Blood God Discussions: High Priesthood

Catlith is hosting a gathering to discuss Baridon and to share new information. All are welcome to attend but the focus will be on the High Priesthood. High Priests and High Priestesses will be asked to discuss their gods in relation to Baridon.


Feb. 15, 2019, 4 p.m.

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Seren Talyn Naxalia Belstrom Velandria Starling Thalion(RIP) Ayalith Valatir(RIP) Diagones Thorin Galeren Arminel Ember Kenyon


High Council of Thelos


Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Thelos High Council Chambers - Receiving Room

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Catlith stands behind the left seat on the dias of three stone seats. She is wearing the crimson robes of her priesthood but her hood is down. Some of the others in the receiving room are other crimson cloaked priests along with priests from other cults. "Good evening," she begins. "Thank you for coming. We'll be starting shortly. This will be a less formal discussion, our focus being on Lord Baridon and how the others in the Pantheon relate to him. The High Priesthood will have the floor first, if they wish it, but all are permitted and encouraged to participate if done so with decorum and respect," she says sternly. Her voice is soft and silvery but she projects decently enough to fill the room and those in her priesthood especially listen attentively. "So come on in and get settled. We'll begin shortly."

Naxalia steps in to the Holy Council recieving room and finds herself a quiet spot along the edge. She gives a nod to Catlith first before acknowledging her niece, Seren, next. Her look is nearly expressionless, neutral, though a touch cold. Her hands are tucked inside the sleeves of her dark robes.

Belstrom arrives late and slips to a seat quietly.

Out of the cold Velandria arrives, she moves quietly, the soft soles of her boots almost silent as she steps across the floor. Her heavy wool grey robes hide her body. She finds a place in the back and settles herself, so she may watch and listen. As Catlith begins to speak her pale eyes come to rest on her.

Starling steps in after a soft word with Zedmir who worked with her to the receiving room and then left for his own things. She glances around as she nods towards Catlith and then moves with a graceful swirl of her cloak to find a place to settle and listen to the discussions.

Thalion steps into the receiving area, walking with hands clasped behind his back. His staff floats at his side, and once he enters he pauses and takes a moment to study those already gathered. He walks to the side, looking for a piece of wall to lean against. With a gesture, his staff comes to also rest against the wall, next to him. The hands come to clasp in front of him as he leans against the wall.

Talyn is arriving with Seren, the two Lorandi evidently having made the journey with one another if their unified step is any indication. There is a scroll in Talyn's hand, a mighty thing that is bound tightly, but the way that he carries it? It is cast there alongside Seren, before her, as though she shared the 'burden' of it equally. Once they cross the threshold he is swiftly bowing toward the Catlith, his expression composed and neutral, even before he is casting a sidelong look to his traveling partner. The seating area is glanced at next, pointedly, and he chins toward an open spot before lifting his brow in query.

Ayalith slips in wearing somewhat blood-stained leather, looking unapologetically exhausted but still with a warm smile for all and sundry. The High Priestess moves to take a seat near the back so as to not draw attention to her late arrival.

Valatir comes stepping in with arm offered to a Faenor companion - this time Thorin. He had already taken his space to slip in and cast his look around as he got out paper to record quietly. Eyebrow raises when the other Lorandi roll in, but he just notes it down.

Belstrom looks over his shoulder, noticing the young priestess of Brundir, and nods to the seat next to him.

Diagones arrives at the meeting while adorned in a simple ink blue linen dress. She goes to find a place to sit.

Seren glances about the room and when her Aunt acknowledges her, she gives a nod of her head to Naxalia in return. Her eyes turn then to the High Priestess of Baridon as she dips her chin and then lowers gracefully in her seat of gold and green Lorandi silks. Slowly she rises once more and follows along beside the tall Serannar and gives a glance to where he indicates. "That will do." She speaks up enough for him to hear. Crossing the distance to the set of chairs she lowers herself into one and then glances up to her companion to lean over and speak softly to him. Her silvery green eyes focus on those that come in, settling on Valatir and...Thorin. She smiles for them both, lifting her hand in greeting.

Ayalith accepts the seat offered graciously, leaning in to murmur something or another to Belstrom.

Thorin enters on Valatir's arm, and quietly proceeds to a seat. He produces his own notebook and writing implement. He's ready to listen. Seren's wave earns one in return, an impish grin on his lips.

Galeren ducks in quick and quietly. He's wearing his robes of Torth looking around for his High priestess. He hovers nearby the seats just in case they need some Torthing. His head shifting as if to gauge the audience and the situation. The council folks get polite nods and he looks to the other High priestly types, "I'm sure High Priestess Iridessa will be on her way, but I can probably share our views until then?" He offers easily enough.

When the chairs are indicated as being acceptable, Talyn settles down and turns to scan the area as a whole. His eyes of course mark Naxalia and after a moment of hesitation he tips his head toward her by way of greeting. Looking on, Valatir is offered a more deep inclination of his head, before he is turning and responding a few words quietly back to Seren. His expression is a relatively smooth and neutral thing, though small fidgets of nervous energy are apparent.

Ayalith nods solemnly at Belstrom, tucking a lock of hair behind one ear.

Starling arches an eyebrow at her cousin when he comes in with the adorable wolf. She looks over his companions from her own seat and can't help and amused shake of her head but she greets them as well with a nood. Galeren's arrival and speech to the High Priests gets her attention and she nods in his direction as well.

Catlith nods her head to Velandria. "Wave Speaker Velandria," she says with a small smile, "good of you to come." She then spots Thalion and bows her head to him. "Good evening, Oracle." She bows her head to Talyn and Seren, "Lady Seren and Lord Talyn, thank you for coming. I look forward to hearing from you soon." She notices Ayalith and gives her a wave and then spots Belstrom. "High Priest Belstrom and High Priestess Ayalith, good of you to come. I look forward to hearing from you two soon."

Catlith looks toward Galeron and nods her head. "Yes, of course that will be great. Any who wish to participate in the conversation may do so as long as we aren't talking over each other."

Naxalia glances Talyn's direction for a moment. She squints a touch but eventually nods in return greeting. At Galeren's comment she speaks up as well. "I will not speak for High Priestess Ingerith, but if the view of the clergy of Estril is needed, I will do my best."

Belstrom nods politely to Catlith with a neutral smile.

Standing there with her back against the wall, Velandria nods her head as Catlith indicates they may speak as long as there is order to the way they are speaking. Her fingers pick at the fabric of her gown. She looks at the others who have gathered but say nothing at the moment.

Thalion dips his head in Catlith's direction, returning her greeting. He again scans the crowd for familiar faces, and spotting Ayalith inclines his head in her direction. When Naxalia speaks, his eyes linger on her, and there's a quirk of a brow at her words, but he says nothing. His gaze lingers on her, before it turns to the rest of the gathering once more.

Starling speaks up softly, "I am not sure if High Priestess Valeria will be able to make it, but as Priestess Asa of Gala got a message from Gala, I will be happy to speak of what we of Gala know.." She offers in that husky voice, moving to stand and walking to settled down next to Galeren.

Ayalith returns Catlith's wave with an encouraging smile. "You know I'm always happy to talk," she laughs lightly. Thalion gets a little wave as well, and as always her olive green eyes shift toward his staff, half-wary, and half-covetous.

Galeren starts a trend and he smiles at Starling lightly as he settles into his seat. He nods to Catlith, "Of course." He says brightly and nods to the other High Priests. The Oracle gets a curious look and he seems content to shift settling into a seat tracing a hand along his chin.

At the acknowledgement of Caitlith, Seren gives a dip of her chin, "Of course," the Lorandi noblewoman remarks, giving a glance towards the scroll in Talyn's hands and then up to him. A smile draws across her lips as she leans in to speak with him quietly once more before sitting more properly in her seat with hands smoothing at the silks in layers of gold gossamer over green. Eyes stray then to take in each member of the clergy before settling upon Ayalith who receives a slight nod of her head in acknowledgement.

Naxalia narrows her eyes a touch in Thalion's direction when she feels his strange gaze looking at her. She shifts a touch, staring perhaps a touch too long, before turning back to Catlith as she waits for the precidings to begin.

"Than you for allowing me to come High Priestess Catlith." Velandria offers her a bow of her head.

Belstrom rises, whispering to Ayalith and departing.

Talyn's inclining his head in a most solemn manner in response to Caitlith, though there is no verbal commentary from the young elf. When Seren is speaking to him, he smiles with a hint of something rueful and tips his head by way of acknowledgement. There is a little back and forth exchange between the pair, conversing quietly, though Talyn is always looking forward to ensure that they silence entirely once things begin.

Catlith walks around to the front of the dias. She doesn't speak as a High Councilor as much as she speaks as the High Priestess of Baridon today so she doesn't sit in her High Councilor seat. "OK, we'll start off by briefly going over the current situation. We all likely are aware of all of this but to bring it back into the front of our minds I'll just sum it up a little," she says.

Catlith clears her throat and then takes a sip of some water. "Several weeks ago a peculiar storm hit Thelos and we were visited by a mysterious stranger," she says gesturing toward Thalion. "The red eyed elf is an Oracle - Thalion of the Tribunal. The Tribunal is Lord Baridon's Court. He had a message for us." She looks toward Thalion and says, "Would it be fair to say that you presented us with our options, Thalion?" She looks back toward the assembly, "We have the option of appeasing Lord Baridon or replacing him, to put it simply. We need someone to embody the elements of Judgement, Choice and Oaths or we will lose them."

Ayalith's hand shoots into the air immediately, though she winces to do so even as she attempts to catch Catlith's eye.

Catlith nods her head to Ayalith, giving her permission to cut in.

The mention of the mysterious stranger has Thalion lifting a hand and offering a half wave to the crowd, along with a smirk. The question from Catlith causes him to pause and lightly frown. "My intention was to nudge you all into finding a solution to what's happening. And to let you know that there are paths you can take. Appeasing the Blood God, replacing him, those are indeed alternatives. The one choice I'd suggest against, is doing nothing at all. Because as you say, if those concepts are not given voice, you will eventually lose them."

Thorin jots down a few notes before setting down his pencil. His hand falls down to his side to idly scritch his wolf's ears as he listens.

"My apologies for interrupting as you just get started of course," Ayalith speaks from where she's seated near the back. "But could you, for all those present, explain what you mean specifically by 'losing' the elements embodied by Lord Baridon currently? There's recently been some debate as to whether or not we do actually need someone to embody them in order to continue using them as we have since first gaining our free will as detailed in the creation stories we've all been told since childhood. I'd like a clarification on that, if possible, since it doesn't seem something best left to debate."

Valatir leans in to whisper to the Faenor at his side.

Velandria raises her hand.

Arminel strolls in a bit late, swathed in a furry cloak in defense against the growing winter cold. He makes his way over nearer to the large fireplace near the side of the building, turning his focus over towards the discussion at hand and the figures at the front.

Thorin leans in to whisper in response.

Catlith bows her head to Thalion, accepting his correction. "Yes, a nudge," she repeats. "Thalion has made it clear that this is a decision that we will have to make and that he can't make it for us. He's graciously offered to help guide us and offer counsel but it is our decision." She then looks toward Ayalith and nods her head. "Thalion would be able to speak on that better but it is an abstract thing that is hard to wrap your head around. Basically society cannot function without Lord Baridon or someone to give voice to his ideals. If we lose Judgment there would be bedlam, if we lose oaths we lose the kinships and our families, if we lose the consequence of Choice we lose the very meaning to life. I don't know exactly what that means in practical terms, though. How can I even begin to describe that? The losing of a concept? It seems intrinsic and we might take for granted that it is not. They are things we can lose."

Catlith looks toward Velandria and nods her head, "Wave Speaker, you had something to add?"

Naxalia gives a respectful bow at the arrival of the King. She turns her attention back to Catlith and Thalion though as they speak again.

Speaking of late, maybe Ember sort of his behind Arminel on his trek here. Surely he makes a fine windbreaker. So when she finally arrives, she just tries to sneak into a seat somewhere unobtrusive to listen to what's being discussed up at the front.

Thalion quirks a brow at Ayalith. He opens his mouth as if to say something, then stops, pursing his lips. "It would be impossible for you to continue to use something you have no understanding of anymore. When I say you will lose these concepts, I mean exactly that. The concept of an oath, of fealty," he spares a glance at the Lorandi when he brings that up, "It will simply be no more. The concept of judgment, will have no meaning. Consequences to choices? There will be no way to uphold them. Those ideas will simply cease to be, without a god to give them form and sustain them." A pause. "Your whole society would be completely different, and likely to simply collapse and die," he bluntly points out. He turns towards Catlith and dips his head in agreement with her words.

Clearing her throat a little bit Velandria speaks, her voice is quiet. "Thank you, High Priestess!" A bow is offered, "Considering that he was there when Lady Aereth and Lady Garwen made a bargain for what races were to live. He knew what was happening, yes there was rage on his face, but he knew of the bargain non the less. Some could argue that the price of blood had been paid. We have those of our Kin who stayed behind with our allies. We also lost many of our kin during the journey. The question, how much did we alter the new path that was created by the gods. Were the host a creation of Garwen?" Velandria asks. "Also, I know that those of Aereth would rather have a new god, based on what was shown. Forgive me Oracle for speaking plainly, but all the gods are moving. The tides and currents have been shifting well before the feasts of souls. Answers lead to more questions. It is a with a heavy spirit that I say this."

Velandria's gaze goes to Lady Ayalith and a sad smile is offered to her, "Lady Ayalith to add to what they High Priestess said, we are all interconnected to the gods, as they are to us. Justice would not have the same meaning, as the dreams would shift and change. Oaths would lose their luster, that part to us would be lost, think of the immortal shells that we wear now and they had changed. It can happen."

"Oh, I know it," she assures Velandria easily. "But it's come up a time or two in conversation and I'd like the debate ended. One cannot access Choice without Lord Baridon or a replacement any more than one could access water without Lady Aereth should she deny it to us." She nods to Thalion as well. "Thank you for that as well, I'll be happy to pass it along to the concerned parties," she confirms, a gracious way of putting she's going to go gloat at some poor individual, no doubt.

Ayalith said that, of course.

Although Talyn is paying attention to the matters up front, his expression solemn, when Arminel is arriving his eyes are tracking that of his cousin. Should eyes meet, he dips his head quite deeply in turn. It is the very essence of a bow without actually rising and proceeding with such. When he focuses back toward the front, however, he catches sight of Ember's arrival. The gesture of his hand -- is that a wave or a beckoning or some combo? -- is much less dignified. Ah yes, he might be inviting her to the open seating near he and Seren. Luckily he catches himself and makes no more disturbance than that, focusing back at the important matters at hand.

Seren's attention shifts to Velandria when she speaks for the Aereth priesthood and what they wish for. Her head tilts and she glances aside at Talyn, to note his look. Arminel and then Ember are noted drawing a respectful nod to each before her brows furrow. Once more her silk ensconced frame leans to offer something swift to her companion but not loud enough to interrupt and her green eyes never truly leave their watch on the proceedings.

Nobody is going to mind a game of musical seats much, right? A wave certainly catches Ember's attention and prompts her to rise from one chair so she can exchange seats and find herself next to Talyn and Seren. As she's doing her best to mark this as a more solemn occasion she keeps her greetings warm, but muted, and clasps her hands together in front of her to keep from fidgeting.

Catlith looks toward Velandria and thinks for a moment, her finger coming to her chin. "So is that right? The cult of Aereth is expressing a preference for a new God of Domain? I'd be curious to know what Lady Aereth herself wants," she says.

"You make a very bold assumption regarding how that meeting went, High Priestess," Thalion tells Velandria, with a pursing of his lips. "Or what was said, or decided, or who agreed with whom," he continues. "In my experience, making such assumptions about the gods, can be a very dangerous thing to do," he adds. "Some could argue the price of blood was paid, some would be wrong," he remarks bluntly. "You broke oaths to the other races. You left them to die. You can argue about what to do to solve this situation," he gestures around. "But do not try and argue the righteousness of your actions. Even more so by making assumptions about what the gods agreed to or not," he notes. "Even if you chose a new god, trying to claim you're not at fault probably will not gain you much favor," he advises, with a small wave of his hand. "Regardless. The choices are yours. And choices do come with consequences. I can not tell you which path to walk, simply show you that there are paths to walk. The one bad choice you could make, as I said, is making no choice at all." A pause. "But even then, just choosing a path is not enough. The followers of Aereth might feel as you say, but every god has an opinion on the matter, and some might not support removing Baridon from his place."

Naxalia interjects in her cool, monitone voice from her position near the back. "The Gods may give voice to their opinions on their whims, but I would advise against waiting for all of them to weigh in. This is out decision to make." She gives a vague gestures as Thalion gives verbose voice to her thoughts as well.

Arminel gives a friendly smile to Talyn, Naxalia, and Seren as the Serannar catches sight of the other present Lorandis. Likewise, Ember is given a sidelong grin as the elfess comes darting in just after she's done using him as a windbreaker. As the conversation continues to flow between the various figures at the front of the room and in the main area, the King's attention follows.

Galeren listens quietly and intensely to what is shared. "We.... are in a new land, a new world. It seems a difficult start if we give away part of what makes us who we are as soon as we've arrived. And yet... we must become something new. It's not enough to simply go back to who we were. The flight, the travel, changed us. It changed who we are. So then must this." He glances around and then he looks to the other High Priests, "Why not a trial to see justice. or a new oath? It seems we... as a race are to be judged for our actions and so it must be. Whatever path we chooose will ripple through our history we cannot know the full weight of it, but one way or another it's another step on the journey that was started before. As much as I like change I'm not so quick to give up on Baridon who has seen us through many trials before, perhaps we have changed so much he does not recognize us... But I'm not yet willing to say we cannot step back."

Glancing around to see if there is any member of the Priesthood of Loran she frowns a moment. Seren draws a breath and then looks to her companions, giving both Ember and Talyn a nod of her head she lifts her hand to the air to be seen. The Lorandi noblewoman lets her gaze stray as she regards the group at large as they speak about what the Gods wish for and their opinions. She will wait her turn, listening to the others as they carry on as she is not a member of the clergy.

Ayalith interjects once again, "Excuse me, for clarification. When you say there was rage on Lord Baridon's face - were you shown this?" she wonders of Velandria, looking cautiously hopeful. "Or is this more colorfully worded opinion? Now is a time for clarity, so I hope you'll excuse my nitpicking, of course."

Valatir purses his lips as he looks down upon the debate, pen still scratching.

Talyn's shifting a bit uncomfortably as the discussion continues, his expression going more and more grim the more that is spoken. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, he sets his jaw in a most stubborn way. As to Ember's clasped hands in front of her? After a moment or two he reaches over and tries to unclasp them so that he might weave a hand with hers. Not, mind you, that he looks any more pleased for this.

Velandria raises her hand again.

Catlith nods to Velandria.

Catlith nods to Seren too, first even.

Starling also raises her hand.

A bow of her head is given. "Perhaps I do Oracle, or perhaps I do not. The one thing I know is that the gods have been moving for a very long time. One could argue that he broke his oath as well. Then again that would be blasphemy. If it would protect those of Aearn and the rest of our Kin, then I would lay down my life as a sacrifice. If he is upset because the elders who should have died in the journey did not, then perhaps an offering of blood." Velandria pauses again, her eyes are distant. "I do not speak such words with ease, my prayers have been different as of late. I speak these words because I may know what the High Priest of Lady Aereth would say. I also know I might not be her High Priest, but I have known Lady Aereth for a very long time. It is with love that I follow all the gods. His anger has been plainly felt. Another had the vision, and it was rage that was seen upon the face of Baridon. I trust the one that had the vison to know the truth in what was seen and spoken of." She grows silent again.

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Valatir speaks quietly to the other he sits with but now starts staring hard at Velandria.

Ember doesn't have her hands clasped so tightly that they can't be unwound. And when one winds up laced with his, she leans over to whisper something quietly to Talyn. A marked frown on her face after hearing some of the things being spoken.

Thorin listens to Velandria speak and then leans in to whisper back to his companion.

Catlith looks toward each as they speak, her eyes sticking to Velandria the longest. "This isn't the first time I've heard this reasoning. With all due respect, we can't seek repentance and at the same time plead innocence. I didn't realize there were this many among us that would think to entertain the thought that we did not break our oaths. You didn't say we didn't, but to suggest that Lord Baridon is in the wrong in anyway is a line of thought I can't follow you. If I were to agree to seek an alternative to appeasing Lord Baridon it would be because I thought the price was too high for us to pay, not because I don't think we ought to pay it because of self-righteousness."

"Wave Speaker of the Aeran," Thalion begins, his blood eyes on black now staring at her. "Arguing about Baridon breaking his oath would be pointless, because you are simply wrong," the Oracle states, in a matter of fact tone. "So again, I suggest moving beyond that sticking point in the mud, because that's besides the point. You have options, paths that lead to the future. Focus on what you can do now, what was done? Is done," he says. "And if you truly think the Lord of Oaths is upset because elders didn't die? Then you have not been paying attention," he adds. "You left entire races to die. You made promises to them, and used their belief in such promises to escape. You had a chance to win! And you didn't take it. You're here, now. You chose your lives and your immortality," he reminds them, pushing off the wall now. "Your immortality. For the lives of those other races, that at one point, were immortal too." He exhales, looking suddenly very tired. "People. Those were people, races that--" he stops himself, as if realizing something, then shakes his head. "Visions," he adds. "Are visions. They are sent by the gods, through their eyes, so to speak. They are not memories, they are not exact representation of things. They are vague because non-divine must interpret, they must make their own choices. Do not take a vision for a an exact memory of a place in time, it just isn't." He pauses and shakes his head again. "Move forward, but do not blind yourselves to what was done, or you will make the same mistakes all over again."

"The argument about Lord Baridon breaking his oath is one we could have for days, weeks, and years. The fact remains that we left our allies to die. We broke an oath, knowingly, and have reaped the repercussions of that choice. To try and justify it after the fact is not noble, it's just further upsetting the Balance - something I won't idly allow to happen as I'd like for the shrine of the heavens to remain open and accessible," she laughs quietly, politely. "As for those, and there are many, offering themselves in sacrifice, please recall that three-fourths of our number, which, to put a finer point on it can be summarized as 'almost all of us' died in this crossing. One more life or twenty, this is not going to appease Lord Baridon. And another thing," Ayalith adds, smiling faintly. "We must all remember that the visions we receive, a blessing from the gods indeed, are all gifted to us by a god." A pause, and she repeats, with emphasis, "A. God. It is a pantheon that we worship however, and recent events have taught us that the gods are not of like minds. What one may show is colored by their individual view, and is not wholly representative of the cold, hard facts of what was said and seen." Of course, by the time she's said this, the topic has been well and truly covered, and she laughs accordingly, a relieved little sound.

Ayalith again, of course.

Slowy Seren rises from her seat, folding her hands before her against the silks of her dress, glancing to the Oracle. "I know I am not a Priestess of Loran but I the Dreamer has spoken to me of her opinion on Baridon and whether he should remain as the God of Domain. My prayer was in regards to the scroll the Lorandi were putting together that the Lord Talyn Serannar and I will explain in detail later in the proceedings," she begins. "I asked the Dreamer what her thoughts were on the work we were doing and she appeared to me and said 'Even the gods can grow stagnant and that I can not abide.' She left me no further room for interpretation. It was clear in this vision that she believes that Baridon is not needed and that we should seek another. But who she does not say but I have asked in prayers. This is Loran's will, that we seek another. We all know she despises idleness and as the Oracle knows we have idle far too long and he is here to help remind us a decision must be made. To wait any longer would be to lose that which we hold dear and to anger Loran. No matter what we decide we /do/ need to accept the weight of our broken oaths." She glances to Talyn and then the scroll, glancing to Catlith perhaps for the lead in on what they have brought.

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Catlith nods her head to Ayalith and gives her a small smile, a rare thing for the High Priestess. "That leads us into Lady Seren's vision," she says giving Seren a nod. "So we have received visions from some of the gods already. Lady Seren got this one from Loran and High Priestess Ayalith you got one from Brundir. High Priest Belstrom got one from Acharon. Healer Asa Aenorr related to me a message she receive from Gala that I can speak to unless Lady Starling has heard it and wishes to explain it for Asa?" she looks toward Starling.

There is a soft breath from Starling and when there is a pause from the other she speaks, "We have heard many thoughts during meetings in groups and singles and the here and now. And maybe me and thse Priesthood of Gala are simply. But why not true the one thing that could help the connection between us and Baridon, between kinships and between one elf and another? Forgiveness? We are in a moment of change and even for we who are to live forever change is needed, but one can keep the old and still change it into something new.

"The Goddess Gala is the wife of Baridon and who best could help us know what is best when dealing with her husband? She graced Priestess Asa with a sign or a message and I promised to share if she was not here to do it herself. This is what she saw in her own words.

"I noticed a single red rose blossoming in that little lonely corner of the garden. It was Blood red. Nothing else grew around it and it stood stark against the winter snow. As I stepped closer to examine it, additional flowers started to grow around it and push up through the snowfall. Purple hyacinths, white tulips, and yellow daffodils. All of them blossomed and grew, surrounding the red rose in a sea of fragrant smelling color contrary to the season. The flowers were gone the next time I returned to the shrine, lasting only long enough to impart their message to me."

And our High Priestess had some words that might help for those who does not understand what flowers can mean.

"I noticed a single red rose blossoming in that little lonely corner of the garden. It was Blood red. Nothing else grew around it and it stood stark against the winter snow. As I stepped closer to examine it, additional flowers started to grow around it and push up through the snowfall. Purple hyacinths, white tulips, and yellow daffodils. All of them blossomed and grew, surrounding the red rose in a sea of fragrant smelling color contrary to the season. The flowers were gone the next time I returned to the shrine, lasting only long enough to impart their message to me."

Starling is soon finished as she speaks, "The Priesthood of Gala will be holding Rituals of Forgiveness over the next few weeks. We hope that this can help, maybe see a path, or atleast start a healing between the elves and the Gods. It is a step, will it be enough? Maybe not but it is a step we can take now, a movement forward as a people, a show of faith that we know understand what we must do to make things correct for a greater new beginning.."

On a more person note maybe, Starling turns to Thalion, "Many have not forgotten those left behind, many think of them ever day of thie immortality, many pray for those lives and hope somehow they won and that they or their souls forgive us. Some had no choice if leaving. I hold that in my heart ever beating moment. I know he is anger, that oaths were broken, but some, like I are trying to fix that while holding to the paths that remain unbroken. Sometime choices are impossible.." She then nods towards everyone and sits herself down again

"I am well aware of those promises that have been Broken Oracle, I am not that stupid. I am merely speaking about perceptions. What you are also saying is that what you see is not exact." Velandria points out to him. "You see, but do not see everything. You see only what he wishes for you to see." She adds. "We know not to be stagnant we know to move forward, there are other Oracles." She adds. "This I do recall. Well said Lady Ayalith. Priestess Starling, we too hold vigils for those who have been left behind and who have died. There is a reason we have our lighthouse and we sing as we do and ask the Lady Aereth guide and help them. I will be there to ask for forgiveness again." She then grows silent again.

Galeren looks curious at the discussions of visions. He raises a brow feeling perhaps left out or amused that Torth perhaps doesnt see much profit in the matter. He does look most interested at the discussion of a ritual, "Certainly seems a good start."

Seren has joined the line.

There is a moment where Starling is not sure if she said something correctly and she adds in what her High Priestess said, " "Purple hyacinth usually represents sorrow, forgiveness and regret. Daffodil symbolizes regard and chivalry. It is indicative of rebirth, new beginnings and eternal life. It also symbolizes unrequited love. A single daffodil foretells a misfortune while a bunch of daffodils indicate joy and happiness." Valeria pauses, looking down to Snowdrop. "White tulips... Are used to show worthiness, or to send a message of forgivness."

Sloane, a dark grey snow wolf arrives, following Kenyon.

Ayalith has joined the line.

Talyn rises smoothly from his place and squares up his shoulders before speaking. As he does so, that scroll that had been held before him is unrolled. "I cannot speak for the gods, nor would I speak of my interpretation of them. All that I can do is speak for myself and what was done. I boarded a ship and I fled, breaking oath to another. I recognize this. Was it a necessary thing? Yes. Was it the right choice? Here we stand. We made a choice, but in doing so, we did break oath. I do not believe that anyone can argue this. In turn to this, there is a consequence." It is here that Talyn's eyes go toward the Oracle, his head bowing quite deeply - almost as deeply as he did to the King, in fact. When his chin lifts, he is continuing on, "Let me use the example of a vase. I might, unarmed, break it to use the shard of glass to defend myself. My life might be saved by this feat. Yet the vase is broken. Now let us say that this vase belonged to another. I might try to have a new vase crafted, I might try repairing what I can of it, but the wrong was done. It shall never be as it once was. Yet, and here is my press, do I owe an apology? I believe I do. Many of my kinsmen amongst Lorandi believe that we do. So it is that we - Lady Seren Rylanth and I - have fashioned a scroll, writ with an offering for those that wish to, to place their mark or sign upon it, to be presented to the god, Baridon. I believe the text might say it best, and so I shall read it to you all: We of the Lorandi Kinship, whose mark is placed below, have assembled to humble ourselves before Baridon the Doomslayer, God of Blood, God of Domain and Oathkeeper. We seek to atone for our wrongdoings and for the breaking of trust with our allies by sundering our Oath. We accept the full consequence of our choices, for we understand that a break of trust does not come without a price. Should these signatures of contrition prove to fall short of expectation, we seek how proper restitution might be made."

Rising with Talyn again, she listens to the Serannar lord present the scroll drafted between them and nods her head, her gaze sweeping out over the gathered. Only when he is done does she speak up, “No matter what we as a people decide in the end whether it be to seek further recompense with Baridon or select another to take his stead, we MUST,” she says this for emphasis, “accept the breaking of our oaths and the debt that comes with it. The Lorandi do this but as the Oracle told me it would be best if we were not alone in our actions and that the other kinships do much the same or be willing to sign with us. Let us at least take this one step forward along with the work of the priests and priestesses to offer service to those seeking forgiveness.”

"Are you, Wave Speaker? Because just a moment ago you were claiming some could argue those things," Thalion reminds Velandria, eyes narrowing. "I see only what he wishes..." He opens his mouth, closing it, then rubs a hand over his face. "I did not know you were an expert on Oracles, Wave Speaker, or what we can or not see. What we can or not know." He turns his attention then to Starling and his features soften. "Asking for forgiveness is a worthy endeavor," he glances at Seren and Talyn. "And such a scroll can be a powerful message, but is not a message for Lorandi to offer along. Nor the price a thing to accept, without thinking about it," he pauses at that last part and looks at Catlith, lifting a brow.

Snowdrop, a gentle white Snow Wolf arrives, following Asa.

Catlith nods her head to Thalion and then looks toward Seren and Talyn, "He is right. The idea is a sound one, if the other kinships can agree to it as well but we're not currently prepared to accept the price. We can't agree to pay something without knowing what it is. If we are unable to we will be breaking another oath."

"If you know the sea Oracel Thalion then you know I am like the sea. You know not what I know or do not know. Just as you are being coy with your information." Velandria says to the man with a bow. "He wants our mortality? Is that the price? I want to make sure I understand."

Valatir moves a bit away from Thorin as the talks continue. The writing has all but stopped and instead a worried expression has held tight. The Lorandi looks around at the others in his kinship to see their reactions to Talyn and Seren.

"We've been offering prayers of apology for fifty years," Ayalith says with a faint half-smile. "While I do think the scroll for Lord Baridon is a beautiful idea, full of symbolism, it is my hope that his High Priestess will be able to clarify for us at some point a specific price or sacrifice to be paid, something within the budget of our collective Balance." She goes on to say, "Speaking of those left behind, however. For any unaware, the shrine of Brundir has been watching the sky day and night, in this time of desparately seeking answers. The stars of the other races are not always visible, but sometimes, fleetingly and faintly, we can see them. This gives us hope that they have not been reaped entirely, though whether they continue to live and breathe as we do is not within our scope of knowledge. We do know that they continue to exist, in some manner."

Kenyon enters the receiving room through the double doors, and looks over those already present, before finding a place to stand and listen as the debate goes on, at least for the moment.

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