Leadership Characters
If your character is the leader for an @org you will be held to a much stricter standard of activity than most. You are expected to help keep the narrative running and while we are very lenient on time away from the game, if your inactivity impedes the story for others, you will be asked to give up the character. Though this is mostly a case by case basis, generally if a leadership character is inactive for 2+ weeks, they will be placed back on the roster.

Roster Characters
If your character came from the roster, and is not in a leadership role, you will be asked to have some activity over the course of a month. Players who are inactive for 4+ weeks will be put on the roster.

Original Characters
We will never roster your character for inactivity. Instead, after the 4+ week mark of inactivity, your character will be placed on the inactive list. You can pick that character back up at any time when you return. Or, you can ask for the character you created to be put on the roster for someone else to play. If an Original Character has been on the Inactive list for 3 months or more, we reserve the right to kill off the character or remove them completely from the game to reduce family bloat. For original characters that have become taken leadership roles, please see 'help OC Leadership Policy'.