Meeting & Greeting

Lost track of what number we are on, so started a new title. Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia invites members of all Kinships to come together at the Cascade Tea House to meet, greet, chat, eat, and just good old fashioned get to know each other. DOn't have anything to do and want to meet new people? This is the event to do it at! Enjoy!


Feb. 6, 2020, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Darinel Iridessa


Shakian Talien Lyandra Elstrin Sylindra Forwen Arminel Escanor Daechir



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Cascade Terrace Tea - Tea Gallery

Largesse Level



Triton, A Scarred Eelhound, Sabre, An Obnoxious Raven arrive, following Talien.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Food and drink ables of various sizes are set up featuring wines, soft drinks, hard liquors, various food bits and appetizers for people to eat from all of the various cultures of the Kinships, and there may also be cake and other desserts too. The seating tables in the tea house are neatly arranged to allow for easy mingling.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Food and drink tables of various sizes are set up featuring wines, soft drinks, hard liquors, various food bits and appetizers for people to eat from all of the various cultures of the Kinships, and there may also be cake and other desserts too. The seating tables in the tea house are neatly arranged to allow for easy mingling.

Shakian looks bemused at the sight of a tea house. He gives Darinel a small wave before leading Puss, the tiger cub, to a corner. "May we have a dish of water, please?" he asks the waitelf before zeroing in on a nice piece of fish for himself.

Darinel is seated at the table by the waterfall, enjoying a glass of wine; that is until people start arriving and then she goes into total hostess mode. She gives Shakian a warm smile. "Shakian, so good to see you coming back to one of these," she winks at him, then glances to see the next person arriving, offering. "Welcome to the Meet and Greet. It's been awhile since I held one, and so I figured it'd be a good time to go ahead and have another. Do please come in, grab some food and drink, and feel free to mingle."

The Meet and Greet's are not something that Talien typically ventures too, but having been in Thelos already, the Admiral obviously felt as if it couldn't hurt. Opening the door to the Tea House, there's a sharp look given to the eelhound at his side and a snapped little command of, "Behave." Then, he's stepping further into the room, gaze playing about and lingering upon those that have already made their way here.

Iridessa arrives at the Tea House wearing a kind, easy smile as the large white-grey snow wolf Kiba follows obdiently at her heels. As she's greeted, she beams a bright and cheerful smile at Darinel, saying "Thank you very much~" in a warm voice as she moves to look over the available snacks and drinks. Her focus is appearent on non-Faenor dishes as she looks over the array of delights for what she wants to sample.

"And if we have not met before," Darinel goes on to say, "I am Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia. It's a pleasure to meet everyone," she grins somewhat as she goes to take her seat again. She might already have some delicacies from every kinship in front of her. She inclines her head to Talien. "Admiral. I don't usually see you at these events," she remarks, offering him a warm smile. "Hopefully there's a morsel or two here that takes your fancy." And there even seems to be a serving station for companion animals, it seems!

Sura, a Sand Elemental arrives, following Lyandra.

Shakian takes his cue from the Hostess with the Mostest. "I'm Right Hand Shakian Nerea, for those of you who don't know me." He indicates the cub. "This is Puss. Please don't feed him. He'll eat anything and then we'll have to go for a long walk."

The first person to catch the Admiral's attention is Darinel and there's a quick little curl of his lips to a grin as he dips a slight nod towards her, "I don't typically drag my ass along to these, Darinel. But, I figured that since I was in the neighbourhood, it couldn't hurt." A half shrug joins the statement and then he's making his way over towards a table to claim a drink, eelhound following along almost begrudingly. Then, people are introducing themselves and once a drink has been claimed, he's turning to survey the crowd, "Admiral Talien Reymar. Don't even ask about the eelhound."

A bit late to the party, that was for certain, but Lyandra had arrived at least. With her small elemental not far behind her, though that small thing wandered off nearly as soon as they were inside the door, leaving the Filinnar to wander herself over towards where she saw the largest cluster of people gathered.

Elstrin slides into the tea house behind Iridessa and her wolf, skipping to the side and angering the ball of white fluff perched on her head. In protest to the quick movement, the pudgy, little snow owl shakes about while the kinlessa moves further into the tea house. She turns to smile at Iridessa, "Good evening." She stops shortly away from Darinel and nods, "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you Kinlessa Alcaldia. I'm Kinlessa Elstrin Naevon. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Then to Shakian, "And yours as well Shakian, though I already count some of your kin as friends and hopefully can add your name to that list."

Darinel gives Talien an amused look, both at his comment and his introduction. "Why, that sounds like a challenge, Admiral, but I'll leave you to your privacy on that particular point, even if it does seem like quite a juicy story waiting to be told," she winks at Talien, her eyes sparkling a bit as she teases him.. "I created the meet and greets as a way to get the Kinships to start mingling with one another. I think they're important, more than ever, with the everyone out exploring. It's a good way to make contacts, and give or ask for aid from others. Plus, you get free food and drink provided by House Alcaldia, so win win." She then looks to Elstrin as she introduces herself. She inclines her head to the Duindar woman. "A pleasure to meet you as well," she tells her, though she raises a brow a bit when she learns Elstrin knows quite a few Nerea already. Food for thought!

Shakian looks a little surprised Elstrin's statement. "You do? Would it be my niece, Forwen? I hear she's taking the opportunity of exploring our new world as often as she can."

"Triton loves to tell the story, Darinel. But it tends to involve people almost losing fingers." Talien is glancing to the eelhound with a smirk, only to then look back over towards Darinel, smirk dancing to a grin as he offers another little incline of his head. As others make their introductions, he's regarding them a moment, offering a slight nod of his head should they look his way and then he's silent a moment, savoring his drink as he merely listens to the going-ons of the crowd.

And Lyandra, having been left to her own devices, and clearly having either not a shred of common sense, or far too much curiosity, made, not only a beeline for the largest cluster, but straight for the eelhound, which, from the expression, was a thing she had never seen before. "Lyandra Filinnar. Deputy Headmistress of the Acadeum." That was offered with a smile to the group. "May I?" That...was actually to the eelhound himself.

Darinel glances to the eelhound in question. "Well then, I'll let him keep his story to himself," she remarks to Talien before glancing over at Lyandra. "Good to see you again, Lyandra," she smiles at the Filinnar woman. "How are things with you and your family?" she asks conversationally.

Elstrin nods at Shakian, "Yes, Forwen is the one I've had the most contact with. I'm familiar with Viessa and Telimus as well, though I suppose we won't count Telimus since he's my cousin by birth." She turns to review the available food and drink before settling on some alcohol from outside of Duindar. Something she doesn't get as often as it should be. Lyandra's entrance causes her to turn and watch the woman walk right up to the eelhound. "Good Evening Lyandra."

Shakian ahs. "Then we are distant cousins by marriage." He looks around at the gathering. "Although, at our ages and the ages of our people, I imagine we are all cousins by marriage somehow, if we go back far enough."

Iridessa smiles back brightly at Elstrin, before taking a moment to finally pick out a few sweets onto a plate and stepping back from the food table lightly. She ends up near Darinel, smiling warmly as she says "And it's a lovely idea to get all our people to mingle and interact rather than thinking they need only rely on their Kinship and family." she says warmly with a smile. "Strong bonds and friendship are as important to survival as they are to prosperity."

"Headmistress," is the polite greeting that Talien offers to Lyandra, following by a smile and an incline of his head. Though, when she seems to ask that final question of the eelhound, Triton doesn't seem at all impresesd. Lips curl back into a snarl, revealing a double row of jagged, razor sharp teeth, which only has the Admiral chuckling low in the back of his throat, "Triton. That's enough." It does't diminish the creatures snarl by much, but the eelhound does seem to 'relax' a bit, if one could call it that, "This one is far from friendly, unlike his brethren."

Lyandra grinned as Darinel addressed her, "I feel I have not seen you in an age, Darinel. They fare well. The Warlord is...the Warlord. Joran is a Flame Seer now. Papa is...oh, about the same as ever. How're yours?" Close enough now, she offered a smile as well to Elstrin, "Elder Elstrin. Wonderful to see you. Thank you for giving your blessings to the the keep, I hope you didn't mind the choice of name." There was just a hint of cheek in that comment. That toothy grin from the eelhound seemed to delight Lyandra, who, clearly having no fear for life or limb, crouched down so as to either appear less threatening, or make her neck a more suitable target, "You remind me of a krilkar I know in Nasherat." She glanced away at Talien, "I have never seen such a creature before."

Malice, a lithe and deadly Krilkar, Jiro, ever vigilant condor arrive, following Sylindra.

Darinel raises a brow faintly at Shakian. "Perhaps. Perhaps not. Granted, I haven't gone back to trace Alcaldia's family history, though that is a project that I've been working on somewhat, lately. I have no idea if any of the information I find will be useful. I'm starting with information on my father, which sounds silly, but, well. . . he focused more on training me to lead the house and not so much anything about himself personally, and I feel like I didn't get to know him all that well." She grins over at Iridessa. "I'm always willing to help those of other Kinships, if I'm able. We just seem so spread apart with the explorations going on now than we ever did before. So, I figured the time was right for another of these events." She glances back to Lyandra and nods. "I have met Joran! And he and I talked a bit. I had planned, at some point, to talk to him more about being Flame Seer and things associated with that."

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling, Daffi-Dil, the loveable hedgehog, Nugget, tiger cub runt arrive, following Forwen.

"House Reymar found them during one of their explorations. Most have a temperant of a hound .. but I got the one that is more viscious wolf, then common pet." Talien curls his lips to a grin at Lyandra, watching as the woman kneels down in front of Triton, which only causes the eelhound to arch his rear and lower onto front paws, as if he's debating leaping at her, "Just don't stick your fingers in front of his face and we should be fine. Or do, if having them used as a chew toy is your thing." Glass is lifted to his lips, small sip taken before it's lowered back down.

The Warlord of the Thalerith enters the tea house followed as usual by Malice, her giant stalking murder lizard, who may or may not have just been mentioned in conversation. "Kinlessa Darinel Alcadia!" she calls out at the host. "I heard you were holding another of these wonderful events of yours, and I just had to make time to for it. How have you been faring?"

"If that is the case, Admiral, I shall dangle my right hand, as it is my offhand and genrally quite useless." Lyandra, having heard some snippet of the conversations going on around her, glanced towards Shakian, "Indeed we are. I am second and third and so on cousin to nearly all of House Ingith, through my grandfather, though I think only Lord Heir Garett has ever publically admitted to the fact." This, was, clearly, not a disappointment to Lyandra. "If you cannot catch up with Joran, you should seek out Jarlanen Sedriel, our Flame Speaker. I've seen him out and about in Thelos." She glanced back at the sound of the Warlord's voice, leaning sideways just slightly to murmur to Triton, "I see the resemblance, don't you?"

For someone so small and at times so sneaky.. Forwen can make a lot of racket before actually appearing. Her voice heard long before the door opens to let her in. "I am coming stop pulling so hard, put me on my arse again and someone is going to have a new rug!" A moment later Nugget is through the door dragging the tiny redhead with her. Forwen's curls have fallen in her face so that she can barely see, the girl puffing at them over and over so they flutter upwards only to fall back down. In her other hand lays a fat little hedgehog who is happily eating a piece of melon and completely unaware of her chances of getting dropped or landed on. As soon as they are all inside, Forwen just lets go of the leash, stopping her own forward movement and sending Nugget careening into Puss and landing on top of the other tiger with a purry pounce just as a little sister should.

Darinel inclines her head to Lyandra, "I shall do that," she assures her, then peers about the room when she hears her name being called. She beams a bright smile at Sylindra. "Warlord. A pleasure to see you again. There's all sorts of foods and drinks, as per usual. Help yourself. Lyandra was just telling me how things were with your family, I hear congratulations are in order for Joran's new position." Then she hears Forwen coming in, "Speak of the befamed explorer, and she comes!" she calls out, waving Forwen over. "Did you ever decide what to do with the dreamstone for your help with Reverie?" she asks.

Iridessa listens to the conversation as she nibbles on her choosen sweets. She nods with a smile at Darinel's response about helping other Kinships and the spread out nature of their explorations. The warm smile never falters as she watches and listens for the time while her wolf sits beside her leaning against her leg looking more a fluffy dog than snow wolf. When Sylindra calls out as she enters, Iridessa lets out a soft chuckle, before looking with a touch of concern at the bouncing band of adorable critters around Forwen.

"An approving action, Headmistress," is what Talien offers to Lyandra at the notion of sacrificing the offhand. His gaze then shifts about the room, giving a little nod to those newcomers that arrive, only for him to then offer up a called greeting to Sylindra of, "Warlord. Good to see you." Then, he's looking to Triton and then to Malice and back again, a low chuckle hinting in the back of his throat before the newest arrival catches his attention and his gaze shifts to Forwen, offering her a little nod.

Shakian carefully stands away from the tussling tiger cubs as though he is once bitten, twice shy. "I'm surprised you got here so quickly," he tells Forwen. "Your ears must have just started burning a few moments ago." He indicates Elstrin. "The Kinlessa and I were just talking about you. Nothing good at all, I assure you."

As the noise outside increases, Elstrin takes a sip of her drink and nods at Darinel, "Yes, I believe that should be Forwen any moment now." Her attention divides for a moment, approving of Shakian's comment and assuring Lyandra the name was fine with a grin, before centering back on the Warlord, "Evening Warlord, good to see you again. Here to enjoy a little alcohol and trouble? I hear that we should be congratulating you on a recent promotion within your family."

"Defamed?! Why am I defamed?" Forwen puffs again, fluttering the curls and blinking at Darinel. "No.. ummm it's in a drawer somewhere I think." Now totally ignoring the tigers as they wrestle. Talien gets a tongue stuck out at him. Before she is blinking at her Uncle, eyes narrowing a little. *Puff... flutter...* "No.. why? What did Talien call me?"

"Befamed, not defamed. Famous! Woman, famous!" Darinel corrects for Forwen, grinning. "You've been off boat hopping and exploring with other Kinships. Probably the first of us to cross that barrier and do so."

Malice does indeed have a certain similarity to Triton, the battle scars, the unfriendly demeanour, the look in her eye like she'll bite anyone's face off if her mistress would simply let her. She and Triton have met before, and the weariness to the two animals indicates they haven't yet settled on whether to be friends or enemies. Fortunatley with all the people around, it does not look like they intend to settle it just this moment. Warlord Sylindra however is paying little heed to that, instead she returns Admiral Talien's nod, "Admiral, good to see you as well. I trust all is well in Lorawyn?" Then to Darinel she says, "Ah yes, Joran expressed interest in walking the path of the Flame Seers some time ago, and has been one of their number for well over a year now. One intersting consequence of this is that he is now under tutalage of all three heads of the Thalerith government: Myself the Warlord, General Karagoth, and now Flame Speaker Jarlanen."

Warlord Sylindra flashes a grin to the gathered after saying that last part, "He has also been intiated into the Priesthood of Estril as well. I believe my son is destined for great things, along with his sister Lyandra here, who is not even a hundred and already is the #3 at the Gallthryn Acaedum."

Shakian points out, more obviously teasing, "You'll notice she says 'Why?' not 'What?' But Kinlessa Darinel has a good point. I'm glad you and Zelda are finding new places and things while I stay stuck in the tower."

"As well as one might expect, Warlord. I havn't managed to sink any ships yet, so that's a bonus." A curl of his lips to a grin and then Talien is letting his gaze drift over in the direction of Forwen, brow arching a touch as he gives a little shake of his head, "I've said absolutely nothing about you, Forwen. Rest assured."

"I am *nearly* a hundred. Less than a decade, a drop in the well of time," was Lyandra answer, as she rose, offering Triton and the Admiral a bow, before she wandered off to give her greetings to Sylindra and Malice, before she went to find herself something to eat and drink.

Forwen looks back to Darinel, biting her lip. "Ohh!. Umm.. Nerea's not paying for it! I pay my own." defends really fast then blinks at Shak before looking back and grinning. "We found Buffalos though, that was pretty crazy. They are HUGE! Like big as a whale.. and soft soft eyes." the tiny Nerea warming up quickly.

Darinel wrinkles her nose at Shakian. "You just recently told me you're about to settle Beleg Miog, so that should be something exciting to look forward to! And about time!" It wasn't that long ago that Darinel may have been voiciferous about how much Nerea was exploring; now she's teasing them about how much they're not! "If you ever need help with anything, we're glad to be of service. We're about ready to either strike out for an new exploration, or raise one of our wooden keeps to a stone keep soon." She grins to Sylindra then. "Well, congratulations are in order all around then." She looks to Forwen, blinking. "Er. Okay?" she seems confused about her defensiveness on who is paying. "So long as you are having fun exploring new things?" she queries. Then she narrows her eyes. "Big as whales you say? How do they move about the land then without the water supporting them? Whales are huge!"

King Wisequack the duck arrives, following Arminel.

"I remember being a hundred. Oh, to be young once more." Elstrin muses as age is brought up, swirling her drink around the cup. She smiles at Sylindra as the explanation is given, "If he is anything like you, I believe that he will make great accomplishments come to him." A grin given before she takes a sip from the alochol in her hand. She slides through the throng of people to head over towards Talien. "Good Evening Admiral. I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself in a more personal manner, one admiral to another." She indicates Talian, "Admiral Talien Reymar," Then she indicates herself, "Admiral Elstrin Naevon. Might be that we have similar interests to discuss."

When Lyandra takes her leave, Talien is offering her a slight incline of his head, only to then turn to make his way towards one of the available chairs by the bar, mug coming to be set atop the surface of it. Triton, for his part, seems to ignore everyone else and follows after the Admiral, only to curl up on the floor near to the stool.

When Lyandra takes her leave, Talien is offering her a slight incline of his head, only to then turn to make his way towards one of the available chairs by the bar, mug coming to be set atop the surface of it. Triton, for his part, seems to ignore everyone else and follows after the Admiral, only to curl up on the floor near to the stool. Elistrin's greeting draws his attentoin and his gaze turns to her, an incline of his head coming to be offered, "Well, you have similiar interests with all the Aeran, then." A quick little grin is given, "You lead the Duidnar's Navy, then, I take it?"

Talien has joined the Mirror-backed Bar.

"They are Sker Buffalo..."Forwen sort of steps to one side for a moment as the tiger cubs..that are almost the size of gown tigers without the mass, tumble through the room then reaches into her pocket to give Daffi (the hedgehog) another bit of melon as she continues to explain. Puffing at her curls all along. "..... water... they came out of the river and were as big as the ship."

Arminel comes in, fashionably late and preceded by a portly little duck who makes a beeline for the food tables. The Serannar lifts a shoulder as his little familiar makes its way over for the food, choosing to angle towards the drinks, himself. "Good morning, all," he greets, offering a smile around as he steps on over. "I hope the last Kinship to show isn't on the hook for the bill," he remarks, perusing the wine table. He'll offer to split a bottle with whomever is standing nearby.

Iridessa smiles brightly at Arminel when he greets the those at the meet and greet, calling out "Greetings King Arminel Serannar~" in a warm voice with a nod as she finishes the last of her sweets. Her plate is politely taken by one of the waitelves, and a glass of wine replaces it that she sips lightly from.

Darinel chuckles softly at Arminel. "Everything is already paid for," she tells him. "So no worries there," she winks. "I hear congratulations are soon to be in order for you as well King Arminel. I shall not be able to make the wedding, but I do hope it will be a grand affair." A messenger comes up to Darinel and she frowns a bit. "Oh. It looks like I need to go see to something, but do please keep the party running."

Shakian looks around when he hears the king being greeted.

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As it happens Warlord Sylindra has wandered over to the drinks table as well, though she shakes her head at the King Arminel's offer to split a bottle. "Only half a bottle Good King?" she asks with a smile as she grabs an entire bottle for herself. "Surely you can handle more than that!"

Darinel has left the Table Overlooking the Garden.

Arminel enters and all Forwen's attention shifts towards the King of the Lorandi, her bright blue eyes narrowing as she studies him for a moment. Then without finishing any of her conversations, she crosses to Arminel, stopping close enough that the little elf needs to tip her head to look up at him. "Hello, I am Forwen Nerea... you are Arminel right?" not waiting for the confirmation. "See them.." nodding back to the other Aerans. "they just care about alliances, which they should that this their job.. but see, Cat, she is my Cat... so I just want to let you know, be nice to her. Otherwise I can be really sneaky." pauses as she reaches for the leash to one of the wrestling tigers. "Also be nice to the Sker.. they are really sweet. And Cute duck." fishing out a handful of corn and dropping it in front of the duck. "See you at the wedding. And congradulations. Come on Nugget, we need to find that stupid bird." as she starts for the door, leaving just about as noisey as she entered.

Lyandra, lover of sweets, took her time with selecting her plate, notably not selecting anything from the Thalerith offerings, for those were known to her. A few bites of everything ended up on her plate, as well as a mug, not a cup, of tea, which she carried over to one of the free places set aside for use of the group. Curious now, Sura made his way back over, the sand elemental appearing from wherever he had wandered off to and climbing into Lyandra's lap. The Lorandi King caught her attention, or perhaps it was simply the duck that made up his kingly procession.

Elstrin nods at Talien. "Yes, as amusing as that might be to Aeran, I am the admiral of the Duindar naval forces." As the king arrives, she takes a moment to smile at the king, "It's a pleasure to meet you King Serannar." Her attention returns to Talien and she continues. "I'm hopeful that we can put all of this nasty business behind us and go back to being friends. Wynnimir is even an officer of our Navy now. I thought he would feel more at home on a ship once more, rather than starved of the sea on land."

"Ah, High Priestess, excellent, Here, hold one of these..." greets the Serannar, quickly passing the Faenor a wineglass that he's filled with a bottle of red from the drink table. He sets about pouring himself a second, which is shortly thereafter raised in Darinel's direction. "I'm grateful, Kinlessa Alcaldia, thank you," he replies, flashing a smile in the Aeran's direction. "I look forward to sharing the day with both our Kinship and yours."

At Sylindra's approach, Arminel lifts a shoulder, rising to the challenge. He holds the bottle in one hand, and his wineglass in the other. He seems about to reply cleverly to the Thalerith before Forwen approaches. His eyebrows rise a bit. "I.....see," he comments, through a mouthful of chocolate that he's apparently procured from somewhere. Swallowing, he nods sagely. "You have my word to treat the Sker with the utmost of care," he promises. "...Catlith as well," he adds.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling, Daffi-Dil, the loveable hedgehog, Nugget, tiger cub runt leave, following Forwen.

"Your Majesty," is what Talien offers to Arminel upon his arrival, only to then look towards Forwen, a little shake of his head being given before his gaze returns to Elstrin, "Ahh, not at all amusing. Many of the other Kinships are in a position to establish navies at this point in time." There's a pause in then a curl of his lips to a smile as he gives a nod of his head towards Elstrin once more, "I, and the other Aeran Leaders, have a meeting with your leadership to discuss the possibility of being friends." The mention of Wynnimir draws a chuckle to his lips, "I'm sure that was greatly appreciated. There are not many of the Aeran who prefer to be stuck upon the land, I will admit."

Arminel reaches to clink his bottle against Sylindra's, nodding to Elstrin. "Kinlessa. Good to see you in person -- I keep meaning to tell Lady Elonai to reach out, has she sent word yet?" he asks, inquiring after the Naevon's counterpart in the Lorandi navy. It's Talien whom the Serannar looks toward next, flashing the Admiral a friendly smile in greeting. "Admiral," he returns, remaining near the drink table for the moment.

Iridessa chuckles softly for a moment, smiling warmly as she accepts the glass from Arminel. She watches and listens to the conversation and interplays with interest as she sips on the wine from her orignal glass. At the mention of navies and kinships, she does remark in an amused tone "I don't think I'd agree. Boats tend to fare poorly I'd imagine on rocks and snow." with a warm, amused smile.

The Warlord shakes her head with a chuckle after Forwen departs. "She married my cousin Qahir, and she is always like that, very intense and full of energy, suddenly here one moment then gone in a flash the next. They make quite a pair," she explains to King Arminel as she clinks her bottle to his in return. She then uncorks said bottle and takes a long pull from it, not bothering with a chalice or for that matter decorum.

Lyandra, for a time, seemed entirely content to watch the conversations as they carried on around her. As she ate, she shared a bite of each with Sura, though his beak was not made for elven food and so the young elf spent more time magicking away the crumbs that fell onto her robes than actually finding anything tooth--beaksome for the elemental to eat.

Elstrin nods at Talien, "Yes, with Consul Alexandria Laenorin. The Imperator and Consul made the houses aware of it." She quickly moves on, taking a drink from her alcohol. She turns her attention to Arminel and shakes her head to the protest of the white owl on her head. "I'm afraid I haven't been in contact with Lady Elonai, however I'm happy to meet with her or anyone else you'd like me to. I'm always available, Your Majesty." As the warlord describes forwen, Elstrin nods in silent communion. She turns to Lyandra, "Lyandra, you're being quiet."

Elstrin adds to Iridessa, "Maybe you just don't have the right boats."

"I don't imagine we'll have much difficulties reaching a concensus," is what Talien offers to Elstrin, only to then turn his attention over in the direction of Iridessa, a chuckle coming to pass by his lips, "Well, no. They don't work that well on rocks and snow. And as with everything, there are exceptions to the rule." The mug is lifted to his lips, contents drained before he's setting the empty back upon the bar, ony to then signal for another.

Arminel drinks from his glass, though his bottle is held at the ready in his other hand. A nod is given to Elstrin, and a quick smile. "I'll drop her a note -- I was fortunate to put her in touch with Captain Alcaldia; as we start to grow a merchant fleet, we could use all the help we could get," says the Serannar, grateful at her offer. "Land boats?" he interjects, looking between her and Iridessa a moment. "Is that a thing? It ought to be."

Lyandra looked up from where she was holding the mug so that Sura could stick his face into it, "I'm sorry. I was remembering my time on the ships. I used to dangle my feet over the edge so catch the spray with my toes." Such as the memories of the young, "And, I was wondering how many it would require to use magic to allow a ship to sail through the skies." Arminel's comment brought a smile, "I believe those are called carriages, Your Majesty."

"What we need is a rock that floats in the air!" the Warlord exclaims. "Then we fill a ship with those rocks and there we would have ourselves some flying ships! Able to sail as gracefully through the air as through water!"

Iridessa's amused smile remains, and she says in dry tones "If there are proper boats for land, perhaps Lord Torth will be kind enough to share the inspiration for such designs with us someday. Perhaps with tighter bonds between all our people." her voice warm and cheerful on the last sentence. "But I don't know of any designs, and given how much my family, Morinen, deals in crafting and ecomonics we would've heard something I'd like to hope." she adds with a soft chuckle.

Shakian signals for a messenger and sends it on its way. He settles back with a glass of wine and a bit of fish to see if there is an answer.

Arminel gives bit of a chuckle to the suggestion, as though such a thing were ridiculous even to simply imagine. "Well, -until- then, I'm content to watch rocks fly from siege engines," remarks the Serannar, taking a drink of wine. "Next best thing," he explains, to Sylindra. To Lyandra there's a smirk in return, and he nods his head. "They -were- called carriages. Now they shall be known as landships," he decides.

Elstrin considers this for a moment, "Now there's an idea. Airships. That might be worth looking into." She carries this thought off into her head as she briefly leaves the room and retreats into her own thoughts. Snapping back, she nods at Talien. "I've spoken to Imperator Teroleus and I trust that he has the best interests of Duindar in mind. I also believe he wants nothing more than to come to an equitable agreement so that we can put all this behind us." She smiles at Arminel, "Of course. I'll await her messenger." Then she turns to look at Lyandra, "I didn't know you had been sailing. Perhaps, one day, we can arrange for you to go on a boat once more."

When a fresh drink arrives, Talien is offering his thanks to the waitstaff, only to then turn his attention over in the direction of Arminel, "Landships. I'll make a decree to the Aeran People, annoucing that's what they are called going forward." A quick grin is given, gaze playing back over towards Iridessa, "And if such a thing actually existed, I'm sure the Aeran people would be well aware of it." Thta grin remains before his gaze plays back over towards Elstrin, a quick nod coming to be offered, "I have faith in the Consul and Imperator as well."

Iridessa says, "Hmm, I'd think the merchants would know first but the Aeran wouldn't be more than toe behind. More likely the Aeran merchants would know first."

"Lyandra means when we all sailed over from Larandor," the Sylindra explains Elstrin. "She would get right up to the edge of the ship and dangle her feet between the rigging to try and catch the sea spray while her brother stood behind her holding on to her as though she might fall straight through the ropes if he didn't. Also the Thalerith have three port towns, a small navy and a growing fishing fleet, if she wants to sail the seas again she can whenver she pleases."

Truthfully, it is difficult to tell if Arminel is joking about this. He nods sagely to Talien's agreement on the proposition, then looks to Sylidnra expectantly whilst taking a drink from his glass. Inter-Kinship diplomacy at play. "I believe all Five Kinships now have access to water, do they not?" he asks, to the conversation at large. "It may not be long before more trade is done over water than over land."

Entering the room in his usual black-clad ensemble, though with his sword sheathed on his person just in case anything happens, Escanor arrives at the Cascade Tea House. He looks for someone very specific and finds him: King Arminel. Approaching the King, Escanor gives a bow of his head. "Your Majesty. I trust the night goes well for you." He looks to Talien and Sylindra for a moment, giving a bow of his head to them as well.

Lyandra, setting aside mug and plate, rose from her seat, moving to offer a bow of respect to the King, "I have been rude and not introduced myself, Your Majesty. Lyandra Filinnar." Elstrin's comment brought a shake of her head, and Sylindra's a grin, "I fully believe it is why my hair has always been so long. He might have pulled it straight out of my head a time or two like a badly sewn doll." Escanor's arrival brought a brightness to Lyandra's expression, "Ah, my dueling partner." She leaned in a bit towards Arminel, her whisper not at all a whisper, "Your cousin is always gracious in victory."

Escanor's arrival draws Talien's attention and he's offering an incline of his head towards her before his gaze shifts back over to Iridessa, so that a smile can be offered, "Indeed. You are no doubt right there." Looking to Arminel, there's a moment' sconsideration given before he's giving another nod of his head, "I was under the impression we all had access to the sea, but I must admit to not hearing much about the Faenor's actions."

Escanor's arrival prompts a friendly smile from the younger Serannar, who waves his cousin on over. "Cousin, glad you could join us," he greets. "Was starting to feel a bit outnumbered, truthfully," he says, flashing a grin before turning to Lyandra as the elfess introduces herself. "Lyandra -- so you're the one who's kept my cousin busy when training in the city," he greets, bowing head and shoulders in a polite return. "And my other cousin, with your work at the Acadeum," he says, with a mention of Thorin. "Congratulations on that recent settlement; sounds like it was quite the project."

Elstrin nods in understanding at Sylindra, "I see. I wasn't trying to suggest she had no access to ships now, however she's a member of the Priesthood of Acharon so I felt like it was proper for an elder to offer. I apologize if I caused any offense." She grabs a look at Escanor and smiles, before returning to Arminel. "You feel outnumbered?" She chuckles a bit. Her attention wanders at this point, She leans against the bar and starts to twirl the glass.

Door swings open, Daechir with a book tucked under an arm, shirt sleeves rolled back to his elbows, takes two steps into the teashop and stops. His pale brow arching slowly as he takes in not only the number of faces in front of him but who those faces belong too. And for a single solitary moment, the Brixtien Duke considers if it would be possible to step right back out.

The Warlord returns Escanor's nod and also flashes a smile towards him, "Ah the Black Dragon of Serennar, it has been a while." She turns to the King and Admiral and explains the current state of sea access, "The Faenor as of yet do not have unfettered access to the sea, as the outlet from Lake Haledir runs through Torth's territory, and the river's mouth is controlled by the Lorandi. However it is nonetheless still possible to sail from the Shimmering Coast to Greenmantle provided the parties in between allow it. Additionally the border agreements the Faenor have established with both the Lorandi and the Thalerith guarantee them a coastline, they just have to get around to charting and settling it. So yes all five Kinships have access to the sea, and though the Faenor have no seaports, they shall eventually have those as well."

Iridessa offers a slight shrug to Talien even as she smiles brightly at him, saying warmly "My kin have always prefered mountains and snow as long as I can remember, even before the journey here.". A sip of wine, and she adds in an amused tone

Lyandra's laugh was merry, "Well, I have certainly been a willing target, that is true. I did almost manage to fight him to a standstill once." She glanced to Escanor, "But I believe he was being generous. Thorin has been a joy to work with. And we are glad for the keep which will, we hope, be the beginning of a great center for experimentation and learning." For a moment, the unknown face at the door caught her attention, "Should we send out a party to capture him? He looks frightened."

Iridessa offers a slight shrug to Talien even as she smiles brightly at him, saying warmly "My kin have always prefered mountains and snow as long as I can remember, even before the journey here.". A sip of wine, and she adds in an amused tone "Most of the kinships have choosen spots a like to what they knew through."

Escanor looks upon Lyandra for a moment, giving her a nod when she refers to him as a dueling partner. "Professor Lyandra. Or should I refer to you as Deputy Headmistress?" Escanor asks Lyandra in a deadpanned and serious expression, though he turns his head to Talien in acknowledgement of the nod in greeting, then his attention falls easily enough to Arminel. "Glad to be present, my King." Escanor's use of the word 'glad' is almost comical, considering he retains a neutral and deadpanned expression. But his tone appears genuine, at the very least. To the Warlord, he looks upon her before he speaks. "Too long. A mistake that is mine alone. Though I believe I owe you a rematch from the last time we crossed blades, Warlord. I trust you have been well?"

There's a quick laugh offered to Iridessa's comment and Talien is giving a nod of his head towards her, "Indeed. One can not dispute that in the least, I must admit." Tugging the cup from the bar, he's lifting it to his lips so that he can swallow a rather healthy mouthful of the liquid within before it's set back down.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling arrives, delivering a message to Talien before departing.

Escanor's comment brought a shake of her head, "Oh, I am still Lya, as always, Escanor. If you began calling me Deputy Headmistress, I would begin wonder what trouble you had just gotten yourself into." If Lyandra noted, at all, how dour Escanor actually was, it did not reflect in her own expression.

Arminel grins over at Elstrin's question, giving a wave to Daechir as he catches sight of the Brixtien Duke at the periphery of the area. "Indeed -- though not for long it seems, Kinlessa," he replies. Lyandra's question prompts a quiet chuckle. "Only if he tries to run, Deputy Headmistress," comes the Serannar's reply, in an entirely serious tone, trying out the title provided by his cousin.

Looking back to Escanor and Sylindra, the Serannar gives a thoughtful nod. "I've not received any request from the Faenor to sail through the inlet to Lake Heledir, though I hope they know they'd be given free access to the sea," he says, to the Thalerith. "I'd thought they were working on a small river fleet on that lake of theirs, but perhaps I'd heard wrong."

Dae takes a moment to roll down his sleeves, fastening the lace at each wrist, then running a hand back through his hair before he continues in. Beeline.. tea and probably food, which is of course interupted by Arminel's summons. So yes, he stops beside his King, hands holding the book behind his back. "Good afternoon, Your Majesty." then a nod to Lyandra. "Headmistress Filinnar."

Elstrin snaps back to the present. She turns towards Escanor. "Anyone named Black Dragon sounds like a person I want to meet. I don't believe we've had the pleasure. Kinlessa Elstrin Naevon, it's a pleasure." She turns to consider the other new arrival, "And the same to you. I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting either." She'll slip by to quickly refill her glass and then come back up and find her seat.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling arrives, delivering a message to Talien before departing.

Lyandra dipped her head towards Daechir as he approached, "Duke Brixtien. I am glad we did not have to send anyone to bar the door to prevent your escape." Lyandra's words were innocent as you please, as she excused herself, moving to one of the staff to retrieve another bottle of whatever was being drunk as well as a trio of glasses for those who had joined the king, but not yet gotten a drink for themselves. Once she returned, the bottle poured itself, hovering within easy reach of anyone who might wish a glass.

"I have been well enough Escanor. Got in a bit of real live fighting recently, I'm sure you've heard. There's nothing quite like someone seriously trying to kill you to get the blood going, I was pumped about it for days afterwards," the Warlord replies to the older Serennar with with a grin. She recognizes the third Lorandi as he enters and greets him, "Duke Daechir Brixtien! I have not seen you since that unfortunate business we had a year ago. How fare you?"

Escanor looks at Lyandra for a moment when she points out that Lya will be fine as a form of address. "Very well, Lya." Escanor complies easily enough. Looking to Iridessa for a moment before he looks to Arminel. "Unfortunately, running away was never something I was privy to." He answers simply. Then to Elstrin. "The pleasure is mine, Kinlessa. I am Lord Escanor Serannar." He gives a bow of his head to the lady before he looks onwards to Daechir. "Duke Daechir. I trust you are well this day. What book do you bring with you?" He looks over at the Warlord. "I can see how that would be quite the adrenaline rush. I am glad to see you are alive and well enough to fight another day."

"Kinlessa, my cousin Escanor Serannar," Arminel says, by means of introducing the Naevon and the elder Serannar. "Good afternoon, Duke Brixtien. Very glad for you to join us.." he remarks, looking around for an unclaimed glass of wine. Then he notices Lyandra hovering a few nearby, seeming at once both pleased and surprised. "Perfect," he says, coaxing one of them over into Daechir's grasp, book or not. "Are you and Escanor the first of more Lorandi to come and reinforce me? Alone at a drink table, the shame of it."

Shakian apologizes to the crowd. "I find myself too tired to be properly sociable, and so I shall remove myself before I bore everyone to tears. Well met, all of you, and thank you for the companionship." He takes the tiger cub Puss by the ear and leads him away.

Puss leaves, following Shakian.

Iridessa smiles brightly at Escanor, offering him a polite short bow before she sips from a wine cup. She listens to the current conversation, watching her fellow elves as they talk.

Daechir arches a brow, the corner of his mouth tugging towards a lopsided grin. "Lyandra, I would like to think that I can manifest a dour enough scowl to wilt the will of any would be jailors from such a task." pausing his violet gazed flickering towards Escanor before dropping his tone a little more in dramatic effect that any real whisper. "With the exception of that one, Escanor has never beleived me when I scowled at him." with a wink to the Serannar Lord. It is then that his gaze slowly shift towards Sylindra, holding a moment before nodding. "Warlord, I am well. Thank you." what else he might have said cut off as he looks down at the glass of wine set in his hand by Arminel and nods with a sigh. As soon as Armi isn't looking he passes the glass to Escy.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling arrives, delivering a message to Talien before departing.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling arrives, delivering a message to Talien before departing.

It would seem that Talien has the honor of dealing with a pesky Starling who just won't leave him alone. Little notes are being written and send off in return and there's even a grunt from the Admiral and a shake of his head.

"Oh, I am not so sure about that. I know a few who are quite difficult to wilt." Though Lyandra looked away to check the state of Sura, who seemed quite content to sit with her, now his mug and the plate of treats he was not pecking at, the wine continued to avail itself of whomever had need of it, her attention returning after a moment, "I do not believe his scowls either." Though he had given no indication of reciprocity, it was clear Lyandra considered Escanor a friend.

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling arrives, delivering a message to Talien before departing.

Daechir's commentary brings an amused grin to Arminel's features, polishing off the rest of his glass as he plays the part of the listener for a few moments. Shortly after Talien is beset upon by that bird, a page arrives and tugs at the Serannar's elbow. Arminel passes an apologetic smile to the group, then hands off the bottle he's been holding to Lyandra, with a nod towards Daechir. "Make sure he has some of that before he wanders back to the portals," instructs the Lorandi.

"Afraid I need to beg your leave. Please thank the hosts for me -- we ought to have more of these," Arminel says, bowing to the group. "Cousin, Duke Brixtien, save travels back to Torendaar."

Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling arrives, delivering a message to Talien before departing.

Elstrin smiles at Escanor, "It's a pleasure to meet you." She continues to duck as the starling keeps coming in fast, so to speak, to deliver letters to Talien. "You're quite popular tonight Talien." Arminel gets ready to leave and she waves, "Have a wonderful evening, Your Majesty."

King Wisequack the duck leaves, following Arminel.

Iridessa smiles brightly at Arminel, "It was lovely to see you, your majesty~" she says to him as he makes his way out.

Arminel shouts from the Out <O>, "I see him trying to put that glass away!"

"Hardly popular," is what Talien offers to Elstrin, followed by, "Forwen's just being demanding. As is the normal." A shake of his head and then he's giving an incline of his head to the departing King before turning to claim his mug, only to drain it dry before setting the empty back upon the bar.

Lyandra accepted the bottle, and she did actually pour a glass, before she set it aside. She did not attempt to pass it to Daechir, "Would you prefer tea, Duke Brixtien?" A hand indicated the wide variety that was on offer behind the bar.

Escanor looks to Iridessa and gives a nod, before he looks to Elstrin. He does not quite smile, his expression relatively the same deadpanned expression. He accepts the glass that Daechir seems to pass to him, looking at the Duke with a raised brow before setting it on a nearby surface. Arminel apparently didn't want him drinking it. He looks over at Arminel as he makes his leave. "Good day, my King. Travel safely." He looks upon Lyandra for a moment, he does not scowl, but he considers it deeply.

Dae watches Armi leave, then glances to Escanor. "You don't tattle." then nods to Lyandra. "I do yes.. I can get it." moving to do just that before glancing to Talien when he explains his constant visitor but does not comment. Instead once the tea is poured. "And no, I don't really believe Escanor when he scowls at me either."

Elstrin chukles at Talien's explanation. She lifts her glass and finishes it all before placing it on the bar behind her. "I think it's time for me to head out. It was nice to meet everyone. Admiral Talien, Lyandra, Warlord Sylindra, Duke Brixtien, Escanor Serannar, and High Priestess Iridessa. I hope your evening is well." She heads for the door.

The Warlord quietly gives a short friendly salute to the departing King. "Escanor scowls? I didn't notice," she says playfully to Lyandra and Daechir. "I'm glad to hear all is well with House Brixtien. If you have the time later Duke Daechir, there is a matter I would like to discuss with you." As Elstrin departs as well, she too gets a salute, "See you later Kinlessa."

Iridessa offers Elstrin a polite show bow and brillant smile as she makes her farewells, saying "It was lovely to meet and see you Kinlessa Elstrin Naevon~" she says warmly to her.

"As you like, Duke Brixtien." Lyandra, seeing that everyone had a glass who wished one, allowed the bottle and its accompanying glasses settle on the bar behind her, before she stepped away to clear away the food and drink she had left with Sura, leaving the seat as spotless as before they had sat down, carrying the plate and mug over to the bar. "I fear we will be one less. I have a class of novices awaiting a lesson." She glanced back at the group, "I anticipate regrowing at least three sets of eyebrows." A dip of her head seemed to take in the entire group, "I thank you all for your company. If any of you should have need, I can usually be found at the Acadeum."

Elstrin has left the Mirror-backed Bar.

Whisper, a pudgy snow owl leaves, following Elstrin.

Iridessa also offers Lyandra the same polite bow and warm smile as she says "Thank you for being here Headmistress~ Take care!" she says warmly to the departing Filinnar.

Talien is giving an incline of his head in the direction of Elstrin and Lyandra as they take their leave and the Admiral is then pushing off the stool that he had claimed at the bar, only to toss a few silver to the top of it, "I suppose that I should consider heading back to Lorawin before I get myself too drunk that I can't find the portal room."

Sura, a Sand Elemental leaves, following Lyandra.

Daechir reaches up and touches his brows as if to make sure they aren't the ones thatr Lyandra is demanding regrown, then with that grin bows his head. "Headmistress." before looking to the lady's mother. "Oh? With the wedding coming up, things have been very busy. Perhaps a message would be a good way to start things off, Warlord."

Escanor looks upon Lyandra, The Warlord, and Duke Daechir when they voice their sarcasm. He sighs for the briefest of moments before he straightens back up. "I do believe that I will also return to Torendaar to ensure the King makes it there safely." He nods to Lyandra as she announces her departure. To Iridessa, he bows to her. "Thank you for allowing me to be part of your party." He straightens before looking back to everyone else. "It was a pleasure to see you all again. Warlord, should you have need of assistance in preventing further assassination attempts, you need only call." he says this not as someone loyal, but as if offering a favor to be called by Sylindra beofre he makes his leave.

Iridessa smiles brightly at Escanor, saying "Kinlessa Darinel is the only largely responsible for this~ I just stepped up slightly since she had to leave earlier than expected. But your presence was welcome anytime." in warm tones. "Take care Lord Escanor on your way back."

"Wouldn't you need a whole keg to get that drunk, Admiral?" Sylindra observes to Talien, before giving him a salute as well and a see you later. "When I find the parties responsible Escanor, I'll consider inviting you to the counter-raid. It should be a smashing time," she replies to the Black Dragon. Then finally to Daechir, "This is a matter I would prefer to discuss in person, but I can send you a messenger later explaining what it is about."

A low laugh hints in the back of Talien's throat at Sylindra's comment, which has him offering up, "Who says I didn't drink that much before I made my way here?" A little bob of his head is given, along with a lift of his hand to give a wriggle of fingers in the direction of the others, "Try to behave yourselves since I'm leaving. Or, if not, at least keep the room in one piece." A grin and then the Admiral is moving towards the exit.

Dae nods to Sylindra. "Of course... I will take a look when you do. But I fear I need to follow my kin out.. there is a little girl that I promised a bed time story too." with that Dae sets his glass down, nodding only pausing a moment to allow the Admiral to proceed him.

Iridessa says "Oh dear, I hadn't even noticed how many filtered out. But it was a lovely party I think at least." as she looks around the Tea House noting that most of the attendees have left or are leaving. As Daechir announces he's following Talien out she smiles at both of them warmly and says "Take care Admiral Talien, Duke Daechir."

The Warlord shrugs at Iridessa and drinks more of her wine, the bottle is almost empty by now, "It's getting late, but it has been a rather nice soiree."

Talien has left the Mirror-backed Bar.

Triton, A Scarred Eelhound, Sabre, An Obnoxious Raven leave, following Talien.

Iridessa beams a bright smile at Sylindra, "Indeed. A pleasure to see you Warlord as always at these parties~ I'm sure the Kinlessa paid ahead for everything so feel free to help yourself to another bottle." she says in slightly teasing tones.

"I think one bottle is enough. It's best to save the blind drunkeness for when there is something to celebrate. When excess becomes routine, it rather takes the joy out of it," the Warlord replies.

"Well said." Iridessa says warmly, with a smile. "I should make my way back to the temple before I head back home myself. Take care Warlord~" she says, with a polite bow and bright smile at Sylindra.

"Yes it's time to call it here and let the staff clean up, I'll see you around High Priestess," the Warlord says.

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