Exploration and Settlement AMA

We are moving swiftly in to our exploration and settlenment building phase and there seems to be a lot of confusion on how that is going to happen. I will be doing an AMA tonight. I also updated the settlements and exploration help file to hopefully make things more clear for the long run. This AMA will be happening on the PUBLIC channel.


April 18, 2019, 7 p.m.

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Mysterious Void

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Reilena waves from the Void!

[Public] Reilena: Alright! AMA Time! If you don't want to be spammed with this conversation, please turn off the public channel now!

[Public] Tharnor: I kind of do, but at the same time, Voids usually have mysterious things in em', and I'm against that kind of mysteriousness.

[Public] Elizaldian: that doesn't sound scary at all...

[Public] Reilena: So to start with, please be patient, its just me answering questions. There may be some things I dont have immediate answers on, so I will likely ask you to +request on anything I dont have an answer on right now. We like to discuss things as a staff group for consistancy. -- That said, I made a few updates to the Exploration and Settlements help file today -- http://ithirmush.org/topics/Exploration%20and%20Settlements/ --- And I am ready.. Ask Me Anything!

[Public] Celenia: Silly question--will there be a log for later? :)

[Public] Reilena: Yup! I will add the log when were all done in to the event on the web page.

[Public] Rawlin: What Rank are the current domains considered?

[Public] Rawlin: And could we improve Torendaar (or insert capital here)?

[Public] Reilena: Rank 0 technically. Any settlements added to an Org are a multiplier of the base.

[Public] Reilena: And yes, you could improve on Torendaar!

[Public] Belstrom: Does each step in the guide (exploration, conquest, settlement) require its own action?

[Public] Reilena: Yes, each step will require its own action. Every step is meant to be a story moment and we want to make sure we are investing our GM time wisely by spacing it out a bit using @actions.

[Public] Tharnor: What's the minimum required # of people to build a thing? Say you've only got yourself or a small group, would you be able to make something? If you have the resources to do it, that is.

[Public] Reilena: Certinly you could build a settlement 'on your own' if you want. Consider that there are NPCs around as well, who we would likely wave in as helping you if you went on your own. If you are building a settlement, it must have an Org attached to it, however. We won't be making the Castle of Tharnor and giving you your own house if you decide to go it alone.

[Public] Rawlin: And by @orgs are you meaning families and military orders only?

[Public] Reilena: @org is any @org. Kinships and Families are what we think people will mostly be making expansions for, but we are prepared to make them for Priesthood Orgs, tangentel Military Orders... Mage Academies... if thats where the story takes us.

[Public] Tharnor: And what's the minimum for an Org? (I'm not assuming 1 here, otherwise you would see the rise of @org Tharnor, with 1 rank 'Tharnor', so I can be 'Tharnor, Tharnor.')

[Public] Reilena: We have no plans to add new Orgs at this time.

[Public] Shakian: Hears you, Thrnor

[Public] Reilena: So what you see if what you got!

[Public] Rawlin: Which is fine, there's still plenty of room to fill out the current orgs. :)

[Public] Tharnor: When looking at Step 1, can you add more resources to make the exploration easier/more productive, or are these flat rates?

[Public] Reilena: Sure you can! We might lower some rolls as a result for more investment, for instance. That is just the necessary amount.

[Public] Tharnor: And I'm assuming just like any action, the skills involved can make things easier/more difficult?

[Public] Reilena: Absolutely! And we really do want you telling us what your plans are. 'I head west!' is not enough. Give us something to base a narrative off of. This is where the GM/Player relationship really shines.

[Public] Elizaldian: for step 3, if you already have a rank 1 keep, would the cost of that be subtracted if you tried to upgrade, or do you start over again on gathering materials?

[Public] Tharnor: Can exploration go to more than just establishing a fort/base? Are people able to find something like a, I don't know, natural wonder/something they'd be looking for - and probably wouldn't want to ruin it by sticking a fort right beside it?

[Public] Reilena: No subtractions when you go for an upgrade. There is an advantage to saving your pennies and buying a big one out of the gate. Upgrading is harder.

[Public] Elizaldian: kk

[Public] Reilena: Yup! There are -many- things to discover out in the wild. Not every exploration will end in a settlement.

[Public] Rawlin: Is it gonna be 1 settlement per org? Sorry I missed if this was answered already

[Public] Reilena: Nope, make as many as you want!

[Public] Seren: I know I likely missed the cost for these settlements. Is there a post/page for this?

[Public] Reilena: http://ithirmush.org/topics/Exploration%20and%20Settlements/

[Public] Reilena: Most of the information you need for excploration and settlements will be here.

[Public] Seren: Thank you

[Public] Reilena: I had an anonymous question I feel like is worth repeating, so let me paraphrase. - Are settlements and explored land contestable? -- YES! Yes they are. Until you have built a settlement on a piece of land, you do not own it. Someone could come in behind you and build on it. Once you have a settlement, someone else could try and take it from you as well. War against orgs is possible.

[Public] Elizaldian: can settlements be hidden?

[Public] Tharnor: I understand extras is pretty 'open' at the moment, and I'm assuming ranking up your settlement makes it harder to take, but with Magic, and all that, can you hide/fortify/secure as an 'extra'?

[Public] Elizaldian: those clever Duindar are good at hiding...

[Public] Reilena: Hidden from the map? Hidden.. with magic?

[Public] Rawlin: So two orgs in the same kinship can fight over land? Should be some interesting rp there

[Public] Reilena: Actually, on 'hiding' large locations with magic, can one of you two +request that for me? I don't want to make a final call on that with out talking it over more. That hasnt come up in our chats yet.

[Public] Tharnor: Sure. :)

[Public] Elizaldian: woo! You got it Tharnor?

[Public] Reilena: Yes two orgs from the same kinship could fight over the same land. Your diplomats and negotiators are important people! (As are your warriors...)

[Public] Tharnor: Will do.

[Public] Tharnor: Diverting away from hiding, would it be possible to use an Extra to trap your home? I don't want anyone walking into my lair while I'm trying to summon the ancient spirits of evil, for example.

[Public] Reilena: Potentially! Thats something we would need to discuss on a case-by-case basis. Right now the Extras section is a growing list of things people have asked us for that we have given a price to. I would hate for us to have you pay 500 social for a trap and then we forget about it and a year later we charge someone 1000 social for the same thing. So, that is a growing list to help keep us honest.

[Public] Rawlin: So I take it then that once stuff starts building up various houses will need to work on their @armies and stuff. Noice.

[Public] Tharnor: Yeah, I figured the extras was a growing section - so I wanted to throw up some ideas to get it filled out a bit.

[Public] Reilena: If you have suggestions, you can always +request to have them added as well! Give us a chance to talk them over.

[Public] Reilena: Any other questions on exploration and settlement making?

[Public] Tharnor: When it comes to the first and second steps for exploration, can skills be used to supplement the resource costs - or would that be something that would require an action/RP prior to that?

[Public] Reilena: Nope! The cost is the cost.

[Public] Rawlin: Skills are likely part of the action provided staff doesn't do a GM scene

[Public] Tharnor: That was about to be my next question, skill involvement in the action vs scene. :)

[Public] Octalin: We are not exploring a map, its all the imagination is the limit? Like people can explore water regions versus land regions?

[Public] Reilena: Certinly. Exploring is a dangerous business. We will do our best to be fair about how we handle roll results both in a scene and as an @action.

[Public] Rawlin: The Aeran would probably love those water areas.

[Public] Reilena: You are exploring a map actually! -- http://ithirmush.org/static/images/AarandorMapMarch2019.jpg

[Public] Octalin: That is cool.

[Public] Reilena: When you put in your exploration @action, you need to tell us which hex you are adventuring in to.

[Public] Tharnor: Are you able to aim for exploration hexes that, while departing from whatever home base you pick, can you aim for some distant point? Would that increase difficulties?

[Public] Reilena: Someone was asking recently.. but each hex is about 150 miles. These are not small feats.

[Public] Rawlin: I almost hate to suggest this, but could they be numbered maybe? It might make it easier for people to tell you directly what they are exploring.

[Public] Reilena: You need to go one at a time, and you must be able to reach the hex you are going for reasonably. For instance, a Lorandi March could not start exploring off the coast of Lorawin, they have no way of getting there.

[Public] Rawlin: What if someone decides to use THelos as a starting point?

[Public] Reilena: I dont want to clutter the map. Telling us South West of Nasherat is sufficient enough.

[Public] Tharnor: Right, so be reasonable. When you say one at a time, you pay for each hex you are travelling through?

[Public] Reilena: Once it is discovered, and you can reasonably reach it, you dont need to pay the cost of exploring through it again. If the Aeran kinship exploration 3 hexes south, they would just start at hex 4 and pay the base exploration cost. If that makes sense.

[Public] Octalin: Can you take hexes from other orgs?

[Public] Reilena: We are also planning on digging rooms off of the main hub cities for explorations. Once a settlement is build, we build a 'travel' room that will describe the setting and aproximately how long it takes to traveerse, and then a 'settlement' room people can build in if they want.

[Public] Belstrom: But you can't jump to--I want to explore six hexes south of Nasherat, if the 5 hexes in between haven't been previously

[Public] Reilena: You can take hexes from other orgs! I answered this earlier.. let me copy/paste for consistancy -- Are settlements and explored land contestable? -- YES! Yes they are. Until you have built a settlement on a piece of land, you do not own it. Someone could come in behind you and build on it. Once you have a settlement, someone else could try and take it from you as well. War against orgs is possible.

[Public] Reilena: Correct Belstrom. They must be adjacent to a previously explored hex.

[Public] Elizaldian: if another org has explored an area, does a second org that has come to it need to explore it again?

[Public] Reilena: They do not. Once it has been explored, it is open for movement.

[Public] Elizaldian: kk

[Public] Reilena: Baring hostile situations or other story things... generally yes, once its open, you can move through it.

[Public] Elizaldian: sounds good.

[Public] Reilena: Another thing to keep in mind... when a hex has been explored, we will be opening it on the public map. If you put down a settlement, that will be public as well.

[Public] Reilena: I missed Rawlin's question! --- What is someone decides to use Thelos as a starting point? -- Certinly you can do that! It would be politically wise to get the blessing of the Council first, of course. But yes, if you can reasonable reach it, you can explore it.

[Public] Belstrom: So the expedition leaving on Brundir's quest--that will be an exploration from Thelos, right?

[Public] Reilena: It will, yes!

[Public] Tharnor: Can you help out and be considered for settlement stuff if you're helping out an org - or would you have to be a full member of an Org for consideration?

[Public] Reilena: The settlement building is where things get political! Deciding who gets to build will be up to the group.

[Public] Teroleus: Senatorial debates, yay!

[Public] Octalin: Can an Org explore too much?

[Public] Octalin: Like not have enough food and stuff for maintaining a settlement.

[Public] Rawlin: If you burn all your resources exploring, you might not be able to build.

[Public] Reilena: Ive stripped out a LOT of the built in negative effects of settlement owning that comes with Arxcode. I don't find that kind of micro managment very fun, personally, so I didn't want to deal with it here. So as long as you have the resources.. you can keep going.

[Public] Rawlin: Oohhh so we won't need to worry about mines and farms and stuff eventually?

[Public] Tharnor: If you're put 'in charge' of a settlement, you use your skills for managing and all - does that mean if you have folk who you trust, you can have them help out in your settlement despite them not being in the Org you're in? (For example, having a Lorandi helping you with crops, despite you being a Faenor?)

[Public] Reilena: They exist because thats what generates the income. So you will see things like that increasing as you build settlements (most likely). But they are kind of -handwave- there and not something to worry about.

[Public] Reilena: If they can get to your settlement, sure!

[Public] Tharnor: I've not actually fussed about with settlement stuff in Arx, so I have no real idea how the code works - is it just you rolling or can you appoint folk for stuff?

[Public] Reilena: A settlement is just adding in numbers. Org Ministries are what you appoint people to. And the only one hooked up to anything right now is the Income Minister.

[Public] Reilena: There is nothing to appoint a person to on a settlement. It just gets attached to an org and some numbers added in. And a fancy name and description. :D

[Public] Tharnor: Right, OK! And a spot on grid and all that.

[Public] Reilena: Alright! Thats been an hour or more now. Im going to go ahead and close this event down. You are all more than welcome to andd in +requests if any thing didnt get answered. Thanks for the chat! I'll be sure to add this log up on the event page shortly.

[Public] Octalin: I like this alot.

[Public] Tharnor: Good chat.

[Public] Shakian: Thanks!

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