Acharon Rituals And Practices

Initiates of Acharon are seemingly selected at random, they are invited into the priesthood and advised they can choose to join or not as they see fit. Once they accepted, they remain initiates for a month and during that time, they are given no direction, no goals. However, they are carefully observed. At the end of their initiation period, several priests debate if the initiate should be accepted in the priesthood. Sometimes they all agree, sometimes they all disagree and sometimes only one agrees. But it takes only one priest to agree to the initiate joining for the initiate to be accepted. Just one, to change that elf’s life for the rest of it. Priests of Acharon take on many roles, but they often serve as advisors, encouraging the Kinships or Houses they advise to ensure evolution takes place. If Baridon’s priesthood are the protectors and defenders of Choice, Acharon’s priesthood is the best example of it.

Services: There is no apparent pattern to when and where priests of Acharon hold a service. One might be at a tavern, having a drink, and suddenly he or she turns the place into a forum for philosophical debate and discussion. When they preach, if they preach, it is about the importance of change, of growing, of evolving and dangers of stagnation. Life, they preach, is a collection of our experiences and if all our experiences are the same, if we don’t change and evolve, what has been learned then? The faithful are encouraged to make their own conclusions, or even ignore the priest if so they wish. Priests teach the faithful that their life’s path has many branches, and one branch is not more important than the other, what’s important is choosing a branch, and if needed, change to another when it feels right.

Blessing of Acharon - The blessing is never offered by priests, and it has to be requested by the faithful. Usually, the blessing is asked for when the faithful will face a life changing event like going into battle or becoming a parent. During the blessing, the priests presses both palms together in front of him or her and tilts his or her head down. A short prayer is made, asking Acharon to guide the faithful to the branches of life with the most potential. It is common for the faithful to ask for the blessing at the end of a service.