lands hard and then chirrups at him. There's a message tied to her leg. He sighs, sets the plate and glass down with other empty, used dishes, and then reads the message. Another sigh. Collecting Ursula from beneath the food tables, where she's been dutifully making sure no scrap of food goes to waste, he strides over toward the happy new couple and gives another bow, not quite so deep, but with a sweep of his hat again. "Your Majesties, congratulations again, but I'm being called back to Lorawin on Trident business," he says, sounding both apologetic and exhausted all at once. He turns, then, and with a wave of his hat to Sylindra on his way south from the glade, makes his exit.

Ursula, the friendly eelhound, Ariel, the industrious osprey leave, following Vindal.

Arminel looks terribly amused by this all, but it's difficult to tell for sure, given that the Serannar is mostly hiding his expression behind his wineglass. "Plenty of food here this evening -- no need to worry over hypothetical additions to the food supply," remarks Arminel, snagging a bit of cheese from a passing server. "Thank you for coming, Wave Whisperer. I'm sure we'll speak again soon -- please give Talien my best," offers Arminel, to the departing Aeran.

He looks over, arching a brow as Yvette enters on in to the conversation from her perch over yonder. "I'm....honestly, I'm not entirely sure if she's joking or not..." Arminel stage-whispers, to the group around him.

The Warlord grins at King Arminel, "She's not, if you want a predator to respect you, pinning them down always gets the job done."

Shakian needs to head out as well. He keeps a good grip on Puss' scruff. "Thank you for the invitation, your majesty. Your majesties," he corrects to include Catlith. "I will update the family trees and such to refelct this union of our families this evening." He gives Forwen a warning look and takes th etiger cub away.

Ember sighs into her glass, no doubt hiding a sulking expression. Here she is, extending the hand of corrup...friendship, but noooooo. And there is a moment where she looks like she's going to comment about Sylindra's observation - lifting the glass away from her lips. But, the lack of humor on most faces at the moment suggests perhaps she should keep her ill advised quips to herslef. So she just sidles on backwards a bit to refill her glass.

Helene's most recent round of the grounds eventually sends her into a meander toward Lord Guildmaster Zedmir, though she doesn't so much approach him directly as she simply ends up standing somewhere by his side to ask, "How are you finding the festivities, Lord Zedmir?" The General's tone is somewhat flat, but not sarcastically so.

Puss leaves, following Shakian.

Danai blinks and looks around noting something or perhaps the absence of something as she gamely approaches the royal couple "greetings your majesties. I'm danai egillion i wish to congulate you on your marriage. a union between kinships is surely an auspicious day. though i am no one of station, lord zedmir has spoken so highly of you both i could not resist the chance to make your acquantance" She blushes

There are a number of things that happen at once. First... Nugget, hearing her mistress's distress lifts her massive body out of under the food table to run towards Forwen... things probably fall, though no knocking table sideways! There is a large tiger sprinting towards Gurey and Forwen, and company. Forwen blinks before her gaze flickers to Sylindra. "I wasn't talking to you." even as she steps hard on Gurney's foot! But then.. well it's Escanor who she is staring at.. her freckles bright beacons across her red face as hands grip and ungrip... aren't we glad someone told Forwen that wearing her war clever with her dress wasn't a good idea? Sloow breath in... slow breath out... "Sker are gentle creatures, they are beautiful as they are big and they have the biggest softest brown eyes you have ever seen." said slowly. Then her head lifts a little, little chin quivering but that jaw is set. Maybe it's the look from her Uncle but whatever it is. "You and I are not done, Warden." then looking to Ember there is a small frown. "My husband does that.. sometimes he doesnt' even burn down the trees when he does."

The Warlord just starts laughing at Forwen's brusque brushing off. "I wish Qahir was here to look mortified at all this," she comments between bursts of laughter.

i "Really? Only sometimes? That means sometimes he /does/." Ember posits, becoming animated again for a brief moment."I should definitely talk with your spouse. We can compare notes on combustible things. But nothing combustible here. I promise." She looks at Arminel and Catlith at that. She remembers that she promised! "No blowing things up at the wedding celebration." she reminds herself. "Tell us more about Sker, then. So that we understand." she prompts, encouraging Forwen. Because this is the kind of thing she does.

With a nod. “General. I always enjoy these, a chance to see friends old and new. How are you this fine day?”

Lyandra checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 20, rolling 63 higher.

"I suspect that the Marchioness has *vastly* overestimated my ability to do much of anything besides shriek and, if my timing is good and fate is kind, possibly hit someone with a stick," Catlith 'murmurs', loud enough to that to call her discreet would be entirely laughable. No, she quite meant for all those sharing their opinions on wrestling predators, be it Yvette or Sylindra, to hear her. She then shakes her head once again before resuming her place at Arminel's side, the hand that had been idly stroking the lioness -- to a reply of rippling skin and a great streeeeeeeeetch with claws that scrape on stone -- now seeking out his. With fingers laced, she draws his arm about her waist, though surely the awkward angle which that leaves hers bent at must be less than ideally comfortable.

To Danai, she offers a surprisingly gentle look, though it unfortunately never quite eases the weight of Catlith's eyes. "I am grateful, madame, to serve the Aeran well by joining our people together in such an alliance. And grateful too, to be welcomed by the Lorandi with such warmth and kindness as it seems they offer even when I am not there to hear it."

"So," Lyandra offered, as she returned to the small cluster of guests. "You will only eat a thing if you find it ugly or distasteful to your standards? That is rather short sighted. I think my cousin might have some insight into that." Lyandra still had her glass in hand, lifting it to take a small sip, "Establishing dominance is indeed a time honoured tradition. it is, after all, how we Thalerith win our spouses." As the tiger ub tramples its way over, Lyandra swung around, glancing along the path of its approach, anything which was tossed aside or in danger of breaking quickly and perfectly righting itself.

Grumbling at the stomp, Gureylain looks to Forwen with a savage sort of frown before stepping out of arm and foot range of the little redhead, brow raising.

"No, no, let's not discount that advice offhand," comes Arminel's reply, a grin tugging at his expression at Catlith's reply. He watches the scene before him over his wineglass a bit longer, before turning at Danai's approach, mid-way through his selection of cheese. He smiles, quickly, then dips his head in thanks. "I remember us meeting, Danai. I'm very glad you were able to join us in celebrating --- it's been too long since I've caught up with Diagones. Please pass her our greetings."

"The Solaris Order has a gym." Yvette finally opens her eyes more fully, regarding Catlith and Arminel both. "I'm sure Uncle Gureylain can give you some instruction. But if you don't learn to aggressively cuddle that lion of yours, you'll never achieve dominance."

Escanor's hands remain clasped behind his back when Forwen suggests that its not over about their discussion, to which Escanor nods. "So it would appear." His attention shifts briefly to Ember for a moment before he shakes his head before he turns his attention to Catlith for a brief moment at her 'murmer'. Alas, he seems to fall into a silence for a moment. He does finally bow to Yvette. "Grandmaster."

"I am pleased that our King has found his match," the Lorandi General replies to the Guildmaster, somehow managing to sound somewhat rueful all the same. There is a slight pause inserted in Helene's reply as she takes a moment to carefully watch the goings on around Arminel for a few moments before picking her own quiet conversation again. Zedmir murmurs something to her in hushed tones, but Helene replies without employing the same subdued volume. "As do I, but we must always remain vigilant."

Danai nods "My cousin is well your majesty and I shall be certain to pass on your greeting. she has taken note of the conversation around her and returns to within whispering distance of the guildmaster and leans in again

Hearing his name, Gureylain turns towards Yvette, brow raised at the second part of her comment, "Cuddling lions to establish dominance..." lips pursing, "Well I suppose that's one way to do it..."

"First of all.. Qahir believes me, supports me and.." looking to Lyandra. " in Nerea, I am not in Filinnar.. so think about that." which lets face it, is rather funny when you think about the tiny Aeran next to her seven foot husband. "Second This isn't a discussion I am having with the Thalerith." to which she turns to Ember and Escanor and there is a softening there to the little elve's blue eyes. It is Ember she answers. "I can't, no one believes me. I am just going to have to prove it. But right now... right now it is a bad idea to hunt the Sker." wrinkling her nose as suddenly she has a chest full of rumbly, purry tiger, which she wrap her arms around and buries her face into the warm fur, taking a deep breath.

A few murmured words pass between the hosts and, whatever it was that was said has left Catlith smirking just so, as if she had said or done something terribly clever and was very pleased with herself as a result. It's an expression that passes quickly enough, her gray eyes turning to Escanor just in time to catch his look. One black brow arches at the expression. "Have I thoroughly disheartened you with that reality, Lord Warden, or is that the expression of a man quietly resigned to doubling his guard? I will not," she advises, "hold it against you if you wish to sigh very dramatically at me."

"Perhaps, if you wished to have a private conversation, you should not have begun it by berating the Warden in the middle of a wedding feast in full view and hearing of all of their Majesties' guests." Flashing a smile that was entirely unphased by the young Aeran's, "Indeed, youa re *not* of House Filinnar. May the blood of the Thalerith which Qahir brings to Nerea strengthen that bloodline." She glanced to Escanor, "Escanor, I am going to wander for some food. Find me if you have need."

"Huh. Well then. I, for one, shall not hunt Sker for the time being. Not that most people trust me to actually hunt, see. Since I tend to roast the prey before it can be brought back and..." Ember rambles, stopping and then clearing her throar. "Hopefully we can speak soon, Forwen." She's intrigued! But, she also must go. So she incines her head towards the others, drinks the rest of what is in her glass, and then gives a slight curtsy towards Arminel and Catlith. "Congratulations again, Your Majesties. On behalf of House Palinnar. We hope to see you at our stables soon. If you'll pardon me." The brightest smile is saved for her adoptive parent of course, briefly given before she spins away to hurry out.

"I'm afraid it is neither. Merely giving you a brief moment of attention at your words, your majesty." Escanor says in a neutral tone, suggesting honesty in his words. Then though, he looks upon Lyandra at her words, a light look of approval in his eyes before he nods to her. "As you say, Lyandra. Though I have a mind that will be sooner than later." He does look to Arminel and Catlith, giving both an apologetic look for the recent situation. At Ember's exit, he nods. "Safe travels." Though his attention lies on Forwen for the moment, but he does not grace her reply with a response. Instead, his attention falls on Helene. "General. It is good to see you in good health."

"Of course he supports Forwen, that's why he married you, and I do think you're both happier in Nerea than you would have been in Filinnar. I just like seeing you two together, you are adorable," the Warlord replies to Forwen with casual ease.

"Warden," Yvette says to Escanor, dipping her head in a nod to him. "Congratulations on the new appointment. I look forward to how you intend to use the beasts to benefit the Lorandi people." To Gureylain, she holds up a hand, "Ah, -aggressively- cuddle, Uncle, since our new Queen seems to balk at the idea of wrestling her new lion companion."

"We haven't ruled that out yet, Marchioness!" Arminel calls over, helpfully.

“Our legion of matchmakers must be so pleased.” Zedmir remarks to Helene. “Gala be with who they set their sights upon next, for they are unrelenting.” he says with a knowing chuckle

"I never did, Dear Yvette - with Crynshear. Firm word, the occasional guiding hand. Our relationship is a mutual respect." meanwhile Gureylain's tiger lays on his side, tail flicking, purring with Vana on his neck.

Forwen leans up and kisses Gurey's cheek... having to step to him since he moved out of striking range. "We will talk soon. Send Imiri home when she and Toot are done playing. Love you." then taking Nugget in hand slips through the people until she can get to the side of the new Queen of the Lorandi, who also gets a kiss to her cheek. "Love you Cat, be happy." before she is pulling the tiger back towards the trees.

"I will try my utmost, cousin," Catlith reassures the departing Forwen, tilting her head just so, just long enough to offer one milk-white cheek. "Thank you for your kindness today."

Gilleon, the slightly pudgy possum have been dismissed.

Helene delivers her reply to Zedmir in an absolute deadpan: "I am aware." She, too, is another young and single Lorandi noblewoman, in spite of her often-times leaning into only claiming the title of General instead of the more accurate 'Lady General'.

Blushing at the kiss, Gureylain rises from where he bent to accept the kiss - to the King and Queen he bows to give his attentions before he starts to turn - before they have a chance to unleash glittery vengeance.

Arminel, finishing his wineglass and setting it aside, claps his hands together. "Perhaps we ought to let folks find their way back to the portals before it gets much later," he suggests, leaning to Catlith a moment. Nevermind that it also may give the newlyweds a moment or two to eat, themselves. "I'll see about fetching that land-ship to the portals," he remarks, with a helpful look cast over to Lyandra at that. "

Lyandra, happy to leave the conversation for a time, began to select bits and bobs from the table of food, each selection levitating itself onto the plate which hovered close to Lyandra's side. It was rather a large pile, in the end, clearly more than a single person could eat. Once she had made her choices, she wandered back towards where she had left the small group, just in time to hear Arminel's comment, "Of course, Your Majesty, I will order one to be sent from the stables." Out of the woodwork, Lya's small elemental appeared, waiting patiently while she pulled a bit of scroll from the small pouch at his waist, and once she had written the message, he scampered off at best speed.

"I do believe something was said about a rather large procession to the portal to Torendaar as a possible alternative," Catlith answers, finally setting down her own glass -- a glass which has been long empty and, despite the great wealth of refreshments available, all that she's touched since their arrival from the shrine. "Personally, I would like to see if a land-ship might fit *through* the portals, though it is a relief to know that either way, I well be well-escorted to my new home. Thank you all."

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