Meet & Greet III

Darinel Alcaldia is hosting a general meet & greet for all Kinships, where elves can gather together to meet new people, and share cultural information. Be prepared to discuss favorite past times in your Kinship, or something about yourself as an elf.


March 9, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Sinna Nagestos Shakian Deoca Danai Elstrin Dalarin Celenia Merek



Thelos - Waterfall Square - Cascade Terrace Tea - Tea Gallery

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It is hard to tell if the glittering quartz catching the light with every move is designed to help call attention to Sinna or merely does it by happenstance, but the small elf glitters in dark leather, looking around a long moment on stepping in, before gravitating hesitantly toward the bar.

Nagestos rests in a heavily-stuffed armchair, cradling a squat cup of something steamy, murmuring quietly with a similarly-attired elf nearby.

Shakian clears his throat. "Well, if my cousin was here right now, she'd suggest we greet or something, but I'm not her." He's seated at the bar. "Anyone want something? I'm told alcohol is a social lubricant."

Sinna taps her chin thoughtfully at Shakian's suggestion, pushing off a stool and walking over to where the more desert-hot foods are and plucking up a brandied scorpion on a stick, crunching lightly into a pincher before ordering a drink of clear liquor whose star is the wrinkled hot pepper suspended in it. Retaking the stool, it is a melodious voice that responds to Shakian, "The pepper makes it burn more, but brings out the sweetness underlying the meat." He furrows a brow to look around at everyone, otherwise quiet when not addressed.

Deoca has joined the Table Overlooking the Garden.

Deoca Does make much fuss as he enters, making his way to a table that allows him to look out over the gardens. He might be known as a member of the High Council of Thelos and High Priest of Glanor, but he's not known for being outgoing.

In, at a slow pace, arrives Danai, a little breathlessly. Perhaps she rushed over to try not and be late. Or she is just very easily winded. The later most likely. To everyones he smiles brilliantly and holds up a paper that has 'hello' pre-emtpively written on it.

Shakian looks surprised at the thought of a pepper bringing out sweetness in meat. "THat's certainly not something I would have thought of. Thanks." He has a quick word with the bartender and is soon supplied with a peppered drink. "Shakian Nerea," he introduces himself, adding, "Hello," for the woman with the piece of paper.

"Sweet and heat," Sinna supplies, eyes bright and smiling. A bite is stolen of the scorpion on a stick before it is shifted to the same hand as the liquor, freeing up a hand to wave at Danai in greeting. Fingers brush briefly at the star, flame, and wave cameo resting between delicately articulated collarbones and then the elf offers both Danai and Shakian, "Sinna Sedriel," in turn, in introduction.

Elstrin arrives in her Duindar finery of long, flowing robes with draping sleeves and wide pockets, her platinum blond hair loose about her shoulders. She gives a courteous nod to those she knows -- and the many she does not -- when she enters the tea rooms.

The paper is flipped over and the backside of it is shown. On it is written 'Danai Egilion.' This is accompanied by a brilliant smile. The Egilion still does not speak a word.

Shakian laughs at the sight of the paper flipping over. "Well, that's coming prepared. But what happens when Sinna asks you if you like to try one of his .... What are they called? Is there a name for this thing?" He cracks into his brandied scorpion and follows with a sip of the liquor. "Should be named after a volcano."

Sinna has left the Mirror-backed Bar.

Sinna chuckles softly and says, "Scorpion on a stick. Or, well, skewer, at home, what with the tree situation there and all."

Deoca enjoys some warm tea at the garden window, occassionally looking up from some papers he has spread about to read so that he might smile just a bit as the othere's get to know eachother.

Shakian picks up the scorpion, now safely skewered, and looks it in the eye. "Alien creature tell us of this world we're in," he tells in in a mock-serious voice. "Speak or feel my wrath! Quick," he asks the others. "How do you get information out of a skewered scorpion?"

Dalarin trods belatedly into the tea gallery, well after the posted start time. There's a spray of mist clinging about the shoulders of his heavy woolen cloak. He's dressed simply in black and silver, his expression faintly skeptical as he steps inside. The first sight that greets him is a scorpion. "I see the food is non-standard, and the atmosphere lively." He says all this with a certain distant quality. He inquires of Shakian, "Is there some reason we are trying to interrogate the cuisine?"

Sinna bursts out laughing at Shakian's question. "Like any creature, I suppose: Twist its arm." Offering a wink, another sip of the pepper infused liquor is downed, and Sinna tells Dalarin, "Probably." A wink is given before the diminutive elf just laughs again.

Shakian looks over to Sinna and nods. He very carefully takes one of the scorpion's pincers between thumb and forefinger. Oops! Snapped it off. "Oh, well, there's always next time." he says. For Dalarin he adds, "I was mostly joking but at the same time we don't know much about these lands. You!" He shakes the unfortunately skewered scorpion. "Are you truly a scorpion, or some scorpionoid species completely new to this world?"

Glancing around, Sinna sobers for a beat, at just how generally quiet everything is. But only for a split second, really. Because then he's back to smiling. "How much wiggle room is there before truly a scorpion becomes a whole new and special exception?" she muses, bright eyes curious as Shakian is looked to on inquiry.

Dalarin looks about the tea-house for a few moments, before looking at Shakian and his scorpion. "Well, I can't say I know the flavor," he says, responding to Sinna's wink with a thoughtful scrutiny of her person. "That's quite the outfit," he says at last. "A rather...astrological theme, all things considered."

"Thank you," Sinna responds, melodic voice carrying enthusiasm before they turn in place. "Sinna Sedriel," is the introduction offered. And the smile that accompanies the words is a radiant thing, not unlike the glitter of cet

"Thank you," Sinna responds, melodic voice carrying enthusiasm before they turn in place. "Sinna Sedriel," is the introduction offered. And the smile that accompanies the words is a radiant thing, not unlike the glitter of crystals and gems that glitters from neck to ankle. "What are you called?"

Dalarin comports himself with the typically understated reserve of the Faenor, his own smile a minute and slight thing. "Dalarin Ingith," he introduces himself in turn. "A mage of Khelgar, these days, it would seem." He is not a tall elf, a bit short really, and yet he all but towers of over Sinna. "It seemed like it would behoove me to get away from all the grim talk and furrowed brows of late and come indulge in something more social. I find I have largely forgotten how."

Shakian lifts the class of clear liquor holding a pepper. "This," liquor in one hand, brandied scorpion in the other is Sinna's advice on breaking the ice, and it's quite good. Shakian Nerea," he introduces himself. "Can I get you one? And you?" he adds for Danai. "You can just nod or shake your head, as you like."

"You and me both. My cousin, head of Brundir's Priesthood, and the head of Aereth's priesthood seem to be at odds," Sinna assesses, twisting her fingers through the air, and repeating the motion with the other hand as she sets the alcohol on the bar before her. "Which puts me in something of an interesting place as my inability to choose one over the other was why I never entered the priesthood." A narrow tongue of water shimmers together from vapor in the air, winding around the cord of liquor coiling up from his drink. "It can be hard to remember to play when work has a tendency to become all consuming when ones work is their passion as well." She snaps her fingers and the liquor shimmers before igniting, causing the woven thread of water to evaporate into a little cloud of vapor even while the liquor is burning away. "As with so much of life, I find the key.. is balance."

Dalarin considers the offer from Shakian. "I rarely find I am averse to liquor," he says at last, before his attention drifts back towards Sinna. "You are a magician as well, then, I take it." He takes the shimmering water in stride. "Of some dexterity, one presumes. I suppose that is one way to mix a drink. My old master would have scolded me for the frivolity of it, but I take it your training involved fewer such prohibitions."

Aeravel the spiny bush viper, An adolescent Krilkar named Duchess, A hulking, bestial krilkar named King, Selene arrive, following Nadaron.

Aeravel the spiny bush viper, An adolescent Krilkar named Duchess, A hulking, bestial krilkar named King, Selene leave, following Nadaron.

Shakian watches the parade stomp through. "Hey, did you want a drink?" he calls after them. "Never mind." He brings the glass of liquor and another skewered scorpion over to Dalarin. "I haven't interrogated this one. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did."

Between the flames consuming the alcohol and the water boiling to steam thanks to its proximity to the fire, it is scant seconds before the little show Sinna put on ends. The elf looks back up to the towering Dalarin, and says, "That is the thing though. There should always be good reason, but sometimes that reason can be to remind you of life's beauty, or to bring a smile." He pulls slender fingers through raven colored hair and shrugs.

Dalarin seems mildly intimidated by the scorpion he's been handed, but also somewhat intimidated. This is not, apparently, the national culinary style up in the mountains. Things seem somewhat quiet, at this point in the proceedings, when Celenia arrives. He hesitates, not quite able to work up the will to bite into the scorpion. "Well," he tells Sinna. "Do as you please. I won't stop you."

Celenia walks into the Tea Terrace, and blinks. "Oh. I didn't realize there was a function going on." She can be oblivious. "If it's private, I can leave." Her strawberry-blonde tresses are pulled back off her face today in a simple braid, and her clothing's simple as well--her priestess garb. She hovers in the doorway, waiting to be told if she needs to go.

Shakian holds up a glass with a clear liquor and a pepper in it, and a scorpion skewered on a skewer. "It's just a meet and greet, and this is Sinna's prescription for breaking the ice." He gestures toward the young elf. "I'm Shakian, this is Dalarin, and if you ask nicely Danai will hold up a card with her name written on it." He holds up the drink and the insect. "You want?"

Dalarin glances at Celenia. "I believe that the whole point of the function is that no one knows anyone," he tells the woman, in his habitual deadpan, "Which is why I took it upon myself to make an appearance. The notion is to coordinate networking across the kinships, if I am not mistaken? But it seems I arrived only for the latter portion of the occassion."

having been occupying herself with feriously writing in the corner on her paper Danai looks up in a bit of surprise at hearing her name. IT takes a moment before it registers what was said. Though her papers Danai shuffles and on ti says 'I'm Danai Egilion. A pleasure meeting everyone I have not met yet.' Whether she can actually speak or not is still unclear.

Shakian points at the paper Danai holds up. "See?"

Celenia smiles around and moves to take a seat. However, the scorpion startles her, and she looks at it warily. "Um. I will think about it and get back to you," she says, before looking to Dalarin. "Thanks. That really makes me feel better," she says, the relief in her voice palpable. Then she looks to Danai after Shakian points her out. "Hello, Danai." She smiles again. "I'm Celenia Laenorin, and I'm happy to meet everyone."

At Shakian Danai pokes out her tongue and down the paper goes as she quickly writes on a blank one. It is written upon again, 'Cheeky people get inapprorpaite words, Good SDir.' Never mind Danai herself is being cheeky. Then Celenia she looks and flashes a beaming smile. Onto a new paper she writes again, 'A delight meeting you, Celenia Laenorin. Always a pleasure meeting someone from the same place as I.' Danai is a scholar. OF course she knows the surnames of families in the same area as her.

Shakian looks back and forth between the Danai and Celenia. "Same region? I'm of the Aeran, and came down from Lorawin. What about you?"

Celenia inclines her head to Danai. "Same to you. I met your Kinlector the other day. He seems a fine fellow." She moves to sit with her fellow Duindar, smiling, before looking around again. "I will be brave. That scorpion looks interesting," she says, looking at the arachnid on a stick again. Then she grins at Shakian. "Isalspire. I'm of the Duindar, as, obviously, is my new-found friend here." Her eyes hold some amusement now.

Dalarin gives a low hum as he looks over at Celenia. "I understand you had a senatorial session yesterday, or perhaps earlier today?" He has taken a bite of the scorpion, and evidently, found it little to his liking, because the rest of it is languishing on a plate. "But such political endeavors are not everyone's interest."

Shakian looks over to Celenia. "Senate? The proceedings may not be interesting, but the outcomes sometimes are."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dalarin before departing.

'Uncle Trevarius?' writes Danai in question to Celenia, 'My uncle is great. The best uncle.' To Dalarin Danai glances then to Shakian and Celenia.

Dalarin pauses, stepping away from the party, as a messenger arrives to deliver him a scroll. "It seems that I will have to enjoy the proceedings another time," he says, with an apologetic look to those present. "Forgive me. Thank you for the hospitality."

Celenia smiles at Dalarin. "I was there, but some emergencies came up and the meeting was canceled. Shame, that." She finds a scorpion on a stick and takes a delicate bite. Unlike Dalarin, she seems to find it at least inoffensive, because she continues to nibble at it between sentences, washing it down with some tea. "I'm sure it will be rescheduled soonest." She smiles at Danai and nods. "Apparently, the Kinlector is also your uncle." Her eyes twinkle. Then she looks to Dalarin. "Take good care. A pleasure," she says.

Shakian bobs his head. "I didn't care for the scorpion, either," he says. "But well met. A pleasure."

'Uncle Trevarius is a smart one.' declares Danai in writing. She is likely very bias in favor of her uncle. He is, after all, her uncle. For the moment she seems disinterested in any food.

Shakian is back to thinking about stuff now that they've settled in. "Isalspire, eh? If I had a flying carpet I could drop you off on the way to Lorawin...Sy, you've got a river running north from your land and we've got one running south. Do you think they meet up?"

Celenia smiles. "Smart, yes. A bit buried in his books, but I think that's a danger for all Egilions." But her eyes twinkle a little as she gently teases the younger elf. Then she looks at Shakian, startled. "I hadn't thought of that. Maybe. It'd be interesting to explore." She considers. "I don't know if I'm the one for the job, though. Maybe as healer, but not as anything else."

Merek has come to the meet and greet to listen in and look to the people that came there!

Shakian declares, "It takes many types to make a proper exploration party. Soldiers, to be sure, but a cartographer, carpenter, cook, animal handler, even a magician," he inclines his head toward Danai, "And assuredly a healer. Can't get home from the middle of nowhere." He raises a hand to Merek.

A cant of her head is given at Shakian's incline of the head to her and focuses a little more clearly upon the discussion. 'River?' she writes, midly intrigued. 'i would not say no to that sort of exploration.' she adds then holds up a paper before adding 'I can take notes.'

Celenia nods to Merek as he enters, smiling, before nodding at Shakian. "I don't know if it'd be wise, but I am interested in figuring out what's beyond what we have already explored, and the portals and all." She smiles at Danai. "You could learn cartography," she suggests.

When Merek arrives Danai shuffles through her papers and holds up one that says 'Hello!' She has /some/ prepared. Then at Celenia's comment Danai considers a moment the writes 'Maybe. We'll see.'

Shakian agrees with Celenia. "A well-prepared party needs a great many talents. None of this 'sticky some jerky in a backpack and let's go for a hike stuff.'" He explains for Merek, "We're talking about exploring the land between Isalspire and Lorawin. If there's a river between them, that will make trade simple."

Celenia nods at Shakian. "It's not safe to do that," she agrees, before smiling at Merek. "You're welcome to join us," she says, encouragingly, before looking to Danai. "Whatever you want. I'm just saying, it could be lucrative in the future."

Shakian tells Merek, "You missed meeting Sinna. She introduced us to these skewered scorpions." Half eaten or semi-nibbled upon skewered scorpions litter the tables. "I didn't say we liked them, mind you. I'm Shakian, this is Celenia, and the young lady with the excellent penmanship is Danai."

'I'm not concerned with makign silver.' admits Danai, unabashed. When she notes Celenia inviting Merek to join them she writes down on her paper then flips it up 'I have no issue with you joining as well.' At Shakian' compliment of her writign skills another note is written and turned towards him. On it reads, 'Flattery gets you every where.'

Celenia inclines her head. "A pleasure." She smiles to Merek. Then she grins at Danai. "Fair enough," she says brightly. Shakian gets a grin too. "I think I'm the only one who can finish one of the scorpions." And, indeed, there goes her last bite, followed up with a sip of tea.

Shakian signals to the bartender and arranges to buy the last few scorpions. He pushes them in front of Celenia. "Thank you for taking care of these, then, unless you'd like to try them," he adds for the newcomer. "It's not about me making silver or you making silver, Danai. It's our houses. This is a big world, and there are critical resources in it, and we will be as strong as our lands make us." Well, that's his excuse and he's sticking to it.

A grin is given to Celenia, 'You like adventure, I am guessing?' writes Danai to her. Then to Shakian she grins as well and writes, 'I leave that to my uncle to worry about. He leads my family, after all.' Danai's solution is clearly to pass on the majority of the hard work unless it involves her talents.

Celenia raises an eyebrow at Shakian, but laughs. "I'd like some more tea, then, too," she says, amused, before taking a bite of the scorpion. Then she shrugs at Danai. "I'm a Priestess of Aereth," she says with another laugh. "What do you expect?" But her eyes twinkle.

Shakian waves to the bartender. "Tea, please. And another of these," these being the clear liquid with red pepper. "The scorpions...I suspect they're an acquired taste, but this liquor is fine. Look," he tells Danai. "Your uncle will decide, just as our Chief will decide for us. But it can't hurt to put a flea in his ear." He thinks about that. "Well, unless he thinks it's a dumb idea."

'I'll let Uncle Trevarius know you wish to set up exploration along the river to see if our lands connect via it.' writes Danai with a grin. Then to Celenia she grins, 'Expectations and what is given does not always match up.' She tilts her head in thought then writes, 'I want something sweet to drink.' If Shakian is paying, she's all about ordering.

Celenia nods and sips the tea as it's delivered to the table. "True, Danai. That's a fair statement." Then she looks to Shakian. "I suppose that's true. I must be the oddball that likes them on first bite."

Merek offers Danai a smile, although he receives a messenger, "Ah, have a thing to do, take care!" he tells them, with a wave!

Shakian frowns at Danai's request. "Tea with honey? Apricot nectar? Do they even have that here? I haven't had a good apricot nectar since Larandor. I'm sure they have a good bottle of port here." He lifts a hand as Merek leaves. "But to me it's not so much about the silver as it is about the knowing. When you're done exploring you know what's there, right?"

'Either sounds good.' The youngest Elf present gives a coy smile over, 'I'll trust your judgement on what is best.' When Merek leaves she waves after his back, not lifitng up her 'goodbye' note since he won't see it. To CElenia she writes 'It's always best to enjoy what you enjoy. No point in not.'

Celenia smiles at Danai. "Very true." And then she considers. "I should head out, though. My next shift at the shrine is in a few hours, and I'd like to spend some time in meditation and prayer." She winks at Shakian. "But, you can enjoy these delicious scorpions all by yourself." And she drains her teacup happily, amused by herself. "I'll see you both soon, I hope." And she inclines her head. "Good night." Off she goes, after waving politely and waiting to see if Danai says goodbye visually.

Shakian rolls his eyes and pushes the scorpions away. But he sounds sincere when he calls, "A pleasure to meet you!"

After Celenia's departure Danai waves again then to the scorprions she looks as well. Like Shakian she pushes them away. She's totally judging the skewered things by the reactions of others rather than their own merits. No tasting for this girl. Back to Shakian she looks, canting her head once more as she studies him.

Shakian is the enthusiastic type when it comes to planning. He calls, "Sweet tea, then," to the bartender, and as soon as he's sure Celenia's really gone, sweeps the plate of scorpions onto the floor. "Oops! I guess that's it for them. Have you got enough paper left for a chat? Doe sit bother you that we step into a portal and we're here, without any idea what we've passed over?"

The satchel Daai was carrying whens he arrived is lifted up and opened, revealing the piles upon piles of paper. IT is stuffed as full as she can get it. 'Lots.' she writes in regards to her paper. Seeing the scorpions being pushed to the floor gets a laugh from Danai but she does nothing to object. To Shakian she gives a light shrug, 'Things happen as they do. I never really thought about how the portals work.' She basicall grew up here, after all. So, for her it is the way of life.

Shakian laughs at the giant stack of paper. "If you're willing to carry that along with you, it looks like you don't mind a good conversation." He leans forward. "There's only two ways to find out of the river from Lorawin is the river from Isalspire. You start at Lorawin and head south, or you start at Isalspire and head north. Either way, sticking to the river means bringing boats, and if there's room in the boats for everything else, there's room for plenty of paper. How'd you like to make the first maps of the lands north of Isalspire?"

'Seems like it would be fun.' writes Danai to Shakian. 'Where are you thinking of starting the exploration from?"

"I would like to head south, but I think it makes more sense to go north. Have you got a map of Aarandor?"

Danai considers a moment then writes, 'I would need to look.' It is considered even more, 'If I do not, my uncle might.' Then upwards she stands and writes, 'I should probably return home.'

Shakian nods to that. "There aren't many maps. That's part of the problem, isn't it?" He gets a messenger and nods. "I've got to get back. It's going to be a great adventure, isn't it, Danai?"

'It will be.' agrees Danai in writing before she scurries off. Well.. slowly walks off wth mutters about carrying too much paper and it being her own fault. I is totally mutters and very soft, if nto slightly stammered.'

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