High Priest Discussion on Brundir

A mysterious message was delivered to the various priesthoods. Wishing to discuss the contents of this message and how the kinships may need to be approached on the matter, High Priest Rawlin has asked the other High Priests & Priestesses to meet with him.


April 13, 2019, 7 p.m.

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Belstrom Agis(RIP) Iridessa Valeria Alethia Thorin



Volandis Mountains - Thelos - Thelos High Council Chambers - Receiving Room

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Orion, an albino bat arrives, following Agis.

Belstrom enters, holding the door for Agis, aging priest of Brundir, as they enter as well.

Agis makes a soft sound of gratitude as the door is held open, hobbling inside the chamber with the help of their cane.

Iridessa steps quietly into the room, joining the others already gathered.

Firn, a large, white and gray snow wolf, Huginn, a large, black raven arrive, following Thorin.

Thorin arrives, following Alethia.

Valeria is next to arrive, joining the rather small gathering of High Priests. "It's good to see you all! High Priest Tykalos won't be joining us, I don't think."

Alethia slips in very quietly, with Thorin and shortly after Agis.

Belstrom shakes his head. "No. Nor with High Priestess Ayalith. I thought it needful to invite a priest in her place, and also, this young initiate, to scribe, if that pleases the council."

"This will be a historic occasion to record, for the Shrine of Brundir's library," Alethia says on cue, her voice soft and a bit husky. She goes off to find paper. Or something.

Rawlin Nalduine, High Priest of Loran, stands at his chair, welcoming each of the High Priests and Priestesses that arrive with a warm smile and a gesture to go ahead and have a seat. To Belstrom in particular he smiles and says, "High Priest Belstrom, thank you for doing so. It will be useful to have representatives of Brundir's Priesthood, I think." Once it is time, he stretches out his hands. "I am grateful for you coming this evening as I think the matter we have before us is something worthy of us all putting our minds together so we may offer the best advice to elvenkind that we may. " He glances around the gathered elves as he pulls out a scroll from his robes. "I understand all of us received this, and it seems we each got the same message." He reads:

"Send your champions, ten.
Make sure to arm them well.
Short or not, it matters not
but leaving from Thelos is a must.
Two from each, the kin will ship,
to explore, not north and no, not east.
If they do right, they might just start
the path to earn the whole thing back."

He glances around once again. "Clearly we must send forth 10 elves, 2 from each kinship and they must depart from Thelos, but we should perhaps discuss the bit about which direction they should take and what we can do to make sure they are prepared to face whatever challenges lie ahead. It does not sound like it will be some simple task." He gestures then, opening up the floor for conversation as he takes his seat.

Agis' naturally grumpy expression softens somewhat with respect, their head dipping low to the High Priestesses and Priests gathered, hands folding together on top of their cane. "I have no desire to replace my High Priestess, but I will make sure what is discussed here reaches her ears." They turn this attention to Rawlin, listening carefully.

Thorin finds a seat and takes it, Firn curling up at his feet. He settles in to just listen.

Belstrom says, "It does not. The warlord is narrowing her choices, but none of the options she is down to include anyone trained in restoration. I would hope that some, or at least one of those sent on this expedition are able to heal.""

Iridessa inclines her head to Rawlin as he opens the meeting. "I know the kinships are already discussing who is fit to send," she agrees. "I am hoping they will all be wise enough to send a variety of skillsets."

Alethia takes a seat next to Thorin, and prepares a quill and parchment sheaf dutifully. But for the moment she just listens as well, and occasionally scritches the ears of Thorin's wolf companion.

Alethia has joined the a cluster of comfortable chairs upholstered in greens and golds.

"I would hazard that the river is a good choice. It flows Southwest, the two directions not prohibited by the poem." Valeria pauses, glancing around to the others. "I have actually been debating a proclamation along those lines, Iridessa. I'd like it if a restorationist, preferably one of mine, of course, could be on most-- if not all of the explorations." She smiles and offers a little shrug. "King Arminel made a good point to me, as well. It would probably be prudent to name a leader among the ten."

Thorin has joined the a cluster of comfortable chairs upholstered in greens and golds.

Belstrom tilts his head, listening. "I agree on the river--a good landmark to follow, and the terrain will be more hospitable." He asks Valeria, "Why a leader?"

Rawlin nods to Belstrom. "Sending at least one healer would be a wise choice, I agree with you completely, and... ah, well it seems at least one volunteer in that regard." He turns his attention to Valeria, smiling. "I have also heard King Arminel's opinion on that, but as for other skill sets, we should probably advice that there be at least two scouts, yes?" He blinks, glancing between Belstrom and Valeria. "Ah, I think the idea is to make sure the expedition has direction and purpose and doesn't stray from the path."

Agis' eyes flicker back and forth between the Council members, listening attentively, but not yet having cause to speak up.

Belstrom raises a hand, palm out. "I misunderstood. I thought you were suggesting sending a kinlector or kinlessa, a prince or a senator for some reason. You mean a leader should be named from those chosen. Yes, I agree completely."

Nodding, Rawlin folds his arms in his lap, "Whoever is chosen is something we can worry about more when all ten have been chose, I think. As for my thoughts on scouts, what would be a proper number do you think? My thought was two to help cover more ground, perhaps choosing a scout from two different kinships to compliment one anothers skills."

Alethia speaks up gently, "The kinships are already deciding on their representatives. If this council has preferences- forgive me for being presumptuous here- I hope you make them known as soon as you get done tonight. Or invite the kinship leaders to all come together, with you, before it's too late to advise them."

"If I may..." Agis speaks up in a low voice. "I would recommend making sure a scholar is among the expedition as well. It is all well and good to have scouts and warriors... But Brundir is a god that values history, trickery, and stories. I would not expect for him to lay the path to be easily found physically, or mentally. He changes the stars at his whims, and sometimes leaves signs there, for those who know to look. If someone is not appointed to the expedition who has dedicated themselves to studying the heavens, they should at least take the time to learn the basics before they set out. If that is the case, I will make certain the Priesthood teaches them what they can before they set out."

"Perhaps.. We could make a list of what we think would be the best--" Valeria looks to Alethia with a nod. "Yes. I think maybe we should make a proclamation of what we believe best. "Two scouts sounds reasonable to me-- and given the route we're probably recommending, one Duindar and one Aeran? At least one healer, one Scholar-- and since Brundir gave the quest, one of his disciples might be best?" She's clearly musing out loud at this point, tossing out thoughts for others to consider.

"I plan on writing a letter to each of the heads of the different kinships once we are through to give them our thoughts. Speaking for the Lorandi, I can say that King Arminel has put out a call for volunteers but I know he has yet to make any decision." Agis' voice catches his attention and Rawlin glances over to them and nods along as they speak. "A scholar, yes, perhaps that is something the Duindar can provide. I know of a few scholarly sorts amongst their number. Now that I think about it... a scholar and perhaps a theologian? There might be some relics of the gods out there and having a priestly sort who has some knowledge of the pantheon might be useful as well?"

Belstrom says, "I would suggest we also offer supplies, and a blessing from each of the gods on this expedition as they go, to show our support." Belstrom pauses. "I also think that a disciple, a priest of Brundir would be ideal. As the High Priestess cannot leave the Thelos, and our learned friend here is not in ideal shape for adventuring, perhaps an initiate will have to do. One young and vital enough for the journey, but dedicated to Brundir?""

Alethia puts her quill down, staring at Belstrom for a second before clearing her throat. "I do not know that I would discount Agis so quickly. They're the best at studying the stars that I have met, and are surely up to traveling if they wish."

Thorin quirks up an eyebrow at something Rawlin says. He continues to listen quietly, occasionally remarking quietly to Alethia.

Agis nods quietly in approval to them all, before glancing towards Alethia. They exhale a long breath. "As tempting as it may be, I tire quickly. I would only slow the expedition down. There are many others among the Aeran who would serve better. But I do agree, that having someone who serves Brundir would be ideal. Unfortunately, many in the clergy have been busy with their own various tasks, as of late."

"Alethia, a newly made initiate, is the only able bodied candidate I can think of," Agis adds.

"It just so happens that Alethia here, is under consideration amongst the High Council," Thorin says, from his seat along the back wall. "A letter to them about the desire to see one of Brudnir's clergy along on the quest might not be misplaced."

Alethia swallows and looks down, pinching one of her fingertips where it rests in her lap over the paper. "I -would- love to go, navigating for an expedition is even among our rituals that I must go through. But I can't overstep the Faenor High Council. I will wait to see what they decide."

"That brings us up to four, with our suggesstions. Two scouts, a scholar and a healer-- chances are that one of those will be a theologian, honestly. I think at least one or two mages with a focus other than restoration."

Valeria says.

Rawlin says, "An acolyte of Brundir seems wise to cover the priestly sort." Rawlin says, nodding. "And if Alethia is under consideration, than yes, that makes writing a proclamation or letter a higher priority and I will be sure to do that once this is over. Depending on if the other High Priests think it might be more useful for a proclamation, or the letter?" He asks the other High Priests with a questionning glance. "As for supplies and blessings? Loran's Priesthood will offer as much aid as we can. That I pledge.""

Belstrom nods in agreement. "Perhaps both. A proclamation for the public, accompanied by personal letters to the leaders of the kinships. And Acharon's priesthood will bless the potential of this expedition as well. They bring change. Evolution."

"I will also make certain that the Priesthood of Brundir supplies all that we can, from maps and records, to supplies and blessings," Agis murmurs. "I have been spending nearly all of my time since the vision we all experienced as well, studying the stars to see if any have changed since, if perhaps Brundir has left any... sign. I will be certain to alert the Council immediately, should my search have any results."

Valeria nods. "Gala's will, as well. All the supplies and aide that we can." She pauses, looking to Rawlin and then the others. "A proclamation might encourage ones to step forward that otherwise haven't, thinking they might not be needed or chosen." Another little pause, and glance to Agis. "There are new stars, but they're in Thelos. Five beside the stone path outside the Portals, and five by the art gallery."

Alethia looks up slowly again, staring at Valeria.

Alethia says, "What, do you mean- like in the dirt? I saw those too."

Thorin also looks up slowly, glancing toward Valeria, and then his eyes shifting slowly toward Belstrom.

Agis nods slowly to Valeria. "I noticed them as well... Very curious."

Belstrom says, "Five stars, five kinships. I expect it is a symbol for solidarity. I saw it in a vision once." Belstrom shrugs dismissively. "Are there more preparations we need to discuss, High Priest Rawlin?""

Rawlin glances around, looking thoughtful about the discussion of five stars. Belstrom's question shakes him out of his thinking and he shakes his head. "No, I think that is about it. Not unless anyone else has any other suggestions they'd like to offer. So far if we have 2 scouts, 1 healer, 1 scholar and Alethia, that's half of the expedition right there."

"I think that does it, as well. I can't think of anything else? If you're sending letters, Rawlin, maybe send them to our absent fellows? Neverminding Tykalos, of course. He's chosen not to be involved in this." Valeria glances about to the others.

Valeria's comment makes Agis frown faintly, but they don't comment.

Belstrom looks a big dry. "I will speak with the honored High Priest of Aereth. If they're following a river, it would hardly do to leave without a blessing from She of the Waters."

"I will do so." Rawlin says, nodding to Valeria. He seems slightly troubled about the talk of Tykalos, but Belstrom seems to be on top of that, so he nods and says, "Thank you all for coming. Let us be about the tasks ahead of us so that we can help give the ten the best chance of success."

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