Ritual of Forgiveness - Baridon, v.2

High Priestess Valeria calls together a Ritual of Forgiveness outside Baridon's shrine, with little notice and even less fanfare. Messages are sent to the public places of the Kinships and Thelos, to catch those available and willing to hear her speak.


March 21, 2019, 7 p.m.

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Alethia Shakian Rawlin Asa(RIP) Kenyon Leda Merek Iridessa



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Court of Judgements

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Silence, A snowy white owl with amber eyes, Vision, A black hawk eagle with silver eyes, Crown, A huge brown reindeer with a beautiful rack arrive, following Starling.

Alethia walks quietly into the square, keeping to the back of the impromptu crowd of people. Her long hair hangs loose despite the summer heat, and she listens with shy reserve.

Valeria stands before the shrine of Baridon's closed-off entrance, not particularly tall but definitely standing to her full height. She's serious for once, wearing the full aura of her station like one might wear a cloak. "I'd like to thank each and every one of you for coming, for hearing me out. Mine is the Goddess of Forgiveness and Restoration, and while we understand not everyone will want to participate, it seems only right to hold a ritual here, for Baridon. There's much to forgive, and to be forgiven for." Valeria pauses, looking to the faces around her. Letting them think about her words, gathering herself for the next bit. "Many have had visions. Our gods all have their own thoughts, their own agendas. It makes sense that Gala would want us to seek forgiveness-- Elder Priestess Asa had a vision, of purple hyacinth, yellow daffodil and white tulips surrounding a blood red rose. All of these are flowers of forgiveness, but I think that it's -just as important- that we forgive Baridon."

Shakian frowns as he listens carefully.

Rawlin steps up to the small crowd gathered before Baridon's shrine. Crossing his hands before him, Loran's High Priest is content to remain silent for now, his head tilted slightly and a smile brightening up his features as he gives Gala's High Priestess his full attention.

Asa gives a warm, kind smile to each person that joins them in the Court of Judgments, before the blockade that is blocking Baridon's Shrine. A gentle polite dip of her head joins her inviting smile. A gentle wave is given to Starling as she sees her fellow Elder Priestess. As Valeria begins to address those gathered, she quietly turns her attention toward the High Priestess. Listing to her, as Asa's arm slips through Kenyon's, holding it.

So too, does Kenyon give a small dip of his head in nod to each new entrant, as he stands with Asa, listening to Valeria speak. He speaks softly to the Aenorr, but still continues to watch the ritual.

Finding a spot to listen to Valeria speak, the princess seems to nod in agreement at her words. She keeps her hands clasped loosely and glances to the flowers growing along the top of the blocked door.

"I call on the Pantheon to witness this Ritual of Forgiveness, to hear our voices. Acheron, Aereth, Baridon, Brundir, Estril, Garwen, Glanor, Loran, Rithor, Torth, please witness what transpires. Gala, please bless this ritual in the name of forgiveness and growth." Valeria's voice rings out across the court, the name of each god and goddess given weight and respect. "For those not familiar with this Ritual, the steps are simple: We voice what we seek forgiveness for, and-or what we wish to forgive. I would ask also, that you ask your patron to look upon Baridon, and consider forgiveness as well, if you feel yourself drawn to do so." Bright emerald eyes find the gazes of no few elves, including as many as she can with direct engagement.

Valeria has joined the line.

Shakian has joined the line.

Rawlin has joined the line.

Rawlin closes his eyes and lowers his head for a brief moment, then nodding to himself, moves to take a spot in the line, smiling kindly at those around him, and directing one towards Valeria in particular along with a nod. Settling himself in to wait, he remains quiet as he does so.

Leda has joined the line.

Alethia stands quietly, folding her arms over her chest. She watches the little line form, but her expression is reserved and uneasy for now.

"I, like many, lost nearly everything in our Migration. I know not where the Host came from. I don't know who sent them, only what they did. Only the wounds I tried to heal, only the lives lost. I don't know -why- they came. I seek forgiveness, Baridon, for breaking the oaths for mutual aid when I realized we could not save everyone. Maybe we should have tried to rally the humans, the hearthlings and dwarves, and brought them with us. I turned away from those in need, and I am sorry." A pause, a glance behind her to the blocked shrine. "I forgive -you-, Blood God, for your anger. You are right to be upset. I forgive you for your lack of communication, as well. I forgive you for not being clear, from the start. I forgive you for lashing out with lightning and blood rains." Another pause, glancing down to her own robes. "Gala, I ask you to forgive, as well. Both your children who could not restore our old lands, and your husband who did not control his anger."

Asa has joined the line.

Shakian steps forward and says, in a clear voice, "I request of Lady Aereth that she consider forgiving Lord Baridon, as that we consider forgiving him as well." As he speaks of Aereth, he pours a little water from his canteen into his hand, making a tiny pond.

Kenyon has joined the line.

Rawlin steps forward once it's his turn. He remains quiet for a moment, taking in a breath and letting it out slowly. Then he speaks. "Lord Baridon. I ask for your forgiveness for the abandonment of oaths sworn to the other races. I ask for your forgiveness for turning away those who needed us in the moments they needed us the most. Speaking for myself, I forgive you for remaining idle all these years and not properly communicating with us, with not allowing us to have done this before now. However, I ask that you ask Lady Loran for forgiveness. You -have- been idle and you should know how my Lady feels about such things."

He pauses for another moment and glances over Baridon's shrine. "Lady Loran. I ask that you forgive Lord Baridon for his idleness and for not making his wishes known to us earlier so that we could act. It is my hope that once this has concluded, he will resume his duties and be active once again. As for us elves, you gifted us with our lives and the time that we have. May you bless those who use it to help others, to better themselves, and all who seek to make these lands something that both elves and gods can be proud of."

He bows his head briefly, then nods, and steps out of line, allowing the next person to go.

Merek comes by on his way to the portals, looking in, bowing to pray, before he does make his way on.

Stepping forward, Leda looks towards the blocked shrine and draws a small breath. "I have already put my thoughts and feelings to letter, but I will say them for all the Gods to hear. Lord Baridon, I pray you forgive us, for fleeing the Host, and abandoning those we had sworn to stand by. I pray you can forgive us for not seeking to do right by you in the time we've been settling here and moving on with our lives." Leda pauses and takes another breath. "Just as I forgive you-for closing your shrine to us and turning away in anger. I forgive you for not being here for us, for letting your anger build. I pray Gala can show you how to mend a little and let her ways be a balm on the anger we feel for each other." with that the princess falls silent bowing to the sealed shrine and stepping back a little.

Iridessa walks quietly into the area after the ceremony has already started, standing near the back and listening in silence.

The Elder Priestess steps forward to speak, "Gala, Goddess of healing, great forgiver and protector of broken and misshapen things, lover of all. I ask that you help all to find the path to forgiveness, to beginning to heal. Including your own beloved husband, Lord Baridon, The Doomsayer, and Blood God. Keeper of Oaths, he who shows us the meaning of loyalty and fealty. And the guardian of choice. I do not harbor any ill will toward your husband, and wish for him to know that his judgment was true. Baridon, your actions were understandable, and forgiven. I hope that you can find it within your heart to forgive all of us, and that others can find it within their hearts, to seek forgiveness from you as well. So that we may all begin upon this path and start anew, to find healing together, and hope for a better future." Her voice soft-spoken and kind. Stepping back to the spot she had been stanging in next to Kenyon. A warm gentle smile on her lips.

Valeria stands quietly, having taken a step or two back to give those that wish to speak a bit more prominence. She listens attentively, respectfully.

Stepping forward, the young Blood Templar and newly-minted Initiate of Baridon looks out at those gathered and present. "I have long ago forgiven Baridon for any shock and distress caused by his silence, and have long held the belief that his anger was justified, righteous and understandable. That his silence is perhaps what was needed by both himself, and the elven people to come to where they are now, to truly make amends. What I ask today, is instead a prayer and hope that Baridon and Aereth are able to forgive each other. That while the gods may not always agree, that they be able to mend those relations, just as we strive to do so with each other." Kenyon steps back to where he'd been standing then, and bows his head in a silent prayer, one hand taking Asa's own.

The line has been dismissed by Valeria.

Shakian carefully spills teh water from his palm back into his canteen. "You never know," he says.

Looking around, Leda smiles faintly and slips her hand into a pocket to hold onto a small item. Her eyes slide from face to face before moving toward the barred shrine again.

Valeria smiles as Kenyon steps back, and steps forward once more. "If there is no one else..?" Valeria glances around the Court, making sure, before giving a little nod. "Thank you for all for coming, for listening and sharing. Elves and Gods alike, thank you. I hope we all find the forgiveness we seek."

Shakian nods. "Thank you for calling us together, high priestess."

Asa bows her head for long moment, silently praying. Giving Kenyon's hand a gentle squeeze as she lifts her head up and smiles to the Keir. And then a warm smile toward Valeria. "Thank you for holding this, High Priestess Valeria."

"We are worthy of forgiveness, never forget that. It is not weakness to forgive, or be forgiven." Valeria once more looks around at the gathered, and back to Baridon's shrine. "Thank you."

Inclining her head, Leda watches the others still lingering through her lashes. As Valeria speaks she looks at the High Priestess and offers a soft smile her way.

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