PRP: Valley of Mists Pt. 1 - Investigating the Rumors

Rumors crop up about a valley shrouded in mist, where the rains leave the ground moist, saturated and fertile. It seems an idyllic haven for those seeking to expand their lands. Yet, in the forests surrounding this fertile valley, a darker rumor stirs, of a ancient blight upon the trees and the animals, which causes any it comes in contact with to become ill and crazed. Here, the animals are more feral than usual, it is said, though the reports are old and it's hard to say if this is still the case. The vale itself, for some reason, seems untouched, though few have been able to investigate due to the mists shrouding the forests and the valley. Shrouded in mist and mystery, the vale, the Mistvale, beckons.

And yet, a scouting party who went to investigate has been brought back to Thelos for treatment, because they all seem to have fallen into a state of unconsciousness from which they cannot be awakened. What could have happened? It's time to search for answers.

OOC: This is a start to a Player Run Plot. If you want to join, please contact Cayn. Limiting to between 5-7 players for sanity!


Feb. 2, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Alethia Forwen Ideh Iridessa Zaltar Nagestos



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Eternal Grace Hospital

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Imirie, the Gold anointed Starling, Nugget, tiger cub runt arrive, following Forwen.

The Eternal Grace Hospital is unusually busy today as several scouts from the Faenor kinship have been brought in with a mysterious ailment. They have all been laid out on cots, these pale elves of the north. They seem today even more pale than usual, their skin taking on a slightly grayish hue, their eyes closed and sunken in sleep. While their breathing is normal, nothing can be done to wake them, and so they have been brought here to the hospital post haste to see what may be done for them. There is one single scout who waits anxiously in the background, to see if he can be of help. He's wearing a voluminous cloak with a fur mantle, and the sigil of House Keir, a sword across a shield, is embossed into his leather armor. Healers are attending to the sleeping scouting party, trying everything they know to wake them.

While the Healers are attending to the unconscious scouts, word has spread about the situation, and a call has been made for any who might have knowledge of what could have caused this sickness. So far, there are no answers forthcoming. Now, the Healers are doing their best to make their patients comfortable, worry etching their features. Other organizations have been sent to for assistance, experts or volunteers welcomed from across the Kinships. There's a quiet tension in the air, though words spoken do not seem to disturb the soundly sleeping scouts in their cots. The scout who isn't asleep is standing and talking to one of the healers, a harried look about him as he shakes his head in answer to a question.

Zaltar quietly enters the hospital quietly and draws away from the crowd. Zaltar lurks in the shadows curiously watching on

Since she had joined the ranks of the healer's Guild, Ideh had spent more time within the hospital than she had within Thelos for months. She helped when that was required, but, mostly, she vailed herself on the treatises which had been made available to her. When the word came that there were patients incoming, from her own kinship mind, and with some unknown ailment, she had left the gardens where she had been reading and hurried back towards the hospital proper.

Alethia walks into the hospital quickly but not hurriedly, dressed as a ranger rather than a priestess today. A brightwood bow is slung across her back, and she looks fresh from Khelgar, as if she'd followed the scouts in through the portal after hearing the news. She frowns at the sight, and looks around, taking note of Zaltar with some surprise before her gaze lands on the Keir scout talking to some healers.

Zaltar checked perception + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Nagestos enters into the hospital using a walking stick as he comes along. He is not especially hurried but he does have a rather intense look on his face. His eyes shift about slowly and he does not move to the healers but instead towards the sleeping scouts. He hovers over them with a squinting look. He then reaches down to just lightly brush his hand across one of the sleeping knight's cheek and then forehead.

Forwen had actually been hanging out waiting for Q but the emergancy in the hospital was making it so her husband wasn't going to be free any time soon and her curiousity, well that drew her closer and closer to the problem at hand. Like Zaltar, the tiny redheaded Nerean hangs back out of the way, chewing on her lip as she listens and watches.

Alethia takes a quick breath, looking from the scout to the bed-ridden sleeping Faenor, around to Ideh and the others. She lingers with a little surprise on Nagestos now, but seems oddly reassured by his presence. And it's to he and Ideh that she asks, "Have either of you seen anything like this before?"

Zaltar curiously circles some of the unconscious scouts before looking to the Scout of bearing the Keir family crest. "What do you know about what happened," he asked the frightened scout curiously

Ideh took the time to scan the faces who were collecting within the hospital, a flash of recognition to Alethia that brought a tip of her head, as she took a knee beside one of the cots, a hand reaching out to hover just above the forehead of the elf laid out there, "I have not. Not in all my days of exploring the wilds."

"For the thousandth time," the fur-mantled scout says, turning away from the healer he has been talking to, toward Zaltar, "I don't know what happened. They just fell asleep! There was all that mist... maybe it was the mist. Couldn't see anything. "One minute, we were trying to get through the mist to investigate this valley, and the next, they were all unconscious and I was standing next to them, all laying on the ground-like, just outside the vale. I don't remember anything else," he mumbles, looking frustrated. "I swear we all walked into the mist. But then, we were outside of it, and I found them like this," he says with a gesture to his sleeping fellows, from different families in the Faenor kinship, each identifiable by their family crests. Two of them are a Reid, one is a Morinin, the final one an Aenorr, and of course, the one who is awake is a Keir. "At first, we took them to the Shrine of Gala, to see if they could do anything there, but they said to bring them here," the scout finishes.

Meanwhile, the sleeping scouts have not stirred. They are sound asleep.

Nagestos shakes his head to Ideh and says, "I don't recall it ... certainly nothing in this form." He kneels down to look a little closer and then runs his hands loosely over the body hoping for some trace of magical elements. Afterwards he stands up and moves over towards the speaking scout with focused eyes, "Anything different about you from the others? Anything you were wearing, family, anything?"

"Hey, it's alright. I thank you for telling me personally ok," Zaltar says gently to the scout. "I will pray to Brundir to watch over their souls till we solve this," he murmers softly, falling into a silent prayer

When Nagestos steps in, Forwen peels away from the wall she was supporting, slipping into the scholar's wake, all but taking the old man's hand. She is listening of course but really those quick eyes are flickering from person to person. But when Nagestos asks his question, she looks to the scout, biting into her lip.

Nagestos checked perception + mysticism at difficulty 30, rolling 33 higher.

Alethia frowns as she listens very closely to the Keir scout, and then she crosses over to the beds and crouches by the two unconscious Reids that have been lain out. She studies them for a moment and then takes one of their hands, turning it over to inspect the joints and folds of the armor they're wearing, looking for any scratches or unusual details or scraps stuck in their clothes. "Where was this mist? Was it moving along the ground like fog or just lingering there?"

Ideh checked perception + restoration at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Alethia checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Zaltar checked perception + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

As Ideh crouched, her hand began to glow with a pale, golden light, her eyes half-lidded as though what she was looking for, or perhaps what she was feeling for was not anything that she could see. She laid just the tips of her fingers on the forehead of the sleeping scout, remaining that way for a few long seconds before she spoke, the words spoken to no one in particular, "They are sleeping, but the source is nothing natural, but something mystical."

The scout looks gratefully at Zaltar as the Brundir devotee offers to pray for them, then turns to Nagestos, and bows his head a moment in respect. "Begging your pardon, Archmage, but there's nothing special about me. Like I said, I just woke up and didn't remember how we got back out of the mist," he says, seeming embarassed that he can't remember the details.

Forwen peers at all the different faces then back to the scout. "Excuse me.. but.. so not to be rude. Are you born to the Faenor kinship? And are all of them?" she nods to the sleepers. "I mean.. yes you are all of the house but my Q would be wearing Nerea even though he was born Thalerith."

Nagestos shakes his head and says, "I didn't say special but different. Were you first in the mist, last? Do you follow a different god than the others? Or perhaps." He looks over towards Forwen and gives a nod of his head, "You have to think carefully because it could be a matter of the most critical nature." He then moves to try to place his hand on the head of the scout, hoving just over it for a moment with squinting eyes.

The scout who is awake looks at Forwen with a slightly perplexed look. "Of course, we are all Faenor," he says, straightening a little proudly. "Though..." he hesitates, "We did come across a Duindar scout trying to cross over into the valley, all by himself," he says, somewhat incredulously. "We sent him on his way, shortly before we stepped into the mists. Seems like he is the lucky one," he adds. "But, we did keep this report we found on him." He pulls out a folded piece of parchment with words written on it.

Alethia has moved from the heads of the two Reid scouts to their boots, inspecting their armor and clothes as she goes. She touches one man's boot and tilts it while he's sleeping, narrowing her amber eyes thoughtfully. "What was the terrain like, do you remember? There's.. grass and plants and things on their shoes. Do you remember going off-trail?"

Zaltar peeks curiously at the parchment. "What kind of sleep state causes no dreams," he asks curiously, more out loud than to anyone

Ideh checked perception + theology at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Ideh checked perception + theology at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

Forwen, standing close to Nagestos' side, looks up at the mage when he glances to her but then is soon focused again on the scout. She doesn't seem surprised that they are all Faenor but that does bring another question to her mind as she looks back at the man "Then if you are all Faenor... not to be rude.. but I have a friend that I know for a fact if he was like this, his wolf would be right there with him, never leave his side." pausing to glance around again then back to the scout. "Where are your wolves?"

"Where's the report?" Nagestos asks and then looks over to Forwen, "Astute question."

Alethia also straightens, eyeing Forwen as well. She nods and says quietly, "Yes. That IS a good question. Who are you?"

"I think we should know more about this mist, perhaps there is a way to study it with out entering it since it maybe sleep inducing," Zaltat muses, he seems hardly helpful at all. Quite out of place just here by convenience it seems.

The wolves of the scouts are all present and accounted for, though they are currently hanging out in the Healer's gardens, where they appear to be waiting calmly. Meanwhile, the scout straightens and says, "I am Edril Keir, a ranger of the Faenor. We were scouting the lands around Silvermist when this happened," he notes. "Here is my report, too." He holds that up as well. His wolf, at least, is here beside him, watching the exchanges with interest, ears perking everytime someone speaks.

Ideh rose from where she had taken a knee, moving towards the still awake scout. She held out a hand for the scroll, "If you would, ranger." He was of House Reid, that was true, and so, it was his choice, "We have not met. I am Lady Ideh Morinen. May I see that scroll that you confiscated from the Duindar in addition to your report?"

Alethia takes the report from the scout, and frowns as she opens it.

Alethia tucks some of her dark blonde hair behind an ear and half turns away as she reads the scout's report. She grunts softly, uneasy, and bites her thumbnail. "This was very near Silvermist, to the southwest? You mention flowers.. here.. but it doesn't say why. Did you find poisonous plants?"

Zaltar checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Forwen falls silent for a moment now, letting the others talk to the scout as she worries everything over in her head. Suddenly looking up. "Can you decribe them? The flowers..I mean, well enough for someone to draw?"

"Wait I remember something, some scouts from my kin where looking into things but since this thing they where looking into happened in Faenor lands they where hesitant to explore into it and cause an incident," Zaltar suddenly says

The scout gives a little shake of the head to Alethia, then to Forwen. "No, not poisonous, I don't think. They are just pretty..." and his voice goes a bit dreamy as he speaks of them. "They dot the entire vale, but when it rains, they seem to just... disappear. We tried to get a closer look at them, but that's when... this... happened," he says, gesturing around. "I feel like I was sleepwalking or something, because when I came alert again, I was just standing with them all sleeping on the ground around me. Wolves were fine, and didn't even seem alarmed," the young scout says, shaking his head. "I honestly have no idea what's going on."

"Stories of a mystical plant that can be used to put enemies to sleep," Zaltar says

Alethia looks Displeased and Distressed when the scout's voice gets all dreamy and vague. She frowns at him and then passes the report to Ideh to read. Then she looks at Zaltar thoughtfully. "As well they should not have. We don't take kindly to foreign scouts creeping into our mountains. Where would a rumor of these plants have come from?"

Ideh looked across to Zaltar, "Mystical, perhaps, but I sense no magic in what was done to these...but there is the taste of the divine on my tongue." The report she accepted from Alethia, passing her the Duindar nte in return. She did look to the scout, whom she was still standing next to, "You said you saw the flowers on the ground. Was the *mist* on the ground with the flowers when they were open? Or did it come out after the closed? Did it appear before or after the rain?"

Zaltar digs through his things to pull out a copy of a report he must have kept, written down from himself and hands it to Alethia. "This is all I overheard," he muses

Alethia's dark eyebrows climb up incredulously at the word 'overheard', but she doesn't comment. She takes both scroll and report from Ideh and Zaltar and reads silently.

The scout blinks over at Alethia at her Displeased voice, and seems to straighten once again to attention. "My apologies, Lady Heir," he says. "But, well... I got the information from a priestess... Sister Melthaeria Egilion, a Priestess of Estril and a Scholar. She was researching something about it, and asked me if we could take a scouting party to look for them, because, well... incidents and all," he says, eyeing Zaltar briefly. He looks like he's getting weary from all the questions, but he seems determined too. "The mist didn't go anywhere... it was there already. The flowers... they are there when it's not raining, but then they disappear, when it rains. We saw it happen, when we were observing the valley. That's when we tried to get a closer look."

Forwen, might be tiny and young.. and no one here probably has any idea who she is. But.. something that was said sets the little elf's jaw to clench as she turns to look at all the /older and wiser/ elves around her. "There is no foreign... we are all elves. We have different kinships yes and we should at least be polite about borders and such.. but didn't the last few hundred years teach anyone anything? Or do we need to loose more lives before we can realize we are one people?"

:tacts on. "Can you at least tell us what color of flower it was?" as she turns back to the scout.

The scout wilts under Forwen's gaze a little. "White," he says. "They were white as the purest snow... blanketing the valley, and then they were gone."

Ideh's eyes moved to Forwen, "Are we here to help these elves, or are we here to be lectured about the unity of the elves? While borders exist, borders must be respected." And now, there *was* a snap in her voice.

"I think we should let the scout rest, he has been through a lot, come poor fellow, here sit on this cot and take a few breathes. It's alright. I know you did not do anything wrong," Zaltar says gently, seeming to take a more protective role of the scout when noticing his shifting fatigue

"We are one people divided into five groups that do not take kindly to incursions across borders, does that satisfy you?" Alethia's yellow eyes rise to Forwen over the note she's reading. Her tone is a bit cold but not hostile. She shakes her head at the tired scout then, muttering something about not being an heiress, but her attention for the most part is on the notes. "The Duindar must have learned of this as well. This is a rumor of flowers that can be used to put enemies to sleep. It would be a powerful plant to cultivate if it takes to different types of soil."

"Snow... I am sure that was beautiful." Forwen's voice softens on the scout as she pretty much lets the ire of everyone else roll over her. After all, there is a bit of security knowing you are on the bottom of status, what are they going to do, kick you down futher? Instead she pulls around her satchel. "You should probably sit.. would you like an apple?" reaching in comes up first with a hedgehog, frown and then finds a green apple to hand the scout.

The scout seems grateful for Zaltar's kindness, and he does indeed sit down on a cot. His legs sort of give way under him as he does so, as if he's had a very long few days. "I hope you can all forgive me," he says. "I am normally not like this. But, we have traveled days to reach Thelos with great haste, and when we arrive, I have had nothing but questions, and very little rest. If you wish to know more, perhaps you should speak with Sister Melthaeria." He looks to Forwen, then nods gratefully. "An apple would be a kindness."

Ideh glanced to Alethia, having to look up quite a bit to the taller elf, her voice no longer sharp, "Interesting that *only* the elves themselves seemed to be effected by whatever this sleeping sickness is. And not their wolves. Indeed," she glanced to where they could be seen in the gardens, "They do not seem at all distressed, as they would be if their elves were in true danger."

"A dreamless sleep, due to the flowers," Zaltar muses softly

Alethia frowns thoughtfully as she follows Ideh's gaze, and studies the wolves out in the garden as well. She makes a vague 'hm' noise, and sets the two pieces of paper aside. "I wonder if the wolves were affected at all." And the ranger moves forward, out of the ward and toward the garden to check exactly this.

"Well it sort of makes sense.." Forwen looks at Ideh "Otherwise wouldn't there be all sorts of beasts laying around the fields asleep? Unless they do and well, wake up. Which would be good because it means these scouts would then wake up in time."

Alethia checked perception + animal ken at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

"Maybe getting a flower to study and also researching a cure," Zaltar suggets

Forwen looks to Zaltar. "I'll get it."

Ideh nodded to Alethia as her fellow rangers headed towards the garden, "It does not make sense. My magic has already revealed that this is no natural sleep, but something mystical. But something which targets only the elves, and not the minds of simpler beasts, like these wolves."

The scout, while munching away on an apple, looks over to Forwen and Ideh, and shakes his head. "There weren't any animal bones or anything around the vale. That's the strange part," he notes.

Alethia can be seen out in the garden for a few minutes, stroking the ear of a wolf and studying the cluster of calm animals. She eventually comes back, offering a helpless shrug. "They don't seem affected themselves at all. I think it's important we find a way to wake the scouts, but I don't think they're in any immediate danger.."

"Well I think we should guard our faces," Zaltar suggests

Ideh frowned, as she considered the scout, "You say there were no bones. Did you notice any signs of animal life at all? Whther on the ground or in the trees?"

Forwen rolls her eyes but doesn't say anything, instead looks to the scout and smiles as if he proved her point. Then to Zaltar, her head tilting. "Not only faces.. you don't know if it is scent or perhaps the pollen touching the skin? Or maybe it's not the flowers at all but the mist and others just think its the flowers. But I know one thing, when I was learning about flowers and stuff to plant Loren's gardens.. there are some that just touching would cause big welts to rise on my skin."

Nagestos returns from having been away and regains his focus on the events going on...

The scout just sits there and munches on his apple for now, glancing around wearily as the others take on the discussion of what could have caused it to happen. He's starting to wilt further, the mere act of sitting down seeming to drain the last of his energy. "There weren't any bones, nor animals. It's almost like they know to avoid that place." He finishes the apple.

Alethia muses uncomfortably, "I wonder if the rain makes those flowers go away somehow, or just.. disappear from sight. It's possible if we took a mage we would be safer. Unless it IS divine. Storms and the like are the province of Garwen, and mere abjuration magic might not work-" she squints and glances at Nagestos.

"Rest now my friend you have done enough," Zaltar says kindly to the scout, motioning for them to lay and close their eyes

Nagestos looks over towards Alethia and says, "I had been looking at a particular element on one of the sleepers, do we know if the flowers died, closed up, or something else?" He takes a momentary look over the group again and asks, "Had the Duindar been coming from or going to the area with the flowers?"

People start looking to Nagestos again and Forwen steps back up beside the old mage... none cane side... and slips her hand into his. She is invested now, where he went, she was going. "Some flowers depend on enviroment. Like some only open at night, while others will turn towards the sun. In the desert, Q says some only come up right after it rains, that you would never know they were there before. Maybe thats what these are like.. They need the mist?"

Ideh looked back to Alethia as she made her way back into the room, "It *felt* divine, Alethia. Not mystical. And if it were a natural thing, pollen, or some sap or other physical contaminant, there would be more affected than these few here. Those who brought them back, or even this scout." She did glance back to Edril, "Rest while you can, ranger."

Yawning hugely, the scout does lay back. "Going to," he tells Nagestos. "The flowers are still there. We just don't know why they disappear, or why elves fall asleep in that place. Really, we don't know anything about them at all. Should never have gone there..." he says, just before he drifts off into a perfectly normal sleep from sheer exhaustion.

Alethia looks troubled, holding herself a bit apart from the conversation as she thinks. She nods to Nagestos and Ideh slowly before venturing, "This could be a creation of Gala's. But usually-- this is just a hunch- this sounds like a defense. That's why the Thalerith and Duindar were trying to get a sampling. There may be something in this vale that the flowers are here to protect."

Alethia says, "At the very least, a cure could be developed from a flower, I suppose. Though that sort of thing is.. beyond me."

Nagestos looks among those here and asks, "Is anyone here an herbologist?" He walks over towards the sleeping man and bends over towards him and stares but is silent while he is close. He then turns to look at the others, "Certainly if the flowers are varied in their aspects it's not some simple plant though. There is something ... mystical even if not exactly magical. If not Gala, then something or someone else would appear to be a motivating factor behind it."

Zaltar says, "You know the person who runs the Joy garden may know more, she is smart with plants"

Ideh glanced over towards Zaltar, "You said something about your kin's scouts? Nay I see what you recorded of their conversation?"

"Ask Elder Alethia, she still has my notes I took I think," Zaltar muses

Alethia picks this paper up from where she'd set it, and passes it to the Archmage.

As the group continues to deliberate over what is done, all of the scouts are not sleeping, including Edril Keir, though his is a normal sleep. Meanwhile, the healers do what they can to make sure the scouts are comfortable, then they quietly step back to allow the problem-solvers to their devices as they seek a solution. The wolves out in the gardens are finally allowed inside, to sit or sleep by their wolf bondmates. Nothing seems to change. The scouts remain sound asleep, and the wolves remain alert, guarding their charges, yet calmly.

Alethia says, "I know something of plants. Enough to get by in the wild. There are plants that help healers, aid in inducing sleep, that sort of thing, but I've never heard of something that works this quickly..."

Alethia says, "And especially not without leaving pollen or.. being eaten or something. Usually flowers have to be ground up."

Alethia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Ideh nodded, "And certainly not something that would pick and choose what living thing to effect, as seems to have been done here." Ideh looked back to Alethia, "Do we have enough from these reports to mark the boundary of this valley? We will need to ensure that no one else enters into the area."

"I know what they taught me to plant the gardens. But really I am much better at what you need to find to get by in the wilds. I know what not to eat, or step into... and all that stuff." Forwen pipes in, her hands folding behind her since Nagestos is checking out the scouts.

Nagestos looks over to Forwen at this point, "Did anyone find if there was any residue lingering on any of the scouts, their things, or the wolves?"

Alethia turns to Ideh and nods to her fellow Faenor, looking thoughtful as she considers this. "I think we do. It's not a small vale judging by the report and by how difficult it must be to find. Silvermist is located in a central valley, in a fork of three large valleys that branch in the mountains. This mystery vale could be a smaller bran--" the woman breaks off to yawn, her eyes closing somewhat. She shakes out her hair, trying to focus. "smaller branch.."

Zaltar falls quiet as he listens to everyone speaking

Forwen meets his eyes. "I don't know.. I had mentioned pollen but others seemed to think it was not important. I can check though if you wish."

Alethia points to the two Reid scouts she'd been studying earlier, and covers another yawn. "Mm, yes, I saw crushed plants on their boots."

Nagestos checked perception + investigation at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

Ideh checked perception + investigation at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Zaltar checked perception + investigation at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

Ideh checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Forwen checked perception + investigation at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

"I have much to learn myself." Nagestos states, "I would be glad to be humored and just confirm certain elements or perhaps learn more." He walks over to where the crushed plants were on the boots. He takes a pair of tweezers and a glass vial from inside a pocket and he pulls off several different pieces that he puts inside it without touching it. He holds his breath as he does so. When he corks the bottle he adds, "It is some non-physical impact here but I don't know if anything natural is playing any part as well, even connected with who has worked with the plants."

Zaltar checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Forwen checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

As soon as Alethia yawned, Ideh's focus snapped back to her, "Alethia!" She glanced towards the staff, "get another cot ready." It was not a request, "Archmage...I believe this is spreading." She reached out towards Alethia, "Alethia, you were not tired a moment ago. How close did you get to those scouts? Did you touch any of them?"

Investigating the items worn by the Scouts, especially their boots along the bottoms, will uncover a variety of plant life crushed into the soles of their boots. There may be bits of grass or leaves here and there, but what seems to be the most significant discovery is the crushed flower petal on the bottom of Aenorr scout's boots. The petal, oddly enough, seems to be crystal clear... though it may just because it has been bruised from being crushed underfoot. But, that limp flower petal might indeed be from one of the flowers in question.

"Wait here there is a petal," Zaltar says pointing to the bottom of the Aenorr scout's boot

Alethia startles slightly at Ideh and straightens up, gesturing back at the staff, "That isn't necessary, I didn't touch or find any flower on them," but the slender Reid does look a bit disturbed. "Er, well, I inspected them thoroughly, of course.." and she rubs the corner of her eye.

"She did touch the flower, right there," Zaltar muses, careful not to get to close to the petal he notices

Alethia scowls at Zaltar, and her cheeks turn pink. If there was a flower petal she evidently didn't SEE it.

"But you did touch the wolves, didn't you? And no one else did that either." Forwen asks, watching the sleepiness. "Coats will hold things that will fall off others. Nugget brings in things all the time." peeking at the petal, then tilting her head a little, the tiny Aeran asks. "I wonder what color the sky was when they saw the field of flowers."

Zaltar checked willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

"Umm hello, there is a petal right here, on this one's boot. Be careful not to touch it," Zaltar states rather exasperatedly

Ideh checked perception + restoration at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Ideh hand glowed that same pale golden, as she considered Alethia, settling her fingers on the taller elf's arm, "You are also being affected, Alethia." Her eyes moved to Nagestos, "Archmage, could you collect the sample of the petal? Without touching it, if you have skill in illusion, I believe that would be best. I believe close proximity is enough to make it dangerous."

Alethia looks rather annoyed at Zaltar, and she covers another yawn with the back of her hand. "Yes, the wolves. I didn't see anything on them, but it's possible.."

"Keep away from that boot," Zaltar says, pointing to the boot he sees

Zaltar checked perception + investigation at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

Zaltar checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Nagestos looks to Forwen, "Very good thought." He then moves over to the wolves if they will allow him and then begin to carefully move through the fur with tweezers and a new glass vial open and ready. He's not just looking for plant but any insects which may or may not be on the animals. He looks back to Ideh as he's gone through and he looks to Ideh, "I did, using tweezers and contained and corked in a glass vial." He gives her a smile, "Excellent perceptions though. I am not skilled there but shall be able to direct it towards someone else skilled in it."

"OK really listen, you need to keep twenty paces from this boot," Zaltar says, pointing at the boots of the Aenorr scout still

Nagestos checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Ideh left the scout and his boot well enough alone, "We should make an effort to locate the Guildmaster, or another of the priesthood of Gala, and see what we can learn of such flowers, if there *is* indeed anything to be known."

Alethia says, "We may have to go back to this vale ourselves. We can get supplies in Silvermist easily enough, and ask after what became of this mysterious Duindar scout.."

Everyone is looking around, and well checking out wolves and boots and instead Forwen stands staring at Zaltar... just staring... then as if to test something.. takes three steps closer to the boot in question.

Once the petal is in the vial and sealed up tight, the sense of wanting to yawn is greatly reduced. Now, there's just a general sense of unease, as if something is happening here that should not be happening. The scouts all remain sound asleep. Putting the petal in a vial does not seem to have had much affect on those already asleep. But, those who are awake, remain awake. Now, when Forwen approaches that boot, or anyone else for that matter, no one seems to feel that sense of wanting to yawn.

Zaltar seems relived the petal is collected and sealed up and relaxes. "Be careful there are not more," he muses

"Maybe the ones asleep should be carefully stripped and bathed," Zaltar suggests.

Once the petal had been collected, Ideh approached Nagestos, holding out her hand, but her expression was polite, "May I, Archmage?" She clearly wanted the vial which had the offending and possibly deadly flower remnant. She did nod to Zaltar, "They cane be stripped and changed and their personal items collected.

Forwen shakes her head, the red curls bouncing and turns back to Nagestos. "So.. he said white but that petal isn't white. But.. what if the sky was? I mean it was north." looks to Ideh to confirm they have some pretty dismal white and over cast skies, then back. "And if they are like water.. they could reflect. Which means, if you tell people to avoid fields of white flowers and it is a bright blue sunshiny day....

Ideh checked perception + restoration at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Alethia listens to Forwen, looking troubled. "There hasn't been a report yet of any other place like this. Per.." she trails off, gradually recovering her wakefulness, and something seems to occur to her. "The mist was white, wasn't it?"

"If I am allowed I will help with my scouting skills, I don't think I can offer much else. I shall pray to Brundir for guidance and to watch over these poor souls," Zaltar muses, seems he feels quite useless in the current matter

Forwen nods to Alethia, her blue eyes wide. "Just cause it hasn't been seen before, doesn't mean that it's the only place/

Nagestos nods to Zaltar's obsevation, "Yes, clothes should be held separate." He states in agreement with the general decision. He looks to Forwen, "Rain?" He then nods his head, "Being ... of its particular shade makes it quite interesting how it might be affected." He looks to Ideh and asks, "I assume you're skilled in illusion or herbology?" He does not yet pull out the corked vial but does not seem opposed to the idea.

Alethia bites her lip, definitely not liking the implications of that. She nods though. "The rain must have cleared the mist, and made the flowers reflect nothing but air again.."

Ideh shook her head, "Not illusion, restoration. I was that that allowed me to sense the divine on these sleepers. And I am a ranger with hundreds of years of experience with the flora and fauna of our world."

"Which then is why they disappeared because they were clear and couldn't be seen." Forwen finishes the obvious for Alethia.

Nagestos pulls the vial out and prior to handing it over says, "Of course, just if you could let me see it when you've finished it. There are a few things I should like to examine in a more ... controlled environment."

"Send me word if you need my help, I should go," Zaltar says awkwardly

Alethia nods to Ideh and Forwen. She adds an even more obvious statement, sounding a little fascinated but pessimistic: "So we have an invisible flower that knocks out almost everyone that comes across it. What a nightmare. The question is what happened to our lone lucky Edril Keir that it didn't work on him?"

As the group begins to unravel some of the mystery of the flowers, the scouts continue to sleep, while their wolves remain close to them now. Do they look a little more gray in the face, a little more pale? Their breathing seems to be heavier, their sleep deeper still.

Ideh accepted the vial, "Thank you. And of course." She stepped to the side, moving away from the group, as if to be sure that anything that she might do would not affect them. Again, that pale golden glow of her hand, and she was quiet for a long while. "It is not." A frown crossed her face, "It loves moist places. It hides itself from those who would trample it, as this petal was trampled." Again, that pause. "It is...unhappy, which seems an impossible thing, but it is not solely its unhappiness. This and perhaps all of the flowers like it have been touched by Gala, and they ring with her deepest sorrow."

"Maybe he wasn't actually standing on it? Or... I mean, it could maybe be as easy as he has a stuffy nose?" looks to the sleeping Scout and bites her lip. "Maybe he is simply lying about something?" not that she sounds like she wants to believe that.

Nagestos shakes his head and says, "I do not see why it should be an impossible thing for a plant to be unhappy. We know little enough of them and communicate less." He looks towards the gray face and he looks back towards the deep sleepers and moves to look up the noses of one of them to see if anything might be lodged in their nose. He looks back towards Ideh, "Deepest sorrow .. hmm?"

Alethia watches Ideh, and unconsciously folds her arms over her chest. She just murmurs, "Gala's sorrow? We have to save these scouts somehow... we have to go into that vale somehow. I think something must be there that can explain more of this."

Forwen frowns. "If.. if that one petal could cause all what was going on before it was put away." she bites her lip looking at those that are laid out sleeping. "Maybe someone she bath them? I mean, hair and nails and every bit.. make sure there isn't anything left on them at all?"

The scout, sleeping fitfully, cracks one eye open toward Alethia, then murmurs sleepily, "I will take you, at first light, to the vale, if you wish. You can see for yourself. It will be as I have said. You should... talk to Sister Melthaeria. She will wish to come, as well." Then, he rolls over, putting a pillow over his head.

Ideh nodded, as though to herself, before she held out the vial, returning it to the Archmage, gaze settling on the sleeping scouts, "We will need to set out as quickly as possible. They appear to be growing worse in just the small time that they have been here. They may well deteriorate at rate we cannot forestall." And then, to the scout who woke up, "Th sooner we begin, the sooner we can make the trek and find an answer." Again, she offered a dip of her head, "I will inquire at the Shrine of Estril for the Sister."

Alethia frowns as well, watching the scout for a moment before crossing out of the room and sticking her head out to find a healer of the hospital. She asks them, "is there a.. Sister Melthaeria here?"

Nagestos looks to sheet/stats

The scout is asleep again, but when Alethia goes out to find a healer, one approaches, a female Lorandi elf of black hair and green eyes, wearing the Healer's Guild brooch. "Sister Melthaeria? Oh yes, she was here earlier. She was very concerned over this whole affair. It's just dreadful, isn't it? I will send for her, if you wish." The woman hesitates, peering in at the sleeping scouts, then scurries off to fetch the Sister. It's a good fifteen minutes or so before a tall female elf arrives, wearing robes of a Priestess of Estril, her features calm. "Has there been any change?" she asks of the Lorandi healer. Then she notices all the other people present. "Oh. I suppose you are here about the scouts?" she inquires in a lilting tone.

Alethia checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Alethia speaks quietly with the other priestess, "We were wondering why you sent these scouts out there into the mountains.. can you tell me? I'm responsible for many Faenor near Silvermist."

Forwen checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Nagestos looks over to the arriving sister but he's focusing on something else momentarily and looks to Forwen and the sister, "Forwen, go see what you can get out of the sister." He squints at the woman and adds, "We should greatly appreciate your help, but more importantly, I think these dear souls would appreciate it more." He goes back to looking over one of the sleeprs.

Forwen glances to Nagestos, then nods once hard before she is off. Those red curls bouncing as if they have a mind of their own as the tiny Aeren walks right up to this Priestess, sticks out her hand and says. "Hello, I am Forwen Nerea, you know? The Explorer? And I am sure everyone is going to mean well and all but...You see, we are going to go and look to see if we can save them. Which falling to the same thing would just not help at all, now would it? And obviously you didn't tell them because it was something that needed to be kept close to the vest. Maybe Estril thing, which can be really scary for some. So we completely understand that. But now well. I don't think this is what you intended." looks to the sleepers around them then back. "So maybe, Estril wouldn't mind giving everyone a heads up about why you were sending them out to find this invisable flower in the first place?"

The Priestess of Estril studies Alethia for a moment as the Elder priestess speaks, and then inclines her head. "Yes, well... it is a matter of some personal interest," she says after a time. "As a Scholar, I couldn't simply let these flowers go unexplored. You see," she says, lowering her voice a little, "I have heard that they have some properties intended to heal blight and disease in some animals. That vale of yours, used to be a place of great danger, with a blight that would turn the animals mad, and sicken the flora. Where the flowers bloomed, there was no more blight. It was eventually washed away with the rains, and perhaps even Gala's touch, over a long period of time," she says in her scholarly way. "I have been trying to study the phenomenon of their disappearance and reappearance, and their potential power to heal, but the Faenor do not like it when outsiders travel through their lands," she notes, with a glance toward Alethia. "Which I respect. So, I asked these Faenor scouts to help me search for the vale, which was shown to me in a vision. Just the vale, with the flowers, was the only hint I had that it might be of great importance. Whether there is more to it, I cannot say," she says, lifting her hands. Her expression turns regretful. "It was never my intention for the scouts to become... comatose. I was unaware of the sleep-inducing properties of the flowers, you see. Of course, now it is too late to go back... we can only go forward, and try to find the cure for this ailment, yes?"

The priestess' gaze settles on Forwen in the end, shifting between Nagestos and Alethia, then back to Forwen. "I am afraid it is all my fault. So I must help you set it right."

Ideh mutters, "I ... not like ... ... of these scouts. ... sleep is getting ..."

Ideh, leaning in to speak quietly to Alethia, straightened as she listened to the priestess, "You are correct. We can only move forward, but we also need as much information as we can get. We would request that you share with us all of your notes and research on both this blight, these flowers and anything you know of the area."

Forwen stops... looking from one to the other then just turns to Nagestos. "What if the flowers are a defense for something else?"

Alethia looks.. anxious. She glances at the sleeping scouts and says with a glance at Ideh, "These people seem to be getting worse, not better. Hopefully they will not die due to your research project. Is there anything you can tell us about the history of the vale? How long ago was this blight and how did you learn of it?"

Nagestos is considering the question from Forwen and nods his head slowly, "That was somewhat where my question directed early on. I can't speak for it but if it's stopped the blight ... it certainly is a defense." He looks over to Alethia and hmms for a moment and adds, "And of course, if you do have knowledge of some way to at least slow the advance of their situation." He leaves the remainder off as he assumes the sister can determine the rest.

Turning her gaze toward Ideh, the priestess Melthaeria studies the Healer for a moment, before nodding slowly. "Perhaps it may be that I can share what I have... though not all may be accurate. Without being able to study the phenomenon myself, I have no way of knowing if my theories are correct. But, if you would travel to the vale to find the answers, I believe there you may also find the cure," she offers. She reaches into a satchel then, and pulls out a slim leather-bound folio. "These are my notes... though they are yet incomplete. May they be of help to you." She offers the book toward Ideh. "I have taken to calling the flower Crystalbloom, due to the way the petals turn clear when exposed to moisture. There /must/ be a safe way to collect one for study, but I have yet to learn of it," she finishes.

Ideh stepped forward, bowing in respect to the Sister, as she accepted the book, "I thank you for your willingness to share what you know, and we may have no choice but to return. Whatever the danger, these victims must be healed, in whatever way we can manage." She glanced to the Archmage, "We have managed to collect a single petal, but even that was a danger to us. And we will certainly need to research as we go, but I fear we will not have the luxury of time, for their sleeps is growing deeper."

Alethia looks around briefly, considering the small gathering of people. "I will arrange for passage through Faenor lands for the Archmage and the Aeran, if you would like to stay at Silvermist before we set out to explore this vale. It shouldn't be far from the settlement."

Inclining her head, Sister Melthaeria seems to agree. "Yes," she says with a glance over her shoulder to the sleeping scouts, "time does appear to be of the essence. Should you require my aid further, you need only call upon me," she says. "May the Gods bless you in your efforts."

Nagestos glances to the others present and says, "We need to find this place of course but it's best we find some way to protect ourselves as well." He looks to the sleepers, "Or we may find ourselves in a similar state with no one left to draw us back." He twiddles his eyebrow momentarily as he holds his pipe, "Did anyone determine why the other elf managed to get out or was that while I was occupied?"

Forwen shakes her head. "No, maybe when he wakes up and is more.... together? He might be able to help with a clue." pauses glancing to the other sleepers. "It could be really hard to find out though."

"Not as of yet, but I suspect it may be because he did not trample any of the flowers. Perhaps this is their defense mechanism. A way of protcting themselves from damage." She nodded to Forwen, "It may help us to study his clothing when he wakes." She glanced around the group, before she settled on the Archmage once again, "I believe we will not go awry by having a few more of your number among the party.

The priestess of Estril lingers for a time, in case she is still needed or if there are other questions for her. But between the scout and the priestess, it seems right at the moment, there are no other clues to be had about what to do, other than a more close-up investigation. Blighted animals and flora? Flowers that make you fall asleep? Weird mist in a once-blighted vale? Who wouldn't want to go?

Nagestos nods to Ideh and says, "I believe you are quite right, and if there is someone skilled in plants, I think we ought to ensure we have them among our numbers." He glances at them all, "I shall be in touch."

"I'm going!" Forwen pipes up, just incase anyone had doubt

Ideh tipped her head in Nagestos' direction, "I will remain here and see what I can gather from their clothing and from the scout when he wakes. And make preparations for the journey."

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