PRP: Valley of Mists Pt. 2 - Following the Rumors

Rumors abound about a valley shrouded in mist, where the rains leave the ground moist, saturated and fertile. A scouting party who went to investigate has been brought back to Thelos for treatment, because they all seem to have fallen into a state of unconsciousness from which they cannot be awakened. What could have happened? It's time to seek out the Mistvale, in search of answers.

OOC: This Part 2 of the Valley of Mists PRP. If you want to join, please contact Cayn. Limiting to between 5-7 players for sanity! Slots will be given to those who were in Part 1 first.


Feb. 3, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Alethia Forwen Ideh Iridessa Medeia Nagestos Zaltar Thorin Relios



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Travel from the city of Thelos to Silvermist, the settlement built by House Reid, is not an easy journey, especially because some of those present are not yet recognized by the Khelgar portal guardian. So it is necessary to travel over land, which does take time. As they left in the morning, the scouts lying in their hospital beds looked to have fallen into deep comas. Only the restoration magic of the Lifewell is keeping them from perishing, or perhaps it is something more. It's difficult to say, but the journey has become that much more urgent. Now, they find themselves here at last, at a location marked on a map from information gleaned from scouting reports. The scout named Edril is here as well, looking much better rested, and he appears to be their guide for this excursion.

When at last the group reaches Silvermist, it is early morning, and the air is both crisp and humid; quiet after a spring rain washed over the fertile valleys of the Reid settlement. The world seems to glisten with tiny drops of water, and beads of moisture dot the grasses. Great pine trees rise in a majestic vanguard to the west, where no road has yet been built, and few paths have been cleared through the litter of scented pine needles and fallen growth. The place still has a sense of the wild about it, with thick foliage in abundance this late in the spring. Wildflowers dot the grasses, and birds chirp in the trees all around, while things may skitter in the undergrowth, rustling the bushes and leaves. The scent of pine needles is thick in the air, along with the scent of fresh rain, giving the group a peaceful atmosphere in which to decide their next course of action.

Zaltar checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 67 higher. Zaltar rolled a critical!

He looks more the Knight Champion than the Headmaster in his traveling leathers and his stylish hat, his dagger at his hip and his backpack hanging from his shoulders. Riding low on Firn's back, he keeps a careful eye out as the massive snow wolf pads along toward the back of the group. Overhead a black raven can be seen following along, and from time to time swooping down to harrass Thorin. He seems rather excited to be back in the mountains, traveling to see some of the land that had been explored while he was away with the Duindar.

Ideh, as they had set out on their journey, had fallen into her usual and accustomed role as ranger, moving ahead of the group, making sure that the outposts that guarded the roads knew of their movements, ensuring the group could pass safely. When she was not roaming, she fells back to the group, speaking quietly with the Aenorr who had joined them at, perhaps, the urgings of the Archmage. For she had asked for more mages. There was time to pass on the journey and she was not given to wasting it.

Zaltar seems weary around the others here, sticks close to the scout named Edril. He is very cautious and careful where he steps and where he is going. He is not use to such terrain as he shivers slightly

Relios walked along with the others, not seeming to mind the days of travel very much, accustomed to the cold and mountainous terrain. He's bundled up in beat hide and silverum armor with a glinting mala crystal hanging on his wrist. He lefts others lead, while his eyes keep an eye on the surroundings. A large wolf trots along at his side, snuffling and sniffing at things often.

Nagestos moves along with the others but he seems somewhat removed from them, engaged in his own interests at random points. Some animal here, a rock there, or something else. He's less worried with staying with the group than might be expected. As they reach Silvermist, he looks over the valley with narrowed and thoughtful eyes. He's looking less at the valley though as he is the rim around it. Eventually he does settle down on the valley though and gives a hmm.

It is cold up here in the mountains, that is for certain, and that's the way the Faenor prefer it. There are all manner of interesting things to see, however, if one knows what to look for. The pine trees are majestic, aged sentinels keeping watch over the valleys below. From Silvermist Keep, where they would have been given hospitality for the night, it is perhaps a good half day's walk to reach the general vicinity of the location people have begun to call Mistvale. Scout Edril Keir takes the lead along with Ideh, to ensure that the party is going the right way, which means Zaltar is probably ranging ahead with them as well. It is a wilderness, after all, and the wilderness and forests of the Volandis range do have their own dangers, as the Faenor discovered with that whole ice army thing a while back. Thankfully, there are no signs of ice armies in this area, though there are signs of other potential dangers, such as wildlife.

Thorin takes a fine leather cloak, lined in beaver fur, with pockets from a sturdy leather backpack with many interior pouches.

Forwen had set out on the journey with what most might consider a inappropriate amount of enthusiasm, considering the situation. Nor did that wellspring of good natured bounciness really disappear no matter how long they walked or how many dirty looks might have come her way. She spent a good deal of time forging ahead or walking beside Nagestos but each person at some point became the focus of the tiny Nerean's attention and questioned about who they were and what they did.

:When she finds out Relios doesn't know the whole story, she is more than happpy to tell him. "so basically.. it comes down to.. there was a scouting Faenor party that when out for a Priestess of Estril looking for a flower that she thought was important. When they found it, little white flower that we have figured out turns clear and invisable if it is wet and makes everyone around it fall to a deep sleep. Which is what the party did. All but that guy." nodding to the scout Eldril ahead of them. "We don't know why he didn't but we know that he came back and got help and all the scouts are still in a deep sleep and getting worse at the hospital. Now we have the find the flowers see? Because they may be protecting something or maybe the cure but it's the only thing we can think of that may save them."

"Remember if you see the flowers keep twenty paces at least away or you will fall into the sleep like the others, if you feel you are yawning or confused let someone know, watch each other," Zaltar muses as he keeps pace with Edril. Seems he has taken a liking to this scout

Ideh checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 60 higher.

Relios checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Thorin checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Relios listens to Forwen, brows knit faintly. He nods along, then hmmms. "Sounds troubling. Thank you for filling me in."

Forwen checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

As they head out from Silvermist, Thorin puts on his thick fur cloak. He hasn't had to wear it much, but now that he's up in the mountains, well, it sure is nice. He walks with the group, Firn ranging out just a little ways but never staying too far. His eyes dart around, taking in the surroundings, and his other senses do as well. By all reports, something magical is afoot, and who better to sense it than the Headmaster?

Nagestos checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher. Nagestos rolled a critical!

As the group continues the journey, they will see all sorts of things, like animal tracks, a deer trail heading off deeper into the pine trees. There are spider webs glistening with dew, and spiders in them too. They see some squirrels frolicking in the leaves around some trees, and birds taking flight overhead. They hear soft rustlings in the leaves and the brush, and occasionally, less soft rustlings. An eagle lets out a cry high overhead, then wheels away on widespread wings. It's about mid-morning when the scout finally pauses, and points to the group's left. "We should go that way. See, I marked the place here, so we could find it again." There is a little pile of neatly-stacked rocks there.

Forwen doesn't have a wolf to ride.. what she does have however is Nugget. The adolesent tiger having reached her full height if not mass, which was fine because like Ideh, Forwen was just a bitty little thing. A glance to Zaltar as he mentions 20 paces, and she nods. leaning down to whisper to the tiger's ear, directing the beast to settle into pace beside Nagestos.

"Very smart," Zaltar says, taking his bow. "I think though we are not alone," he muses, readying his bow and hunching down into a hunting posture

Ideh kept her steps light, eyes scanning the ground, just in case she might step on a flower she ought not to step on. But, for now, they did not seem to be standing at the root of the danger. At the far edge of where they were moving, she paused, her voice calling back to the group, "Marks of a bear. Fresh, and I can still smell sap on the broken branches. I would prefer to capture and not kill whatever we find. It might be useful for us to examine them, as the Scout reported there were no animals in the vale of flowers."

Zaltar checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Zaltar checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Nagestos moves along silently and gives a, "Hmm, interesting thought." His eyes narrowed in thought. He continues along the path as the scout guides. He takes a closer look around for animals and insects particularly...

Zaltar seems to disappear quietly, leading off some direction more shadow then elf. Seems he is tracking something. Possibly the bear.

Thorin checked perception + mysticism at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Nagestos checked perception + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 14 lower.

Thorin glances first toward Edril and then toward Ideh and then into the middle distance as his eyes unfocus. He stands still for a few moments and then suddenly jerks his head in a particular direction. The direction Ideh is off in. "We should get moving. The bear has caught our scent," he says. "There are none of the flowers around here, anyway."

There do not appear to be any of those white flowers, or mist here yet. Wherever they are, it is not the valley in question, for the forest still rises up all around. It can be safely assumed that the scout is still leading them to the location of the flowers, so there is wildlife in abundance here. Birds twitter, critters rustle through the leaves, now skittering away in a frenzy as something much larger can be heard moving through the underbrush, crackling branches, some distance to the west. Scout Edril draws his bow too, knocking an arrow. His snow wolf is with him as well, ears pricked toward the sound.

Relios' eyes narrow at the sounds of something approaching, cold icy wind wrapping around his hand, the mala crystal at his wrist glowing. Ready to shoot out a bolt of ice once the bear is in view.

Oddly enough, Forwen's attention really isn't on what might be walking out of the trees around them or if her over sized house cat is trampling flowers. Instead who she watches is the scout they are following, chewing on her lip as they move, it's as the others start getting more worried about said bear that her attention turns, the blade... a wicked looking little thing... at her side loosened in it's sheathe.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thorin before departing.

Ideh did not move away from where Thorin was now looking, though she did draw and ready her bow, "Keep the party together. Make certain they stay near the mages, who can protect them." She leveled her gaze at Edril, "With me, Scout." Ideh stepped ahead, listening for the sound of the approaching animal, crouched slightly low to make use of whatever cover the trees and foliage provided. Not far from her position, Elba ranged, the snow wolf's black fur disappearing into the thick undergrowth.

The sounds of crushing undergrowth and loud rustlings draw nearer, and eventually the bear comes into sight. Zaltar has moved a little further out from the group, tracking the bear, and approaching it. The bear sets its sights on Zaltar, and lowers its head, sniffing forward as if scenting a nice elf snack. Then, it begins to charge through the trees toward Zaltar, heavy paws pounding on the ground, its body loping and lumbering through the undergrowth.

Zaltar checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

Thorin checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 40, rolling 12 higher.

Thorin checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 6 lower.

Relios checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 0 higher.

Zaltar checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 10 higher.

Ideh checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 10 higher.

Forwen checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 3 lower.

Nagestos checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Cayn has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1, 2

Ideh checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 26 higher.

Nagestos wields Cloudy Cobalt Varne Crystal.

As the bear charges Zaltar, the Initiate of Brundir manages to dodge out of the way just in time, before those sharp claws rake toward him. The bear misses, however, and Zaltar is able to get out of the way. Meanwhile, Ideh shoots an arrow at the bear, and the beast staggers to a halt, roaring in pain. The arrow strikes true, right into the meaty tendons between his front leg and shoulder. The bear goes down, but it is not dead. It does look furious, however.

Relios checked mana + evocation at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Relios lifts his hand, the mala crystal glowing. From his fingertips a long spear of ice forms, then flies out to embed into the bear's hide. Aimed for it's neck to try to take it down quickly and humanely.

Forwen wields Bucket Slayer, a steel explorers war cleaver.

"Hey wait, you said not to kill it," Zaltar grumbles quite loudly

The bear is no match for magic, especially when it is already injured and down. It lets out another roar, trying to scramble to its paws, but then Relios' ice spear lances through its neck, and it falls to the ground, dead. Its eyes stare off in glassy oblivion, while its body is pinned with an arrow, and an icy magically-evoked lance. The bear does not move.

Ideh, as soon as she saw the bear go down, quickened her pace to approach, only to see a shard of ice aimed at the beast's neck, and her voice sharpened, "Was I unclear when I said that none of these animals were to be killed?" She had not missed the direction from which the evocative attack had come, "A dead animal is no use to us."

Zaltar frowns and grumbles, "Really now was that necessary, you all are worse then animals." he kneels down an places a hand on the poor dead bears head. "You shoot it with an arrow first, maybe follow your own orders," he fumes as he looks over the beast

Ideh says, "I disabled it. And once it was down, it would be easy enough to heal it. The goal was to eliminate the threat to the party.""

Forwen slides off Nugget's back with her war cleaver in hand, but seeing the bear fall the little elf slides the blade back away. There is a sad look in those blue eyes as she studies the bear. But her gaze slides to Ideh. "Neither is a dead Zaltar.. sometimes.. there is no choice. Especially when it's wounded and beyond reason." then moves towards Z.. "Do you need help?"

Ideh glanced to Forwen, "If the Thalerith cannot survive in Faenor lands, perhaps he should not have come."

Thorin gets caught flat-footed as the bear charges them, and by the time the bear falls to the ground he's only just got his bearings about him. He looks as if he was going to do something, but then, instead, he just dusts off his tailcoat. "Well, that was bearly a challenge."

Meanwhile, the scout Edril looks on with a bit of an aghast expression, as the bear is handily taken down by Ideh and Relios before any real damage can be done. "Uh... I suppose I should have mentioned, there is a bear over in these parts. Or, was," he says, once the bear is taken care of. "That was most impressive, Lord Heir, my Lady," he says with a little bow to the pair. He seems a bit shaken by it, however. "We are not far from the vale," he says, quickly recovering himself. He eyes Zaltar, and adds, "Bears are very dangerous. I don't know if you know much about bears, living in the desert. It was going to be you or him," the scout adds helpfully. He gives an uneasy laugh to Thorin's quip then, but he waits to see what the group will do with the bear carcass.

"I faced a basilisk, have you done that," Zaltar muses, seems he is still morning his bear friend as he looks to see if the bear has anything telling on it's body

"Should have mentioned?" Forwen glances to Edril, then sighs looking back to Ideh. "Perhaps the Lady would know that a single arrow to one leg does not disable a bear in raged. Even an Aeran knows that." then turns back towards her tiger and the old mage, giving him a look before climbing onto her mount.

Zaltar checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 48 higher. Zaltar rolled a critical!

"Perhaps the Aeran would know that there is more than one way to subdue an enemy. A arrow to disable it, and a skilled mage to hold it steady while it was dealt with. Not everything is black and white, Aeran." Ideh looked away from Zaltar, ignoring his comment completely, "Archmage, Knight Champion, examine it is you like. And then we will use it as bait to keep any other predators behind us as we push forward."

"Poor old thing," Zaltar muses. "There is nothing off about this bear, it was just and normal old bear, but we should make use of this kill not just leave it here to rot," he states

Forwen looks back there are tears in her eyes when she looks at the bear but her small chin lifts a little to meet Ideh's gaze. "Well it seems the Lord Heir didn't agree with your assessment." then looking to Zaltar smiles sadly and nods.

"That's just what I was going to do," Thorin says, nodding toward Ideh, and then looks to the others. "Still, an impressive kill, cousin," he says, a grin on his face. Anything magic excites him. He moves closer to take a look at the bear and the shakes his head. "I didn't sense anything odd about the bear before, either." He just nods toward Morinen, agreeing with her plan as well.

"Edril, lead the party onward towards the vale. We have wasted enough time here, and we have little enough of it as it is." Ideh nodded to the Knight Champion, as he came to join her and she nodded, accepting his assessment, "I will set the bait and follow at your back."

Scout Edril will help to take care of the bear, whatever is decided, whether it is to leave it as bait, or make use of the meat and skin. The party can make quick work of it. It's a grim task, either way. Once everyone is ready, the scout continues to lead the way on foot, not deigning to comment on the Aeran's words. "This way," he says gruffly, keeping his own feelings hidden now behond that stoic Faenor demeanor.

He plunges through the trees, leading the way. The foliage does make riding difficult the deeper into the wilds they go, but eventually, by about midday, the sounds of forest wildlife seem to diminish to very few skitterings and bird sounds as they finally come upon a view of the valley. Eventually, Edril the Scout comes to a stop, then glances over his shoulder toward the party, and lifts his hand to point out over the valley, which is shrouded in mist. A rickety-looking bridge crosses from one side to the other, but there are also steep hills to either side.

The valley seems to stretch on for quite a distance, the mist making it impossible to see what lies beneath. However, along the hillsides, it might be possible to catch a glimpse of little white flowers, though there do not seem to be very many of them outside that mist cover. Just enough to look like snowdrops against a blanket of green grasses, hidden among trees. "We are here," the Scout says, glancing to the others. "We did not feel sleepy until we actually attempted to enter the mist," he explains. "We should be safe enough up here."

The valley stretches below, shrouded in mist, while the clouds above are pearly gray, casting the valley into shadow, as if it might want to rain again. There is still a scent of rain on the breeze, and the air seems... chillier... here.

Zaltar shivers as they get close. "At least it just rained," he muses.

Forwen follows silently, not caring that others didn't understand her upset. It's not until they reach the valley and the scent of rain that she pulls Nugget to a stop. "No.. thats not that good.. not really. Because it means those flowers are invisible now, does it not?" looking to Nag for confirmation

Thorin checked perception + mysticism at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Thorin takes a good long look into that mist and furrows his brow. His hand comes up to the brim of his rather stylish leather hat and he peers. He frowns. "There's no wildlife _at all_ for leagues around here. Just plants. Grass. Trees. Flowers," he says. Then he frowns more and wrinkles his nose, sniffing at the air as if he's picked up a foul odor. "There's something _off_ about the mist. Some sort of...protectiveness."

Thorin checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Ideh paused, as they came upon the valley, and she took a knee, looking across the mist covered base of it, noting where she could see the flowers dotting the area beneath the trees, "It might be worthwhile to test to see if the soporific effect is the same when the flowers are white and when they are clear." She glanced back at the Aenorr knight, "Knight Champion, can you pluck one for me?" Thorin's comment, brought a nod, "When I examined the petal we retrieved from the boot of one of the scouts, I tasted the scent of Gala on it. Her power and her sorrow."

Forwen checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Zaltar checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Nagestos checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 147 higher. Nagestos rolled a critical!

The flowers are there, yes. Some of them are pure white, as snow, and can be glimpsed through portions of the swirling mist blanketing the valley floor. Others are crystal clear and seem impossible to spot from this distance, though Nagestos, with his keen sight, seems to be able to see them where no one else really can distinguish them from the other green growing things in the valley. But, once one begins to recognize them, they are unmistakeable. Small, growing in a few clusters together, the blossoms are crystal clear due to the recent rain, for the most part, though some have dried already. They have six petals, and give off a lovely fragrance. A clean fragrance.

Zaltar keeps a safe twenty paces from said flowers. Zaltar is not risking it so it seems

Thorin checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 50, rolling 12 higher.

Nagestos looks to the others as they look over the valley and adds as one of the few statements he's actually made, "IF you're not quite certain if you're stepping somewhere safe, we'll wall them off to ensure they remain untread on." He twiddles his eyebrows and looks back to the bear, "Bad business." Though states no further.

Forwen looks to Nastigos, head tilting. "Pretty certain. Don't we need to see what is on the other side? I mean.. it was about finding a cure and that these are probably protecting something." already sliding back off her cat to adjust all her bits and bobs, making sure nothing is loose.

Zaltar checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Nagestos whispers over to Forwen.

Thorin checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 1 lower.

Thorin reaches out with a hand toward the mist-veiled valley and a look of intense concentration wrinkles his face, his brow drawing together and his mouth turning down in a frown. As time goes on that frown deepens and deepens until his hand just abruptly drops and he shakes his head. "I can't...get through...the mist," he says, sounding rather exhausted...sleepy even. "That was exhausting."

Zaltar checked luck + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 2 higher.

Zaltar checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

Forwen blinks at Nagestos and then does a silent.. "ohhh" smiling to the old elf. "I can though." said with all the confindence in the world. Then looking back as Thorin goes all red face and frowny, her small brows arching up a bit. "Some day that might be handy." said sideways to the Arch Mage before stepping up to Thorin and well... slapping him right across the face. "No sleeping.. one tends to never wake up."

Zaltar suddenly seems to fall asleep as he is bending over to look at something closely, seems he has something held in his hand

As Zaltar lies down in the grass among the flowers and falls asleep, the mists seem to be getting thicker, though it's so subtle at first, it's difficult to notice it. They swirl about the valley floor lazily, then tendrils begin to climb up the hillside in a most unnatural way. Soon, they seem to be coalescing slowly some good fifteen paces from where the party is standing. The mist drifts about in a lazy circle, like a slow-moving vortex. An icy chill can be felt, the sort of chill that sinks deep into your bones on a rainy or foggy day. "Why do you elves come here seeking these blooms? Can you not see that they are sacred?"

The mist continues to swirl and eddy, but now, begins to take shape... the shape of a female form, and there is a tinkling sound, as if of many ice crystals.

Ideh checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Ideh rose from that knee, making her way over towards where Thorin was standing, reaching out a hand as if to rest it on his shoulder. A younger elf might have asked permission, but Ideh did not. Instead, her hand glowed that pale golden, "This may not be the flowers at all. They may simply have such an effect by dint of being touched by the mist." Forwen she saw approaching, and the hand that was not glowing snapped out to catch Forwen's wrist, the grip like iron, "Try that again, Aeran, and you will lose the use of that hand." She made the attempt to turn Forwen around, "You'd be better off tending to that Thalerith, who clearly cannot be trusted to keep himself from danger."

Voices from the Mists! Okay, as much as Ideh might annoy Forwen and get a look before she tugs her hand away, this was far more interesting! The tiny elf turns her back on the Faenor that fast, blue eyes searching for the source then smiling as the shape forms. "Why would anyone come looking for anything? Because the best way to understand a mystery is to solve it." hands folding behind her back. "Also, because there are those that might die if we don't understand it. I'm Forwen Nerea. Who are you, lady?"

Zaltar is laying there sleeping peacefully. Not aware of anyone or anything around him

The mist continues to swirl and eddy, seeming to almost but not quite solidify into a shape, crystalline and beautiful. Mist turns to snow, then seems to melt into ice and then drifts slowly back again, creating a mesmerizing effect. "The cost of touching Gala's gift is sleep," the figure whispers, swirling upward, and then around, and then drifting closer to the party. There is a distinct indentation where eyes should be, but instead, there are two glowing wisps. The form stops before Forwen. "A daughter of the waters," she says. "I... am Aetheria, the guardian of this vale. I have guarded it these many long years. You have taken that which is not yours to take," she says, her voice echoing with sorrow and regret. "I must now tell you, what you must do, to see your friends awake. Gather each the following three: Morning's dew, from weeping trees, Five river stones, thus to appease. A fragrant scent, to ward disease." The mists swirl and drift apart again, and there is a final whisper, "Seek the standing stones, and they shall lead you to the sacred rite. Then you may yet end the unseen plight."

Ideh checked mana + restoration at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Thorin sort of stares as a slap is deflected mere inches from his rather weary looking face. He looks to the Morinen in thanks, and then turns toward the mist-lady as she speaks before looking to the mists as the part.

The glow that limned Ideh's hand faded, and having done what she intended, removed her hand from Thorin's shoulder, her attention focusing on the figure manifesting itself from the mist, her attention clearly focused on the figure, the spirit, whatever it might be, "We will do what is required. But what of this one?" She was not close enough to nudge the unconscious Thalerith with the toe of her boot, but she did scuff her foot in his direction.

The misty wisps stop before Forwen and the Aeran doesn't move an inch! Her big blue eyes staring back with the wonder one would normally only see on children. When the guardian says her name Forwen curtsies. "Lady Aetheria... and I didn't take anything, I promised I wouldn't." but then the Lady continues and Forwen repeats the words silently and with such seriousness as one has not seen from her yet. "Thank you Lady. We will do exactly as you say!" then turns and looks at the others only when she has vanished, almost bouncing with excitement. "So do you all have weeping willows in this place? Or is it too cold and high up?" looking at Adeh as if there hadn't been a single cross word between the two of them.

The mists, which seemed about to depart, swirl up again into that feminine form, which speaks with a feminine voice, chiming like ice crystals on a winter morning. She turns toward Ideh, drifting closer. "He must sleep for now, I fear. Seek the rite, and ye will learn. The sleep is dreamless, but Lifewell sustains." The elemental turns toward Forwen then, and whispers, "All are here - all share the burden. And now all must share the quest. I shall pray you pass the test. Find the standing stones," she repeats. "They will guide you." With that, the elemental turns in a circle, and then drifts back down into the valley to meld with the mists below once more.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thorin before departing.

Thorin perks back up at Ideh's touch and then looks toward the others and then the valley. "I'm guessing these standing stones are through the valley. Looks like the mists have parted to permit us through," he says. Glancing to the others he motions for Firn to come to his side and starts down that way.

Forwen looks to Zaltar. "We are going to have to make a litter. The lady said and life well, so we cna't leave him alone and well, it wouldn't be safe anyway."

Thorin checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 20, rolling 54 higher.

"Thank you." Because Ideh did, on occasion, know how to be polite. But only on occasion. She did not look back to where the mist figure had dissipated, "Yes, we have those here. And posies or lavender will do for the scent." Her gaze fell to Forwen, "I believe she meant that the lifewell within him would prevent him from dying. But yes, he will have to come with us on the journey." She stepped away from the Knight Commander, "We should gather the items as quick as may be allowed."

"No need to make a litter," Thorin says, just gesturing toward the sleeping Thalerith. Slays a basilisk, but then is taken down by a flower. Very poetic. Zaltar rises up from the ground and comes to float off to one side of Thorin, following him as he looks to the others to lead the way. "I've got him."

Zaltar rests peacefully very angelic looking, his hands folded over his chest, whatever he is holding would be hard to get from his grasp

There do not seem to be any parts in the mist. They continue to blanket the valley, and the precious flowers, for the most part, beyond those that grow further up the hillside, such as the one Zaltar picked. The elemental is gone now, or at least, no longer visible, but she has left the party with a riddle to solve. There do not seem to be any weeping willows or anything of that sort nearby, nor any lavender in sight. Certainly there is no river nearby from which to collect stones.

Ideh checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Forwen shrugs at the lifewell comment, after all what did she know about magic? Instead climbs back on Nugget, looking back to the others. "I would still suggest even if she is giving us a path, to be careful where you step. Seems that having one even stuck to your boot is enough to send you to dreamland." takes a quick look at Zaltar and shakes her head. "What happened to 20 paces?" sighs. "So we need to find standing stones and they will show us the rest the way." then starts Nuggest along the openned path.

Forwen checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Thorin checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 25, rolling 37 higher.

Thorin nods his agreement to Forwen. "Yes. We should find the standing stones, wherever they are," Thorins says, peering down toward the mist, looking for something. "Perhaps they are a path through the flowers. Stones on which if you step you will not harm the plants, thus incurring the sleep."

Thorin adds, "Or rather, avoiding incurring the sleep."

Forwen glances back to make sure everyone is ready to follow then blinks, hand stalling Nugget from entering the valley as she turns in her seat staring at the forest for a moment, then points. "Do you see a stone standing over there between those trees? Or am I seeing what I want to see?"

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