Aeran Fashion

Often they are dressed in dark clothes, tied up with sashes and other highly mobile functional clothing. Leather coats, billowing pants and sturdy boots are often worn among the Aeran Kin. On more stylish occasions, their dresses and robes maintain a high level of functionality.

The Aeran Kin is the only elf kinship that engages in tattooing. They are very protective of the practice, and do not share it with the other kinships. In turn, the other kinships do not see tattooing as cool, and have over thousands of years accepted it is a strange practice by the Aeran. A non-Aeran asking an Aeran for a tattoo is considered extremely insulting in Aeran culture. Tattoos are reserved for very rare, very special occasions. When ones skin lasts for thousands of years, one must be careful about what they put on it. Often on the face will be the mark of ones house at their time of marriage, their direct allegiance. Elsewhere on the body the Aeran tattoo acts as a story book of their lives. Some common important events to get a symbolic tattoo of are: Children born to them, great battles won, moments of divine interaction. A tattoo is never taken lightly. The very first tattoo one receives is part of a ritual ceremony welcoming the individual into Aeran society when they reach the age of adulthood, it's also imbued with magic that gives the Aeran their racial abilities of underwater swimming and breathing.