Chief's Council

The Chief has some matters to discuss and would like representatives from all of the families to attend.


May 5, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Lucrezia Eros(RIP) Selandriel Darinel Mihris Shakian




The Whispering Tides - Lorawin - Lorawin Keep - Wavebreak Chamber - Seacrest Hall

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Sitting at the driftwood table, Rythadrien has been waiting for people to begin slowly filtering in. He's got one booted foot propped up on the chair next to him, his body turned sideways from the table as his golden eyes stare out the gallery to the open sea beyond. The time of day is perfect for the golden sunlight to filter in to Seacrest Hall, the sun beginning to settle out over the ocean. It's tough to say if he thinks enough have arrived or if he's just arbitrarily decided it's time to start, but either way the Aeran chief lifts a hand, "Good evening all," he offers, his voice rising above the din. "And thank you for coming. I've a few matters I wish to discuss, and then if there is time I'll open it up for walk on agenda items. So if you can all have a seat, we'll get started."

Lucrezia looks around and comes down from the gallery to join the others at the large table, smiling hesitantly at the chief with a nod.

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Eros spun his seat around, straddling it and upnodding as the chief gives his opener. "Got it, hot lips." Very respectful. At least he doesn't reek too strongly of rum this time.

Selandriel was already here before most came in. She rocks back in a chair and then turns and puts her feet up on the nearby chair. She crosses her feet at the ankle, leaning back to look up at the ceiling as though the details are ever so interesting.

Darinel gets settled in her seat, having been on time. She inclines her head to those already there, offering a faint smile all around. "Good evening," she greets as she gets settled.

Arriving with her sister, Mihris has forgone armor and weapon for a simple shirt and fitted pants. The cloak is given a tug to free her of it and let it pool behind her after she sits. A nod of her head is offered after her sister greets everyone vocally. Heterochromatic eyes sweep around each and settle on Selanriel with a smile, nodding her head to the other.

Rythadrien points a finger at Lucrezia, "You're speaking for Reymar tonight," he says, his golden eyes flickering around the room before he raises his voice to speak again. "The first matter I wish to discuss is ministers." Rythadrien says, "With our first expeditions having left the safety of Lorawin, it is only a matter a time before the houses of Aeran begin establishing settlements. This is a good thing, but we all know it brings increased need for communication, organization, and oversight. A matter I do not think I alone can handle as Chief. And so I would like volunteers to serve as ministers of Aeran, to help us remain a united and cohesive kinship even as the currents take our ships to the edges of this new land."

Lucrezia sits up straighter under notice. "What would the areas of be, sir?"

Selandriel turns to look over at the table as things start. She waves brightly at Mihris as she arrives and then mostly pays attention to Rythadrien. "Hey!"

"I suspect it will be much the same with houses at some point." Darinel remarks, folding her hands on the table before her. "Once we've gotten established and settled. But setting them up for the Kinship now is a sound strategy. I've learned a fair bit about diplomacy, if you need someone to cover that angle," she tells him, though looks around at the others to see who might volunteer. "But, my preference would be to find someone who isn't leading a house to volunteer first. If none can be found, I'll heartily step into a such a role."

"To start I am looking for three ministers. The minister of loyalty, the minister of upkeep, and the minister of agriculture." Rythadrien says, "I need the minister of loyalty relatively urgently, and I will ask of them not only to oversee matters of ensuring that the people of our kinship are kept happy, but that they also serve as a sort of cultural attache to other kinships. For example, the priesthood of Loran is holding a festival soon with each kinship being given a day to sponsor. I would ask the minister of loyalty to help oversee and organize that, on behalf of all Aeran." He pauses a moment, before continuing.

Nodding at Selandriel, Mihris turns her attention from Darinel to the chief as he listens. "I second that my sister would do well as the Minister of Loyalty. She has already worked with many of the other kinships." A nod is given to her sister and then she consider the rest, narrowing her gaze. "I would be happy to help if I can be of any assistance. Though I wonder if we have more inclined elves amongst us for such positions."

Selandriel leans up to fold her hands on the table. "I'm not much use for anything other than exploring and fighting. So, yeah, maybe we have some who aren't House Heads who'd be great at that kind of thing. I mean, if you wanted someone who was a sailing expert--you'd be better off with Captain Eros than me."

"I am not expecting to find people today for all of these positions, but as I have representation from all families here I would ask you go back to your respective families and if you have people interested, contact me." Rythadrien says, "The second is the minister of agriculture. Given our land for farming is limited at this point, this person would also be responsible for coordinating the fishing fleets, especially as we expand our reach beyond the harbors of Lorawin. And last, I need a minister of upkeep. Beyond ensuring that Lorawin stays in generally good repair, I am going to ask this person to serve as record keeper of all of our explorations. As we begin expanding outward, it's going to be more important than ever that we as Aeran all have an eye for where we are exploring. We have no idea what we'll face out there. The minister will track what expeditions are going where, so that the kinship can resolve any claim disputes, and in the event an expedition goes poorly..." Rythadrien trails off, "We can send a rescue mission."

Shakian looks to have mixed emotions at the mention of rescue missions.

Lucrezia tilts her head, similarly thoughtful at the thought of expeditions not faring well.

Eros took into stride everything said so far. A tilt of his head at Selandrial's endorsement, but then focusing back on the Chief.

Darinel listens carefully to everything Rythadrien says and finally nods her head. "A good, solid plan, as far as expeditions go, and a plan I can heartily stand behind," says the explorer part of Darinel. She glances over at Selandriel studying her a moment after expeditions are brought up again, her expression curious.

"So, take that away and get back to me." Rythadrien says, "The next topic is on the matter of that festival. High Priest Rawlin has approached me, and asked that the kinship sponsor a day. I've sent him a sum of silver on behalf of the kinship, and as the kinships will be presented in alphabetical order, we have the first day. It's in a few weeks (5/20) and it will be available all day. I am asking that we all offer as much as we can in terms of events for people. I'd ask each family to host at least a single event, or to double up if it's something that'll take more resources or time. I do not need to remind us all that the matter of Baridon and our immortality left our diplomatic relations somewhat strained with the other kinships. Right or wrong, we need to work to mend those fences. I think this is a good start, and shows Aeran on it's best foot."

Glancing to Darinel at the mention of an event and looks somewhat thoughtful then. They have moved on and so has she, leaning into the table a bit as her chin rests on her hand while her elbow braces against the surface. Eyes hood a moment, gaze going distant with consideration. But her gaze narrows and she its up at the mention of Baridon and all that occurred. Another glance is given to Darinel, lingering perhaps before she nods, "We will find a way to make amends for differing opinions."

Selandriel nods at Mihris' words. "We met with the Champions the other day. That should help. Might not always agree about the details, but when it comes down to it, we watch each other's backs. I'll get with my family and see what we want to do."

Lucrezia says, "What sort of events would be appropriate?"

Darinel presses her lips together when the whole Baridon business is mentioned. She glances over at Selandriel and nods. "I should like to speak to you about that and some other stuff soon," she mentions. She then settles back in her chair. "Thelos has rivers. We could have a swimming contest."

"Or, fishing, since swimming miiight be too cold for people," Darinel adds hastily.

A nod of her head is given to Selandriel, "It is movement forward." She admits. Mihris sits back and crosses her ankles a moment as she trails her fingers along the table with Darinel's suggestion. There is a soft sound of approval.

Selandriel suddenly smiles a little. "So you think.. we could rig a zip line at the top of the waterfall?" She nods at Darinel about wanting to talk soon. "If you want to talk about the quest, let us know." She gestures at Mihris to include her.

"Sure, if they are wimps." Rythadrien says to Darinel, a grin growing on his face. "Either way, that's all I have for now. I know my own family will be embarking on an expedition soon," Rythadrien motions towards Shakian, "And on behalf of the Aeran I wish you luck cousin." Rythadrien motions to the others, "So, if you wish to bring up any matters now for discussion - have at it."

"Likewise, House Alcaldia will be exploring south soon," Darinel mentinos. "Getting the family together has been a bit more challenging than expected," she says with a wry tone, though also an amused look. "I figured they'd be hopping at the chance with all the chafing some of them were doing."

Lucrezia grins. "Reymar is making preparations to head north, as well."

"We went," Selandriel offers. "We went up along the coast by the river. We found something I'm not willing to disclose publicly yet. The Chief knows. And we'll build a settlement there at the mouth of the river on the cliffside."

"And that is why I want the minister of upkeep to begin keeping records on these adventures. We're learning a lot," Rythadrien says, "And not all of the information is being considered when we make decisions." his eyes flicker over to Shakian, before looking back at the others. "Nobody's fault, we just need to put some structure in place. The world is about to get a lot bigger." He grins. "So does anyone have anything else to discuss? Or we ready to wrap up?"

Darinel shakes her head. "Nothing more from Alcaldia."

Lucrezia shakes her head, shells tinkling in her hair.

Selandriel looks over. "So, Brundir quest? We need a boat. For the river. We're starting in Thelos."

Glancing to Selandriel, Mihris nods, "Possibly a Captain to remain with the vessel as well, after we disembark."

"Oh?" Rythadrien says. "Do we have any ships that could make it up a river?" Rythadrien asks. "Most ours are better suited for the depths, aren't they?"

Selandriel smiles in amusement. "Can we take a boat through the portal? I was thinking to build a river vessel there in Thelos. Surely we have shipbuilders?"

Lucrezia says, "Well, Selene...."

Lucrezia sighs and looks down.

"Gonna be a shitshow to get it through the portal," calls Eros from the nosebleeds. "Let's just build it over there. Pay some bitches. Done."

"Cogs could," Darinel suggests. "Though, right. We're not going to be able to lend ships until the rivers are explored and we can get one all the way to Thelos."

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"Good point." Rythadrien says. "Well, I'm happy to lend resources to the effort - can you," he looks to Selandriel, "Take point on figuring out how Aeran can help? Just let me know."

Selandriel nods at the instruction. "Of course. Supplies for the trip, as well. Whatever the kinship will be offering. I'll get a list." She glances at Mihris. "Do you want to tell them about that thing?"

Lifting her gaze to Selandriel, Mihris watches her a moment and considers, "I think until we know the full extent of the rules Brundir would have of us we may not wish to speak of the information given to us by him," she shakes her head and smiles a bit.

Lucrezia's eyebrows rise and she looks around curiously.

A look is passed between Mihris and then Selandriel. It's obvious he doesn't like secrets. But, he nods. "Well, I assume when the time is right you will share with us." He says simply, "And if it is something that threatens our people, that time will be sooner rather than later."

Selandriel gives a nod at it. "Yeah, don't want to foul it up by not paying attention. Thanks Mihris."

Mihris looks to Rythadrien, "It was a vision, sent to the Champions. Nothing that will effect anyone here. Just best to err on the side of caution. Information can and likely freely be given when we return." Not if.

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"Ain't everythin' that means whether or not we get our immortality kinda somethin' that will affect almost everybody here?" asks Eros from the nosebleeds.

"Eros does have a point," Rythadrien says, "But, given the stakes, I think erring on the side of caution makes sense." Ryth smiles, "Well then, if nobody has any other matters to tend to, I will call the meeting adjourned. May the wind be ever at your backs."

Lucrezia nods. "Thank you, chief, and everyone."

Eros rolls his eyes, getting to his feet and strolling out.

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