Awakening & Dreaming Feasts

This is an event open to all Lorandi. What is it? Well according to the lore page for Lorandi Holidays:

To celebrate the ancient occasion of the elves being born of Loran’s will, the Lorandi spend part of the fall in prayer, doing good works and favors for one another. Children honor their parents with gifts or performances. Their nights are spent in feasting and revels.

The next day, Parents encourage their children's ambitions with gifts “from Loran”. It is considered taboo to break that illusion of gift giving. They take sleeping herbs and concoctions to encourage fanciful dreams- some host contests to see who can relate the most fanciful dream and the priests offer interpretation. Art and other creative endeavors are celebrated.


So in the spirit of things, for those of you who are artistically inclined or have some skill with prestigitation, perhaps you can throw on a show for your fellow elves! Others who wish to contribute in some shape or fashion are welcome to come speak with Rawlin. Oh, and there will be lots of food for people to stuff their face with.


May 5, 2019, noon

Hosted By



Ember Aurri Hatharal Valatir(RIP) Seren Saga Yvette Arminel



The Golden Plains - Torendaar - Serannar Castle - Courtyard

Largesse Level



Olore, an elegant barn owl arrives, following Seren.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to:
It is a late Autumn day, the skies about Torendaar clear with only a few clouds lazily moving overhead. A light breeze makes the leaves on the trees shift as well as add a little bit of a bite to the cool temperatures of the day.

Tables have been set up around the edges of the castle’s courtyard, each table filled with a platters of food ranging from different pastries stuffed with different types of meat to trays offering a wide variety of cheeses to choose from. Cuts of roasted meat and offerings of different vegetables are on offer on tables dedicated to entrees. And rounding out the whole affair are several tables consisting of dessert items such as candied pears and peace pie.

More tables are arranged in the center, arranged for those who have come to sit and converse with each other. One table has been placed at the head of all the others and positioned so it can be seen by all as it has been marked reserved for members of the royal family.

Elves who specialize in the art of prestidigitation make a showing of their skills, weaving different illusions, some telling stories that they wish to share, others simply doing it to entertain.

Carson - The fat and fluffy grumpy orange cat arrives, following Kaelyn.

Sometimes, a girl likes to poke at those stereotypes a little. And why not on a celebration day? WHen Ember arrives, it's in full flame themed regalia. A layered silk dress that starts in smokey grey and bleeds down into pale yellows and oranges until it ends in a deep and dark red. She could be trolling people.

Royal family is expected and so it shall appear. Or at least it is Prince Aurri Serannar, who makes one of his rare appearances in public and he is not in a bad mood or so it seems, telling by the rather neutral expression on the youngling's face. A table may be reserved for the royal family, but as he notices noone of his family being present right now and himself rather shunning the spotlight, Aurri chooses to stay away from it for now, instead heading for one of the food tables, seeking to fulfill that need first and foremost.

Hatharal is dressed in bright blues and purples, but other than the colors there's nothing very flashy about his clothes. He keeps nearby Valatir as he makes his preparations to perform, but he looks distracted. He flashes smiles here and there to those who pass by, though.

Valatir is somewhat subdued today in comparison to his normal garb. Simple black clothing in a simple style, though still corseted. He's not a barbarian, after all. Perhaps he's that way to offset his glorious husband. He looks to Seren and flashes a smile. "Are you ready for today?"

Drawing a breath which rouses her from her thoughts, Seren looks to Valatir as a rather fond smile draws her lips up, "I believe so. Though I do hope I do my subject matter justice," she admits . Her pale green eyes move amongst the others and she watches each as she turns about. The simple white wrap dress allows for a deep v to show her crystal at hand, set just below her collarbone on a chain. Fingers lift to brush it before she moves to stand closer to Valatir but offers a nod to Aurri and Ember. "Lady Ember. How lovely."

"I would venture to say that if the two of you have a show planned for us, it will be absolutely fantastic." Ember's excitement for seeing just such a thing is obvious, and her smile grows when Seren addresses her. "Thank you! You look lovely as always." She inclines her head politely, of course.

Rawlin watches as the elves of the Lorandi gather together and begin to mingle. There’s a small smile on his face as he watches this, though his eyes betray a weariness that sits within him. Still, he waits and he watches, allowing time for people to gather, to get some food and then take their seats. When all is ready, he steps onto a raised platform looking over the crowd and holds his hands up and simply waits for all to be silent.

When silence has been obtained, he clears his throat and begins, “I welcome you all here today, to celebrate the time when elves were born of Loran’s will, to celebrate our awakening from Her dream and into this world. But while we can celebrate and give the Goddess our thanks, we should also consider how we may best thank her for the gifts that she has bestowed upon us.”

”Take time to reach out to those around you, see if they may need help with something. Now is a time to aide one another and do things which benefit those around you. Let us remember that we are all a part of a larger community. We may have our differences, including differences of opinions. Recently, there are those who have taken these differences to mean that certain actions should be taken, but such thinking is wrong. Differences are to be cherished. An elf who specializes in magic is different than an elf who specializes in the sword who is different than an elf who looks at a ledger, but the three working together can accomplish greater things than if they decided to do go out on their own. And no matter what differences you may have with an elf sitting near you, remember that we are still all Lorandi and together we can do things that will make the heavens tremble.”

”Now then, feast. Enjoy one another’s company. Appreciate the things we have and work to build upon what we have already done. Tonight give your thanks to Loran for all she has given us, and let us all thank our King, who so wisely guides us all through this time of mortality.” He pauses then, looking over the crowd of gathered Lorandi and smiles softly. “I will leave you with one more thing to think upon: ‘A dream we dream alone is only a dream. A dream we dream together is reality.’” And with these words said, the High Priest bows his head towards the gathered Lorandi and then steps off the platform.

Hatharal waves to Ember, offering a soft smile. "Cousin. I assume you are in good spirits? When can we expect to see the circlets?" He steps closer to Valatir and Seren, looking between them. "You will both do amazing, I know it." When Rawlin speaks he turns to give the High Priest his full attention.

Valatir nods along. "Hopefully. Thank you for the votes of confidence," He focused around at the others and nodded to Rawlin to let him decide when he and Seren would go into active mode. Then he's focused on Ember. "Are you not able to afford what you want? Is that it? Why isn't he moved in yet?"

Fooood. It takes a lot to maintain Saga's extensive energy usage, and so that's where the young knight has found herself first. Polite waves and smiles were shot at all the necessary people, but she didn't let any of them engage. Currently, she's happily filling a plate to take with her mingling.

Ember turns to look toward Rawlin when he begins to speak, attention rapt and expression approving for his words. "Well said!" She lifts her glass high to toast him, just before being besieged with old auntie questions. Gosh, Val! "Talyn is designing the circlets and won't tell me a single thing. So we all get to be surprised at the same time." Valatir is given an amused, but pointed look, at that. "We're waiting until he has the circlets made and the vows spoken. He insists." Because it must all be done properly.

As for clothes, Aurri has chosen a pure white silken garment today, some might call it boring, others might see it as an easy to ruin target, but the young Prince doesn't seem to mind as he grabs himself some exquisite piece of tart, before moving towards the crowd gathered, giving the more prominent members a proper incline of his head "Lady Seren. Marquis Hatharal. Marquis Valatir. Lady Ember. A good day to you." Oh yes, he addresses even the latter. He must be in a good mood.

He perks a brow at Ember. "You're letting Talyn design them? Huh... Hopefully he has a good eye for such things." He turns to Aurri and nods politely. "Prince Aurri, good day."

"You are too kind, Lady Ember. I think it suits you immeasurably," Seren remarks about the dress, giving her a longer look in appreciation for her fashion sense. The simple woolen silks help with the chill in the air but the Rylanth rubs her hands against the length of her arms, attempting to drive some warmth into her flesh as her fingers flex. Food does sound good, but for the moment she offers company for the two Marquis.

Seren's eyes trail up to Rawlin as he speaks, a soft smile and a light if soft clap when he finishes is offered before she nods to him. Her pale green gaze lingers before her attention shift to Saga and then finally to Ember and Hatharal, glancing between them. "Oh that should prove lovely. Congratulations, Ember," she offers before clasping her hands before her in an effort to still her idle movement.

"Prince Aurri." Ember returns the greeting politely. "Yes, and he's being very secretive. But he certainly did a good job designing that floral path outside our estate. I trust the end result will be ... yes, lovely. Thank you, Lady Seren." The compliment of her fashion choice makes her smile all that much brighter. "Thought I would just roll with the theme today. I've been waiting to debut this dress. I feel it's been so long since we've had a chance to speak, how have you been Seren?"

Saga finishes picking her snacks, starts to make her way to the group of friends and acquaintances. She's not in anything especially nice, but the buttery yellow silk top wraps around her torso to tie near one hip, just above the waistline of creamy, wide-leg trousers.

"I must agree. Entrusting that to Talyn? I shall have to see if his armor is even fashionable," says Valatir. His gaze shifts towards the Prince as he comes forward, giving a small nod towards him. He then looks back to Ember. "Well... I suppose he did run with my suggestion and turn out something as extravagant as the flower garden."

Rawlin strolls from the platform to some of the tables containing food and grabs a plate full of meat-filled pastries and cheeses. Plate filled high, he turns and walks towards some of the gathered elves, offering them smiles. "Did I hear talk of circlets as I neared? So much talk of that going on these days." He says, laughing, his eyes moving past to Prince Aurri, who he seems pleased to see. "Good day, Prince Aurri, good to see you today."

Hatharal bows his head to High Priest Rawlin as he approaches. "That was a beautiful speech. Thank you for putting on this festival for our kin."

Rawlin bows his head towards Hatharal. "Thank you, Marquis. I hope it will do much to bring us together and ready us for the challenges ahead of us."

Pleasantries exchanged Aurri thought he'd be done for now, but then Rawlin approaches him. Still a smile is managed, lightening up those aristocratic features, as he speaks "Ah High Priest, thank you for hosting the festival this year. I'm sure my siblings would appreciate it as well, if they wouldn't be so busy with their duties." And there's a bit of relief on his own face that he hasn't got to deal with such duty.

"You see? I think he will surprise us all in a good way with whatever he designs." Ember gestures towards Valatir there, and then bows towards the High Priest. "I hope you are correct about that. We will only succeed if we all work together." she murmurs, smile turning slightly impish. "We were just commenting on Talyn designing our wedding circlets. Why, I believe once the vows have been exchanged that will technically make us cousins, Your Highness." Yep, that was for Aurri.

"I have been rather well," Seren remarks to Ember, her gaze looking to the food that several have gathered and a faintly audible gurgle of her stomach follows. She presses her hand across the wrap of her dress and flushes with color, "Excuse me." she whispers before clearing her throat. "I will have to see the demands of my own self sooner than I had thought. But how have you been? And Lord Talyn." Eyes move to Rawlin as he nears and she dips her head to the High Priest, "This is indeed rather lovely," she expresses warmly. But others are speaking and her attention moves then to Prince Aurri and back to eh others.

"Marriage is the worst when you consider the number of birthdays you have to gift out for. Though now I'm not a Brixtien so it's much easier." Val sighs in contentment. He drifted between Hatharal and Seren.

Rawlin smiles and nods to both Ember and Seren, but then Aurri gets his attention. "That's quite alright, Your Highness. I think we are all glad that you were able to attend." Valatir's presence is noticed and the Marquis gets asmile. "So what you're saying is that we should avoid it so we have to account for fewer birthdays? Interesting."

"Avoid marrying *into* Brixtien. They're rich so everyone expects the best of gifts," clarifies Valatir.

Hatharal wanders off for a bit to retrieve some food for himself as well, then drifts back to stand beside Seren and Valatir while he idly eats, watching the others but not being very talkative at the moment.

Saga quietly offers her over-full plate to Seren to nibble off of, coming to a rest beside the priestess. "...Uncle, are you trying to make me the only Brixtien? Or just so that none of the rest of us ever end up married?" Saga actually looks a little hurt!

Ember muffles her laughter at Valatir's reason for why one should avoid marrying into Brixtien. "Shall I get a few things for you when I fill my own plate, Lady Seren?" Her amusement continues to spill over, even as she walks towards the tables.

"Well, even I get to take some spare time from my studies every now and then. Especially if it's to thank our Goddess." Aurri offers the ever as polite and diplomatic answer with a little smirk given there. Yes a smirk. But as the topic of marriage comes up he rolls his eyes mentally a bit and then comments dryly "I am glad I am so far down in the succession line that it is not dire for me to put on a circlet yet."

Rawlin looks between Saga and Brixtien, curious as to how this might play out. He lifts up a pastry filled with pork and starts eating it. "Perhaps he just wants someone who can properly celebrate your birthday properly."

"You deserve someone who will hold up to the same standard as a Brixtien, dear. That sets a high standard. Perhaps a Thalerith to fight alongside you, a Duindar to stimulate your mind, and an Aeran for your sense of adventure. Just marry all three so they're good enough," offers Valatir for his niece.

"You are a blessing," Seren remarks to Saga as the plate is offered over and she reaches out to take a something small from the plate. She presses it past her lips and begins to munch upon it thoughtfully and then is quick to use both hands to pluck a few more things from Saga's plate, giving her a radiant smile. "My stomach thanks you as well," she says between bites. Eyes lift to Ember, "oh these candied peels are good, I must admit to having something of a sweet tooth, though I try to curb the desire." She admits and gives her a nod, "I would appreciate it, need to keep my hands free." But her attention is shifting then to Valatir, "GIfts are lovely, but they need not be expensive. I mean Saga is providing me with the most needed gift a the moment, sustenance. Perhaps I should look to Brixtien," she offers Saga wink before taking another bite.

Yvette stands near the dessert tables, where a grand spread of sweets have been presented not only as a feast of the eyes but one readily available to consider across the breadth of senses. She does not carry a plate about her with which to enjoy these things but does measure the peace pies with a steady aureate stare; as stern as a Priestess of Estril in times of Reaping.

Hatharal looks between Valatir and Saga with a small, fond smile. "I would agree that gifts aren't the most important thing in a relationship... but I think my husband would be insulted."

"They are the most important part of a /courtship/," insists the old trader.

"Imagine all the gifts you'll need for septuplets." She rolls her eyes a little at Valatir suggesting multiple kinships. "I'm surprised you didn't mention the Faenor, and how politically amazing a match with them might be." To Aurri, she simply nods. She's in the same boat, really, and quite happy to be there. Yvette is studied, but Saga doesn't make a move yet.

"Marchioness Monstald! How nice to see you." Ember winds up standing just beside the Grandmaster, while she fills a plate. With the candied fruit peels in a pile on the side. "Come join us." She nods towards the gathered little group, her smile bright.

"The Faenor are notoriously unromantic. You can do better, Saga," insists Valatir. He's insisiting a lot of things today.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Hatharal before departing.

Rawlin slips another pastry into his mouth, almost choking at the subject of septuplets. He coughs several times, blinking, and when he's composed himself. "Septuplets? What?"

Hatharal chuckles at Valatir, then gives Saga a *look*... before shaking his head. He nods politely to Yvette, then looks to Rawlin. "Er... She's... joking." Then a messenger comes and he's briefly distracted looking over the letter, then quickly stuffs it away into a pocket.

"I am not quite so sure that is true about the Faenor. I thin they are just..more reserved," Seren is relying on impressions and not so much stereotypes. She continues to munch on what is in her hand until Ember greets Yvetee and her head turns to look that direction. A brow lifts and she smiles a bit more, offering Yvette a warm smile and dip of her head before a finger still holding a piece of candied peel lifts to offer a light weave. Rawlin's choking catches her off-guard it is very clear that she missed something when he says 'Septuplets'. Hatharal assuages and she arches a brow and then bites into the orange piece of candy, glad for the finger food.

"Us?" Yvette looks first to Ember's face before following the leading gesture back to the group. "Well, after you." Tactfully invited, she peels herself away from whatever thoughts had her looming over the pears. "I am glad that I did miss all of the performances." The assorted greetings are met uniformly. "A lovely day isn't it?" She might have missed the point of contention between the small party.

"Is she?" asks Valatir with that tone that a married person can get when they're trying to warn their spouse of something. "I've heard differently. But if we are to get any children from the gods, we will take however many they wish. Though he may have changed his mind on truly wanting any," he 'explains' with a smirk.

Aurri blinks slowly. Then /blinks/ again. And finally he shakes his head at the mention of septulets. "What a crazy idea..." he mumbles, before another thing comes up at the mention of the Faenor and he quirks one of those eyebrows, something like anger flashing there briefly, but not enough to cause a fit just yet. "I don't have to remind you that the former King's Consort and therefore the mother of the King, Crown Princess Leda and myself was of the Aenorr family and I will have come nothing against her."

"I have to agree with Seren. They're romantic in their own ways, I think. Just different from what is expected in the Lorandi." Hatharal pops a bit of food into his mouth, glaring at Valatir for a moment, but seems to decide not to rise to his teasing. He shakes his head and looks to the group. "Well, guess we'll come clean with it then. We've decided to ask Brundir for a child before Ember and I leave for the Champion's quest."

Saga feigns innocence when Hatharal glares at her, and then just brushes the whole thing off to reply to Aurri, instead. "I'm sure she was lovely. Honestly, the Faenor are the closest kinship to us, so it makes sense to at least get to know them better." She gives a little shrug, before glancing to Yvette's empty hands, and then back to the dessert table.

"I find the Faenor all together charming," Seren remarks to bolster Hatharal's comment though Aurri's reaction is one that gives her pause. Her head tilts and she offers him a soft smile, 'worry not' her gaze evens to say before the good news is announced. "Congratulations both of you," she says and turns to fully regard Hatharal and Valatir, reaching out for the closest one to offer a somewhat sticky hand to them - candied fruit peels you see. They do somewhat melt in your hand.

Valatir steps in close to Hatharal to loop an arm through the other's. "I'm glad he's willing to say as much. And should we have a child, I expect it will be quite the moment in our history."

Arminel arrives, perhaps a little more on the late side than the fashionable one, stepping out into the castle courtyard from the direction of the throne room. The Serannar has an officer or two in tow, wrapping up (hopefully) the last of the day's business for now. He wears a light cloak of tawny gold in defense against the light fall breeze outside, a small circlet of gold set atop his brow.

Arminel smiles, his first focus going over towards the dessert tables, before stepping off in the direction of a few familiar noble faces. "Good afternoon, brother," greets the Serannar, alighting first upon the younger Serannar, with a friendly smile offered. "Guarding the dessert tables for me?"

Rawlin considers Prince Aurri for a long moment and then nods, "Well then, Your Highness. Since there was already such a tie with the Faenor, perhaps you might be interested in a possible match with one of the Duindar, or maybe the Aeran. I know of a couple of scholarly sorts." He smiles very pleasantly and then raises his plate and offers the Prince, "Would you care for a pastry? The ones to the side of the plate contained spiced pork, it's very delicious."

Hatharal smiles at Seren, taking her hand to squeeze, then leans in to kiss her on the cheek. "Thank you. I am... terrified. Valatir is quite excited, though. Already interviewing an army of nannies."

30 inflicted and Saga is unharmed.

Yvette's empty hands clasp behind her back, not seeming to notice Saga's look. She follows the conversation with a bit of trepidation at the hint of a temper, but sensing it is soothing over between the explanations and the arrival of the king, bows her head respectfully.

30 inflicted and Rawlin is harmed for moderate damage.

"I am very happy that you have decided to do so," Seren remarks to Hatharal and Valatir. Giving his hand a squeeze back she also returns the kiss to his cheek. "Tsk, I will help...I helped revise my niece, I feel like I might be up for the challenge again," she says and winks for them both. "No need to be nervous. You have two very capable people here already to make sure things stay upright," she muses and then her gaze sweeps the group for Ember briefly - only because she has no more candied peels for consumption and they had been offered "I can not wait to meet your future child."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valatir before departing.

"I think we will both welcome whatever help is offered to us," Hatharal says with a nod to Seren, smiling softly.

Valatir pays off the messenger as they come up. After he reads the contents, the man goes quite red and quickly pushes the letter away to his bag. Valatir excuses himself with a comment of "I'll be right back. Have to use the bathroom."

From there, he passes around a tree, and from outside comes a man in a King Arminel mask. This jester king comes to hop up onto the statue of Loran, laying across a lap or arm and flashing a grin up at the goddess. "Loooooorrrrraaaaaaaan, I'm booooooored." The man-child version of Arminel looks back to the others. "How about a magic show? Show me how you make some of those dreeeeeam." He wriggles his fingers and watches as the magic takes hold.

At first the temper seems to flare down as quickly as it was rising inside Aurri, helped along by the soothing words and smiles given his way. But then, then he seems to get something wrong that the High Priest is saying to him and he can't help it anymore, his temper taking control as he tosses his plate on the ground "I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE THE KINSHIP." he shouts, before stomping off towards the palace, unaware that he might stomp right past his brother in the process.

Loran’s statue seems to suffuse with a glow that burns like the sun filtered through violet haze. An aura forms around her as she speaks out. Her voice is rich and and full but spoken with confidence as she replies to the masked Arminel

“I have dreams aplenty for dreams are many. Dreams of valor and piety, dreams of loved ones and joy, sorrow, fear, but above all hope. Let them rise to the sky with wings of their own and let them reveal themselves for your pleasure. Perhaps your appreciation will give them life.”

The warmth and glow around the statue fades a measure but does not leave the effigy of the Dreamer entirely.

Someone wearing A King Arminel Mask checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 30, rolling 58 higher.

Seren checked mana + prestidigitation at difficulty 20, rolling 54 higher.

A wind blows through the courtyard to
rustle the many prayers festooning the
statue of Loran. A few of these prayers
and wishes appear come free to spread
through the air. As the group watches,
they take on the shape of many fantastical
birds, all swooping and giving out
caws. In the end, they become a ball
above the statue's head and burst into
a shower of falling stars among the viewers.

Rawlin blinks at the Prince as he starts raging, and he watches him storm off. Letting out a sad sigh. It truly was a tragedy that so many pastries and cheeses were thrown to the ground like that. Zedmir spent time on those. He looks down at the ground, thinking about how those might have tasted, then looks up as the King Arminel figure starts performing a show. His expression brightens.

The faux-Arminel gives a loud applause at this point. "Moooooore, Loran! More! Show me the *biggest* dreams you've got." He hops off the statue and winces, patting his knees. He holds up a hand. "Remember this moment, kids. King Arminel never takes a knee. But for the sake of the gods and your own aching bodies, don't try that at home." Then he straightened up and began to wave his hands about as if conducting some great symphony.

The light around Loran grows, becomes brighter and she seems to move, as if a spirit separated from her carved figure. Her hands lift to the sky and she spreads them to a radiant glow of a sun overhead, offering brilliance to the images that begin to dance.

”Those of the Kinship named for me, visionaries and forward thinkers, the elves of the sun and dreams. They wrough their own destinies and learned there was more than just the beliefs of their people. They sought alliances and created a Kingdom for themselves, each house a strong support to the one above creating steady foundations for generations to come. Without one, you all falter, the strength begins to fail but together you will thrive.”

Seren checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 25, rolling 22 higher.

Someone wearing A King Arminel Mask checked intellect + prestidigitation at difficulty 30, rolling 48 higher.

Hatharal blinks over at Aurri, squinting a moment before shaking his head in very clear disapproval. "What a spoiled child..." But then the show starts, and he turns to focus on the masked man and Seren attentively.

Saga looks like she's about to say something to Aurri, but then Loran's statue is glowing, and there's a fake Arminel, and.. Well, no Valatir to be seen! Surprise, surprise! Instead of ruining any portion of it, though, Saga just watches with rapt attention, stuffing her face with snacks.

At this point, the great banners celebrating
the houses of the Lorandi come to life.
Serannar's cornucopia spills forward flowers
by the dozen before they fade with a wafting
scent left behind them. Tenlindil's hound
leaps to life to give a howl only challenged
by the bellow of the golden bull of
Brixtien. The pair chase each other around
the courtyard, giving a small tremor to
the ground as they go. When they slam into
each other, they unleash a shower of silver
coins among the crowd. The great silver
dragon of Nalduine is challenged only by the
strong knight of Monstald. Their battle is
something of the ages. The great owl of
Rylanth races the black & silver steed of
Palinnar around the space. They rushed round
and round, until all four houses rose into
the air to explode into fireworks. From
there, the lesser houses lead by the stag
with broken horn of House Garmonel. Each of
these fades into a small bit of fog and
smoke before fading away.

Rawlin slowly moves through the crowds, clasping his hands behind his back, stepping up beside Saga to watch the show being put on for them. When the silver dragon of Nalduine appears, he gives a little clap and watches the battle unfold. "Such detail!" He says to Saga. "So beautiful!"

”To dream is to live and grow. To dream is to move forward. Nothing is impossible with the will to do it. Stand not in stillness and let time outpace you but remember that each step forward brings something new, something grand and sometimes unexpected. Live and do not wait for your answers. Find them.”

The glow brightens and starts to spread over the congregation, like some evening illumination. As the other illusions fade and spread themselves the searing light shoots out over the gathered like a canopy of radiance until it begin to pull apart into glimmering motes that fall and touch them all like a rain of radiance that fades to nothing in the end. While this happens the voice speaks once more.

”Blessed are those that do not give up. Blessed are those that continue to dream.”

"All of these houses began as simply a dream. An action. Never allow yourselves to give up on your dreams. No dream is ever too big. Go forth, tonight, and dream the most wild dreams you can." He flashes his grin before giving a sweeping bow that brushes his hair against the ground. The faux-Arminel unleashes a cloud of indigo bloom-scented smoke before vanishing.

From elsewhere, a very sweaty Valatir comes to stand beside his beloved Hatharal to flash a smile. "Did I miss anything?"

So, let's recap a moment here.

Arminel has been in the feast for five minutes, tops. In that span, he's only made it most of the way towards the younger Serannar before a lot starts to happen. A lot, a lot.

As the King catches sight of a suspiciously Valatir-shaped elf making his way back in with a mask, he glances in that direction, though it doesn't seem to register that the mask is of his own likeness, at first. At that moment, Aurri's also rushing past after making a very public, very angry declaration in response to whatever it is that he was being needled about.

Arminel's expression registers surprise, then darkens, shifting to a near-seething veneer of displeasure. He turns, seeming about to do something to, or about, the tantruming Prince, before it -finally- seems to register that there's someone in a King Arminel mask up ahead. The Lorandi turns back just as the fantastic display of color, sound, and light begins, his expression now shifting to one of extreme surprise, an almost dumbfounded look given at the display. He remains there, rooted to the ground, watching the display, and likely trying to process this all.

Valatir drops A King Arminel Mask.

Hatharal's eyes are wide, staring at the show in awe as the illusions play out. Especially as the houses' heraldy comes to life, he's practically bouncing on his heels and clapping, beaming with wonder. After the show is over he lets out a loud cheer, before flinging himself upon his sweaty husband. "THAT WAS AMAZING!"

Valatir gently floats a certain mask and costume away from himself. It was clearly someone else.

"His Royal Highness," Yvette says firmly to Hatharal to remind him of that important detail. Then the great show begins, and she turns to consider the grand acts of prestidigation. There is a pause taken as the story spills out from Loran and the 'King'. Her eyes widen appreciatively as the banners begin to weave a grand tale of the vassal houses of the Crown. When it concludes with advice, and 'Arminel' disappears in a flash of smoke, there is a long pause. Then a mild agreement with Hathral. "It was."

"My uncle is amazing." Quietly said to Rawlin, while she watchs the great show. She glances to the priest as the last sparkles rain down, saying something quietly to him.

"Marquis! Where did that handsome fellow in the mask go!?" calls out Arminel, who still looks very much like he's not exactly sure what just happened, but points an inquisitive finger over at Valatir.

Seren is off to the side, not completely lost from view as masked Arminel displays his prowess with such a beautiful display. Fingers lift and she flickers them through the air, like pulling the strings of a beautiful tapestry the illusion unfolds as the spirit of Loran comes to visit the Lorandi themselves. She grins over at the rather wondrous work presented by Valatir as she puppets Loran in response to his requests. When all is done she breaks the illusion into tiny pieces to rain down upon the heads of the gathered. Slowly her slender fingers lower to her sides and moves to join Hatharal and Valatir. "well done, Valatir."

Valatir chuckles as he is drawn into hugs, smiling at everyone and playing... rather dumb. "... Did I miss something? Seren, did you do your show?"

Rawlin joins in with the rest of the elves in applauding the great show that has been put on by the fine elves of the Lorandi. "He is indeed. Lady Seren as well. They are both beyond words in how skilled they are."

Yvette quietly slips away, not quite as graceful or planned a departure as the Masked King but just as swift.

Yvette picks up A King Arminel Mask.

"I did my part," Seren remarks as she dips her head to Valatir and again searches for Ember for a moment. Her pale green eye seem to be considering where those candied peels might have gotten off to. She tsks below her breath and then looks to the others, "There was a rather handsome elf, as his Highness has pointed out, that was the real focal point," she admits and then smiles a bit more before clearing her throat. "I am ..going to track down Ember to see if I can feed off her plate or go get myself a healthy serving myself." She murmurs but then steps closer to Hatharal and Valatir, "I am still very happy for you both," as if they needed to be reminded of that fact before she slips away towards the food tables.

Saga nods to Rawlin before beaming to Seren. "Oooh, you might be a match for Valatir! I can only imagine if you two tried to have an.. illusion duel?" Is that even a thing?

Hatharal smirks as Valatir plays dumb, not pressing further, though he does kiss his cheek, then looks to Seren. "You did great as well, Seren. And thank you... Hopefully we can talk more later?"

Hatharal is overheard praising Valatir: For being the best showman in all the Lorandi!

Rawlin is overheard praising Valatir: The best showman in Torendaar

Saga is overheard praising Valatir: The Greatest Showman!

Rawlin is overheard praising Seren: The best show-woman in all of Torendaar.

Hatharal is overheard praising Seren: For helping put on an amazing show!

Saga is overheard praising Seren: Dreams. She wove dreams.

Hatharal is overheard praising Rawlin: For putting together a bright and beautiful festival.

Seren is overheard praising Valatir: The next most handsome King there ever was

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